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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Contemporaneous Hillaryarious

U.S.Department of State/FOIA Officer
Delivered via Private E-mail Server
This is a request under the FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT;
I request that a copy of the following documents, or documents concerning the following subject matter, be provided to me:
With respect to Section 1.3 Classification Authority found under Executive Order 13526 titled “Classified National Security Information” and signed into effect by Barack Obama on December 29th, 2009, all documents of record confirming or attesting to the “Delegation of Original Classification Authority” for Hillary Rodham Clinton while acting in the capacity of “Secretary of State” from January 21st, 2009 through February 1st, 2013, all documents of record that provide an understanding to the effect shall receive contemporaneous training on the proper safeguarding of classified information and on the criminal, civil, and administrative sanctions that may be imposed on an individual who fails to protect classified information from unauthorized disclosure for Hillary Rodham Clinton while acting in the capacity of “Secretary of State” from January 1st, 2010 through February 1st, 2013 including the dates of such “contemporaneous training”, and all other documents of record that relate to approval and the proper safeguarding of any and all “special access programs” such as is required by the use of a “Private Server” by Hillary Rodham Clinton from January 21st, 2009 through February 1st, 2013.

In order to help to determine my status for purposes of determining the applicability of any fees, you should know that I am an AMERICAN seeking information for personal use and not for a commercial use.
I request that the information I seek be provided in electronic format, and I would like to receive it via my private e-mail server.
Thank you for your consideration of this request.
Sincerely, S. Pam MaGee

Monday, July 27, 2015

Executive Order 13526

Executive Order 13526

Classified National Security Information

Signed into effect on December 29th, 2009 by Barack Obama. At that time Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. This “EO” disallows the use of “Private E-mail Servers” and those in violation would loose their “Classified Information” privileges. More to come....

Sunday, July 26, 2015

SOOoo, Who's On the Take?

OK, so the rail boss of Bill Sheffield's Alaska Railroad is saying it needs more “Off Season” passengers as it is loosing money and not able to show a “Profit”? I am a little confused, as the only time the ARR ever realized a “True” profit without a government handout was when it had that train-wreck with an environmental nightmare 120000 gallon fuel tanker car derailment, back in 1999 and collected FEMA disaster relief money. OK, that was also a handout, so the ARR never made a clear-cut profit. But when it collected that $13-Million in FEMA dough-rob-me in 2000, that was the time Bill decided to call it quits and retire! Not because of a bad reputation with the wreck, but a cashing-out when the cashing-in was good! With the ARR “2000 Profit Margin” now inflated by the FEMA relief - because the rail already found insurance money to cover the cleanup costs so the government handout acted as “Extra Revenue” - well Bill's retirement party included a percentage of that “Revenue” and based on CEO typicals, Bill may have enjoyed a $1.3-Million windfall - because of the way the ARR defines its revenue stream in efforts to look like a viable business entity. Yes, it's on “TILT”, and would mean bankruptcy for a real business venture. Bill was smart enough to realize this fallout with the added profit margin, best retire now as this same time next year, well there would be no such “Bonafide Bonus” and retirement would have then meant a measly state retirement income – that “Tier One” all expenses paid option. Including “free” Medivacing from Mexico because of a little nose-bleed – sorry different Sheffield story! So, no doubt Bill received that “Extra Revenue” windfall on top of his “Impeached Governor” retirement benefit package and most likely ran off with, well that FEMA money was the U.S. Taxpayers loot. And if used for a retirement benefit, well it takes away from the true intent and what could have been paid out to retain Alaskan workers in efforts to keeping the steel beast on track, it meant instead workers getting furloughed. He's a crock, we learned that when he tried to resemble a governor. We impeached him, yet he has been able to survive and continues to wreck havoc what he does best – making money being stupid. OK, he uses “our” stupidity to let his malfeasance continue on and on and on. Look at the Port of Anchorage disaster! I am glad the city finally took away his credit card. But back to Casey Jones & Company. So profits are down, way down. And to entice more interest in riding the mildew smelling old railroad cars with dirty windows, more “Beer & Freak Show” train rides are being considered, costing an arm and a leg upwards $150 bucks - no food or emergency clothing included. Said like this: "We're looking at more beer (puke) trains, holiday (horror) trains and ski (bum) trains," CEO O'Scary said. "Passenger travel is an area where we try to expand where it makes sense." Know what Mr. Scary, if you just followed the written law and maintained “Half Fare” schedules as required by Uncle Sam, you would have plenty of passengers. The reason I refuse to travel by rail in Alaska, because it is taking advantage of Congress, which means in the trickle down theory of things to shat upon taking advantage of the “American Taxpayers”. And if the ARR demonstrated Americanism and allowed for “off peak” daily travel at a discount like it is supposed to allow – which includes discounts for all including military and family, handicapped and the elderly – well then all the tourists would use it also, and those “Princess Coaches” would then become roach infested coaches. I find no sympathy for the devil in the ARR's doom & gloom synopsis. Over time - since inception when we were thrown the rail boomerang bone of contention by the Fed.'s - the ARR has become its own worst enemy, and is nowhere even close a viable business entity that could not maintain without a helping hand from Uncle Sam, which said again means bankruptcy without. It is by far the “Corruptest” of the 49er's “state” run corporations, even beating out the Alaska Aerospace Development thievery. Wake up Alaskans, these autonomous non-transparent state run-amuck corporations continue to drain our coffers dry. Maybe a “Prison Train” would be better suited for the ARR Board of Directors and cohorts in slime! And here is why else it stinks. In 2007 the Alaska Railroad sold bonds in the tune of $165-Million, secured by “We the Taxpayers' Federal Government Treasury” through “Formula Grants” allowed railroads throughout the nation from sea to shining sea. Which means as long as the White House is “OPEN”, there is guaranteed payback with these “bonds”. And when it is all said and done with in 2026 – as this bond sale was a 20-year plan of attack – it means “Whomever” is on the “take”, well they will pocket $67-Million. Yes, a return on investment of 41% and most of it coming by way of what the ARR gets from Uncle Sam – from we hard at work salt-of-the earth middle class Americans, paying for this madness! What's in your wallet? This year alone the ARR will pay out to an unknown accomplice this crime spree upwards $12-Million, for a measly $26-Million in construction payments, or drum roll please, a 46% “ROI”. Yes it is a crime, as we have $billions$ in reserve that should be used upfront to fund such construction and infrastructure projects of necessity, instead of allowing Rudy loan shark to bite us in the ass cheeks. We could pay off the cost of such projects in a heart beat, with “zero” interest payments and save a whole lot of loot. But that is not the intent, as those making a killing on this “secrecy-in-hiding looting” are most likely in bed with the ARR and could include some very well known Alaskans – like maybe MoanaLisa MuCowpiefly and her affiliation with Frank and his banking buddies. And I am sure that if we could get into Sheffield's books, we would see many Alaskans of political camaraderie taking advantage of this secret gift giving. And not only did the legislature approve “ARR Bonds” for the rail itself, but also approved $18-BILLION$ for construction of a natural gas pipeline – already approved by the legislature so I am sure the pillaging of our next generation's wealth will be ransomed and ramsacked for many more years to come. Honestly, those making a killing on this behind the scenes extravaganza by allowing Bill Sheffield the keys to our “Treasury”, it is fostering the creation of $millionaire$ offspring brats that will never have to perform a decent days living wage consideration, because they will be “Board” members by succession-ism. So these state run corporations are merely “fronts” for insiders – including the legislatures – that are making a killing on things we see as a necessity, but in reality behind the scenes it is highway robbery at its best. Just ask Trans-Canada how well it is doing behind the scenes doing nothing with “our” resource money. And take for instance building things that have no meaning - M.V. Sustainer and the ARR Tanana “Bridge to Nowhere” - sure thing it creates jobs but the real McCoy reason we find such ridiculousness, well low and behold it is making a few in the “know” very handsomely rich. And raping Uncle Sam at every chance possible! Yes, I not alone along with many Alaskans that have called “bluff” would like to see the ARR books, who is the beneficiary of this $67-Million in “Interested Interest Payments”. So why not use the “Reserve” to fund and save? Why not - because it interferes with their secret “Pot of Gold”. Here is some other ARR math that doesn't work well, except for those on the receiving end. For years, the Alaska Railroad has worked in a deal with one of its best by-rail transport customers – they won't tell me who it is, but it is either the Koch Brothers or Joe Uselessbelli. Like providing for “Transport Credits” in the $millions$ for an iffy proposition. See, the IRS under 45G allows an entity to pay for track maintenance on sideline track it requires for commerce but not maintained by the railroad. Say a farmer has hay to get to market but the railroad no longer maintains the spur to his depot, and is financially ruined without the track. Well the “Tax Code” allows Joe to pay out of pocket to maintain that steel rail and then claim a “Tax Credit” up to 50%, based on $3500 bucks each mile of track. In Alaska, under the 45G ruling, an “unknown entity” pays Bill Sheffield & Company a yearly stipend of $4.8-Million, and in return the rail sweeping crew is supposed to maintain the line. Now that amounts to the entire “track miles” inventory for the ARR. All said and good? It is debatable, but for goodness sake, let's allow a little “trust” in this relationship. Now the beneficiary that pays out for this maintenance so the business entity can deliver coal or gas using the rail, well come taxable income time, the business entity can directly “write off” 50% of what it gave to the ARR for weed wacking. See, Bill can take advantage of this “Tax Shelter” because the ARR does not pay federal or state income revenue taxation, so can basically sell that “Tax” benefit to the highest bidder – in this case either the Koch Suckers or Joe Coalbelly. So let's say it's Joe this time around that has paid out to the ARR that $4.8-Million. Now Joe gets a tax break of $2.4-Million. So what's the point? Well the ARR then allows Joe a $2.7-Million “Transport Credit”. So Joe has a $5.1-Million advantage, or in Simple Simon math, a 106% “Return On Investment”. How and where does one sign up for this bargain basement giveaway extravaganza? But a few that have tested the merit of this austerity program, well some believe that the extra income – that 300-thousand – it is conveniently used as an ARR “political donations” cornucopia. See, the ARR cannot politically involve itself, as it isn't allowed under current policy because we don't know if Bill is a Democrat or a Republican – so it wouldn't be fair to allow the Non-Profit Tax Exempt ARR to enjoy giving donations to candidates that the BOD supports. Look, Bill keeps the VECO grill in his garage and uses it at tail gate block parties by invite only. OK, enough is enough. It reeks of corruption as it is premeditated corruption, but we let it go on and on and as the “Court Justice” rules, we had no problem with it when it started and because of that, well it's just the way it is. Look, when this state discovered the “Corrupt Bastards Club”, that occurred by reason we had some transparency in government. With the ARR, transparency is like, well the same reason why a bunch of Anchorage doctors are now many $millions$ richer with the ARR buying Point Mackenzie dairy land that was swindled away from the state many years ago. Land purchased for another ARR project as ridiculous as building a launch facilty on Kodiak Island – sorry NO rockets to blast-off! See, with the state cutting corners because of low oil prices, well that “Government Hill Knik River Bridge” is a long, long shot away from reality. Something the “Doctors Group” was hoping for in efforts to cash in on “land ahoy” across the water – to build housing and make a fortune on a new “Anchorage” bedroom community! But with doom & gloom, well they found someone to listen to the hardships and allowed them to cash-in while the cashing-in was still in good shape. See what I am talking about, this secret giveaway! I am willing to bet – but because of no transparency the true owners of the farmland will never be revealed – that 600-acre farm for $2.8-Million and that 300-acre farm for $1.4-Million, well the “ROI” for the doctors is about 85%, based on “Fair Market Evaluations” when that land was taken away from farmers under water at bargain basement Bob Penney prices. Sad, especially when the state could have used “eminent domain” to secure the 168-acres desired for this ARR “Project to Nowhere” instead of cashing out for 900-acres – or 500 times what was necessary for something still in the indeterminate stage. It's a project that doesn't find financial backing, yet. But low and behold, we have more “bonds” to dish out as the ARR has proven that “perpectual motion” does exist when it comes to Alaska style “crookedness”. Please Mr. Scary, we need that “Prison Train”!

 "It's alright Ma, I'm only nose-bleeding"

Lord's Disciple

Everybody knows the secret
I said everybody knows the score
I have finally found a way to live
In the color of the Lord
In the color of the Lord

Eric Clapton

Saturday, July 25, 2015

BEAR Attack!

Dear Mayor Berkowitz;

First and foremost, “Congratulations” your victory. I understand Don Young is pissed, as he was seen stroking his ooosik the other day! But already down to business it seems now that Anchorage may be facing an economic slowdown showdown with a reduced military presence. With the troop count cuts at the local military installations announced, of course it will hurt. Now anybody with a Don Young IQ – divide by zero – should have seen this bad news “BEAR” coming, this was not a curve ball. Yet it appears you are being “proactive” this middleman dilemma. So when your newly formed “Base Economic Analysis Review” team engages itself in “Think Tanking” the reason behind the current head count cuts and possibly near future reductions in strength, I believe a lot of trouble can be saved by just looking at the main cause of “WHY?” we are loosing favor with the “brass”. And the best place to lean upon that “WHY”, well just mosey over to the Highland dump, just down the block from your office! Yes indeed, the answer is under that heap of garbage. It's called “Doyon Utilities”, which won the “Privatization Infrastructure” contract with the ARMY but since inception a few years ago, that “private” entity hiding under the “Goodwill” name of the Athabaskan Native heritage has tried relentlessly to rake the U.S. Taxpayers over the “coals”,  by trying to force “blood out of that turnip” - by engaging the RCA to allow approval upon incredible increases in the cost of the military doing business here in Alaska. Yes, “Highway Robbery 101+” by Dan Gavora and Company Canadian, that grocery guy that was awarded the UAF “Businesswomen of the Year”. OK, there's something in the air up Fairbanks way that is pollinating unclear thinking and polluting rational behaviors. But not only is Doyon trying to get “Regulatory” approval to increase the rates it charges for maintaining the utility infrastructure at JBER, Wainwright and Greely upwards 50% - which means an additionl $Billion$ dollar burden and you know what that means - it is costing untold waste and time for Uncle Sam's DLA to legally fight this battle, that was never supposed to occur because it was a “Contract”. On the books as so and agreed upon by Gavora with set rate increases affordable, not this highway robbery ritual we see playing out today, but a signed and sealed and delivered contract that was 50-years in duration wherein every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. Doyon understood what it was getting into, yet within a few weeks into the already lucrative $4-Billion dollar contract, Gavora and his Canadian crooks wanted more and today we are starting to see the repulsiveness of this “Greed”. It's called a “Breach” this reach for more money. Yes, we bit the hand that fed! So take this into consideration, as a signal across the bow to Doyon from the “BEAR” study can go a long way with consideration as too why we are loosing out. Then maybe Doyon executives will realize, well we are watching and maybe we can begin to mend the bridges that have already been burned by poor sportsmen like crookedness, like Mr. Gavora has tried to fool us with his shit eating grin. I have followed this case, have corresponded with the “brass” and because of this fallout between Doyon and the U.S. Taxpayers - as in the end it is us that loose out - well it is hard even for our Congressional delegation to swing at this easy hit pitch and gain traction, as to offend such a “Corporation” would mean taking shots at the very entity that powers those political “War Chests”. It is the main reason that MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly has been so silent this issue, same with Mr. Ooosik, they can't say a damn thing that would offend the “Doyon” namesake. So this should be an easy find for the task force, look no further then the “Dump”, and find the reason who is really dumping on our economy and chasing our troops away. The report from “BEAR” would not be complete without an invite into how “Doyon” has caused this troop withdrawal, as it is the main eroding reason based on the cost of doing business here in Alaska. Maybe then Doyon's top executives will tell Gavora to follow the contract and repay Uncle Sam for the legal costs associated with this “Breach of Contract” and then maybe we can begin to mend bridges, as this time around even Don's “Bridge to Nowhere” seems to have found a reason for being, that road to destruction upon our local economy. Highland Dump? Well just an insight into how Doyon does business, it buys the landfill gas found through rotting diapers from Anchorage MUNI and converts it into “Green Energy”? Wow, way to go. But the only reason this project was a success comes from the fact not fiction that “Uncle Sam” must purchase “Green Energy” when available, and shoves this mandate down the “Military Brass'” ass, so with the Highland and in close proximity to JBER, it seemed a very good environmental decision. Except for what Doyon charges the ARMY for the electricity! You don't want to know, but it is another Sad Sack input into the “Greed Factor”, which is why our troop transports are packing up and heading “South”!

“I solemnly shallowly swear I will defend the U.S. Taxpayers against Doyon style "Greed"

"I swear on my ooosik, I will defend Doyon even if it means raping over the U.S. Taxpayers"

"And Behind Man #3..."
(Dan Gavora 3rd form left, pushing the Doyon Cha-Ching "I swear" to rake the U.S. Taxpayers over the "Coals" some more, during the opening ceremony of the Highland Dump "Trash Gas" power plant. OK, its costing US & ARMY $15 a gallon equivalent to fuel this "Green Beast", 4 times the normal costs for electricity!)


Friday, July 24, 2015

Citizen's Duty - Repost

The following criminal complaint was filed on April 12th by this "BLOG" against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Today, we learned that the "Inspector General" is requesting such an investigation.
Mr. Steve Linick
Acting Inspector General
Office of Inspector General
United States Department of State
It is through this correspondence, I respectfully submit and request that the Office of Inspector General as prescribed and thus allowed under “Guidelines for Reporting Fraud” begin a formal investigation upon Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Of interest such an investigation involves a violation of 18 U.S.C. CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, PART 1 – CRIMES, Chapter 101- Records and Reports, §2071. Concealment, Removal or Mutilation Generally.
Specifically, a violation allegation under (b) "willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys (any record) shall be fined not more than $2,000 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States." - and as spelled-out in such guidelines consistent upon but not limited to acts of misuse and or misconduct and or mismanagement, conflict of interest, possible defense trade control violations and standards of conduct violations unbecoming an official “office” holder under oath.
Hillary Rodham Clinton was acting in the capacity of the Secretary of State for the United States of America, between January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013 and it was during that tenure that Title 18 may have been victimized. Even though Hillary Rodham Clinton exercises her rights today as a “Private Citizen”, since Hillary Rodham Clinton may still be in possession of “U.S. Government Property”, the OIG's oversight and over-reach should allow such an investigation to evaluate that when acting as Secretary of State and under oath whether or not Hillary Rodham Clinton did indeed violate that “oath” with respect to “custodial” duties.
Only a thorough investigation can find closure with the latter questionable acts and send a message of deterrence to future government officials under oath, especially with high ranking officials acquiring responsibilities with respect to custodial duties of department records. Without a proper “Investigation”, the “American Citizens” are victimized, thus placed in harms way making an investigation not just a suggestion, but out of necessity.
As Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton was a “custodian” as outlined and still in effect today - SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, to be appointed in consequence of this act, shall forthwith after his appointment, be entitled to have the custody and charge of all records, books and papers in the office of Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, heretofore established by the United States In Congress assembled – as APPROVED, July 27, 1789”.
Since Hillary Rodham Clinton may be showing interest as a future “Office Holder” under the United States, it is paramount that the “American Citizens” have an opportunity to make sure there have been no such violations committed that would forfeit holding such “Office”, if such a violation against the custodial records “duty” occurred. It is best to set the record straight now, as any future investigations that indicate a violation could mean “Impeachment Proceedings”, consistent with the “forfeit” clause of Title 18. We must act now, as the latter is not a posture this nation should be bothered with as it weakens our global standing.
A possible “custodial records” violation appears the case with respect to the e-mail correspondences exported or imported by Hillary Rodham Clinton on a non-governmental non-approved net-work while acting in the capacity of “Secretary of State” and while under “oath”. It is with this request that the “evidence” that could either “Prove” or “Disprove” any wrongdoing be immediately confiscated, that being the controversial “Server” wherein Hillary Rodham Clinton has admitted publicly an instrument utilized for “Official” concealment.
As the “Custodian”, Hillary Rodham Clinton may have held a privilege upon the use of a “private network” for official business, yet the “custodial” requirements are still in effect. This correspondence requesting that the OIG begin a formal investigation into such allegations confronting dereliction of responsibilities is in no way shape or form frivolous, not intended to dishonor Hillary Rodham Clinton, but an attempt to make sure the system of merit has not been derelict or violated, and if so, should deny any further privilege to holding an “office” under the “United States”, as is so defined under the existing public law.
This is a serious matter, and I believe it is your responsibility as Inspector General to make sure an investigation is without haste begun, or through this correspondence it is realized that the evidence supports some semblance of an investigation consistent with Title 18 and if not solely through the OIG's jurisdiction that you take this opportunity to involve other “criminal” investigative oversight, such as the FBI and/or Department of Justice.
Since Hilialry Rodham Clinton did recite the “Oath of Office”, we must get to the bottom of any possible wrong doing with respect to the questionable responsibilities when acting as an “official” of the Department of State.
It is also noted for reference: “That the books, records, and other papers of the United States, that relate to this department, be committed to his custody, to which, and all other papers of his office, any member of Congress shall have access: Provided, That no copy shall be taken of matters of a secret nature, without the special leave of Congress.” I believe the wording of “Secret Nature” is paramount to kick-off such an investigation, along with the fact Hillary Rodman Clinton has refused to allow the “private server” to be accessed “by any member of Congress”. If the Founding Fathers realized merit in establishing “law” that finds “well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.violated while under oath, that was considered serious enough that it would eliminate violators from holding any present or future office, we owe it to the Founders to make sure we uphold that establishment.
If Hillary Rodham Clinton violated Title 18, she is not allowed to hold another “office”, and only an investigation can determine that priviledge or deny that priviledge. Without a formal investigation, we dismiss this nation's integrity. 
Respectfully Submitted on April 12th, 2015, by S. Pam McGee

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hillaryarious Update

So it is the season of “Donald and the Ducks” verses “Bernie and the Jets”. Hillary is soggy bottom boy toast, “I am a man of constant sorrow morals”, but “Go Trump”. I'm talking about the “Doorknob” going after the entire cast of GOP contenders, sending them “Ducking” for cover, when Trump proves that “only fools rush in”! Trump, is getting a big bang out of his unpaid tax buck, at other's expense - “We the Taxpayers” that is. But we are getting something in return – as laughter is still the best medicine. But maybe after this race, well the FOP – Foolish Odd Party – finds a more becoming title. Let's see what happened just today, but if I get interrupted, it's because Trump has pissed off many are now running away from real work and trying to take over the “Oval Office”, so they can carry in the torched-cross to eradicate Obama's legacy? OK, Trump was right when he made a comic central makeover take on Rick Perry that was hilarious. Isn't Perry under indictment? Maybe that's a pre-requisite for FOX contributors. But yes, Perry's new glasses incognito, well every time I see his mugshot, it's hillaryarious. So that was a good laugh for today as like Trump eluded upon, some cheap-ass frame with bullet-proof glass can't magnify one's intelligence - it's that divide by zero error again! And did John Kasick really kiss Ronald Reagan's balls back in 1971? Wow, what you mean I am the same age as Kasicko? Good thing I believe in health care, as John looks like an 89-year old out to the manure pasture politician – maybe it's from Reagan “from-under” lingering. Look, back in 71 I wasn't kissing a Reaganatic-fanatic's balls, I was toking and listening to what Marley said about corrupt politics! Maybe that's why my health is, Kasicko looks like death won over! So even though it is more of the same lame and insane political calling, at least “We the People” gain confidence when a guy like Trump takes over the roll of the Head Master Clown. See, we don't have to spend money and time to see a great comic relief, it's now a 24/7 reality. Just turn on the 1st Amendment news' channel or the 2nd Amendment other station, and it's like tuning in a Sirius “Special Needs Channel” with a comic taking to ridiculing the handicapped, yet in Trump's case the victims are deserving this hammering – the truth hurts!

Oh No, must be the season of the RICH
OH No, must be the season of the BITCH

So, I will vote for Bernie, unless the Kona Kahona Brothers step up to the plate. See, they want to share what Congress is all about. “Work Hard Play Hard is Backwards” and “Happy Hour is 23 Hours Too Short”. Wow, these guys are on to something and if we can't beat Congress, may as well join them! Yes indeed, the “Brothers” campaign is like this. “If we are elected, Americans shall set aside one hour a day for all the tedious crap we hate doing so the other 23 hours of the day can be happy” and “Single-Tasking”, the concept of only doing one thing at a time - drinking beer - will become this nation's NEW modus operandi!

OK, Bernie's message? Just read the “Constitution”!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Birthday

Alaska's "Greatest" Hero!

Day late, dollar short? Not when the Bush Rat was the "Man"

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Two GREAT Soldiers

“Bush Rat”

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hillary's AREA 51 Server

Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State Photo-op
A friendly visit to Assad's chemical weapons stockpile.

You may be an ambassador to England or France
You may like to gamble, you might like to dance
You may be the heavyweight champion of the world
You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls.

But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You're gonna have to serve somebody,
It may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody.
Bob Dylan


Wow, for real that Barack Obama is the only sitting president that ever made a visit to a Federal Penitentiary? OK, it is excusable that George Bush, Bill Clinton and sonny boy Bush had not the interests or intentions to visit a “clink” while surrounded by “Idiots of the Oval Office”! As that is too close to home of where they should have been sent for their “WAR Ejaculation Crimes”. And had we justice against tyranny of office, Bill would be sharing 24/7 conjugal covers with Hillary and the “Skull & Bones” hoodlums would be, well cell mates. But like Americanized WAR, prison is not intended as a deterrent against criminal activity but a lucrative business and we care not who we send to the “Gulag”, as keeping beds filled is what it's all about. Punish those that commit acts of violence with a punishment that breaks their will and morale for recovery or any form of rehabilitation. But at the same time, we allow perverts like Bill Allen to walk the streets of freedom and this nation will continue to be at the top of the game, with how much we spend on WAR and why we have the greatest prison population in the world – because it's business as usual. Look, Rick Perry of Texas was indicted for abuse of power and coercion and is facing up to 109 years in prison, but running for the U.S. Presidency? If there is nothing wrong with this picture, then Woodie Guthrie was right.

Yes, as through this world I've wandered
I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.
And as through your life you travel,
Yes, as through your life you roam,
You won't never see an outlaw
Drive a family from their home.

Appears our definition of “Outlaw” needs a-mending!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Honorable Ted Stevens

Dear Hulk;
Once again it appears as though we will let you down. Yes, another construction season is here almost gone in the “Last Frontier” and still no pipe trenchers revved up for what should had been a success story by now. In fact, the pipe yards outside Fairbanks are still missing miles and miles of pipe. NO, it never showed up, so I can't tell you it is already in the ground and delivering “Cleaner” natural gas to the “Interior”. In fact, Fairbanks may become the most polluted city in America because of the preference to burn “wood” over high-priced heating fuel! Even the military is second guessing doing business in Fairbanks, due outrageous energy costs and poor air quality health issues with the troops. So of course you should be irate. You, as well as I, know that there was a solution, one that you worked so diligently on by lending a helping hand while a statesman gainfully representing Alaska before the United States Congress. Said again, sorry, so sorry. See, you fought bravely to make sure Alaska and the Alaska Railroad could maintain its “Tax Exempt Bond” status and when you accomplished that feat - and maintained that status even during the Tax Reform Act of 1986 wherein your colleagues fort tooth and nail to “Nail Dead” Alaska's preferential treatment this “Exemption” - you were there to defend for us this “humongous” economic incentive tool, as without it meant economically unfeasible to get this natural gas pipeline to the reality stage. We all know that pipeline was guaranteed within 5-years of “Oil In”, so as time went on without any progress you sought a ways and means to get it across that it was something on your “To Get Done List”. Yes indeed, because it was something of value you could offer in efforts to get a “citizens” natural gas pipeline built to help us in the struggle for affordable energy. So this was something you gave us, a gift that was “For the People” only. Well we still have not taken advantage of this “Act of Congress” with your signature, to use that “Tax Exemption” to lure in “Outside” investors to take advantage of that $18-Billion in “Tax Exempt Bonds”. It is sitting there before the Alaska Railroad “Board of Directors” and only takes a stroke of Bill Sheffield's pen, to get started building that much needed natural gas infrastructure. Doesn't make sense in my play-book and derails the “Sense of Congress”! So that gas we own is still stranded up north and because of that we suffer with respiratory aliments and our kids are coughing up signs of early health issues – I guess good thing we now have ObamaCare! And according to reliable sources, Warren Buffet would jump on those “bonds” right now? For crying out loud YES! And NO, the 49er's other delegates seem not to care about what you fought so hard to get for us. And the state legislature, they have turned a blind-eye on your accomplishments with this ”Congressional” tool at our disposal to get that gas line built. Yes indeed, and Don Young continues to throw you under the “bridge”, blaming you for the M.V. Susitna. Of course some of us realize that the only reason you were indicted for trumped up charges was due Don becoming a stool pigeon for the G-man, and a plea bargain meant finding you as a victim of an over zealous investigation. I still find it hard trying to assess what you did wrong? Too bad you are gone, as we could sure use the “Hulk” clout once again and maybe see that pipeline, not as a lost vision but a reality on the horizon. Even Tony Knowles who approved that $18-billion is stool stuck on this issue, so I thank you for trying to provide something that could have and should have been used by now for getting that natural gas to my house. Sad thing, Bill Sheffield is as lame on this issue as we found out when he was trying to rebuild the Port of Anchorage. Yes, we failed by not impeaching him out of office many years ago. So even though still today Alaska enjoys that “Tax Exempt Bond” status by the United States Congress and has legislative approval already to sell $18-Billion in “Municipal Bonds” to build that natural gas pipeline we citizens were guaranteed by the Bush Rat, well it is still all talk! But it is like that time you ear-marked money to measure the penis size of the male muskox - remember that? We all realized that was a ridiculous plight as who would be crazed enough to perform such a feat? But you were one to produce and once told me that if people take advantage of what they ask for and how they end up spending outside the original intent, that they were un-patriotic. You were so right and today it appears that is a sad fact behind those politicians - many you knew - that keep telling us that “natural gas” will be here someday – but many us will have joined you before that becomes a reality. Once again, this is what I remember of Theodore Fulton Stevens – not the failures, but those little things you did for Alaskans in efforts to make life easier for us – yet without team players, in the end such efforts in vain and we all loose. But “Thanks” again anyways for trying and well, caring....


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bad Buzz

What in hell is that racket and my house is shaking like back in 64? Damn, sounds like the sky is falling and birds are flying scared to cover, crapping all over the place. Whatever this monster on high, it's getting closer, best I run for cover also but I turned my underground bomb shelter into a cesspool because I thought all was safe! Wow, there's a sky shadow following this “Whatever”! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Vladsmear Putin! Honestly, the test flights of the Tupolev-95 just too close to comfort these days here in Alaska. The Soviet “Bear Bomber” has the noisiest engines on high, due the fact the blades turn faster then Don Young running to the House chambers to vote “AYE” on a “Deportee” bill. I meant faster then SOS – Speed of Sound. Which allows the “Bear” to hit speeds of 400 mph and with a range of 7800 miles, it can carry “Cruise Missiles” on a deadly course around the globe. Kind of like Ted Cruz on a mission of destruction. It's scary, with both, but even though Vladsmear made it known that “Bear Bombers” would again hijack the friendly skies, just recently has it become an earache headache because the entire fleet has been rebuilt and equipped with Boeing engines – so the sky is full of “Noise”. Boeing engines? It's called “Technology Transfer”, in other words who gives a shit if we give Putin an advantage! I believe at one time it was called espionage, giving away our secrets. And this humongous bird on high can carry a whole bunch of Raduga Kh-55 missiles, equipped with nuclear tipped warheads. “I'm Back”! No not what Ann Coltergeist says when she is again a contestant on FOX's “Bimbo Blonds” and competing with Charles Krauthammer for the scariest faced human alive, but Vladsmear's new image. Imagine having a last name with “Kraut” & “Hammer”, talk about scary. But Ann always wins the “Bimbo” award! Yes indeed, the damn cold-war is back again, taking advantage of “Global Warming”, just start a “Cold War”! That's how some think, “Warming”? Counteract with a cooling cycle through a “Cold War”. In fact it's the new neo-conservative approach even embraced by Jeb Bush - as they want war and why not take advantage of this “Warming” trend? So there has come an increase in interception escorts along the California and Alaskan coast with the “Bombers” getting real close at breaching the coveted air-space 12-miles off-shore. But according to scientist, with the “Bears” making our F-22's remain on high-alert, the noisy bastards are causing the Pacific sharks along the coast to “Go Deep” and attacks upon swimmers is down 90%! Thanks Mr. Vladsmear, as now my kids can enjoy swimming without fear of getting a leg chomped. Man, finally a benefit of a “Cold War”. But we don't see Congress or Alaska's Senator of fine whining MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly getting excited over the “Bears”, as we have already a secret weapon at our disposal. Now we all thought that Sarah Palin was missing in action with a silent treatment in this current GOP race of the sinners for the Presidency, but she has been busy at a new career. Remember her statement that she could smell Putin from Alaska – even with the stench of rotting salmon – well she was telling the truth as she may be the “True Bionic Woman” and she has found a new life, the “Rogue Rouge Baron” and getting to play in Putin's court - how romantic! This is better then taking up residency at 1400 Transylvania Avenue!

 Vladsmear Putin's Bear Bomber

 Rogue Rouge Baron Sarah Palin

Well, I don't know, but I've been told
The streets in heaven are lined with gold
I ask you how things could get much worse
If the Russians happen to get up there first
Wowee! Pretty scary!
Bob Dylan


Wow, has Alaska as part of the “Union” this nation under God – as a state once upon a time a mighty territory of independent individuals under the Bush Rat – become pathetically addicted to the consequences of “WAR”? With troop reductions effective today in the 49er, some are panicking and chanting “the sky is falling, the sky is falling, we need another 9/11” or another Bush “Skull & Bones” fellowship in the White House! But here is the catch-49. Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly knew this reduction was coming, but even in her high-heel ranking position she could not stop it – some on the “Beltway” call it a “Thongedgie”! Why no clout this matter? See, troop reduction should not become a very complicated calculation for the brass, but having the hands tied by political clout over a defense posture so designed to protect, you get my point. Congress provides the “loot” then it is up to the brass to divide that ransom according to 10-defining obligations. Yes, a report card is the assessment criteria on whether or not a military base is to moon troops or gain a posture to defend something – civilian jobs that is and the “Big Fat” Uncle Sam paychecks as for every 30-storm troopers in boots it requires employing a human that is most likely associated with the Toilet-Paper Tea Party rebellion, gainful employment even when that troop is deployed far and away. TPTP rebellion? “We hate government interference but we don't want government to interfere with our lucrative government “Don Youngnothing” jobs even if it means un-nessessary runway snow removal at an air force base that gave away the jets a long time ago” – a.k.a. Galena, Alaska! OK, even though our troop count is today at and all time lull, it still secures over 90000 civilian paychecks here in Alaska. And with oil prices still on the slump, the loss of a troop means fewer guaranteed jobs and nothing up north to cover the grocery bills! It is “Doom & Gloom”, so Please, Missus Henry, Missus Henry, please. Please, Missus Henry, Missus Henry, please. I'm down on my knees An' I ain't got a dime” we need more “WAR”! See, we have beeome addicted ever since the first battalion of Humveedominance left Ft. Richardson, that was during Bush Senile and since then it has been a money making extravaganza for...what in hell is “Patriotic” with this scenario? But the fallout to troop deployment upon local economies is magnified by a magical wand, and it sounds like Anchorage is almost a ghost town. Tough luck, as it is time for the “Pay Day” loan sharks to go away, instead of free-loading and taking advantage of our under-paid troops – same with that “Wounded Worrier” confederacy. Look, our troops are taken care of, get it and don't need a helping hand from a draft dogging Ted “Shit in My Pants” Nugent – whatever his name is! If you don't believe me that our troops are taken care of, look at your taxable income! But there is a ways and means that is utilized by the brass to reduce the troop count, wherein the political theater crap is left at the K Street gutter. Now at the top of the challenge is how a military base ranks in “Training”. With Alaska having miles and miles of wilderness - and a Don Young “Bridge to Nowhere” the Bolio troops laugh at and would rather use as target practice but can't because Bill Sheffield camps out on the bridge waiting for a choo-choo train to appear - with respect to “Training” this state has always reigned in at the TOP. So that puts Alaska ahead of many other states wherein Congressional delegates try to sway that necessity to keep the “Daddy War-Bucks” flowing, for those civilian paychecks – it has nothing to do with national defense anymore! That is an old-age excuse! But once troop reduction is at the assessment stage the brass has a ways and means of making sure re-alignment meets our national defense strategy - unless a member of Congress breaks wind and forces demands through unusual pain and suffering like was promoted by ex-Begich when he withheld the promotions of many men & women in uniform for some insane reason bordering on treason. Imagine, using the stroke of a Don Young “Ooosik” – sorry not really that I have to pick on Don, but ever since he became a G-man stool pigeon and threw Ted under the bus, I have NO respect. He gets what he deserves and I am hoping some “Wetback” finds a convenient place to ram that walrus gumboot! Yes Don, please bend over. But another major factor that is looked at besides the training opportunities comes about with the true “costs” involved in housing a “troop” at a particular base installation – which includes the price of energy. Now in Alaska, well we blew it and this wave of cuts may be just the beginning. Look, our delegation is owed NO payback favors by the 5-Star Joint Chiefs of Staff, as we have proven time and time again that we are in it NOT for the sake of national defense security, but intentional “GREED”. See, the cost of energy is probably the bottom-line, the reason that we are loosing troops today and “Pay Day” loan commercials are threatened with extinction, as our delegation is aware of this “Energy Greed” factor but to complain about it, well that would be like taking a crap in the very same closet wherein clients that keeps those “War Chests” tanked up hang out. For instance, the ARMY has been in a battle with one of its major providers of electricity here in Alaska – Doyon Utilities. Look, when our ARMY goes abroad to defend, that is “WAR” that must be quelled by force else it weakens Wall Street. And when the ARMY JAG defends here in the “Homeland”, it is also “WAR” against the US and those men & women in uniform are in reality defending the U.S. Taxpayers, defending the “Constitution”! Yes, our ARMY is at “WAR” with corporate America here in Alaska and it means $millions$ of Taxpayer money at risk, or was until Uncle Sam said screw you Doyon and is fighting back! And this also plays into the decision making, as to waste money on legal battles without merit, it hurts the cause and herein we see the effect. Here it is in a nutshell how some believe it is OK to attack US under cover that “Corporate Persona”. Now when the Municipality of Anchorage decided that it was time to use the off-gas from the “Highland Dump” - methane digested from rotting garbage and dead decaying corpses of street walking hookers abandoned by Bill Allen - it found several “competent and feasible” plans that were attractive - from an engineering and economic standpoint. So this plan started out with good intent, as it should have. But in steps “Doyon Utilities”, that decided through a “Magic Wand” investment strategy that it would build a trash gas power plant at a cost 3x what other entities had proposed wherein the MOA was still guaranteed the same amount of income if it went this venture alone? Too good to be true? You Betcha! OK, here is how it is working out today and the reason JBER will find troops stationed elsewhere like in Hawaii, as it is even cheaper for energy on the “Island” then here in Alaska. What you mean we have oil? Congress passed some laws sometime back wherein the military is required to buy “Green” if it becomes available - “Landfill Trash Gas” included. So when “Greed” became the inviting factor and Doyon teamed up with the Municipality of Anchorage – owner of the hill of trash now rotting away – well here is what we the “U.S. Taxpayers get in return. It is estimated that the price equivalent of generating electricity for the JBER by Doyon's trash gas plant is upwards at $15-dollars a gallon of fuel, at an escalated equivalent cost. Or for sake of defending Chugach Electric, 4 times as much for a trooper to use a night light to study the deployment war plans. And yes, twice as much as what is charged over on Inouye Island. Hey, it ain't easy being “GREEN”! Serious, when it is all said and done and through long term deceptive and deceiving contracts, the only reason Doyon could compete against decency was throgh scamming tactics - as the Grocery Chain Boy salesman had a sucker at the front door named “Uncle Sam” - must be getting old and senile! See, the ARMY was required to purchase the hook, line and sinking sinker at inflated “Who Gives A Rat's Ass About America” prices that, well it's criminal behavior but due being a “business” it finds immunity against prosecution. And if you have lost consciousness, this shenanigans that sounds so “Green” is what you and I end up paying for – freeloading and it has nothing to do with being “GREEN”. Yes, the Hulk would be madder then “Soylent Green” if still alive! As he did not put up with this kind of crap - just an honest statesmen until Don turned “Federal” witness against Ted. Sure that's what happened, it is so easy too see! Honestly and in all honesty, if Ted was still in control of the purse strings and aware of how Doyon is stealing away the “Military Privatization Dream”, he would have already kicked some ass! Anyway, so a high grade in the “Training” coupled with a “ZERO” grade in costs, well divide by zero finds and error! This is why we are starting to see an end to some military exercises in Alaska – the cost factor due high energy is strangling the future of the military here in Alaska. And this outlaw scenario, wherein “No Competition” allows those with a lack of “Patriotism” to think “Capitalism” is above and beyond that “America Duty”, it is nothing new here in Alaska. Back a few years ago all across America “coal contracts” captured by the Defense Logistics Agency for long-term realization of decreases in delivered energy to militray installations - because of “Patriotism” - saved the American Taxpayer $millions$. Well it meant a different story here in the “Lunatic Frontier”. Yes it is lunacy, and I am glad Governor Walker has placed a cabana on the “Film Tax Credits”, as that will “Chase those crazy baldheads out of da town”. So as America was doing its “Patriotic Duty” and due the fact we were at “WAR”, some in the energy industry saw it as an opportunity to Ask what you can do for your country” and there came savings everywhere - even Hawaii - except here in Alaska, true story. Wherein Joe Uselessbelli and Railroad Bill teamed together and the cost of coal delivered to interior military power plants increased 14% and to make matters worse off, the DLA could only find contracts worthy of a single year in duration, basically held hostage as without a natural gas line and coal the only other resource available in huge quantities, hey its “Capitalism” at it best. I call it Grand Larceny! Good thing we live not in a Communist or Putin domain, as these bandits would be feeling the pain of incarceration in an Alaskan style “Gulag”. It's Un-American, especially when we are at “WAR”! OK, over the life of the “Trash-gas” plant life cycle, the MOA will bring in over $50-million. Hey, that's my trash, will I get a rebate? So when you here the goons from Doyon bragging how JBER will save money going “GREEN”, ain't' so with realistic numbers, that magic wand is being shared and used to decive as it is owned by the “lobbyists” that give not a rat's ass about anything except the bottom-line. GREEN in this case turned to GREED! So the project that started out with good intent, well a jump from $8-million to $30-million for a plant not needed and then they let the U.S. Taxpayers pave the way of, well more theft as that is what it amounts to but alright because it is business as usual and immunity against prosecution is the way of the wallet! So Alaskans, when we hear of such doom & gloom with the military taking a hiatus, now you know the reason as to why the “Brass” makes such decisions – it's called “We're In Bed with Greed” and they are sick and tired of it!

Please Mrs. Henry courtesy of Bob Dylan
Crazy Baldheads courtesy Bob Marley

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Talking “Oinks”

Different then “Talking Points”, as this is wherein things get pork-pie over-inflated. Oink, Oink – the rant and rage of a political ass-perspiration, I mean ass-piration! So, Donald Trump is running for the U.S. Presidency for a reason that makes him stand above and beyond the wimper. Trump wants that “Oval Office” seat, not for reason he can jerk-off in the same Cuban hole as Desk Jockey Bill when the 42nd was interviewing Monica - when Hillary was busy cleaning house - but wants that office desperately so he can sign an “Executional Order” to “Destroy” ISIS. Not that such would be a un-justifiable position to take as Commander-in-Chief, but Trump's main reason reeks in “Capitalism” as he is jealous because ISIS is building “Hotels” in IRAQ – and that means competition for the “Tower Mogul”. See, ISIS is most likely a businesssss venture started by leftover PNAC conservatives - including Jeb Bush - in efforts to keep their dream “creaming” alive and at the same time force us to invest in more “WAR”, so defense contractors - the other PNAC renegades like Rumsfeld and Cheney and Wolfowitz - can make a killing. See, we spent a whole lot of “Fabulous Moolah” destroying that country, so “that land is our land” and Trump feels he should be the person building luxury accommodations, NOT ISIS. Wow, makes sense as to why we have a no-sense political system and our youngsters are asking “What the Trump?” Hey kid, don't worry and just have another hit! And another “Talking Oink” worth mentioning, did the DNC forget there is an election year next year? The Independent Party has drafted Bernie, but nothing from the “Left Wing-Nut” Party except the laughing cow. Maybe some of the GOP goon squad - a candidate from every state - can perform a quick switch and...what we need is a “Fabulous Moolah” to kick some ass! But until “money” is banned from politics, like it should as the filth of wealth bothers our conviction to liberty, until then we will have more of the same, high priced jerk-offs in office and more “WAR”. We have become addicted to reality show like leadership and Daddy Warbucks serenades, and that can only lead to more “Motherless Child” pain and suffering and we as a nation finding we are all in the same vote - “Man without a Country”!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grocery Boy Patriotism

So, with the 4th of Independence still shining on high from sea to shining sea and the scent of black-powder lingering from all the aerial “works”, I challenge that call once again, of the “Patriots Game” in efforts to signal out qualifying noteworthy “Americans” that deserve respect for “Patriotism” above and beyond. Yes, the “Patriots Game” and No NOT a deflate-gate like challenge, but “Ask Not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”! What action identifies and defines the ultimate “Patriotic Act”. OK, I will make this an easier task and flip the coin this go around to challenge “Treasonous” acts against “Miss Liberty” – wherein “action” to rip off the American Taxpayer is indeed a premeditated act of treason, and that ultimate reverse with respect to Patriotism. Unfortunately, the award for being “Un-American” and fit for a treason trial, this award goes to the same pack of rats it has been presented upon the past 2-years! “Its been going on for 10000-years”, as these long-tailed puke-stenched rodents are hiding behind the Alaskan Native “namesake”, cheap thrills at the expense of a culture undeserving such abuse. So when the U.S. Government lawyers talk of “exploitation, unreasonableness, confusing, misleading information, mischaracterization, unfounded allegations and erroneous”, is this not enough to point a finger at something that is NOT right? Sure it is, as even Uncle Sam must mind its 1st Amendment manners when attacking, well “Terrorist” organizations. Up in Alaska, in Fairbanks - where the “Treasonous Award” finds a place of worship - it is not the Schaeffer Cox mentality that targets peace replaced through disorder that reeks of terrorist like qualifications, it is the pin-stripped “Grocery Boy” with that mile long smile we should be concerned about - hiding behind his “Business Man of the Year Award” when behind the scenes, his business dealings with Uncle Sam are as evil as, well ISIS when it comes to attacking the U.S. Treasury. Dear Dan and your cohort coward board of rats - including those Canadians you align yourself with - hope you enjoyed hot dogs and all the trimmings this 4th, did it cross your mind that you are truly Un-American? Maybe not, as these attempts to rip off Uncle Sam in efforts to cater to the Canadians, well maybe a lobotomy was a hangover the bag-boy experienced some time back in the past. Look, when the U.S. Government makes comments about Doyon Utilities and how that entity is EXPLOITING the U.S. Taxpayers, we have terrorism at our doorstep! It started a few years back, when a new entity called “Doyon Utilities” became a reality and was awarded the 1st “Privatization” contract to operate and maintain the military infrastructure here in Alaska. It was a 50-year contract that guaranteed $4-Billion in revenues – and with that approximately $20-Million each year in after-the-fact take-home profits. Take that back, as “Doyon Utilities” was NOT the 1st “Privatization”, but that success story goes to another Alaskan Native entity, the Chenega Corporation. See, this was a success story because the intent was NOT to rip off Uncle Sam. Chenegaa had management that wanted a small profit and it worked, until such time that power plant at Elmendorf Air Force Base was shutdown so...well thats another MurCowpiefly & Rubicon mystery. But when Doyon Utilities came to be and was awarded the entire “Privatization Contract” for Ft. Wainwright, Greely and JBER, it kind of pissed people off, as something was NOT right and as soon as the somewhat lucrative 50-year contract was signed & sealed then delivered, the pillaging began. But one doesn't mess with the men and women in boots, our troops with machine guns. So when Doyon's pin-stripped Grocery Boy decided to take on Uncle Sam for his Canadian commitment rivalry, Uncle Sam said bring it on. Yes, Doyon Utilities tried to sock-it to us, by trying to increase the loot we taxpayers pay-out, trying to steal away another $billion$ in profits for no apparent reason justifiable - which would have been U.S. Taxpayers' money sent to Canadian investors. But the military JAG called Doyon's bluff, when that entity tried to hide behind the state regulators, thinking it could pull a fast one – it backfired and today the U.S. Taxpayers seem to be on the winning side of the battle against the “Treasonous Terrorists”, that act like Americans but stink like, well “Rats”! So the battle continues on, and even though the time commitment of our government lawyers steals away resources from the DOD that could be used on other noteworthy issues, well this battle based upon “Greed” by the Grocery Boy and his Canadain blow-hards, it has tainted the entire “Privatization” ordeal that was designed to save the U.S. Taxpayers in the long haul. The reason the Air Force has decided to hold off on “Privatization” efforts with the infrastructure at Clear and Eielson, as the GAO has warned the brass of the pillaging that is going on in Alaska. So in my belief, in my book, even though some may call it “Capitalism”, I call it a “Capital Crime” scene, not “Patriotic” by any stench of the imagination. Yes it stinks and the Grocery Boy should be smelling the sweet smell of an overflowing crapper in a jail cell at a Federal penitentiary. So we have something to cheer about this 4th. Even though we still have troops far and away at battle in efforts to secure our “Independence”, the battle field exists here in the”Homeland” also with the likes of pin-striped idiots that seem to think the Canadian flag is there alma mater!

Monday, July 6, 2015


Wow, Hillary's chance at taking over the Oval Office is starting to wane in vain. I am sure Bill's ejaculation stains are gone by now – creepy! But Missy Missing Server, she is loosing votes left and right, and we are starting to see into those voters that have encouraged her to run from the truth. See, she lost two-votes this last weekend, and these voters typify her following. The first dude was some idiot that secured an M-80 firecracker to his head and when ignited, it blew his brains out. Take that back, he had none, typical of Hillary supporters. The 2nd numskull, Mr. Gonads thought he could swim in an alligator pit, the gators dined on his penis. Another Hillary supporter out and about rooting for another Clinton in office. Here it is in bumper sticker advertisement that kind of spells it out with some seriousness:

White Male? Democrat? Hillary Supporter?
BRITCH in HEAT! - Hillary 2016


We the Taxpayers, exploited by the Grocery Boy behind the counter at Doyon Utilities.

ARMY Response: “The Regulatory Commission of Alaska “Order” for Doyon Utilities is unreasonable in that it does not allow DOD sufficient time and opportunity to prepare a response to the numerous unfounded allegations of Doyon Utilities and that it is based on erroneous and incomplete information. Doyon also requests interim increases for each system that in most cases are more than 50 percent of the total increase, without hearings or examination of its extensive filing. DOD's current annual payments to Doyon exceed $75,000,000 and would balloon to nearly $100,000,000 annually, if accepted without challenge and examination. DOD generally disputes Doyon's numerous allegations and mischaracterization of its relationship, the status of the facilities, and the payments due. DOD intends to provide testimony and other evidence that will largely rebut Doyon's filing. Doyon touts itself as a “Public Utility" and therefore should be held to the same level of scrutiny as other public utilities. Over the course of this year, DOD has consistently received misleading information, or no information, about the expected filing date of this huge case. Doyon initially informed DOD that the filing would occur in late June, 2012. Then, it changed to sometime in April , then to sometime in May. After years of doing business with DOD, Doyon should be aware of DOD's need for time to coordinate unusual activities like rate cases such as this, and (Doyon)should not seek to exploit these conditions. DOD is willing to work constructively with Doyon as this case progresses , so that agreement may be reached on important procedural matters. The Doyon filing is highly complex, poorly and confusingly constructed and lacking in overall organization and indexes. On June 15, 2012, DOD Counsel contacted Doyon Counse l by telephone , informing Doyon of DOD's need for a postponement. Doyon Counsel declined DOD's request, stating Doyon had no position on the request.”

Counsel, U.S. Department of Defense
General Attorney - Regulatory Law
U. S. Army Legal Services Agency
9275 Gunston Road
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5546

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hateas Corpus

Wow, so the religious right freak show is on the warpath, again. After spending well over 10000-years promoting “Hatred” against the “LGBT” community and during modern times trying to use the “Bench” as a precipice for extended stay hatred, the United States Supreme Court rests its case and finds in favor of “Created Equal Marriage” - no longer a “Motherless Child” cries. “He shares his house with his friend Martin, they're not brothers, they're not cousins” is now a Peter with Paul and forever with us Mary, a joyous lullaby we can embrace. “Home is where the heart is”, that folk song no longer just a dream for many true “Americans” that have struggled through a drought upon the freedoms guaranteed them by birth, the choice to be themselves without adulterated miseries, stonewalled by a few who think it is OK to dole out hate to others. Well maybe it is time to rethink who and what the “Hatred” mindset aligns itself towards - “Church” be the culprit. And NOT Patriotism by any stretch of the imagination - maybe time to invite a “fine” for delivering such abuse when under the influence of this “Church condoned Hatred”. Look and sworn again this 4th, there is no such thing as “Patriotism” in religion, it is undefined in the “Bible” for a reason, so best get the point else we are doomed. Patriotism speaks upon “Individualism” in seeking “Independence”, something that goes against the grain of the “religious always right agenda” stuck in medieval times and fashioning goals that cannot survive on its own accord – with modern man. We continue to frown upon “Government Control” yet we allow “Religious Control” to consume that “Independence by virtue of that Independence”, as if the pulpit speaks for the Creator sinister – that devil is disguised. So it is great to see some semblance of a genuine “Patriotic” moment this movement with respect to upholding the Constitution and its inherent right to “Equal in the eyes of the Law”. As things are “equal” in the eyes of the “Lord”, so why has “Church” used the pulpit to promote hatred against our brothers and sisters engaged “lovingly” in a different lifestyle? Because, today it is more than ever a “bigot” ministry and if be not like them, then victims be cast aside for ridicule then punishment. Like so memorialized with the Jewish victims during Hitler’s reign of gas chamber terror. Many creatures, I mean preachers maybe not, that bully their way to the pulpit today are no different those Hail Hitler henchmen. So, the Supreme Court Justices are not stupid when it comes to Constitutional justice, regardless of the flags and horns demonstrating conservatism, they wanted this outcome to set in stone forever the “LGBT” right to a simple marriage, for they knew it was the right thing to do and then used a minority opinion to state their “personal” obligations – wherein religion still pollutes the mindset. Chief Roberts would have cast the deciding vote in favor if he knew the tides would have turned in favor of, well allowing the “killing” fields to be the theater of the LGBT community’s destiny with respect to “Marriage”. Look, we as a nation are armed to the guillotine, so all it takes is a wrong move by the “Power Brokers” and that would have advertised “Open Season”. It would have started in “Open Carry” Texas and migrated like a dooming Dorothy tornado, scaring and scorching the lands had this ruling gone in favor of “Man & Woman” only, this 4th could have promoted a drastic re-creation of Nazi Germany. See, the bench could not rule in favor of what the religious freak-show mentality drafted and promoted all those years with this missing a heart and soul “Hatred” mentality, as that would make us all an accomplice with the likes of the evil of ISIS – condoning throwing “Gay” men off of high-rise buildings to see if they can fly like a bird. Like how the religious fanatics in early times were willing to test the “Wicked”, as surviving a water-board dunking meant a “witch”, so stoke up the fire and time for a cookout! How the religious past treated the “Witches of Eastwick” is no different than how “Religion” today has treated the LGBT with respect to that right to a legally binding marriage ceremony. How many “witches” have been murdered by false religious beliefs? Until someone told the pulpit to let it go! How many “blacks” have been murdered by the same mentality, how many gays? So had the “High Court” ruled in favor of Jerry Prevo style pathetic justice better known as sacrilege enforced “Hatred”, this nation would have found a compassionate affair with ISIS. Can't beat them, join them. I mention the devil of Anchorage, Prevo, as he was using money and political clout to try and purge Alaska of anything “Gay Righteousness” - for the past 25-years. He maintained a goon squad, Hitler like henchmen at his disposal that acted above the law abiding citizenry – using religion as an immunity against injustice served and would hail Sunday – that which is supposed to be a day of worship our Creator – use his sermons on high to instill “Hatred” against the LGBT community. Yes, there is a law against such and when Jerry meets the Maker, well he will then realize what a fool he was for trying to sell “Hatred” to his practitioners. Now according to reliable sources that suck air from under the bench, it was those facts alone - the ISIS companionship relationship - that may have swayed the opinion as there are pastors like Billy Graham’s son Franklin and his “tides of moral decay being crammed down our throats” that would indeed propose throwing our sons and daughters to the lion's den – to test snake-oil religion’s side taking dedication to cowardly beliefs. Had the court ruled in favor of religious zealots, we would have been branded supporters of ISIS, and what would Putin....So Bravo, Bravo for the “Bench”, as today's ruling in the “majority” opinion finds that the Supreme Culture of this “Land is Your land, this land is My land” is what this nation under the Red, White and Blue is all about and this “WIN” came at a very crucial moment in this nation’s history, as we needed such a boost right before Independence Day. But for so-long we have been wrecked by the infiltration of evil religion trying to judge what is best for us all, based on greed and the fact religion does not respect the “Separation” clause in the U.S. Constitution. Religion under sanctity of church is attacking the very fabric of what was designed in the “Bill of Rights”! Yes, we find freedom from religious persecution, but what about abuse from when that persecution requiem allows for other freedoms to be taken advantage upon? Yes, religion is on a “Tilt” and has positioned its goals down a one-way-only street car called “destruction”. OK, I despise modern day religion, as it is being used as a Jolly Roger like hand-me down philosophy. Billy Graham like preachers sell hatred, at a bargain basement close-out sales price, cheap thrills, get the point! Like birds shitting on linens left to dry in the peaceful outdoors, but more like elephants on high. Church has a freedom that allows, well how come it gets representation without taxation? Therein intelligence finds the problem of how “Church” can get away with murder. Sure they commit crimes to further the agenda of a few loose biblical canons. And they will not stop even though “Same Sex” marriage is now the law of this land. I am sure that Plan “X” is already in full swing by those that will continue to challenge that law of this land. We let it get out of control, for had we the guts to make damn sure these institutions of the cross were taxed accordingly to their “Hatred” values, they would have no money left to install “Hatred” upon non-believers, evidenced by their stance on “Gay Marriage”, the ugly side of this battle long is starting to sound off – and “Church” is the lousy looser. See, the church steals money from its patron saint sinners, based on a too good to be true sermonadis Sunday. NO the Creator doesn't give a rat's ass about $Money$, as Love is free. Hatred costs something in return for throwing our brothers and sisters under that bus heading to the hanging, that Sunday worship wherein lemmings hear once again that if they side with the gay bashing preacher, then “Eternal Life” awaits their descending into Heaven. Because God doesn’t like his gay children? Are we Americans that weak, wherein we still think that altar boy turned drunken priest can save us from “Hell”, as our hard earned money is stolen away, for cheap thrills wine? OK, then that money is used to instill “Hatred” throughout the land, from sea to shining sea. We are supporters of this hate wave if we support the “Church” with an agenda to disenfranchise our brothers and sisters! It survives with its pain and suffering because we are being taken for a ride “Nowhere”. It is difficult to make estimates of how much patron saint money was used to defend, well “Hatred”. In Alaska alone, it was estimated to be close to a $million$ each year, and that doesn't include the dough that was used by the state's vindictive lawyers, trying to make it look like Alaska was a haven for ISIS worshipers – does that help tourism? Anyway, the torch of freedom burns brightly on this 4th of July, that even though we were divided as a nation – we were not divided on this issue, as it was an overwhelming say “AYE”, for our brothers and sisters that are “US”. So that is reason enough to be suspicious modern day romances with the “Church”. So this brings hope, that even though there remains a faction bent on “Hatred”, those imbeciles are indeed a minority, as they waste their time behind the camouflage of hate, wherein “Mental Institutions” need a second consideration. But when the “High Court” did take up “Same Sex Marriage”, it was already pretty much heading in favor of the LGBT's “right”. Momentum has meaning! See the stage had been set when the two-most prominent attorneys that can argue before the Supreme Court, David Boise and Ted Olson – well they set the stage for this victory and should be rewarded for such efforts. This dedication, not based solely on a “preference” but purely a constitutional conviction, well when those arguing before the bench can sway justice to where it belongs, that is how we find outcomes that favor what the Constitution is all about. Hence, a victory and so deserving is that Nobel Peace prize, for two dedicated gentlemen of different yet common convictions, when it comes to “Equality” and how the forefathers embraced such in the “Constitution”. Well today we have the outcome of such dedication to what that was all about. “Freedom” in the beginning, sidetracked by a few imbeciles that think they can hide behind that “Bible”, which comes in second behind the “Constitution” and maybe it is time for that book to be “burned” away from modern day society – time to ban it as it acts today as an instrument of destruction. Happy 4th, “the times they are a changin” back to what and who we truly are as a nation “United”. In closing, here is another consideration to take up with that beer mug. A writ of “Habeas Corpus” is a court order that addresses the custodial relationship of a prisoner, challenging whether or not the custodian with the keys to the cuffs is a legal authority with power to detain the prisoner. If acting above and beyond, the court says set the prisoner free – and that is what happened the other day with “Same Sex Marriage” debate, as finally the High Court realized that “Church” was detaining prisoners, and put an end to it!