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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hateas Corpus

Wow, so the religious right freak show is on the warpath, again. After spending well over 10000-years promoting “Hatred” against the “LGBT” community and during modern times trying to use the “Bench” as a precipice for extended stay hatred, the United States Supreme Court rests its case and finds in favor of “Created Equal Marriage” - no longer a “Motherless Child” cries. “He shares his house with his friend Martin, they're not brothers, they're not cousins” is now a Peter with Paul and forever with us Mary, a joyous lullaby we can embrace. “Home is where the heart is”, that folk song no longer just a dream for many true “Americans” that have struggled through a drought upon the freedoms guaranteed them by birth, the choice to be themselves without adulterated miseries, stonewalled by a few who think it is OK to dole out hate to others. Well maybe it is time to rethink who and what the “Hatred” mindset aligns itself towards - “Church” be the culprit. And NOT Patriotism by any stretch of the imagination - maybe time to invite a “fine” for delivering such abuse when under the influence of this “Church condoned Hatred”. Look and sworn again this 4th, there is no such thing as “Patriotism” in religion, it is undefined in the “Bible” for a reason, so best get the point else we are doomed. Patriotism speaks upon “Individualism” in seeking “Independence”, something that goes against the grain of the “religious always right agenda” stuck in medieval times and fashioning goals that cannot survive on its own accord – with modern man. We continue to frown upon “Government Control” yet we allow “Religious Control” to consume that “Independence by virtue of that Independence”, as if the pulpit speaks for the Creator sinister – that devil is disguised. So it is great to see some semblance of a genuine “Patriotic” moment this movement with respect to upholding the Constitution and its inherent right to “Equal in the eyes of the Law”. As things are “equal” in the eyes of the “Lord”, so why has “Church” used the pulpit to promote hatred against our brothers and sisters engaged “lovingly” in a different lifestyle? Because, today it is more than ever a “bigot” ministry and if be not like them, then victims be cast aside for ridicule then punishment. Like so memorialized with the Jewish victims during Hitler’s reign of gas chamber terror. Many creatures, I mean preachers maybe not, that bully their way to the pulpit today are no different those Hail Hitler henchmen. So, the Supreme Court Justices are not stupid when it comes to Constitutional justice, regardless of the flags and horns demonstrating conservatism, they wanted this outcome to set in stone forever the “LGBT” right to a simple marriage, for they knew it was the right thing to do and then used a minority opinion to state their “personal” obligations – wherein religion still pollutes the mindset. Chief Roberts would have cast the deciding vote in favor if he knew the tides would have turned in favor of, well allowing the “killing” fields to be the theater of the LGBT community’s destiny with respect to “Marriage”. Look, we as a nation are armed to the guillotine, so all it takes is a wrong move by the “Power Brokers” and that would have advertised “Open Season”. It would have started in “Open Carry” Texas and migrated like a dooming Dorothy tornado, scaring and scorching the lands had this ruling gone in favor of “Man & Woman” only, this 4th could have promoted a drastic re-creation of Nazi Germany. See, the bench could not rule in favor of what the religious freak-show mentality drafted and promoted all those years with this missing a heart and soul “Hatred” mentality, as that would make us all an accomplice with the likes of the evil of ISIS – condoning throwing “Gay” men off of high-rise buildings to see if they can fly like a bird. Like how the religious fanatics in early times were willing to test the “Wicked”, as surviving a water-board dunking meant a “witch”, so stoke up the fire and time for a cookout! How the religious past treated the “Witches of Eastwick” is no different than how “Religion” today has treated the LGBT with respect to that right to a legally binding marriage ceremony. How many “witches” have been murdered by false religious beliefs? Until someone told the pulpit to let it go! How many “blacks” have been murdered by the same mentality, how many gays? So had the “High Court” ruled in favor of Jerry Prevo style pathetic justice better known as sacrilege enforced “Hatred”, this nation would have found a compassionate affair with ISIS. Can't beat them, join them. I mention the devil of Anchorage, Prevo, as he was using money and political clout to try and purge Alaska of anything “Gay Righteousness” - for the past 25-years. He maintained a goon squad, Hitler like henchmen at his disposal that acted above the law abiding citizenry – using religion as an immunity against injustice served and would hail Sunday – that which is supposed to be a day of worship our Creator – use his sermons on high to instill “Hatred” against the LGBT community. Yes, there is a law against such and when Jerry meets the Maker, well he will then realize what a fool he was for trying to sell “Hatred” to his practitioners. Now according to reliable sources that suck air from under the bench, it was those facts alone - the ISIS companionship relationship - that may have swayed the opinion as there are pastors like Billy Graham’s son Franklin and his “tides of moral decay being crammed down our throats” that would indeed propose throwing our sons and daughters to the lion's den – to test snake-oil religion’s side taking dedication to cowardly beliefs. Had the court ruled in favor of religious zealots, we would have been branded supporters of ISIS, and what would Putin....So Bravo, Bravo for the “Bench”, as today's ruling in the “majority” opinion finds that the Supreme Culture of this “Land is Your land, this land is My land” is what this nation under the Red, White and Blue is all about and this “WIN” came at a very crucial moment in this nation’s history, as we needed such a boost right before Independence Day. But for so-long we have been wrecked by the infiltration of evil religion trying to judge what is best for us all, based on greed and the fact religion does not respect the “Separation” clause in the U.S. Constitution. Religion under sanctity of church is attacking the very fabric of what was designed in the “Bill of Rights”! Yes, we find freedom from religious persecution, but what about abuse from when that persecution requiem allows for other freedoms to be taken advantage upon? Yes, religion is on a “Tilt” and has positioned its goals down a one-way-only street car called “destruction”. OK, I despise modern day religion, as it is being used as a Jolly Roger like hand-me down philosophy. Billy Graham like preachers sell hatred, at a bargain basement close-out sales price, cheap thrills, get the point! Like birds shitting on linens left to dry in the peaceful outdoors, but more like elephants on high. Church has a freedom that allows, well how come it gets representation without taxation? Therein intelligence finds the problem of how “Church” can get away with murder. Sure they commit crimes to further the agenda of a few loose biblical canons. And they will not stop even though “Same Sex” marriage is now the law of this land. I am sure that Plan “X” is already in full swing by those that will continue to challenge that law of this land. We let it get out of control, for had we the guts to make damn sure these institutions of the cross were taxed accordingly to their “Hatred” values, they would have no money left to install “Hatred” upon non-believers, evidenced by their stance on “Gay Marriage”, the ugly side of this battle long is starting to sound off – and “Church” is the lousy looser. See, the church steals money from its patron saint sinners, based on a too good to be true sermonadis Sunday. NO the Creator doesn't give a rat's ass about $Money$, as Love is free. Hatred costs something in return for throwing our brothers and sisters under that bus heading to the hanging, that Sunday worship wherein lemmings hear once again that if they side with the gay bashing preacher, then “Eternal Life” awaits their descending into Heaven. Because God doesn’t like his gay children? Are we Americans that weak, wherein we still think that altar boy turned drunken priest can save us from “Hell”, as our hard earned money is stolen away, for cheap thrills wine? OK, then that money is used to instill “Hatred” throughout the land, from sea to shining sea. We are supporters of this hate wave if we support the “Church” with an agenda to disenfranchise our brothers and sisters! It survives with its pain and suffering because we are being taken for a ride “Nowhere”. It is difficult to make estimates of how much patron saint money was used to defend, well “Hatred”. In Alaska alone, it was estimated to be close to a $million$ each year, and that doesn't include the dough that was used by the state's vindictive lawyers, trying to make it look like Alaska was a haven for ISIS worshipers – does that help tourism? Anyway, the torch of freedom burns brightly on this 4th of July, that even though we were divided as a nation – we were not divided on this issue, as it was an overwhelming say “AYE”, for our brothers and sisters that are “US”. So that is reason enough to be suspicious modern day romances with the “Church”. So this brings hope, that even though there remains a faction bent on “Hatred”, those imbeciles are indeed a minority, as they waste their time behind the camouflage of hate, wherein “Mental Institutions” need a second consideration. But when the “High Court” did take up “Same Sex Marriage”, it was already pretty much heading in favor of the LGBT's “right”. Momentum has meaning! See the stage had been set when the two-most prominent attorneys that can argue before the Supreme Court, David Boise and Ted Olson – well they set the stage for this victory and should be rewarded for such efforts. This dedication, not based solely on a “preference” but purely a constitutional conviction, well when those arguing before the bench can sway justice to where it belongs, that is how we find outcomes that favor what the Constitution is all about. Hence, a victory and so deserving is that Nobel Peace prize, for two dedicated gentlemen of different yet common convictions, when it comes to “Equality” and how the forefathers embraced such in the “Constitution”. Well today we have the outcome of such dedication to what that was all about. “Freedom” in the beginning, sidetracked by a few imbeciles that think they can hide behind that “Bible”, which comes in second behind the “Constitution” and maybe it is time for that book to be “burned” away from modern day society – time to ban it as it acts today as an instrument of destruction. Happy 4th, “the times they are a changin” back to what and who we truly are as a nation “United”. In closing, here is another consideration to take up with that beer mug. A writ of “Habeas Corpus” is a court order that addresses the custodial relationship of a prisoner, challenging whether or not the custodian with the keys to the cuffs is a legal authority with power to detain the prisoner. If acting above and beyond, the court says set the prisoner free – and that is what happened the other day with “Same Sex Marriage” debate, as finally the High Court realized that “Church” was detaining prisoners, and put an end to it!

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