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Monday, July 6, 2015


Wow, Hillary's chance at taking over the Oval Office is starting to wane in vain. I am sure Bill's ejaculation stains are gone by now – creepy! But Missy Missing Server, she is loosing votes left and right, and we are starting to see into those voters that have encouraged her to run from the truth. See, she lost two-votes this last weekend, and these voters typify her following. The first dude was some idiot that secured an M-80 firecracker to his head and when ignited, it blew his brains out. Take that back, he had none, typical of Hillary supporters. The 2nd numskull, Mr. Gonads thought he could swim in an alligator pit, the gators dined on his penis. Another Hillary supporter out and about rooting for another Clinton in office. Here it is in bumper sticker advertisement that kind of spells it out with some seriousness:

White Male? Democrat? Hillary Supporter?
BRITCH in HEAT! - Hillary 2016

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