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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Showcase Alaska

There appears to be a grave and growing sentiment that the United States Congress is on a crash course – especially the 112th! The approval rating of Alaska's delegation, Mark Begich in nose-to-ass formation with MoanaLisa MurCowski in nose-to-ass formation with Don Young, it is breaking new ground and could end up in the negative and make the 80th – the Do Nothing Congress – look brilliant. Wasn't Don part of the 80th? For wanderers, Nose-to-Ass formation priority is a seniority thing. Now the only action accomplished so far half way through this congressional session's terms of endangerment is the fact that all members of the 112th are getting richer, so the “insider trading” option is not broke and working too their advantage. Why should they care about their constituents, its money that counts after the votes are counted. I believe that Latin ritual, the Congressional swearing in ceremony, it must have a subliminal message of “get rich quick”. It is agreed upon by most of us hard working Americans that Congress is nothing short a complicated mess, at the same time testament that “politics” in America is broke - maybe beyond repair according to the Tea-Party aficionados. GOP candidate Perry advocates Congress meet once every two years, to save money, as this everyday assembly accomplishes nothing in return – in actuality a sitting session lasts about 150-days a year and costs the American taxpayers a whooping $175,000 per member, not including air-time on corporate jets. The “extended” time off for bad behavior allows free-time, to lobby, or in John Boehner's case, tanning time. Went off focus, as I am supposed to stay on track Alaska's delegation. For Begich, the time off means “insider trading” time. For MoanaLisa, land dealing swindling. For Don, managing his Coconut Grove account. Look, name one representative that didn't leave the Hill better off? On the mark they are “better off” for a single reason, they side with the other side, the lobbyist. If one sides with the “People”, it means the end! And in Simple Simon talk, what is good for the few equates to a travesty upon the rest. So it is not due the fact that our elected officials are overworked or underfed that causes panic and stalemate progress on the Hill. Ron Paul wants to abolish the IRS and the Congress. The list of American rage upon American governance goes on and on. These are fighting words, and to voice such discontent during the Hoover years, it would have meant confinement. Things are different today, we love the 1st Amendment. Congress is indeed inept, impotent, maybe Viagra would help. But Congress - upon its true visionary mission - is not broke, it is the membership that is broke, through corruption. Ethics is outweighed, over-ruled and over-hauled by corruption. Every elected representative is infected by “corruption”, as if it is a bonafide trait to follow. If the latter were not true, this “every”, then the Sargent of Arms would have arrested by now this corruption – but he has his hands tied up in his own cuffs. So to simplify things, to get a glimpse of the “Big Picture” mess from a “snapshot” like bird's eye view, one needs to look no further or deeper then the Alaskan political scene. Alaska has always been a bellwether indicator of injustice with respect to “politics”. Now low and behold, this “snapshot” does not include Sarah Palin, only true to the bone corruption! Palin actually tried to sort out some of the Alaskan corruption, maybe not for the good and something aspired by her own ambitions, regardless, she did attack the GOP. So for today, it is Alaska's Bill Sheffield as the one individual that personifies the heinous mentality and dereliction of duty bestowed by political officials, which has sent this country down a dead-beat road. And since Bill is once again in the news, I can pick on Bill, as idiots need friendship. To start off, Bill's memoirs will be but a blank cover with the contents “Intentionally Left Blank”. Bill was at a fund raiser the other day, for closet bigot Dan Sullivan – like father like son Mayor of Anchorage. Boy, would his dad be not proud! Now talk about nose-to-ass formation with Bill and Dan in the same sweat-shop! Turncoat Bill thinks he represents the democratic view, as he is a registered liberal, but he still maintains the VECO barbecue at his multi-million dollar home, and that thing has Don Young's finger-prints cast all over in pork grease forever. Now Bill is a unique crock. Yes crock and is front and center the “Corrupt Bastards Club”. See, many think this “club” and its bonafide membership - including once upon a time U.S. Senator Pro-Temper Ted Stevens - was taken down by the FBI when several Alaskan legislators woke up out of a stupor and realized what “Most Wanted” mugshots were all about, when Bill Allen turned rat-fink so he wouldn't have to face pervert charges and go down in Alaska's history as another Josef Boehm. But the “Club” lives on, as there were many that didn't get caught. Those caught may have merely signaled the tip of the iceberg, the easy pickings, the scapegoats. Now Anchorage Port Director Bill was once upon a time Alaska's governor, until he found himself on the impeachment run. With the “throw the bum out” fallout, Bill found himself unemployed and was mysteriously named chief of the so far failed Alaska Railroad, and that is why we have a depot wearing Bill's namesake out at the airport that wasted a bunch of taxpayer money and remains “Closed for Business”. It would make a good jail! Now for those not in the know, Bill is rich, as he owned a bunch of hotels before political aspirations conceded his ethical thinking. So he doesn't need the money and there were more deserving individuals that could have resumed the helm control at the rail yard. Once again, this is Alaska and we are far and removed from ethics, just ask the Alaska delegation. How much did Begich make on “insider trading”? Now the ARR never made much money, so Bill settled on a salary that was mediocre in comparison to what a real Casey Jones CEO would have enjoyed – it goes with the territory. And since the ARR was a train wreck to begin with, there is only so much to go around. Yes train wreck from the beginning! When the state was forced to divest the 100% Federally subsidized railroad, as part of this state's statehood weening agreement, there came only one interested party. Now due the fact that the railroad property from Seward to Fairbanks is considered eligible for Super-fund oversight, there came no guarantees from the state that a new owner would be exempt and find immunity from past environmental crimes – due hundreds of miles of contaminated soils, from years of coal dust spoils, DEET spraying and fuel spills along the tracks. So the interested bidder walked away and with no other interested takers, it meant the state soon found itself wearing an engineer's hat and in the rail business. For years the only way the ARR could stay afloat was through subsidies courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers, and that “pork” continues on to this day. Without it the railroad would sink, which means it would cease to exist, go bankrupt and the major environmental cleanup chore would begin. See, as long as the railroad is still in business, there is no rush to clean up the mess. It is estimated that cleanup costs would swallow up a good portion of the Constitutional Budget Reserve, the main reason we cannot use that money to build a natural gas pipeline to deliver low cost energy to this state's major cities, like Fairbanks and Anchorage. So the railroad subsidies continue, and that is the reason in summer you will see empty coal cars, hundreds of cars long, traversing the rail line from Anchorage to Whittier, just so they can book subsidy value. One of those loopholes, wherein it doesn't specify the cars have to be loaded, just counted. So it takes a little fuel, a little loot for labor and the state can garnish millions in income from the U.S. Treasury. Don't you just love loopholes? Are loopholes intentional or driven by pure stupidity? Anyway, Casey Jones never saw a profit, until the year when under Bill's refinement there came a train wreck – a bad train wreck. Now the railroad bosses responded and cleaned up the mess, spilled diesel fuel in low lying salmon rearing stream-beds, using insurance money to cover the cleanup costs. But this wreck was declared a disaster, so the state applied for FEMA relief. Now come the end of the year, that $15-Million request was honored and was listed as a profit for the railroad, as the cleanup was complete and the insurance gift covered the costs, so the FEMA check wasn't necessary. Another loophole is the fact you cannot give the money back, just save it for something else! Wow, finally the ARR yearly financial report showed a profit. So Bill decided to retire, not due to pressure because of the spill, remember the railroad ROW was already a polluted mess, but resign, I mean retire because his CEO position's golden handshake was tied to the year end profits! So here is a state entity, incorporated so it can hide things from public scrutiny, an entity that never once showed a decent profit, and Bill gets a windfall going away present courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. That profit was from FEMA relief! That is my money! That is your money! So Bill skated off with millions, while CEO of the railroad's worst environmental nightmare since the 1st rail spike was pounded south. Loophole? Just pure unadulterated corruption and testament some more as to why Alaska is “King” when it comes to rip off con artists filling the ranks of “statesmen” supposedly. Now one of the best calls from Bill occurred when he was vacationing down in Mexico. Bad weather was causing several days delays at the airport, for many Alaskans trying to get back from the beach to Alaska during the holidays. Not to worry, as Bill had a premium insurance policy, courtesy the state - so used this loophole to get out of Dodge. According to such “Gold Plated” policies only affordable by crocks, if in a foreign country, if the MD staff did not meet expectations, then Bill had the option of calling for a private medi-vac and taking a freebie back home - supposedly to see his family practitioner. All for a damn nosebleed! Yes indeed, Bill and the Mrs. hoped aboard a private jet and jetted back to Alaska – because of a nosebleed! See, Bill had important business back home, what that amounted too is still questionable when at the same time thousands of Alaskans that lose pay if not at work went stranded. But now Bill is under pressure, to resign as the Anchorage Port Director, not because of OSHA violations and death of a worker or for exorbitant cost overruns engaged upon during his crookedness reign, but due he was given a job he couldn't refuse - from Mayor Dan Sullivan. And it's the end of the year, wherein the state has already forked over zillions to finish this Bill Sheffield Abortion. I wonder what's in his wallet, what kind of contract did he have? And with resignation retirement comes a $60,000 consultant job, to oversee the same damn ruins at the port! See, Sullivan is giving away these $60k's gigs like wildfire, just ask Coffey as he resigned his assembly seat for the same damn reason. It's money saved by cutting down on sidewalk maintenance and cutting the People Mover schedule, the transportation network utilized by the low income – basically it is Sullivan's way to limit the majority from voting come the next election. What goes on in Alaska is a crying out loud shame, yet those that shame decency, like Sheffield, like Sullivan, like the Hickels, they continue on basking in corruption – for greed. Sure Hickel was corrupt, just look into why a new courthouse was built on downtown land that was in the “red” zone, defined as earthquake unstable ground. It was worthless property, fit only for a dog crap. But low and behold, have the Stanford University scientists design a super-expensive floating foundation, and as governor just OK such an expenditure, then your property becomes the most valued piece of property in downtown Anchorage. From dog crap city to mega-millions. It happened, this Alaskan style corruption, on Sheffield's watch, on Hickel's watch, on Sullivan's watch and it continues today. The “Corrupt Bastards Club” is alive and well, so well armed that it has infiltrated the lower-48 states. There must be a coaching manual, with Ted Steven's endorsement. This snapshot, capturing a few individuals in the political landscape, it is testament to what is going on all over this country. Take this little crookedness and multiply it a million-fold, and you start to see the “Big Picture Show”. This is the 1% faction dismantling the 99%'s nest egg. When will ethics once again enter the picture? When will there once again come a time wherein individuals stop and listen before acting with selfishness, when they once again police their own actions, when “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” rings out more then just a warning and instills a heart felt warming message we can all take ownership upon - wherein it doesn't include treasonous activity. Yes treason, so defined as this: “Betrayal or disloyalty of country; a violation of the allegiance owed by somebody to his or her own country.” Name a single sitting Senator or Congressmen that is not guilty this “disloyalty” clause? They are guilty by association, even if not getting rich. There is a thing called “Handcuffs”! And loopholes have treason written all over. I am sick and tired of the bastards, like Bill and Dan, taking advantage our heritage. Yes, just a snapshot of what goes on, but a simple snapshot of what is going on when the hen-house is told and sold one thing, yet receives vomit in return! And here is the press release wherein Bill finds a convenient way to retreat his failed project, yet continue to benefit with income:

In a letter to Mayor Sullivan, Port Director Bill Sheffield announced his plans to retire from his position effective January 15, 2012. “My service over the last decade at the Port of Anchorage, Alaska’s Port, represents some of the best years of my life” stated Sheffield. “It has been an honor to continue my commitment to the Municipality, the State and to Alaskans. Serving Alaskans in multiple capacities over the past 30 years has been one of the highest honors of my life.” I am confident that I leave the port a more profitable, vibrant, and thriving facility. It is the lifeline for nearly all of Alaska. It is our lifeline for today and the key to economic growth for tomorrow.” “I hope to enjoy more time with my dear friends while investing in the philanthropies and non-profits that mean so much to me.”

The wording, like “My service”, “best years of my life”, or “confident that I leave the port more profitable” then ending with “investing in philanthropies” is just another showing that some are totally out-of-touch what is going on today, or creative accounting to sift out their egregious behaviors. Look today the word “philanthropy” is tainted, as it is blood-money that is given away, given away not out of respect the true “mission” that of a philanthropist, but as a tax shelter benefit. Bill is far removed a true philanthropist. Then bigot Sullivan adds his 2-cents:

Mayor Sullivan stated, “I join Alaskans from all over the state thanking Governor Sheffield for his many years of public service. His passion for the Port of Anchorage is unmatched and his recognition and vision that we must plan for the decades ahead by improving this critical facility is solid. He is a true gentleman and has been a great part of our team.”

A great part of our team”, yes indeed, the 1% alive and well and growing strong, on our dime when they deserve doing some time. What do you mean the bus isn't coming?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Please Help Eric

T’is the season to be generous. So send baby pacifiers to:

Eric “Big Baby” Cantor
303 Cannon HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

Note: Individual baby pacifiers, which can be purchased at your local grocery store, can be shipped in a see-through zip-loc bag, so there is no mistake what it is. And remember to affix a 1st class postal stamp. And just in case, include the sending address as the return address, as these pacifiers are needed ASAP!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Senator Speculator

Even though there appears to be a Boehner and McConnell mutiny upon the “Middle Class”, with respect to “No way in tanning booth hell” will they mutually agree on extending the tax cuts for anyone except their buddies - the rich - I guess one could say we have pirates as law-breaking lawmakers. Now I don’t really care, as I am totally “Fed-Up” with the 112th Congress. Let’s face the facts, the approval rating tells it all. I would be embarrassed to be embedded in a cesspool, so you won’t see me getting sworn in as a representative now or in the near future, wherein somebody like myself would be a valuable asset for America - as honesty is still my best kept secret policy. And it will take about 200-years to get Congress back to an approval rating that today enjoys in comparison that equal to North Korea’s Kim the Junky’s Ill - or whatever they call this nutcase majesty. So my sentiment, so what with the tax break extension! How come we are only now hearing about and getting an understanding of the Bush Tax Cuts? When did it happen? It must have been done in secrecy, as had it been something to write home about, the media would have made it so. And what’s a $1000 loss really worth, if the tax cuts are not extended? Sure it would help out the economy, but the GOP wants failure! When one looks at the time these idiots on the “Hill” waste trying to pick fights with each-other, we would be better off just cutting our loses early on and paying them their full salary come January then closing the door of Congress. Think of how much money we would save in energy, but maybe with all the hot-air, energy isn’t a problem. In Alaska we have a crime for “Want & Waste” violations, no different than how Congress behaves, except for a minority that seems to want to do good, but have the burden of proof trying to instill upon the others the Simple Simon fact that Congress is supposed to work “For the People”, and not providing preferential treatment to the “K Street” whores. I hit the wrong button on my remote, after one too many Sam Adam’s Wintertime lagers and ended up on the U.S. Senate channel, talk about a soap opera reality show. They must get paid by the word, not by the message. And they are always looking for ways to enrich their position. Like for instance, how come that little runt Eric Cantor hasn’t been subject to a gang bang wedgie? See, I wasn’t hoping for any worthwhile legislation this week, so close to Christmas it is, but I was also hoping that Congress remained on guard. Joe Lieberman held a hearing exactly two short weeks ago in which “Congress” itself found it being investigated by its own, with regards to this “insider” trading stuff that has been rampant with our representatives, their staffs, their families, everybody enriching themselves except the American Public! I am starting to feel excluded in what goes on with this thing called “congress”. I respect the Constitution, but find it harder and harder to accept the fact that I must pay out a hefty portion of my income taxed so members of Congress can cheat their way though life – on my dime. It’s filthy, as I may be an accomplice their crimes, and they have immunity! So come this Wednesday, the 1st day of the 12-days before Christmas commences, maybe just maybe we could see some righteous legislation come the “Middle Class” way, just for once. This is the day we as Americans were guaranteed that there would come some form of legislation that would ban this Congressional “Insider Trading”. Look, so far this year it is pathetic, what Congress has agreed upon. Nothing, accept their own pay increase, the Defense Budget and the re-categorizing of “Pizza” as a “vegetable”. For reasons of insanity! Anyway, Eric Cantor is trying to stall a bill that would allow John Lawman to arrest members of Congress for “insider” trading. Congress admits it happens all the time, this scam. See, right now they have an edge, as they know what is happening with respect to regulations before it actually takes place. So if something comes along that requires Congressional approval, the money is waged on the stock market, as it becomes a win-on-win situation. They have that influence, that clout, to steer things in their favor. But I can see where Cantor is coming from. Right now, Congress enjoys “immunity”, free from prosecution for all and any crimes committed as part of their obligation - unless it is treason. If this immunity didn’t exist, believe me they would all be behind bars. So to make a single iota of change that maybe breaks down that “immunity” clause and sets future precedent, then Congress would be forced to mind their “P’s & Q’s” or else, as any change may lead to other immunities disappearing. Imagine that, if Congress had to start policing their ways and means? Wow, what a concept. Now this brings me to the subject of Alaska’s Honorable U.S. Senator Mark Begich. The “Honorable” thing is something they like, not US. See, he topped the scale with respect to “rich” in comparison to the rest of the Alaska’s delegation, which includes MoanaLisa Murkowski and Don Young. Now Don says he is broke. And Murkowski, she spends a whole lot of money on speculative land swindling. But Begich, he is just another individual that will leave the “House” a richer man. See, I pick on Begich also because he was a member of the commission that was grilling Congress over this illegal for everybody else “insider trading” scam. He went on record that “full disclosure” would be appropriate, just like is required from SOX already, with respect to the Sarbanes Oxley act passed by Congress a long time ago. It calls for quick disclosure, within a few days upon allowed for “insider trading”, like when a CEO makes a move. See, the SOX already has rules and regulations that prohibit all kinds of questionable stock moves, exception? Yes indeed, this law amended and approved by Congress also finds language that provides “immunity” to members of Congress. See, we as Americans have not the time to track-down what is coming from this “House” of ill refute. They just keep pulling the wool! And disclosure, what does it prove? See, with a volatile type stock market, with one side making gains while the other side looses out – sounds like Congress and “We the People” guess who is wining – a few days can have a whole lot of negative offsets. Instead of “Disclosure”, how about recusal for a few days? But Mark may enjoy this “insider” trading junket. See, in his financial disclosure on record - which for some odd reason a member of Congress doesn’t have to disclose the value of a home because most have a home, another home and a vacation home while 1/3rd of Americans are being foreclosed upon – well anyway, Begich claimed he had between $50,000 and $100,000 in stock, with an entity that is about to get approval for a very exciting pill, one that fights cancer! Too bad he couldn’t nail his actual stock value with more accuracy as that is a pretty wide spread. But that is how they play the game, following their own rules and regulations. Now this loot was for stock in a venture that was placed on the FDA “Fast Track” for approval. Here is what the investment professionals have to say:

“The X-Pect study is highly likely to show the effectiveness of the PCAP combination for mCRC. In order to control the future of Xeloda whose basic patent expires in 2013, Roche is likely to make a buyout offer for AEZS and KERX. April 12 (Reuters) - KERX rose to their highest in two years Monday, a day after a media report said the stock could triple in value over the next year. Brean Murray Carret and Co analyst Jonathan Aschoff pointed to a report Sunday on the Seeking Alpha website that suggests that KERX stock could reach $14 by 2011.KERX shares, which have gained about 30 percent in the last one month, were up 21 percent at $4.20 Monday afternoon. In my opinion, a $15 to $20 per share buyout could easily happen for KERX next year(2012).”

So if Mark used this knowledge, the fact of the “Fast Track” and realizing the FDA is controlled by the Congress, he could have enjoyed a “windfall” just by plopping down $50k and if the FDA does indeed approve this drug, with an expected sell-out would mean the golden goose has done its thing - keeping with tradition that if not rich when entering Congress, on the way out it means financial freedom. Let’s take a drive down “Immunity Free Lane” and see what this means for those in the know, being in the right place at the right time. For laughs, we will use the middle ground financial disclosure investment of $75k in stock with KERX. That grows to about $100k in one month’s time. If a sitting-pretty sell-out, that $100k will grow to $500k. On a single bet! That means that the Begich Estate is half way too “I made my millions while a U.S. Senator” and once he leaves Congress, another millionaire statistic on our dime. Sure it is on “OUR” dime, as this “insider trading” crap, its “criminal”! And let’s hope that his departure comes around during his next re-election attempt. OK, yes I hold a grudge, not because he is getting rich, as that is the Number 1 reason to become a representative in the U.S. Congress. We know it, but what else can we do? It doesn’t matter who we vote into office, as to leave the “House” broke, like Ted did and like Don may, it means a failure. Now if you don’t get into trouble and have to spend all your cash on defense lawyers, then you can leave the “Hill” well off. Look, I wouldn’t vote “again” for Begich. Not because of the possibility that he engaged in “insider” trading and didn’t tell me in his Quarterly Newsletter, so as one of his constituents he could finally pay me back for that vote, it is because he refuses to investigate the “Privatization” of the military base utility infrastructure here in Alaska. Talk about a “crime spree scene”! It was supposed to be less of a burden on the taxpayers, turning over the civil servant responsibilities to the private sector. It hasn’t worked and it is estimated that the “privatization” label is costing upwards 3-times as much. And in Alaska, what is going on is surely criminal, as the outfit that received a $Billion dollar “privatization” contract was supposed to utilize American lending institutions for improvement investment capital, instead it became a “trader” and is using Canadian investment bucks. In fact, half of the privatized infrastructure has been sold to the Canadians! We are selling the military infrastructure to a foreigner and Congress doesn’t even realize it is happening? And when home grown banks could be realizing an investment profit, by supplying loot to the “privatization” venture, it loses out which hurts the bottom-line for all of us – especially with this economy just limping along wherein anything will help. Anyway, I hope something can come out of conference with respect to a ban on this “Congressional Insider Trading Option”, but I seriously doubt it and if anything, it will not have claws - as Congress has been de-clawed!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Political Intelligence?

Rat’s ass they don’t care! With the 112th Congressional session coming to a close, here it is in a nutshell the reason the current Congress finds an approval rating equal to the combined IQ of George “I’m a Puppet Mannnnn” Bush and Dan “Mr. Potatoe Head” Quayle. Now I had already rested my case, at least I thought so, on what was the most ridiculous motion approved by the gang on the “Hill”, that being the recategorizing of “Pizza” as a “vegetable”! So it can pass as a healthy alternative on school lunch programs and at the same time defining “spices” under junk food! But as the session gets close to ending, it appears that the cesspool of fools is trying to outdo any semblance of ethical governance. This newest craze is called a name change, as the “House” has “yeah’d” in a measure that changes the name of “Lobbying“ to “Political Intelligence” and for “Lobbying Activity”, how about “Political Intelligence Activity” and along with that we will no longer hear the word “Lobbyist”, as reference to a corporate sponsored congressional briber will now be defined as “Political Intelligence Consultant”. This is no joke, but a bonafide measure taken up in the “House” chambers then when it was said and done, they “blackmailed the Sergeant of Arms into leaving his post”, so it became “Public Law” S. 1903. And this is what they get accomplished, not “For the People”, but a ways and means to try and fool us through deliberate distraction espionage. There is also rumor of another name change soon to come, calling “Capitalism” something like “Murdochism! What’s in a name? Regardless, “Lobby” to “Lobbyist” is a filthy string of events that yields ugly results, so should never be changed or erased, as future generations need to realize the harm this “K Street” creature has created, through deliberate disenfranchising, deliberate prejudice and all-time wealth hoarding. Like Elliot Spitzer - the Sheriff of Wall Street - was quoted recently, “Bifurcation” best defines what is occurring today upon the American class system. Now with respect to changing the “filth” industry to something that sounds “intelligent”, it still stinks. It would be better to change this fascination to something more deserving, like “Crap Artist” and for any activity along “K Street”, how about “Fuck the People“, for the street that hates the America value system. In fact, how about a resolution that calls for using “K Street” as a test ground for nuclear weapons! It finds a scorched earth mentality, so there would come no significant deterioration, something the EPA could approve today! And we learn in kindergarten about that “Separation” between church and state, just how important a distance makes. The 112th Congress along with the Supreme Court under control of not-Chief Justice Antonin, together it is making sure it goes done in history as a corrupt force, when combined, destructive upon the very foundation this country has been able to thrive towards greatness upon. How do future generations explain to their children what went wrong! What do you mean elected officials screwed things up? Yes, at one time we enjoyed “Greatness”. And here is yet another mind-boggling episode of what goes on up on the “Hill” when the idiots assemble to enjoy their lawless society. Yes lawless, as the “immunity” they get for swearing in to uphold the Constitution provides for no laws they respect. Anyway, they approved to repeal the 1954 Johnson Act Amendment, which was a pseudo-ban on the “free speech” and 1st Amendment Rights of “Church”. In the “Act” a church, religious organization or non-profit “could not participate in, or intervene – including the publishing or distributing of statements – any political campaign on behalf – or in opposition to – any candidate for public office”. Disobey this law, and it meant the IRS agents could pull the “tax free” status. See, in efforts to keep the “Separation” alive and well, as we cannot allow such interference as it is known to corrupt government as documented through history, it was through the wallet that protected the “clause” as Congress realized that a church with its snake-oil preachers would if given the chance become traders in treason upon Democracy. So today we see less and less separation, which is like run-away water eating away at the foundation. And the money that “religion” has at its disposal, because of the “tax exempt” status enjoyed, it’s a game changer now that they have taken 2nd position. See, the Supreme Court gave into “Corporations” a preferential blessing, to spend it all on campaign control. Now “We the People” have to contend with the “Church”. So why is it that we pay the most on taxable income yet we have less and less control upon “OUR” government? Our voting power has again been diminished through “Acts” of Congress. And then they are corny enough to establish as a law, allowing for a commemorative coin honoring Mark Twain. Now Clemens was one of the most outspoken critics of Congress and of his most famous quotes on Senators: “There are many Senators whom I hold in a certain respect and would not think of declining to meet socially, if I believed it was the will of God. We have lately sent a United States Senator to the penitentiary, but I am quite well aware that of those who have escaped this promotion there are several who are in some regards guiltless of crime--not guiltless of all crimes, for that cannot be said of any United States Senator, I think, but guiltless of some kinds of crimes.” Senator: “A person who makes laws in Washington when not doing time.” So this “coin” is either another of Congress’ ways and means to disrespect, or maybe it has something to do with their combined IQ, equal to their approval rating! Then again, if nothing else it should send a clear cut message, that we are on to the “crookedness”!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trojan Virus ALERT

Damn, I should have known better. Good thing it was an attack on my “junk” computer that acts as a “buffer” between the “wired to wireless” and that of my private parts! The same kind of buffer we find from “K Street” lobbyists, sheltering Congress from US. Sure enough, an E-mail was quarantined by my Internet provider with the option of “Open” if daring. But it was a correspondence sent over the “Tube” from the Office of Don Young – Congressmen for All Alaskans. So why for this “quarantine” action? I think he is pissed at me because I put out an APB - All Points Bulletin - in search of the long overdue Missing-In-Action M.V. Susitna – a hunk of junk wannabe ferry paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers in the tune of $70-million plus. Don was instrumental in getting the NAVY to build something they didn’t even want in their arsenal of “Amphibious Assault Vessels”. I guess you could say it is indeed an “assault” on the taxpayers, to get something that has no apparent value once the jobs go away. Do you realize it costs this state about $5-million a year to maintain the Pt. McKenzie port authority, and the only thing that goes on over there is keeping a light bulb lit? I guess as a search light for the MIA Susitna. In fact, now that the Kodiak Launch Facility has no rockets to launch – a.k.a. “Another failed Alaskan project Number 799 we still haven’t learned” - maybe we can use some of these mothballed waste upon the Taxpayers’ projects as target practice. And at Pt McKenzie, we could double the enjoyment, by taking out the “Port” and the failed Don Young Wood Chip Export facility at the same time - instead of New Year’s Eve fireworks! The “wood chipper” is that “eyesore” you can see from downtown Anchorage. Let’s see, we have the Anchorage “Port” authority, the Pt. McKenzie “Port” authority and the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline “Port” authority. I do believe in these cases the “Port” has had an influence on any intelligent decision making. Talk about a bunch of drunken fools. And Bill Sheffield is the acting “Port” Captain Crook for the entire cast of pirates, unless under the influence a nosebleed! Anyway, I do believe Don is pissed and retaliated with the “virus” because I placed a “For Sale” add for the “Ferry to Nowhere” on E-Bay. Received a single bid of interest from an outfit running a garbage barge out of Coconut Grove, down Florida way. Anyway, this quarantined E-mail was of interest, so I hit the “Open Suspicious” key and that was the end of things, but entertaining. This virus posts a picture of Don sitting on Santa’s lap, asking for the “God Particle” and then when St. Nick explains that it hasn’t been discovered yet even though science has spent over $10-Trillion bucks for something that isn’t even defined on Wikipedia, Don goes foolish. A temper tantrum followed by a "Trojan Horse" attack hijacking what is left of your computer, by changing the “Administrator” password to "Imagod” along with the virus taking over the sound system, with Don’s voice in the background repeating, “You listen to me you rabid skunk”. Now I called Don’s office and the on duty Congressional aide – a sub-aide because the real office workers are MIA due the holidays – she was adamant that this was indeed Don’s Christmas present. What can I say!

Friday, December 9, 2011

GOT Soup?

Good morning America how are ya?” Here is something that typifies the “Class” warfare that has brought this nation to its knees begging, with the 1% hoarding 99.99999% of the wealth and the rest of us trying to share what is leftover. We all love “leftovers”! The begging finds a double identity crisis, the rich begging for more in that .99999 category – blood out of that turnip - and begging for extended protection upon their riches through “more taxation loopholes” while the rest of us beg for a better tomorrow. My sentiment to the wealthy: “Beggar Beware”! With the holidays upon us, we would expect TV ads to reflect the “Season Greetings”, as ads sell through that subliminal addiction. But this time-out from reality can also be used as the proverbial “Bellwether”, with respect to real “Reality”. Campbell Soup commercials are on the rise, not in efforts as a celebratory gesture, but more in tune to what Americans from sea to shining sea struggle with these days - putting food on the table. So these commercials instill upon the consumer a heck of a deal, that for $4-bucks and some cheap rice, a can of the Campbell's soup can go a long way – that budget stretching thing. Now budget “stretching” used to be common ground for the “Middle Class”, back in the 50's, but overtime we pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps and started to enjoy that “American Dream” on high, things were good. That was a time when the rich folks, few and far between, maintained a safe distance away, as they knew better then to interference. They were happy, we were happy. When a family business didn't have to cater to the “Shareholders” mentality of “more for less”. When the family business owner realized that without the “factory workers”, the business didn't produce. It was a pretty good balancing act that worked, with liberty and justice for all. Soon, America was sold and bought through fraud misrepresentation, as all good things come to an end. And since then “We the People” have been relentlessly held hostage by a “new class” of wealth hoarders with a different vision – maybe blurred. Gone are the “family” run businesses, now replaced by a “corporate” mentality, wherein the “more for less” finds an exponential run on the equality clause, which means take a little here, loose a little there. Mind you, with the “exponential” function thrown into the equation that “little” soon finds an out of control train wreck upon civility. See, when the new age business owners saw that the “proletariat class” was enjoying that right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, they went jealous and angry, and today we must once again fight for these Constitutional given “rights”. The rich were successful, as they attacked “K Street” which then attacked the Congress - with a greenback virus - and today we feel the fallout of that vicious unending bite. So it is back to pinching pennies, using whatever to maybe find a smile by the end of a hard day's night. It has come to “They eat Fillet Mignon”, we get buy with “Hamburger Helper”. Wow, I guess it will work, these table fare stretching gimmicks. I guess it is time to visit a used book store, in efforts to purchase one of those “Meal Stretching” cookbooks that became so valuable to our parents' generation, so they could feed us kids. They worked hard, because they wanted us to enjoy more. Their hard work was a success, until the “Greediness” found out we were having a good time, on our dime, as they wanted that dime for paving their own destiny. Yup, they wanted to save their loot and use ours. It ain't easy, it takes a little to a lot more time these days as the “proletariat” class has to work more hours, for the same outcome. Here is something for Congress to consider to get the economy rolling again for the “Salt of the Earth”. Since we are working more hours just to get by, consider a tax break just for the overtime hours. Face the facts, if I have to work extra hours, it is time away from my family. That in itself is a “tax”. And when overtime has too be included in the overall income, because Congress believes in loopholes for the rich and a screw job for the rest of us, sometimes it takes one into a higher tax bracket. So we may see a little extra loot this week, but in the end, we have too dig deep. No taxation on “overtime” would be a worthwhile thing for Congress to consider. What do you mean employers no longer have too pay for “Overtime”? Yes indeed, it is now legal to work a 12-hour day without any recorded “Overtime”! Of course this has to be agreed upon by the worker and the boss. And since when do you try and trump the boss? If he wants you to work a 12-hour shift, then after 40-hours he says take a break, so your work-week can start all over again, there is no “Overtime”. Who OK's this legislation? What has happened to worker rights? Enough of the “Soup” commercials as right now, right after the food stretching commentary there comes another ad, this time around for Jaguar! Yes indeed, from begging to plushing. So we have the ad for the $4-dollar meal and then an ad for a $40,000 toy, thats for a single tire alone! Equal access? Maybe so, but more in tune to the “Class” warfare we see and feel running rampant like a rabid fox. The agony of that bite...I ran into a Chef, he was telling me some interesting “15-second stories”. It used to be a 3-second rule”, but ever since “Big Business” took over the restaurants and wherein new rules force overboard food the responsibility of the server, who works on wages lower then minimum as the wage law doesn't include “food service” workers, well instead of taking the blame, just pick up the food. Um, feels like fresh ground pepper! Anyway, I guess there was this rich bitch that would always complain about the daily soup special, because of what the special was. So this chef purchased a case of “Campbell's”, as she was a regular. So when she asked for soup, it meant can-opener time! She never knew the difference and this is what has happened to America. It was the fact that she powered the moment by strutting her wealth card. The rich don't know the difference, as the takeover has allowed the trickle down theory to become our pain and suffering. To the point it is “unusual”, which is against the Constitution. See, kids born into wealth, they find that success is not a requirement or importance and feel their only occupation is cutting our throats some more, as that is what made daddy rich! It is sad day upon America, when during the Holidays we have not the time to enjoy such, as we know that behind closed doors the rich are contriving a ways and means for us to pay for their holiday cheer, for the caviar and Don Perignon. So stay tuned to the commercials, to get a grip on what is “Up” and who is “Down”, which means we “Don't need a weather man to tell which way the wind blows”. Amen, Happy Holidays. Wow, that's some good soup and the starch fills the cavity and with the change leftover, maybe I can help out my fellow man, that guy down on the corner begging for a living. In his case, a 12-hour shift would be a Godsend! Brother can you spare a dime?

Lost & Found

Wow, those millions missing from Jon “I simply do not know no where the money is” Corzine's MF Global gambling escapades has been recovered. Corzine did not take the 5th when subpoenaed to testify about this theft before Congress, like had been the norm with crooks! It goes too show that the justice system is broke, just plead “I don't know”. But the missing loot has been recovered. We should have known it all along, as New Jersey is the Organized Crime Capital, so money never goes missing, it just disappears into someone else's grave-side donation box. In this case, the money was used to buy grub for Governor Chris Christie. See, state's are struggling these days, so money for important things like fixing up education and fixing up ruthless rutted roads is being shifted around. In Corzine's case, the money was just on the borrow, to be paid back at a later date. See the loot was used to buy groceries, for Chris Christie. This guy is “Humongous”, just how many calories does it take to get his fat ass out of bed. Look, I'm not trying to pick on the “Obese”. Yes I am, especially the “Political Obese”. Now Christie is gallivanting around the New Jersey Pine Barrens defending Mitch Romney. So what! Look, carting around 5-people in one, it takes a whole lot of extra energy, it takes a whole lot of extra calories. But we must look towards the future, and that is exactly what is happening behind closed doors. The White-House caretakers are preparing, for all possible showdowns. It is preparing now for what modifications are required come the outcome of the 2012 $Billion dollar attack upon “ObamaCares”. Look, there are secret tunnels under the green green grass of home. Just ask Dick Cheney. According to reliable sources, the redesign of the White-House has begun in earnest, with special interest should Romney be given the joy stick – through hook or through crook – and Christie is the VP running mate. This is no joke, just a fact of the matter. In fact, there is concern about the airworthiness of Air Force II, the helicopter that flies the dignitaries around, including the vice. And the W-H caretaker must prepare for the worst, like if something were to disable the Commander-in-Chief. In the case of a Romney term of endangerment, then it means Christie would take over the helm. On the list of modifications to the “Presidential Administration Infrastructure”, all the toilets would have to be changed out, for oversize “crappers” trimmed with handicap access safeguards. This is no joke, just a fact of the matter wherein preferential treatment is again a burden upon the taxpayers. The doorways would have to be enlarged and there is concern that some of the flooring cannot take the excessive loading. “CAUTION: Wide Load”. Maybe they will have to install a bunch of those flashing yellow lights, maybe a mini pilot car! I hope no one is laughing at this coverage, as it is not a laughing matter. We must get a grip on the “Obesity” issue, as it is at the point of a pandemic here in America. And think about it, do you really think this issue would be front and center if we find that next January there is a Romney & Christie entourage taking over Washington? The “Fat Cat” lobbyist, the same idiots that persuaded the Congress to re-categorize “Pizza” as a vegetable so it could be offered to kids, 3-squares a day, they are hoping for a “Christie” VP ticket, as it will allow even more outrageous food items to be re-categorized as “Healthy”. But the sad fact of the matter today is this. Eric Cantor, he has enough power to postpone next Wednesday's showdown, wherein there was supposed to be approved legislation that “forbids” “Congressional Insider Trading”. What gives? More time for the crooks to cash in, right before Christmas. “Fat Cats”, appears it comes in different disguises these days.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Abbey Road Found

Dear John;

As you Rest in Peace this day, so do many of us here on earth, as on the Freedom and Give Peace a Chance Scale, this earth finds upon us today the most peaceful of times, according to all indicators upon this scale's upkeep. We still have a whole lot too accomplish in this arena, with peace for all, but maybe we have finally found the righteous way! The way you pointed out for us many, many years ago. You were right!

Alaska Goes Broke

Wow, only $21-Million during this state's latest “Slope” oil lease sale. A sale that included the Beaufort Sea nearshore and offshore area leases! Am I the only one laughing? In comparison, the original Prudhoe Bay lease sale garnished over $900-Million, in 1970 dollars! With the conversion, that 21-Million today amounts to “Busted”! So I am sure it is not laughter heard from on high and I am sure that it is crying I hear from Parnell's office. And with an Alaskan natural gas pipeline turning out to be nothing short a $500-million Ponzi & Abramoff & Rothstein scam, he is not the only one crying. Ponzi is a well-known con-artist, Abramoff is a well-known acquaintance of Don Young and Rothstein is a well-known acquaintance of Sarah Palin. Guilty by association is what I am getting at! And Harold Heinze has already run for cover. Don't ask, don't tell? Why not. Heinze is the goof-ball that believed he could build a bridge from Prudhoe Bay to Norway, across the North Pole! That was when he was the head honcho for ARCO, soon after that delusion he was unemployable, so was hired by the state! That is where this state was branded the “Bridge to Nowhere” state. Anyway, with the Department of Natural Resource's “December Oil Lease Sale”, the results so far indicate a pathetic showing and goes to show that the oil development era is over with for the “Lost Resource” state. Hey, we still have some “Frontier” left, as long as SHELL goes to Hell! Look, we cannot be so stubborn, foolhardy and naïve to believe oil development in whale country can be done when we find a guy like Ben Stevens at the helm of an oil rig escort vessel. Would you trust him on any environmental detail? As oil was leaking away from a pipe, he would be waiting for that “consultant's” retainer – a.k.a. bribery! But this poor showing has the DNR chief saying, “What went wrong”? Well this is just another fallout of Sarah Palin's reign of terror as this state's governor. It takes time to tango, so we may be seeing what she really had in mind for this state. And it is spelled, D,O,O,M. Not her intent, but goes to show when lacking knowledge, there may come serious repercussions. Of course someone's lack of knowledge is another's sack of cash, just ask Trans-Canada! Look, she packed up and left for Arizona – what does that tell you about sincerity. She messed with “Big Oil” and there exists a grudge even today. Now this poor showing of hands still interested in the North Slope potential, it doesn't mean that the “Big Players” are packing their bags and heading to gooier pastures, it means they are here to stay a little longer but with no intent to extend their domain. Maybe a little creep here and there, but basically a time for hibernation. But this lease sale that had excited all the state bureaucrats, it is the poorest showing on record. I believe that things poor relate and reflect to how well the representatives are doing – POOR. Now even the National Petroleum Reserve, which was supposed to be an area of excitement amongst the geological “Cretaceous” society, it also had a “busted” showing. The good old days are over with, face the facts. Gone are the 2-million barrels a day days! Sure this state reaped the benefits of oil development, with royalty and taxes, but we were screwed, from day one with respect to what we should have exploited from oil men exploiting the “Black Gold” resource. If “We the Citizens” enjoy ownership of that resource as dictated through this state's Constitution, then how come when that black goop came topside we only enjoyed 12-cents on the dollar? For how many years? With how many barrels? Look, it is a very simple equation, this goes for the “Big Players”, like EXXON, SOHIO and ARCO. Hey, I like the old names! In fact one can still see the outline of the SOHIO logo at the BOC base camp. Like what happens when the tundra is disturbed, its mark is forever! Now the 30-year old and still in good health infrastructure is paid for, clear title. The pipelines, the gathering stations, along with the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline - TAPS, it is all fully paid for. And for 30-years by now, “Big Oil” has been stuffing into an escrow account 5-cents on every barrel transported south, for the D&D fund, which acts as a deterrent to just pack up and leave, as the task to pull apart 800-miles of oil contaminated pipe along 800-miles of fragile ecosystem, this pipe will be forever in service, as this “D&D” account makes for millions in interest – why spend it? So “Big Oil” is smart, as they find an oil production flow-rate that basically costs them “zero”. And with a most recent realignment of the main infrastructure based on sound economic reasoning, the TAPS was “reconfigured” in what was tilted the “Strategic Reconfiguration” project, just a fancy name for a brilliant marketing scam – all legal! Look, there exists only a single pipeline south, so guess what? So with a system that is paid for and a system that was reconfigured to take advantage “blood out of a turnip”, we have today front and center the “new age” of oil development here in Alaska, which appears “Busted”, with respect to any worthwhile growth. For “Big Oil”, it is something for nothing, as when oil had dropped too $7.50 a barrel back in the late 90's, the “Lifting Cost” for Prudhoe Bay oil was at $2.75, less then what is cost the Saudis to extract oil. This is confidential so please don't tell Parnell, as it could be information used behind closed door tax assessment meetings. So with an infrastructure paid for in full, with the existing tax rate structure something to still write home about, simple subtraction paints the picture of how much profit “Big Oil” makes on a barrel of oil pumped south. With present day speculation, possibly over $100 a barrel when considering the corporate tax rate and other deductions. Yes free! Like already mentioned, “Big Oil” has learned very valuable lessons over the past 30-years here in Alaska and are not about to let anybody disturb this “Golden Goose”, or as U.S. Congressmen John Dingle once said, “The Cash cow of all cash cows“! Now things are different today, as there comes encroaching upon this brave and wild land a new player, so-called the “Independents”. In fact, a majority of the money spent on this “Busted” lease sale, it came about from interest these scavengers. Yes scavengers, as these outfits are using old and outdated geological data from “Big Oil” to re-track earlier exploration attempts, on leases deemed exploitable but due the difficulties of the environment, out of reach. It hasn't worked, it won't work. And it won't work for many reasons. Today, the true “lifting costs” as well as infrastructure development, it means for a bankrupt venture right off the bat. In comparison, how about closer to $48.00 dollars a barrel “lifting costs”. And then when that oil finally gets to topside, it must find a way to market. This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home...” And the complicated economics of the TAPS is a stranglehold to further any “Independent” development attempts. Like already mentioned, “Big Oil” is in it for themselves, no Mr. Good Samaritan” exists, which spells once again “DOOM, as the little guys cannot survive. It is trespassing! And if you want to get “Big Oil” pissed off, remember they own the only way oil can get to market, offer “royalty relief” or talk about tax breaks for the “Independents”! The only way it works is if “Big Oil” was given amnesty and could re-capture back to day one the tax advantages given today to the “Independents”. It is the only fair way to deal with today's situation, decreased oil throughput which means decreased state revenues. Aren't you glad Sarah embraced and accepted Obama's $2-Billion dollar “stimulus” gift. Yes indeed, Sarah had too sign for it. And any amnesty to “Big Oil”, based on fairness, that would bankrupt this state's Constitutional Budget Reserve. So “Big Oil” is happy and doesn't give a rat's ass about this state's economics. We my as well get used too it, and before we let these “Independents” loose upon the tundra, or loose upon the waters of the Beaufort Sea, maybe we need to collect a ransom, just like the D&D, to make sure they can clean up after themselves. An accident will happen. Take that back, intentional hazardous discharges will become a reality, as it already has with Pioneer Natural Resources' illegal discharging of 49,000 gallons of contaminated glycol – the largest illegal discharge on record for Alaska's North Slope. As far as SHELL, you don't see Alaska's experienced “Big Oil” getting involved with SHELL”S intent to go digging where no reasonable corporations has gone before, as experience so far with under-sea pipelines and drilling inhospitable climates, it costs just too damn much. Which means for this venture to be profitable, any produced oil would have to be offloaded onto awaiting tankers, and what we don't need is another reality TV show about a bunch of pathetic boat people, especially if Ben gets a leading role!

Little Red Hen

And you thought Carrot Top was funny? It appears that Newt Gingrich is trying out not only for the kingpin position as the GOP presidential nominee, but also enjoying a class act stand on Comedy Central. According to Newt, he is the one that made Romney “Rich”, by steering legislation Romney's direction when Newt was in the Congress, wherein Romney's vise to the hoarding of the riches this country once shared, it meant “job” killing would became the Number 1 killer of the American Dream. What the hell gives when the criminals are no longer afraid to admit “criminal activity”? When is enough evidence enough, their admittance is credible, not entered through force, just downright guilty! And it comes not as guilty “plea” bargaining to reduce sentencing, just a smack down slap in the face. For Newt to take a bow along with a self-inflicted pat on the back for such shenanigans, where are the cuffs? It is called “Congressional Immunity”. In fact if this day goes by without Joe Leiberman announcing strict new laws of guidance that forbids a Senator or Congressmen from exercising “Insider Trading” without any violation of law, the same laws that would place you and I behind bars if we tried it, if silence is golden this atrocity windfall through ethics missing in action then we have indeed a “House” of crooks! Yes, we are now finding out the truth, that Congress was behind the 1% Club and wants to enjoy the same preferential treatment. See, initiation into that “Club” means proving themselves, by screwing over the 99%. Maybe we should have not been so naïve this fact of the matter. Blood on the tracks it is. And Bush is the individual under attack, for the tax cuts also that allowed this union between the 1% and then the rest of us, nothing in between but devastation upon “our” right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Bush is gown away, it is “Congress” that is to blame. Yes indeed 1% comedians the rest filling the ranks of the “proletariat” ranks, defined as “Hard Working Americans”, the salt of the earth. Look, the 1% cannot and will not survive without us. The 1% fills the audience with no future, prime seating but it's raining out, a “Hard Rain”, and high winds are also predicted, maybe for us the “Blowin' in the Wind” storm that will devastate their domain and wash away their fortune, which has shown up as our misfortune. This just in
Said the Little Red Hen: Who will help me plant the wheat?
Not I, barked the Senator .
Not I, purred the Congressmen .
Not I, quacked the Lobbyist .

Then I will, said the Little Red Hen.
When the seeds had grown, said the Little Red Hen: Who will help me cut the wheat ?
Not I, barked the lazy Senator .
Not I, purred the sleepy Congressmen .
Not I, quacked the noisy Lobbyist.

Then I will, said the Little Red Hen.
When all the wheat was cut, said the Little Red Hen: Who will help me take the wheat to the mill to be ground into flour ?
Not I, barked the sleazy lazy Senator .
Not I, purred the sleepy drunken Congressmen.
Not I, quacked the noisy yellow belly Lobbyist.

Then I will, said the Little Red Hen .
Said the tired Little Red Hen: "Who will help me bake the bread?"
Not I, barked the sleazy lazy drunken Senator .
Not I, purred the sleepy hung over puking Congressmen .
Not I, quacked the noisy yellow belly wino Lobbyist.

Then I will, said the Little Red Hen.
When the bread was finished, said the tired Little Red Hen: Who will help me eat the bread ?
I will, barked the Senator, banishing his loaded gun.
I will, purred the Congressmen, banishing his loaded gun.
I will, quacked the Lobbyist, banishing his loaded gun.

No! said the Little Red Hen . "I will." And the Little Red Hen commenced to eat the bread all by herself, until the Senator and Congressmen as directed by the Lobbyist , all fully loaded, gang raped her innocence, ate all the bread, then to get rid of the evidence, torched the Little Red Hen's “hen-house”. Then with smiles called it a day on the “Hill”!