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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When Tomorrow Comes

There will come a “Tomorrow” wherein a righteous generation will infiltrate politics, here and abroad. And when serving under oath, will be not obligated through outside influence to steer leadership towards dead end streets wherein hatred is of fashion, but instead take mankind in a direction that shines upon “Brotherly Love” as a commitment. In time, with this “Tomorrow” established, the present darkness of hatred condoned in part through wealth, this neck hanging albatross will be abolished forevermore - not through force but reasoned through example this leadership finding a responsibility beyond greed. Upon the dawn of this “Tomorrow”, the true importance of mankind's future will be revealed. And by the setting sun, to renounce the “Satan of Hatred” finding man's only baptismal vow - be it the only oath of importance, wherein the destroyer of “Hate” is found in the water of this ceremony, that which flows from the Creator's “Goodwill” in a form so pure, that of “Love”. And when One Love displaces all Hate, so will WAR and its affiliation with torture also be abolished, as we will then realize that WAR was the albatross holding onto HATE and thank our “Tomorrow” generation for banning it some more, to that dead end street once favored by political corruption and a WAR machine mentality. And by darkness of night when tranquility finds rest upon our no longer wearily souls, we shall realize that “Thou Shall Not Kill” had meaning, and the only thing worth killing is “Hatred”.


Baby Step #1

The Constitution of the State of Alaska
~ Article 1 - Declaration of Rights ~
§ 22. Right of Privacy - The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed.

Alaska is very fortunate that when the Constitutional Convention convened in 1955 to carve out a “State Constitution” there came the inclusion of a “Right of Privacy”. Even though the U.S. Supreme Court has challenged any such right under the “U.S. Constitution”, the states of the “Union” can under the 10th Amendment preserve and reserve state powers not delegated under the “U.S. Constitution”, like occurs with control over “quarantine” - a very hot topic these days with the Ebola scare. So the states still hold the power trump card in many instances, in Alaska we see that “preservation & reservationwith the “Right of Privacy”. That is your right! But most recently Alaskans went angry at a PacMAN threat that if you didn't get out and cast another vote for Don Young, you would be held responsible for Obamola. Here is the deal. If you believe your “Right to Privacy” has been violated, find a lawyer and sue the bastards, it is that simple as the “Constitution” here in Alaska is on your side. We can only fight the bastards by law suits, finding dedicated lawyers that will fight for the righteous cause over the felonious clause. And the lame excuse that came from the director of the Alaska Division of Erections when complaints started bogging down the answering machine as too why “Voter” information was delivered to an outside rich bastard, it goes to show we have very little respect for the “Alaska State Constitution” and what it actually stands for. Quoting Gail Fumunderhide that the “Voter-Shaming” didn't appear to be in violation of the law and that it would require a “legislative change” to stop the voter list from loosing “Privacy”...wait just a minute, as a “violation” is in the eyes of the beholder. So yes, this is a violation of the law, as the “State Constitution” trumps anything in between. If you believe your right has been violated, let a jury decide, not some whoopee cushion! If once upon a time the legislators allowed for the “Voter” history to be sold, stolen, bartered away, it is a violation. Leave it too the representative body to “Violate” the “State Constitution”. Look, Parnell has spent $millions$ on the same-sex marriage fight, saying it is his duty as governor to uphold the “Constitution”, so where in hell is he on this issue of “Privacy” violated? MIA, as this shaming is from is own PAC support and he is benefiting from the sham! You call this leadership, preferential I guess. So we need to vote Parnell back into office, then start the proceedings of “Impeachment” as that should be his only going away present.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Turning Tide

It appears the tides of Cook Inlet are reversing, which may show-up as an economic advantage for many Alaskans. See, for years, those of us who have lived in south-central Alaska and rely on electricity from CEA, we have been subsidizing the high cost of electricity for those that live in Fairbanks and off-the-grid in between. Since Cook Inlet – until recently when outsiders invaded tranquility – had provided affordable natural gas, it was used to generate electricity on the cheap and sent north, at a discount. But when natural gas prices started to indicate that the supply and demand theory still works - by outsiders from Michigan strangling the supply economics - the contracts in effect for cheap electricity sent north remained in full force under authority of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, so coop members of CEA paid the difference. See, CEA was not allowed to charge a rate that even covered the cost of fuel to turn the turbines that then created the power. CEA was stuck on outdated contracts, but the reasoning behind the regulators boycotting a realistic fuel cost was based on the “solution to pollution is dilution” principle, basically the many CEA customers that saw a higher wage could and should absorb some of the higher energy costs found in the interior, to help out our neighbor. But it didn't work so well, as the CEO of Golden Valley Electric Association in Fairbanks, the utility that purchased our cheap electricity then sold it back at a profit, he took advantage of this freebie and became a self-made $millionaire$, until he was fired. Anyway, the subsidized value is explained in that complicated electrical bill, but don't try to discipher it out, as it will blow your mind away, the intent with the confusion. Anyway, we may be able to re-coop some of that subsidized electricity, as there may come a time soon wherein it is the other way around, and Fairbanks residents foot the bill to subsidize our energy needs. Now this was not intended or designed as a get even plan, just the way the snow melts. See, the state is spending $millions$ in efforts to build a world-class LNG plant that will utilize “North Slope” natural gas that is considered “stranded”. So another “Alaska State Corporation” was started to deal another blow. Todays' Alaskan “I Can See Russia” Quiz: What is the benefit of a “state run corporation”? Nothing except transparency missing-in-action which allows very lucrative CEO salaries along with SOA retirement benefits – and they don't have to tell us how much they make. The entire cast of “State Corporations” have not a whole lot to be proud upon in the success category, but we must remember, just because a few crooks went to the slammer, it doesn't mean the culture of corruption was arrested. In fact matter of fact, maybe in the 49er crime does indeed pay off your kid's college loans....Wow, the attorneys for the botched Port of Anchorage project want to depose Bill Sheffield, who supposedly used the “GOD” label of association when in charge of the port's cost overruns – no it can't be in the $billions$? How many worker deaths? How about dispose, as didn't we try to get rid of Bill once upon a time before by “Impeachment”? Anyway, Sheffield's expensive attorneys – paid for by the Anchorage Municipality, which means our rates for everything will increase – they say Bill is too old to testify. Is this like taking the AARP 5th? Bill is 86, Don Young is 81, so why do we give Don such a bad time, as we still have another 5-years before he catches up to Bill, in the category of forgetting things of impotence. But the payback I am talking about comes by virtue of Uncle Sam looking after the good of our nation. See, there exists an “Export Limitation” ban on any and all natural gas that is pumped from the “North Slope” - exception being deliveries to Canada or Mexico. But the existing LNG project calls for an all out export, to whomever wants to pay “Cadillac” coverage, for a long term supply as the “Slope” finds a humongous supply of gas stranded away in safe-keeping. But with the “Export Limitation” in effect, even with a ridiculous price tag $65-billion pipeline built south from “Prudhoe Bay” to tidewater, that gas ain't going aboard a ship, as there is no passport allowing it to get away. See, Uncle Sam wanted that “stranded gas” as a future reserve. So in efforts to find a way around the “Public Law, gas will be exchanged, as Cook Inlet gas has not the same restrictions and already enjoys an “Export License”. So we build that pipeline – which would have cost 1/10th had we built it when we were supposed too, within 5-years of oil in – and the gas travels 800 miles into the Cook Inlet “Gas Gathering System” to be used to heat our homes and light our LEDs, and then the surplus Cook Inlet gas is liquefied and sent aboard the U.S.S. Joe Hazelwood for delivery to North Korea - everybody is happy. But, even though Fairbanks is some 400-miles closer to the “stranded gas” reserve which should account for cheaper energy costs then what would be found further away in Anchorage, the interior must subsidize the higher costs of getting it to Cook Inlet – which means it is payback time. See, in Alaska we have what is called a “pricing parity”, as without it the residents would be disenfranchised as the rightful benefactors of the value of the developed resources – wherein equal benefit is paramount. This “Pricing Parity” has been in effect for a long time, and the reason when “Crude Oil” prices dive and the lower-48 sees gasoline discounts in the “buck” range, we see frozen displays, with no decreases allowed. It's complicated, for a reason. Anyway, with that in mind I am all for that $65-Billion price tag for that LNG project, and when Bill Sheffield is deposed and the legislature is once again afraid to harm Bill, he will then be given the “GOD” position over the LNG project, and cost overruns will ruin any chance of ever seeing a payback, as we will be subsidizing another abortion for a long, long time. Abortions? Let's start with the Alaska Railroad, the Kodiak Launch Facility, AIDEA, the Healy Clean Coal Plant all the way to blueberry farms that never produced a berry. And every damn “Alaska Corporation” is manned by an individual on the payback schedule, high salaries and nothing to prove except if you want to be rich in Alaska, sign up for the “Corrupt Bastard Club”. In the meantime, don't hold your breath that we will ever see a natural gas pipeline, as that has been the intent for 30-years by now – just a great political bottomless $$$ pit represented by a “No-Action” committee of, Bill Sheffield wannabes – a.k.a. GOD!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bull Sex

Congressmen Don Young gets MoanaLisa MurCowpie endorsement!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Manson Debut

Wow, Charles Manson has relocated to the “Edge of Alaska”, over in the McCarthy area - after being paroled from Corcoran Federal Prison for “Good Housekeeping”. According to locals, Charlie has secured a job as the “Gate Keeper” at the “Community Well” and rumor has it that Mr. Helter Skelter has retained a “contract” with a “Tourist Stay-Away Destination” film crew and will be debuted for yet another UN-realistic “Reality” show, this time around with film clips of the insane about to go over the edge! This place seems weird! And a fight is already brewing, as another guy is claiming he pissed on Charlie, thinking Manson was a black bear! Episode premier to be called, “Minus 60 Degrees of Helter Skelter.” Stay tuned.....

Picture of Charles Manson at his McCarthy Homestead

October 25, 2020

October 25, 2020: Looking back, could have the “EBOLA” outbreak death rate which climaxed in the spring of 2015 been avoided here in the United States? The casualty rate reached 6833 before the spread of the disease was arrested, through a strict quarantine those presumed responsible for the outbreak's spreading – restrictions still in force today, some 5-years after. And there was indeed a “lesson learned”, that should demonstrate future security afforded the health of the American people, and never again allow what did occur a future possibility occurrence. According to recent reports made available by the experts conducting legal research for the successor of the now defunct CDC, the answer is yes, the outbreak and subsequent deaths were totally avoidable. So what happened? In a nutshell this report reveals how many of those deaths could have and should have been avoided - had there been stricter control over the “drugs” thought to be beneficial to prevent an outbreak. It appears the culprit may have been “panic” when rumors started flowing about “Ebola”, that “not if” but “when” scenario, as too when this dreaded disease would hit us here on American soil. Up until October of 2014, the government had performed an excellent job at keeping the virus at bay, even while it caused devastation in parts of Africa. But when “panic” hit, some 535 doses of a new “Ebola” drug went “missing”. Actually, that “drug” was distributed to the “Attending Physician of the United States Congress” as part of the government's emergency preparedness criteria. Yes a plan of attack wherein members of Congress started to enjoy preferential treatment to “drugs” designed as a “precautionary cure” when the threats of “biological warfare” started to find its way into the mail system – like with letters tainted with “Anthrax”. So the intent back then was in efforts to provide the “Congress” with enough coverage, just in-case there came an all out uncontrollable attack – as terrorist groups were employing “mad” scientist to find a ways and means to cause harm – on American soil. One consideration by the “Madmen” was to purposely infect those so-willing to die for the “religious” cause. Yes, find a guinea pig, shoot them up with a fabricated disease then buy a one-way ticket to America. But we had the knowhow, and tried to stay abreast of the concerns over “biological” crap hitting the “Homeland” and spent $millions$ devising solutions, but on a limited basis as there was only so much to go around – so “Congress” was considered the guinea pig, as if there came an “outbreak” that went out of control, somebody had to maintain the peace and quiet – maybe through “Martial Law” if so required. So even though some of the “drugs” that the “Attending Physician” maintained control over were never fully tested, some looked promising and the stock-pile so designed as that last clear chance late scenario do or die! But that plan backfired and today we pay the price, as do those 6833 victims, their families and loved ones. Sad, 1214 were newborns! With “Ebola”, the promising “drug” that was handed out to “Congress” was very difficult to manufacture, with a rejection rate in the order of 9 out of 10. And this “drug” that showed promise required laborious efforts by lab workers, not to mention dangerous to handle during the processing phase. And with such a bastardly rejection rate, it was also a very costly “drug” to produce, estimated at a cost of $125k per dose. So when the scare of “Ebola” was no longer a “when”, and the alarming and exponential rate of infections due unforeseen exposure in the final weeks of October started scaring the citizens, it urged members of Congress into the “panic” mode, even though they went on national TV and said not to worry. I was one that didn't worry, as everybody in the know was saying the risk was very minimal – as the only known way the disease could be transmitted was through bodily fluid contact – at least that is what they thought. So I went about my business watching the Giants win the World Series! And according to this “confidential” report by the experts, the experimental “drug” started to disappear, from the “Attending Physician's” office even when “Congress” was on a “sine die adjournment” - basically away from the office. So it is believed that members of “Congress” panicked and a “Congressional aide” was commanded to break into the office, possibly with the help of the Sergeant-At-Arms, and get hold of the drug stash and then send it out to those members that thought it necessary – and in some instances it included dosages for family members also. What the report does tells us, several dozen doses sent to Texas, many to Kentucky – nauseating as the distribution was that to mostly “Red State” political clouters! Maybe just a coincidence, but then again we may never know. So it was indeed a panic situation and what was once under control, was now out-of-control, and not only the threat of “EBOLA”. What was not known at the time was the fact that the “drug” was still in the experimental phase, due the high rejection rate but had shown interesting possibilities but was too be used as a last ditch effort. But when the “Ebola” hit NYC, some members of Congress thought it necessary to protect America, by taking the “drug” in efforts to be prepared – basically a lame excuse. And little known at the time was the fact that the “drug” had a design flaw, as it held a hidden secret, a ways and means to adopt a medicinal cure for the benefactor of the drug, but at the same time learning to reject the “Ebola” virus instead of killing it – and rejection meant ejection through any passage way possible, nose to mouth, ears, eyes and even through skin contact and perspiration was also knwon as a mechanism of “flight”! In the morph, it never actually “killed” the virus, just ejected it as the virus continued to multiply, causing the infected victim to become a massive generator of the virus. See, the “Ebola” virus multiplies at an unbelievable rate, so this new drug was supposed to conquer by dividing, but the only way for it to be successful was to eject it away from the victim. So, yes it worked to some extent, but at the same time millions of spores were allowed to enter the environment and under certain conditions the virus would live on, for days until it attached itself to another living being - basically the “drug” helped the original victim but at the same time put thousands at risk, as the “Ebola” virus was on the loose! No longer was it a disease allowed only through fluid contact, as the rejection & ejection evolution caused the disease to be very efficient, rather then annihilation. So those that were furnished the “drug” were free of the disease, but now also generators of the “Ebola” that in the end would kill many. And once this was recognized by the authorities and “Martial Law” was in effect, those that had taken the “drug” were basically arrested and incarcerated, and those that survived are still in quarantine today, as science has not found out a way to reverse things – so as long as those that are still alive and did take the expirimental drug, they cannot be allowed in public. It is estimated that over 250-members of Congress and close family members decided it was OK, to take the experimental drug without permission of the “Attending Physician”. And those that did, today remain under “House Arrest” in a very secure location and habitat at the NIH – in a high security prison like building that was at one time reserved for “Ebola” patients. Yes, this was a “Lessons Learned” scenario, that had it not been for greed, maybe those innocent 6833 victims would still be alive to tell about it! And some members that were involved in this scandal, when arrested tried to use the “Congressional Immunity”, to get set free and didn't seem to give a rat's ass about the health and welfare of the general public. This is what happens when “We the People” allow a Congress to get completely out-of-control, preferential treatment that takes us all down. The report upon this matter has some very interesting pictures, the “Arrests”!

Sad News

Wow, so now we may have an understanding as too why Congressmen Don Young is in such a bad mood and thinking and talking suicide. His pet skunk “Obama” past away, but is now part of Don's game room...the memory lives on! 
 Don's pet Obama, stalking the “Halls of Congress”

Friday, October 24, 2014

Suicide Fireworks

Damn Internet browser, can't seem to capture the “packets” and assemble the news' headlines with any sense of intelligence, just a Helter Skelter advertisement! Appears just like a Don Young political endorsement rant, requesting PacRAT money! Now a “Warning”, something about if difficulties encountered try a “Hard Reset”, sounds like something for the 113th Congress. Oh, “Hard Recess” it was meant to be. Here goes, still nothing, just like Congress. How come everything negative these days relates some how or another to our beloved “Congress”? Anyway, “Hard Luck” as my Internet browsing is still not in sync with reality, as half the screen now consists of ads and instead of waiting 3-seconds for the phony crap to end, it is now 10-seconds wherein “MY” computer is hijacked. Look, my computer has a mind of its own, so I'm ready to commit it to an insane asylum for psychiatric evaluation! There is a computer rehab asylum at: 2314 Rayburn Office Building, Washington D.C., 20515. But results are not guaranteedd and you may never see the “puter” again, as strange things and strange noises have been heard from this location – some say akin to a “Rabid Skunk” being attacked by “Oscar Oosik”. Is that a horror movie? Wow, miracles never cease to happen, as my hi-tech gizmo is starting to behave, in efforts to deliver the news still somewhat fresh, but slow enough that it will be old news before....See it's Friday, and since it is payday many think it means time to screw-off, so the “net” has been bombarded with traffic, thus the “packet” disconnect. When “High Speed” meant 1-gigalaugh, 75% of that bandwidth was used for “porno”. Today, with 100-gigalaughs, it is still 75% for bathroom peeing babes? Anyway, that's how the “net” works, through “packets” sent in many different directions then recombined to make sense – but sometimes it gets confused and things in the mirror appear closer then they really are – see what I mean about confused. Just like all those “Political” ads, they are broadcast without “white lies” but for some reason when it hits your screen, it's all lies. Honestly, just call up Don Young and ask him, he will deny everything you say, even if it is right there on your screen! Here is some proof as too how the intended data gets corrupted from delivery point to receiving end, when I did a “google” for “Don Young suicide watch”, a hot topic today in Alaska: “Murkowski asks Young to commit suicide”? Wait, late packets are arriving...“Murkowski asks Young to apologize then commit suicide”, see how things can get misconstrued.....more updates from the “Packetman”....“Young tells Murkowski to commit genocide.”....”Murkowski says Young is genocide.” And these two guys are teammates! But due “packet” mis-transformations, what are we really getting? Just more endorsement from the fringe, as that must be the clearing house for “Packetman”. Now didn't MoanaLisa MurCowpie just endorse Young? Oh, was it renounce Young – maybe like in Satan and all his pimps? Poor Donny, finally his retchard ways and means may be catching up, and friends once are starting to turn, run and hide. And his congressional colleagues have “repuked” him, or whatever it is called, but not good so Don is no longer in the “largesse” society. Damn, all the elements of wanting to commit suicide! Maybe Don should be on “Watch”, but then again, maybe he is too busy watching “Bull Sex”. Wow, maybe that is what happened to all the “Bandwidth”, as when a beat up member of Congress, what else is there to prove?

Alaska This Week

Week of October 19th, 2014. Alaska led the nation in “Car-Jackings” and “Child Porn” arrests along with belligerent diarrhea of the mouth from a U.S. Congressmen. Forgot, also arrests for high school coach sex abuse and nannies choking babies. Wow, how proud we are! Warning to tourists, stay home.....

Don Young

Sounds like Don's apology about suicide points to the fact that Ted may have caused his own plane crash, to commit..... just what in hell was he hiding, maybe Don knows!

Chastise THY Vote

So with incumbent and wannabe politicians, both on the local and Congressional level trying to level the playing field, it appears “Lying & Cheating” has become the preferred method to pull the wool over the voters – like a blind faith trust. So what, what's new! I am beginning to believe that those with political aspirations have an evolutionary flaw, corruption in the blood. But here is a little tidbit every Alaskan vote should take into account, before hitting the annihilate lever. Especially now with everyone interested in an “Office” using “Alaska's Natural Gas” as a pawn broker – sounds good just like a “Payday Loan”! Look here is what the “Public Law” says about that and what the politicians refuse to discuss in earnest or with any sense of honesty:


Sec. 719j. Export limitations - Any exports of Alaska natural gas shall be subject to the requirements of the Natural Gas Act [15 U.S.C. 717 et seq.] and section 103 of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act [42 U.S.C. 6212], except that in addition to the requirements of such Acts, before any Alaska natural gas in excess of 1,000 Mcf per day may be exported to any nation other than Canada or Mexico, the President must make and publish an express finding that such exports will not diminish the total quantity or quality nor increase the total price of energy available to the United States.

Alaska's natural gas from the “North Slope” ain't going nowhere, there's a law that says so. Even Ronald Reagan - when occupying the Oval Office - insisted that “exports” of Alaska's North Slope natural gas would never happen. Reagan laughed when asked if he would lift the ban! Obama has signaled that he is not interested either, as it takes the sitting “President” to change the law that “Limits” exports, unless to Canada or Mexico. See, the caveat is the will not diminish the total quantity or quality nor increase the total price of energy available to the United States” clause, as this is an unpredictable element with unpredictable consequences as “exports” cost more to the receiving end abroad – so it has an economic effect on the consumers here in America. Exports hurt the “Reserve”, so it ain't ever going to be allowed. It follows the “Supply & Demand” theory, it still works. This is one of those things the politicians are afraid to tell us, especially after spending close to a $billion$ on a pipe-dream. Yes, friends with people in high places are getting rich keeping the “Dream” alive! And here is another reason as to why Alaskans will never see a gas pipeline for exporting, another thing that remains silent with the politicians and they don't want the cat out of the bag – as it is too embarrassing to come front and center and say, “Gee whiz, we didn't know that, so what with the money wasted”. Get the “whizzed” on point, there exists a law in effect that disallows exporting “our” gas! And in the silent treatment arena that other reason that is suspect emphasizing there is no intent to ever realize anything beyond a “Dream”, well the Alaska Railroad – a state corporation – it has legislative approval to sell $18-Billion in “Bonds”, to help pave the way for a “Natural Gas Pipeline”. It's nothing new, been on the books for many years as we were supposed to have a natural gas pipeline built within 5-years of oil in – that was 30-years ago. Bonds sell like “hotcakes”, as a preferred and almost guaranteed investment. If the state was realistic in building a gas pipeline, it would have a buyer for these bonds already lined out – and we citizens have not heard a single peep on this? But why build a natural gas pipeline, if nobody shows up except the “Dreamweavers” and the scammers? So, if your candidate of choice has talked about “Alaska Natural Gas Exporting”, it's a little white lie - but one hell of an expensive fib that seems to have found the possibility that perpectual “money” motion does exist, as long as we keep throwing coins into the slot machine! The odds.....

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Too bad our Congress does not have a Sergeant-at-Arms like we saw in action the other day in Canada! Just in, House Speaker Boehner has ordered 240 “Coonskin” caps, paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers, to be worn by republicans during President Obama's 2015 “State of the Union” address. I ask, what in hell is the significance of this, accept....if this does go down, then “We the Righteous People” need to assemble the militia and arrest the bastards, to show Canada we still have it in US!
Bastard Boehner on Display
Don Young's pet skunk OBAMA!

Dear Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy Pelosi;

Alaskans need your help. Could you please offer Don Young a job, maybe at your grape farm in California? We understand that “Rabid Skunks” are causing a problem with the “bumper” crop while causing a scare to the pickers, and Don knows how to effectively use that “Oscar Oosik”, so can help rid your farm of the pests and calm the nerves of the workers. I'm not talking a temporary job during the “Sine Die Congressional Abandonment” - sorry, I meant “Adjournment” but these damn spelling bees nowadays - but how about a new career building challenge for Don! And by “Oscar Oosik” clubbing, no guns allowed so you and the neighbors won't be bothered by any further loud nuisances – like how Don is known to explode and get out-of-control at “House” hearings. He will be able to get out his frustrations by beating Meme' & Pepe' Le Pew to limpo status – maybe have his new wife sew the skins into Davy Crockett like “Skunk Trapper” hats – which you can bring back to the “House” as appropriate gifts for your colleagues on the other side of the isle! PS – save the good wine for the deserving! Imagine what it would look like for Boehner to wear a skunk cap to Obama's next “State of the Union”? Johnny, Johnny Boehner, king of the rabid “Houseketeers”. Johnny, Johnny Boehner, beginnin' his campaign as the cantankerous Congressman! Johnny, Johnny Boehner, helpin' his legend grow! Johnny, Johnny Boehner, holdin' his promise trackin' Obama down!”. OK, this is about Don, not Johnny come marchin home with a tan! Yes, with such a qualified helping hand known to hate “Rabid Skunks” you can just sit with enjoyment as the sun sets and disappears over the horizon, in peace while sipping fine wine, knowing that the farm is safe with Don on patrol. I understand Don likes “Ferrari Cerano”, maybe made from your grapes – so he may feel right at home! And maybe when Don is again singing, “Poor old girl she needs a hand to run the farm, its good old country comfort in my bones and just the sweetest sound my ears have ever known, just an old-fashioned feeling fully-grown, he can get back in touch with his roots, with the “wet-backs” as he calls them. What he learned as a child and seems to be bothering him so, that he has lost touch with such a fond childhood memory. So a job on your grape farm could be like a medicinal miracle for Don. See, his recent behavior with emphasis on “suicide and largesse” is scaring us Alaskans, appears he has been away from the peace and quiet of the farm-life way too long. So both Don and Alaskans would benefit if you were to take us up on this offer, as we need a change. We want him to retire with dignity, but understand he will continue to work in efforts to pay off his “college loan”, I mean his “legal loans”. So you have the means and the solution and hopefully the dignity to help out a friend in need, a job on your farm over in St. Helena. And maybe on weekends allow him a furlough, so he can drive back to Meridian, and visit his kid friends and hometown. Please take this consideration under request, as we believe Alaskans need a break away from the berserk, in which given the opportunity Don could retire with dignity and be fired up over a new job. And that way you and Don can retain that friendship made so strong after so many years in the “House”. OK, maybe a “love & hate” relationship! And your farm seems to be doing OK even with the “drought”, so please consider giving Don a try out – as he seems to care not for “Rabid Skunks” and may be willing to use his hunting skills to get rid of these pests. And I bet he would work for “minimum wage”, and then be able to report back to you actual experiences living on that wage. Thanks....and since you know Don, maybe an employment application and a resume is not needed, as you are already well acquainted – especially with his vast array of experiences on how to promote “Goodwill”! Thanks again...concerned Alaskan voter John & Jane Doe 1 of 710,000! PS. Yes the “Red State” majority has given approval of this request but want to remain anonymous, but bed bug begs your help.

Voter Caution!

Look, please give Congressmen Don Young some breathing room, as he appears sick! He may have “Suicidal Tendencies”. According to the “Attending Physician of the U.S. Congress”, these are the tell-tale signs to watch for: Appearing depressed or sad(look at the “Mug” shot),  
Talking about suicide(Young is in the news talking about it). Withdrawing from family and friends(Young talks about his lack of support, to kids at school, what's he trying to get out?). Feeling hopeless, feeling helpless, feeling strong anger or rage, feeling trapped -- like there is no way out of a situation(Young was “rebuked” by Congress and lost all power and it was a unanimous decision by both the republicans and democrats, what friends?). Experiencing dramatic mood changes. Exhibiting a change in personality. Acting impulsively. Losing interest in most activities(No more free hunting trips!). Performing poorly at work(No more Mr. Niceguy with "Pork" for Alaska, even Begich has out-gunned in that category). Giving away prized possessions(What happened to the famed Oosik?). Feeling excessive guilt or shame(“Rebuked” by colleagues, the worst nightmare for a member of Congress). Acting recklessly(Threatening to kill anybody that touches him, rough-housing a “House” security guard). So it appears that many of the signs of a manic depressed person are front and center with Young, and we only see a piece of the action! Look, Don cannot stand the fact that he may be un-emloyed soon, and no “Lobby” will touch him, as he is under the microscope of the g-men. And like many other members of Congress, on a comparison basis Young is a “poor man”, and may be the 1st to leave that position, well “broke”! So if the voters don't retire Young, suicide may take its toll, the signs of depression are no longer hidden! We must allow Don to retire with dignity before it is too late – a time to enjoy life with his new wife. The Alaskan voters owe Don this kind of going away, that he performed well after some 47-years on the Alaskan political scene, but the time has come. And he was supposedly offered a job, as a “Rabid Skunk” hunter on Nancy Pelosi's wine-grape farm – right up Don's ally, as the preferred method calls for clubbing the grape stealing creatures to death, with that “Oosik”! So we should exercise extreme caution when at the voting booth, and take this into account. Why more? We saw what happened when Frank retired from the Senate, and then used his stroke to get daughter dearest that seat and we have witnessed a failure ever since. If Don does fake the voters out once again, with the “rebuking” in effect, it makes Young:
He's a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.”

Just in, and this may be the straw that breaks it off. Don Young's extended family, the Browns, have been indicted for 60-felony fraud counts, for receiving PFD money through falsification.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Picture of cockROACH from Fairbanks restaurant.


Wow, so the Palin “Brood” has landed a mega-contract for promoting “WasillaSURE”, an adolescent diaper designed to be worn when “Binge Drinking & Brawling” – a.k.a. BDB! See, there is a madness to the Palin Family method, it's called “looting” as there is always a way to make the “loot” necessary to carry on a tradition! So, when that sucker punch comes a knocking and makes you pee your pants, WasillaSURE is the choice to keeping the fumunda area dry and embarrassing “paparazzi” trails a thing of the past. 
 ~ Palin brawling, without WasillaSURE ~
  ~ Brawling with WasillaSURE protection ~

WasillaSURE, available at your local butcher shop!

Brood = A family of young animals.
Precautionary Warning: Please keep “WasillaSURE” out of reach immature, including Don Young.

Sine Die

Thought for today on the Sine Die Congress:
U.S. House of representatives: 435 members, minimum age requirement 25-years of age, term equals 2-years.
U.S. Senate: 100 members, minimum age requirement 30-years of age, term equals 6-years.

So, why the 5-plus-years difference in age requirements and 4-year difference in serving term duration? Is not the “House” supposedly equal to the Senate with respect to “Public Law” abiding? According to the Federalist papers - basically “directions” on how the U.S. Constitution is supposed to work or as directed by those so entrusted to understand such “directions” and thus act accordingly - By its deliberative nature, the Senatorial Trust called for a greater extent of information and stability of character than would be needed in the House of Representatives.” Even back then the framers of the Constitution realized possible shortcomings of the “House”, on matters consistent with “Trust” and “Character” based on age! Are there any two more notable or important “Representative” attributes when considering the “Constitution”, this “Trust & Character”? NO, so what in tar-nation is going down as this is unbelievable to say the least let me say this about that! So, our forefathers had concerns over “Trust” & “Stability of Character” based on age and possibly upon extended terms of engagement, or maybe terms of endangerment with the “House”! So came “Limits”, what a concept! See, back then the average age before grave-side services was about 36 – so maturity came at an earlier age. And today, that average age before the “Pearly Gates”, well into the 8-zero, so where is that maturity start today? See, back when the Constitution was in the design stage, with respect to qualifiers of age and maturity and terms, there came an inherent policing policy that disallowed a forever job. Back then it was never considered to be a job for life, therefore the only “term limits” part of that doctrine came upon that of the U.S. Presidency! We did not want to get into a situation that of a crowning. So what the hell has happened - as today we see a total lack of “Trust” with “Stability in Character” but a suggestion and if it is not a job for life then what is it? As if that requirement in the “Directions” was run out of town, for almost the entire Congress, not only with the House” but also with the Senate that was supposed to maintain a higher degree of standards. Is it the fact that somebody discovered that making it a job for life could let them rob us out of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Look, everything seemed to be in proper working order up until the 80s, then we found an about face and once in, there was no stopping the take-over! Was then not Jimmy Carter the “Last Great President”, until Obama showed up? Here is the deal today, Congress abandoned the “ship” and basically has called for a Sine Die Adjournment – which means they are not allowed to receive a salary when such is in effect during the normal session cycle. They have not permission from “We the People” for this time off, as we just gave them the entire month of August off, with pay mind you! Now this exercise in “Sine Die” is what those in Congress is supposed to do when that representative body sees it necessary to adjourn, from gridlock or other situations that threatens the basic foundation this nation was built upon, that of the Constitution - as when the paycheck stops it makes one think twice and maybe then the “Trust” reenters the scene and they get back to work instead of truancy practiced like a kid gone wild in a candy store. Look, Congress is AWOL, don't you get it. And of course the Sergeant of Arms doesn't care, as when Congress is gone AWOL it is time to get some rest as I am sure that by now he or she is tired of baby-sitting a Bozo bus load of clowns. OK, the Sergeant was “blackmailed into leaving his post”, thanks Bob. If that were not the case they would all have been incarcerated by now, as it is the Sergeant's duty to make sure they act to uphold liberty, by maintaining “Trust” and maintaining “Stability in Character”. They are Non-performers and it is hurting this nation so much, each and every day we allow it to go on, it is nauseating. We need a coup, as we have a good president yet he has not a body between him and us that is supposed to be there to protect America's interests. Our mouth piece has gone silent, a violation of the 1st Amendment! It sucks... as “We the People” are getting screwed the way Congress operates today. “Do Nothing” is a treasonous action their inaction, upon the Constitution. It is spelled out that we expect “Trust” but if we let them get away with it...we can no longer “Trust” them as the behavoir “at large” goes beyond any reasonable penance. It is apparent everyday that “Character” finds no “Stability” when “a majority” of the memberships only agenda calls for bashing Obama – for everything Obama attempts, even the way he breaths. When a body so empowered makes it a point - an unadulterated point - to bash the Commander-in-Chief with no regret as if an audience applauds it, maybe it is OK behind closed it's NOT, as “Trust” finds no shelter for lack of. So the writers of the Constitution went concerned about age - or immaturity - but may have missed the boat beyond that “what if” scenario, when the Senate also started acting immature. I wish someone would hurry and get that time machine tuned up, so we can bring back Thomas Jefferson and ask him what he thinks of “His Congress” today. This “Stability of Character” clause is so important, especially when we are seeing a total dereliction upon the duties behind the “Trust” inherent in the upholding of the Constitution's meaning. When it is allowed to be abandoned and allows for Obama bashing, then Congress in its entirety is at fault. And the bashing is controlled from the House, due immaturity and maybe age affecting this “Stability in Character” requirement. So the signatories of the U.S. Constitution were not concerned with age on the other end – why not? Because inherent in the Constitution based on “Trust & Character”, inherent in that was “Term Limits”, self-guided principles through an individual's “Stability of Character”. When a member sees that he or she is no longer effective or fit for duty, then there is only a single option. But when money is there to keep the “Distrust” going, out the window goes also that which should be paramount to prevent such dereliction and truancy. Look, the Constitution and the “Directions” also warned of “foreign” influence, and is not the “Lobby” basically a foreign interest with respect to what is meant by “foreign”? Sure it is, as anything outside the “Will of the People” is interference and is a foreign trespass. So yes, “lobbying” was basically warned against, as it interferes with the “Trust” and that “Stability of Character”, as bribery taints those traits so the reasonable person under oath is no longer reasonable. It is supposed to be “sworn to uphold the Constitution without eviction“ but in reality it appears that a reading between the lines finds, “How long can I get away with it”? Look, an individual so elected takes that oath and soon after allows for foreign intervention, representation is no longer working the way it was so designed. We need to get back to that design, not just an “I Think” posture. When we see such faulting, like we have seen with Don Young, self-respect lacking calls for self-inflicted retirement – move over rover and let Jimmy take over. Then again, Don Young has been immature his entire life, so I don't know if it is age young or age old that has caused the Constitution to find itself on the brink of a breach – when that happens say goodbye as you won't have time to kiss your ass. Look at how Misshell Bachmann attracts attention, same thing, lack of “Stability of Character”. But the main problem herein is the House Speaker, John Boehner, who has also abandoned the “Trust” and “Stability of Character” doctrine as he has more important business to tend to, called a “Tanning Booth”. If he spent half the time trying to legislate as he spends trying to be a “Brown Man”, we may have something to be proud of, with respect to Congress. Look, Boehner still has a “Boner” ever since Obama allowed for a a “Tanning Booth” tax to help pay for ObamaCare! Talk about an erection lasting longer then....In any event, maybe it is time to at least abolish the “House” and let the more mature “Senate” deal with the U.S. President, as Obama is mature, and can be “Trusted” - which equates to a genuine statesman that does not lack any sense of “Stability of Character”. Yes we can “TRUST Obama! All the unnecessary bashing, foolish and if incited by a member of Congress, borderline criminal! Maybe we went fooled, with George W., as there was definitely a “Trust” issue, and “Stability” questionable, especially for the “Trust Me Mission Accomplished” event which even today still finds suspicion that he was in it for some other reason not yet front and center with details. I will take that back, Bush did maintain a “Stability in Character”, the problem being the original character was rather lame. So back then we learned to live without a leader and continued to behave, so did the Congress learn to live without “leadership” but decided it best “quit”! And when “We the People” decided we once again needed a “Leader” and elected Obama, well with “Trust” and “Stability of Character” missing-in-action with Congress, it has never been the same and continues to ruin our nation – that key component is missing! They just cannot seem to get it back, and with a job-for-life, maybe they don't care. When we can no longer accept a president that is genuine when it comes to these two all important traits, attributes, that of “Trust & Character”, what are we as a nation? Look, Obama is the best since Carter, yet he has no support from the Congress. And here is how bad it gets when we have an AWOL Congress. Some Senator is now referring to the “Ebola” virus as “Obamola”. When is enough, enough? Someday, possibly soon, the “House” will come tumbling down. When that occurs, the Senate will be not far behind, and when the smoke of failure clears away, we will have “one nation indivisible” once again and an opportunity to start over, by making sure those we elect to Congress understands what is meant by “Trust” and finds also a “Stability of Character” which in combination allows a refraining away from “foreign” invasions – like we have seen with Congress in bed with the “lobby” of discust. So in ending, we have a Congress with 100 Senators that must babysit 435 immature members of the House. But when the Senate is also immature, we have a total breakdown and the Constitution suffers, with that we suffer the consequences. Imagine, this was all considered in the original doctrine! But I am sure the forefathers had no idea it could get this bad, as it is today. “We the People” should not have stood for it this long - for it to get this bad and out-of-order! Fault and finger pointing? The mirror gotcha and the “113th freeloaders” are laughing still!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lights, Action...

So Alaskans will be the beneficiary of yet another “Reality” invasion, this time around the “Wasillabillies” get their chance to audition for “Deliverance” and show the world they know all about what it means to “Squeal like a Palin”. Getting close to her home? So Sarah got busted, for driving 30mph over the posted – yes this is a record as she seems always in a hurry to the “Bashing Post” or her narcissist treatments. And we can credit Palin for making this state a “jewel” thief's paradise with respect to these invasions by the “celluloid” circus clowns. I am waiting to see my “Mug” on the tube, broadcast by one of these “outsider” assholes with a camera, as when that happens I will sue to bankruptcy whomever is behind the scenes. Look, even though some may think that once in public we are free game for assholes with a camera, not true in Alaska as the state's “Constitution” is specific with “Privacy”: § 22. Right of Privacy - The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed. Once targeted by one of these assholes with an out-of-control trigger finger, that violates the “Right”. The “Realty” show has been invading Alaska's peace, quiet & “Privacy” ever since the “Film Tax Credit” was passed by the legislature. The first “Reality” filming was down in Juneau, when some drunk women caused the aborting of an Alaska Airlines flight, right when the plane was engine revving, as she wanted a drink! If I remember, her stage name was “Weasel” McGuire, as you always want a catchy name when “lights, camera, action” calls. Look this “crap” is promoted for a single reason, not due talent, but for taking advantage of these “Film Tax Credits” and also taking advantage of a weakness within individuals. Why anyone would permit oneself this punishment is beyond me, another form of abuse I guess. The foundation of “Reality” is stupidity, else it would not be successful. And watching “stupidity” does not engage the brain to any evolutionary challenge, so it is a subliminal mind altering mechanism that brings the curious down to that same level, “stupidity” begets “stupidity”. I watch “snippets” just so I can try and get an understanding as too why these shows are so popular. My poor dad, he loves this Alaskan “Reality” stuff, until I have to tell the truth, that it is fake! See, it takes advantage of the elderly, as that mind altering mechanism is already on the winning edge of things, as an aging mind is on the weak side to begin with - that comes with aging so beware! So they become victims. Should there be a “Truth in Broadcast” content law? I guess so but that may interfere with “Free Speech”. With that said, at least a “Warning” that what you see may be “disturbingly & discouragingly" false. But once you let the cat out of the bag, it would doom the intent of such shows – to make money by engaging as many mindless as possible. In any event, somebody has found that evolutionary weakness, with the wannabes and the audience. And here is how it works to make money, as even though one can practice “mind control”, if there is no monetary incentive, why bother? So some asshole that can't find gainful employment learns how to turn on a digital camera then heads “North To Alaska” to film assholes. Those in front of the camera that allow such freedom without threatening to shove the camera where it counts, are not true Alaskans. Estimates are that 99% of those so far filmed for crazed “Reality” came to Alaska, well after Palin became famous. Yes “North to Alaska” not for work, not for the wilderness or frontier spirit, but to spit on decency and ruining what took so many of us so long too establish – now washed away by, well just too much spit. I honestly think we need a border crossing security detail, to check “Intent”? What business do you have in Alaska? But it is all part of the “Bashing” tradition which was made famous by none other then....Now the cameraman asshole gets to acquire a 40% tax credit for his assinine work, for expenditures used to make asshole movies about Alaska's assholes. But wait just a minute, as asshole cameraman lives outside and doesn't own a business in Alaska, so has not a “Corporate” tax burden. So he sells his assinine “Tax Credit” to an Alaskan Corporation, for pennies on the dollar, to recoup some of his expenditures while filming assholes. Then the buyer beware gets to use the realized value to offset the tax burden owed to the state – for a business totally unrelated to the cameraman asshole. Yes, I buy a dollar's worth of credit for 30-cents and I get to rob the state coffers for, that dollar! I signed up for the “Tax Credit Interest List”, so I get e-mails from those interested in selling me a “credit”. Larry Zonker is one, as he comes to Alaska every year for a vacation, films it, then wants somebody else to pay for it – or at least assist in the costs for a stay at a luxury lodge. Then there is the family that comes up every year on a cruise, films the kids in new “Carhartts” and then sells the credits, to pay for the trip. It may not recoup it all, but 50-cents on the dollar, hey maybe time to buy a camera. The question is, who in hell is buying these “Tax Credits”, to offset actual taxes owed to the “State of Alaska”? It ain't oil, so it must be the cruise ship industry or drum roll please, law firms! See, since the “Tax Film Credit” office turned on its “Open for Business” sign and made its debut, law firms interested in Alaska have increased substantially, partnering with time tested Alaskan firms, yes teaming up with outsiders when the workload has remained pretty routine. It works like this, it's called free vacation time! Yes law firms from outside with no apparent business here in the “Lost Frontier” joins hands with a local, then come summer sends up an intern and uses the tax credits purchased to offset the trip. So even though the “Tax Credit” is supposed to benefit our own, leave it to the lawyers to figure out a way to “double dip”! Yes, outsiders are taking total advantage of the “Credit” due. That is wherein the problem exists, “but for” this transferable asstax, we would not be subject to celluloid abuse. But due “Confidentiality”, it is a hidden secret, but with a little know-how, it is easy to figure out what is going down – besides Alaska's once good name. Look, the first assinine reality show, "Deadly Catch”, it was a show that encouraged “smoking” and any filming that encouraged such a filthy habit should have been restricted by the “Credits”, especially when we continue to see such abuse here in Alaska, with tobacco! Look, we spent $millions$ from the “Tobacco Settlement” to broadcast commercials to enlighten those upon the health hazards of tobacco, and it was working. But as soon as some assholes that live in Seattle tried to call Alaska home and volunteered to this celluloid madness, smoking was like “Kool” again and records show now an increase in young Alaskans taking to the puffing. Yes, interest in this show has shown an interest by the young which now shows an interest in smoking cigarettes. Look, these “Bandits” are not real Alaskan commercial fishermen, with these huge boats that can comfort rough seas. How come we never see “True Alaskan” tough guys on film, they're too busy working for a life and don't like to be abused – plus these asshole cameramen would get sea-sick, and trying to balance a camera while puking? And “Ice Road Zombies”, the Dalton is not even close to an “Ice Road”! I've driven that road numerous times and also been on a real ice road, that stretched out 15-miles onto the Beaufort, on ice lanes and when the tide comes in, cracks turn it into a damn swimming pool. And, how come we have never seen a “Reality” based on what goes on up “North”, in the oil fields? Because this is where “True Alaskan Men & Women” work, and want no bother with asshole cameramen. But the “Realty” crap sells, and is an indication that evolution is allowing our IQ stimulating to go into hibernation, stagnation, bimbo-limbo land. Look, once-upon-a-time the camera filmed Jacques Cousteau and other adventurers, don't see them anymore do you? As the entire “Credit” benefit has been taken over to make a profit on “Reality”, as many will do almost anything for that 10-minutes claim to fame. I still have my National Geographic magazines, and sometimes after browsing through the content and realizing what this outfit once represented, “What the hell happened”. We were reneged upon, so I am trying to get my money back for the magazines. But this “Reality” crap sells, like hot dogs and cotton candy at a Palmer Fair. Yes, we don't need it, but for some reason we are taken in by it. Maybe due the fact we have become a dysfunctional society due political entrapment, maybe it is our only hope and like anything else, vultures look for reasons to profit from spoilage. Honestly, another Alaskan “Realty” called “Road Kill”, wherein a family drives around Wasilla looking for, yes “Road Kill” then brings it on home for supper? Is this not going a little too far...One last thing. Last year the Alaska State legislators debated about ending the “Tax Film Credits”. This came about after way too many complaints about the “Reality” on the Alaska State Troopers, using the show as a ways and means to broadcast the hardships of life in the villages, how inebriation and domestic violence abuse was a big problem. It is, but do we need to broadcast it? Well sure if it helped at fixing the problem – but that was not the intent as once it is no longer a problem, there is no longer a reason to film it. In fact, there is more then enough evidence that due “Invasion of Privacy” by the asshole cameramen following the troopers that domestic abuse increased! In fact, there is also evidence that when Governor Sarah Palin fired Walt Monegan – Alaska's Public Safety Commissioner – it was due in part Walt saying no to filming the “Troopers” and husband Toad wanted this “Reality” crap to take off, as it fits in neatly with the narcissists' attitude – which is what Wasilla is all about. And once the “Alaska State Troopers” hit the tube, there came thousands of complaints, but somebody was buying the “Credits” and didn't want to upset the trading in profits for “Privacy” invading. And so what, what's wrong with placing a bunch of drunk natives on display? This is not something that finds any humanitarian worth, unless we have really lost touch with “realty”! But those legislative debates did nothing to discourage the “credits”, to discourage the abuse and the attacks, which finds the “Reality” that somebody is on the take, for the making of this filth that has ruined Alaska, turning it from the”Last Frontier” to the “Lost Frontier” and "They're gonna put me in the movies"....maybe Alaska's new “State of the State” theme song!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Wow, for some reason my cable box is on the blitz, only 3-channels out of 10000000000! Best look outside, as maybe the sky is falling, weighted down from one too many satellites or due 10-trillion cell phones in “Texting” mode causing a traffic jam! What in hell do I do doo, only 3-channels? Good thing the Giants' game is over. And I am hooked on the boob tube and it's Saturday night, what do we do - and the pop-corm has finished popping and we are baby-sitting the grand kids? So Channel-69 is working, a FOX broadcast called, well the screen keeps freezing up, missing pixel packets due the traffic jam, but Hem^1001Hann&0101...Hemorrhoid Hannity. I've seen his face before? Was it “America's Most Wanted”, sure looks suspicious? He's interviewing a guy called Jindal that looks like a failed “ET Call Home” experiment. Thought maybe more packets gone missing, but it must be a costume? OK, but I am not interested in costume jewelry – its fake. Grandpa, what's Viagra? Holy shit, an erection commercial. Click. The History channel appears to have a problem also, it's broadcasting but the content seems awkward as here is a show called Mick Dodge, the “Legend”, looks like a weirdo that gambled away his clothing, now naked and rubbing muddy slime to cover up something - is this an “Adult” channel – “Rub it On, slime me babe, slime me”? Skip that. Now I find a show on MSNBC called, I think...looks like “Hairball” with some guy named Chris Mathews. He's posing in front of the Liberty Bell, he's crying – wonder what happened? Grandpa, what's Viagra. Another erection commercial. Back to Hemorrhoidid Hannity, now he's interviewing an Ann Coultergiest, it's close to Halloween, just more horror in costumes. Grandpa, what's Back to History discovering Mick Dodge bent over and mooning the audience and asking the camera crew to rub mud on his “Butt” - hazardous duty pay, sure looks hairy scary. “Hairball” again, Chris Matthews still sobbing over the crack in the Liberty Bell – anybody got some already been chewed? How boring! Grandpa, what's diarrhea? Hemorrhoidid Hannity again, now he's interviewing a guy in a “Tin Man” costume, a guy called Santa Cruz that wants to run for chief predator...sorry missing pixels, a run as president? Answer me this, did a loony bin have a breach? I forgot, it's Halloween and this must be a costume special on FOX's Hemorrhoid Hannity. Grandma, does grandpa use Viagra? What is with these erectile dysfunction commercials? Click, hope the damn batteries don't give out and we get stuck with an erection! Wow, now Mick Dodge the “Lunatic” is running mud-cake naked through the Olympia forest, good thing summer vacation is over with and family campers have vacated the wilderness and our children are safe at home, in front of the Viagra commercials! Isn't there a law against this, yes these commercials during prime time and a fruitcake running naked across the screen, during prime time? Click again. Dear “Mr. Hairball”, the bell is safe! Grandma, what's constipation? Click, click, click! Man the Hemorrhoid can sure find the freaks, now there is a guy being interviewed named....Please Standby Due Weak Signal....Kruat Hammer - that looks as though he has been subject to the likes of Frankenstein, the Mummy, Dracula, maybe an erection lasting more then 4-hours followed by diarrhea then constipation - as Hemorrhoid did mention Sarah Palin. My grand-kids are scared, hurry change the channel, don't wait for the commercial! Mick Dodge again, “Dodging the Truth”, is this guy for real? See, he found a camp, can't be a homeless camp as he is cooking his meal on a Le Creuset “Signature” skillet – a high dollar item you don't pick up at a “Thrift” store. More Viagra, click. And “Hairball” is still wasting time tuned into Mathews sobbing at the bell, like time is standing still. Maybe he has an erection lasting...Grandpa....Click. Now Hemorrhoid Hannity has a panel, called the “Bimbo Blonds”, wow must be a take on a “Wife for Mick”. The “Legend” continues, as “Hairball” is still choking on a “Hairball”. Do sponsors waste money on this stuff? I mean is constipation, diarrhea and an erection coverage so big a deal that it has taken over all commercials, how about a Fruit-Loops commercial to lighten things up, at least its a conversation piece for me and my grand-kids! But this may have been a test, as to what is reality today and confronting future generations. The “RIGHT”, the “LEFT” and the “FRINGE” is what it amounts to “these days. You figure out the order to who and what belongs to what category, as today it is interchangeable. OK, what I learned from this test besides the fact we suffer from not enough crap to too much crap and in between we must deal with the hard-ons – the news' guys that can't move, I flashbacked on a 60's pledge, “Shoot Your TV”! Honestly, does anybody get excited watching Sarah? Now Hemorrhoid Hannity does his best to inform the viewers that politics is just a costume show circus, and he is the ringmaster. For those disgusted in the news, fantasy land seems to be the cure – no thinking involved – just find a guinea pig that likes to act stupid and look stupid in front of a camera, done deal. See, we like to watch stupidity, don't know why, must be something that makes our IQ stand above and beyond that of “stupidity”, so we watch it as it makes us feel superior to the inferior, until we do something stupid – like watch FOX or MSNBC. I once performed a test way up north on a remote island wherein oil wildcatters were trying to hit a “Good Pasture” vein. At chow time, as roustabouts pigged out on burgers without brew, they would get throughly in bed with FOX, and you could see how it incited “hate”. And if Sarah Palin was live for the guys, some idiot “pusher” would pass out “Viagra”! It's an island in the middle of nowhere, yes 120 guys and one gal – at least I think a she, who else would use the women's john – all packed onto an island the size of a football field's end zone. So I rigged the TV so only cartoons would show during chow time. At first, workers went upset and almost exercised a coup, “Where's my FOX”? But after a few days, hey it appeared a more relaxed attitude at lunch, as the “Beep, beep, the road runner” was still holding his own. Yes, laughter it was as we all remember our childhood days, when TV was at its infancy – instead of Viagra commercials, TV dinner advertisements. See, men back then didn't suffer from erectile dysfunction! So there is something in our diet that makes, will leave it at that. Anyway, with cartoons instead of the FOX, there was a calmness in the crowd and after a week we were seeing more productivity and less accidents, as the “Toons” worked to relax the crew instead of FOX inciting bad blood. Look, you don't want a roustabout on Viagra and intimidated by the rabid FOX loose on a drilling rig! But in reality due reality, there exists only 3-channels that controls our destiny. As we have before us a choice. Go “Left”, Turn “Right” or remain in the “Fringe”. But maybe it should be cartoons, as what we see before us today on the political scene is indeed “Loony Toons” on steroids and that seems to be what politics is all about. Too bad we couldn't just “click” them all away, better yet, overdose them with Viagra, wherein “sticking it” finds a whole new meaning. Grandpa...

Price Parity

The price of gasoline in the lower-48 has dropped an estimated 60-cents, in less then a month and trends indicate the slide will continue. So why are the damn gas pump meters in Alaska “Stuck” at all time highs, maybe frozen due the early cold spell at all time lows? I have not seen but maybe a 1-cent savings, and even though we know Alaska lags behind when it comes to common sense, what gives? OK, so when you have a local refining infrastructure like is found in North Pole, it controls the price of gasoline. With two-refineries in operation at the end of Santa Claus Lane, that refining infrastructure could take crude oil from the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline and fulfill most of the gasoline market requirements found throughout Alaska. Now the state sells some of its “Royalty-In-Kind” crude oil at a discount to the refiners – discount meaning it is a guaranteed “contract” source for many years so works wonders with the show & tell we need a loan, with the intent this preferential treatment will provide relief to the consumers' wallet. See, we could just sell all of our oil up front to BP, and the hell with the local refineries - not the case, and we would make more money for that PFD distribution by just outright selling it. So the sale is done for a purpose, to help soften the blow of outrageous energy costs here in a state that at one time reigned as “King” of the oil producing states! But within that “RISK” contract there exists stipulations, called the “Price Parity” which makes sure that there is some semblance of equality in pricing between Anchorage and Fairbanks, as Anchorage has no refineries. A good deal all around as the state's oil is a resource belonging to all, so it must be bartered with that in mind, to offset any disparity. What is good for Fairbanks must also be good for Anchorage, which when under control should see a ripple effect that benefits all Alaskans in one way or another – as this “price parity” does invest itself in the economics of jet fuel and other transport costs, like for booze and diapers. And because Anchorage and Fairbanks are the “major hubs”, it works quite well the equation of price equality for all – at least that was the intent. But when Flint Hills Resources decided to abandon the major refinery in North Pole, which is in a “shut-down moth-ball” phase as we speak, all the refined gasoline had to be shipped from the Tesoro refinery down Kenai way or imported, thrown aboard Bill Sheffield's rail and transported North. So there came added costs associated with this refined product getting to the interior, instead of a short joy ride when locally produced. And even though a refinery shuts down and jobs are lost, the state of Alaska RIK contracts are still in effect! Flint Hills merely allows Tesoro to refine the 30000 barrels of oil allowed by contract on a daily basis, now that it can no longer process the same with the “moth-balling”. So there is an added cost. Like for shipping the oil from Valdez over to the Cook Inlet, and then the “Price Parity” now works in reverse, as it costs more to get this much needed commodity to the interior - yet Anchorage suffers due the “parity” requirement as there can be only a 1-cent difference in the wholesale pricing, or else it could mean a contract violation. Basically, by not having a refinery in the interior that helps soften the blow and caters to a multiple-supply and demand scenario, those in Anchorage are at the mercy of, well I am lost for words making sense. So don't expect to see the price of gasoline slide like it is supposed to with crude oil on the slide, it just won't work here in Alaska due the fact Alaska owns a share of the oil – no attention to reduced prices at the pump for at least 90-days, maybe an entire year the way the contracts are written. Yes, Anchoragites are once again subsidizing the interior by paying higher prices at the pump, just like how CEA coop members have been doing the same for many years by subsidizing electricity for our northern neighbors. Yes, if you are a member of CEA, the cost you pay for electricity finds a burden for subsidizing the power sent up north! Look, corporations employ Wall Street crooks to find every which way to save a penny here, a penny there. A few pennies detoured their way on a gallon, when millions of gallons are at stake, a penny saved equates to a whole lot earned! But the sad fact of the matter, why in hell does a world class refinery in close proximity to a supply of oil sold on the cheap, why cannot it find the economic means and know-how to continue operations - it is beyond me, so it is suspicious. And with all the “Think Tank” economic expertise that hangs around the University of Hoffa over there by College Hill, not one individual with knowledge has come forward with a theory as too why this is all happening, and all we hear is a blame game based on being responsible for past polluters. Look, if you didn't do it go to the Supreme Court if need be. Why in hell a corporation that wants to try and make a go of things in a tough economic environment is held responsible for someone else dumping goes to show we have some very skewed laws. I mean, if Martians take over, are they responsible for “Global Warming”? See, it was the past owners of the refinery that polluted the North Pole aquifer, with a nasty gasoline formulator called “sulfolane”. Williams Brothers went bankrupt, and Flint Hills came to the rescue to keep the operation going – but failed to inform those in the know that they had nothing to do with the pollution. And Williams owns major real estate down in the lower-48. Make them sell it off to pay for this atrocity in North Pole! It is that simple so is bothersome as to why it works the way it is not supposed to work. OK, it is all so clear. No different then what is happening to Obama. George W. caused a list of egregious problems for this nation, and today Obama gets blamed! Obama takes over so takes over the pollution caused by others that should have known better in the first place. I guess no different then the U.S. Taxpayers continuing to pay up for atrocities upon the Native Americans, premeditated over 200-years ago. I wasn't there, why do I have to continue to be punished? Same with Obama, punished just because we have lost touch with “Trust”. And Flint Hills tried to convince the state authorities that it did not have its finger on the trigger of the gun that shot a bullet hole in that hazardous chemical tank that leaked into the aquifer that finds now a non-stoppable plume heading toward the Tanana which will pollute the river and contaminate the fish, and I will be on the hook once again for spoiling the ways and means of the subsistence cultures that rely on the fish. Neither I or Flint Hills were even close when this happened, yet they get blamed and over time I may get to share in some of that blame. “But for” now for some insane reason, they are responsible. Who makes up these crazed laws? So Flint Hills has shutdown and is now moving out, but has devised another way to keep the refined products market alive and well. Yes, by turning its North Pole tank farm into a distribution only interest, wherein refined products are purchased elsewhere - and they continue to make the same damn profit, maybe more. Look, the demand remains the same, it's not like Fairbanks is closing up shop! Can't blame Flint Hills, just keep blaming the the wrong guy or gal and they will finds ways to get around the blame and make a profit, just like Obama continues to be on the “blame” yet continues to gain “Political Capital” and at the same time increasing the “Parity” between himself and Congress. Hum, maybe Flint Hills learned from the meantime, continue to dish it out at the pumps!

New Colossus

Kudos to Texas Governor Rick Perry, for allowing a cruise ship under “Ebola Watch” enter a port in Texas, after being turned away from Mexico and ports in Florida! According to Perry, “Give me your huddled masses yearning to be Ebola free”. Wow, the “Times they are a changing”! 
Perry samples pizza from “Ebola” ship.
 Perry samples a weiner from “Ebola” ship.
Perry prepares inoculation for "Ebola" ship patients.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Price of Beans

One would think that with all the “Think Tanks” employing staff that cannot find or refuse to find gainful employment, that at least for a wage and a place to hang out from inclement weather, they would get something right! Honestly, there is life after working the McCain & Palin ticket, as a “Thinker”, what the freak did I get myself into? Anyway, I am really interested in talking about the recent decline in oil prices which is having a staggering fallout effort at the gas pumps – which allows me cost savings that now permits abandoning the Budweiser, for some decent suds! That's is my economic qualifier, as when my wallet is padded with more disposable loot, it means decent suds – when in a collapse mode, it means piss-ant beer! I learned this economic appraisal theory as a kid and it seems to still work as the bellwether of approval, except back then Bud was the winner over Pabst! Upward mobility some call it. See, nobody seems to understand why all of a sudden like over-night the price of a barrel of oil is collapsing? I laugh when I hear the term “dirty” oil, who in hell coined this ridiculousness. I've been around oil all my life, it smells so sweet but it's all dirty, as it comes out of a hole in the ground! Yes, oil prices cratering, from over a hundred bucks a barrel to $80 and predictions that it will continue to fall. And America has started to export crude oil, as the nation is in a glut! We can blame the glut on Obama because he made it so difficult for the wildcatters to spud a well. Yes, only allowing a single permit all this time in office. What, sorry Obama signed a permit for a nuclear plant, 1st such approval in over 30-years, when Reagan was at the helm and more wells have been drilled with success then ever before under Obama – the reason for the “glut”! But the price for oil, no matter what the authoritative “Think Tanks” may lead you to believe, it's not collapsing, but “price control” returning to its rightful owner I am talking about. See, oil companies hate to be abused, through manipulation as for a long, long time it was the other way around. Oil controlled it, from the wellhead through the refinery to the gas pump, with no outside interference. But when Wall Street brats were caught with the “Joker” hand in the housing market sting, they resorted to other lucrative manipulative scams, so they could continue to reap the benefits of doing nothing accept causing trouble with our economy and buying expensive wristwatches. Anyway, oil soon found itself a victim of the “speculative” markets, making Wall Street money based on something “speculative” which finds as a definition: Congress is AWOL. So it came to be a way to frighten the market, and the fallout was a means to make money for the middle man – through gambling and manipulating in the “Game of Thugs”. And that manipulation made $millions$ for these gamblers, the money needed in efforts to guench that “Don Perignon” thirst made through artificial price increases which we paid for – wherein enormous profits were had, which did not include the oil companies themselves. So oilmen went pissed and started trying to find out ways to gain back control, and this is what we see happening today, gaining back control. It's complicated, and just because the price of oil was upwards a hundred dollars a barrel, it doesn't necessarily mean the oil companies benefited, as when the price escalates by virtue of the entire supply and demand chain of events, there comes a point of diminishing returns wherein the cost of doing business is bothered, just what happened in the oil sector – which affects all sectors of energy and has devastating effects upon the economy. So with that said, there came a point wherein even though the price of oil was at an all time high and going higher each and everyday by the closing bell, while under manipulation it hurt the oil companies and due the increases many projects were placed on hold. What was happening didn't fit the “Model” which has been used for eons, so somebody else had their “mitt romney's” in the cookie jar. Even though an oil producer may own its own refineries and gas stations, it doesn't matter, as the refinery still must pay the going rate for oil, even if the cost finds a Wall Street manipulation fine of $40 bucks – due “speculation”, or as already eluded to, “Congress AWOL”. So for every barrel of oil that has been sold the past few years, Wall Street has been raking in a huge profit margin through speculation, and the oil companies have not been on the receiving end of this lucrative scam. Basically, with the magic wand of greed, the Wall Street created another bubble for itself and finally, the oil companies have fought back and are starting to regain control. For the “Big Oil”, anything over $58 dollars a barrel hurts the oil company's portfolio, which includes a very complicated formula from costs of operations to investment interest, for big ticket items to keep America energized. So they have been doing everything they can to gain back control so the prices can return to normal, or within their “Model” forecasts. Look, oil companies like to make a profit, but it is Wall Street on steroids that likes to make a killing. Prudent businessmen like a respectable profit, but not a killing, as over indulgence can ruin the business as there is a fine line between what the public will accept before boycotting. So kudos to oil, for seeing into their best interest which appears to be our best interest also. But leave it to Wall Street, wanting to make a profit without doing any work, sounds a whole lot like Congress! In fact, “Big Oil” wanted this “manipulation” investigated by Congress, and it was found that indeed Wall Street was in control, through oil commodity speculation and there came several debates on the House and Senate floors, to make laws preventing Wall Street from getting away with what was basically manipulation and a violation of Anti-Trust laws. If the oil companies performed the same “manipulation through speculation” it would be a violation, just like what happened to Standard Oil! But with an AWOL Congress and Eric Cantor then a whore to the “Street Pimps”, nothing came about to protect the American interests. So for the past few years we have been paying Wall Street, for almost half of what it actually costs to get gasoline in our tanks. So when “Big Oil” saw that Congress was not interested in helping out the American citizens, they decided to do it on their own, through the good old theory of supply and demand, by over-producing - which is causing a glut which is causing the price of oil to return back to normalcy. So we may see oil continue on the slide, and force the “brats” to find a real job, instead of dreaming up ways to screw Americans! But Eric Cantor is pissed and was seen visiting the offices of past acquaintances in Washington, trying to get legislation passed that would again benefit Wall Street, but nobody was home! So the reason that gasoline prices have fallen is based on the fact that “Big Oil” has taken back control, for how long is anyone's guess. At least we have a breather as long as Congress is AWOL, but no guarantee once it finds reason to return. And let's face the facts, returning would not be for interest the America citizens, but interest in those that think they think for all of America – and today that seems to be rested in the 1% faction. In the meantime, enjoy it but watch your back, as the thirst for stealing away your hard earned money never ends! And yes, send Congress a “Thank You” note, for looking upon our best interets and getting back control of once crazed gasoline prices - but mail the note to the CEO of EXXON, to give credit where credit is due!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Last Guy...

"Don’t you ever touch me. Don’t ever touch me. The last guy who touched me ended up on the ground dead" – Don Young, incumbent U.S. Congressmen from Alaska. Threats to a TSA agent? Actually, this was Don's opening statement to his challenger Forrest Dunbar during debates the other day. “On the ground dead” has aroused many a curiosity. So everybody is running around like a turkey ready to be butchered at a Sarah Palin valley rally, asking “Is there a Dead Guy”? Because when Don was asked about the comment, he responded, “There's some truth to that”. There came no denying that fact and Don, who never misses an opportunity to get even with a reporter bolted away from offering any other details, which arouses even more suspicion. This “some truth” is raising even more debate – as this may disallow taking the 5th if it is more then just an aggressive mood opportunity ha-ha I gotcha. Look, Don is the angriest member of Congress, for reasons other then he is the poorest after some 47-years in the “House” and will retire NOT a wealthy man. In fact, with his legal bills, he may end up a permanent resident at the Brother Francis Shelter or a preacher with the ABT – free room & board. In any event, something is bothering this man, and he should be happy as he was most recently remarried by Jerry Prevo and is said to be the last couple to receive a marriage certificate from the State of Alaska before same-sex marriages were allowed through a “Supreme Court” ruling. So, does Don have blood of a dead man on his hands? Of course this be the case, and it's Ted Stevens' blood! The reason for the “Some Truth”, as Don wasn't directly involved but may be an accomplice behind the tragic plane accident that ended Ted's life. Conspiracy? Maybe, but the few and far facts surrounding that accident and the quickness upon which the NTSB chose to close the case – with an undetermined cause – well there must be an underlying story and maybe Don is beginning to spill the beans. The pilot was poisoned or drugged to loose consciousness in a place that would allow a cover-up, in a plane owned by another accomplice involved, or who was summoned to help get rid of the evidence – Ted! I have researched a plausible theory, because I was provided some information that may provide the evidence that Ted was targeted for stumbling upon a cover-up political in nature. And I know some of the past along with knowledge of the characters involved, that which in combination provides credibility that there is something genuine with Don's attitude in tune to a cover-up – he may be keeping it held tightly inside and such harboring may be slowly killing him. He may not have been directly involved, but may have known about it and may have used it to another's advantage – a one phone call away “Help Me Don”! The plane accident, it was so convenient a cover-up, to get rid of Ted. See, Ted may have held secret the goods on Don, had the goods on many politicians for things that occurred on Ted's watch but due “bureaucratic camouflage” went under the g-man microscope - things that would blow your mind and if discovered have devastating effects on the basic foundation of this nation – called taxation. If that system is proved to be vulnerable to manipulation, it basically falls prey to destruction and may have found its time wherein it must be abolished and efforts ignited to come up with a new system – as taxation is necessary, but it must be equitable and without manipulation. Once the latter takes over, it is doomed and must be destroyed for a new chance. And we as a nation want a new system, so maybe the time is ripe to uncover what is bothering Don as it could be the precipice to make that change. It is the single most fundamental attribute of this “Union”, that must remain neutral, else we have testament to the worst of nightmares – that of a class system so exists, that is so denied an existence by virtue the equality clause in the U.S. Constitution. Sure there can be loopholes and ways to shelter assets away from taxation, but these things are usually temporary, until such time Congress realizes it was a change due favoritism and must be amended. But if something is done through favoritism from a back-door breach, there is no excuse and it dooms the system. It is very difficult in today's political circus for the g-men to perform their duties, just a system that caters to injustice over justice be served. And Congress is very good at squashing things, by using scare tactics and threats, so many are afraid of performing their oversight responsibilities. And sometimes things are discovered that should remain secret, as the government must weigh the ramifications – the case maybe herein this theory. I have reason to believe that the g-men were moving closer, but saw where it may be going, so called off the posse and hounds. Yes, Ted was arrogant, but he was truly “ethical” and a genuine “American” that was a “no holds barred” type of guy that stood for Alaska without even the slightest of derelictions, as this was his conviction. And Ted despised dishonest behavior! Towards the end, Stevens was basically a casualty of “entrapment”, not by John Lawman, but by a few he thought were friends that were part of a conspiracy, that may have gotten out of control – involving IRS tax returns. This was orchestrated by a few in the know, that were allowed access to perform such manipulations, until Ted found out about it – as when I was made aware of it, I asked Ted to look into it. Which he did, but warned me to stay clear of it. Even today, I don't know if that was an across the bow warning shot or a threat. But he was concerned and I knew he would take care of it, as this was the kind of thing he despised above all as it gave Congress and politics in general a bad name. Yes, this manipulation involved individual tax returns along with corporate returns, manipulated for purposes consistent with political aspirations, and Young may have been aware of it. But with Don's inkling toward a Tea-Party mentality of “less government”, there could have existed a “who gives a rat's ass about the IRS” attitude, that the system had been breached, especially if that breach helped friends in need. Ted on the other hand enjoyed “more government”, as long as there came a neutrality wherein government didn't find it over-stepping in a way that curtailed growth. Let's face the facts, the hand that feeds....So there is enough evidence that something not right was going on, Ted found out about it then may have started asking questions. And its discovery started efforts for another plot, another conspiracy, to get rid of Ted. The plot involved using Bill Allen, Ted's friend turned foe. See, Allen was aware of this plot but was now trying his best to ruin Ted, as others wanted a cover-up to cover-up the scandal and the only way to silence Ted was to attack his credibility. Plus, Allen was so vulnerable for crimes beyond illegal campaign contributions and bribery, if caught involved in this IRS scam. Why do you think the IRS arrived in droves down at Ted's retreat in Girdwood? Somebody was on too something – who would be the fall guy? And the g-men were making headway into discovering this manipulation that was taking place at an IRS office in Alaska – yes at Bill Allen's VECO building. See, Ted was wanting to build new offices for all of the Fed.'s that had business in Alaska, as he had the stroke to get the money needed to construct such new infrastructure – like the airport, FBI, BLM, museum and many other buildings under Federal jurisdiction. It was good for Alaska, as it allowed for a spiffy looking city and created jobs. It was also great propaganda that tourists could acknowledge, that money sent here was used for good things – the taxpayers' money at work! So new construction went on for years, it seemed every summer would find a construction zone for a new home for those working for the government. Except for building a new IRS building of its own, with security on its own. For years, the main IRS building was leased from Bill Allen, not a separate building but an office that shared Allen's VECO firm. It was a place that lacked security. It was an old building, built in 1976 when security was not a requirement. Yes, the IRS office in Anchorage had back doors! So, this allowed the manipulation to go on, and today we may have before us the biggest compromise ever, wherein tax returns were manipulated, for political reasons. Look, the worst thing a politician can endure is a tax record tarnish – so conveniently have Bimbo wash it away, on weekends by using a back-door entry! This happened, I have the proof but will not provide the details due exercising my 5th Amendment rights! And there exists other evidnce that points to this manipulation or something rotten taking place. Look, a VECO office building that may have been used to perform these manipulations was found up on the North Slope, after it was wrongly moved in a convoy along with other oil field service equipment – remember this was VECO's main headquarters. When it was discovered that a portable VECO office containing confidential “Taxpayer” information was on the “slope”, it disappeared like overnight! Yes, a portable office used at construction sites filled with tax returns, with scribble marks all over! I saw it, I saw the returns of politicians! But something was going down, as not just anybody can drive to the “slope” and get access to someone else's property? Unless, yes VECO! So more evidence found the disappearing act still works. Then something went wrong, as Ted was now aware of it and this kind of back-door stuff would not sit well with a “Statesman” like Ted. And maybe Don was not going to let Ted bring him down – so yes, Ted did touch Don, in a different perspective and Ted is today 6-feet under. Had Ted still been alive, he would have been a hero for what he was about to release, but instead, found trumped up charges that were prefabricated by Bill Allen – maybe at Don's or others' direction? Again, we have no idea as too what politicians may have taken advantage of this scam, not just those from Alaska, but nation wide – wherein records were manipulated then true documents purged for amended documents – all with the stamp of approval. When one looks at the wealth in Congress, and how the IRS was starting to come down on “scams”, it wouldn't surprise me that a little breach way up in Alaska turned into a circus. Why do you think Don is in such a crappy mood, as he had to throw Ted under the bus, to cover his own ass! Someday, the truth will come front and center and exonerate Ted. Maybe it will come forward in the form of a “Conspiracy” documentary, but it is due Ted in any form as his life was cut short for trying to be honest. I am sure that he wrestled with the ugly prospect of blowing the whistle on friends and colleagues – but Ted would do what was right, regardless and today all we have are memories of a crooked politician. That was not the case! But until such time, all we have is a song for the monster, who I believe is harboring guilt, a song for Young Frankenstein:

Dream all you want my darling
Of every lustful situation
Those naughty thoughts
Are fine with me
As long as they
Stay locked away
In your imagination

You can hug me til I scream
If it's only in a dream
But please don't touch me
You can feel me til I squeal
Just as long as it's not real
But please don't touch me

You can stick me
You can lick me
You can pinch me til I'm blue
You can bite me
And delight me til I'm blind
You can savage me
And ravage me
I care not what you do
If the lovely filthy things you do
Are only in your mind

You can spank me til I'm red
If it's only in your head
But please don't touch me
You can have me don't you see
If it's just a fantasy
But please don't touch me

Lyrics courtesy “Young Frankenstein” musical