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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wrong Address - Again!

The mailman just dropped off another package. The return address same as before, MAGA - C/O 68th Penthouse, 721 5th Avenue, NY, NY 10022.  Yes, Trump Tower! MAGA? Make America Great Again. I think I best shit in the hats and return-to-sender, as this stuff don't belong to this guy, but Trump deserves a "dump"!

Sickening Gesture

I just listened to Bernie Sanders, with his take on Donald Trump with only 50-days left before the Chief Justice swears in the idiot...the "Doomsday" ticker is readily approaching Apocalypseo'clock. Why are we being so silent? In horror of Trump, it's become a cuckoo clock affair with a snare. Well it is sickening and why in hell did Hillary Clinton ruin democracy? She should have put her selfish goals and ambitions to bed with Bill, as we all know that had it been Bernie against Trump in the end zone, we would be in celebration instead of feeling the knife of castration. And to see Mitt Romney sit down with Donald Trump under a "white flag" truce? OK, in the rich bastard class it means "white linens" and caviar. Romney gained my respect when he appropriately slammed Mr. Tower, as did Woody Guthrie slam Fred Trump way back when for discriminating against "black folk" at government funded affordable housing in "Beach Haven". That is where Woody coined the "Trump Tower", which stands today as a defiant image protecting discrimination and bigotry! The name calling by Romney was so, so accurate, and to reiterate:  "Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He's playing members of the American public for suckers. He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat. Dishonesty is Donald Trump's hallmark, his bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third-grade theatrics." Bravo Mitt, as the truth hurts. And even today, Trump maintains the same qualifications, basically "Unqualified to Hold the Office of Commander-in-Chief". Enough said, not really as it irks my nerves as now we hear that Romney is apologizing while breaking-bread? Look, Romney is under duress, he wants so bad to continue his political almost dead beat career, that he will bend down and kiss Donald's heel bone spurs - that's the excuse Donald Trump used to get out of the Vietnam War draft - 5 deferments. "What me go to that jungle, I'd rather shit in my pants"! Dick Cheney had 5 strikes also, amazing that we let lost souls into the highest office. This is not leadership, but an insurrection by more of the same old "swamp rat" type administration follies. Trump ain't draining the swamp, he's encouraging more of the same under a different name. We must UNITE, and honor a "day of reckoning" wherein we all strike. This is our only HOPE! On January 20th, the Trump Tower inauguration date-rape date, call in sick to work. It's a Friday and "We the People Denied" deserve a long weekend, as after that we are altogether as one playing Russian Federation Roulette, and Donald has a temper tantrum like mindset and controls that trigger - and I for one will never stoop so low as to kiss his heil Hitler heels - for give me liberty or give me death!

Image seen over "Trump Tower"

Obama SOS

Dear Barack;

It appears that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are already interfering in U.S. policy making decisions, under your watch and without your approval. Is this not an impeachable offense? Please sign an "Executive Order" banning the president-elect-reject from involving himself in extra-curricular United States of America affairs until after the January 20th swearing in, or else he faces the Citizen's Tribunal - as we know Congress does not give a rat's ass how this wackomaniac destroys the Constitution. By the way, I hope you have a T-off time scheduled over in Hawaii that same day, as it will go down as a disgraceful day when Donald Trump is sworn in to disrupt your accomplishments and I am glad that Michelle does not have to spend or waste time showing Melania around town. Having a golf T-off time is a good enough excuse, as 63-million will be boycotting that "I Swear..." Like I have mentioned before, I owe you for your 8-years of dedication - so if you need a caddy, I'm available the liftin's on me buddy!

Return To Sender

The mailman just dropped off this package. The return address was MAGA - C/O 68th Penthouse, 721 5th Avenue, NY, NY 10022.  Wow, Trump Tower! MAGA? Make America Great Again. I think I best wipe my ass and return-to-sender, as it doesn't belong to this guy, but deserves a from-under wipe.

Nazi Plunder

Under Adolf Hitler, the Nazi "Third Reich" invasion was known for its looting and confiscating of cultural relics and artwork - due its monetary value as it could be sold for a handsome reward. So Hitler had "specialized" Kunstschutz agents with the main duty of making sure this stuff was not destroyed, confiscated then put into safe keeping back in the "Homeland". Wow, even Hitler had a weak spot for cultural things.

Must see to Believe:

Back Door Man

The news' media has been focusing its attention on the 5th Avenue "Front Door" entrance of Trump Tower, to see who has been invited to the Gestapo Garage for tea & crumpets - Donald Trump's pigeon hole pent house. Wow, a $35-million dollar view of Central Park and all the "homeless". Look, the city stinks of urine and vomit, this is what city slickers endure breathing in every day - the reason Donald Trump has aged so much and cannot sport a smile. He lives in a pigeon coop, and with all that money...he's really broke else he would have moved out a long time ago! Imagine raising a family in such miserable living conditions. And look at the size of them city rats! Talk about rats, Dan Quail on the short-list? Maybe Trump is recreating "Laugh In" or needs someone to check the pit-speech spelling - spit-shine the potatoe. But it is the 56th Street "Back Door Man" entrance that has caught my attention. A guy named Shogo Takeda disguised as "Goofy" was seen getting through the private entrance security just yesterday. Who, What? He is the guy that went arrested a few days ago for stealing the CEO's wallet during a job interview. I can hear Donald, "You're Hired". And some guy in a "Jabba the Hutt" costume shows up everyday at the same time, right after lunch. Oh, that is Chris Christie trying to get back in the Donald's sway, or maybe a little hungry and looking for leftovers - as that is all the fat-man can wish for in a Trump Tower administration, leftovers. Dump Tower, has new meaning with the so far team of brats. I still believe in all honesty that Donald Trump is another brilliant Henry Murray in disguise, and this entire presidential stage setting is a Ted Kaczynski "Torture Test" in disguise, to see just how weak we are, where is the breaking point between derelict politicians and the citizens' united. Murray was the renowned Harvard psychologist that tested Ted to the brink of destruction. Ted's campus code-name was "Lawful", and the Unabomber had a class-mate code-named "Trump"? But back to the contestants showing up at Donald's audition. So how about Kevin Sirilay of Carrollton, Texas? He's a golf etiquette pro at Indian Creek Golf Course. His etiquette lessons involve breaking ribs, hitting with a 9-iron hard enough to cause brain damage, and other assorted techniques. Just up Trump's anal alley. I thought the "Apprentice" was kicked off the airways due too much spousal abuse violence after the broadcasts? Wow, there's a "private entrance" invitee without a costume, it looks the likes of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez(Democrat), ranking of 14 on the DOJ's corrupt indictment list. Must be looking for a pardon me. See, what if Trump offers immunity to this sitting senator looking at jail time - what if Donald asks Bob to giveaway his support for the LGBT community? Scary, look when facing jail time and the possibility of a "Get Out of Jail Free" reward, look out any equality in same-sex marriage. But what in hell is wrong with America? Are we really prepared to handle what is coming down the pike? Look at the posse that Trump is surrounding himself with - yes posse that will soon be rounding up the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness bestowed many Americans as a birthright. He will take it away, and the destruction has begun, as 5th Avenue is on a makeover, "Desolation Road". Our country is weak, to allow this takeover that will come fast and furious before we can swallow what just hit us. We must stand strong and unite in a labor boycott on January 20th. IMAGINE that the $1-million dollar ceremonial donating bourgeoisies class have to clean up their own mess after the swearing in, as that is what it amounts to - as we all shit but many think they are too damn good to clean their own ass. BOYCOTT we must, on January 20th as our own "Murray Test", to find out wherein the Trump breaking point exists - then we have control over "Desolation Road" and will be able to construct a "detour" away from the hellhole that awaits us if we refuse this challenge, else we fail Miss Liberty.

They're selling postcards of the hanging,
they're painting the passports brown

The beauty parlor is filled with sailors, the circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner, they've got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker, the other is in his pants
And the riot squad they're restless, they need somewhere to go
As Lady and I look out tonight, from Desolation Row

~ Central Park Homeless ~
Looks like a "Trump" and could be the result of the Harvard "Henry Murray" experiment.

Filthy Rich Twitch

Major Victory? If you believe so, you are a peasant peon with an IQ of "Divide by Zero" - a.k.a. "Trump Supporter". Yes "Major Victory", that is how FOX news is honoring and highlighting the Trump Tower Maggot's early achievement that on the percentage scale of things equals 0.0006261 - teensy weensy almost too small to call. It equates to a 6-micro penny wise feat and many pounds foolish - the Trump ghetto, I mean Beach Haven "motto". If so that the new administration sees this as a "Major Victory", we are in deep Donald Duck shit. So Trump is celebrating a win, some sort of deal to keep 1700 below grade minimum wage jobs here in the Heartland? He is but the president-elect reject only, yet is already harassing our liberty. Is this not interference and an impeachable offence? Please Barack, take action before it is too late. So I wonder what kind of squeal-like-a-pig deal it was between the Tower and some air-conditioning company that was about to send 1700-jobs to Mexico and save $65-million in labor - do the math it's below minimum wage earning jobs so we are better off letting it go. And the furloughed workers should just say bye-bye, then receive benefits to be re-trained in the renewable energy sector and make $65-thousand a year. On this same "Trump New Raw Deal" day, the solar industry created 3000 new jobs, with upcoming and funded projects on the drawing boards. Talk about a "Major Victory", but FOX cannot stoop too low to give credit wherein credit is due, as that would mean giving Barack Obama a pat on the back for "many" achievements. With Trump being an infidel of competition, the history books will one day hail Mr. Obama as one of this nation's better Commander-in-Chiefs. The United States labor force is at an all time high, hovering around 160-million able-bodied men and women earning a decent wage and the "unemployment" at an all time low, averaging out at 5%. This made possible by the Obama administration. So this land breaking deal, it sure doesn't do anything to indicate the Tower cares for the middle-class - or are we starting to see how we will hear more and more lunacy, make less and less, pay more and more so we can be a piece of history recreated, as slaves of labor! Trump saves a hand-full of low paying jobs and is proud of this as a Commander-in-Chief achievement - blasphemy to call it a "Victory". Sick to emphasize "Major", maybe Commander-in-Mischief is a better fit - of course it is, be prepared! But we must remember, "We the People Denied" - THE MAJORITY - will soon be on the other side of the freedom fence, so a "Major Victory" for Trump means nothing of an edge up for the middle-class salt-of-the-earth American. OK, bravo that Trump convinced some CEO to keep a few jobs here, but I hope the employment qualifications list "Trump Supporter", as when the swine that voted for this pervert sees what is behind that masked man - it ain't "Brotherly LOVE". Ebenezer Scrooge? We are getting closer and closer to a "Revolution" that which will be Twittercized, and history already tells us the outcome, Americans will win and we will then celebrate the end of the Filthy Rich and that is what this new "WAR" is all about. The wealthy, those that think they are an "American", may be winning the battle with a Trump Dysentery Dynasty triumph, but that faction and the thirst for greed cannot weather this storm. US verses Them has come to the battlegrounds, from sea to shining sea and this divided nation is at attention the conflicts we face traveling on the road ahead. But Barack has made this ARMY of "True Americans" very strong, and we will not be intimidated. As Neil Young said; "FUCK YOU DONALD TRUMP" and still today is being heard 63-million voices strong, as Yoko screams out...helter skelter we must fight back!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Urine Trails

Many fascinated with Science Friday and G-men conspiracy theories - and new to the scientific scene Donald Trump complacency hypothesis - those interested seem to offer a continued response in efforts to chastise or accept the "Chemtrails" phenomenon. Those aberrations that appear to invade the sky, condensed water-vapor trailing behind a jet plane that appear to linger "ghost" like and rolling about as if some sort of experiment - defying gravity and atmospheric air current normalcy. The latest "conspiracy" speaks of Donald Trump thinking of using the engine exhaust vapors for biological welfare, by seeding the "trails" with Viagra - buy stock today! I guess he feels if everybody is f&%#ing around, ain't no time for hand-to-hand combat. But I have been studying the "Urine Trails", as it is a more down to earth science. What the...I am at the airport and the gate agent just called for early boarding. Kids in strollers, seniors with canes, people faking a handicap with pilot dog in tow and low and behold now a bunch of soldiers! But I don't recognize the uniforms...closer look. It's Russian Federation troops, boarding early on a plane here in the "Heartland". I thought that early "All Aboard" gesture was in honor of "OUR" troops? I forgot, with Trump...anyway, the "Urine Trails" theory takes place at our busy airports. It starts early in the am, after the minimum wage butler has cleaned the floors of the stalls. Get used to that word "Butler", as under a Trump Tower dictatorship we all fall under the same umbrella - US verses them, salt-of-the-earth verses the caviar crowd. For US, it's a title upgrade, with less benefits. But the urine trails, worse today then when I started gathering the data for the research some 5-years ago. See, when the airlines restructured due the high cost of jet fuel courtesy of George W. Bushcheney, wherein fewer flights meant crowded flights we cater to the sardine can class - the urine went out of control as there was no time in between the day for the butler to clean up the piss bath mess. The airlines have become very efficient, yet there is a fallout. See, we are so panicked with rushing from here to there and everywhere in between, because we know it is just a matter of time Donald starts throwing around the nuclear football and Melanomia...So when "on the ground" and a station break calls, we rush to the urinal. OK, maybe this is a guy thing as trying to piss when 50-thousand feet up and away in the sway with the Chemtrails - maybe it's piss vapor! But when down to earth, the piss path begins, as the puddle gets larger and larger each plane that unloads over the course of the day and over time the path gets longer and longer, from each and every crowded latrine to departure gate, and we track it everywhere even onboard the planes. Look, did you ever see a bonafide study, yet? It is something they don't want you to know about, as if it went public we would all be wearing booties. Urine, it's everywhere! Yes, the soles of our shoes are like a cesspool tracking sponge - Number1 efficient. From the latrines overflowing because we don't have time to arrest the drip action pissing on the run, all the way...Mom's, don't let your babies grow-up to be airport crawlers! But with a Donald Trump Tower Dysentery Dynasty, the piss trail takes on a new meaning. As soon the Oval Office will be overflowing with urine. It will boil-over into the streets of the beltway, from sea to shining sea, we will be inundated with urine sprawl over urban the Tower stands erect. "Piss on them scumbag low-lifers", the Donald Trump Legacy already in the making, and if we don't protest his taking over we will not only be crawling in the Trump Tower urine giveth, but treading a urine bath for a living.

The above clip shows the "Urine Trails" on 11/27/2015 at a popular destination airport. Capture of "Urine" made possible by the use of a sophisticated "Glowing Infrared Time Domain Reflectometer" guided drone. 

La de freakin' da Dude

National "Flag Burning" Day
I honestly believe that the day after Donald Trump and his punk posse makes a law that bans burning the Russian Federation flag, that "We the People Denied" gather together all 63-million of us, and "Burn" the Real McCoy in protest. Small hand held flags will suffice, and who cares about carbon sequestration, as with a Richie-Rich mindset we are under "castration" by a politically polluted evil. Donald is proposing that those indicted for burning the flag be denied citizenship and incarcerated for a year. He seems to be on a role this "citizenship denial", which means a whole lot of mischief like activity. "Denial of Citizenship" could become a normal crime sentencing under the "Tower Maggot's" regime. Think about it, burn the flag get one year wherein you can't work, can't vote, can't travel, can't do nothing. And they thought Hitler was a Helter Skelterian!

Is Kellyanne Conway trying to sabotage the "Tower" before his term of endangerment even begins? Of course she is, as she knows that a Donald Trump win was a fluke and she is smart enough to realize that "The Donald" cannot run this nation, except into the ground. She fears for the future, and is doing her civic duty to paint a picture of what is in store for democracy - a noose! So maybe there is time, wherein the "Tower" will implode and then Congress will be called to action to mobilize a leadership that can save this sinking ship.

Trump - Medical Dictionary
Take the "Top 100" prescription drugs sold to Americans today. Now take the "side effects" for the top pass, combine then beat well and voila - the Donald Trump definition dictates a bad bowel movement. Look, this guy is a piece of shit, no matter which way you look at him. Sad day in AMERICA it is...
Give me about a half teacup of dysentery...
Now I need a pound of explosive diarrhea...
Now give me four tablespoons of foaming at the mouth...
Now a little pinch of penis puss...
Now give me a half a pint of vomit...
Now beat, well.
(Sing to tune of Memphis Soul Stew)

OK, to those that cast a vote for Hypocrisy over Democracy, Donald Trump is a "Beach Haven Maggot": Maggot - a soft-bodied legless grub that is the larva of a house pest fly and develops usually in decaying organic matter or as a parasite in plants or animals.

What's That Stench?

Wow, I just finished combing through the "Rise & Fall of the 3rd Trump", reads like a Mad Magazine "Limited Edition". OK, the fall of "The Donald" is premature, but when the Newt Gingrichs' come out of the lunatic bin to lend support - just a matter of time failure is imminent the "Tower" domain. Remember, it is who we surround ourselves with that counts, or hurts. Gingrich, a Trump spokesperson, the guy that introduced us to Dennis Hastert, Pedophile of the House of Perverts - a.k.a. U.S. Congress under Bill Clinton. What is with all the political sexcapades, as if they have nothing better to do then collect a good salary and freeload - maybe it's a freelance in filth opportunity based on immunity? OK, he's a "Newt", with adult semi-aquatic functionality, so he came out of the political cesspool to act as a cheerleader for a coward maggot. Imagine naming your kid...and Stephen Hawking has recently reneged on his 1000-year prediction the "Fall of Mankind", insisting that under a "Trump Tower" dysentery dynasty, the United States will fail within a month and the exponential insurrection will have devastating effects worldwide. Yes, the "Doomsday Clock" is in fast forward. I wake each morning and let the republican "Trump Supporting" neighbor's dog bite me, that pinch me thing, "Waaaell Laa De freakin' Da" is going down? For the last 50-years, "We the People Denied" have been denied honest representation. We find an approval rating of "divide by zero" with the Congress - which is a grave-robbing "ERROR" in computer talk. But that recipe for disaster, the tipping point over the edge, Donald Trump holds the patent - so did Hillary Clinton so it didn't matter what the "hacked" election brought us. It has been a long time coming, but all bad things must also come to an end and then we rebuild - as the Founding Fathers left us a blueprint - and "We the People Denied" when push comes to shove will prevail. I am glad that the Duck Dynasty Deliverance family went off the air...what you mean they went into hiding in their underground bunker with the Billy Brown "Alaska Bush Family"? Holy shat, incest finds a new beginning - is this a trailer of a new reality bingo? See, this couch potatoe fascination in "Reality" is the reason this nation is falling down on its knees - had the Founding Fathers realized such trash would take over the airways and become a vice, they would have made it against the law. They would have also found a reason to ban an incompetent Congress, but they thought we as a nation would have more sense then to elect dead-weight dummies to hold such office of responsibility. Look, we are not provided a clear-cut-choice any longer as the entire political venture is polluted - the Gingrich cesspool effect. OK, in the beginning it was a volunteer job - this "No Taxation without Representation". So that is wherein it started to go downhill for the count, when Congress was reformed for those willing to crucify the Constitution. That is what's under attack by modern day freak show politicians and that cesspool is overflowing, from sea to shining seas. We had been given a strong "Institution", but it is weak today. And with Donald Trump at the helm, well the "Circus is in Town" and the "Big Tent" can only handle so much hot air, fat-ladies, freako-maniacs and duck dynasty crap. Obama is the "Last Great President Hero" this nation will ever see, as the political landscape is in a transformation, and said again it would be no different if it were Hillary smiling to the January 20th hanging - "We the People Denied" are under a loose noose! Wow, is she depressed, as she was beat up by a walking "Turd"! Look Trump will transform our government into garbage, just a gander at who and what he is, rather bothersome. From his youngster days following his father Fred to "Beach Haven" discrimination bullying "throw the black bums out", through the gangster way he made $billions$ on government handouts abused...OK, ratings as a Commander-in-Chief, well it shows that "No-Adult-Left-Behind" finds merit and when we waste that "vote" on a lunatic candidate, we should be fined. Here it is in a nutshell. Trump has used his business dealings to circumvent the U.S. Tax Code to pay NO Income Taxes. And his bankrupt dealings enriched not only himself by loopholing the reserves of the U.S. Treasury, but "Richie-Riched" those that invested in this illegal activity - knowing all the time it was wrong but knew Uncle Sam was weak to arrest such "Theft". Trump was successful because he has taken the loot and invested it in other nations, which difficults the "record" so it is easy to fool the IRS agents and fools US. He has invested money that never existed, most likely swindled "goodwill" from the hard working taxpayers, and invested it the likes of a Ponzi scam - as Donald Trump is the Ponzi Godzilla with a twist. His method to claim he is rich follows the Ponzi scheme with a Mobius Strip identity. The reason it continues on with success, as it has a dimension that makes it look good...OK, his word is like the advise coming from a ventriloquist. His life, his dealings, all a Ponzi gimmick and now he has used that success to win the Oval Office - as he scammed his followers, and that is one huge crowd of suckers! Chalk one up for "The Donald", over Bernie Madoff! Yes, read my lips, the Mobius Strip Ponzi Scam, the only reason the man with fewer votes is moving into the Oval Office and has already made it a cesspool joke, a circus freak show and it ain't even his property yet!

Monday, November 28, 2016

E Pluribus Eunuch?

American Patriotism Test: To be administered to "ALL AMERICANS" before January 20th, 2017 as a pre-requisite for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Who would you trust, on the "Left" or on the "Right"?

Hint: "This land is your land, this land is my land..."

If the "Right" wins, then it is E Pluribus Eunuch!

This land is your land
This land is my land
It don't belong to the Tower maggot
His sleaze is sinful
His posse willful
To take a stand against righteousness
This walk of life was not made to be abused
Total disregard this land
Total disrespect these hands
This land is your land
This land is my land
It don't belong to the Tower maggot

What If? Sarah Palin

OK, speculation hit the political "Beaufort Scale +12" yesterday over the fact that Donald Trump's son "The Barron" may have special needs requirements? So what, but for "We as a Nation" when acting together have devised many special programs for those in need of a little extra in the helping hand category. And of course with all due respect, this family matter if "True" is "private". But when Donald becomes the gate keeper of the Oval Office, he then has an obligation to bring such family medical behavioral matters front and center of attention - for lack of a better argument or term, use his son's handicap as part of his administration's mandate for a better and friendlier nation. It starts right here at home! It goes with the territory, love it or leave it. Imagine if you had a child with "special needs" and a 1st Family with similar needs also - it makes things better all around for mankind. It's that comforting factor that a person very high up with lots of pen stroke and lots of power can make a difference for all concerned. It sets into motion a higher degree of a "positive" mindset, which sometimes prepares paving the way for advanced legislation designed to further the wealth and worth of those born onto this earth with limitations and handicaps. When we fact-check and back-check how the Obama administration has performed on that front, wow, and we must remain on that same course without any detours - or deterrents due associated cost burdens. Obama did this out of the goodness of his heart and soul, without any push and shove from advocates. From the Affordable Care Act - with increased emphasis on health coverage for the handicapped - to employment opportunities through Executive Orders designed to help out our unfortunate brothers & sisters - well any departure away from this fascination with a new administration would be disastrous. So, if indeed "The Barron" is affiliated with such medical concerns, we look forward to Mr. & Mrs. Trump bringing it to our attention and not as a show of pity but reality bravery, as "We the People" are all in this together. Look, we saw that in Sarah Palin, when she was born a son that had "special needs", she was soon front and center of attraction and attention her son Trig's situation in life to come - there was no hiding behind fake doors. And she was adamant that if placed in a position of power that could do justice to programs that pay tribute, she would take action. So, is there today a reason why Sarah has been banned away from the Trump Tower? What if Sarah Palin was interested in a Trump administration position and was told she must remain silent about "The Barron"? There is rumor mill speculation that Donald and Melania are hiding something, as "The Barron's" stage presence is awkward. Medical professionals not afraid to speak their minds are questioning the same and raising concerns - without answers. Remaining silent is not good for this nation! Sarah Palin is a "mom", a real McCoy "MOM" and would never stoop so low - we Alaskan's have that extra something in us. Ted Stevens taught us so - be brave in light of fright. It ain't worth it the other way around, and if what hit the "Richter" over the weekend has some semblance of truth, are the Trump's embarrassed? But now that the citizens are speculating along with the fact that Sarah has been missing in action the action taking place at the "Tower", I fear we have an incoming 1st Family that still maintains that old style of...well it's a flavor of bigotry and has nothing to do with wanting "Privacy". Maybe that is what Trump raged about this past weekend in light of his son's attention, that maybe the illegal votes that lost him the "Popular Vote" came he that sick of an individual?
Where the handicap will roam?

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Even with a Trump latrine
          getting ready to arrest civility,

One target he cannot withstand
          is that the beauty of nature surrounding.

This he knows not, as "Reality" fake stumbles
          and make's this man, never made.

His glass house, his Neptune Palace
          best refrain, from losing marbles.

With his king of Tyrus conviction
          and that geranium kiss of death.

Beware the Tower be not a threat,
          as we are immune disciples 
          of nature's womb.

Bribebart 666 - Update 1127

Kellyanne Bombsaway: Yes, Donald thinks that Mormon families are too big, so he is proposing a tax increase for large families - over 3-kids will mean a child penalty violation tax. And this is also payback to Mitt Romney for disparaging comments during the campaign, as Donald believes you attack the big losers and that will then show the underlings how to act. And Donald is also proposing a tax decrease for the middle class of 2%, but in reality when said and done it amounts to 66.6-cents per pay period. So, a free gallon of gasoline each month. Yes, Donald loves the number 666! And we are so glad that we will be able to give the wealthy a 13.5% decrease in tax burden and when we do the Real McCoy math it comes out to 66.6%, which means like the Donald the wealthy will pay NO federal Income Taxes on their easy made loot. Most likely it will mean a "Rebate". Yes, Donald loves that number - 666! And yes, Donald's philosophy is that if you are a loser and didn't make it big as a business tycoon, then your failure penance is paying taxes - a.k.a. middle-class peons. And Donald believes that we should bring back the "Debtor Prison", as that will be added income to pay for his "added" security detail as Melanomia does not want to take up residence where a black family broke bread. And yes, John Bolton is still hysterically laughing when we first asked him any interest as the "Tower's" Secretary of State, we hope he will soon catch his breath and reconsider our offer. We can't imagine what was so funny, and if laughter is the best medicine, Donald is also considering Bolton as Surgeon General. And about Jill Stein's recount, so what that it is true that the "Electoral Vote" count from legitimate registered voters for Donald Trump in the contested states is equal the same amount of cartoon characters - as their votes do indeed count.

Trump Tower Prediction

Yes Donald Trump will reinstate "Debtors Prison".

And if you are "Black", remember Donald Trump's dad Fred Senior drew that line of discriminatory distinction a long time ago, the reason why "Trump Tower" came to be, just ask Woody Guthrie. And that "Tower", it is the Trump "Icon" of the discrimination many face today, it looks OK on the outside but there exists an internal "evil" that takes exception the color of a man's skin. And when Fred Junior refused to be part of dad's affordable housing extermination, he was tortured to alcoholic addiction extinction.

Old Man Trump - Words by Woody Guthrie

I suppose that Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hate
He stirred up in that bloodpot of human hearts
When he drawed that color line
Here at his Beach Haven family project

Beach Haven ain't my home!
No, I just can't pay this rent!
My money's down the drain,
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home!

I'm calling out my welcome to you and your man both
Welcoming you here to Beach Haven
To love in any way you please and to have some kind of a decent place
To have your kids raised up in.
Beach Haven ain't my home!
No, I just can't pay this rent!
My money's down the drain,
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home! 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Dumb Trump

Day after Thanksgiving, 2016. “Them belly full but we hungry. A hungry mob is an angry mob…” So after a day of eating stuffing and proud to be an American still, before it is too late best get busy with my 1st Amendment Right, against the “Right”!
Dear Dumb Trump;

You have the minority vote pick pocketed, please resign before January 20th in efforts to protect “OUR CONSTITUTION”. The Founding Fathers would have already arrested your November 8th triumph, as no way in hell was our Independence based on the “Minority” vote of the people. It’s like saying the looser wins, and you are a looser in more ways than one, if you continue to entertain your desires deserving of the Oval Office. You are far removed what it takes to run this nation. In fact, do you even have a driver’s license Mr. Limo? And you know what…the country doesn’t need rebuilding! Obama has already finished that business, if you believe differently, you are a blowhard. Instead of thinking of wasting money on your “I have a $Trillion$ dollar Dream”, give it back to its rightful owners, “We the Taxpayers”. Your “dream”, is more like a wet-dream! But you would never do that, give us a rebate, because you never pitched in with taxed income to help secure this nation’s infrastructure – that is what Americans do, we chip in. You seem to think chipping away at the U.S. Treasury’s reserves is your way, so just smooze out a plan that rewards your coward mindset. Why not try to be a “True American” for one-day, then you may get it right. Please, if you have to move into the White House without your trophy wife, just enjoy being a Eunuch and “Do Nothing”! That is how you will get my respect and approval for your legacy rating. To reiterate, “Do Nothing”. OK, I will compromise, “GO FUCK YOURSELF” as that has my approval along with 63-million “True Americans”. I wasn’t a Hillary fan, she screwed us all – as if it were Bernie you were up against, he would have kicked your ass way better then when you bushwhacked Vince McMahon. Get it right, your fan club came out of their underground bunkers to cast a trash vote, as they live a life of seclusion and hope for Armageddon. Your following wants a conflict, and hopeful that you nuke them all. Look, everybody you are picking for your circus freak show, it’s because you hate them and this is get even time! They belittled your qualifications, now you offer up that carrot and when they accept, just like Charlotte’s web. I wish I could find a single iota about you that instills some semblance of “Patriotism”, I failed as you are NOT a TRUE AMERICAN. In fact, I have immigrant friends much more patriotic then you, and I am sure that is hard for you to swallow. But I will make a wager, that you will be the shortest office holder of record, as we will see that you really have no balls to stick it out, only a fascination to stick it to US! Hope you choke on a “leftovers” turkey bone and Chris Christie is close by to give you mouth-to-mouth! Donald, didn’t daddy Fred teach you how to smile, or is it you are so disgruntled upon life that we see…who am I to judge? An American that cares and left with nothing this election except the Mighty 1st – and that is something you will never take away even with all the power of the 2nd behind you, as each and every shot fired to arrest my free-speech, is but a wasted apprentice.

Pants on Fire

He’s a liar, a turd liar. SOB is too soft, maybe time for some additions for Mr. Webster - use Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) as a foundation stone! See, Donald “IBS Racial Slut” Trump has already strutted his Oval Office “slutting” to his advantage – he didn’t want “Green Energy” wind turbines to harass the ocean views from one of his “Celebrity” golf courses over in “Britain”. So he used his president-elect status to get the wind turbines on the AWOL list. When questioned, his pants went afire, his nose grew several inches erect, as Trump said “wind turbines” are built in China? And thus he could attack those that attacked him on his swaying away the turbines – because that is what we learned during the 2016 debates, everything is made in China. Including the “fake” marble that decorates “Trump Tower”. Well from sea to shining sea, many Americans slave away the day making “wind turbines”. When I visit my daughter down Colorado way, I see long trains heading south with Wyoming coal, and long trains heading north with wind blades and towers – all designed, built and fabricated in good old U.S. of A. OK, maybe the steel is supplemented with “crap” from China, but the labor stays here for the final build, transportation, erection to production. In Texas, that state is going hog wild, with both wind and solar taking over ranch land, that owned by wealthy land barons – many aligned with the Conservative GOP. In Haskell - Rick Perry’s home - solar PV is generating interests and generating “cheap” electricity. Why? The land owners like that monthly check for allowing the land to cater to “Green Energy”. And with a depressed oil and gas sector, many qualified workers with years of experience in the oil patch, from engineers to ditch diggers, all migrating over to solar! This is what is happening across the nation, yet the “IBS” President-elect thinks differently as he is totally out of touch “American Reality” because of his interest in “Fake Reality”. And if Mr. Trump spent Thanksgiving day working to create jobs, well the unemployment rate is at an all time low already – what in hell is he talking about? Clueless frown rage,  and wasted effort but we best get used to it - the waste, the lies and bad temper! I cannot wait until it is heard resonating from the Liberty Bell, “You’re FIRED”! Donald Trump is a disgruntled American, lives in a sheltered environment, and not once have I ever seen a smile – he hates the fact that he is so poor in comparison to the “Great Wealth Builders”, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Just wait until during his cabinet meetings he starts throwing around that “Nuclear Football” as the posse selected so far, a bunch of “Turncoats”, and cowards to except his invitation into the “Trump Tower Inferno”.  I wish there was at least one thing good to say about the president elect - like 63-million Americans I am "Patriotically" lost for words.

The Name Game

“The name game. Shirley! Shirley, Shirley
Bo-ber-ley, bo-na-na fanna
Fo-fer-ley. fee fi mo-mer-ley, Shirley!
Lincoln! Lincoln, Lincoln. bo-bin-coln
Bo-na-na fanna, fo-fin-coln
Fee fi mo-min-coln, Lincoln!
Come on ev'rybody, I say now let's play a game…”

Ok, who coined the name “Trump Tower”? Let it be the “American Patriot Test” only 57-days before…God help US. It was Woody Guthrie, a “TRUE AMERICAN HERO” when protesting the way Fred Trump discriminated over “black folks” at the Beach Haven housing project in New York City! And when Donald erected the fake gold-leaf extravaganza on 5th Avenue, it was that same name this new institute of “Brotherly Love” advertises over the Manhattan skyline. What’s in a name? How about a history of Racial Hate – as that is what the “Tower” symbolized back during the dust-bowl days, and no different today.

Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam…”

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alice’s Restaurant 2016

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
Walk right in, it's around the back
Just a half a mile from the railroad track
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
Now it all started two Thanksgivings ago, was on - two years ago on
Thanksgiving, when my…

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the following Emergency Bulletin: Due the fact that Donald Trump’s remake of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is in full bloom and that “yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog’s eye” seems to be following all roads to Trump Tower, in the tracks of those so honored with visitation rights to kiss Trump’s ass, instead of celebrating this day with Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” we bring you the following more appropriate message this Thanksgiving Day of 2016:

Old Man Trump - Words by Woody Guthrie

I suppose that Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hate
He stirred up in that bloodpot of human hearts
When he drawed that color line
Here at his Beach Haven family project

Beach Haven ain't my home!
No, I just can't pay this rent!
My money's down the drain,
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home!

I'm calling out my welcome to you and your man both
Welcoming you here to Beach Haven
To love in any way you please and to have some kind of a decent place
To have your kids raised up in.
Beach Haven ain't my home!
No, I just can't pay this rent!
My money's down the drain,
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home!

Happy Turkey Day. May be the last for awhile!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Net-worth Nothing

Strike 1) No Tax Returns 
~ wealth questionable
Strike 2) Won’t “Blind Trust” Trump Tower 

~ wealth questionable
Strike 3) Used donations from foundation for “Lunch Money”

~ spending money questionable

Why, well the “Three Strikes You’re Out” means Donald Trump is “BROKE”. In public, he speaks a good line of wealth, when he isn’t even on the Forbes “Top 1000” list of “Men of Wealth”, just a wannabe. What’s in your wallet? A fib, that little white lie.

Obama’s Biggest Challenge

I once thought that Obama’s toughest challenge was in defense his “American Recovery & Re-investment Act”, as the economy sent toward ruins by George W. Bushcheney was the incoming president elect’s “Biggest Challenge”. On the way out of town, Bush and Cheney cohoodlums ransacked the White House and killed our bread & butter! Even the toilet paper dispenser in the Oval Office “crapper” was found empty! The only thing for the wipeout, a bunch of papers left behind that read “This Page Left Intentionally Blank”, George Bush’s memoirs! That “Obama Stimulus Act” became law way back in February 17, 2009, after only 29-days in office – when the Obama family was still moving into the White House. And when that “Executive Order” hit the sitting Congress that had been “asleep at the wheel” as Bushcheney destroyed our Constitutional conviction, many wanted to start impeachment hearings against the 44th, saying the “Stimulus” was a racket. Wow, does Trump Tower have it made, as the economy is robust and we have a higher level of peace throughout the globe – he can just sit back and smile. What’s that I hear, the “Soup Nazi” regime is already committed to a $Trillion$ dollar bailout? Something is wrong, as NOT a single republican member of Congress is stepping up to the plate this thievery upon the U.S. Treasury – we don’t need a stimulus as Obama has already fixed things for future generations to come! How stupid is the American voter? How come NO calls to start an “Impeachment”? Of course, maybe that loot is coming from “Russia with Love”. But it was towards the end of Obama’s 2nd term wherein the Chief had to change gears, and horses in midstream. Everything up to that point, it was executive legislation that helped “All Americans”, as party affiliation was not part of Obama’s America. In fact, Obama even stayed away from the 2016 election, until towards the end when Donald Trump was about to turn the entire populace into Nazi all, or else. But when the Hillary Clinton “Private Server” caught the Oval Office off-guard, well that is wherein we saw Obama then taking the stance a different side with respect to “what is best for national security” - over the citizens demands. See, in the end it is a system of merit designed to protect the citizens, but what we see in between appears to be fluff protection for Hillary, when she is just an innocent bystander. What needed to be done, well it allows circuit breakers to “Trip” as power to fix things circumvents the normal distribution. See, I have covered the “Server & e-mail” conundrum since its inception. I believe that FBI Comey did what was right, as in the end the evidence was pointing the investigation towards the Oval Office, and it involved NOT Hillary as a primate suspect, but another Clinton – yes Bill Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States in trouble again, and of record “Impeached” already. So when the entire “hack” started and went discovered by “Hillary Hatred”, that which started a “witch hunt” of unprecedented lynching, it was NOT Hillary to blame, but Bill – there came evidence that which stimulated the dilemma Obama’s White House was facing. A facelift was required, and that is wherein “We the People Denied” become suspicious. So going strong into the 2016 election with only a Trump and Clinton, the White House went into hiding – the evidence that is today “sealed” through “Executive Order” privilege which needed to be sheltered. Said again, the repercussions to act otherwise would have been devastating to this nation’s placement on the world-wide scale of things “Good”. That evidence, if not hidden away from public scrutiny as well as secure away from “Untouchable” members of Congress, it would have set the stage for tests upon the Constitution that could and would have caused a “Mutiny”. “All Things considered”, that is what Obama did in the face of destruction when our system had been breached and thus compromising many aspects of the way this nation does business. The $Billion$ dollar payments we are sending over to Iran is testament the infiltration, as we are paying out a ransom. Bill allowed the “Breach”, through carelessness while sitting upon his Chappaqua “Crapper” smoking a cuban, but the fact that he had access to Hillary’s “Server”, that is a close call for espionage. And there were other things discovered, like Donald trump’s association with criminals and Vladimir Putin! So “Love it or Leave it”, that is what happened. It is what FBI Comey has been crying-out-loud trying to tell us – as without the evidence so sealed away for safekeeping, he has no case. So any information that would normally be reserved as part of the records retention requirements, it is under seal today and probably will not be available for another 25-years – wherein discovery will be a moot point. Obama is hiding the goods, upon Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. He must, as with either Hillary or Trump having the potential to win that 2016 election, with either Bill or Donald under investigation with the “loose lips sinks ships”, it would have been devastating this nation’s worth – far worse off what the Buchcheney days of distrust entertained us with. So yes, under normal circumstances Hillary would have been disqualified, Bill would have been indicted and very possible that Mr. Trump would also come under fire of “Disqualified” and that makes this nation a weakling! And you can see it on Obama’s face, missing is that mile long smile of success, because he has been very transparent over the past 8-years, we are a better nation indeed because of such honesty. But when things are good all around, we find not viable candidates to succeed, as we are out-of-tune - to which I fault Obama, because he did too good a job as Commander-in-Chief. Suffer we will, because so many were afraid and still afraid to admit that a “Black Man”, once a color of slavery in the South could take the helm’s demands and command, without a grudge past atrocities and NOT try to seek revenge. Obama, he will go down as the “Greatest U.S. President”, in due time you shall see what his presidency has done for mankind. And because we still cannot come to grips his greatness, that is wherein we are forced upon with falsehoods, like in a Donald Trump…well it has become a “Reality Show” and the “Soup Nazi” is dishing it up, piss him off and you will go to bed famished.
The Chappaqua "Crapper", where it all began!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bribebart - 666 Update

From Kellyanne Stowaway: Donald John Trump will continue to refuse the $400000 dollar yearly “Presidential” salary, because there is no way in hell to NOT pay an income tax on that earned income. And for Donald Trump to start and set a precedence to pay taxes to the U.S. Treasury?????? Preposterous!

Donald Trump's Frown – Rigged with Rage

Final Talley-hoe the 2016 Presidential Erection:

Hillary Rodham Clinton = 61324576
Donald John Trump = 305163426

Hillary passes wind by a landslide, yet remains in solitary confinement, as somehow the Russian Federation maintains way too many electoral votes. But with this latest “count” and according to Phineas J. Whoopee, the “American Electoral Count” is shy a “True Winner”. Basically speakeasy speaking, we have a president-elect without a country. Who gives a rat’s ass?

See, Donald Trump has already reneged on his arrogant pledge that he would investigate Hillary Clinton’s “Private Parts Server” and the ties to the Russian Federation with Lucifer the “Hacker”. When the Tower campaigned on this issue, it was heard across the nation “Lock Her Up” as millions of supporters demanded some sort of retribution and it appears jail time was the only remedy. So millions of Trump supporters are today, well Donald was a sellout and Hillary won the election – based on popular vote – and won her freedom at last. Trump was smart to let the “Lock Her Up” sentiment slide away under the rug for a very selfish reason. And remember, members of the 115th Congress have said it ain’t over with yet, as Utah’s Chaffetz(70% of votes to Trump) and South Carolina’s Gowdy(70% of votes to Trump) plan to continue their attacks and get to the bottom of…ever try to reason why the 114th Congress has failed to indict Mrs. Clinton? Ever reason why a dozen or so confidants of the Madam Secretary have pleaded the 5th? See, there is evidence hidden away under “Presidential Executive Privilege” and today out-of-reach - that which the Oval Office wants no American to see. The “Hillary Clinton” Congressional investigation was getting close, to Bill Clinton and that is where it gets complicated. See, before glory and still paying nothing appreciable in income taxes, Donald had no idea wherein the “Hillary Server” escapade was about to take this nation, until he became the “President Elect” and started getting “High Security” briefings - then it hit him like a freight train. That’s right, the “Server” evidence was pointing to Bill Clinton having access to the “high profile government network”, some Constitutional attorneys call it spying. Bill had Hillary’s “password” and when at ease and sitting on his Chappaqua home’s “crapper”, he could entertain himself on what the hell was going on and maintain a “tube” to his friends, like with well known pervert Jeffrey Epstein. The e-mails that were “BleachBitched away, that trove of data had nothing to do with Chelsea’s wedding cake, this was evidence against Bill and many others – including Mr. Trump. That is the main reason the Clinton attorney that orchestrated the “sweep” and against the law had no qualms violating the “Records Retention Act”, as it was in the best interest of this nation to get rid of the sinking ship evidence. And it is the Jeffrey Epstein stuff that is potent enough to take down a nation. So now Donald has his own lock on the evidence, so of course the pledge to keep the heat on Hillary is now a wasted vote for many Trump lemmings. It is like this. Trump has supposedly traveled to that island of lust operated by Epstein as an under-aged whore house for the rich and famous – including foreign dignitaries. Maybe for Trump it was “Strictly Business” and the “Tower Maggot” avoided perversion, that’s good – but he must also have realized what went on in this slave pit – yet never spoke out? Remember, at one time he was a very good friend of the Clintons. “Lolita Island”, it is where young girls are stolen way from their family, and turned into sex slaves of the trade. Many are immigrants! Look, I can go to a legal “Cat House” in Harry Reid’s Nevada(70% of votes to Hillary) and pay for a worn out posse, as it is legal and the hookers are of age and consent to the stiffing. But there is a lust and fascination by many in power to take advantage of underage girls, it’s a Hitler like power rage and has nothing to do with lust, but abuse. Look, of course Bill was at that island on several occasions, it is well documented and he admits half the truth. And according to corroborating evidence, Donald was on that “Private Island of Lust", for what? He communicated with Epstein, for what? Tax evasion methods! So Trump has reason so early on before his 100-days is put to the test to arrest any further Hillary Clinton citations, as it is beyond Hillary. She’s innocent, that is what Mr. Comey was trying to tell us yet instill that the “Bigger Picture” is bothersome, so best put it to rest? I guess so, maybe time to start calling Trump an “Indian Giver”! With that, Trump’s popular vote count changed drastically on November 22nd, as the “Lock Her Up" voters realize they wasted a vote, if the “Hillary” madness is all that they focused upon. Look, letting Hillary off the hook has nothing to do with the Donald being a nice guy – he isn’t, never has and never will be nice. Look at that frown, it’s “Rigged” with rage. So here it is in a nutshell. Hillary is free. Bill is free. Trump has freed himself. And “We the People Denied” a fair election are screwed again, as power and money is the rule and ruin of this nation…so help me God!

Monday, November 21, 2016


Donald Trump’s official Secret Service Code-name: 666

“Just call me Lucifer
'Cause I'm in need of some restraint”

114th Congress

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, as the Town Crier makes an official proclamation: The hourly wage paid members of Congress for 2016…drum roll please, $172.69! And only 126-days at work – reinforcing the fact that crime does pay as for doing nothing and collecting something, in the American “Playbook” that finds an element of “criminal” behavior. The shortest session of Congress since, 1793, a year before Congress came to be. Sad thing, we pay for it, sickening reality. And why such a low turnout that body of government that is supposed to represent US – as we still believe in Still Stiff Taxation with NO Representation? Because, when not in “Chambers”, it means lobby-hobby time, which makes $555124 extra income bucks, or 3x per hour what we are willing to dish out!

Bribebart - Trump Team

Rare and secret photo of the Trump Team – November 21, 2016!

Code-name: Trump & Lawful

Sealed away forever somewhere in Harvard Yard, the results of disturbing experiments performed on a dozen “guinea pig” students back in the late 50s early 60s. Yes, when instead Ted Williams held our attention, as a player for the Boston Red Socks at Fenway park just a few miles away from wherein these experiments arrested  away the mind of these unknowing victims. Yes, young students picked because of their “brilliance”, then subject to mind game torture, that which makes water-boarding tame in comparison. It was mental mind abuse torture over physical desperation like challenging – where is the breaking point? Ted Kaczynski was a graduate victim of this experiment – that which followed the MkUltra/CIA guidelines and performed by Harvard’s professor of distinction, Henry Murray. It was known as the “Annex”, a live-in fraternity wherein this class of students went subject to over-the-top humiliation and Hitler like abuse, unabated like “mind” abuse, akin to being a patient at an insane asylum. The “Harvard” campus crypt like nightmarish structure was demolished a long time ago, as it was a penitentiary of crime and best get rid of the evidence. And even during the Unabomber trial, the information held by Harvard remained sealed – as it was just too dangerous to allow the results to be front and center the attention during Ted’s murder trial.  Since the “Annex” was part of a CIA funded project, it was considered outside the realm of any Freedom of Information Act transparency. As any infiltration into the sealed evidence, it could alarm us to the other students that were subject to such mind games, all against their will. Many could still be alive today, and if that torture led to a suicide, or drug abuse, siblings may know the grizzly details of this Harvard experiment. They were young kids, and this was a “Top Secret Experiment”, even the parents of these children of brilliance with a “future” held no idea this was in store for their loved ones, unaware until after the facts and this disturbing ritual went discovered. It was “Harvard”, not State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers – made famous by H.P. Lovecraft. Ted went by the code-name “Lawful”, and there was also a guinea pig named “Trump”. Many believe it was an illegitimate son of Fred Trump, or some semblance of a relationship, and today “We the Public” can only guess if the “Trump” is associated with the Trump Tower dynasty. But enough has leaked out of the sealed documents, and “loose lips sinks ships” holds water-board water still. Even though many in the know these trials on the minds of these youngsters are no longer alive, yet the victims may be amongst us. Or for that matter, relationships made aware of this horrific injustice against another human too young to defend,  some may still be harboring a mandate for revenge. Look, we maintain within us a human nature of revenge and when we see the anger in Donald Trump’s frown – he is an angry man, and that is very scary. Something disrupts his rational mindset, that is what sets-off his rage. That is the reason he has such a following in the Alt-Right, as this is how to “whiten” the earth – total destruction and when the smoke clears away, hop out of your underground bunker and head to a rib joint. I hope that the 4-minute timer for the nuclear launch, something we learned about from Hillary, I hope the brass-in-charge can place an “Oh Shit” delay just in case Donald decides to blast us all away. Look, even a premature launch from this nation, it starts Armageddon, there is no retreat when the beast is set free. And that is what we have before us today, as the Trump beast from the Henry Murray experiments has been set free. Over-the-edge conspiracy? Maybe so, but when a man has so much anger, and is as trigger happy as Annie Oakley, maybe Donald holds some grudges against society - as the Harvard experiments show us that we sometimes take advantage of those that know not the difference – “Trust Us”! Donald’s get even? I believe the only reason he wanted that position in the White House, after successful on every other avenue being rich and famous, why subject oneself to such abuse – as being the U.S. President is not an easy thing – it takes away one’s freedom! So why else is Trump so engaged with so much power at his fingertips – ask yourself why and the only answer is based out of “Revenge”. How he will perform his get even plan, time will tell but I tell you such revenge does not take into account your feelings or future. Trump should be compelled to subject himself to a psychiatric evaluation and the Trump family questioned under Congressional subpoena what it knows about the Murray experiments and if any relation to the “Trump” code-name still exists!

The hairdo on the Right? Looks like a TRUMP!

Trump/Pence Snot Rags

Going fast and furious, so get your order in today! Trump & Pence 2017 Inauguration “Snot Rags”, a.k.a. peasant hanker-chefs. If interested e-mail to for ordering/delivery options. 

For Sale While Supplies Last: 100% cotton, 14” x 14” “Snot Blowing” area. The Trump & Pence team have already ordered 1-million, so get your order in today without delay, don’t be the only American without this prized possession on January 20th, 2017! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Come Together, Right Now...

Come Together, Right Now...
Finally, we made it to the holidays. It was tough, as this time around between here and there was a “Mutiny on the Bounty” center stage our attention - with the 2-year-too-long election. Maybe we should take some advice from Liverpool, as the blokes allow only 9-weeks for the general “Parliamentary” election for their Prime Outlaws, the rest is time spent romancing the Rolling Stones’, “Turd on the Run”. What? Politicians running for cover! With the 2016 United States Russian Federation conjoining, more like an eviction away from Constitutional common sense. The mud-slinging was childish between candidates – because neither party had anywhere near close a viable statesmen as cowards amongst us is what a $billion$ dollar sell-out guarantees. Today forward, starting with this election, leadership at the highest office of power is but a suggestion as a qualifier - may the “Best Turd” win! For the poolitians it was an erection – “pool” a.k.a. press club, FOX and MSNBC along with the pathetic DNC & GOP wannabes. And they put us through one “hellava” detoxification event, as battle lines were drawn, between the Left-out and who was in the Right. But the Holidays bring us together, put aside for awhile the idiotic 10-seconds claim-to-fame, with “Twitter Itch”, it is so childish. I just traveled through two very busy airline hubs and brotherly & sisterly love was awesome. I saw people all walks of life. Take that back, I saw Americans – wherein it did not matter the color of one’s skin, it did not matter the order of one’s kin, we were “UNITED” as one! The detoxification worked, as we have become acclimated against such political season abuse, wherein politics causes such revenge upon that “Pride and Prejudice” thing. See, pat-on-the-back, we seceded away from the tyranny of government and beltway expansionism a long time ago. We weaned ourselves away from a derelict and a dysfunctional Congress, and relied solely on the American institution called the “Middle Class”, as it is the only saving grace forward as to whom we really are. We go to work. We make an honest wage, unlike members of Congress. We live a life of our own “Good Will”, the “Truths” being self-evident” our unalienable rights so protected by our own survivalist like defense, as we don’t need the guidance of a haunting tyranny any more. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is ours without their interference, so far so good. Sure we went beat-up by the brats the last year or so, it is today water under the bridge “We the People” needs no explanation. And this I saw today, from sea to shining sea, as the “Beltway” lust has fizzled out. Time will tell what good or harm will come from the Trump Tower. Yet we don’t need him, as long as there is a road to travel to maintain our lifestyles, that all important middle class work-family relationship kept in tack, then we win no matter what. The same thing will play out come the next 4th of July – we will not be in celebration “Our Government’s” disposition but for who we all are as “One Together”. And we still have it in us no matter what we believe as individuals to be political correct – because that is like the Mobius Strip and its two-sided personality. So, “We the People” have “Come Together”, and no matter what negativity flies across the “wire”, deep inside we are good, especially during these Holidays. Smile, John Lennon & God loves you as “Come Together, right now over…” we did so a long, long time ago regardless of what the evil of politics wants US to believe differently!

Once in khaki suits, gee we looked swell
Full of that yankee-doodlee-dum
A half-a-million boots went sloggin' through hell
And I was the kid with the drum

Say don't you remember, you called me al
It was al all the time
Say don't you remember, I was your pal
Buddy, can you spare a dime?