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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So Wart America

Now, in honor of the 2016 election, I celebrated this day buying the Donald Trump Constitution, 1st Printing. Tough going, as his fan club was high and buying it all "Hot Off the Press". Article 1: President "Elect" Donald Waldorf Trump resigns as incoming 45th, says system is "Rigged". Article 2: Before resigning, Trump pardons Chris Christie for eating Rachel Ray whole in efforts to gain 207-pounds as his pay grade in the Trump administration is based on buoyancy. Article 3: Females to use back door when entering the "White House", unless breast naked. Look, she shit in her own picnic basket, then invited "popular vote" guests for an outing - her lose had nothing to do with gender! According to the Independent Voice; "But Clinton received the endorsement of almost every newspaper in the US, while Trump got the National Enquirer and the Crusader, the in-house periodical of the KKK. Clinton had ranks of surrogates from Barack Obama to Lady Gaga. Trump had Ted Nugent and Chachi from Happy Days. Clinton outspent Trump by two to one on the trail." America today, as the vote that captured the White house for a walking Hemorrhoid captures the scene of reality and that formula of success is made up of the Kim Davis wannabe cockthrobs - defined as wart infested gray chin-haired disgruntled females - and the Chris Christie in crowd, fat assholes that believe hunger for the needy is vogue - feed me feed me I don't care about starving babies! He's five people-in-one, and eats enough to feed a homeless nation. Maybe rural wife beaters were behind the King Enquirer's inquisition win, by spouses that sleep with a loaded gun and abuse is vogue, sending their victims to the Trump or else. Look, just re-visit the Palin Family "brawl", when her daughters pissed in their panties and this is an indication of what to expect over the next 4-years. Dear Joe Biden, please down the boxing gloves, as the mat is set and I honor your word, hurry up before Trump has Secret Service Security detail. What happened to free thinking America? Look, the "Hemorrhoid" was not supposed to win this election, but when Hillary kinked democracy and used her hidden agenda skills to kill Bernie Sanders' aspiration for a "New America", here we are today, wherein the "National Enquirer" is what the winning electors used to guide their patriotism - now for that "Reality", take away the "pat, take away the "ism", what is left? Start your engines, the "Looting has begun"!

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