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Friday, November 18, 2016


JANUARY 20th, 2017 is the "NATIONAL DAY of STRIKE".  63-days left and counting. Remember, this American worker "work stoppage" from sea to shining sea is in solidarity against the outcome of a "Rigged" election, so just call in sick, even if a "UNION" member and under a binding NO-STRIKE clause. Stay at home as there is no reason to peacefully assemble during this boycott. This "STRIKE" is endorsed by the 60-million strong "We the PEOPLE DENIED" that feel it necessary to have our voice heard on the eve of Donald Trump & Company taking over the Oval Office. And the best way for that "VOICE" to be heard, through silence as NO-SHOWS to the labor camps. Mark your calendar, set your phone for an auto-reminder, as if we let this opportunity slide we have no defensive position when turmoil awakens Armageddon. But it won't be hard to forget this day coming. "We the PEOPLE DENIED" must show the world that when push comes to shove, our "VOICE" in numbers has consequential meaning, by causing this nation to come to a screeching halt. Preparations in the works for skeleton "Emergency Responder" crews to be available, but being a peaceful protest right before the weekend(January 20th falls on a Friday) there should be no concerns. Said again, this is a "Peaceful" effort. We are also asking that all "weekend" commerce on January 21st through the 22nd be placed on hold. Please just stay at home, enjoy the neighborhood, build bonfires and roast hot-dogs. This "STRIKE" is intended for the news media also, as we can go a few days without watching the panic from the Trump Tower in disarray because the minimum wage earners decided to take the day off. Honor comes with this commitment and something the Founding Fathers will be proud upon.

Follow-up: It is hoped that by rumor this action gaining traction it will force Trump to the bargaining table, at least make him realize that even though he won the election based on the "electoral vote" count and not by the popular vote, that he still has a faction to contend with, "WE the PEOPLE DENIED".

Today's Head Count those Americans joining in this proclamation: 13,165,235

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