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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's That Stench?

Wow, I just finished combing through the "Rise & Fall of the 3rd Trump", reads like a Mad Magazine "Limited Edition". OK, the fall of "The Donald" is premature, but when the Newt Gingrichs' come out of the lunatic bin to lend support - just a matter of time failure is imminent the "Tower" domain. Remember, it is who we surround ourselves with that counts, or hurts. Gingrich, a Trump spokesperson, the guy that introduced us to Dennis Hastert, Pedophile of the House of Perverts - a.k.a. U.S. Congress under Bill Clinton. What is with all the political sexcapades, as if they have nothing better to do then collect a good salary and freeload - maybe it's a freelance in filth opportunity based on immunity? OK, he's a "Newt", with adult semi-aquatic functionality, so he came out of the political cesspool to act as a cheerleader for a coward maggot. Imagine naming your kid...and Stephen Hawking has recently reneged on his 1000-year prediction the "Fall of Mankind", insisting that under a "Trump Tower" dysentery dynasty, the United States will fail within a month and the exponential insurrection will have devastating effects worldwide. Yes, the "Doomsday Clock" is in fast forward. I wake each morning and let the republican "Trump Supporting" neighbor's dog bite me, that pinch me thing, "Waaaell Laa De freakin' Da" is going down? For the last 50-years, "We the People Denied" have been denied honest representation. We find an approval rating of "divide by zero" with the Congress - which is a grave-robbing "ERROR" in computer talk. But that recipe for disaster, the tipping point over the edge, Donald Trump holds the patent - so did Hillary Clinton so it didn't matter what the "hacked" election brought us. It has been a long time coming, but all bad things must also come to an end and then we rebuild - as the Founding Fathers left us a blueprint - and "We the People Denied" when push comes to shove will prevail. I am glad that the Duck Dynasty Deliverance family went off the air...what you mean they went into hiding in their underground bunker with the Billy Brown "Alaska Bush Family"? Holy shat, incest finds a new beginning - is this a trailer of a new reality bingo? See, this couch potatoe fascination in "Reality" is the reason this nation is falling down on its knees - had the Founding Fathers realized such trash would take over the airways and become a vice, they would have made it against the law. They would have also found a reason to ban an incompetent Congress, but they thought we as a nation would have more sense then to elect dead-weight dummies to hold such office of responsibility. Look, we are not provided a clear-cut-choice any longer as the entire political venture is polluted - the Gingrich cesspool effect. OK, in the beginning it was a volunteer job - this "No Taxation without Representation". So that is wherein it started to go downhill for the count, when Congress was reformed for those willing to crucify the Constitution. That is what's under attack by modern day freak show politicians and that cesspool is overflowing, from sea to shining seas. We had been given a strong "Institution", but it is weak today. And with Donald Trump at the helm, well the "Circus is in Town" and the "Big Tent" can only handle so much hot air, fat-ladies, freako-maniacs and duck dynasty crap. Obama is the "Last Great President Hero" this nation will ever see, as the political landscape is in a transformation, and said again it would be no different if it were Hillary smiling to the January 20th hanging - "We the People Denied" are under a loose noose! Wow, is she depressed, as she was beat up by a walking "Turd"! Look Trump will transform our government into garbage, just a gander at who and what he is, rather bothersome. From his youngster days following his father Fred to "Beach Haven" discrimination bullying "throw the black bums out", through the gangster way he made $billions$ on government handouts abused...OK, ratings as a Commander-in-Chief, well it shows that "No-Adult-Left-Behind" finds merit and when we waste that "vote" on a lunatic candidate, we should be fined. Here it is in a nutshell. Trump has used his business dealings to circumvent the U.S. Tax Code to pay NO Income Taxes. And his bankrupt dealings enriched not only himself by loopholing the reserves of the U.S. Treasury, but "Richie-Riched" those that invested in this illegal activity - knowing all the time it was wrong but knew Uncle Sam was weak to arrest such "Theft". Trump was successful because he has taken the loot and invested it in other nations, which difficults the "record" so it is easy to fool the IRS agents and fools US. He has invested money that never existed, most likely swindled "goodwill" from the hard working taxpayers, and invested it the likes of a Ponzi scam - as Donald Trump is the Ponzi Godzilla with a twist. His method to claim he is rich follows the Ponzi scheme with a Mobius Strip identity. The reason it continues on with success, as it has a dimension that makes it look good...OK, his word is like the advise coming from a ventriloquist. His life, his dealings, all a Ponzi gimmick and now he has used that success to win the Oval Office - as he scammed his followers, and that is one huge crowd of suckers! Chalk one up for "The Donald", over Bernie Madoff! Yes, read my lips, the Mobius Strip Ponzi Scam, the only reason the man with fewer votes is moving into the Oval Office and has already made it a cesspool joke, a circus freak show and it ain't even his property yet!

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