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Friday, November 18, 2016

Why Give a Rat's Ass?

Why would Bill & Hillary give a rat's ass, about the "New Nation of Idiots" under a Donald Trump lunacy? See, the Clinton's made it rich, after being run-out of the White House, a disgraceful couple they were. Hillary sticking up for her "from-under" husband and his gaggle of hoes, basically an abused spouse. So over the years, making it rich the American way so why not just "shit" on Old Glory. She had no business getting in Bernie Sanders' way. When she lost, because 60-million people can't stand her evil ways and means and decries Bill even more, Hillary should have known better then letting her "greed" cast a doubt on this nation and its future. She lost an election against a "Reality Magnate Maggot Turd"! Now look at what we face, it's called "Desolation Road"! Yes, Hillary and Bill can stroll off into the sunset with their $100-million from Wall Street speeches, and buy freedom fries. In fact Bill is buying up the Chappaqua neighborhood, as when it is all said and done the Clinton's will have but a few friends left to chum around with - like Jeffrey Epstein. The rest of us, those that must face the news and face the nation of idiots in control, well we are going to have a tough time fending for ourselves. When the results were in after Hillary's terrible closing argument - that she was honest and could be trusted, may the "Best Liar" win - well I said it was done, let them off the hook please go away never disturb us again. But when I see the destruction that is about to reign down on "Tranquility", the disruptive process of a "Reality Maggot", I am lost for words. So maybe we need to bring Hillary to trial for "High Crimes", just so Trump sees what can happen if he gets out of hand.

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