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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Donald Trump's Frown – Rigged with Rage

Final Talley-hoe the 2016 Presidential Erection:

Hillary Rodham Clinton = 61324576
Donald John Trump = 305163426

Hillary passes wind by a landslide, yet remains in solitary confinement, as somehow the Russian Federation maintains way too many electoral votes. But with this latest “count” and according to Phineas J. Whoopee, the “American Electoral Count” is shy a “True Winner”. Basically speakeasy speaking, we have a president-elect without a country. Who gives a rat’s ass?

See, Donald Trump has already reneged on his arrogant pledge that he would investigate Hillary Clinton’s “Private Parts Server” and the ties to the Russian Federation with Lucifer the “Hacker”. When the Tower campaigned on this issue, it was heard across the nation “Lock Her Up” as millions of supporters demanded some sort of retribution and it appears jail time was the only remedy. So millions of Trump supporters are today, well Donald was a sellout and Hillary won the election – based on popular vote – and won her freedom at last. Trump was smart to let the “Lock Her Up” sentiment slide away under the rug for a very selfish reason. And remember, members of the 115th Congress have said it ain’t over with yet, as Utah’s Chaffetz(70% of votes to Trump) and South Carolina’s Gowdy(70% of votes to Trump) plan to continue their attacks and get to the bottom of…ever try to reason why the 114th Congress has failed to indict Mrs. Clinton? Ever reason why a dozen or so confidants of the Madam Secretary have pleaded the 5th? See, there is evidence hidden away under “Presidential Executive Privilege” and today out-of-reach - that which the Oval Office wants no American to see. The “Hillary Clinton” Congressional investigation was getting close, to Bill Clinton and that is where it gets complicated. See, before glory and still paying nothing appreciable in income taxes, Donald had no idea wherein the “Hillary Server” escapade was about to take this nation, until he became the “President Elect” and started getting “High Security” briefings - then it hit him like a freight train. That’s right, the “Server” evidence was pointing to Bill Clinton having access to the “high profile government network”, some Constitutional attorneys call it spying. Bill had Hillary’s “password” and when at ease and sitting on his Chappaqua home’s “crapper”, he could entertain himself on what the hell was going on and maintain a “tube” to his friends, like with well known pervert Jeffrey Epstein. The e-mails that were “BleachBitched away, that trove of data had nothing to do with Chelsea’s wedding cake, this was evidence against Bill and many others – including Mr. Trump. That is the main reason the Clinton attorney that orchestrated the “sweep” and against the law had no qualms violating the “Records Retention Act”, as it was in the best interest of this nation to get rid of the sinking ship evidence. And it is the Jeffrey Epstein stuff that is potent enough to take down a nation. So now Donald has his own lock on the evidence, so of course the pledge to keep the heat on Hillary is now a wasted vote for many Trump lemmings. It is like this. Trump has supposedly traveled to that island of lust operated by Epstein as an under-aged whore house for the rich and famous – including foreign dignitaries. Maybe for Trump it was “Strictly Business” and the “Tower Maggot” avoided perversion, that’s good – but he must also have realized what went on in this slave pit – yet never spoke out? Remember, at one time he was a very good friend of the Clintons. “Lolita Island”, it is where young girls are stolen way from their family, and turned into sex slaves of the trade. Many are immigrants! Look, I can go to a legal “Cat House” in Harry Reid’s Nevada(70% of votes to Hillary) and pay for a worn out posse, as it is legal and the hookers are of age and consent to the stiffing. But there is a lust and fascination by many in power to take advantage of underage girls, it’s a Hitler like power rage and has nothing to do with lust, but abuse. Look, of course Bill was at that island on several occasions, it is well documented and he admits half the truth. And according to corroborating evidence, Donald was on that “Private Island of Lust", for what? He communicated with Epstein, for what? Tax evasion methods! So Trump has reason so early on before his 100-days is put to the test to arrest any further Hillary Clinton citations, as it is beyond Hillary. She’s innocent, that is what Mr. Comey was trying to tell us yet instill that the “Bigger Picture” is bothersome, so best put it to rest? I guess so, maybe time to start calling Trump an “Indian Giver”! With that, Trump’s popular vote count changed drastically on November 22nd, as the “Lock Her Up" voters realize they wasted a vote, if the “Hillary” madness is all that they focused upon. Look, letting Hillary off the hook has nothing to do with the Donald being a nice guy – he isn’t, never has and never will be nice. Look at that frown, it’s “Rigged” with rage. So here it is in a nutshell. Hillary is free. Bill is free. Trump has freed himself. And “We the People Denied” a fair election are screwed again, as power and money is the rule and ruin of this nation…so help me God!

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