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Monday, November 21, 2016

Code-name: Trump & Lawful

Sealed away forever somewhere in Harvard Yard, the results of disturbing experiments performed on a dozen “guinea pig” students back in the late 50s early 60s. Yes, when instead Ted Williams held our attention, as a player for the Boston Red Socks at Fenway park just a few miles away from wherein these experiments arrested  away the mind of these unknowing victims. Yes, young students picked because of their “brilliance”, then subject to mind game torture, that which makes water-boarding tame in comparison. It was mental mind abuse torture over physical desperation like challenging – where is the breaking point? Ted Kaczynski was a graduate victim of this experiment – that which followed the MkUltra/CIA guidelines and performed by Harvard’s professor of distinction, Henry Murray. It was known as the “Annex”, a live-in fraternity wherein this class of students went subject to over-the-top humiliation and Hitler like abuse, unabated like “mind” abuse, akin to being a patient at an insane asylum. The “Harvard” campus crypt like nightmarish structure was demolished a long time ago, as it was a penitentiary of crime and best get rid of the evidence. And even during the Unabomber trial, the information held by Harvard remained sealed – as it was just too dangerous to allow the results to be front and center the attention during Ted’s murder trial.  Since the “Annex” was part of a CIA funded project, it was considered outside the realm of any Freedom of Information Act transparency. As any infiltration into the sealed evidence, it could alarm us to the other students that were subject to such mind games, all against their will. Many could still be alive today, and if that torture led to a suicide, or drug abuse, siblings may know the grizzly details of this Harvard experiment. They were young kids, and this was a “Top Secret Experiment”, even the parents of these children of brilliance with a “future” held no idea this was in store for their loved ones, unaware until after the facts and this disturbing ritual went discovered. It was “Harvard”, not State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers – made famous by H.P. Lovecraft. Ted went by the code-name “Lawful”, and there was also a guinea pig named “Trump”. Many believe it was an illegitimate son of Fred Trump, or some semblance of a relationship, and today “We the Public” can only guess if the “Trump” is associated with the Trump Tower dynasty. But enough has leaked out of the sealed documents, and “loose lips sinks ships” holds water-board water still. Even though many in the know these trials on the minds of these youngsters are no longer alive, yet the victims may be amongst us. Or for that matter, relationships made aware of this horrific injustice against another human too young to defend,  some may still be harboring a mandate for revenge. Look, we maintain within us a human nature of revenge and when we see the anger in Donald Trump’s frown – he is an angry man, and that is very scary. Something disrupts his rational mindset, that is what sets-off his rage. That is the reason he has such a following in the Alt-Right, as this is how to “whiten” the earth – total destruction and when the smoke clears away, hop out of your underground bunker and head to a rib joint. I hope that the 4-minute timer for the nuclear launch, something we learned about from Hillary, I hope the brass-in-charge can place an “Oh Shit” delay just in case Donald decides to blast us all away. Look, even a premature launch from this nation, it starts Armageddon, there is no retreat when the beast is set free. And that is what we have before us today, as the Trump beast from the Henry Murray experiments has been set free. Over-the-edge conspiracy? Maybe so, but when a man has so much anger, and is as trigger happy as Annie Oakley, maybe Donald holds some grudges against society - as the Harvard experiments show us that we sometimes take advantage of those that know not the difference – “Trust Us”! Donald’s get even? I believe the only reason he wanted that position in the White House, after successful on every other avenue being rich and famous, why subject oneself to such abuse – as being the U.S. President is not an easy thing – it takes away one’s freedom! So why else is Trump so engaged with so much power at his fingertips – ask yourself why and the only answer is based out of “Revenge”. How he will perform his get even plan, time will tell but I tell you such revenge does not take into account your feelings or future. Trump should be compelled to subject himself to a psychiatric evaluation and the Trump family questioned under Congressional subpoena what it knows about the Murray experiments and if any relation to the “Trump” code-name still exists!

The hairdo on the Right? Looks like a TRUMP!

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