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Monday, November 14, 2016

Prediction 2017

Rudy Giuliani will be the 1st Trump Administration "goon" to sleep in a jail cell. You can see it on his face, hear it in his voice, he's running scared and guilty of something. And get a load of the GOP "Turncoats", those that hated Trump when the campaign was in full swing, and today running to his side - pathetic, and we pay them for, being a "Turncoat"? Fast forward, Trump's 10-day pre-view, just watch a Rodney Dangerfield flick...

Day1) With my wife I don't get no respect. I made a toast on her birthday to 'the best woman a man ever had.' The waiter joined me.
Day2) I'm not a sexy guy. I went to a hooker. I dropped my pants. She dropped her price.
Day3) I tell you, I'm not a sexy guy. I was the centerfold for Playgirl magazine. The staples covered everything!
Day4) What a childhood I had, why, when I took my first step, my old man tripped me!
Day5) Last week I told my psychiatrist, "I keep thinking about suicide." He told me from now on I have to pay in advance.
Day6) I tell ya when I was a kid, all I knew was rejection. My yo-yo, it never came back!
Day7) Oh, when I was a kid in show business I was poor. I used to go to orgies to eat the grapes.
Day8) The time I was kidnapped, and the kidnappers sent my parents a note they said, "We want five thousand dollars or you'll see your kid again."
Day9) I tell ya, my wife was never nice. On our first date, I asked her if I could give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek - she bent over!
Day10) I tell you, with my doctor, I don't get no respect. I told him, "I've swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills." He told me to have a few drinks and get some rest.

~ More To Come ~

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