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Friday, November 25, 2016

Pants on Fire

He’s a liar, a turd liar. SOB is too soft, maybe time for some additions for Mr. Webster - use Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) as a foundation stone! See, Donald “IBS Racial Slut” Trump has already strutted his Oval Office “slutting” to his advantage – he didn’t want “Green Energy” wind turbines to harass the ocean views from one of his “Celebrity” golf courses over in “Britain”. So he used his president-elect status to get the wind turbines on the AWOL list. When questioned, his pants went afire, his nose grew several inches erect, as Trump said “wind turbines” are built in China? And thus he could attack those that attacked him on his swaying away the turbines – because that is what we learned during the 2016 debates, everything is made in China. Including the “fake” marble that decorates “Trump Tower”. Well from sea to shining sea, many Americans slave away the day making “wind turbines”. When I visit my daughter down Colorado way, I see long trains heading south with Wyoming coal, and long trains heading north with wind blades and towers – all designed, built and fabricated in good old U.S. of A. OK, maybe the steel is supplemented with “crap” from China, but the labor stays here for the final build, transportation, erection to production. In Texas, that state is going hog wild, with both wind and solar taking over ranch land, that owned by wealthy land barons – many aligned with the Conservative GOP. In Haskell - Rick Perry’s home - solar PV is generating interests and generating “cheap” electricity. Why? The land owners like that monthly check for allowing the land to cater to “Green Energy”. And with a depressed oil and gas sector, many qualified workers with years of experience in the oil patch, from engineers to ditch diggers, all migrating over to solar! This is what is happening across the nation, yet the “IBS” President-elect thinks differently as he is totally out of touch “American Reality” because of his interest in “Fake Reality”. And if Mr. Trump spent Thanksgiving day working to create jobs, well the unemployment rate is at an all time low already – what in hell is he talking about? Clueless frown rage,  and wasted effort but we best get used to it - the waste, the lies and bad temper! I cannot wait until it is heard resonating from the Liberty Bell, “You’re FIRED”! Donald Trump is a disgruntled American, lives in a sheltered environment, and not once have I ever seen a smile – he hates the fact that he is so poor in comparison to the “Great Wealth Builders”, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Just wait until during his cabinet meetings he starts throwing around that “Nuclear Football” as the posse selected so far, a bunch of “Turncoats”, and cowards to except his invitation into the “Trump Tower Inferno”.  I wish there was at least one thing good to say about the president elect - like 63-million Americans I am "Patriotically" lost for words.

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