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Friday, November 4, 2016

What If?

Is William Jefferson Clinton behind the sabotage of Hillary's political career? In so little time, she finds her aspirations taking over the helm tanking, due outside interference. What if, well Bill despises Hillary's fame stage as the 2016 presidential potential? See, if Hillary becomes the 45th Commander-in-Chief, then Bill is truly ball & chained. As the 1st Lady, he would have to do as every 1st Lady has done since "He Shall Have Power" became part of the U.S. Constitution - act as the head janitor for the White House! I wonder how Bill would re-decorate the...what you mean separate bedrooms? See, what if John Podesta has been Hillary's secret lover for the last 10-years or so and Bill is pissed, so he sabotages her run for the roost. Look, maybe Bill is doing Hillary a favor by leaking Podesta's e-mails to Russia so that Putin could be targeted for cyber-espionage when all the time it was designed as a plan of failure. See, Bill does not want to be locked-up for the next 4 to 8 years in the cesspool of political corruption - the cesspool he helped build and helped fill. So maybe Bill wants out, and the only way for that is through "character thrashination" sabotage. See, a win for Hillary would end the Clinton Foundation, so Bill would not have that excuse as a gallivanting crutch to Little Saint Thomas - Jeffrey Epstein's sex island. And due the fact a kidnapped 1st Lady would be like "war", Bill would lose most of his freedom surrounded day and night by body guards. Let's face the facts, if Bill was kidnapped at Jeff's place, how would this nation react? Then again, maybe Hillary would just laugh instead of getting this nation involved in giving in to sex traitors. At age 70, Bill is at his "Senior" prime for senior sex, and we know he has no intercourse with Hillary, so has to have "take-out", like when Hillary was away on personal business as Secretary-of-State and the "energizer bunny" was called to order. Look, Bill doesn't want to get anywhere close the Oval Office and does not want to take up residence in the White House - just too restrictive for a retiree. So maybe Bill is behind all this "leaking" stuff, and when his plan wasn't working as intended - due Hillary's GOP competition merely a hemorrhoid - he employed the services of the Weiner for help. Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner are peas in a pod of perversion. And with what is coming out, it is intended to sink Hillary. Now it may not stop the momentum before November 8th, but there is enough cesspool overflow that there is still time for a collapse before inauguration day. So I believe it is Bill behind the political sabotage that is whittling away at Hillary's chances of taking over for Obama. And then again, as Bill was a sitting U.S. President, maybe he is doing it for "love of country" - as he knows Hillary better then the voters. Way to go Bill! State of the State: Some goons are selling "hand cuffs" as Hillary Clinton "Inauguration Day" jewelry, imagine making a profit on...well maybe the ball & chain for Bill is what it is all about and why Hillary's chances are getting slimmer each and every passing day, as leaks from Podesta continue to romance the stone and now the "Weiner". Bill may be in heaven!

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