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Thursday, November 17, 2016

It Didn't Work, JERK!

Dear Bill Clinton;

It didn't work, after almost 8-days in solitary confinement, Hillary still likes to tell lies. I just watched her at some rally, her first public appearance since the "Rigged" election laid out the rules. See, she is still trying to tell her audience that she was in it for "ALL". She was in it for herself, and that selfishness cost this nation - well look what ended up in the Oval Office! She should have taken a leave of absence when Bernie Sanders was still a viable target of the DNC. Damn, imagine being part of a delegation bent on screwing over a fellow member of Congress? Hillary knew this attack was going on against a man who stood up with her "enough on the emails". I don't feel sorry for Hillary, this was all her own doing and I am sure that you have seen the "mirror" polls, that which shows Bernie beating Trump by 38 "Electoral Votes". Amazing that selfishness of one individual can take down an entire nation. It is also amazing how many of us knew this would be the outcome, but there was not a damn thing we could do about it, as the system has been "Rigged" for a long, long time and I think you are a signatory somewhere on that permission slip. And please, please keep Chelsea out of politics, haven't you done enough daughter damage already? Let her be  what she wants to be, not part of the Clinton Dysentery Dynasty I hope!

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