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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wasted Worriers?

Dear Senator John McCain;

Donald Trump already "Reset" relations with Vladimir Putin, how soon you forget, must be dementia. See, back in July he proudly asked Putin to break into this nation's security network. Not as a joke to see how vulnerable this nation is, or a challenge "us verses them", but in efforts for the requested break-in to gather information that which could be used in his campaign against Hillary Clinton. It worked, and instead of telling Trump what NOT to do, maybe you should try being an American and go after him for "Treason", the damage has been done - he's a traitor and you know all too well what that means.

Dear Senator Lindsey Graham;

Never in my lifetime would I be saying for once I am in agreement with you! Yes, you have NO use for a Donald Trump like 60-million other Americans distraught with what is on the horizon a Trump Dysentery Dynasty. And with your call for a "Special Investigator" into the Trump-Putin relationship conspiracy, of course you realize that when Donald Trump asked for Putin's help, he committed "Treason" - siding with the enemy rings a loud bell. He's a "Traitor", guilty and fit NOT for the White House but fit-to-be-tied in a Federal Penitentiary - how about a cell mate for Ted Kaczynski? So maybe you should talk some sense into Mr. McCain, try to explain to him what most of us already understand, the definition of "Treason". Go Lindsey, go after Trump's ass! And if successful and we end up holding a special election for the 45th, you have my vote and I'm a democrat.

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