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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Filthy Rich Twitch

Major Victory? If you believe so, you are a peasant peon with an IQ of "Divide by Zero" - a.k.a. "Trump Supporter". Yes "Major Victory", that is how FOX news is honoring and highlighting the Trump Tower Maggot's early achievement that on the percentage scale of things equals 0.0006261 - teensy weensy almost too small to call. It equates to a 6-micro penny wise feat and many pounds foolish - the Trump ghetto, I mean Beach Haven "motto". If so that the new administration sees this as a "Major Victory", we are in deep Donald Duck shit. So Trump is celebrating a win, some sort of deal to keep 1700 below grade minimum wage jobs here in the Heartland? He is but the president-elect reject only, yet is already harassing our liberty. Is this not interference and an impeachable offence? Please Barack, take action before it is too late. So I wonder what kind of squeal-like-a-pig deal it was between the Tower and some air-conditioning company that was about to send 1700-jobs to Mexico and save $65-million in labor - do the math it's below minimum wage earning jobs so we are better off letting it go. And the furloughed workers should just say bye-bye, then receive benefits to be re-trained in the renewable energy sector and make $65-thousand a year. On this same "Trump New Raw Deal" day, the solar industry created 3000 new jobs, with upcoming and funded projects on the drawing boards. Talk about a "Major Victory", but FOX cannot stoop too low to give credit wherein credit is due, as that would mean giving Barack Obama a pat on the back for "many" achievements. With Trump being an infidel of competition, the history books will one day hail Mr. Obama as one of this nation's better Commander-in-Chiefs. The United States labor force is at an all time high, hovering around 160-million able-bodied men and women earning a decent wage and the "unemployment" at an all time low, averaging out at 5%. This made possible by the Obama administration. So this land breaking deal, it sure doesn't do anything to indicate the Tower cares for the middle-class - or are we starting to see how we will hear more and more lunacy, make less and less, pay more and more so we can be a piece of history recreated, as slaves of labor! Trump saves a hand-full of low paying jobs and is proud of this as a Commander-in-Chief achievement - blasphemy to call it a "Victory". Sick to emphasize "Major", maybe Commander-in-Mischief is a better fit - of course it is, be prepared! But we must remember, "We the People Denied" - THE MAJORITY - will soon be on the other side of the freedom fence, so a "Major Victory" for Trump means nothing of an edge up for the middle-class salt-of-the-earth American. OK, bravo that Trump convinced some CEO to keep a few jobs here, but I hope the employment qualifications list "Trump Supporter", as when the swine that voted for this pervert sees what is behind that masked man - it ain't "Brotherly LOVE". Ebenezer Scrooge? We are getting closer and closer to a "Revolution" that which will be Twittercized, and history already tells us the outcome, Americans will win and we will then celebrate the end of the Filthy Rich and that is what this new "WAR" is all about. The wealthy, those that think they are an "American", may be winning the battle with a Trump Dysentery Dynasty triumph, but that faction and the thirst for greed cannot weather this storm. US verses Them has come to the battlegrounds, from sea to shining sea and this divided nation is at attention the conflicts we face traveling on the road ahead. But Barack has made this ARMY of "True Americans" very strong, and we will not be intimidated. As Neil Young said; "FUCK YOU DONALD TRUMP" and still today is being heard 63-million voices strong, as Yoko screams out...helter skelter we must fight back!

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