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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letters To Big Tim - #1

Letters to Big Tim - #1
January 20th, 2009

I’ve been meaning to communicate, but for some reason the time and place did not invite such an endeavor, until today that is. In fact this writing is long overdue. Maybe a little recap is necessary. Meet the Press is a little different these days. Not by any stretch of the imagination a lesser venue or outlet to conduct cross-fire debates, but different. It just isn’t the same, it may never be the same. Regardless, I am still a fan. You had a certain “coach like” approach to how you conducted business. It was really something to see you in action, down to the last seconds, so close to victory. You were like the Knute Rockne of football. You were pretty darn good at the sport of journalism! I am sure you heard the news, about Barack Obama winning the presidential election. Today was his big day. Today seemed to be America’s big day, as it was Obama’s inauguration day. It was his debut as the Commander-in-Chief. All went well except when Chief Justice John Roberts tried to rewrite the Constitution, during the swearing in. Somehow he wanted to rearrange the “faithfully execute” part of the oath of affirmation. Barack and his wife even walked the parade route following the swearing in, people were going crazy! I watched and observed as your colleagues covered the entire affair, maybe party mood is a better indication of what it means for Americans, and this hip-ha-hurrah mood has been going on now for at least 4-days. And its freezing in D.C., but that did not deter from the sentiment and action of “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. You could almost hear that in Obama’s speech. Besides getting out and voting this time around, Americans are getting out to demonstrate that we want America to succeed. That we are ready and willing to take back what is ours to begin with. To take back what was stolen away during the Bush terms of endangerment. It isn’t all ruble and ashes quite yet, but close too it. A whole lot of things have gone down since you left the anchorage. Of importance to mention is the fact that an overwhelming interest and a revival like renewal towards politics has shown its face, something you professed through your journalistic huddles, sideline refereeing and “official” challenges. Bottom-line, you made politics interesting again for America. Even though it seemed to be so polluted and a segregated affair bent on disenfranchising the citizens, somebody had too do it, to rekindle the fire. But with Obama, - a black man - now part of history, maybe segregation is taking a back seat. Something is taking a back seat, as people are seeing how important it is to get and stay involved. You tried and succeeded in getting the people interested in taking NOT a back seat approach, but a stand to confront our adversaries, disguised as our leadership. I really would like to have seen your take on Sarah Palin. She was the governor from Alaska that became McCain’s running mate. It was a total disgrace like situation. I’m from Alaska, so can relate to the ridicule. I guess with today’s inauguration, it is not only MLK’s dream coming true, but for modern history, maybe your dream coming true. I felt when I was banging away at the keyboard, your presence filled the living room just has it had done for so many Sunday mornings, when you hosted the Press. There was nothing like a good cup of coffee along with a blanket to waste away a Sunday morning, with Meet the Press in the background. It was definitely the “forum” of our times. You left a good entourage to carry on your love affair with politics. Chris, Keith and now Rachel. Sorry if I left out anybody of importance. Today, with the inauguration ceremonies in the background, it means exciting yet tough times ahead. The economy has tanked. The Iraq war continues to stay a problem for this country and our troops. The Afghanistan war is getting more attention, as some 4000 new troops head that way to calm the Taliban. Some recap. Olbermann and O’Reily are still butting heads. Keith is winning! Matthews continues to become overly excited at times, he can get pretty angry when politicians or strategists try to bluff their way through tough questions. He’s getting pretty good, as you were a good mentor, for all of us “political” junkies. And Rachel offers a whole new spotlight on talent. To end, as ex-President Bush’s Executive 1 spooled up and lifted off, Olbermann quoted: “And to all a good night”! No other words could have rendered such closure. So after two-years of entertainment on the presidential trail, it has come to this. You were part of it all and with that said, can take credit for your contributions, as there comes now a blessing in disguise upon America. Once again. thanks for making it your goal to educate and excite wherein the fallout of your professionalism, attitude and unabated dedication has become our reward, America’s reward. If ever we need something in remembrance for the statesmen you were, a statue in Time’s Square would be justice for all. For that matter a “Journalism Library”, akin to a presidential library, in your name. Can you hear me now, a big thanks, Big Tim! More to come.

In Memory of true journalism lost, in Memory of Tim Russert.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "Porta-Party" Ticket

It was so refreshing to see Sarah Palin absent from the inauguration, the balls, the luncheons and the on-site interviews. Yet she did sneak in an interview with some weirdo named Beck. The only problem with her absenteeism from the greatest political show on earth is the fact that she must be back here in Alaska, screwing something up. Here in Alaska on her watch we have experienced through the roof heating bills. In addition on her watch, we have experienced through the roof motor gasoline bills. We have oil and refineries but pay the highest gasoline prices in the nation! Through her watch we have seen many oil infrastructure projects get shelved, because she raised the corporate taxes on the one and only time-tested job making infrastructure. On her watch, she sold to Canada the Right-of-Way for a natural gas pipeline. Remember what happened when Yukon Pacific held on to the ROW, no gas line, no jobs, no nothing! And that welfare energy check she distributed, well it was used against us when the natural gas suppliers asked for the rate increase. So we got screwed again. And subsistence villagers are going hungry. People in Alaska are on the verge of starvation and she does nothing, but place destiny in Rick Warren’s patheticism. Or whatever church following she bends over too. So it looks like this is testament to bringing more of the same on her remaining watch. But enough on Sarah, as I had the greatest laugh of my lifetime just yesterday. If indeed laughter is the best medicine, this inoculation I received – laughter that is – from watching Fox’s Hannity, I will be healthy for the next ten years! In fact, I might save money on my health care insurance. It was Hannity’s new non-competitive broadcast wherein he had a deal called “The Great American Panel”. See, Hannity was in competition with Colmes until Obama won the election, then cry-bay Hannity threatened to quit, so Colmes the liberal was runoff. Anyway, this show with its “Panel” consisted of Joe the Plumber and two other bozos that all total had an IQ that was equal to George Bush’s IQ divided by Bush’s dog “Barney’s” IQ, which equals out to the IQ of a turd following a good dump. Or in laymen’s terms, equal to that of Ann Coulter constipated. Seems when plumbers enter the scene so does “crapology”. This panel was debating the day before the inauguration, which was disrupting all other show time crap, except the football finals. Anyway, the only thing that Joe the Plumber – I am sorry as Joe is an AUTHOR – well the only thing he could call upon to debate was the “porta-party” situation in Washington, D,C,, at the mall! He mentioned that there were 500,000 crappers available for the upcoming inauguration and that wasn’t enough and tried to blame this on the Obama administration. Joe, if tomorrow crap is a problem it is still on George’s watch! Of course, Joe was a Plumber before his ten-minutes claim to fame and now he is a Fox political contributor and an AUTHOR, so he is well versed in “crap”. I think he is working on a book called “Porta-Party Fundamentals for Dummies”. Anyway, if this guy is any indication of what is to come in the political arena, take his credentials along with Sarah Palin’s and low and behold, we can have the “Porta-Party” Party ticket. Worthless as “crap” and if ever to power, this country will sink further into the cesspool of ridicule, but maybe that is where Joe can strut his stuff and a place wherein Sarah can get a first hand account of how it feels to be “crapped” upon.

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It is a sad fact of the matter when your friends are really your enemies. I am talking a most recent Anchorage Daily Stool news’ clip about Ted “Pardon Me” Stevens. According to his close friend - Bob Penney - he doubted that Ted wanted closure of the felony conviction by a Bush pardon. Isn’t Penny one of the ring-leaders somewhat responsible for allowing Ted to get in trouble to begin with? Mr. Penney tried to entrap MoanaLisa Murkowski in a land swindling opportunity deal of a lifetime. She grabbed the carrot but was caught in the act and had to surrender the loot, acknowledged by some lame excuse based on exercising the 5th! It is sad when members of Congress must resort to the 5th for clemency. That Amendment is a Constitutional right, for the people and by the people in our everyday trials and tribulations. It is not a tool to be abused by Congress like candy. But abuse seems to be the trademark of the Hill. Bottom-line, for the most part Congressional members get into hot water through entrapment, basically a friendly screwing. “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”, is more then just a prayer. I do believe that Ted’s demise and guilt was fostered by his trusting relationship with his so-called friends. They asked for welfare handouts, he delivered mega-welfare bonuses. Case in point: He was asked one time why he earmarked some research payola for Musk Ox husbandry studies. All the time, it was known that nobody had the “balls” to measure the penis size of the male oxen. That was the research! And the way the herds surround for protection, this measuring of the thing was an impossibility from the get-go, from a research standpoint. So the money was used to build a “private” house. And remember, this is not “loan” money that requires a payback check, but pure unadulterated “grant” abuse money, with no payback. No responsibility, no oversight, no nothing. His comeback was simple and genuine. He thought the research was something worthwhile but was adamant that once the funding is approved he has no authority or control over how the money was spent, based on trust. This is one of those “what happens outside Ted’s office stays outside Ted’s office” scenarios. That was Ted’s biggest problem, as what sounded good most of the time ended up a scam, in so many, many cases. Case in point just in case you don’t get it. Take the Healy “Clean Coal Burning” Power Plant. According to the Daily Stool, this state has spent over 200-million to keep this loosing project from being mothballed. This boondoggle project started on Ted’s watch. It was pork barrel spending towards a failed project before the original paint had time to dry. Engineers warned against a technology that didn’t yet exist and didn’t work yet on the drawing board. But not to worry, lets build our future, as it creates jobs. And Because of “zero” oversight by the regulators, it failed and continues to haunt this state. See, we took ownership of the wreck. This kind of endeavor takes research. This has to be performed in a research rich environment, not out in almost Hillbilly Land Healy! Again, it was something that sounded good but was a loosing proposition. In the end the state got stuck with a sinking ship and for some 20-years by now has been trying to keep it afloat. Again, Ted trusted that it would provide something worthwhile to his constituent state of Alaska, more then just jobs. Just another in the list of failed projects in Alaska funded by the U.S. Taxpayers’ blind trust. Again, these projects all had good intent, in efforts to boost up this state’s infrastructure, but failed, as failure was the intent of the originators. Success was just a suggestion as it was somebody else’s money they were gambling with. But people made money, and lots of it. Especially Ted’s friends, who took advantage of this situation. The Bill Allen relationship, it was built on “Trust”. Ben’s relationship with dad, based on “Trust”. The “Trust” list is so, so long. So Ted deserves maybe not a presidential pardon, but a medal. That he trusted people but that trust was his weakness, in the end it was his fall out. Who to blame? His friends that took advantage of his power and position. So the people of Alaska should ban together and offer Ted a “Medal of Trust”, as a pardon upon his shenanigans, as it seems it was an after-the-fact crime. Had “pork barrel” spending been orchestrated as a “loan” instead of a freebie giveaway “grant” without oversight or payback, Ted may be enjoying another term in the Senate and right now enjoying the fanfare of the inauguration, instead of spending the day cleaning out his office. He may not deserve or want a presidential pardon, but we owe it to him this medal, that he was let down by his so-called “Friends”. Fascinating, that the orange delivery bag for the “Stool” weighs in more then the paper itself! But the “bag” is an all-important weapon against air pollution! See, if people policed their pet dog shit when out trail-blazing, then this stuff would not have the opportunity to dry up and go “blowin’ in the wind”. No different with Ted’s friends, as they have shit all over his legacy and polluted what started out as good intentions. And they continue to play as he pays? Sad, these so-called friends!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Condoms

“Step right up and get your genuine Barack Obama - made somewhere else – inaugural crap. Supplies are limited, so act now. Just pay the S&H.” The latter stands for shipping and handling and is just another Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. See, Madoff was successful in taking the Ponzi scheme one dimension higher. He fooled the fools! And this S&H “bullcrap”, why the U.S. Postal Service allows it to continue to fool seems to be just another dereliction of duty wherein elderly Americans get screwed. It is no different then when the regulators get pink eye watching where the TARF bailout money ends up. Somebody’s pocket is getting filled! Should have called it the “BARF”. But “Change” is coming. This inauguration frenzy is like a Woodstock revival. Too bad marijuana is outlawed, as it would be a good time to Bob Marley the time away, to celebrate the occasion. Maybe Bush can pardon that law, or issue a one-day moratorium executive order. From the mountains to the parries to the oceans, people are overly excited over the upcoming home-coming. In fact, like a SuperBowel Sunday, the local grocery stores are featuring specials for the occasion. So we have before us now yet another reason to Tailgate, as people line up to catch a glimpse of Obama’s Freedom train heading towards the capitol, not away. Why is it that every damn occasion of significance requires us to eat? I read with interest and laughter a recent study by the University of Illinois which found through research that the “tab for overweight people in a vehicle amounts to $7.7-million dollars a day” and “the numbers are added costs linked directly to the extra drain of body weight on fuel economy”. This obesity in the Freedom-Almost-Lost land requires more energy, in the tune of $2.8-billion a year. Talk about a train-ride! Isn’t it great that Obama decided to use Amtrak on the trip to his new job! Of course Amtrak is the bailout king. But that is the kind of bailout I am all for, as it promotes mass transportation and is in line with conservatives. In fact, if we spent money creating railroad jobs - genuine pick and shovel jobs wherein young adult obesity would cease - then the taxpayers wouldn’t be getting “railroaded”. Remember George Bush’s last train ride? It is documented in a book by Karen Hughes, called the “Last Train to CuckooVille”. Hughes worked for Bush, as a paper maid. The clip: “The rhythmic rocking of the train felt unnatural”. Maybe George was getting some action? I hope George takes that same train out of CuckooVille. He “mucked” us along the way, so may as well “muck” us on the way out! Please Dick, don’t miss the train! Just what the hell is Dick Cheney doing in these last 48-hours? It is agonizing that this ending is right now a happy ending. Even though George is at the realization that his legacy doesn’t exist. The sentiment, “If you can’t say something nice…” Too late now! This country went so bent on image that it stole away the Constitutional focus. This image thing started with Bill and Monica. And now we have to contend with the Clinton disease infiltrating and affecting the Obama administration. Don’t these people have life after injustice served? We have become a nation of ridicule because of their shenanigans. Be it adjourned that there is enough blame to go around. And it didn’t have to be this way, had Congress performed its sworn duties to uphold the Constitution. Bottom-line, Bush and his cronies should have been escorted to jail many moons ago. But with a failed administration along with a failed Democratic Party along with Tom Delay sticking a knife into the Republican Party, well there was no party left that had any “balls” to defend liberty. I don’t care what you say, Linda Pelosi has none! This country has been robbed of decency. Today before us, Obama sets out to “Change” things. That remains to be seen. Out of respect, I will reserve judgment, as he has already let me down. I wish I could say I voted for him so I could renege on that vote. The fact that Rick Warren is still on the ceremonial guest list, not merely as a guest, but a guest speaker, we have before us a failed candidacy even before the Abe Lincoln train pulls into the station, with maybe two jokers. The fact that the majority of the responsibilities to govern are being handed over to Clinton era cronies, it is dangerous. Anyway, people are going wild, buying Obama memorabilia, most made by slave-labor in China! People, like Montel Williams, are taking advantage of the occasion, to make money. This Obama “coin” phenomenon is a genuine rip off in-line with Hitlerism, buy it or else! Why in hell spend $20.00-dollars for 4 U.S. Treasury “Half Dollars” splat upon with a little lead based paint? Not to forget the $9.00 for S&H. And the terrorist outfit behind this scam has changed its name at least a zillion times since the election, but still tries to tell the innocent that the coins have a serial number of authenticity! It is a crime my friends. As to place a serial number on something out of the U.S. mint is a defacing crime, so there exist no genuine “serial number of authenticity”. It’s a piece of paper costing the victims $27.94! This may be a minor infraction with respect to the big picture show, but it goes to show how we have become such a pennisless nation. No longer is it a nation of brotherly love, but a nation bent of opportunists sticking it to your brother, sister, pet dog, dad and mom! The amount of money being spent for this inaugural affair is mind-boggling, but I guess it is reasonable even though many uppity-uppers are using some of the “bailout” money for expensive ball gowns, penthouse accommodations, bullet-proof limos and private jet transportation, just to “be there”. Sorry, I am a worker-bee and if I wanted time away from my job it would mean termination. But maybe I could use the excuse that “I had to be there” and apply for some of the “Barf” money, as it is my money to begin with. I wonder if I would have to pay taxes on a handout? Isn’t that double-taxation? Can you imagine having to pay double taxation when we get no righteous representation to begin with? Talk about wanting to “barf”. It makes me sick and sad to see how the American value system has eroded. It is crumbling down right before us. We want “Change”, we need “Change”. But it is estimated that it will cost 150-billion for this swearing in party, tainted by Rick Warren’s appearance. I for one will not watch this celebration. Had this been Ralph Nader coming to town, there would be no such fanfare. As this amounts to yet another extension of the class system of preferential treatment. Take this for instance. A lady that owns a ballroom gown shop in D.C. has been quoted saying that she is selling out on gowns that cost upwards $5000.00, for a one night affair. But not to worry she says, as there exist plenty of $500-dollar inaugural gowns, for the “Poorer” folks. Hey, so now we have the rich and the poor rich? The money being spent on this extravaganza is testament that the Clinton/Bush cronyism of the have and have not has infiltrated to doom any semblance of the American way of life and liberty. Look, Bill still has a gripe to pick with the Americans over his impeachment proceedings for the “I did not have sex” scandal. Hillary should have divorced his ass a long tome ago and went on her own, but “image” was too important and now she has become the “peacekeeper”? It is a joke in disguise. Face the facts well wishes, Clinton did OK as a president only because of the foundation put in place by his predecessors. That is why he found time to fool around and cheat. In politics there exists this trickle down theory. Look what Obama is inheriting? I take that back, look what we are inheriting. And all this hoopla is beginning to scare me. Why is Obama trying to re-trace Abe Lincoln’s journey? The train ride? The inaugural cheesecake? Lincoln was gunned down! Anyway, I wish I could have put on my American entrepreneurial hat and had some inaugural condoms made, with S&H. Why, because we are all in for a “F*(^ing”, courtesy a stagnant Congress that has done nothing for you and I and has already signaled dissatisfaction upon Obama’s stand on important issues at hand. But there is one saving grace hope. Obama speaks with words that do not hesitate to reinforce a “revolution”. He used words to that effect on several occasions along the Freedom path. Read between the lines my friends, because if he keeps his word and incites enough guilt, angers up enough frustration upon the real Americans - the workers not so rich anymore - then maybe the time is right for the New American Revolution to ignite and take this country back on the road to Freedom. I am ready and willing and will be the first one to sign up, as I would have done for George Washington, for Abe, for MLK. Mr. Obama, you have my word if so be it that is what it takes. As Revolution is what made this country great once upon a time and may be all we have left to turn back the clock of Constitutional destruction, placed on fast-forward by Constitutional crooks lobbied into submission by the evil rich.

You say you want a revolution
Well you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well you know
We all want to change the world

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

American Iranianism

So Iran, having oil exporting as its number one commodity for economic well-being, it is trying to boost up the sagging price of oil, by hording oil away from the global markets. Sure enough, in efforts to force the cost of a barrel of crude oil upwards, the Iranian Oil Ministry is allowing export tanker loads of Iranian crude oil to just float around the open seas, waiting for the price to increase. About 5-years ago, one couldn’t give away a tanker. Now these floating steel beasts are in demand as floating storage vessels, even if not double-hulled - as what happens out at sea stays at sea! Anyway, Iran and other oil producing countries are basically holding back in efforts to drain off the glut of oil, as stocks are at an all time high. There exist supplies in excess of 40-million barrels right here in the United States! See, when oil was selling for $150-dollars a barrel, efforts all around to produce more and more of the "Black Gold" caused an over-supply. And faced with a downturn in the economy, it means a double-whammy effect upon the supply and demand theory. Herein the "demand" side of the equation has become more or less the "be damned" part of the equation. See what "greed" will get you? Anyway, that is why we are seeing more high seas pirateering. It is piracy to begin with, by strangling the market. So an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth sings in harmony. And foreign producers are allowing their crude oil storage tanks to fill up to the brim, instead of selling off the commodity. Crude oil loading facilities sit silent for the most part. All in effort to hold back. Again, an attempt to suck down the stocks that refiners have at their convenience right now, during winter when it takes a whole lot of "stock" to make heating fuel. Anyway, this seems like something that may be good for business but not good for the economy. It cannot be good for my wallet. I am glad that American businessmen think differently. Or for that matter we have regulators that are out and about watching for this kind of monopolizing shenanigans. I say it again, it is high seas’ piracy! I mean this effort comes form a country that is considered "The Axis of Evil". But low and behold, as our very own "Big Oil" is engaged in the very same thing, right here in Alaska. Come the beginning of the month, the beginning of the New Year, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company allowed its crude oil storage tanks in Valdez to "fill up". That amount in storage accounts for 45% of the U.S. daily oil requirements, so it does indeed have an impact on the supply and demand aspect. It is "our" home-grown oil, so it has a very realistic and drastic effect upon that equation of energy independence. All 18-storage tanks, 9-million barrels total, were allowed to fill so high that this "greed" caused a problem. See, there came rough seas in and around the Prince of William’s Sound, which meant tankers could not call on the Port of Valdez. Like mentioned before, tankers are in demand for storage. And since the oil consortium that owns Alyeska was holding out for higher prices, the weather bit them in the butt, as the pipeline had to shutdown for at least a week - or go to reduced throughput. And why this state’s regulators sought not to do anything about this ways and means to disrupt the flow of crude oil to markets - by the hording - it goes to show who the regulators work for. And why should they be concerned as to how "Big Alaskan Oil" does business even though it means more at the pump for the peons? See, by keeping the state’s share of oil behind bars, in the end this strangulation will allow the state’s in-kind royalty oil to also see a price increase. It helps the state’s bottom line, so Sarah can continue gallivanting around the country showing off her stupidity and the state can continue to pay medical bills for Bill Sheffield’s nose-bleeding. At the same time, this strangles out the American dream. It is not a one-to-one relationship. If Alaska’s oil sees an increase, it helps but does not have the same effects as if the price of gasoline actually dropped. Energy prices can help or hurt the economy. It is the crazy increases and decreases over the past year that has catapulted our economy down the drain. Wild-ride energy pricing makes it very difficult for any business to forecast even the price of toilet paper. But "Big Oil" and oil producing countries have seen what $150-barrel oil can buy. So there is an all out attempt to regain a footing by manipulating the supply and demand equation, and disrupting that supply is the textbook solution. At the same time it sinks the economy, jobs are lost and unemployment becomes the number one best seller. It is indeed a catch-22 scenario, but this is a land for the people by the people and not a place wherein a class type attitude should rule ethics and wherein "greed" is more important then liberty. Crazy, that this same type of pirate racketeering happens right here in our own backyard! And for days, Alyeska broadcast that it was the weather that warranted a slow-down in oil exporting, something to do with surface waves to big to make oil boom useable should there be another EXXON Valdez wreck. What a load of bull. So they manipulate the market to strangle the crude oil supplies then continue that manipulation by blaming Mother Nature. Well, it only meant a "small-craft" advisory warning from NOAA! But like mentioned before, we think it is more important to fatten up that yearly welfare check then to "distribute" the wealth, as that can only lead to a re-distribution in health. That in turn could only strengthen the economy, which is what life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is all about. If this state’s residents were truly American, then we would not allow this type of manipulation to occur. We would demand justice away from this type of corporate "greed". We have the power but lack the trust within ourselves to right the wrongs. We have become just too comfortable here in the 49’er, the "Last Frontier", with welfare and corruption. Blah, blah, blah may be your sentiment, but here are the blahs in plain clear facts. Just the fact that the supplies were disrupted a few days based on efforts to manipulate the market which was successful and allowed the reserves to dwindle, it cost you at the pump. Gasoline increased about 10-cents in the last week. Now taking this increase into perspective using the Phineas J. Whoopee Cereal Factor Calculator, that increase actually cost you to forfeit away an arm and leg. Basically that increase equates to a total outlay of your hard earned money in the tune of $2369.00 a year, for the basic needs of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I am talking what that 10-cent effect has on the overall economic picture. And take into account that if the 2009 PFD swells to that same amount, maybe due to the stinginess factor wherein this state fairs well while going along with "Big Oil’s" plans of manipulation, it is all awash and we have been crapped on once again. Of course you would have to pay a dividend tax for that welfare giveaway. Basically, we really get nothing in return. Have it your way, but it ain’t the true American way! Of course many will ask, what is the "True American Way" as for many of us, we have no idea what is meant by this or have forgotten about this once practiced ritual, wherein America was a place of brotherly and sisterly love! It was something we all learned in kindergarten but lost when cashing out that note with Sarah’s signature!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Crude and Unusual Treatment

So here we are only 16-days into the New Year and already the Anchorage road maintenance budget is allowing kids to be left behind! Two days now three in a row the local schools have been closed due to road conditions. I didn’t see a single iota sanding truck in my neck of the woods. It is not that bad out! In fact the Anchorage schools didn’t even close down when we were under attack by terrorist on 911. So what gives? I just remembered, Begich left town and took the budget with him. Here’s what gets me on a Mark Twain rant. Sam loved Congress’ ways and means of disloyalty towards the citizens of the United States. So funny he made it that he made a living with the ridicule. If only he were still alive! So we can’t afford road maintenance? But we can afford to heat sidewalks around downtown and have a convention center to keep warm, as there seems not to be any attendees for a bonafide "conference". A big empty building takes a whole lot of money to heat a big empty building. This goes to show that we never learned the lesson following the construction of the Alaska Railroad train depot out at Ted "Crook" Stevens International Hall of Fame and named in honor of Bill "NoseBleed" Sheffield. If you weren’t let in on the "NoseBleed" follies, you are an Alaskan left behind. So we seem to waste money on "crap" time and time again. Let the kids walk to school! Or why can’t the parents drive the kids to school? So what if they are a little late getting to work. At least the kids get educated. And do you think the kids are going to stay indoors? Again, get out and walk. It would be the first attempt to curb obesity! Maybe we should take up a collection for the road maintenance. And just yesterday, the Muni was shutdown, again because the roads were strange. It’s winter and we are dealing with break-up like water-boarding. Hey, to shut the one and only transit opportunity down is "torture" for the low income. Anyway, people are joining the ranks of the unemployed in record-breaking numbers. The auto industry here in "Woody Guthrie" this land is your land this land is my land is basically a thing of the past for the "Big Three". More and more people are foregoing luxury items, like instead of steak it means Hamburger Helper - in efforts to feed the family. Want a good stock investment, try Betty Crocker as she produces the "Helper". Cereal pricing is outrageous, but it is the prime example commodity that shows in a nutshell how well off NOT the economy is doing. The Cereal Index for today is "Chaff", which means cereal contains 40% or more almost non-consumable crap. Like mouse ‘s crap and any other crap deemed permissible under the U.S. Constitution, Lobbyist Amendment, - a.k.a. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Nowadays, the addition of "crap" is done for a reason, to help the bottom line. When times are good, the "crap" becomes cattle feed and the Cereal Index rests at "Flake", which means true unadulterated grain. But since the "Helper" is taking over where once beef was king, this "crap" stuff cannot just be thrown away. And food producers are getting smart. Instead of raising prices, they are decreasing the quantity. I purchased a bag of potatoe chips - sorry the only dictionary available was edited by Dan Quayle - just the other day, what a rip off in quantity, even though the price remained the same and there continued to be a 2-for-one sale. So with a two-bag purchase, it was like buying a one-beggar when times were good. Times were good just 6-months ago. What the hell happened? And why is the Treasury being robbed before our very own eyes? But back to the rant and this cruel - I meant crude - and unusual treatment philosophy. As most Americans buckle down for the storm fallout, guess what was the first thing on Begich’s agenda? I am talking Linda Pelossi’s 111 inauguration! Did Pelossi and Boxer come out of the same mole? Anyway, Agenda Item #1 of importance before the 111 was turning their heads when an "AUTMOATIC" pay raise kicked in at the fall of the Rabid Skunk’s gavel! The latter is Don Young’s name for Linda and since Don was voted back in, the name remains. See, over the years this Congressional pay increase - by the way it comes form a garnishment upon your hard earned wages - had become a sore subject around the Hill rotunda. A few thought that it was preposterous that this increase came up for vote when all the time it wasn’t really deserved and was not what the constituent base was happy with. MoanaLisa Murkowski loves it! And truly doesn’t deserve it. She needs a lesson in nepotism. Talk about lame duck, she is the definition. Anyway, these "few" wanted to defeat the Congressional pay raise, saying that most Senators and House Representatives were rich to begin with and if weren’t rich to begin with would be so by the time their terms of endangerment were over with or by the time an indictment was handed down. This country’s legislative branch has realized more indictments against its policy makers in the past 8-years then any other country under a flag of democracy. And if not rich before jail, then there is the afterlife of lucrative lobbying. So in efforts to calm the quarrelling over the pay raise, somebody in their infinite wisdom decided to make the pay increase an "Automatic". Which means no vote and no debate. And the increase follows some outdated formula. It has to be outdated, as it always signals a pay increase! Even when times are ruff and tough. This year it amounted too a $3100.00-dollar pay increase. For the past 4-years in a row, I have had to endure a pay decrease, and I am in the oil industry up here in Alaska. See, competition is swift, especially from the youngsters trying to break into the lucrative job market. It still pays well with the decrease, but what is good for the gander is good for the goose. Oh, the goose was transformed into a FOX. So it seems that Begich already reneged on his promise to not accept a Senate pay increase when he was out campaigning. Oh, it isn’t a pay increase but a cost of living increase. Hey, he’s moving to Washington from Alaska? But maybe the fact that schools are closed again may be for behind the scenes reasoning. It is called Texas hold-m. Sure enough, the Anchorage School Department relied on Aurora Natural Gas for heating crap. But Aurora decided to stop supplying the goods because it was cutting into deep pocket profits that are made here in Alaska then stolen away and now the ASD has to rely on much more expensive heating gas, at three times the going rate. Poor bastards! What’s that? Wow, so that is what’s behind that confusing letter from Enstar’s Rate Maker. But he assured me in a taped telephone conversation that there were no increases passed on to the consumers. Poor bastards we all are. We all get to pay the Texas Hold-m special as we all get to pay for this outfit’s shenanigans. We pay, they profit. Isn’t that the call of Congress, with respect to the constituent base? It goes like this: "We pay, they play and profit"! Can’t we ever get an honest answer anymore? Bottom-line, "Greed" has taken over where ethics left off. Not only that there exists a day after sale, a fire sale, upon what made this country great. Anybody out there that accepts even one penny of bailout money and doesn’t deserve it in my book is a "True Bush Terrorist". There should be dire consequences for the existing leadership that has allowed this country to become so weak economically that the bread and butter of freedom, cereal, is costing and arm and a leg. At the same time, our Congress does nothing - except get a pay raise. It isn’t that this legislative body cannot fix things, as the Democratic party has carte blanch control. But noting gets done accept a bleeding of the Treasury. That is my hard. earned capital escaping! See, when we don’t have term limits and rich people continue to raid the henhouse, they have no idea what it is like to work for a living. If they did, they would think twice about how they spend my money, your money. Remember, Congress does not pay a payroll tax. It is our money to begin with. They continue to show the world that cheaters and crooks are rewarded in this model country supposedly under a form of governance called "Democracy". It is called such but not practiced by any stretch of the imagination. It is time for a revolution. Revolutions are what made this country great. We revolted away from persecution when the Britt’s wanted to crap on our right to religious freedom. It is time now to take back this country, as we are getting crapped upon by those that think they are American. We have no representation. We should not be required to pay a payroll tax until the henhouse is again guarded against by marauding senators and representatives bent on one and only one code of miss-conduct, "Greed". It is not the American way and if we continue down this avenue it will be NOT socialism rammed down our throats but control more in tune to that of communism. We are already so-controlled by "Big Sam" that we must act now, or else. We have no other clear-cut choice before us, accept a calmed down form of capitalism wherein we have socialized medical care and socialized other things modeled after socialism. Wherein all workers unite together under one "Union" to fight for our rights in numbers. Wherein we can afford to send "worker" troops to Washington at the drop of the gavel in efforts to police what is happening behind closed doors. We the people have the power, we just need to act out our Constitutional fantasies. Act now, or forever find your rainy day piggybank "bankrupt". Hey get this with this foreclosure bailout going down. Many houses will be sold off to foreign ownership. It means the house you live in, even if you have been making payments on time, those mortgages could be under ownership of a government other then the United States of America. If this isn’t selling out, then I am dearly scared to what else the Pelossi gang could dream up next. Maybe, selling off our kids? To fight wars for others! Seems that is already happening, as the Iraq conflict and the Afghanistan conflict are nothing more then somebody else’s war, wherein we pay for the war, we pay for the war again with kids being blown to smithereens and we pay again because the war costs have wrecked havoc and turmoil upon the economy back here at home. And double jeopardy is against the law isn’t it? The selling of America, what a sad day in history. But they got their raise and at the same time, our kids can’t even get to school. America, Woody Guthrie’s America, controlled by fools, crooks and crocks. Anybody interested in an American Workers union, please contact . WAR - Workers of America Rising. It is never to late but now is the time to act. Each and everyday our freedoms are sold as an export. People are getting rich on your dime and my dime. And Congress gets a raise! How pathetic they are. How pathetic we are for letting them get away with it all!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Chinook drives hard.
Winter snow whittled away,
frostbite cover destroyed.
Silent Night, no longer secure.
Ranting blast after another.
this almighty mission at hand.
Destructive menace.

Chinook never tires.
Bent on dismantling peace,
While the quiet forfeit
their hibernating right.
For nook and cranny residents,
time to take flight.
Howling dog cries Mary.

Chinook be bold.
Comes the calm,
before the storm.
I awaken, my senses fulfilled.
And like the heaven sky above,
now all so clear.

Chinook, now serenades.
Wind chime in tune.
A note, then another.
Soon a melody.
Message deciphered.
Mother Nature’s pledge,
of allegiance..
of elegance.

another harsh mistress!

CopyRight 2008 - Dixie Productions/MSK Media/Eagle Rock Press
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alaska Is.....