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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Wow, and more bow-wow Obamapalooza. See, the next few weeks may be very interesting as the Obama administration decided to release some of the “Top Secret” documents secured during the Congressional 9/11 “Who Done It” investigation. These documents may shed some light and end the cover-up what is known about the “House of Saud” connection and the attackers. So this “release” has infuriated the Saudi royalty, as “We the people” may finally find an understanding as to who may have been behind these attacks, financially speakeasy. And any connection over there will have feedback fallout over here, through political affiliation connection kickbacks! And it's an election year, so lookout! But there is a reason as to why Obama has decided, or threatened, to “UN-Classify” these documents that could throw some influential Saudis under the bus of ridicule, possibly allowing for predatory sanctions and last but not least overdue litigation against the wealthy by the families of the victims – that guilty by association. And this could indict the Bush/Cheney dysentery dynasty. But herein is wherein why Obama is demonstrating a “True” Commander-in-Chief philosophy and not a lame dick president by any stretch of Paul Ryan's imagination. Hey, what happened to the “Fantasy Shitter”? The John Boehner look alike guy who was caught leaving early morning turds on hoods of vehicles with DNC bumper stickers. Hey, when engaged as a member in good standing an AWOL Congress, mischievous behavior makes sense the nonsense of nothing accomplished. But this Obamapalooza finds merit, as the Saudis have teamed up with the Russians in efforts to curtail oil production. As an energy based economy, we have enjoyed and reaped the benefits of cheap fuel. It is a Godsend for a vibrant economy as it lowers the price of all consumer goods and that creates “jobs”! We have more stuffed in our wallets, which means we spend more and that excites the entire supply chain from sea to shining sea. One interesting statistic, we are a gentler nation when we have a little extra spending money, we go out and that enforces our freedoms! And this “cheap thrills” came about when this nation finally became “Independent” and we didn't need others to satisfy our thirst for chump-change fuel – another feather in Obama's Super-Fly Sly Stone hat is this energy “Independence”. But regardless of how much oil this nation can extract out of the ground, the supply and demand theory still raises Cain against Abel, as oil economics is still tied to that “Global” checks and balances. So with what is going on across the globe, it dictates the price of oil. Everything included, like war through weather and looks like again today “fraud”, it all comes into play said again we live on a foundation based on energy! Hey, even though there was a massive 5-year drought in California, it was the low price of energy that allowed that state to get through tough times! Water was scarce, yet prices for goods from farm to table were tame due decreases in energy costs all around, so it is easy to see how energy prices have an overall effect on our pursuit to happiness. Yes, we are independent in what we can produce to satisfy the craving, yet we have no “independence” when it comes to the energy pricing slate – that is controlled by EXXON. But when the Saudis team up with the “Putin”, things go south. So Obama has done this nation a righteous favor, for the past few years keeping energy prices affordable. But like the saying goes that all good things come to an end once Congress gets involved, time was running out – as low prices at the pump may benefit the salt-of-the-earth classmates, yet it hurts the wealthy and powerful – it saddens the Wall Street! Now when the Saudis sat down with Putin, since then oil prices have increased some 30% – and eventually that will be seen and felt as increases at the gas pumps. And if the trend continues without some effort to curtail this “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt OPEC” mindset, by the November election prices will have rebounded back to the Bush era and some may be not able to afford driving to that voting booth! Basically, our trusted friends of the “house” are now in bed with Putin and together fashioned a plan to fake curtail oil production and thus allow global prices to increase based on the demand ahead of the supply. So Obama has called the Saudi royalty bluff. By releasing a page here, a page there of what is known the “House of Saud” connection and the 9/11 terrorists, soon what is released will hit home. So this is a grand slam plan by the Obama administration, to get the Saudis back in line alongside the side it is supposed to rally with as an Ally – not Putin's homeland. Else we may have to draw the line! Now IMAGINE if when released we find a connection from there to here, all the way back home here inside the beltway, then what? So let's hope the Obamapalooza plan works to attract attention and help keep the price of energy reasonable, as I would rather have cheap gasoline then wasting time, money and effort trying to figure out why some think it is better to “Trust” the “Saud Royalty” then enforcing the American spirit - “With US” that is and hell no against our interests! So Mr. Obama, please take a bow, as you deserve such...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Lineup

Damn, it's haphazard Friday night and I just settled in for beer, bag of peanuts in hand - but no Giants game? So what else to entertain the couch potatoe mentality. Look, I graduated from the Dan Quayle “on-line” school of hard luck, so don't critize my spellig be let it! Let's see what is being broadcast from the Trump entertainment network – MSNBC that is. The channel hosted by the crybaby Chris Mathews, still shedding a tear due his discovery a few summers ago that there was a crack in the Liberty Bell. And with all the attention this Rachel Madcow channel streams daily in support of “The Donald”, it must be part of that “Tower” magnate! So the line up finds, Lock-up Tulsa, followed by Lock-up Grand Rapids! Imagine wasting time watching prison life, but no different then that fake reality bullcrap from Alaska's “Lost Frontier” network. I lived in Alaska for 38-years, and when the 49er went invaded by Discovery assholes with film making equipment – it was time to retire away from this crash course on insanity. Look, the “Deadliest Catch” guys are not true Alaskan fishermen, nor is the “Billy Brown” family true grit “Last Frontier” Alaskans, that misfit family comes from Texas and reminds me more of Papa Pilgrim - as this fascination with reality is like incest! Yes, times were good in Alaska when the motto was put to practice: “Happiness is a Texan leaving with an Okie under each arm”.  Yes, we threw the bastards out, sent the trash and filth back home and Alaskans need this same strategy put to practice today, take out the slackers and the trash. But maybe there is something to it, this prison stuff in celluloid, time to try it out. Wow, WTF! Can't wait for a Dulcolax suppository commercial, as this prison life broadcast is a sacrilegious disgrace - makes one realize the mentality of the MSNBC fan club and the advertisers that forfeit common sense just to make a buck. Do humans of any intelligence watch this 1st rate filth? I have not found an iota of interest but will continue to serenade my curiosity as to why every Friday evening MSNBC turns the airwaves over in honor horror such crap, and I still have a  few beers to entertain my interest in cesspool entertainment. We interrupt this program to bring you a special presentation of "Lock-up Raw. Hillary Clinton - It Takes a Cuntry". OK, this “Double-Dip IPA” is strong truth serum, I am seeing double and hearing mysterious laughter and there appears to be a network translation error – all those packet squares on the screen freezing frames. Just a glitch but for real, hours of prison life interrupted by a "Special" addition of felon life, starring none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton! And "It Takes a CUNTry", sends the message. Look, while a youngster she was head of the "Young Republicans", a Goldwater girl by color, dress, religion and political affiliation - then she changed her upbringing for Bill?  Talk about date rape! Man, how sad! So maybe this "Special" was a prerequisite of what's to come, not for this nation, but what is in store for "Hillary". I am talking conjugal visitation rights as when the FBI finalizes its “investigative” report and forwards the results to the Justice Department for prosecution – OK it is starting to sneak preview that Bill may have found access to that “private server”. In a nutshell, it's called “SPYING” and Hillary may not have known about it so is indeed innocent – the reason the IT guy is pleading the 5th as it was more then likely a Bill dealing. I can hear it now: “I did not have...” So maybe MSNBC is staying ahead of the curve, realizing that Bill & Hillary may be headlining the Friday night “Specials”. With Hillary in her presidential limousine heading to “Lockup Chappaqua”. Which brings up a very interesting fact. If Bill is indicted for spying, but due his time spent in office he is given no jail time but incarcerated under the rules of “House Arrest”, could the White House be then included in the MSNBC Friday night airing of “Lockup”? Well for goodness sake, finally the Hillary episode of “It Takes A Cuntry” is finished and following her in the lineup, more prison life sleaze and I am glad the 6-pack has comforted my headache and hopefully when morning comes I will have forgotten all about...

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dear Bill Clinton

Dear Bill Clinton;

THANKS. Well it appears that Hillary was right all along, that she knew nothing about the “Classified” junk mail that was streaming from the Blumenthal-on-Aides network to her “private server” e-mail account. The one that Bosco Pagliano set up in the “crapper” at your Chappaqua home. Sorry if I sometimes get “paqua” mixed up with “paguaddick” in my writings about your guilt, but the latter was Ted Kennedy's “dick” stomping grounds, not yours. Hey, is your “paqua” the same place where Hillary's pet dog was run-over? Nice neighborhood. OK, you were supposed to be watching Buddy, but maybe the crapper was a better place to spend time and derelict away from dog doo duty, instead spying on what was going on when Hillary was gallivanting around the world - setting the stage for her presidential ambitions. We all paid for it, but what's a few bucks wasted on her private parts over food and shelter for the homeless. By the way, had you been honest early on the “private server” fiasco and the balls to come forward, it would have saved the American Taxpayers a whole lot of loot, that which was already taken away through taxation, but could have been used to feed the homeless instead of a costly “investigation”. Getting your money's worth I guess! Anyway, now that the FBI has concluded its investigation and you have been indicted for “espionage”, was it Seamus' testimony that spilled the beans? Damn dog, couldn't plead the 5th? I guess that's what you get when you name a pet after a “Private Dick”. Sorry if “dick” keeps entering the seriousness of this letter, but it is entertaining as it goes hand-in-hand with your namesake. So, were you spying on Hillary because you didn't trust her or was it fact you just couldn't get away from the political scene, because you vacated that responsibility as president while engaged upon other priorities - like “Oval Office” Harmonica legislation. Anyway, what goes around comes around. So, she is free and you are facing another impeachment like battle – only this time around the evidence is excruciating. See, when you teamed up with Keith Richards, you should have stayed on the music bandwagon and retired away from political shame, instead of taking Hillary down, again. And with Hillary running against Trump for the 45th and in a good position to become the 1st “Femoral Hernia” U.S. President, have you asked her for a pardon? See, there exists a whole lot of ex-Bernie votes out there still undecided, such that are needed if Hillary wants to make it to the “I'm In”, but many of us are concerned - with this “Pardon Me” rumor that is floating around. See, if Hillary wins and on January 21st grants you a pardon, then you would have permission to move back into the White House – and that would be a grave mistake for this nation. Just do your time, and with the 4-year sentence that is hanging on your groin, when Hillary finally retires away from the “Beltway”, she can come pick you up and both you and Hillary along with Seamus can retire away into the sunset. By the way, any idea how much it would cost the U.S. Taxpayers for conjugal visits – with all that extra security detail? OK, if not Hillary and instead a visit from your harem, we may save some loot – that which can be then used to feed the homeless. So these are the pressing issues I have with respect to sacrificing my vote for Hillary, as it appears once again we have been castrated, because you cannot just be honest - something we realized way back when we heard: “I did not have....”

Friday, April 22, 2016

The 44th Smile

Notice that mile long smile that Barack Obama is carrying around these days? Almost like a smirk of success, so what is he up to? See, it has been a long 8-years for the Commander, but he does have the bragging rights of a 2-term U.S. President. Yes, bragging rights and even though his legacy has been ridiculed because of the “color of a man's kin”, he will one day be considered the “BEST”. Look, he came into town and was handed a crippled economy, a war torn nation, high oil prices, highways on the ruin, un-employment and homeless a staggering defeat for a “Free Nation” - the list goes on. So, it was but for a miracle that today we have seen a resurrection of the economy and every other storm from sea to shining sea now tame. So, a “Great” man he was! But like with Ronald Reagan, it takes time afterwards to recognize and appreciate the success story. Look, Bill Clinton road to glory on Reaganomics which was not abandoned by H.W. – as Bill was a smart Aleck and realized no need changing horses in midstream something that was working with the sentiment just take the credit, which allowed him play time instead of executive action time. Likewise, it will take time before we realize what the 44th deserves out of respect, for sacrificing time and effort under enormous ridicule from the “Right” to avoid an American Armageddon. Oh, not to forget an AWOL Congress that for the past 8-years has performed like “A Clockwork Orange”! So Obama's legacy is now cast in stone, a success beyond and one day future generations will share that smile, as he did indeed have a "Dream". But he has a problem. See, if Hillary becomes the next in line, she is also smart and will ride the surf and also take all the credit for Obama's trials and tribulations – she is already advertising such, like patent infringement! And it would be very easy for a Hillary to steal away Obama's thunder, taking credit where credit is not due as her constituency surrenders to kissing her ass! If it were to happen and a Clinton was let back into the White House, Obama's legacy would remain negative, short-circuited and never gain the respect for what he did to save this nation and make it “Great” once again. So, he has no loyalty to a Clinton, as Hillary is the only one that would follow in his footsteps taking credit. The other candidates will wreck everything – so that will in itself propel the Obama legacy to wherein it belongs, up there with the “Great” U.S. Presidents. OK, Bernie will not wreck havoc! My take, Obama doesn't really want Hillary anywhere near the White House but has to be very politically correct any chastising or support. If he doesn't play his cards right, when the wrecking ball hits he could find himself in the blame game – from the “Leftists” which affects that legacy. His ace in the hole? I guess castration is is not out of the picture! See, Obama will not allow Hillary to get away with double-dipping on his watch. She was not performing as Secretary-of-State, but using taxpayer time and money to campaign – he is probably pissed off to say the least and Hillary has come very close to throwing Obama under the Bozo bus. So, that castration comes in the indictment of, drum roll please...Bill Clinton. See, there is more then enough evidence that the IT guy set-up server access in the Clinton's Chappaquiddick home, in the “John”. Now, do you really think Bill had better things to do then to allow himself equal access and probe what Hillary was up to? Bill most likely had access to Hillary's e-mail account and could stay tuned to what was going on in the world of the SOS – access to “Top Secret” stuff and the reason Hillary is adamant exchanges were not marked as “Classified”, as then Bill would not have legal authority to...well sit on the crapper smoking a Cuban and know what was going on in the Obama “Oval Office”. There is one thing if Hillary spilled the beans to Bill over French fries while on a date, but to have all out access - it is “SPYING! Why do you think Sid Blumenthal was still part of this “Family Affair”, he had access to the e-mail server because he communicated with Bill – while Hillary was gallivanting around the world too busy running her campaign! Bill may have been calling the shots, with SOS dealings, instructing Hillary! So in the end an indictment comes down from the Justice by recommendation from the FBI – that a set-up was premeditated in efforts to break the security code of “Classified” materials. Then with Bill under indictment for spying or access without permission, well the voting public will turn away from Hillary, enough is enough! As to vote her in, that will allow the 1st Lady to pardon...and “We the People” had enough “I did not have sex with that server”. So, Bill screwed this nation and Hillary once before by having “Oval Office” orifice affairs, it may be that he screwed her again – in private as her server-man “John”! My prediction, it will be Bill named in any indictment by the Justice Department, Hillary will be free but her chances of taking charge of Barack's legacy, it will never happen on our watch! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fast Forward

It is January 20th in the year 2017, early morning when urgency sends the Pentagon into an emergency huddle - DEFCON Super Critical category Armageddon! Not that American citizens were under any outrageous attack by escapees from the House of Saud  - the George Bush asylum for the insane -  but the military troops had been targeted by an effort to dismantle the “front line defense”. Through careful planning by an unknown terrorist group, the troops abroad were becoming infected by a "Hauntya" like virus, cloned from mice crap and now contaminating the troops' food supply. Said again, it was a planned attack and 80% of the troops were showing early stages of respiratory aliments, explosive diarrhea and no longer fit for duty.  The first signs of this attack started to show the ugliness in the Middle East theater of war, but was spreading rapidly out of control. The Pentagon was sending every available hospital ship towards the areas wherein U.S. military troops were staged, in efforts to get control of a panic like situation. And it was worse off then first expected, as it was causing blindness as a side effect, a virus cloned attraction to get someone's attention. Thousands had already been infected, and the military hospital experts warned of increasing victims. By noon of this same day, the swearing in of the newly elected president was moving forward and the 45th had that 1st assignment - what to do about this attack that was sending “our” troop readiness plans into limbo. And it was also growing leaps and bounds, as ships that housed fighter jets, well pilots also seeing the same damn problems and being sidelined as “un-fit” for duty. All facets of the military from the NAVY, ARMY, MARINES and AIR FORCE were broadcasting signs that this was a very bad situation – this coordinated attack on our front line defense. It was also hitting hard upon the coalition. And doctors were recommending the troops so effected be quarantined, as it appeared the virus was also contagious. So, the 45th had no time to celebrate with a victory march around the White House, there was serious business to contend with. And soon there came the normal rhetoric that the "Oval Office" would get to the bottom who was behind this "poisoning", but in the meantime a far more pressing issue is, how to protect ourselves? With troops that man the “front line” our defensive position around the globe, to be without such support opened up Pandora's box. Since this was an unprecedented situation, the newly elected president - who had been sworn in only within the last hour - well the situation room was busy with activity, as this was more then a national crisis. By 1600-hours, due the seriousnesss of this troop crippling attack, the 45th had summoned the help of past Commanders, as the news media flashed “hot off the press” pictures of Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama being escorted to the briefing room. The White House lawn was busy with “Air Force II” coming and going! Silence reigned throughout the night, and the only thing coming out of the Pentagon was the fact that the Hauntya poisoning was still spreading, much wider then first reported. Fact of the matter, it was growing out of control and even affecting the troops back home, as this was a very coordinated attack. Our troops were sabotaged by an egg McStuffin and even though no deaths reported, victims of blindness were climbing. While military and higher education medical experts scrambled to find a cure, an understanding the controlling mechanism behind this sickness, still to be found was any readily available ways and means to combat the side effects. The nation was in  a panic situation, left somewhat defenseless! People failed to rest comfortably and many maintained neighborhood vigilance, we wanted answers to what was going on in that “Oval Office”. At dawn the silence was broken, as the 45th made his way to the podium, behind him the past Commander-in-Chiefs and all other late-night participants showing signs of fatigue - not from age but a realization this nation was faced with an unprecedented seriousness. What came from the podium was not an Executive Order, but a Constitutional mandate. The “Well Regulated Militia” was being called to duty. Under Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution: “The President shall be commander in chief of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States.”  The President has that right, that obligation. Soon, the Congress along with the Supreme Court were called into action, to demonstrate that by virtue of “gun ownership” a United States citizen is considered a member of this “Militia”. This was basically a No-Boehner, as the “Well Regulated Militia” was always under the command of the sitting U.S. President by the wording in the Constitution, but had never been “called into actual service”. Now those that refused to honor this mandate, due not a fan of the 45th, they were being reminded that it was not by choice this “call” and if a gun owner refused, it meant one's guns could be confiscated by facing a court martial. Refusing to abide by what is mandated under the Constitution is against the law, and the Supreme Court as well as Congress were behind the decision to “call to service” the “Well Regulated Militia” and under the command of the sitting Commander-in-Chief. So is this a hypothetical reasoning as to what to expect when push comes to shove, well the Commander-in-Chief has control of “All Guns”, love it or leave it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Canada SUCKS

“Liar, Liar pants on fire, Bill's dick is longer then the telephone wire”, Hillary's on-the-road-again 2016 touring theme song! Please, please will one of Hillary Clinton's cohorts in rhyme send some Day After PILLS? She needs something to abort her memory loss, as she seems not able to remember what happened the day after any debates with Bernie Sanders. Else, she may be suffering from loss of memory. I am requesting that she have a scatological evaluation performed and make such study results available to her followers. Just the other day, the day after the Monday Night Fights, she went on her constituency stage and lied - or if not a preconceived lie, then she had a memory lapse. No, this is not politics as usual, something is affecting her reasoning abilities. See, she went into tizzy limbo dance accusing Sanders of being responsible for Sandy Hook, because he refused to hold responsible the gun manufacturers by failing to sign legislation that would have allowed victims of such crimes to blame innocent bystanders. Look, blame is based on preponderance of the evidence. So a wacko gets a gun, runs amuck with murdering kids and Hillary and her supporters want to blame the gun manufacturers who were not even close to any crime scene, as an accomplice? Let's take it one step closer to what Hillary forgot. Say Congress did pass legislation that would allow the gun manufacturers to be liable, which means the “Corporation” would come under attack and when the lawyers get involved, that means the CEO and the low-life janitor along with investors are in the Sarah Palin cross-hairs. In today's world, with pensions finding widespread affiliation with all kinds of lucrative scams - as we all want to be rich - we all most likely have investment strategies that are in some way shape or form concealed within a gun manufacturer or material supplier. Hey, we invest in the “War MACHINE”, so are we guilty of mass murdering abroad? Now such investments in that retirement account, you won't see it, as it is hidden away. I checked my Phineas J. Whoopee retirement portfolio, and sure enough my representative has some of my loot stashed away in an investment that supplies steel tubes used for gun barrels. So, am I guilty if that barrel was used to kill kids? According to Hillary I am. Anyway, she forgot what Bernie really said during the debates and cause for concern that she is not getting enough sleep or is showing early signs of dementia, as she was way off base when she delivered her villainous speech the day after and went on the attack, by forgetting! But I am waiting for the candidate that swears he or she “HATES” Canada. We hear all this bickering about a “WALL” on the U.S. & Mexican border, as we are getting infiltrated by trash crashing the crossings. But wait just a minute, as we are also under attack up north, as the Canadian government is allowing our senior citizens to be ripped, in the tune of $BILLIONS$. Yes, scam artists allowed freedom to operate such scams are targeting our seniors and stealing away our inheritance at alarming rates. And it is causing many veterans taken into this scam to commit suicide once the scam is discovered and a huge amount of one's pension has been confiscated. My dad ran into this, after he lost a fair amount of money when Wall Street robbed his initial nest egg – during the stock market manipulation crash. Sure it was manipulated, as the money lost by many investors was not “burned”, it just exchanged hands. So he was desperate to leave his kids something, so went engaged in this scam that sounded too good to be true and even though we tried to stop it, the Canadian lawmen allows amnesty this crime orchestrated from abroad, that which targets the “Homeland”. Sure the RMP does catch a few of the crooks, but only those that can be extradited back to the states. If you are a Canadian, like Ted Cruz, you can run these scams forever targeting United State's citizens - namely WWII vets - and get away with it and take away their military retirement. It is allowed, as citizens of Canada find sovereignty away from prosecution such crimes committed here! My dad got taken in, he was guaranteed a new car, a second car and a credit card that would compensate him for all the fees he paid out for some sweepstakes scam wherein the winnings were never claimed, so the “government” was behind this he was told by the asshole with that French accent. He never received the car or the other car and the credit card was not a freebie, but one that had outrageous rates. So he is broke, lives on a meager Social Security pension and today wonders why he fought for this nation that protected Canada. And guess what, that credit card has been assigned to a Canadian bank that has hired a debt collector in the states to harass my dad! I tried calling my Congress over this matter, the aide said the office doesn't handle complaints of this nature? When he dies, I hope the bastards that he is in-debt too show for the funeral – as it will be repayment time! In all honesty, maybe we should aim our rockets towards that northern nation. Look, North Korea calls our bluff and we pay Netanyahoot a whole lot of attention, when at the same time we hear very little about how the Canadians are getting away with rape here in the states. It is a silent killer, not only in this aspect as Canadian banks are also causing the same havoc in Alaska by taking over the United States military infrastructure and giving not a rat's ass about anything else except more rape upon the U.S. Taxpayers. They are not our friends, just using that image as a ways and means to castrate – the same with Hillary. Look, believe it or not, CANADA is too blame for its fair share of abuse upon the United States as when those that fort so bravely to secure this nation's independence find themselves under attack by that very same nation we have defended for many long years, all the hate talk about the Chinese and wetbacks is but mild mannered with what is really going on. What is going on along that northern border makes the southern fame tame in comparison. And if I ever catch the bastards that ripped off my dad or your dad, amnesty will be a castration and I will hand deliver the goods to my representative that reneged on protecting our war veterans! When our Congress, when our government cannot secure and protect those that fort for our independence, then we as a nation have failed, as our elected officials have become “Turncoats”! Look, this scam is nothing new, yet our Congress just laughs in the face of the torture upon the victims – as it proves a one man ARMY is but a joke in their eyes! My Country 'Tis of Thee? How about “Oh Canada, Oh Canada” as to what is heard in the Halls of Congress today, silent but deadly. It is time for all able bodied Americans to re-access that northerly...sorry as “neighbor” is no longer a talking point!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Deficit of Deceit?

How many $Trillion$ in debt, with this nation's deficit through see-saw legislation practiced by our see through Congress? No problem, just print more loot, dig a deeper hole. Or, just start some more conflicts, as the American "WAR MACHINE" can surely swallow its fair share of malfeasance dough, and puts the U.S. Treasury counterfeiting press in high gear. Sure it's counterfeiting, as when “WAR” finds an excuse to make a profit....need I say more. I despise when the "Military Budget" comes to the floor for approval, one of those "must do" pieces of legislation that uses the "troops-in-boots" as ransom when in reality it is but another free-loading extravaganza for defense contractors that realize without "WAR" their generous salaries are, well they would be unemployed and their trophy wives may have to DE-botox! So what this deficit, as it is more of the same with the blame game. But what bothers our mission is the fact there appears to be another deficit on the horizon of interest, that of Political Intelligence Lacking Lookout – a.k.a. Deficit of Deceit and a “Democrat” weakness. And this deficit PILL is a prescription for the doom & gloom scenario, best we get away from such an addiction as it is the mainspring in the “Dumbsday Clock” and wound up tight towards “Tilt”! Look, the Bozo Bus arrived on-time for the GOP circus, and Trump is the Master-baader this “Laugh-in” on steroids and with laughter still the best medicine - as I have been waiting for 2-years to get an appointment with a doctor so must get by with a few laughs and an apple a day - it is comical upon what we think is a “need-to-know” what goes on inside the political Big Top. But on the other side of the isle, this is wherein a deficit in intelligence is truly a cause for concern. OK, it is our choice any preference the ability to govern, but when we are abducted by scam artists and out of frustration and desperation turn to a lemming following, we tend to let down our guard and accept, well we try to disseminate the lesser of 2-evils. Look, Hillary Clinton is a "Corporate Whore", there should be no shame from any institution afraid to say so, as she has earned that title without remorse. When a Bernie Sanders surrogate made that off-the-cuff comment a few days ago there came a barrage of attacks from the Hillary shameless camp – when in reality what in hell is wrong with hearing the “TRUTH”? Bill remember, was a White house "John" and pimped his way through 2-terms as, well the jury is still out but Hillary did apologize for the 42nd's 1994 "Throw Away the Keys" legislation. See, when "Prison" became a business that would lobby Hillary a win as a New York Senator, Bill made sure there would come hard time for anybody that didn't blink an eye his fantasy in romancing the Cuban cigar probing top-secret orifices. And today with that legislation still in effect but crime on the climb due “No Vacancy” signs outside hundreds of prisons, we have more “once human” now monket men incarcerated then the 22 largest “other” nations combined! “Monket”? Poor blacks that didn't have proper representation at trial! So what was Hillary apologizing for? As it is too damn late and an apology doesn't set those wrongfully jailed free! But she was adamant that a “Big Top” priority as the 1st Lady would be a reform upon the criminal justice system, by pardoning herself? It was a worthless, well explosive diarrhea from the “Corporate Whore's” pucker! No, I am not afraid to call a spade...Look, “Privatized” prison is a windfall profit with guaranteed success, as when you throw away the keys, it is a revenue source forever – one hell of a Wall Street investment! So the Clinton's have honored "Corporate Sleaze" as a mascot, their only way from rags to riches. Slidenote: I am a Democrat, but in no way hell freezes over a supporter of a “Corporate Whore” getting the keys to the Orifice Office. Look, Bill and Hillary were broke when they vacated the White House, but within 10-years had amassed a fortune of $100-Million. And we paid for it, as when they are gallivanting around the world accumulating this wealth, we had to protect "their ass” with our assets. Here is what I am trying to get at. There appears to be an intellectual deficit those entertaining the  support for a "Corporate Whore". The Clinton's deserve our respect, as long as they walk off into the sunset and leave us all alone. Look, I would phone my congregational Congressman and ask for Bill & Hillary's government retirement to be doubled, if they would just go away. It's like slime, or the lingering smell of a road-kill skunk, we can't get rid of it! During the New York, New York debates, she made it clear that she has been in politics a long time, yet when we look at what she meant by her tenure, well the last 25-years have been devastating to mainstream salt-of-the-earth. Now it wasn't entirely her fault, but she is part of that “culture of corporate corruptness with us or against us” that has polluted our sovereignty, harassed our right to life and liberty – as the pursuit of the American Dream has been hijacked by the wealthy – and the Clinton's are part of that takeover mentality. It is all of image and no sustenance, she wants to be the 1st "Women" at any expense – telling the truth front and center her true motif operandi ambition is but a suggestion. So I am confused as to why so much support, as if, well this is the real deficit that is sinking our future. Said again, there is no lesser of two-evils the front runners, except maybe it is still but a Sarah Palin “Realty Show” and in the end out of the woodwork we will see candidates that have meaning and a crusade that defines what a Commander-in-Chief is all about. Look, Trump and Bernie are today the only viable runners with a vision, yet they are being stewballed out of the race, by the disgrace of the “culture”. Yes, “Corporate Whores” are all around us, as the Wall Street “pimps” are very powerful these days. And here is what I did take away from Madame Hawk's make-up hiding the “TRUTH”, that it is OK that "We the People" continue to fund the “Corporate Whore WAR MACHINE”, which means for every 28 kids coming home in a box due "WAR MACHINE" blood and guts spilled in low-income neighborhoods across the globe - as today's war finds no interest in the jungle - well 22 of those uniformed victims are our Red, White & Blue blood kids - and Hillary said she would keep that trend going. Is this what we want? Hell NO, but it is surely what the Wall Street "WAR MACHINE" needs, as it is addicted to "killing" our kids and disenfranchising the American Dream as is Hillary addicted to that same “lobby”. She tells a good story, that's it as her Editor-in-Thief is that Wall Street in a pin-stripped suit. It is that disgraceful mentality that wants to continue to strangle-hold our freedoms, this is wherein we do see some “NEW AGE” intelligence sprouting, as Sanders has enlightened the youth vote that is sick and tired of the Clinton & Bush dysentery dynasty years of hell - and when we see our youngsters embracing away from the lies for the “TRUTH”, then a new breath of political intelligence finds a sense of urgency and this is what the “Corporate Whore” cannot stand - neither can the John! And a vote for a “Corporate Whore” is a vote for a Cuban cigar, used as a weapon of lust and we end up with distrust upon our executive leadership while a woman's right takes a seat in the back of the Bozo Bus! Give it up Hillary supporters, as “We the People” deserve better! Time to think of our future, that being our children and only new blood can cancel away the beltway sleaze that wants a Hillary, or a Cruz, and in reality we are at war as it boils down to an US against THEM – and THEM wealthy elite finds NO “US” in its mission.


So George Clooney sponsors a $million$ dollar Hollywood extravaganza for Hillary Clinton, but in the end did he become the “Crock of Crooks” worst enemy and lend support to Bernie Sanders? Crock of Crooks: Those that serenade Wall Street behind closed doors and afraid to give up the transcripts – taking the 5th. Question: Do “We the People” pay for all of Hillary's gallivanting expenses? OK, Clooney's barbecue elite set the stage for his new movie, “Apocalypse Today” wherein Hillary is found to be Colonel Kurtz's daughter out of wedlock, from one on the Playboy dancers sent to Camp David to entertain Bill. Wow, makes sense, as there are a whole lot of similarities with Kurtz and Clinton, not only in the “insane” category. When the image goal gets in the way of the allegiance, we gain nothing. Hillary is in it for that reason only, the image makeover as this nation castrated the Clinton's when Bill was rehearsing with Monica and they have never forgotten that interview, “I did not have sex with that woman”. So she is trying to save face still, that the so far of record Clinton dysentery dynasty goes down in history as a viable American icon. Look, the best thing for the Clinton's is to go away, enjoy retirement, as Bill and Hillary are washed up, out-to-pasture and have nothing positive to advance this nation forward. Anyway, this black-tie affair found ticket prices at $35-thousand bucks. But George was not shy on making it publicly known that the amount of loot collected for Hillary's campaign was “obscene”, his own words and broadcast without remorse. So what did he mean by OBSCENE: “relating to sex in an indecent or offensive way - very offensive in usually a shocking way - so large an amount or size as to be very shocking or unfair”. Damn, the latter sounds like a Cuban cigar dildo, Bill's choice of Oval Office tools of the trade! Anyway, thanks to George, for not being afraid to let US in on a little secret, like maybe this is what goes on behind the scenes all the time with the Clintons – take your pick with the “OBSCENE” definition. It goes on for the other candidates as well, except Trump who is campaigning on his own dime and Bernie doesn't partake of such finger filth in the money game. But hold the “Press”, as Trump & Sanders are not bonafide candidates as they respect America. Honestly, isn't it all we are asking for in a Commander-in-Chief is a little “RESPECT”? And the latter is not always a two-way street, one can not placate both the investment world and the will of the people. We cannot have both the Wall and a middle-class society as one is the evil of the other. It follows the Mobius Strip mentality, with us or against us always finds that separation even when at the same place in time, we cannot find compromise as those on the “Street”  want to rob you of that savings. Corporate America – now run by outsiders – has no interest in the workers' life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They need us, but practice a lackadaisical attitude that breaches any “Trust” relationship, as their job is to get blood-out-of-a-turnip, that is the mandate from the investors. If today they can suck a few pennies away from my “war-chest”, then they have succeeded. It is today the worst thing that ever happened to America, as we have all been cajoled into the investment world with our retirement plans and do we really give a rat's ass about our neighbors well-being, financially speaking? If my portfolio could rob my neighbor's of half his or her worth, would I care? No, as we also want and wish blood, and my wealth is a priority over another's nest-egg. So it is interesting, with the two non-bonafide candidates, as one supports socialism, which means Wall Street best retreat and then with Trump, he doesn't need that investment support either. IMAGINE, Wall Street becoming a dead end street taken over by homeless people! Let's face the facts, as it will be either Trump or Sanders come the voting booths “Open for Business” on November 8th. But either way when it comes to tearing down that Wall, the sooner the better as that is when we get back our sovereignty and the 1% can, well give us back what has been lost over the past 25 years, during Hillary's political career. Yes, we have been tortured by special interest for that long, but we are strong even in the face of such adversarial attacks. And this is what being an American is all about, RESPECT even for those that have tried to rob us blind as we all knew it was but a matter of time wherein they would be robbed also of their childish tantrums and lust for stolen goods, and our true investment as an American, the steadfast of the middle class, that “our flag was still there”, from sea to shining sea!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cowards Amongst U.S.

"I pledge allegiance to the"....when we were young, and the defiant stay-at-home moms & war veteran dads could be heard teaching their children well, how we cherished this moment the respect we learned firsthand our “Homeland”. This all-walks-of-life American "allegiance" was the glue of loyalty that surrounded us, in our low-income neighborhoods, at the take-me-out to the ball-game dugouts, at Sunday service, carried on by travelers along our highways from sea to shining sea - something we all shared in common a proud Mary Liberty. But when success from a Wall Street mentality misaligns one's mission, when monetary greed sends distress signals that we are under attack, that flag waving allegiance and alliance finds a different face - one that spits unrighteousness upon this Red, White & Blue image, America. In Alaska, there are battle lines being drawn again, as a local business under the disguise of an American Native icon but in reality bowing down to the crowned Queen of England readies itself by reloading – packing a defensive position through high priced lawyers that seem also to be disenfranchised by any American loyalty. "Hail to the Queen" is the opening statement heard in the boardrooms and soon will be tried in the courts, wherein efforts to assassinate the “Good Will” of Uncle Sam along with the U.S. Taxpayers will find us as victims by the shrapnel forthcoming this battle – and “True Americans” will be amongst those victims! See, we have cowards before us, camouflaged as phony American businessmen who have reneged on the “Pledge of Allegiance” and are now performing acts that in the year 1773 would have been grounds for a hanging, as what is going on today in Fairbanks-Alaska is pure “Treason”. Starting point: Doyon Utilities was the lucky recipient of a $5-billion 50-year contract with the United States ARMY, to maintain the military "housing" infrastructure through a “Privatization Contract”. Privatization was intended to save the U.S. Taxpayers from wasted loot, as when such services to house our troops were under the auspices of the “Civil Servant” brigade Congress thought the taxpayers were getting swindled. Then let's try the private sector, as they have better management against fraud and waste – good try! Look, when there is a goose laying golden eggs, “the crooks are coming” can be heard in the same manner so "Revered" that set this nation into a defensive position, to overthrow that “Treason” upon our liberties. And today, the crooks are here and we are letting them take it all to home away from this “Home”! With the 2016 presidential race in high gear, politically without politeness we hear a whole lot about a KEEP OUT “wall” needed down south - in realty if that be the case we need to consider the same on the supposedly friendly Canadian & U.S. border. Maybe more so there, as we are getting raped, tortured and spit upon by our northerly neighbor allowing freeloading loan-sharks to invade, by those that have no interest in our sovereignty and such crookedness wants blood-out-of-a-turnip. See, Doyon Utilities uses the “Native Alaskan” namesake as a front, when in reality the $millions$ in revenue money from this exclusive contract is bleeding away, short-handing the natives - much needed loot leaving Alaska and going to banks in Canada - it is sinful and goes to show that the smiles from the boardrooms are as fake as, well “British Tea”! And behind that name recognition we see also disgrace in action from our Congressional representatives, afraid to intervene in this "theft" case as that would demonstrate a dereliction upon their constituency conviction - as to attack a "native organization" is sacrilegious! See, the Doyon “Turncoats” and a cast of hungry attorneys are trying to rake Uncle Sam over the coals, for more “loot”. Doyon Utilities is in violation of the “contract”, simply put, and if it gets its way by suing Uncle Sam through requests that the Regulatory Commission of Alaska intervene in efforts to raise the tariffs so it can enjoy more revenue - just add another $1-Billion in pure profits that will go to interests outside America and end up in Canada. Yes, a Canadian outfit owns a good portion of “Doyon Utilities” and is contracted to take care of the ARMY bases in Alaska, but it is managed by recruits that seem to have the same focus as ISIS wannabes – destruction aimed at our sovereignty! Yes, this bothersome bastard mentality taking Uncle Sam to task means we are under attack, right here in the “Homeland”, a battle plan that finds NO true empathy towards a cause except to cause trouble. Do you really think this Canadian entity and those in the executive branch gives a rat's ass about any loyalty, except to the “Queen”? And when it all started and Doyon was awarded the bid, there came no complaints, as every damn thing was taken into consideration by the G-men and those interested in this lucrative contract had ample time to question every “i” was dotted and every “t” crossed. It was a clear cut and so sound agreement, no questions asked just perform to the contract specifics and get paid a handsome salary – for 50-years! That was the intent and it was working fine in the beginning until such time this Canadian interest made the Doyon Utility brats - the owners of Fairbanks Sewer & Water - an offer they couldn't refuse, and maybe an incentive to stay on board as executives as long as they “Hailed to the Queen”. That is when the greedy bastards decided it was better to find an allegiance with the “Green for the Queen”, by selling out their American interests to a Canadian interest, yet remaining at the helm as extravagantly paid CEOs, in efforts to lend a helping hand defrauding Uncle Sam and robbing the U.S. Taxpayers. What is going on this battle between Doyon Utilities and the U.S. ARMY is sad, wherein we see how "greed" can spoil good intent. Sick, sick bastards at the Doyon helm it appears! Yes, a mutiny on the "Allegiance Bounty”, all for the almighty “buckaroo”. So it is sad, to see these men in pin-striped uniforms now acting as grownup turncoats, and a mile long smile in realization that the military must pick its battles and soon Doyon Utilities may be raking in more loot swindled away from the U.S. Taxpayers – imagine so-called Americans stealing it away for the “Queen”. In my book, this is the unheard of “Almighty of Battles” that which may need assistance from the “Well Regulated Posse”, as when American “Turncoat Businessmen” find no longer that “allegiance” the security of a free state is on the auction block. And you wonder why Americans are upset, as it is not only that belief that anybody looking like a muslin may be an enemy, but maybe the real "Enemy of the People" looks so American but stinks of sewer gas - hey, in Fairbanks it may be that neighbor of yours! If you are interested in how the “QUEEN Boys” are raping over this nation, just entertain yourself with the hearings before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. "My Country 'Tis of Thee", maybe "Tis of Thieves"! All Americans should call, write and maybe harass into action their Congressional representatives in efforts it warrants a halt to this destructive behavior by the upper echelon management of Doyon Utilities upon our sovereignty, as if we let it continue on, it is but another crack in the dam and Uncle Sam is running out of “fingers” to hold back that torrent of destruction heading our way - and in reality there is only one finger that deserves observance with Doyon Utilities silent war,  as it is at middle ground, US or the “Queen” and that allegiance to “One Nation” seems to be a difficult choice for some!

Friday, April 1, 2016


WTF , so FOX allows postings of "THREATS"?

'One shot at the queen': FBI, AG intensify focus on Clinton email probe