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Friday, April 22, 2016

The 44th Smile

Notice that mile long smile that Barack Obama is carrying around these days? Almost like a smirk of success, so what is he up to? See, it has been a long 8-years for the Commander, but he does have the bragging rights of a 2-term U.S. President. Yes, bragging rights and even though his legacy has been ridiculed because of the “color of a man's kin”, he will one day be considered the “BEST”. Look, he came into town and was handed a crippled economy, a war torn nation, high oil prices, highways on the ruin, un-employment and homeless a staggering defeat for a “Free Nation” - the list goes on. So, it was but for a miracle that today we have seen a resurrection of the economy and every other storm from sea to shining sea now tame. So, a “Great” man he was! But like with Ronald Reagan, it takes time afterwards to recognize and appreciate the success story. Look, Bill Clinton road to glory on Reaganomics which was not abandoned by H.W. – as Bill was a smart Aleck and realized no need changing horses in midstream something that was working with the sentiment just take the credit, which allowed him play time instead of executive action time. Likewise, it will take time before we realize what the 44th deserves out of respect, for sacrificing time and effort under enormous ridicule from the “Right” to avoid an American Armageddon. Oh, not to forget an AWOL Congress that for the past 8-years has performed like “A Clockwork Orange”! So Obama's legacy is now cast in stone, a success beyond and one day future generations will share that smile, as he did indeed have a "Dream". But he has a problem. See, if Hillary becomes the next in line, she is also smart and will ride the surf and also take all the credit for Obama's trials and tribulations – she is already advertising such, like patent infringement! And it would be very easy for a Hillary to steal away Obama's thunder, taking credit where credit is not due as her constituency surrenders to kissing her ass! If it were to happen and a Clinton was let back into the White House, Obama's legacy would remain negative, short-circuited and never gain the respect for what he did to save this nation and make it “Great” once again. So, he has no loyalty to a Clinton, as Hillary is the only one that would follow in his footsteps taking credit. The other candidates will wreck everything – so that will in itself propel the Obama legacy to wherein it belongs, up there with the “Great” U.S. Presidents. OK, Bernie will not wreck havoc! My take, Obama doesn't really want Hillary anywhere near the White House but has to be very politically correct any chastising or support. If he doesn't play his cards right, when the wrecking ball hits he could find himself in the blame game – from the “Leftists” which affects that legacy. His ace in the hole? I guess castration is is not out of the picture! See, Obama will not allow Hillary to get away with double-dipping on his watch. She was not performing as Secretary-of-State, but using taxpayer time and money to campaign – he is probably pissed off to say the least and Hillary has come very close to throwing Obama under the Bozo bus. So, that castration comes in the indictment of, drum roll please...Bill Clinton. See, there is more then enough evidence that the IT guy set-up server access in the Clinton's Chappaquiddick home, in the “John”. Now, do you really think Bill had better things to do then to allow himself equal access and probe what Hillary was up to? Bill most likely had access to Hillary's e-mail account and could stay tuned to what was going on in the world of the SOS – access to “Top Secret” stuff and the reason Hillary is adamant exchanges were not marked as “Classified”, as then Bill would not have legal authority to...well sit on the crapper smoking a Cuban and know what was going on in the Obama “Oval Office”. There is one thing if Hillary spilled the beans to Bill over French fries while on a date, but to have all out access - it is “SPYING! Why do you think Sid Blumenthal was still part of this “Family Affair”, he had access to the e-mail server because he communicated with Bill – while Hillary was gallivanting around the world too busy running her campaign! Bill may have been calling the shots, with SOS dealings, instructing Hillary! So in the end an indictment comes down from the Justice by recommendation from the FBI – that a set-up was premeditated in efforts to break the security code of “Classified” materials. Then with Bill under indictment for spying or access without permission, well the voting public will turn away from Hillary, enough is enough! As to vote her in, that will allow the 1st Lady to pardon...and “We the People” had enough “I did not have sex with that server”. So, Bill screwed this nation and Hillary once before by having “Oval Office” orifice affairs, it may be that he screwed her again – in private as her server-man “John”! My prediction, it will be Bill named in any indictment by the Justice Department, Hillary will be free but her chances of taking charge of Barack's legacy, it will never happen on our watch! 

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