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Monday, April 18, 2016

Deficit of Deceit?

How many $Trillion$ in debt, with this nation's deficit through see-saw legislation practiced by our see through Congress? No problem, just print more loot, dig a deeper hole. Or, just start some more conflicts, as the American "WAR MACHINE" can surely swallow its fair share of malfeasance dough, and puts the U.S. Treasury counterfeiting press in high gear. Sure it's counterfeiting, as when “WAR” finds an excuse to make a profit....need I say more. I despise when the "Military Budget" comes to the floor for approval, one of those "must do" pieces of legislation that uses the "troops-in-boots" as ransom when in reality it is but another free-loading extravaganza for defense contractors that realize without "WAR" their generous salaries are, well they would be unemployed and their trophy wives may have to DE-botox! So what this deficit, as it is more of the same with the blame game. But what bothers our mission is the fact there appears to be another deficit on the horizon of interest, that of Political Intelligence Lacking Lookout – a.k.a. Deficit of Deceit and a “Democrat” weakness. And this deficit PILL is a prescription for the doom & gloom scenario, best we get away from such an addiction as it is the mainspring in the “Dumbsday Clock” and wound up tight towards “Tilt”! Look, the Bozo Bus arrived on-time for the GOP circus, and Trump is the Master-baader this “Laugh-in” on steroids and with laughter still the best medicine - as I have been waiting for 2-years to get an appointment with a doctor so must get by with a few laughs and an apple a day - it is comical upon what we think is a “need-to-know” what goes on inside the political Big Top. But on the other side of the isle, this is wherein a deficit in intelligence is truly a cause for concern. OK, it is our choice any preference the ability to govern, but when we are abducted by scam artists and out of frustration and desperation turn to a lemming following, we tend to let down our guard and accept, well we try to disseminate the lesser of 2-evils. Look, Hillary Clinton is a "Corporate Whore", there should be no shame from any institution afraid to say so, as she has earned that title without remorse. When a Bernie Sanders surrogate made that off-the-cuff comment a few days ago there came a barrage of attacks from the Hillary shameless camp – when in reality what in hell is wrong with hearing the “TRUTH”? Bill remember, was a White house "John" and pimped his way through 2-terms as, well the jury is still out but Hillary did apologize for the 42nd's 1994 "Throw Away the Keys" legislation. See, when "Prison" became a business that would lobby Hillary a win as a New York Senator, Bill made sure there would come hard time for anybody that didn't blink an eye his fantasy in romancing the Cuban cigar probing top-secret orifices. And today with that legislation still in effect but crime on the climb due “No Vacancy” signs outside hundreds of prisons, we have more “once human” now monket men incarcerated then the 22 largest “other” nations combined! “Monket”? Poor blacks that didn't have proper representation at trial! So what was Hillary apologizing for? As it is too damn late and an apology doesn't set those wrongfully jailed free! But she was adamant that a “Big Top” priority as the 1st Lady would be a reform upon the criminal justice system, by pardoning herself? It was a worthless, well explosive diarrhea from the “Corporate Whore's” pucker! No, I am not afraid to call a spade...Look, “Privatized” prison is a windfall profit with guaranteed success, as when you throw away the keys, it is a revenue source forever – one hell of a Wall Street investment! So the Clinton's have honored "Corporate Sleaze" as a mascot, their only way from rags to riches. Slidenote: I am a Democrat, but in no way hell freezes over a supporter of a “Corporate Whore” getting the keys to the Orifice Office. Look, Bill and Hillary were broke when they vacated the White House, but within 10-years had amassed a fortune of $100-Million. And we paid for it, as when they are gallivanting around the world accumulating this wealth, we had to protect "their ass” with our assets. Here is what I am trying to get at. There appears to be an intellectual deficit those entertaining the  support for a "Corporate Whore". The Clinton's deserve our respect, as long as they walk off into the sunset and leave us all alone. Look, I would phone my congregational Congressman and ask for Bill & Hillary's government retirement to be doubled, if they would just go away. It's like slime, or the lingering smell of a road-kill skunk, we can't get rid of it! During the New York, New York debates, she made it clear that she has been in politics a long time, yet when we look at what she meant by her tenure, well the last 25-years have been devastating to mainstream salt-of-the-earth. Now it wasn't entirely her fault, but she is part of that “culture of corporate corruptness with us or against us” that has polluted our sovereignty, harassed our right to life and liberty – as the pursuit of the American Dream has been hijacked by the wealthy – and the Clinton's are part of that takeover mentality. It is all of image and no sustenance, she wants to be the 1st "Women" at any expense – telling the truth front and center her true motif operandi ambition is but a suggestion. So I am confused as to why so much support, as if, well this is the real deficit that is sinking our future. Said again, there is no lesser of two-evils the front runners, except maybe it is still but a Sarah Palin “Realty Show” and in the end out of the woodwork we will see candidates that have meaning and a crusade that defines what a Commander-in-Chief is all about. Look, Trump and Bernie are today the only viable runners with a vision, yet they are being stewballed out of the race, by the disgrace of the “culture”. Yes, “Corporate Whores” are all around us, as the Wall Street “pimps” are very powerful these days. And here is what I did take away from Madame Hawk's make-up hiding the “TRUTH”, that it is OK that "We the People" continue to fund the “Corporate Whore WAR MACHINE”, which means for every 28 kids coming home in a box due "WAR MACHINE" blood and guts spilled in low-income neighborhoods across the globe - as today's war finds no interest in the jungle - well 22 of those uniformed victims are our Red, White & Blue blood kids - and Hillary said she would keep that trend going. Is this what we want? Hell NO, but it is surely what the Wall Street "WAR MACHINE" needs, as it is addicted to "killing" our kids and disenfranchising the American Dream as is Hillary addicted to that same “lobby”. She tells a good story, that's it as her Editor-in-Thief is that Wall Street in a pin-stripped suit. It is that disgraceful mentality that wants to continue to strangle-hold our freedoms, this is wherein we do see some “NEW AGE” intelligence sprouting, as Sanders has enlightened the youth vote that is sick and tired of the Clinton & Bush dysentery dynasty years of hell - and when we see our youngsters embracing away from the lies for the “TRUTH”, then a new breath of political intelligence finds a sense of urgency and this is what the “Corporate Whore” cannot stand - neither can the John! And a vote for a “Corporate Whore” is a vote for a Cuban cigar, used as a weapon of lust and we end up with distrust upon our executive leadership while a woman's right takes a seat in the back of the Bozo Bus! Give it up Hillary supporters, as “We the People” deserve better! Time to think of our future, that being our children and only new blood can cancel away the beltway sleaze that wants a Hillary, or a Cruz, and in reality we are at war as it boils down to an US against THEM – and THEM wealthy elite finds NO “US” in its mission.

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