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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fast Forward

It is January 20th in the year 2017, early morning when urgency sends the Pentagon into an emergency huddle - DEFCON Super Critical category Armageddon! Not that American citizens were under any outrageous attack by escapees from the House of Saud  - the George Bush asylum for the insane -  but the military troops had been targeted by an effort to dismantle the “front line defense”. Through careful planning by an unknown terrorist group, the troops abroad were becoming infected by a "Hauntya" like virus, cloned from mice crap and now contaminating the troops' food supply. Said again, it was a planned attack and 80% of the troops were showing early stages of respiratory aliments, explosive diarrhea and no longer fit for duty.  The first signs of this attack started to show the ugliness in the Middle East theater of war, but was spreading rapidly out of control. The Pentagon was sending every available hospital ship towards the areas wherein U.S. military troops were staged, in efforts to get control of a panic like situation. And it was worse off then first expected, as it was causing blindness as a side effect, a virus cloned attraction to get someone's attention. Thousands had already been infected, and the military hospital experts warned of increasing victims. By noon of this same day, the swearing in of the newly elected president was moving forward and the 45th had that 1st assignment - what to do about this attack that was sending “our” troop readiness plans into limbo. And it was also growing leaps and bounds, as ships that housed fighter jets, well pilots also seeing the same damn problems and being sidelined as “un-fit” for duty. All facets of the military from the NAVY, ARMY, MARINES and AIR FORCE were broadcasting signs that this was a very bad situation – this coordinated attack on our front line defense. It was also hitting hard upon the coalition. And doctors were recommending the troops so effected be quarantined, as it appeared the virus was also contagious. So, the 45th had no time to celebrate with a victory march around the White House, there was serious business to contend with. And soon there came the normal rhetoric that the "Oval Office" would get to the bottom who was behind this "poisoning", but in the meantime a far more pressing issue is, how to protect ourselves? With troops that man the “front line” our defensive position around the globe, to be without such support opened up Pandora's box. Since this was an unprecedented situation, the newly elected president - who had been sworn in only within the last hour - well the situation room was busy with activity, as this was more then a national crisis. By 1600-hours, due the seriousnesss of this troop crippling attack, the 45th had summoned the help of past Commanders, as the news media flashed “hot off the press” pictures of Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama being escorted to the briefing room. The White House lawn was busy with “Air Force II” coming and going! Silence reigned throughout the night, and the only thing coming out of the Pentagon was the fact that the Hauntya poisoning was still spreading, much wider then first reported. Fact of the matter, it was growing out of control and even affecting the troops back home, as this was a very coordinated attack. Our troops were sabotaged by an egg McStuffin and even though no deaths reported, victims of blindness were climbing. While military and higher education medical experts scrambled to find a cure, an understanding the controlling mechanism behind this sickness, still to be found was any readily available ways and means to combat the side effects. The nation was in  a panic situation, left somewhat defenseless! People failed to rest comfortably and many maintained neighborhood vigilance, we wanted answers to what was going on in that “Oval Office”. At dawn the silence was broken, as the 45th made his way to the podium, behind him the past Commander-in-Chiefs and all other late-night participants showing signs of fatigue - not from age but a realization this nation was faced with an unprecedented seriousness. What came from the podium was not an Executive Order, but a Constitutional mandate. The “Well Regulated Militia” was being called to duty. Under Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution: “The President shall be commander in chief of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States.”  The President has that right, that obligation. Soon, the Congress along with the Supreme Court were called into action, to demonstrate that by virtue of “gun ownership” a United States citizen is considered a member of this “Militia”. This was basically a No-Boehner, as the “Well Regulated Militia” was always under the command of the sitting U.S. President by the wording in the Constitution, but had never been “called into actual service”. Now those that refused to honor this mandate, due not a fan of the 45th, they were being reminded that it was not by choice this “call” and if a gun owner refused, it meant one's guns could be confiscated by facing a court martial. Refusing to abide by what is mandated under the Constitution is against the law, and the Supreme Court as well as Congress were behind the decision to “call to service” the “Well Regulated Militia” and under the command of the sitting Commander-in-Chief. So is this a hypothetical reasoning as to what to expect when push comes to shove, well the Commander-in-Chief has control of “All Guns”, love it or leave it!

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