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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cowards Amongst U.S.

"I pledge allegiance to the"....when we were young, and the defiant stay-at-home moms & war veteran dads could be heard teaching their children well, how we cherished this moment the respect we learned firsthand our “Homeland”. This all-walks-of-life American "allegiance" was the glue of loyalty that surrounded us, in our low-income neighborhoods, at the take-me-out to the ball-game dugouts, at Sunday service, carried on by travelers along our highways from sea to shining sea - something we all shared in common a proud Mary Liberty. But when success from a Wall Street mentality misaligns one's mission, when monetary greed sends distress signals that we are under attack, that flag waving allegiance and alliance finds a different face - one that spits unrighteousness upon this Red, White & Blue image, America. In Alaska, there are battle lines being drawn again, as a local business under the disguise of an American Native icon but in reality bowing down to the crowned Queen of England readies itself by reloading – packing a defensive position through high priced lawyers that seem also to be disenfranchised by any American loyalty. "Hail to the Queen" is the opening statement heard in the boardrooms and soon will be tried in the courts, wherein efforts to assassinate the “Good Will” of Uncle Sam along with the U.S. Taxpayers will find us as victims by the shrapnel forthcoming this battle – and “True Americans” will be amongst those victims! See, we have cowards before us, camouflaged as phony American businessmen who have reneged on the “Pledge of Allegiance” and are now performing acts that in the year 1773 would have been grounds for a hanging, as what is going on today in Fairbanks-Alaska is pure “Treason”. Starting point: Doyon Utilities was the lucky recipient of a $5-billion 50-year contract with the United States ARMY, to maintain the military "housing" infrastructure through a “Privatization Contract”. Privatization was intended to save the U.S. Taxpayers from wasted loot, as when such services to house our troops were under the auspices of the “Civil Servant” brigade Congress thought the taxpayers were getting swindled. Then let's try the private sector, as they have better management against fraud and waste – good try! Look, when there is a goose laying golden eggs, “the crooks are coming” can be heard in the same manner so "Revered" that set this nation into a defensive position, to overthrow that “Treason” upon our liberties. And today, the crooks are here and we are letting them take it all to home away from this “Home”! With the 2016 presidential race in high gear, politically without politeness we hear a whole lot about a KEEP OUT “wall” needed down south - in realty if that be the case we need to consider the same on the supposedly friendly Canadian & U.S. border. Maybe more so there, as we are getting raped, tortured and spit upon by our northerly neighbor allowing freeloading loan-sharks to invade, by those that have no interest in our sovereignty and such crookedness wants blood-out-of-a-turnip. See, Doyon Utilities uses the “Native Alaskan” namesake as a front, when in reality the $millions$ in revenue money from this exclusive contract is bleeding away, short-handing the natives - much needed loot leaving Alaska and going to banks in Canada - it is sinful and goes to show that the smiles from the boardrooms are as fake as, well “British Tea”! And behind that name recognition we see also disgrace in action from our Congressional representatives, afraid to intervene in this "theft" case as that would demonstrate a dereliction upon their constituency conviction - as to attack a "native organization" is sacrilegious! See, the Doyon “Turncoats” and a cast of hungry attorneys are trying to rake Uncle Sam over the coals, for more “loot”. Doyon Utilities is in violation of the “contract”, simply put, and if it gets its way by suing Uncle Sam through requests that the Regulatory Commission of Alaska intervene in efforts to raise the tariffs so it can enjoy more revenue - just add another $1-Billion in pure profits that will go to interests outside America and end up in Canada. Yes, a Canadian outfit owns a good portion of “Doyon Utilities” and is contracted to take care of the ARMY bases in Alaska, but it is managed by recruits that seem to have the same focus as ISIS wannabes – destruction aimed at our sovereignty! Yes, this bothersome bastard mentality taking Uncle Sam to task means we are under attack, right here in the “Homeland”, a battle plan that finds NO true empathy towards a cause except to cause trouble. Do you really think this Canadian entity and those in the executive branch gives a rat's ass about any loyalty, except to the “Queen”? And when it all started and Doyon was awarded the bid, there came no complaints, as every damn thing was taken into consideration by the G-men and those interested in this lucrative contract had ample time to question every “i” was dotted and every “t” crossed. It was a clear cut and so sound agreement, no questions asked just perform to the contract specifics and get paid a handsome salary – for 50-years! That was the intent and it was working fine in the beginning until such time this Canadian interest made the Doyon Utility brats - the owners of Fairbanks Sewer & Water - an offer they couldn't refuse, and maybe an incentive to stay on board as executives as long as they “Hailed to the Queen”. That is when the greedy bastards decided it was better to find an allegiance with the “Green for the Queen”, by selling out their American interests to a Canadian interest, yet remaining at the helm as extravagantly paid CEOs, in efforts to lend a helping hand defrauding Uncle Sam and robbing the U.S. Taxpayers. What is going on this battle between Doyon Utilities and the U.S. ARMY is sad, wherein we see how "greed" can spoil good intent. Sick, sick bastards at the Doyon helm it appears! Yes, a mutiny on the "Allegiance Bounty”, all for the almighty “buckaroo”. So it is sad, to see these men in pin-striped uniforms now acting as grownup turncoats, and a mile long smile in realization that the military must pick its battles and soon Doyon Utilities may be raking in more loot swindled away from the U.S. Taxpayers – imagine so-called Americans stealing it away for the “Queen”. In my book, this is the unheard of “Almighty of Battles” that which may need assistance from the “Well Regulated Posse”, as when American “Turncoat Businessmen” find no longer that “allegiance” the security of a free state is on the auction block. And you wonder why Americans are upset, as it is not only that belief that anybody looking like a muslin may be an enemy, but maybe the real "Enemy of the People" looks so American but stinks of sewer gas - hey, in Fairbanks it may be that neighbor of yours! If you are interested in how the “QUEEN Boys” are raping over this nation, just entertain yourself with the hearings before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. "My Country 'Tis of Thee", maybe "Tis of Thieves"! All Americans should call, write and maybe harass into action their Congressional representatives in efforts it warrants a halt to this destructive behavior by the upper echelon management of Doyon Utilities upon our sovereignty, as if we let it continue on, it is but another crack in the dam and Uncle Sam is running out of “fingers” to hold back that torrent of destruction heading our way - and in reality there is only one finger that deserves observance with Doyon Utilities silent war,  as it is at middle ground, US or the “Queen” and that allegiance to “One Nation” seems to be a difficult choice for some!

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