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Monday, February 27, 2017


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Casper the Ghost Conspiracy

What is this "Monster" all about? Of course ZDonald Tyrump is a "Monster", as a poll with two-year old kids still in diapers made it clear and convincing he scares US. Yes, when innocent kids are shown his mug-shot, 100% say he's a bad guy! Look, he never smiles? Maybe not enough sex! Maybe not enough sleep due an enlarged prostate! He has major issues! Get over it, he's an experiment gone wrong no different than Ted Kaczynski's character. And anybody that gives a damn about this nation need to consider reading the book already in print that analyzes what "We the People" are up against. 

It is a Stephen Bannon as the Dr. Jekyll executive director, casting ZDonald as Mr. Hyde in the live remake of the "Chaos Experiment". The sad fact, we are all in the "steam-bath" together. But, this is wherein we shall not fear, as the "Casper the Ghost" ain't fake news as the "secret government" is already working to arrest this monster and we must be patient. My prediction, ZDonald Tyrump will retreat from office before April 29th.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Synecdoche Cynicdouche

I do believe that if Noah Webster were alive today and building that "Merriam-Webster Dictionary" data base, the "Example" found under the definition of "Adolescence" would suffice to exalt the "United States House of Representatives" of the 115th Congress. OK, Paul Ryan the "Speaker" vomit vouches for that body so his words of whining wisdom reflects upon this "Adolescence" like attitude. As in this case the whole is represented by the parts "totum pro parte" - a bunch of sour looser sore losing cry babies. See, some 8-years since a diaper change, so now that body wants a rapid rash recovery plan. Imagine how your boss would feel if you did nothing each and every day - would? And yes, discounted this fubar are the Pelosi-Schumer democrats as today considered "outliers" in the minority, so no credit due 96 tears! Correction, democrats speak the "VOICE" of the "Majority" peace of mind American Democracy. Yet this premature behavior in the "House" has always been lackadaisical, just the intensity today is destructive against our "Democracy". Especially so troubling, when the Bannon Trojan Horse - a.k.a. ZDonald Tyrump & Conway prophylactic with a breach - arrived like a locust storm at 1600 Pennsylvania, should have been halted and fumigated at 1400 where Sarah Palin hangs out. Yes, the Alaskan ex-governess made it over yonder but went stuck, falling short of the White House. Now this Congressional “Adolescence” is in the pandemic stage and Sarah may have been right-on her prediction, “I can see Russia hacking from here…” Look, if the Oval Office has been compromised so has the "Halls of Congress". And way back when our Founding Fathers understood that the "House" may come a tumbling down, due undue influence from outside interference taking advantage upon that "Adolescence" - to the detriment of our inalienable rights. Yes, like manipulation our freedom monopoly by Vladismear Mutton. Now with that “adolescence” aspect part of the equation, the reason members of the Senate shall attain an age of 30 as a qualifier, as opposed to the 25-year old diaper rash law breakers...get the point. Yet it doesn't appear the age experience is showing signs of maturity, with the Senate of age - so it is like a see-saw in the balancing act. In fact, with the 115th Senate, it may be a senior movement senile moment with a Mitch McConnell “erectile dysfunction” interlacing with a ZDonald Tyrump “enlarged prostate” that is part of the problem today. Remember when “Term Limits” was an attractive selling point? Anyhow, NOT if it goes south it is, "We the People Denied" loose the footing required for a strong foundation this "Republic" under God! But all the finger pointing targeting the White House and a "Deep State" leakathon, maybe the ZDonald Tyrump "cesspool" runneth over! Did the swamp have “quicksand”? As his agenda is stuck! OK, some believe it is "Patriotism" that is arming insiders with guts to spill the beans on the intruders - by this leak drip that is spoiling things for the Beach Haven Tower Maggot "golf first and diplomacy when I get to it tomorrow". And those pathetic cry babies in the "House Run Amuck" that want the leakers castrated? That means WAR! Since when has “Patriotism” found such a negative review, we should be honoring these men and women of Pride, Glory & Guts against this sickness in the White House. I wish to be there helping out with that Madonna “Fuck You Suck A Dick Donald Trump” attitude made 65-million strong such a commitment. Of course I would help this coup – I am an American and sworn to such and really have no other choice! Look, it is the CIA “Casper Ghost” that is leaking this stuff! WHY? Because our Founding Fathers realized that there could come a day wherein the "election" results would be questionable - wherein a "Hoodwanked" citizenry voted for an individual "un-becoming" a Commander-in-Chief. When push comes to shove, when the "Oval Office" is under attack by an illegitimate faction as we have before US this day, then "our" secret government has no bounds, no restrictions but to act accordingly. Of course this is what's going on, for heaven's sake get with the program and admire what our Founders understood and communicated for our future prosperity. And the signs have been broadcast, throughout this “Casper” conspiracy, but we are too damn focused on explosive diarrhea rant-on rage instead of reality – a.k.a. Twitter Dumb & Twitter Dumber ZDonald John Tyrump. Refocus: On the day before the Beach Haven Tower Maggot’s inauguration, at the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" the Master of Ceremony "Honor Guard" was not wearing the proverbial white gloves when the Tyrump and Pence placed the wreath. That was the sign that the coup d’état had begun. Then following the swearing in “laugh in” the very next day, when ZDonald gave his speech the military brigades that protect his back were for a spell “missing men in formation”, that delay and early retreat from such responsibilities issued the 2nd warning sign from the military that things were progressing to fail this presidency - purposely. This “Shake Down & Take Down” is NOT an instantaneous overnight event, as there exists recess margins of retreat, either get with the program to defend Democracy else be prepared to meet the shaker! ZDonald Tyrump was the president of record, his legitimacy remains questionable and his relationship with the Vladismear, that takes all allegiances off the table. There are built in safeguards, the reason we are what we are and this attack to fail the results of the “electoral college” is today full steam ahead. It is AMERICAN PATRIOTISM at its best! And there exists other signs that project “Casper Ghost” is upon US to secretly un-seat the ZDonald Tyrump “Madman” thank God. John McCain for one! And who gives this approval? Sorry, strictly “Top Secret” as that is held in confidence on a need to know basis. Look, if George H.W. Bush can attend the Super Bowl - hey he opted to get some bed rest during the inauguration so he didn't have to attend - that was planned in advance - as part of the “missing man” formation for a reason we can only speculate. And the significance of that posture is the fact that our "secret government" has ties going way back, to the “secret mission statement” of the Skull & Bones - a secret society with a Patriotic vision. The “Bonesman” was started by notable Americans like Prescott Bush, at Yale and was more than just a college campus lush club. John Kerry was also a NO show at the January 20th event, and his ties to the “Tomb” also well known. Hey, does Calvin Coolidge ring a bell of silence? Yet another sign the coup d’état is in full swing, when ZDonald Tyrump commanded that military raid in Bayda provenance of Yemen based on his campaign promise to; "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families." That raid went bad when the NAVY SEAL Team 6 realized it was intended to kill an American girl! NO honorable troop would ever, ever take out another American! That may have been the icing on the cake, that we had before us a "Madman" that held no qualms killing another "American". That goes against the grain of everything American and cannot and will not be tolerated! So even though there is wiggle room to start performing like a U.S. President or if not a “retreat” clause, ZDonald Tyrump refuses to acknowledge what he is up against. The reason he is attacking our “National Security”. And today, we have evidence that the "Intelligence Community" is purposely withholding crucial “chatter” from the White House at the same time plotting the continuation of such a coup - with this "fake news". See, we can’t allow the bastard to see the battle plans against the “Illegitimacy”. Else he could stop it by arresting the perpetrators – so we as a nation are on thin ice right now as he wants to get even with those adamant to dissolve his power. There's a coup d’état in progress, a "Mutiny" and ZDonald knows about it but seems not able to stop it. Because he thought…well it is not a dictatorship! And an Army General warned that our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil, that we're a nation at war. Yes, the blame game is upon Russia, yet that is just a diversion tactic away from what is really happening. ZDonald started “sleeping with the enemy” early on his campaign and that set in motion a ways and means for the Russian Federation to mess with our credibility, but the inherent checks and balance are forefront our vulnerability as voters. Many may not like this Big Brother “Casper Ghost” interference against the interference, but when it is all said and done…it is who we are! And for those members of the GOP that are trying to save the Tower Maggot because this coup looks bad their rank and file, best watch your back as when “Casper” is awake and on the prowl, there is NO bunker, No codes, NO Secret Nothing that can stop the momentum as this "action plan" is designed to STOP the madness of a MADMAN! With that, after some 41-days and 41-nights of restless sleep, wow I am proud to be an American and soon we will be seeing ZDonald Tyrump escorted away from the “White House”. His best plan of attention with attraction, go peacefully! As with my predictions he will resign, on March that is when the "Synecdoche" is in phase for the CynicDOUCHE! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Breitbarf Update 2/17/2017

Correction: On 2/16/2017 Breitbarf posted a picture that was stated incorrectly. Below find corrections.
ZDonald tests first release of "Dearest Daughter" perfume and the "Trump Tower Maggot" has applied for a trademark with the Russian Federation, as that is the only nation that legitimizes a Putin fart for profit.
Istinka "Dearest Daughter" Perfume
1st Presidential Edition

Sneak preview of Barack being entertained during Trump's "Explosive Diarrhea" press conference - wherein ZDonald told 306 fibs, or 5 per minute.

Breitbarf believes due a "Coup D'état" against ZDonald already in progress that the Russian Federation has offered asylum and he will share a cell with Snowden. So the Viktor Lenov is ready and willing to assist his escape.
ZDonald Tyrump recognized by Harvard's "Henry Murray Society", the same entity that gave us Theodore Kaczynski - a.k.a. UnaBomber.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Breitbarf News Update 2/16/2017

White House leaks - link discovered..

ZDonald & Netanyahu talk two state policy(Bannon in Black)

Saturday Night Comedy
Deliverance guy to play Kellyanne Conway...
or Kellyanne to play guy in "Dueling Banjo" re-make!

Barack & Michelle Teach Out

Michelle & Barack "Teach your children well..."

"a chaotic desk is the sign of a chaotic mind"

Monday, February 13, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

House of Commons

Dear Honorable John Bercow,
Speaker of the House of Commons;
United Kingdom

I am a citizen of the United States of America, in good standing the "Majority" and out of due respect and appreciation reach out to you this day to offer THANKS. I applaud your actions categorically denying Donald John Trump the opportunity to address the House of Commons when he makes his first official visit to your nation. Matter of fact, for the security and sanctity of your country's well-being, tell him to stay home, as his agenda constitutes a "Don't Tread on Me" mission of destruction. This pseudo gag-order "denial" action by such an ally as the United Kingdom at such an early stage brings US hope. My country 'Tis of Thee, Democracy is under attack, by the Donald John Trump presidency. There is NO relationship between the Donald John Trump oligarchy and this "Majority" my allegiance as it is today a "predatory presidency" and so far at odds my country's Founding Fathers' intent, we have before US an "illegitimate" governing body. The "Majority" here in my "Homeland" voices the same concern as you sir: "Before the imposition the migrant ban I would myself have been strongly opposed to an address by President Trump in Westminster Hall, after the imposition…I am even more strongly opposed…" and this sentiment be the reason the "Opposition Protests" in the streets from sea to shining sea continue, and with such common ground I hope and beg of you to stay the course. Resist his "illegitimacy", as you are helping US to win the battle, said again our Democracy is under attack. Through our home grown efforts at denying any semblance of acceptance his "illegitimacy", your attention a vision before the House of Commons is construed as a ways and means to show dissatisfaction and is so beneficial our cause - to unseat a "madman". "We the People Denied Majority" stand with you, sad that my once great nation must now look outside our sovereign borders for help to rescue our Founding Fathers' Democracy. As you have demonstrated questionable ethics upon the merits of the "Migrant Ban", America's "Good Will" is also under attack in the "Theater of Military Conflict", as our own military is starting to show signs of allegiance for defeat and a coup d'état may be in the works. Well known American statesmen have voiced opinions with directions that should be the course of action to take, as our rules of engagement "in country" are being trampled, just another weapon of mass destruction Mr. Trump has at his disposal. A former CIA Director, Mr. Michael Hayden, is on record blasting Donald Trump's "Killing Field" rhetoric, saying that "the U.S. military should refuse orders from him, even as commander-in-chief, to kill the families of terrorists, as Trump has pledged to do. I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the way that candidate Trump expressed during the campaign." Wherein this comment of concern alone rests its case, as we see today no different the way in which Mr. Trump is trying to command to indeed fulfill his campaign obligations. On January 29th, this year, Donald John Trump commenced to hold firm such promises. During a dinner date on January 25th with Alt-Right "Fascist" Stephen Bannon, who maintains evil ties to Breitbart News, a military raid in Yemen was approved. Things did not go so well when the green light sent in the commandos, not because of a botched plan as we have some of the best fighters money and technology can provide. It failed because it was a mission doomed to fail because Mr. Trump advocated a single seek & destroy outcome - the death, the assassination of an American citizen as a revenge seeking mission. The raid targeted compounds that were more in line with family friendly neighborhoods then those the likes of terrorists' like encampments. This raid targeted the home of a beautiful little girl named Nawar - it means "Flower" in Arabic - an American citizen and daughter of Anwar al-Alaki. The latter a well known terrorist that was taken down under the Barack Obama legacy. Many of us feel this raid, this attack was but for that purpose alone, to fear Mr. Trump along the lines that message to kill family members - women and children. As a matter of fact, rumors sneaking out claim that NAVY SEAL Team 6 went to Nawar's rescue when a brave American commando realized that the attack plan called for an aerial assault bombing mission as a means of retreat. Yes, on January 29th Mr. Donald John Trump followed through with his campaign promise to an Apocalypse Now agenda based on his intent: "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families." Many of US here in America were appalled at that comment, but it appears now to be the executioner's intent and we are deeply saddened and outrageously opposed more than ever at such a "madman" approach at getting even. To re-emphasize what we are up against, in that raid an 8-year old girl was targeted, an American citizen she was. I do not condone terrorist like activity, no one with guts does and such a lunatic response by Donald John Trump shows a gutless and ruthless regime, this can only breed more "Hate" and place many more at risk worldwide. To the Trump team, it was an overnight success story - until the truth of the matter surfaced. It was the act of a "War Criminal". Trump said he would do it, he followed through. America, the land that I love, it is at the crossroads of a Desolation Road awakening under a Donald John Trump dictatorship, our Democracy in the cross-hair's crossfire and "We the People" thank you for at least trying to do what you best can from abroad. I cannot say today what the end game will look like, but when a nation is not safe its Democracy, when it has a Fascist like commander, we have a lot to lose NOT only our inalienable rights to freedom!

PS. I am without remorse, without reservation and restraint, without undue influence duress of free will this correspondence of opinion well aware of the Logan Act of 1799 - that which bans a United States citizen from corresponding with foreign leaders. As stated: The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the U.S. It was intended to prevent the undermining of the government's position. But I am at wits end like a "Majority" of Americans, so must make a voice to be heard. I know not what course others may take, but as for standing my ground: "Give Me Liberty, or give Me Death"(Patrick Henry 1775); "Only thing we have to fear is fear itself"(Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932); "Ask what you can do for your country"(John F. Kennedy 1961) as we seek asylum from this madman Donald John Trump. To re-iterate, I speak for the "Majority" of United States citizens that are is a state of manic depression with this "illegitimacy" before US wrecking havoc upon Democracy - but we shall overcome!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Dear Vladimir Putin

Dear товарищ Vladimir Putin;

Hope or is swell(ing), that American Viagra work? I need da goods to bribe, I mean keep Mike Pence quiet. I give you 58,233,200,000 Russian Rubles($1,000,000,000.00 USD) for copy of Donald Trump tax returns. I pay shipping. Let me know. By the way SNL likes your idea about that guy from Deliverance playing Kellyanna Conway and if Michael Jackson was still alive, he could play Melanomia.
 ~ благодаря Comrade Flynn

LawFare = WhoreFare

OK, call it DeflateGate advances yardage forward to DefileGate. So the "Tower Maggot" is on "Blood Pressure" boil-over because less and less people bow down to His Majesty. His honeymoon is indeed "deflated", so he is now in the same category as Tom Brady - a coward. It is never a win for die hard fans of the sport, when cheats get away with cheating. It is sad that the team Brady cheats for still bears the name "Patriot". How about New England "Turncoats", but then we would have to man the gallows - again! And today, like we have gotten somewhat use to but NOT finding an understanding the Tyrump's rant-on rage early morning "enlarged prostate" piss on Democracy unbecoming a Commander-in-Chief...get used to it? No thanks, as we have come to the cross-roads, as it means defeat for the 45th - only 20-score-days into the moneymoon. See, when the 9th Circuit Court of appearance "slam-dunked the "Tower" with his un-Constitutional "Muslim Burn" apprentice legislation, well now the "Maggot" thinks that the court's finding denies him that "Ultimate Power" PAC. Well La De Freak'n Da, the checks and balance-balance of power forward is working the way it was so designed by our Founding Fathers. Basically, we are not giving this power away to a "Tyrant". That "Political Capital", it comes about with respect being a two-way street! So far, it has been but a one-way dead-end Desolation Road Maggie's Farm circus freak show. Dear ZDonald John Tyrump, that LawFare “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”, it amounts to WhoreFare in your case as that power is reserved for a "Legitimate President"! Get the point, you have NOT the ultimate power, and "We the People Denied Majority" will continue to whittle away that stroke of your inkless pen, until such time you are but a wet noodle. And when you get pissed enough and try to throw into the fire that "nuclear football" and use Brady like cheat tactics to advance your ruthless agenda against Democracy, it was already deflated as when the Obama People turned it over - we kept the batteries. 

In Country

That's right, Senator Richard Blumenthal never spent any boots-on-the-ground time in Vietnam, but had tallied up 5-years state-side-service during that time with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. He retired away that time as a Sergeant and pursued a career in politics. And when he went on record, taken out of context, actually serving time during that time "In Country", he apologized. During the "Nam" conflict, many dedicated men and women in uniform worked hard here in the "Homeland" to assist the efforts abroad. So in my book, just as dedicated as it takes a whole lot of coordination to win a war here, there and everywhere in between. Then again, many saw the "Reserve" as a ways and means to have an honorable ticket-to-ride draft dodging opportunity, as once indoctrinated into the local...the Marine Corps Reserve was exempt from deployment in Vietnam and on a volunteer basis only - if a career soldier wanted that experience under his belt. So yes, many in fear of actually participating boots-on-the-ground securing the Ho Chi Minh trail, they opted for this kind of out. For those of US that had not the gift-of-gab to get a "Reserve" seat, we waited out the draft! Hey, let bygones be bygones that WAR is history - My Lai, 533000 dead kids...want more? It was ugly and we have different wars to contend with today! Appears that ZDonald Tyrump's "Stamp of Approval" military raid in Yemen - which killed an American Navy Seal and an 8-year old American girl along with 6 moms and 8 of the little girl's childhood friends - it was pure CHAOS. See, Obama had this Bayda area under surveillance for the last 5-years but would never go there as he did not intentionally target moms, especially with children. Things are different today, as our rules of engagement have changed under ZDonald; "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families" and "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead, burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL."  Yes, according to eye witness accounts, this raid was pure CHAOS - a.k.a. Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution. Now this was Secretary of Defense James "Mad Dog" Mattis' first assignment under a new dick-potato - sorry cannot use that "president" identifier as he ain't my Commander-in-Chief. See, the "Mad Dog", he was just ordained this position of "Trust" which finds still a questionable definition under the "Tower Maggot". So this must have been the test of allegiance, NOT to America, but to ZDonald - just how chaotic can it get? Yes, the "Mad Cow" was only but for sworn to secrecy "What happens in the Whore House stays in the White House" for a stingy 4-hours when he was given the marching orders to KILL! Now Mattis has a beginning career just like Blumenthal! No draft, but some dedicated time in the Marine Corps Reserve, during the Vietnam War - which meant state-side-service also. To reiterate, the Marine Corps Reserve was "exempt" from being deployed in "Nam". Too bad, as during Mattis' early career, My Lai massacre was front and center of attention - one of Nixon's CHAOS plans. But with Mattis, his name rank is that of the "Mad Dog", as ZDonald just loves it. And like with the ZDonald Tyrump - who never served in the military - Mattis likes the "Killing Fields"; "You know guys like that ain't got no manhood anyway, so it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them". When the military plans a sniper fire upon a target-of-interest, it is a carefully planned exercise - and limits collateral damage. When we use "CHAOS" theory in the battlefield, it is pre-meditated "Mass Murdering" women and children included. What went on in Yemen, it was deplorable - don't ask me, my dad said so and he is a decorated WWII veteran in good standing the "Rules of Engagement" the enemy. Now Mattis has also another name rank, his call sign is that CHAOS - which he thinks means Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution. He also goes by "Worrier Monk", and that "Monk" thing? It's scary, as he never married, never gave birth as a father and has no sensitivity to mom's with kids being used as target practice. This Yemen raid could have been avoided, the casualties an American girl so sad, it should have been avoided but when an coward is calling the shots of retaliation, it goes to show ZDonald still suffers from that "heel spur" syndrome. And I beg to differ with the cowards in the "Oval Office" that think this raid was anywhere near a success, as only WAR CRIMINALS would get a kick out of KILLING innocent women and children - mind you one of our own! As was quoted by a former CIA Director, Mr. Michael Hayden, "the U.S. military should refuse orders from him, even as commander-in-chief, to kill the families of terrorists, as Trump has pledged to do. I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the way that candidate Trump expressed during the campaign." and this time to abandonment has come of age and this be not a dereliction of duty, it is "PATRIOTISM". And for those that go AWOL such duties, we are with you all the way 65000000 plus "STRONG the Majority". Yes, it is time for the military to stage a coup d'état against this Tyrant as with the recent 9th Circuit Court calling his bluff - this "He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a LOUSY HAT." Romney revolution, WE ARE TODAY WINNING!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donald Trump KILLED Flower

Breitbarf Update 2/9/2017: Yemen tribesmen from the Al Bayda region have denied permission for any future U.S. military "Anti-Terror Ground Mission" assassination attempts on underage girls. The sandlot peasants do not want Yemen's countryside to become a "Killing Field" for ZDonald John Tyrump, especially for retaliatory raids on American Citizens living abroad. According to the "Awful Office" Troll in-charge of indecent media exposure Sean Splicer, there is a cost savings and less bureaucratic red tape to kill our own in someone else's backyard - but the Tyrump blew his load on that 1st "Mission Awful" so his remaining political suicide "Capital" is but a floater on a cesspool overflow - in common terms of engagement it stinks! RECON RECAP: It all started on the evening of January 23rd, over left-over "Inauguration Day" caviar courtesy the Russian Federation KGB and fine wine from Amway. ZDonald John Tyrump, while role playing in the capacity of the Abandoner-in-Thief, he gave the "Yellow Matter Custard" stamp of approval to assassinate NaWar "Flower Child" al-Alaki. She was the daughter of a well known "deadbeat" terrorist that was droned down by an Obama ordered attack back in 2011. See, Flower Child was 8-years old, an American citizen living in Yemen and this kind of far-and-away arrangement doesn't work all that well with Betsy Devorse's "No Child Sodomized from Behind" without a voucher standard. This was a "Litmus Test" for what's in store for education, if you won't join us of your own free will we will  cattle prod brand your ass and beat your liberal appetite after anal rape satisfies the Henry Murray "needs" assessment of a lunatic "Tower Maggot". So, on January 29th, with ZDonald dealing with an "enlarged prostate" and the "Dripping From A Dead Dog's Eye" approval from Bannon and Jared Subway Mentality, NAVY SEAL Team 6 went astray its "duty to defend and protect" and was caught in a "crossfire hurricane". This occurred as an ambush broke out wide open in a gated neighborhood in Bayda, where woman and children thought they were somewhat safe from predatory monsters - like the kind that show up on Vince McMahon's WWE. See, somehow the "Counter Intelligence" went stupid as it was given the wrong coordinates for this attack, by the freak'n Kremlin. That's the reason that after this "BleachBitch Botch" - a.k.a. Kellyanne Conway menstrual period - the U.S. Treasury Department lifted the Russian FSB sanctions, as going forward Mike Flynn insisted on a money-back-guarantee if we blow to smithereens some marines or anal rape the wrong faction due a "Hoodwank" from Vladimir Putin. If the Putin is supposed to call the shots, we need better information so Flynn placed the world on notice - a rummage sale coming! See, with a ZDonald John Tyrump "Illegitimacy" it's all about money to be made! Anyway, when the Bayda women with children realized their kids were in harm's way, because they take free online "How To Defend Yourself" lessons from LaPierre's NRA site, they did what all good American "Tea-Party" moms would do - the right to bear arms. During this "hangtown" shootout, NaWar was running for her life, as it was in the early morning and all of a sudden it was pure chaos - at oatmeal time when getting ready for school - part of that "We will leave your kids behind" Devorse's mandate! Hearing the little girl screaming for help, a Navy Seal familiar "in theater" recognized this "American" cry for liberty, and did what honorable men in uniform must do. Even if it meant disrespecting dictator Tyrump's command of "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead, burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL." Even if it meant dishonoring that demand of the Abandoner-in-Thief, as this presidential "raid" order was designed to fail so a call for incoming aerial assaults would demonstrate efforts to perform a My Lai massacre like blood bath. Yes, a "Patriotic" American went to protect another American under attack, a NAVY SEAL arms open to protect an 8-year old girl - both perished when the incoming Tomahawk's unleashed the "Hell Fire", along with 6 moms and 8 other kids burned and blown to Mattis' pieces. But this was ZDonald's campaign promise; "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families."  And the reason ZDonald went pissed the day after this abortion of a plan, that he had to take time out and go over to Dover AFB to retrieve a "kid coming home in a box" at the same time refusing the remains of NaWar! Hey that timeout takes away from "Shitter" shots, comforting talks with "From Russia with Perversion", Norstroms bashing, and a favorite pass-time unbecoming a president - groping! Now the "Tower Maggot" Tyrump was so desperate for a "win" in this 100-day shagging-moon period, that his cross-dressing press splice was quick to take credit for this botched reconnaissance mission that was designed as an assassination of Americans, taking to the podium claiming an almighty "success" story, stating words to the effect that Barack was a "afraid" to OK this type of bold action? Killing innocent 8-year old girls, American girls, that takes a whole lot of "boldness"! Remember, he said so and just placating his campaign promises - like napalm it burns with remembrance. Then when word leaked out of what really happened that morning, see the Kremlin has spies in the "Awful Office", well now the blame was all back on Barack's back - part of the anal rape we should all get used to. When a success story, steal away credit. When a mess up, blame the flea on the turd. Look, the 44th, he left the White House 10-days ago in good standing, so how in hell does he get blamed...because we have today cowards amongst US in the White House! ZDonald, you shat in your own soup bowl which you share with your pig-hort whores in shame. But there was some semblance of success this assassination, as the military brass was forced to show some appreciation towards the murderer - by posting a 10-year old clip of a similar raid. This is how the military gets even when a draft dodging Abandoner-in-Thief dishonors the America spirit, as it is starting to fall apart at the seams fast and furious - we as a nation have never before targeted other Americans that cannot fend for themselves - 8-year old girls in ponytails and wearing bows! And then when news hit that ZDonald Tyrump assassinated NaWar as a get even eye-for-eye must satisfy my perverted subjects and piss off the "Majority" some more, the "Splicer" tune changed to the idiocy that it was a raid to capture "Intelligence Information", that which would in time protect America:

This "Botched Mission Accomplished Assassination" - it proves draft dodgers that use "heel spurs" as an excuse to be cowards have no idea what it means to pee freely without an "enlarged prostate". Look, it was an illegitimate cheap shot place the troops in harm's way get out of my way I'm ZDonald Tyrump road rage kills innocent Americans - what legitimacy? WAR CRIMINAL, it's beyond that!

Mobius Strip

Monday, February 6, 2017

2nd Amendment Diaper Rash

You might have noticed NRA head wing-nut Wayne LaPierre at the White House the other day, as ZDonald Tyrump was on the ramrod with his "Executive Order" authority to...hey what happened to appealing "ObamaCare"? That was supposed to disappear on day UNO, now it has been at least how many days? "Liar, liar, your life's on fire, going down like a Russian whore for hire..." Look, I lived in Alaska for a long, long time and was an NRA member until my trusted "got your back covered" guide, the Bush Rat, told me to cease & desist as the NRA was no longer an entity with legitimacy. See, in Alaska the NRA litigated for a priest that shot two "unarmed" kids, point blank as they retreated away from the altar stealing a loaf of donated bread - just like the 45th, both with the issue of legitimacy and his retreating away from telling the truth. But there's a whole lot happening before our muzzle blasted eyes, as "We the People Denied Majority" have been blinded by the Right. And without a gatekeeper, because we are busy in the streets protesting the fact that the "Tower Maggot" respects Vladimir Putin over the 65000000 "Majority" that call America thou "Home" now under attack by a maggot, well there has come a modification to the 2nd Amendment as follows: "A well regulated stock of diapers, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Trump Blows 9th Amp Fuse

The 9th Circuit Court with the "Muslim Travel BANtering" appeal, what is at stake? Very simple maybe not, as historically the Lower Court does not have the power, does not have the authority and does not want to interfere and second guess the Commander-in-Chief. And the only reason the Court has placed a "STAY" on the ban and all the inter-agencies, both state and Federal, have obeyed the court ruling thus throwing the original Bannon Executive Order into limbo, but for a "moot" point for now? It is the fact America, in fact the world, is starting to second guess a ZDonald Tyrump presidency. And if the 9th Circuit Court finds in favor of Democracy over lunacy and keeps a lock on Trump, it defines an "ILLEGITIMATE" president and then Congress must act! Dear ZDonald, you only wish you could call your own shots. FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Screen Actors Gilded Stone

3-Strikes - Trump's OUT

Yes, as through this world I've wandered
I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.
And as through your life you travel,
Yes, as through your life you roam,
You won't never see an outlaw
Drive a family from their "Beach Haven" home.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kellyanne Conway

Dear Kellyanne, we do "HATE"you, get over it...

And the reason, the "WALL" that your Boss is placing around DEMOCRACY! About that picture above? What you will look like during incarceration, as the ship of fools will not be tolerated. Get over it, ZDonld Tyrump started it, "We the People Denied Majority" have a duty to fix it. And how good is your pea brain memory?

Conway: Trump "Says He's For The Little Guy But He's Actually Built A Lot Of His Businesses On The Backs Of The Little Guy." 

Conway: Trump Victims Include “Victims Of Trump University, Victims Of Trump In Atlantic City.” 

Conway: “I Would Like To See” Trump’s Tax Returns “Be Transparent.”

Conway Condemned Trump For “Hurl[ing] Personal Insults” And Using “Vulgar” Language That Was “Unfortunate For Children.”

Conway: Trump “Can Whine And Complain” By Saying “The System Is Rigged,” But “There’s No Place In Politics For Accusing Folks Of Using Gestapo Tactics.”

Conway Accused The Trump Campaign Of Becoming Too “Cozy With The Establishment”: “Goodness, You’ve Hired Paul Manafort.”

Conway: Trump's “False” Accusations About The Cruz Campaign Show “The Danger Of Just Saying Things That Aren't True." 


FYSAD - 2/4/2017


Even if the Judge Robart's "Restraining Order" is repealed by ZDonald Tyrump, just the realization that "WE the PEOPLE DENIED Majority" got to "restrain" his ass, wow this kind of DEMOCRACY is like an orgasm!

Breitbarf Update 2/4/2017

45th - Abandoner-in-Thief - Weekly Recap

Press Corp Ending Briefing: The "Muslim Travel Ban" keeps the unwanted trash away, even families. Remember, Donald keeps his campaign promises. "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families." The same reason we targeted NaWar in Yemen, at 8-years old she is old enough to know the difference between wrong and right and by killing little girls, it should get the point across - that Mr. Trump and Pence mean business, as he is a businessman. That NAVY SEAL Owens should have minded his own business, NaWar was the target, he had no business trying to protect her even if she is an American. Get used to this!

 Other Updates


Kellyanne Conway
White House Liar of the Week

WH Staff Enjoys Some Outside Fun
(This week's theme, FUCK AMERICA)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Breitbarf Update 2/3/2017

Nordstrom's has issued a statement that its retail stores have regrettably been forced to drop the IVANKA TRUMP line brand of clothing due customer complaints. The complaint stems from her husband's involvement, Jared Kushner, in the planning of a military raid in Yemen that killed Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens, NAVY SEAL Team 6. Owens was killed trying to protect an 8-year old girl that was a target of this raid. NaWar al-Awlaki was the daughter of a known terrorist from America, but was an American citizen. The fact that Donald Trump campaigned on the following statement; "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families", it appears to have been a true desire now so apparent, and troubling. Because of that, and the fact that Mr. Kushner took part in the dinner meeting that condoned this raid on another American, Nordstrom's can no longer support this client. We apologize for this.

TRO, TRO, TRO Your Bloat

FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK, Mr. ZDonald Tyrump. TRO, TRO, TRO your  bloat as a Washington State Federal Circuit Court judge, an appointee of "Dubya", has just issued a "Temporary Restraining Order" that places ZDonald Tyrump's "Travel BANtering" under arrest. Which basically means the White House is as we speak "Under Duress". But it won't matter in a few days, as there is rumor about a "Mutiny" also in effect and the tyrants are getting ready to  retreat south and then barricade themselves in Mar a Logo - which the U.S. Taxpayers should purchase and turn into a detention jail - as the beds will be occupied!

Thug vs. Slug

Dear Beach Haven "Tower Maggot" ZDonald Tyrump. I am one of the 65-million "Thugs" that you referred to in your continued early morning piss on American Democracy rant-on rage contest. FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK! So please come and arrest me because I do not bend down and kiss your royal anal hole. I dare you, send in the clowns with cuffs, arrest me and castrate my inalienable rights. You have lost, as in the eyes of the world due our vigilance in peaceful protest, we have today an upper hand as more humans despise your ass and refuse to accept a looser. The world is with US NOT YOU in this theater. The reason that Kellyanne has to lie in company of her only audience - the FOX. And Sean Spicer, I can hear him saying to himself how he hates this job - as if from Rhode Island it is hard to shake the Sullivan Ballou our proud WWII dads emphasized. How in hell did your dad, like yourself, avoid ever going to boot camp? I forget, your Christ was a crook. The SLUG family fits your family heritage. But I would rather be a "Thug" than a "Slug", as it appears the latter had no qualms placing American soldiers in harm's way. Yes, you commanded the war-birds to kill Petty Officer Ryan Owens as he made a valor and vain attempt to shelter secure the life of an 8-year old girl named Nawar, trying to protect her from such destructive harm you as Damien Thorn showered upon the innocent. She was an American. He was an American. YOU KILLED THEM! Think about it, your first recorded deaths in the killing fields as the 45th Abandoner-in-Thief, AMERICANS!

So I dare you, if you don't like this exercise allowed under this nation's Constitution, the 1st Amendment, then legislate a "CURFEW" and threaten states with withholding Federal funds for not arresting those in violation. But you know this would sink your pathetic popularity, so I guess you won't go there. It is going to continue until such time you retreat - go away and leave our DEMOCRACY alone.

Ivanka's Diversion Tactic

What are we fighting for? About the only thing of use with a ZDonald Tyrump President-elect-reject, we will get to see how the rich operate. It will no longer remain a secret, it will be out in the open like we always thought it existed, but could not prove such malfeasance against humanity due physical evidence lacking. So maybe a guilty...doubt it as I am sure there will come legislation that frustrates reality and protects them forever - else they would not have taken this opportunity to invade the "Tranquility of the Commonwealth". What I mean by that is the fact we know how that wealth was used for such things as a dodge away from the Vietnam draft, we have lived with this and now it will be used to rub salt in that wound. Hey, protests continue still over the "legitimacy" of this madman, and "curfew" legislation is ready to be signed into law as he hates this image! He will attack our right to peaceful assembly. How so, threaten states by cutting off funding! Look, ZDonald Tyrump is for a "Beach Haven" society, and if you don't know what that means - you most likely watch FOX and voted for this "Tyrant". HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! Neither is he THOU COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF 65million "Majority" voters so strong today. Give me liberty or give me death, it may be the latter but not without a fight. But what is soon to be uncovered with the "Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Oligarchy - RICO for the 1% - that which the wealthy use to rule US, it will never "TRUMP" Democracy! This insurrection in the White House, it will entertain US for a while then be evicted, and that lessons learned? We will regret ever wanting to make it rich and remain at happy as a hard working salt-of-this-earth proletariot class citizen - but it will be an ugly side attraction until such eviction! In fact, ZDonald Tyrump and family are heading to Mar a Logo this next week - say prays they stay there! And as part of that "Lessons Learned", this "rich bastard" behavior revealed will out of due respect indicate what happens when taxation is lame upon the wealthy. Take it away from them, the way it worked before the politicians changed the laws so they could get voted in time and time again that job for life. Like Woody Guthrie figured it out, a politician works the Mobius Strip triangle for that VOTE. Which equates to 1/3 for US, 1/3 for that special interest and 1/3 for themselves. It was at one time long ago a genuine VOTE that meant something. So we have a handicap these days, live with it. See it takes money from the wealthy to stay that erection - political erectile dysfunction is for real, stroke it hard-up again with loot! Remember once upon a time NOT too long ago everybody was working towards legislation that mandated "Term Limits"? Look, our Founding Fathers did not intend for career politicians - it stalemate corrupts that "legitimacy" as a routine flushing is of necessity, that new-blood prescription. I mean, look at what blood transfusions have done for Keith Richards? And no, ZDonald Tyrump is NOT draining the swamp. OK maybe, but the overflow is filling his own cesspool. I don't get it, as there are "Trust Fund" babies that will never have to work a day in their lives. They will live in gated communities and be schooled in private institutions because we have come of age that many Richie Rich "White Folks" still cannot stand a man's skin color different. Then the "gold cuddled masses" will be sent to institutes of higher earnings and be accepted without ever applying, as that offer of acceptance comes by virtue "Daddy Big Wallet" signing a big fat check because he can call himself a philanthropist - as that image is so abused these days through lack of human decency. What's in a name? Like with that Mnunchin asshole that is now in charge of the Treasury, rape your grandmother for a profit and then consider yourself a "philanthropist"! Sorry, went off message. What the freak'n la dee da is an "Ivanka"? When I network ask-a-toid for a Russian Federation "transfusion" this name, it comes up with "hair ball"? See, on the very same day that Ivanka accompanied her father ZDonald to Dover AFB to salute the return of a kid in a box draped with an American flag - wherein the 45th is already a "War Criminal" after only a week in office - we find a unique diversion tactic. Designed in efforts to take the heat off of this dead soldier because of a messed up and botched up Yemen military raid - wherein Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer tried to blame Obama - we see this "Tweet" about the "Hair Ball's" daughter singing to Xi Jinpingpong in wontonese. Yes, the wealthy will use their children as "fodder". This was a diversionary measure, for more important things that were conveniently silenced away about what went down during this raid. See, ZDonald Tyrump gave the final order that Yemen attack, wherein we lost a son, we lost a brother and a sister. But when you have "zero" military experience and the only battles ever fought were on a WWE stage with Vince McMahon, this is what you get - blood baths! ZDonald Tyrump's first recorded deaths are two American citizens - not an enemy! No wonder he can't sleep at night past 3am. And this botched premature plan was hatched during a ZDonald Tyrump dinner date with Ivanka's husband? I guess in the White House the ladies are not invited - as where in hell is Melanomia? Yet, this Jared Kushner has "zero" credibility in the theater of war. In fact, as far as "credibility" that would be far-fetched even using a Charles Manson imagination, as Jared is the poster child for that RICO, a free-ride joy riding rich kid with Ivy League invites he couldn't refuse, as daddy was a very wealthy felon! Yes, daddy Charles charged with illegal political contributions, tax evasion and fraud. I wonder if Charles cast a vote for the "Tyrump"? Worth investigating, isn't it? See, Chris Christie struck a flea-bargain plea-bargain for the crimes committed in New Jersey. I would bet that a complete pardon is already prepared for Charley, so he can vote again. Back to the food, it's getting cold! And Breitbarf's Bannon was also under the dinner table that night? Maybe ZDonald had his mind on other important things hanging when feeding his fat face and thinking he can play the part of a Commander-in-Chief. How about a Colonel Kurtz Apocalypse Now Abandoner-in-Thief? And the sad thing, I was told that Ivanka speaks up, yet she remained so quiet the death of an 8-year old American citizen girl that was caught in the crossfire during the raid condoned by daddy dearest. Along with a NAVY SEAL Team 6 commando, Ryan Owens, who went to shelter this little girl when the bombers were called in - part of the retreat plan that ZDonald and friends dreamed up while feasting on Russian Federation caviar - I would guess an "Order of Friendship" welcome aboard gift from Vladimir. This guy Owens, he was well respected and knew that theater very well, so knew all too well that sound of "Incoming and took evasive action - to protect another American. That was so "Patriotic" and the reason that ZDonald Tyrump is so depressed. He made the order, to call in the war-birds. And I am so sorry, as the rules of combat and engagement falls short its intended obligation. Yes Ivanka, your husband has blood on his hands the death of two-Americans. Maybe he cares, but I doubt the same with your father and as far as Bannon - he gives not a rat's ass about anything accept "HATE". And remember, your father did make a campaign promise that he would take out families if...there are NO ifs, ands or buts about it accept he has now a "Mission Accomplished" and is labeled a "War Criminal". And that is the problem with this maggot breath in the Oval Office. Take credit when credit isn't due and point blame when it can silence the critics. Just like today with the January employment rate, which was NOT on the Tyrump's watch. As even with the news hot off the press and still fresh ink - ZDonald  grabbed all the attention that it was his doings. Wait till the shit hits the fan. Yet with this Yemen raid, first the Tyrump said it was a success then when the truth in the matter started filtering in, Sean Spicer threw the blame at Obama? The credibility of this administration? It makes Dubya a Nobel! So, when ZDonald Tyrump called in the war-birds to destroy with a shock and awe, Americans were placed in harms sway. One an American Hero, as it didn't matter to this genuine American that a little girl was being held captive, at 8-years old it was maybe against her wishes as her father was a radical caliphate - regardless she was still an American. The rules of engagement do not segregate, or at least that was the case for the last 240-years upholding our military operations. And the "Tower Maggot" did this for a reason, he needed a win to boost and boast his "Muslim BANtering". So Ivanka, I am so glad you can have valuable "silenced time" with your daughter - at the same time your fucking madman father is now using your husband, using you and that beautiful daughter to cover up...that "illegitimacy". In ending, when we have come to such crossroads, wherein we cannot find statesmen to lead US on and those that are in it for a "Reality" moment only, maybe we should entertain amending the Constitution, to allow "True Men Of Honor" to participate. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, allowing him and others alike to become bonafide U.S. Citizens. I am in agreement with Arnold - as if there had come a change of rolls this mission - we would not have this bad pass military action so soon into...well it's what we have to contend with until "We the People MAJORITY Denied" press on so "eviction" becomes a ZDonald only choice. We must keep the pressure on through use of the 1st Amendment in "peaceful assembly" protest along with work-site "SICKOUTS" to weaken his ability to command, as when he cannot get his own "Beach Haven" selfish-ways and means and we refuse to bend over and embrace him and love him, then "we shall overcome". But if we are subdued and subside with this Breitbarf Bannon trolling crap we must give him a chance, he will then use US as fodder, just like he did with Petty Officer "Ryan" and more 8-year old girls will be blown to Smithereens!

William "Ryan" Owens, Senior Chief Petty Officer - we salute your valor and bravery trying to save another American, that 8-year old girl, Newar al-Awlaki. May you both rest in peace together today in the Heaven above all "HATRED".

Blood on the Tracks!
The Opportunists verses the Patriots?