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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John Kerry

Dear John Kerry;

Wow, finally we have here in these United States an Obama administration executive with guts! That’s you Sir Secretary of State! Yes, where Hilary failed, you seem to have already found success this particular trying issue that has confronted our nation way too long. The other day during a speech you gave, it was refreshing to hear words like “moral obscenity” and that being “held accountable” was first and foremost paramount upon those that contribute to atrocities against the dignity of other humans. These were strong words, with a “fighting words” like emphasis. Even though I had tuned in late to your broadcast, from your speech I could only think that you had come to grips with a situation, a grave situation, in which you now want to divest yourself away from. I am talking the atrocity when Prescott Bush stole Geronimo’s skull, as a prank in honor his alma mater, Yale. And you were part of this atrocity, maybe not directly, but guilty by association as a member in good standing the Skull & Bones club - which has “illegally” held captive this worrier’s head as a warning to Native American Indians. That the “White Man” rules! So thanks for finally calling bluff on Prescott’s thievery of Geronimo’s skull, and returning it to its rightful owners, the Bedonkohe Apache clan. Once again, the wording of that speech indicates that finally you have seen this as an atrocity against rightful citizens of this nation, like a poison, akin to chemical warfare tactics and now insist on bringing it to rest - to close a sad period wherein “white men” with wealth thought it OK to rob the “Great Worrier’s” grave! Once again, thanks and keep up the good work fixing problems here in the “Homeland”, as we do not want to get involved ever again in a conflict that drains the U.S. Treasury or cripples and kills young kids in uniform, as did those Bush era wars – especially when there are wars to be dealt with right here, from sea to shining sea. And I hope when Geronimo’s skull is returned, that President Obama resides over the dedication and those behind or accomplices this mean act are held accountable and face justice – for grave robbing. Maybe due your attempt to fix this problem, “We the People” can grant you immunity to prosecution. But the others, those individuals associated with the Skull & Bones and have withheld information allowing the safe return of Geronimo’s skull, that they be held in contempt of human dignity – a war crime atrocity!
cc. President Obama