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Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Wins ALASKA

With early voting in and even before the 1st showdown between Donald "Dumpster" Trump and Hillary "Extremely Careless" Clinton, it appears Alaskans have shown an interest in the "Dumpster" as the next Commander-in-Disbelief. See, early on during the primary Alaska said NO to Trump and signaled an interest in the Cruz - because we like missiles. But since then the Trump campaign has spent loot bribing the voters. See, Trump said he would fix the stronghold held by the democrats in Alaska, that held by Bill Sheffield and the Alaska Railroad. Trump's spoke-wheel said if the "Tower" was elected that would be the end of the free handout to Casey Jones. For years, the Alaska Railroad - a state run CORPORATION, which means highway robbery salaries for the executive branch - that entity has been allowed to exist by major donations from the U.S. Treasury. Yes, taxpayers' loot used to keep the trains rolling along to make the Koch Brothers $millions$ in "Railroad Maintenance Tax Credit" bribes. The ARR is the other "AMTRAK" run amuck in disguise. Take that back, as Amtrak today pays its own way! Bottom-line, at least half of the operating budget for the Alaska Railroad is courtesy Uncle Sam - some $45-million each and every year since Congressmen Don Young has been an advocate of coconuts and a secret lover of Nancy "Rabid Skunk" Pelosi - just kidding! Now a handout is not a bad thing, as long as the rules are followed. And that is wherein Trump said he would fix the swindling away of the taxpayers' money. See, trains from sea to shining sea are required to offer "Half Fares" on popular routes and destinations, as a ways and means "We the People" get something in return for the prolific pilferage upon our stashed loot for those highway robbery salaries. Now, such discounts are offered to the elderly, the low income and our military volunteers. But in Alaska, due the fact that this could wreck havoc on the profits of the cruise ship industry, the "Half Fare" doesn't come into effect until the winter. And if I were to take advantage of the out-of-season discount, due my age, I could take a train from Anchorage to Fairbanks - but be stuck in the interior for a week, as there isn't a daily express. Now during the summer tourism attraction months, there is a train back and forth every damn day - but at rates that are well, highway robbery and NO discounts. Most Alaskans have never traveled by train, because of the outrageous costs involved - when we are subsidizing the beast! Because of the handout by the government, "Half Fares" are not a suggestion, but a requirement. But such discounts are for everyone to enjoy, and that would cut into the profits of the "Special Interest", as why in hell pay 3-times as much for a ride aboard a "Princess" car? So the "Princess" lobby has maintained control over this for way too many years, and this about face with Trump is good. And now that the corruption is being tamed, maybe all Alaskan's can get a rebate for those expensive joy rides. Maybe we can sue the ARR for each and every year this "Half Fare" has disappeared, get "OUR" money back for that U.S. government subsidized handout. In fact, that could amount to a good sum of much needed money, especially with oil prices so low. My estimates look at a $450-million fine. So even though I am not a fan of Trump or Hillary, at least we see some semblance of un-rigging. And this is all I wanted out of the 45th, which means I don't have to waste time watching the crappy debates - as I will be busy planning my trips on the Bill Sheffield "Special Discount" Express. Way to go Mr. Trump. And I bet Mr. Young is pissed, maybe time for the Bennie cap again!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Our National Parks

Our National Parks

WASHINGTON — Sexual harassment, bullying and other misconduct is rampant at national parks across the country, including at iconic sites such as Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, a congressional committee was told Thursday. Proof came when Congress was shown the following example and evidence:

Motion to Dismiss?

Better yet, "Motion to Disgrace" post mortem mayhem. It is but for another good crap on the steps of the U.S. Constitution. "Constipation" seems a better fit today! OK, here is my test case for "All Americans". Everybody must bring their firearms to thy local neighborhood pub, and recite the 2nd Amendment per batim batman. Now NO CHEATING, for that is not the American breed, unless you fall into the category of the 1% faction - rich, wherein cheating is hereditary. Now, if you don't know it by now this sacred right - no not cheating but carrying - then you have no right to be part of the "Well Regulated Militia". To spit out only "I have the right to bear arms" is but a reckless endangerment tactic...well start your engines and turn in those weapons as you have no idea what was behind this "Right" in the first place. I get sick and tired of flag waving thugs thinking they understand this "Right", without the realization the reason it was ordained so with respect to the thy "Militia". We are the "Militia", but when we are so divided as a nation we crash and burn what the Founding Fathers designed for our future well-being. Divided we fall, say it again: DIVIDED WE FALL! Anyway, the fact that  Bryan and John and Heather and Paul and Cheryl have been allowed "Immunity" by the Justice Department but still need to exercise their 5th Amendment Right when called before Congress, there is a cover-up going down and even more crap left on the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial. Look, it is no longer about Hillary Clinton even though she allowed loose lips to sink this ship - which is now feeling the agony of defeat as a shipwreck of fools. See, when it is in the "Best Interest" of national security, "extreme carelessness" behavior can get one very close to the Oval Office. I guess it is either a Hillary or the Dumpster as the next un-framer of the Constitution. We get what we deserve, which is good for Obama - as he will find that is encouraging upon his legacy as the "Last Great" Commander-in-Peace. So the Obama Oval Office is just looking after America, and by that uncompromising dedication there comes a compromise for Hillary - off the hook. Yes it is indeed that proverbial Catch-22 and Mobius Strip search, which means it has a double edged trickery associated with the outcome. See, when Hillary went "Private", well it opened up the backdoor for our trade secrets to be secured by a rogue nation - a podunk Iran. We cyber-attacked them, they retaliated with the cyber weapons we left behind and our vulnerability was through the Clinton's backdoor - yes in Chappaqua when Bill was on a sneak-out sleaze-out affair. And we are now paying ransom, to get some of the stuff destroyed or returned. It was not Russia, Vladimirror "Smok'n" Putin became the recipient of some of the goods as the highest bidder, and what was stolen from Hillary is worth its weight in gold. See, Putin knows how the "trade secrets" can affect this nation's standing, so wants the US to get it back, but wants Iran to benefit the value of such a vulnerability penetration. See, it's a political maneuver - called what goes around comes around to haunt payback time! And the ransom checks being bounced over to Iran, it will be sealed under executive privilege forever amen. Obama was screwed over by Hillary. "WE the PEOPLE" were screwed over by Hillary, yet we have so many that want her "IN"? It is all about sacrifice, Hillary goes free, we pay dearly - money as ransom from our hard earned income. Yes, U.S. Taxpayers' money being used to settle the ransom dispute - and guess what, the rich don't care as paying taxes is still a mystery when it comes down to "fair share" we learned it all in kindergarten. See, Hillary was not asked to testify under oath before going into the FBI Gulag dungeon, as the interrogators where warned to let her slide by. In fact, the "Interrogators" became in reality "Interpreters" instead. Had she been required to be honest and truthful, she would have then asked for the same kind of "Immunity". Now Imagine, going into the last stretch with a candidate under quarantine? In fact, many constitutional scholars have warned that is indeed a disqualifier - an immunity deal. And I would bet that she knew something, so was allowed a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, and has laughed all the way to the presidential candidates' podium. She is a joke, and Donald is the other joke. But here is another test for all "True" Americans. We as a nation spend a whole lot of loot on the "WAR MACHINE". We spend more of our taxpayer money on "WAR". Yet both Trump and Hillary want to "rebuild" our military? I guess that means spending more then the 22 national powerhouses combined. We have basically shot ourselves in the foot, both feet and the groin is feeling the pain of this "War" mentality hatred. See, following the Vietnam war, the rich realized that "WAR" is like the energizer bunny when it comes to making $$$$, but only if it can be continued on without abatement - wherein PEACE is not an option that Estate Trust portfolio gaining $millions$. So, we as a nation like "WAR". Today, 45% of wages from sea to shining sea are generated by this "WAR MACHINE" mentality. Now don't get me wrong, great technology comes from killing babies and sending bombs away into nap time at kindergartens, but is it worth it? And even though most of the bastard mustard gas is being destroyed, it is still being used in the "Killing Fields". And could not mankind demonstrate the same advancements for civilization without the "Killing Fields". Sure, as mankind does have a "soul". We kind of lost touch with what was going on to advance civilization without "WAR", as Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are the only U.S. gentlemen that share honors in the Nobel Peace Prize - for trying to stop "WAR" while engaged in the White House. But when we stop the atrocities of killing by brute force, then defense contractors suffer and the trickle-down theory causes an economic hardship across the bow of this once great land - the reason the biggest lobby today is the "K Street Defense" and nobody in Congress will ever second guess any appropriations earmarked for the "Military Budget". We have become addicted to "WAR". And this is the main reason many are comfortable with either a Hillary or a Trump - Daddy Warbucks coming to town. We are sick, when our economic survival rests in the "Killing Fields". We start wars, then we appear as the keeper of peace and continue to build warships and warplanes, for nothing more than a show of force Mr. Good Guy! Don't believe me, where in hell did ISIS come from? Look no further than through money and power influenced by the Project for the New American Century. And while this ongoing evolution to make "WAR" acceptable because it pays to do so for our economic well-being, the "Homeland" infrastructure deteriorates beyond recognition because our resources are stolen away by the wealthy wanting even more. Said again, "WAR" makes money for investors on Wall Street! OK, many highways will soon be "Third World" rated, because of the ransom we are paying to Iran - as it is "WAR". One we started! And whatever happened to "Give Peace a Chance"? So don't be surprised to find out that "WAR" is taking the 5th, and provided immunity, because we as a nation have demonstrated that we like war, we cherish war, as that is what allows us to rest at home on weekends drinking beer and watching as football players making millions desecrate on the Red, White & Blue - because we have lost the real war of "Brotherly Love". When a nation's economic superiority relies on the "Killing Fields", we have abandoned the Constitution and what it stands for - and like already eluded upon, we have become constipated. Thank you Mr. Carter. Thank you Barack. And I am glad I voted for that PEACE. Spidernote: Some scientists think that Aliens are avoiding a visit here? Well any race other then this here on earth, a race that has the knowhow to travel through space aboard a time-warp machine can also look down on us - and any race that has advanced to such an Alien status, why in hell would they want to visit a colony that is overrun by a virus of "HATE"? Maybe their advancements to go where no man has gone before comes about by a peaceful agenda. We must start to "BAN WAR TODAY", else it will be more of the same...even on a Sunday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How Frack'n Stupid Is We?

OK, I had the urge to go to church, something in the air I guess. So after the doom & gloom ceremoney - not a typo - by some snake oil salesman in a robe, it was donut time. Now of course it is very close to the 2016 erectile dysfunction social hour so polite politics finds no separation this church and the state of affairs. Anyway, I was asked what I thought, by a bunch of guys who had on their Sunday best but for some reason "I Betcha" underneath it meant camouflage underwear. What is it with "camo"? It acts like Viagra - but lasts longer then 4-hours! So I ran the tongue and cheek past the speed limit. "Will it be the 115th Congress that will be in session on January 6th when the 538 electoral college posse rides into town, so that the 438 member House can officiate we have a "Fit-for-Duty Commander-in-Chief" No Objections vote for a U.S. President and wherein the 100-member Senate the same chores for the Vice President so that come January 20th the swearing in of the 45th and the 48th can commence, without OBJECTIONS?  Talk about blank stares. See, gospel works through divide by zero which means always in error, it has no math, so this question was intimidating. "What you one of them Steinem things, with all thum numbers?  I mean Einstein"? 155th what? 45th and 48th is a street up north, what does that have to do with anything? See, it is sad when kids in kindergarten know this answer and adults find total immunity the basic foundation of who and what we are all about. To NOT know which Congress is in session...remember we pay for their play time. We need to start emphasizing a strict study of the U.S. Constitution - an appreciation of what it all means to US! But what really tunes me in and way out to the IQ deficit and dereliction of the everyday Americano is the fact that both front-runners are using that low esteem understanding to craft a win based on false witnesses. And from what I still remember from once-upon-a-time, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour" is one of the Ten Condiments - please pass the relish, Look, there is only UNO state of the Union that is having a tough time these days, that being Alaska due the fact the price of crude oil has remained depressed and the 49er - here I go again with numbers - is an oil economy state. But not to worry as Alaska has over $50-Billion in reserve! OK, Texas is also feeling the pain, but seasoned oil workers have jumped ship and now support "Green Energy" as the jobs in wind and solar are keeping the Lone Star "Jade Helm Citizens" flag erect. Look, low oil prices are a saving grace our economy as we are an energy based/driven economy. From farm to table, it takes "energy" on the cheap the better it is for you and eye. Starting to make sense this doom & gloom nonsense from the Dumpster and Hrivolousary. See, drive the highways from Bakersfield to Houston, "Help Wanted" signs everywhere. In cities outside of Sacramento, recruitment outfits pay workers to sit at busy intersections with "Help Wanted" signs and many companies are offering "sign-on" bonuses. The under-employed ranks are at the lowest that number can theoretically go, as there is an element of society that doesn't believe in work and refuses to lift a shovel even when going to work pays more than welfare. So when the U.S. Presidential candidates use this doom & gloom scenario to advance their agenda, look they realize we are too damn busy minding out own business then to have any time to get the facts straight - especially when it is the baseball playoffs and football is heating up - Oh Say Can You See...So we are fed fodder - cow manure bait and switch - and maybe we would be best to release that "vote choice" this time around to the well, we learned it all in kindergarten generation! CAUTION: They would be quick to castrate the front-rimmers, as Dumpster divers "Don't Play Together" and are in need of a long nap....

"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States,  I affirm that I will share and play fair. That I won't hit people. I will put things back where found. Clean up our own mess. Won't take things that aren't ours. Say sorry when I hurt somebody. Wash my hands before I eat. Flush. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for us. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. Take a nap every afternoon. When I go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together".
Robert Fulghum, 1990.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Apocalyptic Asteroid

Wow, so Sunday's news' meal besides the NYC "pressure cooker" is the warning that an "Apocalyptic Asteroid with power of 3 billion nukes may be headed for Earth".  And just think on a similar note that there's an "Apocalyptic Hemorrhoid with his launch finger getting very close to 7300 nukes already on earth". What's in your escape hatch?

Friday, September 16, 2016


I am glad to see Michael "No More WAR" Moore has taken the same standing I have been convinced upon for a spell, that neither the Donald "Dumpster" Trump or Hillary "Freudian Curbside SLIP" Clinton will be on the November 8th ballot. It will instead be a "Write In" election, unless the ballots can be re-printed with "Qualifications Lacking" for the current front-runners. The Clockwork Orange is ticking, as we are all starting to feel the pain of abuse the realization we have no other choices - yet. My head hurts from this aversion therapy, thinking that this once great nation is about to stoop so low in the category of Commander-in-Chief. They're both "Deplorable" basket cases. So, when a Michael Moore thinks there is hope, I am in agreement that with pen in hand, Americans will be ready to say NAY to the ticking time bombs and use the power of the pen and 1st Amendment right and get it right with a write in. And Bravo, as today, Bernie Sanders re-opened up campaign offices in several major cities. Look, even though Bernie was ripped off by "Debbie Does Howard Dean", tired he was not and didn't just go away to Walley World. No, Bernie has kept a low profile, realizing that he may be called to action in efforts to defend liberty, as Hillary's replacement. And on the other side of the isle? Divide by zero error!

Every picture tells a story, every story a vision and if you really want to get a grip of what we are facing as a nation with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as Commander-in-Chief, here are the must reads.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Trump Tower

OK, so the Dumpster used "Charitable Organization Campaign" funds to buy a 6-foot statue of himself. But the media got it all wrong this $20000 gift, as I have a picture of the actual Dumpster Trump Tower statue:

The Donald's 6-footer...Not Really!

Sister Morphine

According to fine-fine hard to find print in the latest medical report sent out by her campaign, Hillary Clinton was resting comfortably in Weston, Connecticut - as there was just too much penis envy from the news media at her home in Chappaqua following her Freudian "Curbside" Slip. There is only 30-miles difference from her "Server Home" to her rest home, so Bill is safe fooling around. I had a tough time deciphering the medical Latin lingo - Harvard scribble - her current condition, but here is what I did take away. She is being treated by Keith Richards at his rural enclave away from the mainstream medias' attention. This homestead is well known for prescription drugs and has an Rx flashing sign, so a great rehab place. Rumor has it that Chevy Chase is also in rehab here, so if comedy is the best medicine Hillary will be back to hormone soon. Martha Stewart sent her regards, but sent to wrong place. See, Martha thought Hillary was incarcerated at the Federal Corrections Institute in Danbury, a stone's throw from Keith's place. Sorry Martha, someone else is holding out in your old cell. Dear Martha, Hillary didn't do anything wrong, she was just "extremely careless". Dear Hillary, please get well our young daughters are unsafe when you lose sight of Bill, please return home and barricade that back-door!

Y'all got cocaine eyes

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Black Baud Conspiracy

The "CyberWAR" has hit home! And it will cost us dearly, now and until time ends eternity. Maybe the destruction from this new-age warfare will change the detour of course, the chaotic trip mankind has been on for way too long! "War what is it good for, absolutely nothing" and maybe for once we can finally come together as one-in-the-same globally speaking. The time has come and out of this war new life, with love-not-hate be our only hope. History of this War: Back during the time George Bush was in charge of the Oval Office, there came a silent like attack on Iran, in efforts to destroy that rogue nation's thirst to acquire a nuclear weapon. IMAGINE how Netanyahu would behave if such a deterrent so close? Iran to Tel Aviv - 980 miles the carrier pigeon flies this albatross around his neck. Then again, it could also be used as a "Weapon of Mass Destruction". That said, no easy task, as this involved a plan of attack from abroad upon a very secure industrial setting - the Natanz nuclear station that was a front, used at hiding the enrichment of uranium from mine run radioactive dirt to weapons grade fuel. Operation Olympic Games came to be and with the help of Siemens, as this German based conglomerate had sold processing computers to a 3rd party that then sold the goods to Iran, the NSA assembled in a secret location with the brightest of hi-tech nerds with nerves and bits-of-brains-of-bits and devised a plan, that when unleashed was to raise havoc. After a year in the planning stage, the Stuxnet virus was planted, and the rest was history. Unknown to the IRAN scientists and plant operators overseeing the enrichment process, that was very close to providing enough fuel for "Da Bomb", fake signals indicated all was good when in reality the high-speed centrifuges were intentionally sent to over-speed towards uncontrolled destruction. It set Iran's nuclear bomb making desires back many years, maybe forever, as with sanctions the broken equipment could not be restored. Overnight success it was, and Peace on Earth! Until the Iranian science community extracted the remains of the destructive virus, cloned a more destructive "worm" that which was then used to infiltrate weaknesses in our national security. It was Iran's version of the "Ultimate" weapon. Guess what, who cares about Hillary sending and receiving "Classified Documents" over her private server, as the Iran Cyberspies had found that vulnerability, and unleashed the "Flame-OUT" - a virus so damaging that it held the power of destruction  a thousand-times greater in comparison the original NSA virus. And to make matters worse off, the Iran version was not secluded to the industrial only environment, but made for the every-morning "Joe Scarborough" interest in the InterNET. What goes around comes around, as we forgot to clean up our act with the success story, and today we suffer by leaving behind the "evidence". And guess what, a majority of our government computers at the highest level of "Secret" may be vulnerable, that is fixable but time consuming and the nasty behind this virus is the fact it is so stealth-like. To re-iterate, we invented the bastard and it now has abandoned children!  If a piece of the code is left behind, it contains a DNA that allows it to "seek-out" instructions so it can morph back to life - like when a chameleon loses a tail, it grows back. Seek & Deploy & Destroy takes on new meaning. Yes, and just like when a lizard is under attack, it can shed the tail - same with the Flame-OUT. If it sees a threat of a "scrubbing", it can shed pieces that contain the DNA, which makes it impossible for any computer to capture all the splits, like a cancer cell it basically multiplies faster then any attempt by the CPU to target to rest this incest. So today the United States is being held hostage, and due the fact we have no idea the severity and what was copied from thousands of government computers - OK, when Hillary went connected to a private server that was linked to the State Department, we lost the "CyberWAR".  So it was not Putin, it was Iran using our own technology. It is the entire reason Hillary claims "I'm innocent", she did nothing intentionally wrong. This was our virus! See, we are being held hostage for ransom by Iran - the reason we are paying out handsomely "Big Bucks" and getting no oil in return. In fact, Iran doesn't have to pump oil any more, as Mr. Daddy Warbucks is very generous these days. We shot ourselves in the foot, both flippers and the groin is showing signs of shrapnel wounds. We may be buying back "hack" attacks, based on the theory we have been violated. OK, the Iran "worm" was designed as a "Kaspersky" front, it opened up a back-door "port" on every damn computer that still "beeps" wherein data-mining was and still today finds an unorthodox ways and means to rob us from the comfort of our living rooms. The only sanctuary away from this attack are those left homeless. When e-mails were sent between the Clinton Server and the WWW, the "worm" went along in pieces. Over time, the "worm" could be reconstructed. Yes, I can here old Johnny, "I did it once piece at a time", except this is not funny. The reason we cannot get rid of it, as when it was originally formulated by the NSA, the intent was a piece-meal violation, thus it was undetectable as a "virus". So that is the reason Hillary is free, she did nothing wrong but all the time the G-Man has been using her as a frontal abuse object, when behind the scenes Iran plays games with our NAVY and collects the ransom - so far in the tune of $33-Billion, and there is no path of return. So to protect Netany, we started a "CyberWAR", and it followed the Mobius Strip agenda, as its destruction stares us right in the face, yet we cannot do an about face about it - except pay the demands or else the leaks will surely set us back to, well day UNO! So get a grip, it is not the 2016 election cycle that should be of concern, the White House is under attack, we are under attack, and this is the kind of war that finds no end in sight - because this is the kind of conflict even mankind has not the answers. How vulnerable? Once the Flame-OUT infiltrated the "Clinton Server", it allowed spies to infiltrate the entire government secure network - yes a single breach is all it required, because once into the system it was beyond the security, it was a free-for-all. Nuclear codes? Most likely, even though such can be changed. But IMAGINE getting a ransom note from Iran with the codes, when still active? And rumor has it that Iran is auctioning off some of the stuff, to other rouge nations. Yes, the kind of war even our military was not prepared for fighting - ground troops don't work, it's now all but a money game. And maybe, just maybe this war of all wars - well our security is in ruins - so maybe we should be open to compromise as it is draining the U.S. Treasury and just about the time Obama leaves office, then whatever is in the Oval Office will have to make peace, either through continued ransom payments or magic. See, if it were any different, if this was not the scenario before our very own eyes, by now the entire Hillary Clinton server issue would have rested its case - but due the fact we are under attack and the severity yet to be determined, the only placating Obama can do is pay up. But there will come a time soon wherein we must make a decision - either find a peaceful nemesis or  practice what Bob Marley preached, "Total Destruction is the Only Solution" which means this nation will be forced to approve an Armageddon, and how do we teach our children that kind of diplomacy? We can't, so peace is our only option. We need Bernie Sanders, NOW!!!!!

Stop the PRESS

Look, I don't give a rat's ass about the Dumpster's tax returns. Divide by zero means Racketeering Individuals Corrupt Organizations, but even with laws to harass such bigotry behavior, appears crime does pay for the "loop-holed" elite. It's called IRS Form FUCK YOU AMERICA! Look, the wealthy don't pay anywhere near their fare share, so why make it public as it is just salt on an old wound. Remember the Warren Buffet "Litmus Test", wherein Mr. Buffet proved to Congress that his lowest paid office aide had an income tax burden greater than on his own $65-Billion estate! At least he pays a few pennies on the dollar. OK, he pays 15-cents, you and I pay 32-cents for paving the American highways, and we all use that infrastructure! And the only reason Mitt is pissed at Trump, because Romney still pays 14%, about half of what you and I don't take home. So the tax burden for the 1% ranges between "ZERO" and 15%, affordable living? And this crap about both the Clintons and the Donald Tower having RICO like "Charitable Foundations", all the rich bastards maintain these easy to form "Charitable Organizations", as a "Homegrown" tax shelter, where "Charitable" is but a suggestion. There are tens-of-thousands of these "Foundations" in existence today, and the word "Charitable" affords leniency from the IRS. Law firms make millions supporting this "scumbag scam". See, it works like this. I have a business, and can only write off so much on the profits, even after hiding away stuff in the many loop-holes for the rich and famous. So I start a "990-Charity", and I divert my would be taxable business income towards a "slush fund", that is not "taxable" and earmark that money for "Humanity"...I use it to go on exclusive vacations under the disguise of "Humanitarian", using my 990 as a front. And I can wine and dine myself at the best resorts, the best wine, the best of everything as long as I keep tricking the intent of "Charitable". That is what it boils down to, as today the "Charitable Organization" does not operate as it is supposed to operate, the true intent has been ransacked. Case in point and I hate to pick on Bill and Hillary, their "Chastity" paid out $21-million on the wine & dine. So NO, Bill and Hillary and Chelsea do not make a wage from the "Foundation", but they eat well on the road. And they run an honest business, now for those on the other side? Say the least, all good things come to an end, it did with the "Charities" and today it is with ill intent. Hey, my income tax is "charitable", as I give but disapprove as when a nation promotes "WAR" for jobs, and we spend more loot for bombs then the other 11 major economic unions, we have been mesmerized. Time and time again, us hard working salt-of-the-earth middle class peons get screwed. We have no say, we are forced to go along for the ride. We vote, but then our demands are checked at the gate's of Congress by the "Loop-Hole Lobby's" scanning machine - ZAP! Hey, we just wrote a $38-billion dollar check to Israel, for Netany's "WAR MACHINE". And yes, I have blood on my hands this loot, well because I pay taxes. Now Trump, he doesn't pay up, so I guess when it comes time to pass through the Pearly Gates, he gets preference because he did not pay for the killing fields and Mitt can cop a plea bargain. Now when Hillary had a Freudian "Curbside" SLIP the other day, the media has demanded the medical records, from Mrs. Server and the Dumpster. And in those medical reports, the FOX & HOUND medias' medical staff wants...drum roll please, their sex activity reports. Gag me with a spoon, as that's despicable. Then again, if Hillary says she has no sex with Bill, then maybe we find the reason Bill was a regular on the Lolita Express - Jeffrey Epstein's underage whore house on high. Ok, it would be interesting to know if "THE DONALD" takes Viagra...what else would cause that hairdo to act like an erection lasting longer then 4-hours? And since on the subject of erectile dysfunction, why is it suspicious that 3 of the IT guys that maintained the Clinton server pleaded the 5th before the U.S. Congress? And the only other IT guru that did talk, he acknowledged that he had remote access to the "Bill & Hillary Server", and never once held a government security clearance! And for real, as when the Colorado based IT guys were making a copy of all the Clinton e-mails before applying BleachBITch, the Laptop with the goods - including "Top Secrets" and what appears to be "porn" - when it was being sent through the U.S. Postal service to the State Department, it went lost? IMAGINE, finding a laptop with all of Hillary's fantasies, October lust...OK, that Colorado Plat-River outfit acknowledged before Congress that when the bid for maintaining the "Clinton Server" went public, they bid on it but laughed as they had no "Security Clearance", and laughed even more when they were awarded the contract?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No Reasonable Prosecutor?

With all the evidence, with all the wasted U.S. Taxpayer's loot for the Hillary Rodham Clinton "Private Server" investigation, all we get in the end is NOTHING. OK, Hillary got to wear a proud smile! But what did FBI Chief Comey really mean by the phrase "No Reasonable Prosecutor" would find reason to indict, with enough evidence to "indict that ham sandwich"? And if so this so far NOTHING, why did the House of Congress Oversight Committee just serve a "Subpoena" to the FBI, just yesterday, as it ain't over with yet. Even though the government is getting ready to shutdown due NO funding, the Hillary expedition to go where no criminal has gone before keeps on trekking. There is something fishy, no doubt. Now even though Comey read the riot act out loud with respect to Hillary's "extreme carelessness" approach to government affairs dealing with "Confidentiality", why no indictment? Because of "Precedence Set" to NOT indict based on what is best for National Security. Back in 2011, a 4-Star General named "Hoss" Cartwright was under investigation, for supposedly being careless about referring to the Stuxnet virus when talking to the media. The damage had already been done by deploying the virus, but it was still somewhat a secret even though Siemens - who helped develop the "worm" - was taking credit. Yes, our NSA designed this "rouge virus", to cause destruction abroad with our enemies. Besides Siemens, Israel's Mossad helped out, and it was supposed to be a well kept secret, until the "virus" was let loose on our own network and today infects thousands of computers - or sits silently waiting until it is given the "Green Light" to cause havoc. But when the investigation targeted the "Hoss", who was a Bush appointee and stayed put when Obama took over as Commander-in-Chief, with all the evidence that he may have talked to a single individual working for the Washington Post, it was silently forgotten about. Why? Because of the fact that if a trial, then all that evidence obtained by the FBI becomes public information, just too damn damaging. And in efforts to move forward any criminal indictment, the White House would have to clear "Classified Evidence" to unclassified, which it said NO. It is a Catch-22, as without the evidence, there is NO case and herein we find the reason behind "No Reasonable Prosecutor". If you can't use the evidence, there is NO case! It is NO different with Hillary Clinton, the reason the DOJ has taken a NO STANDING except accepting Hillary's extreme careless excuses. So nothing accomplished except the fact crime may pay when the system finds merit to protect this nation's interest. And Congress is still on a witch hunt, and in the end will find out the truth, that sometimes malfeasance finds its own perverted justice, depending on the size of the fish we try to fry. It means Hillary was guilty, but best to let her off the hook. CASE CLOSED! To re-iterate, according to Comey:

"Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case," Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before bringing charges. There are obvious considerations, like the strength of the evidence, especially regarding intent. Responsible decisions also consider the context of a person’s actions, and how similar situations have been handled in the past."

"There is evidence of potential violations", just can't have it! This is what "We the People" need to know and understand, was it out of National Security interests that the Obama White House said NO to un-classifying the evidence?

House of Congress Oversight Committee serves "Subpoena" to the FBI
September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Freud in Disguise?

Is Donald Trump a Sigmund Fraud in disguise? He appears to be using the Henry Murray TAT testing strategy against Hillary, along with the same crazed techniques used at Harvard Grave-Yard back in the early 60s to experiment on Ted Kaczynski. Henry was a well-renowned American psychologist and affiliated with the personality analysis of Adolph Hitler and promoted the theory of "Personology". Ted, a.k.a. Unabomber, was a brilliant 16-year old math whiz-bang, until he became associated with the TAT Frat - a secret on campus enclave dedicated to clandestine like "Mind Torture" testing. It was at the TAT house that Ted was subjected to the Murray "seek & destroy" fantasy, through "vehement, sweeping and personally abusive" attacks along with assaults upon one's "ego, cherished ideas and beliefs, the vehicle used to cause high levels of stress and distress." OK, the Murray experiment uses a one-on-one relationship sustained through a "need & push" criteria with the results more often than not sending the patient to the brink of disaster. The Iliad and the Odyssey and the Dyad. As a patient develops resistance to such abuse, the level of "push" increases until such time the "need" vanishes - crash and burn! It worked on Ted, and appears to be working with Hillary. She is losing it, she is sick, she is tired and did not we just see a Freudian curbside "SLIP"? OK, I just listened to a CNN "Exclusive" with Hillary, with respect to the 15th-anniversary/ceremony remembering 9/11. She is a pathological liar, and this is the outcome of the Trump teasing test, the denial syndrome. She must resort to that "mind game" too no end, as a defense mechanism and there comes a point of no return. She seems to be close to the edge, the "push" is surpassing the "need" of a retreat! So, maybe Trump has found his calling, as when we look at Donald's past, his appreciation for the "Apprentice", Trump has been playing the role model of a psychoanalyst. His daily life is testing and teasing, but continues on still looking for answers for a reason. As we know that many prominent psychologists have used their wisdom to help cure their own inner sanctuary problems. Trump is insane, and using the presidential race as a ways and means to find a cure for his own problems. Yes, Trump is Henry Murray in disguise, Hillary has taken on the role of Ted and the race is the TAT Fraternity social hour. In a nutcase-shell, both Trump and Hillary show a very low maturity level, what the TAT scoring indicates. Yes, adolescence and penis envy suffer both candidates' egos. But don't take my word, just hear out John:

We're playing those mind games together
Pushing the barriers planting seeds
Playing the mind guerrilla
Chanting the Mantra peace on earth
We all been playing those mind games forever...

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 Hero Zdenek Gazda

During the 15th anniversary/ceremony of 9/11, while in attendance to pay tribute Hillary Rodham Clinton collapsed. Zdenek Gazda, a fire fighter, was camera ready and caught the action. In my book, a hero to provide this drama in efforts to show America we need answers to Hillary's medical status, is she "Sick". We know Trump is "brain dead", so maybe there is hope that by November 8th..."Qualified Candidates" will make a show due illness the front-runners!

Sidewalk waltz...


Hillary's private physician seen heading to Chelsea's NY apartment, after Hillary collapsed at 9/11 anniversary.

Hillary after medical recovery re-hydration intravenous following collapse at 9/11 ceremony(limp right hand indicates the medical procedure).

Tit for TAT - Personology

No I don't want a TAX return, nor do I care about Hillary's "Private Parts". I request a single commitment before I can trust my sacred vote to either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton come November 8th. So far, not too promising either piece of "White Stash" and only 59-days left to show some interest in "MY" must have requirement. The "VOTE" is about the only thing left still on the table of fortune the Middle-Class citizens. For this class that made America great and was at one time rewarded with "Patriotic Rivalry", today we have very little to show for that endeavor. OK, besides the "vote" maybe a free hot-dog on the 4th is our gamble, but some celebrations are now asking for proof of citizenship - pass the relish. And it is a dereliction that duty to think one "must" vote, as if there exists none "Qualified", we must refrain from casting for trash. So, to Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, if you want my precious vote, NO you cannot buy it as it is NOT for sale without a warranty, please without haste voluntarily take the Henry Murray TAT psychological personology test - as a qualifier screening for the Commander-in-Chief. Else I will write in Charles Manson and Ted Kaczynski when confined in that voting booth. Both are in jail for life, so what harm? Sad, that we may have before us only another 132-days the "Last of the US Presidents", as it appears the "TRUE" qualifications for President of the United States is coming to an end. But with hi-tech controlling how toilets flush, maybe we are in a new age with respect to politics? See, some baby-boomer brainiac kids up in Alaska have been feeding a U.S. government Cray "Supercomputer" at a local institute of higher education what is coming from the oral orifice of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton since the day the Dumpster was ordained. The massive amount of data from the daily takes, both audio and visual, that coming from the front-runners is being used as a psychiatric evaluator - based on a "latent and manifest need & full-court press" theory invented by Murray. It uses a pattern of themes based on invoking perception through fantasy, called "apperception" to observe how patients react to situations. See, some prominent psychoanalysts are being very quiet, as they surmise that Trump may have studied Henry Murray, a well known Harvard professor that experimented on Ted Kaczynski - well before becoming known as the UnaBomber, once-upon-a-time a brilliant 16-year old Harvard mathematical student. These silent "Knights in White Coats" are on to something interesting, as Trump's success with the "Donald's Apprentice" did indeed show some reference to the Murray hypothesis, of "vehement, sweeping and personally abusive" attacks That is what Murray confronted Ted with, to test to the limits. Yes, Trump is today testing Hillary towards failure, just like happened to Ted. Anyway, the Murray test being performed by these students will be an indicator of what it means with either a Trump or Hillary win. Even though we could never get the candidates to subject themselves to a similar psychological evaluation, the Murray TAT allows the same kind of evaluation without direct interrogating when so much research data comes available, just by how the candidates go about their daily normal activities and attacking each other. The same technique was used to determine what was going on in the mind of Hitler. And the way Hillary returns fire, that can be used to analyze Trump, as instead of using "TAT fantasy cards" we have live fanatical fantasy. Look, we could not ask for a more rigorous psychological evaluation and with the help of the "Cray", we have before us a sad situation. To date, with due respect the Hillary and Donald scorecard, a troubling scenario evolves and without going into detail the results, both score very low in the "maturity" category and this points to childhood abuse being harbored. This is not some hocus-pocus reality, but the results of the "Litmus Test" are starting to indicate an ugly side effect, and to put it into perspective...Flashback: September 11th. Consider the 1st plane to hit WTC #1 as Trump - the 2nd plane that crashed into WTC #2 Hillary. Same intent, different targets - GOP verses DNC by out-of-control pilots. Look, "don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows". If you vote for either candidate, it shows your vulnerability to being fooled and tricked by upfront personality tactic disorders, when behind the scenes both candidates reveal some hidden secrets - well we all have a little Ted in us! And maybe we can thank Ted, that he was the unknowingly guinea pig for Henry Murray, and when push comes to shove we have before us the "Litmus Test" that finds meaning this go around to that testing that took place many years ago at the TAT fraternity down Harvard yard. But the so far test results show a very "dark side" of Hillary Clinton, and for that matter Donald Trump. Basically speaking, we are doomed! Now I have no control over the 2016 election. But this test tells it like it is - doom if either a Trump or Clinton gets the electoral vote. I hope this test and the report is made available to Congress, so that body has time to digest the results before the electoral posse rides into town with the "Count". On January 6th the Congress convenes to certify that count, the House for the President elect, the Senate for the VP. And this is the last draw, as this is wherein the Congress can "OBJECT", based on the Murray testing. And since the testing provides ample evidence of a Charles Manson personality both candidates, let's hope the Congress obeys the Constitution, and a NAY vote all surround a Trump or Hillary taking over. Yes, I am a democrat but would rather have Paul Ryan and Orrin Hatch in the interim, as it is indeed the lesser of two freak-show devils.

69SM(Senior Male Murray TAT Test)

69SF(Senior Female Murray TAT Test)

The Henry Murray TAT Test is based on pictures that are supposed to provoke through a fantasy, and 1st impressions with reactions to a scene those being evaluated as the scoring mechanism. In a scientific poll conducted on voters of age, and those voluntarily willing to be evaluated, the above pictures were shown and the results indicate when shown either 69SM or 69SF, 99.9% of the time the test results indicated the males tested pictured Donald Trump as Aqualung Man, the females indicating what many of us think of the other candidate, or the Wicked Witch. This is Harvard scholarly work at work, something we should not just push aside as crazed experimenting. It is FOR REAL REALITY!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Loony Bin USA

Look Donald Trump is a "Turd On the Run". He's a clown and the only thing good that could come out of a Trump 45th White House win is a "Wooly Willy" for future generations - bad hair day makes my day! The sad thing, the competition and the "Turd" are so close that it speaks upon a patheticalnest in politics. Imagine running against Trump and being so close in the polls, it's a nightmare on Elm Street come true! If I were Hillary and found myself so close to the Dumpster, I would run for cover - admit I lied about everything even her love for Bill and get prosecuted just so I could cop a plea bargain and sail off into the sunset in a witness protection program. Hillary has to be nuts. And without Hillary the Dumpster would still be attacking "White Noise", which would prove he is also insane. See, if it were the 1950s, both Trump and Hillary would be in the "Funny Farm" where "Life is beautiful all the time". It is what we are hearing from the fruitcakes that makes me question this authority lacking responsibility. All we hear from the diarrhea spigots are doom & gloom, when all I want to hear from the candidate debate is the "Truth", that gets my vote. And I want to hear a single promise, that they will continue the Obama legacy. Look, love-it-or-leave-it, Obama is doing a Reagan and Carter all at the same time - what more could we squask for in a Commander-in-Chief. Squask? Squawk when we ask a question - a new word. Yes, we have before US a genuine miracle in Obama, as he has taken a failed economy, a failed infrastructure, a failed military and made good sense out of the Bush-Cheney years of nonsense. When is the last time you saw "Help Wanted" signs posted along the freeways? Wherein today we enjoy a time one can look around at ease while driving without going airborne so many potholes? It's happening, from sea to shining sea. The only thing that hasn't been fixed is the inner city disturbances, but the seed has been sown. One day the statistics will challenge what the Dumpster and Hillary are trying to use to break up a good thing - that Hail Mary plan both are utilizing in desperation. Obama bashing it is, as nothing is supposed to be good during an election year. It is sad, that there are individuals that have still a footing on this soil and "Hate" Obama! Look around you Mr. & Mrs. Jerkoffadict, Obama is the best President and Commander-in-Chief ever this nation! Look again if you can't face the "Truth", Donald Trump has no interest in becoming the 45th, just too much work and all under the microscope. He is doing this "Reality" show to show the voters how ridiculous it is that Hillary is in the running and he can ruin that chance. What if, well Trump is pulling ahead of Hillary and we may find out that you don't mess around with that red briefcase. It's all for the ultimate "Reality" show, and should be a lessons learned that we need to re-institute the "Funny Farm", and it would be an overnight success with likely candidates. Look, in a nutshell Trump is pulling the Henry Murray Experiment on Hillary. And we know what that kind of psychological personology abuse gave us - Ted Krazczynski! 


Friday, September 9, 2016


So, Congress came back to work for a few hours just the other day, after its record setting vacation junket! Yes, the 114th Congress made up of 435 House and 100 Senate members came into work for a few hours, I guess on "Over-Time" only to fail  a bill that would provide funding to eradicate the Zika virus. See, it's an election year so Congress gets extra erection time off? OK, the 114th enjoyed 41 consecutive days vacation, came back for a NO vote and now more vacation time - all in a day's work. Remember, it's an election year so things of national importance can wait. They should be ashamed at themselves. But the Democrats voted NO against the bill that would protect pregnant women against the Zika, because like any other "crap" legislation, any bill that would help was tainted with extracurricular "pork" for the Republicans. Look, Congress does not give a rat's ass about anything except itself and making sure Hillary Clinton is elected as the 45th. Then she will be able to sign a bill that pardons herself, Bill and Chelsea. In the meantime we suffer and maybe by this time next year after countless retarded babies are born, we find money to research why Congress is retarded. I hate using that word, but it seems to fit the dysfunctionality that is broadcast throughout the Congress.  Just in: See, during the debate over funding for the Zika, a member of Congress had a vial full of Zika carrying mosquitoes for his show & tell time. And when the vote for funding went south and the Congressional "Bell of Freedom" rang out "Schools out again for the summer", the membership started heading south for more vacation - well the vial was opened to let the mosquitoes free. That is bad business, as virus carrying scum have found an ideal place to breed called the "Halls of Congress". Look Congress is broke, the FBI is broke, the IRS is broke, but lucky for US we have a man in the Oval Office that cares and at least for the next 133-days, I will enjoy time left with tranquility. As after that Armageddon Apocalypse NOW will be the penance and the price, if either a Trump or Clinton to the roost.

Spying 9 to 5!

I am amazed...take that back I am amused upon the fact that the Journalistic IQ is today equal to Hillary Clinton's "Credibility" score, ZERO! See, this "Clinton Private Server" fiasco keeps on giving, yet it is more of the same nothing. I have spent time fascinated over the fact that some can break the law without any serious ramifications but have by now rested my case, even though Hillary did indeed break numerous laws many of us must abide by or else be fired, maybe jailed. But the media doesn't get it, and it is right there in front of them-very-own-eyes yet both the FOX and the Hound fails to bring forward the main issue - like trying to get blood out of a turnip. It is NOT Hillary that is the matter this obstructionism! OK, when Hillary was elected to be the Secretary of State under the Obama administration, it was with good faith and of good intent - as Hillary was capable of following Obama's lead on world affairs. So what I swear with a big deal sigh that she used that position to shore up the contributions to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation. I didn't give so no lose. Now one of the benefits of being so high up the Chain-of-Command, you get private bathrooms constructed at your residence - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. So soon after Hillary was sworn in as Obama's assailant, work crews headed to the home she shares with Bill in Chappaquiddick, to install the stalls. OK, these bathrooms are more than a crapper and in reality a disguise, designed for secrecy and eavesdropped hardened like a nuclear fallout shelter, full-proof privacy - like a Catholic confessional, with a different kind of stench. Secret sound-proof boxes so privileged administrative personnel can have "TOP SECURITY BRIEFINGS" when their husbands are fooling around and not be distracted by moans and groans. So at the Clinton's Chappaquiddick home, there existed this hi-tech crapper that had the latest and greatest communication stuff that was basically a spy like phone booth. It was linked-up to Obama's crapper! Now when Hillary was gallivanting around the globe, I guess when Bill had the urge to have a good dump, he may have found the Queen's throne - and low and behold the eyes and ears to his dream come true. And that is the dilemma we face today, Bill was spying. He's an xxx-president. He had security clearance once-upon-a-time so started dabbling into spying on Hillary's business - how boring. But if what he learned was then used in the Sid Blumenthal gambling network, it's spying and this nation would be hard pressed to bring Bill Clinton to trial. It doesn't look good, it hurts our image. So that is the reason this "Server" thing finds no traction for any criminal indictment, and we have yet another Bill Clinton scandal being sidetracked using all resources available. The reason Hillary is not troubled and has never hinted any concern over what she did or didn't do - she is innocent. And why do you think Bill has been very quiet over this "Server" thing? He's guilty and if a single piece of evidence surfaces that Bill was involved behind the scenes, kiss your ass goodbye. So the G-Man, including the FBI, it is doing a standup comedy job keeping us entertained and off course, as imagine if Hillary wins the 45th and then Bill is on trial? So what is happening today with the Clinton's is but for a single reason, national security, taking maybe not the correct road, but a detour around a very sensitive issue. Someday the truth will be known, let's just hope Bill has learned his lesson and maybe instead of getting involved in Hillary's business, rebuild that friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and fly away, as when Bill is on the "Lolita Express", even though our little girls are not safe,  our trade secrets are! Oh, my mistake. Bill and Hillary live in Chappaqua, not Chappaquiddick. That was Ted Kennedy's secret hideout for hiding the evidence. I stand corrected, so should the news media correct its detour and start looking for the truth, and "Read My Lips" said Bill!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The "SLUG"

Well, the world turns
And a hungry little boy with a runny nose
Plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghetto

And his hunger burns
So he starts to roam the streets at night
And he learns how to steal, and he learns how to fight
In the ghetto

Then one night in desperation
A young man breaks away
He buys a gun, steals a car
Tries to run, but he don't get far
And his mama cries

Mrs. PolitiCoprophile

A little over a year ago, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez of the 114th Congress and from Joyzie, he was indicted by the U.S. Justice Department. Hey it's Chris Christie's home state, of course wherein corruption is par-for-the-course. Yes, just like salt on a wound, we are tortured again and again and some more with such voices in politics with a give not a shat attitude. The Menendez indictment came at the same time that Loretta Lynch was getting ready to be sworn in, taking over for Eric Holder as this nation's Commander-in-Law-Enforcement-Chief. As the handcuffs were being keyed, 14-counts of political corruption is what Menendez was facing, yes in-line with a RICO felony, for organizing a racket that demonstrates corruption. This included acts of bribery and what the G-man calls "Honest Service" fraud and of course false statements. The indictment stemmed from Menendez intervening with political clout and returning "favors" on behalf of a single wealthy friend, a.k.a. a campaign donor wanting something in return. Estimated "Joy Riding" at a little under a $million$ bucks. According to the Lynch mob: "Government corruption at any level of elected office corrodes the public trust and weakens our democratic system. It is the fundamental responsibility of the Department of Justice to hold public officials accountable by conducting thorough investigations and seeking an indictment when the facts and the law support it."  But even today, Menendez is free to go about his U.S. Senate duties, which meant he just enjoyed an entire month's vacation at the U.S. Taxpayers' expense. IMAGINE, a whole month off? And paid $15000 bucks to boot around, what a hoot! So why such preferential treatment, why still not behind bars and still collecting a salary? Well just use all that illegal campaign slush funding to hire a giant law firm, guess what guess again any "Honest Investigation Service" fraud, then use the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation outcome of "extremely careless" as the Litmus Test and guilt is but a suggestion. See, Menendez and Clinton have close ties - in fact he endorses Hillary. Why so but for because the lawyers that Menendez has hired are using Hillary Rodham Clinton's corruption case as precedence set - free at last. When at the same time a young navy guy is in the "Miramar Brig" after taking a picture of the engine room of a nuclear sub and when his lawyer tried to use the "BleachBITch" defense, it fell on deaf ears. Yes, preferential treatment sucks when the politicians have their own laws to play the game by and any "criminal intent" is banned from any real trial. See, Hillary has opened up a path for freedom any and all future political corruption. Basically, WE ARE DOOMED. When politicians have rigged the system of merit so far to their advantage that corruption is thicker then...not what the Founding Father's envisioned else they would have prescribed jail time before office time just incase of political incest! This nation needs a REVOLUTION! Yet the problem remains, as "WE the PEOPLE" are afraid, so damn afraid to make that move to take back what is "OURS" to begin with, it has been hijacked. And the longer we wait, the harder it will get to gain it back as when we loosen our guard, the infiltrators like the Clinton's make sure the laws are changed in their favor so the intent becomes "break" the law as the normalcy cry - and this has Hitlerism written all over. As when we finally take pity and find the faith that "the only thing to fear is fear itself" and take our arms and join together as "ONE", they will shoot us down and get away with murder, and smile all the way to their offshore havens. Like how Hitler enjoyed the perversion of whore's crapping on his face, we face the same damn attack by today's political dysentery. The bottom line, Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with Bill Clinton are NO different, except we are the victims of this disgrace.

Sidebar: The Office of Strategic Services (forerunner of the CIA) labeled Hitler an “impotent coprophile”, based on allegations that the dictator forced his niece Geli to urinate and defecate on him.
Coprophile: a paraphilia in which feces causes sexual arousal. Politicoprophile: a paraphilia in which those in politics get aroused and crap on the voice of the people, named in honor of William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
To re-iterate the Government posture on political corruption: "Government corruption at any level of elected office corrodes the public trust and weakens our democratic system," Assistant U.S. Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said in announcing the indictments. "It is the fundamental responsibility of the Department of Justice to hold public officials accountable by conducting thorough investigations and seeking an indictment when the facts and the law support it."  

But today, after the Clinton Foundation exercises a Menendez like crime on high alert in effect 10000 x the Senator's "Honest Service" crime spree, all we get is a face full of crap and amnesty for the corrupt bastards! Yes, the government has let us down for the last today it does not practice what it preaches, as their public distrust doctrine is indeed weakening our Democratic system and the preference stinks like you know what.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Under House Arrest?

So Hillary Clinton has been a NO SHOW, for some-over-time by now and has not allowed for a press briefing in almost a year's time. She is running for the President, and balks at such opportunities to be tried? And we know it is not due any medical reason, as Bill sported a black-eye the other day, so what gives her absence on the political stage? OK, I have a conspiracy theory that is gaining popularity. Hillary is under HOUSE ARREST. See, she was allowed a very convenient plea bargain agreed upon by the FBI and Justice Department, no criminal charges, for her dealings in the "Private Server". So I applied for a Freedom of Information Act, for the prisoner inmate numbers that are being re-used. Yes, when a prisoner under Federal Penitentiary jurisdiction passes away, that inmate's number can be re-cycled. And low and behold, the records indicate that there is an inmate that has today 5247 on that florescent orange jumpsuit, but all other information on the prisoner is kept secret? It doesn't even provide any information at which camp such incarceration takes place - like it's a witness protection like sentencing. The only thing that is known about Inmate 5247 is the fact this person-of-interest comes from zip code 10514 - which is Chappaqua New York, a female at 68 years of age and next of kin a husband named William and a daughter named Monica? Ironic, that this was Charles Ponzi's license plate when incarcerated. Now the only other thing that is known about incognito Mrs. 5247, no conjugal visits? And here is why this is more than a conspiracy theory. When Jeffrey Epstein was taken down, he was allowed a very lenient miss-behavior sentencing, because he was best friends with Bill Clinton. See, Bill pardoned Hillary when he was the president, little known fact - just kidding! So Hillary is free to go about her business, and only has to stay put in a cell for 48-days throughout the entire sentencing, just like Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton's best friend and co-founder of the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation. See, that is the reason Bill was caught on the tarmac with Loretta, as the details of Hillary's incarceration were designed for such secrecy. And this leniency comes about due the fact the Justice Department trusts Bill, when he is supervising Hillary. The same deal that Jeffrey Epstein found when he was caught molesting 14-year old girls, yes Bill's best friend and traveling partner on global initiative junkets aboard Jeffery's whore house on high in the sky - Lolita Baby. So Hillary is doing her time for the crime and if all goes well and this supervised incarceration finds no disruptions except a few good punches landed, by November 8th Hillary would have done the time, and free to go - to Washington to take up residence in the Oval Office?

Tight-Rope Walk

So close, yet so far away. See, everyday now the evidence points closer and closer to the possibility that, well Bill Clinton had access to Hillary's private e-mail server - which means he could spy on United State's State Department dealings. The reason Hillary's plea bargaining has and will continue to be based on the fact time after time that NO "Confidential" documents to her knowledge. Now that "Private Server" access may have been a coordinated effort by Bill and Hillary, then again it could have been another sleaze-bag Bill Clinton "I did not have..." Regardless, it is "spying" and when I say "yet so far away", it means the lawman knows what went on but must make amends sometimes, based on the aspect of "Harm". That is what FBI Comey said in a nutshell, she's "extremely" guilty but due the significance of that guilt and the effect any indictment would have on the preservation of this nation's ideologies - keep it quiet "Case Closed" is the sentiment. IMAGINE if the harm aspect were not invoked, then it means trying both Bill and Hillary for spying. Yes, a U.S. President and U.S. Senator facing time - and that would look terrible and would be a legacy blow for Barack Obama. So there is a whole lot at stake, therefore we see the FBI and Department of Justice taking sides, to protect the perpetrators based on the fact any other decisions would be devastating to this nation's standing. To see the Clinton's face the possibility of jail time for spying, it would be ugly and weaken this nation forever, and during such trials vulnerable to economic ruin - as the global vultures would be eying such weakness a nation already divided and on the brink of political collapse. So it is so Simple Simon what is going on behind closed doors to keep the "Private Server" mess at bay. If Hillary didn't know Bill had access, it would mean jail time for Bill alone. See how complicated it gets, as this nation would become the laughing stock poster child if on weekends instead of Camp David visits for Hillary it meant conjugal visits to Rikers - if lucky enough to win the 2016 election in light of what should not be concealed. IMAGINE Air Force II making a landing at a prison! And what if Hillary decided to then allow Bill clemency, through a presidential pardon? That would be cause for a militia mutiny. Now if Hillary, from the beginning became part of this spying caper, then both Bill and Hillary are guilty - and then we have Ethel & Julius Part II! So, wake up America, and realize that what is going down today with respect to the Clinton's is the Mobius Strip commitment, we all know what happened yet the realization is the fact the government is against us in this matter, based on the "Harm" factor. So it is in actuality looking after our own good. Yes, turning a blind-eye away from what should be done to what can't be un-done. And the sad part of the Mobius Catch-22, because of the "Harm" factor taking precedence, Hillary could become the 45th President of these United States - a bonafide SPY or an accomplice of a racket!
I'm up on the tightwire
one side's ice and one is fire
its a circus game with you and me
I'm up on the tightrope
Like a rubber-neck giraffe 
you look into my past
well maybe you're just to blind to - see