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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cab Driver

If you want the real scoop of what’s going on in this city, or for this matter any city, take a drive in a cab. These guys and a few gals that make a living challenging the roads and traffic throughout the “Great Land’s” crowded streets and avenues seem to be up to speed with current affairs at hand. And most cabs are equipped with modern day hi-tech gizmos, like computers and GPS dispatch systems. So besides getting up to speed with local and national politics, I can usually find out what is wrong with my wife’s computer. I never have a problem with my laptop, but my wife’s is always doing something weird after she visits that HotSpace fantasyland. And one cab guy gave me a lesson on how to use a GPS. So the other day while enjoying a ride to the airport that is still named after Ted but not for long, I inquired about this “deregulation” interest that will be put up for a vote in the near future. It goes like this. Imad has been in Anchorage for 10-years by now. He is originally from India, where he learned how to drive a cab. So I would say he is well qualified to take that experience over to this country and carve out a livelihood. He also practiced very good grammar – English that is – and was very knowledgeable about Alaskan facts. Like the height of Mt. Denali and how many years Kikan Randall has tried to win a gold medal. So his big American dream was to open up his own cab company. Not big, but maybe one or two cabs to service the cab crazy public. He explains to me that he has a wife and a kid in high school. He rents a modest townhouse and has a somewhat comfortable living but no extras. He works 7 days a week. Because the cab industry is now regulated, it means only so many permits. A cab must have a permit from the municipality in efforts to operate. To date, there exists only 165 permits in Anchorage. These now precious pieces of paper were purchased many years ago for about 20-dollars. So Imad must rent a permit from a permit owner, which in his case the permit holder also supplies the cab. Even though there are many “Yellow” cabs buzzing around town, “Yellow” is just a common dispatcher that finds work for the permit holders, in this case, Imad the permit leaser. The cabs and permits are under private ownership that has nothing to do with the “Yellow”. Now the daily rate to rent a permit is $85 dollars for a 12-hour day, as the permit is leased to another driver for the night shift. Now Imad must also fill the gas tank at the end of the day and clean the rented cab, along with providing his own liability insurance. So he estimates that he must make at least $120-dollars early on in efforts to start making money for himself. In practice, that accounts for 7 hours of the workday on a good day, leaving 4 hours left to pull in a wage and 1 hour for the turnover prep work. And since the permit holders like long-term operators, if Imad wants to take a day off, he still must pay for the permit! That includes taking off a sick day also. Now Imad goes into great detail about the supply and demand theory behind the cab industry. He laughs when the subject turns to the entrepreneur system here in the states. Like what is free-enterprise all about? And what makes matters worse off, the permit holders’ play games with the renters, like selling out to the highest bidder. Imad tells me that the guy that owns the permit he works under has 4 permits under his name and lives in a mansion down in Kenai. Wow, a quick calculation pins this guy’s annual income at close to 250 grand! And Imad makes a pittance 10 percent of that take! Now no wonder “deregulation” is being bombarded by false claims, as those in the “own” have a lot to loose - like maybe going back to work for a living. But according to Imad, it all works on the supply and demand theory. More permits are needed, as more cabs are needed. And the only way to do this fairly is through deregulation. Sure there will commence a frenzy to get a permit, but over-saturation will be but a short- term inconvenience to those who for too many years have controlled this industry. In the end they will still enjoy the benefits of being a permit owner, along with a little competition. So I must agree with Imad, as I am convinced that deregulation is the way too go on this matter. Really, this soft-spoken articulate guy could have been a professor of economics in my book. He knows that it will cause a few ripples in the map of wealth, but in the end it will regulate some of that wealth, and pass some of it around. So, for those not in the know, it is time to “deregulate” the cab industry permitting so guys like Imad can be “I glad” for a change and maybe have that American dream of house ownership a reality instead of yet another rental agreement to contend with in efforts to enjoy life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness. Vote for “DEREGULATION” when it comes to a voting booth near you.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Nation

Has Armageddon hit with a warning? Really, how in hell can this be happening, that McCain or Hillary are the best bet to lead this country into the future? Get a grip people, as this is as bad as it could get. No way in hell should Hillary and McCain be able to get this far in the running for president. It goes to show that we are a “sick” nation. This is just more of the same isn’t it? We have a failed executive branch, now acknowledged by Bush and most likely orchestrated through his past alcohol and drug addiction. We have a failed Congress, wherein that branch of government suffers from a stalemate addiction. It means failure! And are not Hillary and McCain part of that team that failed America? Bush is, but he is going away. Good riddance is my sentiment. If you were the owner of a baseball team and all of your players staged a coup against your fans, would you ever hire them back? Of course not, as it is a “no brainer” of a decision. It should be no different here and now on the political scene. Remember, the entire world is watching this upcoming election. As I travel throughout Canada, people from that country laugh at the fact that Hillary – Bill’s wife – is a favorite of the people. And I get the same indication of frustration when I talk to my friends in Sweden. Hey, they may not have a vote in this country, but they are concerned and care what happens - as what happens over here has an effect everywhere. And outsiders realize what Americans have gone though the last two terms of endangerment with George at the helm. So they do not want to see a repeat. And that is what it looks like, a repeat of incompetence. Sure they are incompetent, just in the simple fact that they must resort to lies in efforts to keep ahead of the race. Bill is lying for Hillary as is McCain lying for himself. And some of Hillary’s speak is very close to being untrue. So why even consider a promotion for these cheating liar lepers? To vote either one of the two into such a high office of responsibility is dangerous precedent. There exists a grudge match now and it will continue if the American vote allows this to happen to “my country ‘tis of thee sweet land of liberty.” And is it such that the young voters are so disenfranchised that they have no idea what has happened in the past to “this is your land, this is my land”? I thought we were into the century of “No Child Left Behind”! Goes to show that this was all fluff, as these kids - if they are involved in the political scene - they have no idea what is going on around them. If they did, Hillary and McCain would be where they rightfully belong, in retirement instead of this foolhardy greed campaign to become president and at the same time forever screw over America. Sure they have the right to run, but they should be running away from their past instead of for this office. Don’t they have a job to do instead of running all over the country trying to convince us that their “crap” agenda is not Armageddon in disguise? And what the hell do either one of these candidates know or care about ethics? Nothing at all! They were all part of the traders’ rebellion that sabotaged Congress and sent ethics away from the political scene. This was nothing short of treason. It is these same individuals that have coauthored - along with colleague cohorts in crime - legislation that has allowed the furtherance of war and pestilence to thrive, right here in America. So youngsters take this as a warning. Draft Bono if you want this country to get back on the right track. To have Hillary or McCain at the helm, well you thought the EXXON Valdez hitting Bligh Reef was destructive, you haven’t seen anything yet. Don’t let this happen for my sake or for the sake of the future of this once great emancipator of freedom. In fact, if one issue were of great importance during this upcoming race it would be freedom, and Hillary and McCain voted to lessen such Constitutional rights, by allowing torture upon enemy combatants. You know anybody can be considered the latter. Even with this writing, although a 1st Amendment Right, I could be singled out as such and be subject to something called water-boarding, which is a fancy name for the authorities to legally stick your head down a toilet and then commence flushing. So it is time for the retirement home to open up for the likes of McCain and Hillary, so vacancies on the Hill can invite young at heart righteous followers of the Constitution, with a new-age mission to give this country back what it deserves, respect! Hey, McCain and Hillary signed the Defense budget. How come Indianapolis 500 racecars have better armor protection for the drivers then do the Hummers being sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan? It was typical McCain and Hillary “crap” legislation. As most of that budget ended up filling the coffers of defense contractors that make money cutting corners, instead of protecting our troops. I get the impression that McCain, being a reformed hostage of war, thinks everybody should be subject to the same pain and suffering. And Hillary - because Bill cheated on her - she must think like McCain, that everybody should also suffer through the same humiliation. Sick nation it is when people run for office upon selfish reasoning. Kids, young at heart, get off your ass and away from those video games and revolt against this crusted over mentality that is bringing this nation down to our knees, get out and crusade for a new age rebellion, just like our forefathers did, all for “respect”!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Great President

Finally after all these years we have seen the true George Bush in action and in command. So after 7-years of phony baloney, I stand corrected that his memoirs will be nothing put a bunch of pages “Intentionally Left Blank”. At least something will go down in history as “his” accomplishment while in the oval office. With that in mind, maybe with the tax rebate he calls for I will buy a new dictionary, to have his mug-shot on hand. In his last State of the Union address, he makes it clear and convincing that “earmarks” will be destroyed, putting this priority right up there with his fight on global terrorism. I guess he finally realized that the enemy is amongst us, right here on the homeland. Right there in his own backyard! See, after all these years he had been blindsided thinking the enemy was a “Rabid Skunk”! Now this attack against theft upon the Treasury was a direct hit hip shot that places George in the same category as some of those historical Texan gunslingers. What a shot it was, perfect timing even though it was long overdue. And when the smoke of the muzzle blast cleared, it was poor Ted Stevens and Don Young as the sitting duck victims. I wonder what their eulogies will reveal. I understand these crooks are broke, so maybe blank headstones will suffice. Maybe instead of a headstone, a slab of bacon would be more appropriate. The rats would love it! And instead of graveside flowers, how about some coconuts. Anyway, George stated before a national audience that “The people’s trust in their government is undermined by congressional earmarks, special interest projects that are often snuck in at the last minute, without discussion or debate”. And to make sure about all of this, a Presidential Executive Order will also be produced to stop the theft ring from ever again thriving. Wow, as this is powerful stuff! Now Ted and Don were allowed a few last words about this, which indicated that they had never been asked to repent against their corrupt ways and means to screw Americans. Ted: “I don’t ask for money, I just take the money”. Don: “That’s really what you ask me to do.” Being weaned from bacon fat is probably not an easy thing to do. And I understand that when a “loophole” is greased with this fat, it becomes an even bigger and better loophole. Anyway, I looked back at my history books of old. I even looked at some modern day history books of new. And nowhere does it indicate that we are supposed to ask our representatives to steal! Bottom-line, earmarks steal away the steam of the economy. Sure putting my taxable income back into the system is a way to keep the economy on track. The bad thing about “earmark” infusion is the fact that the Return-On-Theft – ROT – it doesn’t come close to what would happen if I were allowed to spend “MY” hard earned money instead of Ted just taking it without asking. See, earmarks are designed first off to help out friends through the buddy system – that “special interest project” thing George talked about. Earmarks are free money, not loans, but granted to the recipient. When the freebie arrives courtesy Ted, Don and others, the cream is skimmed off the top. Then another buddy confiscates the buttermilk. So by the time it does anything of any good for the economy, it is wilted down. Earmarks have created more millionaires and billionaires then any other theft ring. And there remains the solid fact that the rich people at least put an equal amount back into the economy, but no more then the hard working middle class Americans. The needs of the class system is basically the same, food and shelter. So a whole lot of money gets squandered away and never assists in keeping the economy buoyant and on the move. Sheltered money does nothing! But it was the same crooks in office that allowed the “shelter” to become yet another tool to protect the rich people’s wealth. On the other hand, had too much money been collected by the Treasury, it is the responsibility of these crooks to see to it that the theft is corrected. That money in my hands would be thrown back into the economy, getting a much bigger bang for the buck. So what earmarks did was create riches for the friends of crooks and what is left over is thrown overboard to help the economy from sinking, through construction jobs for “Bridges to Nowhere” or to study the penis size of the male Musk Oxen. Think of it this way. Would you really vote for an individual that was honest by campaigning that they would tax the hell out of your income, give themselves a hefty raise from “YOUR” income then regurgitate that garnishment’s leftovers back but only after their friends could also perform theft upon “YOUR” hard earned income? It is monkey-see, monkey-do us in mentality. Hey, that brings up another point. I see that crap Big Wild Life slogan here, there and everywhere in my travels. It shows these pictures of moose and bears making out! And this “crap” slogan is trademarked? What gives? Is somebody making money off of this “crap”? Must have learned from Ted and Don. Anyway, maybe it is time to have a real authentic slogan, one that is already known throughout the lands from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans and is not a trademark but maybe now a reality, like the “Corrupt Bastards RIP”.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Mission Out of Control

Why is it that the righteous citizens of this state never get the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I am talking about the latest gossip over a “Salmon Hatchery Learning Center” dream-ship for Ship Creek. Maybe it is in efforts to satisfy the three strikes you’re out philosophy. See, the Seward Sea Life Learning Center is a waste of money as is the Challenger Learning Center down south somewhere out-of-sight and out-of-mind - still in Alaska but too far away to be of any good use for our city kids as bus fare is no longer subsidized. And Prevo’s bus service is available only on Sundays to “bus” trailer park kids to his kingdom hall of worship. Wasn’t busing outlawed? Now these two so-called “learning” entities could not survive without Uncle Ted’s pork addiction. Is there a cure for this kind of dependency? Ted went addicted so was successful in baiting in his entire constituency plus some. Dependency sucks! So now we are at it again, with the visions to build a new hatchery for the tourists! A “Salmon Learning Center”! You want to see nature at work? Get off your ass and walk down a river’s bank! Now this tourist attraction will be built a little differently, as it will use money collected from Alaska’s first tollbooth! See, back east way – before Ted and Don infiltrated the Treasury – states relied on cake raffles to collect money. Now somebody came up with the bright idea to charge a fee to use the roads leading to the grange, wherein the raffles commenced. It worked. This idea in turn allowed better freeways to be built through the collection of a surcharge – toll – to be collected until enough was garnished away to pay off the mafia. That was the original intent. Now the crooks in office and in charge of your taxable income - not the mafia men - are smart, as once the tollbooth mentality was accepted and the booths were manned, why ever shut them down? So over the long haul it has provided income for other things. Long past the pay-off date, basically indefinitely to infinity. One tollbooth along a Massachusetts turnpike most recently made the Historical Society’s list of historical sites to see. So Alaska started a pseudo-toll, by charging a surcharge on your sport-fishing license fee. It was supposed to be a surcharge for a short duration lasting about two-years from its inception. But forget that, as the collectors are already spending the money that will be collected when I am long gone. Now what is interesting and on a need-to-know basis is the history behind this “surcharge”. I see where that guy Rubini made a generous donation to the Providence Cancer Imaging Center during the most recent ribbon cutting ceremony. Must be nice to have “extra” money to give away on such a great cause. I see Lesil McGuire’s dad and mom are also rolling in “extra” dough to give to the same cause. I think they own the Ann Stevens Building. He’s also a partner with Ted on some racehorse deal. I wonder if Ted will do a Paul Revere runaway with that racehorse once the FBI gets the green light. Anyway, there is a real sad piece of history behind this sport-fishing surcharge. It started back a few years ago, when “greed” was used to make somebody wealthy. But that wealth needed a friend in high places, like “MY” U.S. Senate. In the beginning there came an edict, from when Bill Clinton was the official head honcho, to mandate the government get more energy efficient. Of course like anything else in Washington, ethics finds loopholes for everything. It was determined that “military housing” should be privatized as part of this energy efficiency game. Many military bases constructed when the cold war was upon us were built for independence, as it was considered the “militia”. This infrastructure didn’t rely on power or other utilities from private entities, as these sites were sustainable on their own. So the base would provide both heat and electricity to the housing for the troops. Now comes “privatization”. A 400-million dollar housing allowance earmark was sent to a friend of a friend to construct new housing up at Elmendorf Air Force Base, right here in Anchorage, Alaska. When the smoke cleared, it was realized that the base power plant could no longer provide the heat and electricity, as the government can’t compete with the private sector. And a senator was indeed allowed to secede away the housing land that was once military to the slob slum lord. Whereas the base could no longer provide such services, it meant an outside entity would also profit. Now what makes it sad is the fact that once the base power plant lost a whole lot of customers, well it became very inefficient. So it was moth-balled. Now before the wrecking ball was summoned, the power plant provided free heated water to the Ship Creek hatchery. For free, as it was waste heat! The hatchery guys would mix this “free” heated water with the cold water from Ship Creek to provide the ultimate rearing environment. All for free! But when the wrecking ball hit and the warm water went away, so did the hatchery’s bloodline. So the panic button was pressed and came the surcharge, in efforts to purchase huge boilers to heat the water. Boilers that use a whole lot of expensive natural gas – also covered by the surcharge. That is why it will never go away! So in reality this surcharge started way up at the top and with the trickle down theory, we peons get to pay for it - just to wet a fishing line. In fact, Ted himself made a bunch of money on this privatization crap. I think the state should bleed him of that wealth then go after us for a surcharge. It sucks the way these crocks get away with murdering my income. So in a nutshell, we can thank Ted for the surcharge and also for the gift that benefited the Cancer Imaging Center, as without Ted’s out of control steering all this wouldn’t have been possible. And we thought Captain Joe Hazzlewood was a bad driver! Now comes part 2 of this Alaska style crap. The Kodiak Launch Facility needs another 17-million dollars to build another launch pad. See, the other launch pad was really booked up last year, with 2 rockets scheduled to blast off! According to the officials that probably get paid enough money to give “extra” cash to political campaigns that keep the crocks in my business, another pad will give the facility the capability to have 2 and a “half” launches each year! What defines a freak’n half of a launch? We are surrounded by idiots. They must think the general populace is stupid to believe what they say. Anyway, it is basically a monkey-see, monkey-do mentality. Our representatives went corrupt, no doubt about it. And one can read all about it hot off the press here in Alaska, the “Corrupt Bastard” state. This state is keeping many other states entertained. So like the lemming race, con artists followed suit, as did others in high places by practicing this corruption stuff. Hey, if our leaders can practice corrupt ways and means against the populace, then it must be the right way regardless of the outcome. Oh, and here is a word of warming to that Brian Wenzell, Conoco’s spokesperson to Mrs. Vogue Mature. He makes it almost clear and convincing that it is up to the Federal bureaucrats to give permission to build a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to somewhere. Hey, this state has eminent domain. Please don’t try to scare us with this crap tactic. If you don’t like this state’s constitution, this state’s statutes or this state’s rules and regulations, go fishing! And if the fish are few and far between, thank Ted. As it will take a long, long time to get the Ship Creek facility back in order. What’s that? The privatized military housing is so expensive that the troops can’t afford it. So guess what, another Uncle Sam subsidy, courtesy my income!

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OK. Whose bright idea was it to build this Elmore extension? Now it could have been a mistake orchestrated by a bad survey. See, I was stuck in early morning traffic along this waste of money make a bunch of money for some wild construction outfit. Outfit is only 3-letters short of OUTLAW. Really, Alaskan road builders must like to cut corners. It would be nice if they tried using real asphalt for a change instead of the imitation crap found in globs all over town. Shabbiness in turn allows them to engage in horrendous and unsafe road construction practices during the days of summer, as it would be unaffordable to pay workers to work at night. My vehicle caught a flying boulder off a backhoe bucket this past construction season, as some flag waving Gestapoite permitted me through the work area while talking on her cell phone. Actually, I don’t think she was giving me the crawl ahead signal but was fighting with her boyfriend and using cell phone hand signals that mimicked gestures I can’t repeat even on the blogisphere. I don’t think she was flipping me off! Needless to say, my windshield was spiderized. Anyway, the wild man at the project office said don’t worry as insurance companies don’t press charges when a windshield is broken in the course of normal everyday driving, even in a zone wherein you must turn off your two-way radio! Boy was I taken for a ride! The glass repair guy laughed all the way to the Best Buy. Answer me this. If this new artery has simplified traffic elsewhere, where is this elsewhere? Maybe it is time to sell my property and move to where the inaction now exists. What makes it worse off with this crappy construction business is the fact we never get to enjoy roads without rage. Summer is construction season all over town. I have actually been stuck wherein it was impossible to get back home. And when the roadwork crews are laid off, then we have to put up with snow and ice roads from hell. So come spring, the once new road is now warn and ragged. And how come we can’t seem to find road marker paint that lasts at least through the first snow-storm? Anyway, this morning’s mile long traffic jam was just a bunch of kids driving to Service High. That is why I believe the survey was off, as it should have been a direct route from Tudor to the parking lot behind the school. No need going through decent neighborhoods just so kids can waste a bunch of money driving to school. And it is well known that surveys go astray here at latitude and longitude that marks Anchorage, rape capital of the north - as mercury looses it affinity from the effects of the Aurora. I stand corrected, that is what happens to the “mercury” thermometer that Don uses to perform his “Gore Warming” homework. Sure surveys go astray. That is why the roads in and around Anchorage are useless “thump” roads. It goes hand and hand with the placement – from the surveys – of where and how to place the manhole covers. Right in the line of travel with the larboard side wheels of my car! Thump, thump, thump every 25-yards it seems. And the manhole covers had to be recessed because some plow guy went upset that it was unsafe for his back – when the plow’s blade hit the ice built up upon the original design steel covers which were level with the pavement. So his lawyer fought back and now the citizens must put up with the “thump”. I think my back is hurting. Time for a class action suit but that is a joke in itself because the attorneys get all the money. I was involved in a class action suit against SEARS, when that corporation was having the honest creditors paying up for the hefty salaries of its CEO and top management by secretly increasing the consumers’ payback percentage rate. The lawyers won! And those of us that were not lawyers enjoyed our settlement which consisted of a book of discount coupons, like for an oil change or tire changeover, at SEARS! Lawyers…. Anyway, Elmore Road is testament that this city likes ushering out the arts. Those weird like contraptions that sit at the intersection of Abbott and Abbott Loop, the place that smells of leaking natural gas all winter long, it is no longer a mystery to what it is supposed to be – when finished. Because it is finished! Now everybody thought it was some type of fancy bus stop. I thought it was designed to support “giant” hanging flower baskets, as we like things big up here in Alaska, just look at Mrs. Vogue Mature’s hairdo. Anyway, it is art! Supposedly this madness is supposed to act like that transcendental sublimation trick you stuff, and cause drivers to slow down. What a joke! If this be true, then something is drastically wrong with the mentality of those in charge of things around here. Why not just put up a speed limit sign? It is yet another chapter in the book of waste – Alaskan style. Look at the crap art that was wasted along Wal-Mart Lane? This state, this city, we have become so outrageously blind over what we should be doing with the resource money that we seem to know only one thing of interest, waste. Hey, whatever happened to waste not want not? Elmore artwork, I think those hand gestures by that flag gal could competitively face off with this crap. And what is with all those benches along this road with signs that advertise “Wildlife Viewing Area”? It’s a horse farm numbskull! One would have to be insane to sit along this road when kids are driving to school, as it would be a death wish. Bottom line, it is money wasted. This road was a joke as it was designed poorly and already it is showing signs of weakness, as a bottleneck. See, it starts off with multi-lanes at Tudor then whittles down to a single lane at the Abbott intersection. And those expensive expanses over Campbell Creek, what the hell were the engineers thinking of, a 40-days and 40-nights flood? And what is with those Tinkerbelle like lights along the way? And the only way this thing can ever work is with more traffic lights. Which means more time wasted as for some reason or another “timed” traffic lights have not yet been invented for Alaska. What a thumping we get for our buck! And get this. Even though I ended up paying for the broken windshield out of pocket because of my deductible, it was sited as a reportable on my insurance policy, which means guess what, another thumping. No wonder this state is credited as the “Corrupt Bastard” state, as outlaws are running all the outfits and designing our destiny and escape routes.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Official

Extra, extra, hear all about it. Bill Clinton is a liar. See, most “Americans Not Left Behind” already conceded to the fact that Bill was a liar. One up on George’s famous “Mission Accomplished” quote is Bill’s “I didn’t have sex with….” But if you are following the democratic posse posturing, which includes Bill’s wife Hillary, it is easy to see and understand what most of us already realized without a doubt. “Liar, liar, pants on fire, your nose is longer then a telephone wire.” Bill’s nose did see an increase in length following his interrogation over what he told the “world” with respect to the Devil in the blue dress. And with his current fibbing gestures attacking other candidates on the trail, that blower is getting bigger all around. I guess it was lengthened out as far as it could go so is now growing in all direction in accordance with the kindergarten creed. So, think of it this way. Hillary gets into office by some chad-hair affair. Then a few days into her term somebody hits the “RED” button and all hell breaks out. Maybe while Bill and Hillary were playing under the oval office desk. Do you think Hillary would lie? Not I. Then was it Bill? This country is in a sad state of affairs when the likely candidates following in George’s footsteps are McCain and Hillary. I agree with Chuck Norris, McCain is ancient and should pack his greed to be president into retirement. There is nothing, not nothing he can do for this country! Now I am not discriminating against with respect to age, but we need a young thinker in that office considering what has transpired over a short time span with respect to world opinion. And Hillary should also go home. Answer me this. These sitting senators – getting paid a hefty salary – are absent from work when out on the campaign trail. Now they say that with modern hi-tech communications that their work can be performed on the road. That is why I could never run for office, as my employer would not allow such lengthily absence away from the job. There is something drastically wrong with this picture. These scoundrels in office give themselves a hefty raise year after year then sign their own absent excuses. Double dipping double tricking it is! But this type of shenanigans may provide political evolution for a new age revolution. Here is what I am getting at. The only reason that the Constitution allowed the people to elect representatives was the fact that Washington was a long ways away, so a delegation was elected to take the peoples concerns to one place of advocacy. Now if modern technology can do it for them on the road then that same technology can do it for the people at home. Maybe we don’t need lawbreakers doing our business for us and the people can vote for what we want and what we don’t want. It would be total control for the people and by the people. Bottom line, I agree that the time has come to abolish the congressional delegation wherein the people can enjoy a separate voice in numbers. It is better then the electoral. This is what the Constitution was designed to do, change with technology. If when this country were born, had there been this type of modern communications to vote on issues and budgets and opinionate, there would be no wagon train gravy train delegation. Can you imagine if the people were actually called upon to cast a “Yey” or “Ney” vote to go to war with Iraq? I understand that Bush is planning a going away party. Yes indeed we are negotiating long-term commitment plans in Iraq. See, this country never required an “exit” strategy as the original intent was to get bogged down over yonder and allow the death toll to eventually surpass the Vietnam burial era. We have failed as we let the presidency get out of control. We need to take back control and maybe by abolishing the congress and letting the people do the walking and the talking we can make this country righteous once again. See, Bush comes from the old school wherein incompetence was hidden by fake success and a family name. It happened to me. I went to a Catholic school. I had an older intelligent brother and a younger intelligent brother. I was the middle child so intelligence was just a dream. But instead of keeping me back year after year, my advancement to a grade of higher learning – when all the time yearning the swamp life of Mark Twain over 1000-page books and homework – it was driven by what happened to older and younger brother. See, there is no way in hell that I could have been kept back and be in the same class as my younger brother. And the older brother was a smart Alec, so the teachers couldn’t wait to get me in that next grade and set the record straight that I was going to behave myself. Ouch! The best ever thing that came the way of the nuns was that yardstick with the metal strip! So I think George and I had something in common, lack of intelligence. The only difference is the fact that his family had wealth, so wealth followed him to high places. Wealth can buy favor. Wealth can’t buy smarts. If an IQ test were required as a prerequisite to such a high office, George’s picture would never be found in the back page of the dictionary. I have a dictionary, but I have already cut Nixon’s picture out. It is too old a dictionary to have Bill’s mug-shot. Now for myself with respect to George, I was just a common working class hero. It is the rich that have ruined this country. Huey Long was right, that the wealth should be distributed equally. Why? Because one can only spend and purchase so much. Right now as we speak, it is the American wage earners that are keeping the economy somewhat buoyant. Why? Because we put everything we make back into the machine. The hard working Americans grease the wheels. Rich people don’t contribute the same, so as the rich increase in numbers, it will cause a sagging economy. Their money is hidden away, so it stunts the growth of our destiny as a world leading economy. Rich people suck the life out of America. The bottom-line, there should be a hefty taxation placed upon the rich. The rich should not be able to pass on the wealth to generations of nephews and grandkids. Why? There is a growing population of kids that will never know what it is like to pursue a job then work for a wage. This is unfair as this is not what this country was founded upon. Neither was it found on lying and a congress that has lost site of reality and absent from their due diligent duties!

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Jerry Pervert

Worth words of wisdom, from William Wordsworth:

“The winds come to me from the fields of sleep,
And all the earth is gay;
Land and sea
Give themselves up to jollity,
And with the heart of May
Doth every beast keep holiday;
Thou child of joy
Shout round me,let me hear thy shouts,
thou happy Shepard-boy!”

Yes, and all the earth was gay. And thou preacher beast kept his holiday. A Shepard of the Lord you have failed me!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GOT Prunes

I am now thoroughly convinced that the Anchorage Daily Stool has only one reason for continuing its failing existence. Just deliver the orange bags, as the plastic works great for picking up dog crap. And when the republican dog walkers hang the filled “Crap” bags from tree limbs along the greenbelt - to conserve - maybe it is a hint that we need to loosen up on this country’s migrant worker rules and regulations so a low paid less then minimum wage worker can collect the bags. Can you imagine walking home with a bag full of crap? Mind you, let somebody else do the honors! That is probably the main reason that the borders remain open, so immigrants can perform the “dirty sweat jobs”. This kind of attitude to leave the “crap” for others to contend with is definitely a “Stool” stuck mentality. Now I like it when the snow melts and reveals all of the abandoned bags, some on the ground, many others left hanging in tress. It is what I call the “Orange Blossom Special” season. So there comes no reason to deliver the bag to my front doorstep already filled with “crap” news. An empty bag will suffice. Really, it was Martin Luther King’s birthday. I am sure there could have been more thought put into this day of honor for a civil rights hero. In fact, there was more printed coverage over the football championships for the upcoming worst game of the season, the “Super-bowel” Sunday movement. Many football players will tell you that the pace of that game throws off the routine, so it requires re-training for re-timing. And since it is the last game of the season, who really cares? So today I find that the re-designed layout of the “Stool” requires re-training for this guy. Where the hell is the news? This 1st Amendment tool has become nothing but an advertising platform and finger-pointing issues forum. Woof, woof! Red Dog is good. Red Dog is bad. It is double jeopardy at its best. Advertises pay for the ad coverage and I pay for the paper to read the ads. Maybe the Daily Stool executives are on to something to keep the diminishing returns stable in efforts to break even. Really, this paper was easily 75% advertisements and very little news. I think in reality it is Conoco that keeps the printing press for this news organization running. With those fake-me-out full page ads about “You can’t have it your way Sarah”. So, Alaska made the Humane Society’s list of states that practice the slackest laws against cruelty to animals! And Alaska has the most “reported” dog bites then any other civilized state of the union. Doo-Dah, maybe cruelty and biting dogs goes hand-n-hand. Alaska does have more dogs then humans. I believe the last censes allocated 3 dogs for every vote. See, that is why this state gets so much in “pork” allocations from the Treasury, as we count dogs as part of the general population. But the congressional delegation won’t allow the dogs to vote, as the canine species is smart and it may mean an ousting for the “Corrupt Bastards” along with MoanaLisa Nepotism. See, dogs would probably vote in someone that would insist on stricter dog cruelty legislation. And that may lead to an end of the Iditarod. And if dogs were to have a vote, they may insist that the migrating salmon that feed on dog feces let loose from the Warzaonof wastewater facility be tested before consumption. And further that legislation by warning the tourist about this feeding frenzy problem. Hey, Alaskan dog fish eat Alaskan dog shit! What a motto. And it would possibly mean stricter air quality legislation. See, the city at one time posted the air quality for the Anchorage bowel area. In that report, it would break down what the air was composed of on a day-to-day basis. The particulate matter was broken down into its constituents, like dog feces. In fact, a majority of the stuff that looked like blowing dust was just that, airborne dried dog feces. The dogs would like to see equal opportunity also. Remember when Public Television would air that segment, usually on Sunday evenings. It was a slideshow of Alaskan scenery with Percival something or another playing in the background. The dogs would like to see this same segment. Taken about the end of March, when all of past winter’s crap left behind begins to thaw out, urine piles included. Instead of pictures of wildlife and like stuff, it would be pictures of the Big Wild Life’s dogs’ leg lifting activities or leftover remnants. I just thought of something, the Daily Stool could be recycled to the outposts, to be used like diapers to collect the crap and urine. It could create a cottage industry, wherein migrant workers would have twice as much work and demand a raise, possibly up to the Federally Guaranteed “Minimum” wage. Hey, how come there isn’t an ad in this paper for a laxative? As any congressional leader that feels such a pittance of a wage is acceptable for cleaning up crap, they should take a day off from their corruption campaigns and have a field day, with the workers! And a few laxatives to sooth the exit wounds as the truth hurts their ego! And their ego seems to be stuck up you know where! Wow, that salmon tastes awful! Is that what is meant by “stink-head”? Hey with a wintertime accumulation of over 5-million pounds of dog crap deposited from the mountains to the oceans, of course Cook Inlet becomes this depository’s recipient. And the returning salmon head up the inlet just about the time that the leftover “crap” is let loose from the treatment facility. Wow, now this is truly “Alaskan Made” bull, I mean dog crap!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Saying of Sorts#1

In Alaska, talk is about receding glaciers, receding hairlines, receding coastline and receding ethics. Seems the entire planet talks the same with some of these recedings. Seems other countries talk about this country’s receding dollar! If this country is not in a committed state of recession, then maybe our leaders should be denied a recess and committed to detention.

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Petition Before the State of Alaska

Petition Being Prepared Before the State of Alaska
For some 30-years, oil companies operating as natural resource lease-holders in Alaska on the North Slope have relied on natural gas to benefit increased oil production through “tertiary recovery” programs. As the natural gas was extracted along with crude oil, it was separated and pumped back into the formation as a “sweeper” agent – in efforts to dislodge more crude oil. The virgin “dry” natural gas was slowly contaminated with carbon dioxide and liquid hydrocarbon constituents like butane and pentane, with the end result a near-natural gas that is of lower quality and may not meet the natural gas definition currently used by the industry. State statutes allow the use of natural gas for purposes that do not contaminate or otherwise decrease the value of this resource – considered wasting and can warrant a fine. The oil companies – EXXON, British Petroleum(SOHIO), Conoco-Phillips(ARCO) and others have benefited economically from using this “tertiary” process made possible through use of this state’s natural gas resource. Because of the contamination, these same named energy corporations should be required to return that gas to its virgin state, dry and void of un-necessary constituents, like carbon dioxide and BETX. It is known that when used as a “sweeper” the gas becomes contaminated with BETX - Benzene, Ethybenzene, Toluene and Xylene. All cancer causing constituents even at minute dosage levels. It is the intent of this “Petition” and the “Petitioners” to make it clear and convincing that before North Slope Natural Gas(Including the Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk, Milne Point formations) is transported down any pipeline, said gas must be re-conditioned to its original “natural” state at the “contaminators” expense, and not by the state of Alaska. The state should act now, without concessions, to “Force Majeure” this issue and strive for settlement using the power of the people through the power of the courts. Any further natural gas pipeline interest or action should be suspended until such time the people of Alaska accept a remedy or have been justifiably compensated had this contamination never occurred.

Interested parties should contact:

Truth Hurts!

Truth Hurts! We Are Victimized?
OK, the truth seems to be coming out slowly but surely over time. But it is way overdue, this truth stuff. So who out there had nothing better to do this past Sunday then find entrainment once again courtesy the Daily Stool? Actually it should be re-named the Anchorage Daily Stool for Fools. That is what happens when there is no competition with what comes off the printing press. We would be better off reading MAD magazine in efforts to get up to speed with current issues of interest. As this magazine provides a roadmap into the “how and why” of Alaska’s political scene. And next month, it’s “Vogue”. This state’s bureaucracy must follow Alfred’s philosophy on “How to run government with a house full of fools”. And let us face the facts, that a one-paper town is an unsafe town. It’s un-Constitutional! We have let our defenses wither. Hey, does Bill Sheffield still have a nosebleed? The damn train depot out at Ted Stevens’ International pirate ship must be closed for a reason. Wow, I just returned home from outside. Seems Anchorage has taken a turn for the worse in its contention for top honors in the “unsafe” cities category. And what is with this “Trade-Mark” crap over the “Big Wild Life”? Who in their right mind would use this slogan if there exists a possibility of ownership “infringement”? BIG WILD LIFE, BIG WILD LIFE. I hope the bastard company making money over this crap has its law firm send me a cease and desist order. BIG WILD LIFE, BIG WILD LIFE. This crap is probably making outsiders rich. Really, somebody is getting a royalty for this slogan’s usage! What a scam. Why not do as other normal cities do. Have a slogan contest for the 3rd grade kids around town and give the winner an all expense paid trip to Juneau, or McDonald’s – the parent’s choice. I bet the burgers win out! Can’t we do something by ourselves without getting screwed, once again? Maybe “Bent Over” should be this state’s motto. But the “Corrupt Bastards” motto is still the envy of other corrupt states run by the Mafioso. And Alaskan lawyers are even smarter nowadays, as they have taken a new approach to do as little as possible for the most income. That’s like a self-inflicted raise. See, they used to have to perform something in efforts to make money. Nowadays they get money from this state to lobby, for those “Bridges to Nowhere”. Really, we are fools when we put trust in a law firm to look after this state’s best interests, as lobbyists. It is just a game of wine, dine, deny ethics exists and follow the Larry Craig code of bathroom etiquette. And this Eastaugh outfit that is reeling in the dough for a lobotomy contract - I meant lobbying - isn’t Eastaugh a superior Court Judge here in Alaska? Something is really wrong with this picture? Of course, this could be expected for this state with respect to such a fool hardy spending spree. Save for a rainy day? Anyway, many others and I care about what happens to this state, as we have been telling you and warning you all over and over again. And one day, acquittals will come to those of us that cared. So there came a long-winded “Stool” article about the state’s interest in having an outfit build a natural gas pipeline south. In the article, besides all of the crap that isn’t expected to be understood by anyone because it is just that - a smokescreen to confuse - there was a smidgeon of evidence that the people of this state have been run over by a run-away train with “Big Oil” at the throttle. Hidden away in the print came this mind-boggling few words. “Unless no one else will do it, TransCanada says it won’t build or run the gas treatment plant, an enormous North Slope factory for stripping liquids and carbon dioxide out of the gas before it goes into the pipeline”. Carbon what? See, this is indeed what has happened over time. “Big Oil” utilized and continues to this day to pollute “OUR” natural gas. Yes “OURS”! It is the lease-holders’ resource by virtue of a lease agreement, but in actuality the gas belongs to the “citizens” of this state, you and me buddy! So when you hear that the natural gas belongs to the “oil companies”, think twice. Don’t believe me? Well the Supreme Court has made it clear and convincing that eminent domain is a government tool, meaning this state could take back the leases if “Big Crybaby Oil” cries too much. Or if “Big Oil” has jeopardized that resource to the detriment of the people’s economy. See, over time – like 30-years by now – that natural gas has allowed “Big Oil” to produce just that “oil”, the “black gold” of resources. And in that effort to extract as much of the black “goo” out of the ground, all kinds of scientific madness - with names like “tertiary recovery” - have been utilized. It is physics and chemistry at work, gainfully employing the minds of our brightest scientists. But over time, the gas that is used and re-used, it has become polluted with “carbon dioxide” and other weird constituents. What that does is this. If you take a can and fill it with natural gas, it has a certain BTU value, the amount it takes to boil water. With contaminated gas - like the introduction of carbon dioxide - the BTU value decreases, as the other crap takes ownership of the can by volume brawling. Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of this “tertiary recovery” game. So the gas becomes a lower grade energy source. Which means it is crap. So one must take the crap out before it is transported. Why? Because a company like TransCanada doesn’t make money moving crap down a pipeline. So who’s responsibility is it, that this gas has been used and contaminated to the point something must be done? Bottom line, “OUR” gas has been manipulated to a lower value at the same time it has enhanced the oil recovery and throughput. It is solely one entities responsibility, “Big Oil”. Now you thought the Native Claims Settlement Act was complicated, which delayed the construction of the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline by 10-years until it was settled. So before natural gas will move out of Alaska, the contamination problem will have to be ironed out. No way in hell will “Big Oil” take responsibility and offer to build a 6-billion dollar plant to rid “OUR” natural gas of the “THEIR” carbon dioxide. See, it makes the gas less valuable, that is why there is no way in hell that an outside interest will be able to build a natural gas pipeline, not unless the cleaning fees can be tied to a transport tariff. That hurts US! It is double jeopardy. If that is the case, every righteous citizen in this state should protest. See, “Big Oil” contaminated the gas for greed. Now they want to introduce greed back again into the equation. If they get their way, sure a pipeline will be built, but we will pay for it over and over again, through a ridiculous tariff, just like the oil pipeline. An increase in the tariff hurts this state’s bottom line, as we must pay the fee out to get “OUR” share of the energy out to the markets. So a higher tariff means less income for the state treasury. Basically, we got screwed with the oil and we will get screwed with the gas. Then what? It is time that we take control over this mess. Write your representative - excluding Kevin Myers - and make it clear that the natural gas in the North Slope formation that has been contaminated through “tertiary recovery” shall be re-conditioned back to its original composition, at the lease-holders’ expense! Then we can talk about a natural gas pipeline that is worth it.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

"ALASKA Grown" Crooks

The state has pulled another fast one, by claiming privileges with respect to the use of the “Alaska Grown” slogan. It happened before with the “Alaska Made” slogan. And the problem that stems from this so-called “Trademark” that can no longer be infringed upon is the fact that in order to use it, one must pay a “user’s” fee. That is why we very seldom see the “Alaska Made” trademark any longer on products. Got Milk? The one that looks as though a polar bear is taking a dump! Hey, businessmen aren’t stupid. What profit increase does a measly slogan bring? Probably not worth the time and effort. And if you look at the “crap” that is sold along 4th Avenue during the tourist trade season, maybe the use of this slogan is no longer valid as most of the “crap” comes from China. Whatever happened to this state? But I can see the point, with this eminent domain theory to take ownership of the “Alaska Grown” slogan, as it may be important in the near future. In fact, the “State” judge that ruled in favor of the “State” placed a gag order on its use, to those who had already taken advantage of it. The threatening gag order, against some group that makes quilts, specifies that “threatening, intimidating, harassing, coercing, or otherwise interfering with the Alaskan Grown slogan” shall not be tolerated. So this is serious business against these little old ladies that sit around making quilts for the needy! But like mentioned before, getting a grip on ownership of this slogan is important. See, we have a handful of “Alaska Grown” crooks. In fact, an entire club of our own, all “Alaskan Grown”. And we have a bunch of Alaska Grown “crybaby” oil companies. And wow an “Alaskan Grown” centerfold, “Mrs. Vogue Mature”. I guess because there wasn’t much that fell under the “Alaska Made” category the Juneauites found another way to make their existence look important in efforts to keep the “capital of crookedness” away from mainstream Alaska. I truly wish that the capital had moved to methamphetamine central when we had the chance. Or at least moved to Cheelyville. OK, so this morning after retrieving the Daily Stool it was realized that I had clap. With my hands that is, now that Mrs. Vogue Mature has rejected Conoco’s gas pipeline bid. Dear Mr. Bowels, it’s the plan that didn’t work! It was stupidity at its max. “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” should ring a bell. Of course, you probably weren’t a Bob Dylan fan in your youth. Your company’s ridiculous proposal should have been rejected when it showed up instead of some bureaucrat saying it was still being considered even though the title of the proposal was “Alaskan Style Rape – Do Me Again”. Talk about crooks. I see where another one of Ted & Don’s career moves has caused the crooks to demonstrate that they watch these two guys like a hawk. For opportunities beyond and above. Let’s face it, the crooks reconfigured Ted’s house down in Girdwood while he was away. Weird crooks, as they didn’t steal from his house just provided stuff! It seems as though everything these guys do or touch costs the taxpayers more money. It goes to show that term limits is needed badly. See, these two misfits have no idea what it is like to work for a living wage these days. They have no idea that even though wages have gone up, it still affects the bottom line because medical insurance has also escalated. And I am healthy, so my deductible has increased, even for a Band-aid, so I never get to enjoy my insurance provider paying for anything – except for the paper and stamp that says, sorry payment rejected you haven’t met your deductible! May as well get unhealthy and join the ranks of the obese, as that is becoming the majority here in “Alaska Grown” country. Anyway, seems as though ex-American John Ashcroft has taken hold of a scam started by our very own Hulk - a.k.a. Ted “Veco” Stevens- and the Rabid Skunk Hunter – a.k.a. Don “Billy Goat” Young. See, Ted & Don were instrumental in getting this “no bid” bullshit rammed down our throats, deep style. So the crooks saw a lucrative opportunity to make it grow like a cancer. Nowadays, after retiring from Uncle Sam, John’s consulting company is making millions using the “no bid” policy that has infiltrated the Treasury. And where is it coming from, the Justice Department with respect to the way that government entity gives out contracts. This “no bid” garbage was just that, pure unadulterated garbage. It is nothing short of preferential “good buddy” theft upon the unwilling taxpayers. Here it is in a nutshell. You are a contractor that has been doing business with the government for eons. It started out when ethics and accountability was still something that American politicians were aware of. So your dad’s company grew over the years as did government grow. And because your family company did a good job, it was awarded the contract year after year through the bidding process. It was something your dad worked hard for so the award was justified success – the good old American way. Now comes the Ted and Don showdown. They are upset because they cannot get some of their buddy companies on the lucrative government giveaway contract’s bandwagon, due lack of everything. So they change the bidding rules and regulations so their buddies get the contracts, regardless if they have the infrastructure or not. It is theirs for the asking. It is basically a corporation with a name and no workers that sees an opportunity to make some money for its shareholders. So they don’t have to prove anything upfront, like would normally be required in a normal bidding process, like assets, manpower and performance on similar contracts. Yes sir, Ted & Don started it all and the Americans well get to finish it, by paying out big-time so somebody can make a profit. So the outfit that is awarded the contract must go to your company in efforts to get the required everything to get the job done. The “No Bid” rats make you an offer to do the job you used to do. But you are at a disadvantage, so you give in. See, the buddy company awarded the contract wants you to do the job for less. You have to give in but you must lower the workers’ wages. All in all, the government spends the same amount of money to get the job done with the side effects that the buddy company makes a profit on your hard work and at the same time your company’s profits go down along with the workers’ wages. Workers that have been loyal for a long, long time. And since you don’t have direct contract work, you are considered a subcontractor, which means your insurance premiums increase, so does your liability. It sucks. You got screwed and some “buddy” made out like a bandit. And this “no bid” preferential who’s your daddy rip-off is what John Ashcroft is taking advantage of. You can’t blame him, as he and other law department personnel were in the right position at the right time and saw Ted’s writing on the walls of Congress and other places frequented by Larry Craig. It is truly un-American to what these opportunist resort too, at our expense. How can a guy like Ashcroft take advantage of something like this? It seems to be a lost cause. The money that is wasted to keep this machine running on empty is mind-boggling to say the least. At least if the scoundrels realized that they are raping their own then maybe they would take a second chance look at their actions, or inactions in a lot of cases. Then again, maybe they are used to abusing others when power is theirs to enjoy. The bottom line, Ted & Don have created a Frankenstein monster ways and means to rip-off Americans when at the same time they stay in favor with the crooked lobbyist who will take care of their own when America is dry of ethics, and almost dried and tried of patience! We are controlled by this monster of the Hill, so remember the words of the prophet John Lennon:

A working class hero is something to be.
There’s room at the top they are telling you still.
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill,
If you want to be like the folks on the Hill.
A working class hero is something to be.
If you want to be a hero well just follow me.

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Don Young Is Right-On!

Finally after all these years there is something of importance to which I am in total unabated agreement over with Don “Billy Goat” Young. The Susitna Hydroelectric Dam project! This mega-project surfaced many years ago, as a means to provide engineering, earth-moving and construction jobs and eventually permanent jobs. It would have produced reliable and cost effective electricity for the entire state by powering up the grid from free-flowing water hitting the blades of giant turbine wheels. And with so much availability, the state’s triangular grid of overhead high voltage electrical distribution lines could have been extended, with tentacles to cover many outlying areas – except maybe Juneau. This project would have provided even more jobs, while reaching out all the way to the villages. In fact, it would have created hi-tech research opportunities, especially with the use of “DC” single wire electrical transmission requirements for the “tentacles”. This would have been a project for the majority and minority alike. Reliable and cost effective energy is key to building a basic sustainable infrastructure. So too bad Don didn’t exercise better judgment and focus on this hydro project instead of coconut groves. Actually he tried, but we failed him. That is why it is good to see that it remains of interest to him. It would have also provided a world-class recreational area. From sport fishing to hunting to bird watching to sailing to jet skiing, maybe even a Loch Ness monster fantasy routine. Like the Hulk Nesting monster of the Girdwood shallows, a.k.a. Ted “House of Horrors” Stevens. The Canadians have done this hydro stuff very successfully, as this neighbor country produces enough water-renewable-electricity to satisfy its population and at the same time sells its money making natural gas to guess who? So have many states of the lower 48 union invested in hydropower. Many countries also invest time, money and effort towards this type of renewable energy. Look, there is enough wilderness acreage in this state that redesigning the landscape for a piece of sustainability; it would have been well worth it. Sure it would have been a scar, but in time healed away as we all would have learned to live with it without a lot of un-necessary pain and suffering. And it would have provided unique wildlife viewing areas, especially for waterfowl. Now I have had the luxury to observe the migration on several occasions, right there in “Big Oil’s” backyard in Prudhoe Bay. Fortunate for me, I have been there because I work there. That freedom - the migration that is - is not and never will be available to everyone, so why not have it available in our own backyard? It is something that could make us all more aware of the wildlife that calls this Alaska its home! Sure the “controlled” flooding of the Susitna lowlands would necessitate a change of habitat for the moose and bear, but we don’t realize how adaptable these creatures are when push comes to shove. With a big new lake at our convenience by conveyance, it could mean family and remote campgrounds, bike-paths and buggy paths, something for everyone - including “cheap” energy. Don’t you get tired of going to the same damn camping places? Its the same thing year after year, including the same old assholes who think they are God’s gift to the fishermen. With a “Bigger Lake”, it could mean getting away to new frontier. And it could also open up more then enough Swanson River canoeing type getaways. In the beginning to end it could be man-made managed, thus creating more jobs. From biologists to fish and wildlife technicians – even firework experts. So maybe it is time to look again towards the future. The project is still something that could turn this state around. With Ted and Don making it clear and convincing that the slop bucket is only half full these days, wherein “pork” will be a thing of the past, this state must act fast. Think of it this way. Had the dam been built and electricity was boiling my morning coffee water - instead of now way to expensive natural gas - then the Agrium plant in Nikiski could still be in operation - thus keeping an army of operation and maintenance technicians gainfully employed. The unemployment office could remain closed! And there is a tool available, in efforts to get this project going. It is called eminent domain. So I was glad to hear that it is still a pet project under Don’s consideration. I must admit, I do go along with him on this one. And to think what it could do for this state, future needs wise that is. Sure enough with proper planning and deliverables consistent with realistic timetables, it could provide enough electricity to light-up and heat the entire state. The giant state of California has an economy equal to a separate nation, all due to the fact that it controls the water resources. Now this state will never be able to compete for agricultural rights, unless somebody comes along with a big "still" wherein potatoes are the main ingredient. “We ain’t paid no whiskey tax since 1792”! But with low-cost electricity and wide open yet to be expanded ports to the Pacific, there is no telling what “cheap” electricity could invite in. We started in the right direction, with Foreign Trade Zones, but it never amounted to anything worthwhile. Why? Energy costs. See, we have been dreaming away this states livelihood for 30-years by now, with the prospects that a natural gas pipeline will bring cheap energy. It hasn’t happened and it won’t happen now or in the near and far future, especially now that all natural gas pricing is tied to the Henry Hub indexing. No way in hell is “Big Alaskan Oil” going to part with our gas under their leases at some cut-rate bargain. So it is time to rethink this state’s future wants and needs. Sure we want that wilderness, but we need other things. There is a new generation of Alaskans that are gaining control of what was once a pretty routine down and out authority by a few and for a few. It is a totally different climate out there on the tundra by now. It may be time to put heat on the dam project and back up to a vote. The younger generation needs this project so they cannot fail where we have failed, with sustainability their success and this once “Last Frontier” weaned away from welfare. So oldies but goodies, let the younger generation make the decisions. And the fact that this project will not benefit Juneau – just too far away – maybe it is also time to move “El Capital of Crooks” where it can’t continue its corrupt ways and means! Right there down-under the Susitna Dam spillway, where not only water is to be controlled!

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What A Drag It Is Getting Old!

Simple explanation! Getting old means it is time to listen to the younger generation as they come up with bright ideas that the older but not wiser generation missed out on. It’s not really a drag at all, but sometimes amusing. Like listening to this young guy who is a scientist at the University of Mark Hamilton way up here in Alaska – a.k.a. University of Alaska. The school that boasts at least 100-faculty members for each student! Anyway, this video game generation kid thinks that we should paint asteroids white on one side and black on the other. See. It would suspend the “roid” in space due to some sort of energy transformation. The black side would absorb energy from all of space as the white reflected such, so “suspended animation” is what we would see on the video game called “How to Tame an Asteroid 101”. The only problem, how the hell do you paint an asteroid? Really, this is being proposed as a means to deter asteroids on a collision course with planet earth from ever realizing that dream of destruction. Now since internal combustion engines need oxygen from air for the combustion process, how else is this gigantic yet to be built space paint sprayer supposed to work? I assume it uses compressed air from a compressor. So how else to power the beastly machine? I guess a long extension cord may do, but damn I don’t think the Depot has anything close to what would be needed. And what kind of paint would be used? How many gallons of paint would have to be sent aloft? Is there a “space” environmental spill cleanup plan already approved? And what happens if the asteroid turns over and sun tans its opposite side? Then what? Is there a warranty on this type of craziness? OK, I can opinionate that it is a crazy idea. The bottom line, I think we forgot to tell the younger generation that we are not going anywhere far out in space with our current low-tech rocket type propulsion. It just doesn’t work to any advantage as it is too dangerous - this firecracker mentality - too expensive and it is too damn slow a mode of transportation when one is talking light-years-away to travel for some paint job. And would we be allowed to use migrant aliens? Sorry, it will never work, at least not yet. And to hope that an asteroid hits Mars in the near future so we can benefit from two under utilized space rovers, what happens if the speeding out-of-control rock misses that target and heads our earthly way? Then what? And what good will the rovers’ be? Don’t wish for something you don’t really want. Science in my book has become very stagnant. Polar bears can prove that. So can all the oil left behind the EXXON Valdez wreck. Anyway, lets take the “Mobius Strip” under consideration again. If you take a sharpened pencil and trace out the “Mobius”, it doesn’t work either! Why? Well the pencil is in reality a single point, or very close to it. And since the “Mobius” does a crazy thing – like when water freezes and turns to ice opposite of mathematical theory and principals not understood – we loose touch of what the “strip” is all about. The “strip” is a cyclic phenomenon, but it takes two round-abouts to get back to the starting point. It is pretty confusing, unless you are a member of the exclusive Alaskan “Corrupt Bastards Club”. If that is the case, you take a handout and cheat your way back. If it is still pretty confusing - this puzzle - link your computer to to find out how to drive. And please, drive with your cell-phone glued to your pea-brain, so I can get a bigger settlement from your insurance provider when you recklessly sideswipe my ego. So in reality it requires a two-dimensional pencil of sorts for this “strip” tease. When this yet to be designed tool of reality traces the “Mobius” with the precision and dimensionality required, at that changeover point, it is exactly that as comes a single point of no return. Just like Alaskan style politics for and by corruption. So there exist many things that “my” generation failed at resolving, like WAR. It is an old fashion sport. It has played out its importance in this “New World”. It wastes money and men. Money that could have been used to employ men and women to fix things like breast cancer and other dreaded diseases. And once all that stuff is a thing of the past, then we can focus our attention on space stuff. Like graffiti projects. Can you imagine that, a space asteroid advertising the MS13. Hey, give them what they deserve, their own planet. Talk about taking aim at our road system. What a catastrophe it is here in Alaska. We can’t even build decent roads as of yesterday and today. And tomorrow doesn’t look too promising either! Everybody else - all over the world - has succeeded at this, and some have just as corrupt politicians. I meant environmental obstacles! Who the hell plans to have the “sunken” rat-hole covers in direct aim of my larboard side tires? For those of you left behind, larboard is the opposite of starboard! For those of you left behind, there are “rats” in Anchorage. Yes, one is named Ben. Anyway, why in hell do we have these sunken annoying bumps to begin with? Oh, just to satisfy some attorney who sued for some asshole that didn’t like getting his snow blade bumped by ice accumulation building up upon the metal covers during the winter! It hurt his back! So he suffered, which led to litigation that makes all of us suffer equally. Talk about a “Mobius Strip” mentality, what goes around comes around. Now I do like one thing about the asteroid painting concept. We could build a spaceship to get this job done. It could be called the “Corrupt Bastard V” with Ted at the helm. And get this great idea addition, this rocket - with all the crooks - could be blasted off at the Laird Lunch Facility located way down there on the Kodiak. No, it’s not a typo, that “Lunch”. It should have been “Launch” but that taxpayers’ hard earned money wasted catastrophe is nothing but a free lunch rip-off atrocity. It isn’t really a rocket launch facility at all but a mirage, one that exists only to suck up more then enough of the go-around pot-of-gold made possible by earmarks way off the “mark” of righteousness and ethics. Boy, this Alaska rip-off touring makes me really dizzy. Like I snorted way too much paint fumes. But I am coming up with these weird ideas as my mind wanders through space, like maybe we should build a wood chip export facility. Or how about a dairy industry with giant farms over at that Point McKenzie area, across from Anchorage. And then build a giant bridge that way to support it all. And then VECO could build an oil field module construction facility that would employ migrant workers. And why not build an amphibious assault vessel to take the workers back and forth? How about a Bill “Nose Bleed” Sheffield train depot out at the airport? How about a gigantic fish processing plane right here in Anchorage? How about studying the penis size of the Musk Oxen. And why not build some grain silos for a Delta barley project? Bottom-line, we blew anything close to a sustainable infrastructure here in Alaska. We had the money and the time, but something went drastically wrong. Maybe we should listen to the younger generation, but reality must sink in first, then we can all talk turkey and talk about the turkeys behind the corruption and the failures that will haunt this state for a long, long time to come. Like why in hell does this state still receive only a 12.5% royalty on our natural resources? For those left behind, that means the crocks take 87.5% back to the Queen in England. We need to get back to the basics, like good roads and a well paid teaching staff instead of a fake image infrastructure – that mirage thing again. We have great looking schools free of asbestos but pay the teachers a crappy wage. In this case, we can judge a book by its cover. Teachers should make as much as unionized ML&P workers. Or as much as non-unionized oil workers on the slope. That is what the younger generation should be focusing their attention upon, instead of outer space, as once the crooks disappear the amount of Federal welfare that is attracted to this state will be a thing of the “Corrupt” past! Space is not the last frontier, it is right here at your doorstep youngster!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who's On 1st?

Who the hell is running for the presidency? One would think that the election is just around the corner with all of the hoopla. Hey before I cast a vote, I want to enjoy some true Alaskan fishing - a.k.a. combat elbow to elbow style. Along with some midnight-sun days off and drink a few more beers. In fact, in my book it is still the holidays. My Christmas tree still lights the family room during the long days of darkness. So MERRY CHRISTMAS bigots! In fact, I might keep the tree up all year, and wish others MERRY CHRISTMAS all year long. Especially those that choose this “Happy Holiday” crap instead of the real McCoy. This “social correctness and acceptance” over a simple greeting has indeed started a Hatfield and McCoy ruckus. It is amazing what gets the people upset about these days. Now in actuality, we must get through winter, spring, summer and fall before the first voting precinct falls apart by that dreaded Delay disease! Really, this is what happened during the last two presidential elections when Tom Delay was still on the loose. He had this crud and was a carrier of such. And he knew all about it all of the time! In fact, Don Young - a.k.a. Coconut Grove Congressman - has been quoted as saying there was a “Rabid Skunk” in Congress, possibly carrying this same disease! It causes this disenfranchising effect wherein those that voted for the Democratic nominee found their voting district had disappeared, so their vote was disapproved and counted for the Republican nominee instead. It was weird, because the vote tally was accurate, except all votes going to the Republicans? OK, here in Alaska there exists only one real season – winter. About June comes along some semblance of a summer. This summer reunion – when Alaskans can laugh at tourists – is always interesting. Tourists have this love and hate relationship with the 49’er. They despise it when they are here, as price gouging is rampart and now downtown is nothing but a bunch of sweat-shop garbage outlets. And that place over behind the Peanut Farm, it smells like it was built on a “dump”. Why do so many Ravens hang out here? And what really gets to me is the complaints about never seeing any wildlife or the top of the “Big Mountain”! Hey, stay in Anchorage instead of spending a bunch of money to go up Denali way. It is just more of a rip-off as prices follow the exponential scale of sleaze the further one drives north. Here in the “Once Safe City” of Anchorage you will see bears roaming the downtown streets and as an added attraction, live rape action and shootings on 4th Avenue. If you are lucky, witness the Fish & Game biologist in a gangland drive-by shootout. This state used to be known for its basketball shootouts, not any more as the 2nd Amendment is alive and well up here. In fact it is legal for preachers to shoot churchgoers in the back. And your chances of seeing that “Big” mountaintop are much better from here then there. Now I must admit, if you are braving sightseeing as a pedestrian out and about the downtown area, “BE CAREFUL”, as some Alaskans like to target people who think they have a right to J-walk – or attempt to walk at all as obesity is out of control up here, so jealousy causes friction. See, this state is hoping to get approval for stomach removal surgery wherein Medicaid can be continuously ripped-off by Doctors of No-Ethics. That’s yours and my money to begin with. After that approval, wherein the hospitals will also make out like bandits, is it easy to classify “Obesity” as a handicap. So the few parking spots that are not painted “blue” will be a thing of the past. Another thing tourists can complain about, as this downtown has no parking at all. So who is really on 1st? I do believe the aspiring candidates are Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough for the Democrats and Sean Hannity for the Republicans. Where the hell is Miss Dracula - a.k.a. Ann Coulter - during all this uproar? Talk about bashing. Don’t these guys have anything better to do then bash thy fellow man and woman, day in and day out? I think Ritalin is in order, taken with prune juice. I am a little perplexed, as John Lennon sang out that, “Woman is the nigger of the world”. Hey, just look around you, it seems as though bringing up the idea that Hillary won the “Live Free or Die” state demonstration was due to the fact that it was the race card out in full force. See, these guys can’t believe that they were so far off base and were bluffed, by the people for the people! This foray over what went “wrong” made the pollsters look as crocked or inaccurate as Diehard voting machines. Hey get a grip guys, as nothing went wrong! When you start questioning the people’s vote, after-the-fact like you have it all figured out with statistics and employing a bunch of voodoo scientist, then “Mission Control”, we do indeed have a problem. As a mater of fact in equality, we should do a day after poll targeting the pundits, to see just how screwed up their thinking was. No doubt, they have center stage days before and days after so there is indeed an influence. With the 1st Amendment Right continuously stolen away by broadcast ownership, like our system of governance weakened by a Kingpin instead of a bonafide president, there is no independent “Lens”, just more of the same stale regurgitated crap. I honestly believe that they all got it wrong this time around because the people are sick and tired of how these newshounds try to influence, try to make fake predictions and try to also ruin our lives. Like anything else, they allow their own opinions to muddy the waters. We don’t want your opinions on issues of importance. It seems as though it is but another failure with Democracy. On the political scene, it is the failed Republicans verses the even more failed Democratic party. Of course it is a failed system, as even though the majority vote is in the Democrat’s favor, this party is still out of control and the minority runs all over the opponents when any meaningful legislation is entertained. There is something wrong with this picture and the only remedy is to have a “Third Party” enter the scene, to act as a referee. On the broadcast end of the spectrum, it is either the FOX network or MSNBC. Public radio and public TV is almost a thing of the past. The latter is for the most part an unbiased opinion, giving equal time and coverage to both parties, but since it is just that, it cannot survive on its own accord so should receive government funding. It did at one time, but some in power went afraid of the unbiased, accurate and truth of the matter opinion emanating free-for-all over the airwaves so the funding was cut off. It is on its last leg. Anyway, there is a whole lot of time left before we must once again be prepared for more political shenanigans that will once again make the present day voting system a shameful situation. Sure it will be more of the same. Just the other day the government released an official finding on what happened during the 2004 elections, wherein this “Disenfranchising” disease took hold. The government acknowledged that the accuracy of the “vote” was in question and it would never be realized what actually transpired from behind the voting booths. This is America! This is the democracy model nation for the world, and we have lost touch with one of our basic rights, the VOTE. We must start over. It seems this country, through our current state of political affairs, has failed the kindergarten creed. Back to Alaska as polar bears have been acting very strange. So have wolves. So has Lesil. So has Carl Marrs. And yes Mrs. Vogue Mature, the polar bears need protection, so do the wolves. That is a no brain validation. And I do believe that Lesil and Carl need help! Goes to show that maybe the people of this state were infected with that voting disease, as we thought we were voting for a genuine leader, but it seems now though that “Big Oil” - even when instrumental in making this state the most corrupt with respect to politics - has once again made it clear and convincing that they are crybabies with an addiction. And their pacifier seems to be our very own Vogue Centerfold! Gag me with a spoon as the saying goes. I guess local politics is still something that brings the best medicine, “Laughter”, all year long! And Carl Marr’s, get a grip on reality. “Pork” has been the addictive ruin of this state. We had the chance to do it right many times. But for a supposedly business guru guy like yourself to say we still need “pork” because we are still behind is nothing short of a “mission un-accomplished” statement. We have crooks at the helm, so in no way shape or form has government “pork” helped this state out. If one looks at the zillions that has come this way via earmarks and pork-chops, we have very little to show for the payoff. As it was just that, a big payoff to lucrative contractors with CEO’s paid way too much. How come we are still using the “Honey Bucket”? Look at our dilapidated road system. And just look at the upcoming statistics with respect to the job market? We failed at using the taxpayers’ money to design and upkeep a sustainable infrastructure. We failed, as we can’t even keep a dairy afloat. We can’t even keep the painted traffic lines on the roads good for one season. It all boils down to “Greed”. We had the chance. But our leaders, our business leaders like yourself, just didn’t know how to do it right as you all thought that Mr. Ted and Mr. Don were infallible and the freebies would never end. It is about to dry up, not by Mrs. Vogue Mature’s actions alone, but because of our own selfishness and through the inaction of a few politicians who should have retired a long, long time ago. This state will never again find such an opportunity. We blew it. You must not be that blind to realize this. Maybe I am wrong with my take, but I can play pundit and try to fool some of the people some of the time! “Fool’s Gold”, now that is a great state motto!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Imposter In Our Midst

How much does a present day U.S. Senator pay himself? I was about to say “or herself” also, but Hillary has been missing from the scene for a long, long time with her bid to make America the laughing stock nation supposedly still under the influence of democracy. Democracy crated about 8-years ago when the Supreme Court selected Mad George as the president. So, how does Hillary do it? Where does she find the time to do this extracurricular activity and at the same time hold down a job and be a wife? Does she use sick time or vacation time? I would think the latter is not so, as Congress seems to always be on vacation. And how much is it costing us righteous hard working citizens to provide escort service to Hillary – courtesy the Treasury department that continues to hold a lien on my paycheck, and yours’ also. I came up with a bright idea. The taxman should not take any more money then what is necessary to provide a strong and able-bodied militia. Aftermath, if Sam needs money then he should apply to the citizens for a loan, from individuals. Think about it. It would drastically cut down un-necessary spending and pork addiction would be a thing of the past. Talk about investing in America! Now this would thrill many of us, as finally Alaska could commit to electing responsible representation and then maybe nepotism could be outlawed. See, since Alaska is the biggest of welfare states, we must re-elect crocks and daughters of crocks in efforts to keep the addiction satisfied. OK, I meant Hillary’s security detail costs - before I went sidetracked - as she was once upon a time the second lady. I am not wrong with this assessment, as Monica was the real 1st lady when Bill was the president and admitted in a state of the union address in front of men, women and “our” kids that he didn’t have sex. All the kids laughed. Now that escort thing may hold true for Bill, while he is out on the road with Hillary. I am sure Hillary is way too tired to have sex with Bill, so maybe the escorts are required. And can you imagine a sex party in one of those “Campaign Motor Homes”. Somebody told me that a majority of these in use right now in New Hampshire were once the property of FEMA, declared surplus and sold cheap to a lobbyist who then sold these houses on wheels for a wheel of a deal, to the campaigners. Do we pay for this shelter on wheels also? I once talked to a bunch of FEMA guys, out assessing damage from a little too much rain in rural N.Y. They had driven into the city from the damage site and were staying at a hotel. See, even though the FEMA Motor Homes come equipped with a queen size bed and a modern kitchen with satellite TV and high-speed Internet and an office with government issued laptops, the guys that assess the damage for a living after retirement are also provided with a U.S. Credit Card! So they get to stay at hotels, drink beer and surf the “uncensored” Internet in the privacy of their hotel room and the further away they are from the damage, it is better as they get paid “Travel Pay”. Two beds, when there are many “bedless” Americans! Some victims of Katrina. Now back to this preferential treatment escort stuff. And there is no accountability with respect to ethics with this price tag for extracurricular “crap”. I am sick and tired of the way money is stolen from me then used for “crap”, senate approved “crap”. Ok, so Hillary and the rest of the bums on K Street garnish from us a whopping 165-thousand dollars for 120-days work. Damn, I get a third of that take-home and work 240-days a year. No wonder most Americans despise our representatives. Does MoanaLisa get that? She has been in that job for only a few years. No way in hell should she be taking in that kind of salary for a beginner. Isn’t there a trial period? Can we get our money back? She has been a complete failure, just as bad as her dad. How many more years? Her only experience was that of a nepotismaniac. Now there is another interesting concept, getting our money’s worth or back if need be the case. As a two-income family, I don’t even make close to that senate take-home pay and I work in the oil industry and my wife is a teacher. God forbid having to do double-duty at a Wal-Mart to keep up with the Clintons! How can people afford it, or put up with it when all around us the crocks are in control. Now, in order for this guy to get a pay raise, I must have some boss provide a performance appraisal. If I meet expectations, I would most likely receive the norm, which amounts to a cost of living increase - say 3%. If I walk on water or have pictures of the boss taking advantage of young girls from Thailand, then maybe a 5% raise would be in order. Below the grade, forget it, as without a cost of living increase the wife and kids think of abandonment and I am automatically in the hole some more. So it is really writing on the wall to look for another job. Anyway enough on Hillary. I want to get onward to a more pressing subject and change the chatter towards some guy named George Mitchell. He was at one time a senator, now in retirement. It goes to show that we pay these crocks way too much, as they should enjoy retirement and leave us all alone. Now this guy has single handedly started a vendetta against the greatest American pastime, Babe Ruth’s baseball. So his current actions must be a carryover from his days getting chased around the House’s podium. Hey, you guys and gals that roam the halls of Congress get away with all kinds of misfit adventures, like calling a colleague a “Rabid Skunk”. And ethics? It is a joke in your line of work. Now I stopped watching baseball when Pete Rose was lambasted, for betting on the sport. Regardless of his addictions, or pastime, he was still one of the greatest ball players around. In fact, I won’t visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, for the singular reason that Pete has been banned from being part of that glamour. This guy is an American hero. In comparison, there exists no not one even close hero in Congress. Fact of the matter, I wouldn’t even think of visiting the U.S. Congress, as I am afraid what ethics I have left would be stolen away. So this not-to-great guy Mitchell, just what the hell is he trying to prove? That he is a terrorist in disguise of an American? In my book, to waste taxpayer money and time to investigate the Big League, what is it good for? Like WAR, absolutely nothing! If these men want to suck away steroids and have a third ear growing from out of their groins, so be it. We should not get involved, as it is a private industry that has so far provided entertainment for cheap. You are ruining America Mr. Mitch, so go away. Find something that needs fixing, like how come rape is so bad in Alaska? Our own senators can’t seem to get a grip on the situation and provide meaningful assistance, so maybe you can change your focus and do something for humanity, besides ruining the careers of individuals and ruining what made America great. You must have “terrorist” DNA in your bloodline to continue doing what you feel is righteous when it is far from that. It is a sin against the many fathers that made that pilgrimage to Fenway Park with their kids, a family time out, when it was all the hard working Irishmen could afford, the only yearly vacation in efforts to show the fortunate kids what America was all about. It is what I remembered from my youth. You are ruining it for us. You are ruining it for my dad, who defended this country. Did you ever have to put on a uniform? So what about breast cancer instead of your personal vendetta against baseball because you failed at sports and as a senator? There should be a moratorium on you and others wasting time and wasting money and a moratorium on Ted Stevens and Don Young “Pork”, until things like breast cancer and “bedless” poverty - right here in America - becomes a thing of the past. I am appalled at this guy George’s continued efforts to accomplish nothing. Take the other George’s advice, call your vendetta a “mission accomplished”, regardless of how much pain and suffering it has already commenced upon others. Remember, pain and suffering is against the Constitution. Now like mentioned beforehand, go away imposter. Better yet, take in a baseball game, to see what life is all about! Then maybe you can say the Pledge of Allegiance without a forked tongue muddling the true meaning and learn to leave well enough alone. And why not try to get even a teensy-weensy bit of ethics back into your own game? To bad the people no longer have the power to harness guys like yourself, just like you continue to harness the Big League. It is a sad state of affairs when things like this involves a sitting Congress that was designed for other reasons, to be the people’s voice. There is not a single American out there that is dead set on ruining America’s baseball image, but you sir, want it your way. Which is definitely the “Wrong Way”. Please, go away and apologize for your so far destructive ways and means, including your time in office on my buck.

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