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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alaska Is...

Unique Characteristics of Alaska
Alaska is located 9.5 hours from 90% of the world, borders with Canada, and is 55 miles from Russia. Alaska has a larger coastline than that of the continental United States. Native Tribal islands are located on international borders. Alaska is a landing zone for international MEDEVACs, emergencies, diversions, and corporate aviation traveling to and from the Far East. As northern sea ice melts, Alaska’s shipping market has seen growing international cruise and cargo maritime activity.
Did Sarah get a new job?

Wow for Kerry!

John Forbes Kerry, newly nominated United States Secretary of State who during the Congressional hearings complained with a smile that he had some pretty “high” heels to fill, with reference to Hillary in this same position the last 4-years, Kerry has delivered a gift to the Syrian “Freedom Fighters”. Yes indeed, $60-million from the Heinz Ketchup and Forbes wealth – a gift from his inherited estate along with a gift from his wife's inherited estate. Kerry originates from the Forbes dynasty. His wife, from the Heinz dynasty – remember that the next time you eat a french-fry! So I am glad that Obama picked somebody with so much disposable wealth, and if we can't get our fair share of taxation from the wealthy - the 1% - then maybe by humanitarian giveaways we can recoup some of that loss. I guess Kerry wanted the United States to kick in some loot for the cause, but with growing deficits and sequestration about to kick in, there is not much to go around and what is available needs to stay put, right here in the Homeland. So thanks Mr. Secretary of Estate John Kerry, for realizing that you can't take it with you and helping out the “Freedom Fighters” in Syria. Buddy can you spare a dime rings true!


Of course it is a disappointment that SHELL is calling it quits for awhile in its efforts to try an drill for oil where no reasonable Company Man has drilled before. Company Man? But this disappointment is the sentiment of two individuals only! Yes, Alaska Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpie and the state of Alaska Governor, Sean Parnell. SHELL is a multi-billion dollar global corporation that has the loot and the engineering knowhow to fix any problems it encountered last year. It enjoys this kind of challenge, wherein failure is not an option! And remember, it had two different drilling programs, one in the Chukchi and the other in the Beaufort. So to see such a halt in both programs points to something else in the excuse category, other then needing more time to get over the so far failures. Anybody with knowledge of what it takes to sink holes in the ocean floor, it's done all the time! In the short 2013 drilling period that was delayed for many reasons, SHELL was able to set anchors on “X” marks the spot and install ocean floor based conduits, per-requiste requirements for drilling, which is pretty monumental when one considers the environment and the short season before “Ice In”. Now all that is left is the setting of a drilling rig, signaling the rig into action and capturing a sample, maybe three-weeks worth of work. After that, entomb the “Tight Hole” with concrete and go home. Remember, this is all part of the “Exploration” program, to snatch a sample and perform a flow-test in efforts to delineate the prospect for future exploitation potential. And the sooner a company delineates a prospect and can calculate that fields potential, it makes the investors smile. There's oil there, no doubt about it. Getting it into production is an entirely different scenario, that is where the real regulations come into being. Bottom-line, to get a sample and flow-test, it is worth $millions$ to SHELL, even if it never tackles trying to get that oil out of the ground. By adding a “reserve” to the company's portfolio, it adds value to the stock, it is all that simple. So why is SHELL calling it quits? They are smart and realize that a drilling program plagued by equipment malfunctions could be plagued by legal problems by the time the 2013 drilling season erupts - later this year. Equipment malfunctions can be addressed, with loot and talent. But when it comes to the legal arena, it takes a whole lot of extra loot and talent comes from a legal team – the latter being a messy proposition, with lawyers and depositions, that sort of thing different. SHELL is an oil company, not a litigation company by choice! Not that SHELL did anything wrong, but there exists enough information that points a finger of guilt, possibly at the “Dis-appointees”. I am going to go out on a limb and make a prediction. A member of the Alaska delegation will be in a whole lot of “hot water” by this time next year, possibly in jail, unless she has found a ways and means to hide out this one! OK, immunity doesn't allow for time behind bars and even though Tom Delay was indicted and given “time”, he is still a free man! But the “hot water” is another issue! The evidence that I am talking about has been well documented in this blog. The reason that SHELL is sidelining its drilling program must be based in part to upcoming investigations. In December, when all was well on the surface, the Aiviq lost power and then lost the tow line that held secure the Kulluk drilling ship and grounded the rig, that episode allowed interference by the Coast Guard. Now the Coast Guard has turned over it findings to the United States Department of Justice? That means John Law is getting involved and this is far from normal! This is serious, as it appears that the CG Commander has found something that was “illegal”, some things lending itself to the possibility of “environmental crimes”! It's ugly, as the EPA has jurisdiction over issues in that category, so why has the CG sidetracked that entity's responsibility – to get involved? Why the CG has turned over information to the Obama administration without first turning to the EPA's “Enforcement & Compliance” division for help, it shows something rather peculiar. And here it is again in a nutshell. When SHELL sailed into Dutch Harbor last year to get a quick bite before sailing north to the Chukchi and Beaufort, before the EPA would christen the flotilla, the fuel samples had to be tested - as part of the “Air Quality” permit issued by the EPA. No big deal, as this was just a formality any like project would be confronted with. But when the samples arrived to a private testing facility in North Pole, as that was the only laboratory fit and certified to perform the fuel sample testing, the fuel was deemed “contaminated”. With that result, it means a fuel containing well over 15ppm of sulfur, and it was supposed to be fuel approved for diesel engines, with less then 15ppm so the boat engines could limit how much pollution was necessary to drill for the “Black Gold”. So maybe it was a glitch in the testing, just run a re-test. But when all the fuel tanks were sampled and tested again, same results of contamination and it was showing not one exception, all the samples still marked “Failed”. This was starting to cost SHELL costly delays, as to get additional samples from Dutch Harbor to Santa's Village, we are talking several days and this was at a time that the scouts were relaying back to base camp that the ice was starting to move in. More samples showed the same pathetic failure. Which meant that somewhere along the way SHELL had purchased fuel that was marked as “Low Sulfur Diesel” but in reality it was not. This should have started an investigation all on its own accord! After about a week, more samples, same damn thing, marked as “Failed”. Which meant SHELL was going nowhere but maybe back home. Then like a magic wand, everything was “OK”! Look, this occurred in Dutch Harbor. There was no way that the “rotten” fuel could have been flushed and replenished, as we are talking boatloads of fuel for the escort flotilla. When this occurred, because I was privy to the sampling failures, I did file a concern with the EPA and asked the EPA person in charge of the SHELL venture if the EPA had field people at site that were monitoring the sampling? I have been in these same circumstances before, and contractors like to be heroes – get my drift! I was told to visit the EPA website to educate myself on what the EPA does for a living. This was the typical cop out from an institution that has been under the gun by Congress, namely Lisa MurKowski on the attack. Somehow, the SHELL flotilla was allowed to sail north, with contaminated fuel. It was already an environmental crime in the making. It would mean a simple fine once the EPA collected the engine reports, but why in hell did the EPA let SHELL sail? That answer is not a hard one to figure out! Force majeure ring a bell? This occurred, and now we see the outcome, as it is in the hands of Eric Holder and Company. What they may find, it is anybody's guess. But I bet heads will roll, in the EPA when all the time they may have been trying to do their job, but interfered upon and told under no uncertain circumstances to continue to delay this venture and leave it all alone. So I ask, who in power doesn't like the EPA? Who in power gets campaign contributions from “Big Oil”? What state was to benefit from SHELL's venture into the Arctic Oceans? Who is all for drilling in inhospitable places? I'd be hiding too!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Call for Action

It may be a sad day in American history from sea to shining sea, before this days ending. If the United States Supreme Court's Chief Justice Gerry Mandering allows the Supreme Beings to challenge the “Right of the People”, we have found and entered Apocalypse Now. Call it the United States of America vs. the Misguided United States Supreme Court, and if this trial without a jury is allowed and the Court renders an opinion contrary to what was passed by the United States Congress, not once but on 4-different occasions wherein it was up for a re-vote the “Voting Rights Act” in its entirety as set out in this 1965 landmark legislation, then the Constitution has been been brutally attacked. When is it and how is it that the Supreme Beings can trump what was passed “By the People and For the People”, through the Congress with a unanimous vote of confidence then signed into “Public Law” by the United States President? This amounts to a mutiny, a coup, fostered by the neo-snotzi-conservative party wherein the Sardine puss should be deported off the bench! We vote for the Congress, as that body of government is supposed to look after the good of the nation. Congress is “OUR” only vote on issues of importance, no way around it unless Fascism has taken over democracy. In the “Voting Rights Act”, this is what may happen, the high Court rendering a decision that strikes down some of the wording in the “Act”, wording which has helped this country be a better neighbor when it comes to respecting the fact that every person of American citizenship must be able to exercise that right to vote. I don't want the Supreme Court to have the power to dismantle “Public Law” that has worked, the Constitution did not give them that right by any stretch of the imagination! “We the People” did not give them such authority and they know it but are poised to take advantage of the fact that Congress is wounded and weak. Treason seems very close this decision! This my friend is when we need the action committees to posse up and bare whatever we need to stop this “power creep”. If Congress fails to stop this action by this court, we must rally and stand our ground against the Supreme Court, to force a discontinuation this entity until such time that body understands its limit of power. If it is not clear as to what that power is, then something needs re-writing and it can be found in the Constitution. What you mean the existing Supreme Court questions the validity of the United States Constitution? What is happening to America? France, please take the Statue of Liberty back home, as America appears to be no longer a home for the tired, the poor and the huddled masses! This cannot be happening, NOT on our watch. It is unprecedented, that a faction so minute and without anything close to a majority role in government have such power, to tell the Congress they were wrong and challenge that body “Of the People” then change “Public Law” already in effect. If the Supreme Court has such power, then “No taxation without representation” finds new meaning! If the Supreme Court can get away with it, then they have more power then the “People”, and that is not what the Red, White and Blue stands for and it is borderline dangerous. Look, if Congress passes legislation that the “People” don't like, that is what the “vote” is all about, just as powerful. We have an out if they do something we don't like, it is called booting them out of office. We have not that freedom with the Supreme Court nominees for life, as they are not supposed to get involved like this as it is like a “cease and desist” order upon that vote and liberty. And when the “vote” finds itself abolished and under attack as is the case with the high Court getting involved in something that works but goes against the grain of the neo-conservative right wing fascist and this select group of individuals seem to think they have the power to change things that have already found its way through Congress and the Oval Office, we need action immediately. Sad it is! I'm packing as it is time to man the front-line! Attention....Wow, there's a bright light in the tower at North Church!

Belated Fart!

“Belated Fart” is what a United Sates of America House of Representatives' republican spokesperson is calling the long awaited “Sequester”, or in regards to the official title, “Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012”. Belated Fart? Good thing it occurs on a Friday, as with the weekend “Time Out” it gives Americans two days to see and react to the effects of these “forced” government spending cuts - until Congress is re-open for business. And come Monday morning, America will have a choice. Spend money to feed those that cannot feed themselves or continue to feed the hefty salaries of the CEOs affiliated with defense contractors and the “bloated” out-of-control defense budget! “Them belly full but we hungry”, or “Total destruction the only solution”. And get this, included in the “Sequester”, a stop order to the paychecks of the House and Senate members, that in itself is worth this monster kicking in! And it means their own Congressional “Attending” physician will have to take some time off, which means members of Congress may have to attend a “First Care” and wait in a long line for a boo-boo. The House gift shop will be closed as will the cafeteria, so members will have to brown-bag it. Damn, they may feel like “real” Americans for a change! But when we see the cuts to the “Defense Contractors”, this is good news and maybe we have come to that long awaited point in time, wherein the NAVY will have to hold a bake sale to get money it needs to build a new toy!


ADT 07:17:13. According to medical officials familiar with the outbreak in Juneau, it is classified as HB69 with possible interactions with HB80.


ADT 06:04:53. The medical officials of the CDC arrived in Alaska late last night and through the early morning hours went busy preparing the Ted Stevens' CDC Quarantine facility for arriving casualties and victims due a possible “communicable disease” outbreak. This quarantine center is located on Postmark Drive and falls under Federal jurisdiction wherein those affected can be forcefully detained if an outbreak threatens national security. According to the CDC: “Isolation and quarantine are used to protect the public by preventing exposure to infected persons or to persons who may be infected. Isolation is used to separate ill persons who have a communicable disease from those who are healthy. Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. Quarantine can also help limit the spread of communicable disease.” This appears to be a serious matter. Planes with the Red Cross insignia were seen coming and going, as this facility is on the main runway's tarmac, so victims and casualties can be transported by air to a secure incarceration quickly and without much fanfare until such time the alarm of concern is silenced. Overnight there appeared to be a whole lot of activity, like this is the real thing and not just a “Test” as medical supply loading and refueling commenced and the planes involved in this emergency were positioned for takeoff. According to “Flight Tracker”, these planes headed to Juneau. There appears to be a bad outbreak of something down in Juneau, at the House of Representatives' chambers and appears to have infected the Governor's mansion also. According to sources, this “whatever” was first seen when House Speaker Mike Chenault went upset and he began choking and puking, when questioned about his patriotism as an American during debates on gun control jurisdiction by Federal Marshalls - should there come some sort of gun control from the U.S. Congress in light of the Sandy Hook incident. It wasn't just the choking when his patriotism was questioned, but something from his puke seems to have affected the entire house, the House aides, the media present at the time of the outburst and reason to believe that anybody in attendance may be quarantined. Chenault was seen drinking from a water bottle, so it is possible that it was something in the drinking water that has caused this “whatever”. “Under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S. Code § 264), the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to take measures to prevent the entry and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States and between states. If a quarantine disease is suspected or identified, CDC may issue a federal isolation or quarantine order. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Coast Guard officers are authorized to help enforce federal quarantine orders. Breaking a federal quarantine order is punishable by fines and imprisonment. Federal law allows the conditional release of persons from quarantine if they comply with medical monitoring and surveillance.” The quarantine is under jurisdiction of the United States Government, so this may be a real test case with Chenault and how Uncle Sam can interfere and with a lengthy quarantine of the Alaska House members possible, it may mean an early end to this year's legislative session wherein the “Oil Tax” debate takes another back seat. Will keep you posted to this situation as it is ongoing!

Alaska Factoid

Alaska is located 9.5 hours from 90% of the world!

We thank the CDC for this Alaska Factoid.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thank You SHELL!

SHELL may have become a godsend for consumers of diesel fuel products across America, for those fueling up their vehicles at the corner gas stations – with those big pick-up trucks enlisting dually wheels. See, when the SHELL Chukchi & Beaufort Sea Offshore Drilling flotilla arrived in Dutch Harbor in August of 2012, it ran into a predicament. One of such dire straits nature that this remote Alaskan coastal fishing town better known for “Bandits” then drilling rigs, it could not help relieve a “Big” problem for SHELL in its effort to go drill where no rational company man has drilled before! Yes, for some reasons still suspicious, the fuel aboard the flotilla which accounted for at least 15 sea-worthy vessels - which means thousands of gallons of fuel - the petro was considered “illegal” as it contained far more “sulfur” then what is allowed under existing EPA & U.S. Government requirements. This situation should have thrown up the “Red Herring” flag, that something was rotten in Denmark - SHELLS home away from home. A little history helps get the point across. The switch from regular diesel to “Low Sulfur” diesel products started in earnest for the “Union” in 2007, in efforts to remove and limit free sulfur from entering the environment – contaminating the air we breath, that “yellow matter custard” like stuff that causes breathing problems for many Americans. But to make it work, as this was a big ordeal with the logistics associated with the change from the “bad” stuff to the “better” stuff, the EPA went lenient and allowed for producers, shippers, carriers and sellers the ability to be able to mix fuels, wherein 20% of the “illegal” stuff could be mixed up with the “better” stuff and be “legally” acceptable for use on highway vehicles. But the “mixing” allowances were designed to be carried out only when demand outstripped supplies, as you wouldn't want to be in a situation with monster truck vehicles running on empty, once this legislation was enacted. So the “mixing” rules were designed as a last ditch effort in the event something went haywire with the supply side of things. Pretty cool thinking on the EPA's part. But this was supposed to be a “temporary” thing, until such time the supply chain dynamics got used to the new regulations and worked out the kinks for making sure supplies outlasted demand, all across America from sea to shinning sea. It was at first glance a logistics nightmare then some. Yet, the challenge of the beast was not as bad as predicted, and in no time flat everyone one was happy, even the EPA. Why? Low sulfur diesel fuel makes a little more money for the refiners and gives us better air to breath! Unfortunately, it appears that those in the “Chain” may be taking advantage of this 20% rule, and using it not on an emergency basis, but as a ways and means to reap $billions$ in extra profits – based on the sentiment, “Nobody's Watching”. See, even though sample testing is required, there is nobody really witnessing this testing criteria as the “Chain” is huge and very complex with middle man after middle man after the little man, so the EPA bases its violation policing policy on a “Trust Them” mandate. Just keep the paper-work correct and when the EPA sees something it doesn't like, so what! And since the EPA is under the gun, as members of Congress believe they can do a better job at regulating the industry with respect to issues of “Air Quality”, the EPA was required to place even more trust on the industry and many of the oversight police have run for cover. It is sad when we have representatives that feels it is OK to threaten the entity that looks after those that threaten our existence! Why you laughing? Sure the honor system can work, but it is a two-way street! Now the only way that the SHELL flotilla could have taken on thousands of gallons of diesel fuel that was labeled “Approved” but proved differently through testing, this comes by way of the fact that the tanks holding this stuff had been scammed. Using the 20% mixing scam, it can bring upwards an additional 25-cents per gallon. Yes, you think you are buying the stuff that helps in keeping the earth “green”, but what you're really sending to combust in that engine is pure “crap”! And the mixing laws get uglier all the time, as once contaminated it may follow an exponential rule wherein the contaminations starts out at the 20% scale then escalates and in the end we have very bad tasting diesel fuel! Where this took place for SHELL, wherein it thought it was buying boatloads of “Low Sulfur Diesel” as the “Green Label” said it was, this could have occurred anywhere along the coast from out of Seattle, where the flotilla began its journey north. Look, the EPA is under the gun, under the microscope and due pressure form a delegation that wants to tear this entity apart, I have reason to believe that “oversight” has taken a back seat, maybe to the brink and gone over-board! And if Joe Refiner can push stuff out of his refinery gate – mixed-up stuff – he can reap a whole lot of extra money along the way, and if caught, just take the 5th and act dumb and in the end pay a simple fine wherein you smile all the way to the bank – singing that song that crime does indeed pay! This is what may be happening all across America, “crap” diesel being mixed with some good stuff and then sticking it too the consumer. This amounts to $billions$ in additional profits that “We the People” are paying for, with nothing in return as it ain't helping the air quailty out! Sure those fuel station pumps at the corner stations have these fancy labels attached by the “State Commission of Weights & Measures”, wherein it gives the buying public some sense of security that a penny of one's hard earned loot is indeed buying a penny's worth of gas, but that stamp of approval doesn't have anything to do with what was delivered from that tank and pump and now sitting in the gas tank of your vehicle. State's don't require testing the product quality, that is something on the EPA's ”To Do” list. And with so many daily deliveries and transfers, it finds for a ways and means to become corrupt. We are talking millions of gallons each day delivered from refiners through pipelines, from rail cars, from trucks, it is monumental when one thinks that there would not be room for error, or loopholes that makes money for somebody. And when one searches the EPA “violations” of record, there ain't a hell of a lot of cases to assure us that this “Low Sulfur Diesel” program is working the way it was intended, as the law's inherent “mixing” allowances places a kibosh on getting tough. All it takes is for someone to yell “shortage” and the EPA has no guts. And of course this rip-off is occurring, today as it was yesterday and maybe SHELL has stumbled upon something that will stop it from future sabotage of our wallets. SHELL in Alaska with contaminated fuel should be investigated. The evidence supports a “Piracy Conspiracy” as witnessed through a compliance violation case brought against Caterpillar, by the EPA. Not for “mixing” violations, but for copping out to deliver engine components that were supposed to be part of this “Green” philosophy to burn “Low Sulfur Diesel” over the puke me with a spoonful of medicine stuff. Yes, the Cat-man was fined for allowing over 590000 “diesel” engines with a requirement to be assembled and tested for using this “Low Sulfur” stuff, these engines were missing an all important component called an “After-Treatment Device”. Look, this was a massive recall, after it was caught. This was not a quality control issue, it was intentional. Somebody in the engineering department must have realized what was going on in the supply chain, wherein mediocre type diesel fuel was making its way to gas pumps in the neighborhoods throughout the land, as this stuff with higher then normal “sulfur” could and would poison the required component's catalyst used to make the exhaust even cleaner and this would have caused one hell of a recall effort, at the manufactures expense. It could have caused fires! So this company gambled and manufactured these power plants without the proper components and shipped the engines out the door, so they could burn the “crap” that has been secretly molesting the fueling stations – once again not due a mistake or shortage, but for the profit margin. This is the same thing that happened to SHELL. In late December, when the Aiviq lost power while towing the drill ship Kulluk back south after a very limited drilling season, for a modern day ship to loose power in all 4-engines, statistically speaking that cannot happen - unless the catalyst had become contaminated to failure and the engines shutdown on high exhaust temperature. That is exactly what happened. When the flotilla was allowed to leave Dutch Harbor in August to go north for a very brief drilling season, the EPA was strong-armed into turning its head of responsibility and allowed this sailing, of the controversial drilling flotilla even when the fuel tanks remained full with contaminated high sulfur diesel. And over the short drilling season some of the flotilla's engine abatement components went sick, from the contaminated fuels! Not to worry as the flotilla was packing up and heading south, where repairs could be performed without anybody taking notice. It didn't work, as the tow vessel which probably saw more engine hours then the other vessels, it failed during a critical mission. This failure can be tied to contaminated fuel which can be tied to what occurred in August which can be tied to picking up that fuel somewhere along the way, some many thousands of miles of guilt. It is that simple, it is not rocket science. So maybe SHELL has done us a favor herein. Maybe the delegation has done us a favor, by telling the EPA to let SHELL sail north or else, even if it meant the “Green-light” with contaminated fuel. Maybe this has culminated with the uncovering of a conspiracy, a heist at the pumps! Wherein those involved in the “supply chain” of a product that was supposed to tame the sulfur for cleaner and healthier air, which seemed to have good intentions, succeeding in taming only the EPA oversight. Along with a”scam” that saw the loot we pay for something clean providing no such benefit but padding the wallet of greed. And I doubt if this be a regional problem, and more in line to a widespread problem wherein the “Supply Chain” has reaped the benefits of more money on the gallon, because “Nobody is Watching”, and I hope they are listening now and running for cover while reciting the 5th!


Under a “NEW FORMULA” adopted by “Weenie NOT, the People”, Congress will from now on be paid according to the “Real American Turncoat Salary Adjusted by the Sober Scale” - a.k.a. RATSASS. This “RATSASS” will be calculated at the end of each quarter. With this new formula enacted, it will allow our voice to be heard, not just on re-election days, but as a reminder that they work for us, as a just and viable ways and means to pay the representative body based on “No Taxation without Representation” criteria and in line with “Waste not Want” laws. We will now get to pay for what we get in return. If Congress finds a 100% approval rating by giving a RATSASS, then they will get the Congressional approved salary, to date $174,000. This RATSASS salary based on a rating criteria will not affect other benefits, which will remain whole, such as retirement accounts and health care plans. The latter will still be based on the 100% approval rating, or as already identified, giving a RATSASS. The RATSASS rating will be by voting, wherein each state's citizens will become involved, casting a vote of approval, disapproval or in between. This is the only way forward we see plausible, by hitting them where in counts in efforts to aid and abet Congress getting out of the cesspool and performing its “sworn” duties. If Congress does not fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities and that rating drops below an accepted RATSASS rating, so will the pay as a means to deter further dereliction. So their salary from now on will be commensurate with giving a RATSASS. Based on the “New Formula”, a 50% approval finds a wage of 41-dollars per hour, or a wage that finds a yearly salary of 87-thousand bucks. At 10.75% rating, it is in line with the “New” minimum wage requested by the White House – more specifically $9-dollars per hour. With the minimum wage as it stands today and approved by Congress, this body would see that same wage at an approval rating of 6.5%. Since the existing approval rating today is at 6% - due dereliction in office – under RATSASS they would be basically taking home a wage based on less then minimum wage, or to get the point across, the same dough that the burger flipper at McDonald's enjoys. Wow, talk about a way of getting the RATSASS point across! If for some reason the rating goes negative, the RATSASS formula suggests “Community Service”, like handing out food at soup kitchens. And since a negative rating finds no income, they will already be hitting the soup kitchens, so the RATSASS formula kills two birds with one stone. And NO, with a negative rating they cannot apply for unemployment, food stamps YES!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Romney Conspiracy

Remember when right before the 2012 presidential election went “critical” and Romney found himself on a “secret” video making rude comments about the 47%'ers? Now many pundits have taken the liberty to take credit for dropping that bomb, that the delivery and publication of this out-of-touch with reality upon the American middle class caused Romney to loose the election and loose big. Books are now coming out of the wood work, in print about the 47%'ers bomb and what affect it had on Romney's bid for the Oval Office. Everybody wants a piece of the action that failed Romney. Matter of fact, when the results hit the vote counters on election night back in November, it still amazes many political analysts that it came as such a landslide victory for Obama. Up until that time, the polls showed a completely different outcome, polls that had been tested over time and could not be so far off predicting the winner take all! This was not garbage-in garbage-out polling, but scientific which finds algorithms with data inputs much like what is found in predicting the weather. Even with the statistical “margin of error”, which accounts for inconsistent data manipulation, it still showed a mathematically accepted response – it was anybodies race! “Mission Control, we have a problem”, ring a bell of suspicion? Romney was too close to have in the end such a defeat – and he walked away smiling and remained somewhat quiet and out-of-touch since then! Something in the last inning had gone terribly wrong for the GOP mission to fail Obama away from a 2nd term. But now it appears that the leaking of that video staged at some exclusive billionaires' affair, it was purposely leaked – by the “secret” Romney campaign executives. In fact, reliable sources say it was a staged speech all along, as not one individual present that night has come forward to criticize the secret delivery of that speech, as the actors have taken an oath for pay. And when the election night came closer and closer to reality, it appeared that the Romney camp was doing everything purposely wrong, when all along it appeared to be doing things quite well and almost signaling “victory” - not counting the eggs before the hatch, but a bonafide confidence level that Mitt was to be iinaugurated the winner of the White House. Until, well something got in the way of the GOP's progress to take back the country. It wasn't due lack of money, nor lack of a campaign strategy formulated to win as many realized we needed a “businessman” to get this nation through tougher times. See, what many don't realize is this fact not fiction. Romney was never in it for “Mitt”. Yes, there is enough circumstantial evidence that Romney “threw” the election, as part of a grand slam conspiracy plan that dates back to his association with Bain Capital, and its parent law firm Skadden – the largest, most prestigious and highest grossing law firm in the world. Talk about power for influence, so much power that it could have something to do with the results of the 2012 presidential race! Look, you can't buy votes and disfranchising the vote was finding itself under ridicule and legal scrutiny, with some individuals behind this GOP attempt finding jail time. So why not just “buy” a candidate that would smile for your side all the way to the end, tell them what they want to hear, but be a “Trojan Horse” in disguise and stiff the election at the last minute? If anybody could pull this off, it was none other than Mitt Romney! And Mitt being his own man that can get things done without a whole lot of extra manpower, this is right up his alley. Which would limit those in the know this conspiracy to throw the election in favor of Obama. Of course you are laughing, but what do you know, about the relationship between Romney, Obama, Kerry and Skadden/Bain? And I am sure that there exists not a single republican that will attest to this madness, as it would be an embarrassment to capitalistic liberty of the GOP message, to have such a “scam” a reality. It happened, the race was purposely sabotaged in the end to favor a win for Obama! And history proves that this may be not so far fetched an idea bordering on a theory of “Conspiracy”. Yet, it is NOT a “Conspiracy” as there is nothing “illegal” about it! When Kerry ran for president in 2004, in a last ditch effort to stack votes against the GOP establishment, the massive office building in downtown Boston became an over-night phone tree in support of Kerry and it is well known that Skadden was behind those efforts, this entity that gives generously to the democratic side of government and to likely candidates during the campaign seasons. This occurred at the same time that Mitt was still by decree General Partner with Bain, basically the guy in control of what was to go down. He was also the Governor of Massachusetts – historically a “Blue” state that could not have won that seat for the “Red in Disguise” without help, from Skadden. This was the beginning of a well seasoned plan, with time on their side, to rig future elections that threatened the liberal agenda, by getting a mascot in office to fake another party's agenda if need be. Looks good, smells fishy! Look, as governor of a liberal state, Mitt signed then sealed and delivered to that state, “Health Care Reform” and closed many corporate loopholes. Doesn't sound like a GOP agenda at all, as it is more in line to what the democrats stand for, isn't it? In fact, Obama is following what Mitt accomplished, and if this ain't fishy business, well please pass over the lobotomy scissors. Skadden controls Bain and Bain controls Skadden - which means Skadden/Bain controls Romney! Basically speaking, Mitt Romney was a Kerry supporter. And in 2008, the same damn support occurred on Super Tuesday, in support of Obama – when Mitt was still in charge of Bain. Even though Mitt was a potential contender for the GOP but lost that race to McCain, it was all part of the plan, to get someone to go against Obama that was part of that “Trojan Horse”. See, this “Conspiracy” to throw the election didn't start over-night by the likes of Karl Rove sleepless due the “little guy” syndrome and possibly suffering from erectile dysfunction! Yes, the “secret” Romney campaign wanted Mitt to throw the election in Obama's favor. Nothing wrong here, just power and might using what it can for the results it wants and needs! Look, it is pay back time now for Kerry, as he is well aware of the relationship between Romney and Bain, through Skadden. Yes, Kerry knows, but will keep his cover, just like occurs between members of the Skull & Bones. Sure Kerry knows about the disappearance of Geronimo's skull and its present day whereabouts – but keeps his promise to the Skull, talk about a kiss of death! This club is so evil, it should be banned for anyone that wants to take up office in this country. Yes, it is the Bush dysentery dynasty at work that is behind the theft of the worrier's skull. So I would not put it past them any ways and means to get who and what they want in today's government. And when one dissects the Bain and Skadden relationship, it becomes evident that the principals of this “takeover conglomeratete” have been and continue to be very liberal based. How Mitt got his foot in the door of this organization, well it happened only because Romney is in reality a closet democrat, and was recruited long ago to “throw” the GOP's run for the presidency should it get to that point. It worked, so this well planned attack finds merit and rewards those behind this plan, including Mitt. Look, of all the candidates that came before the GOP commission and went through the debates and fumbled to the finish line, Romney was the least to succeed in the category of a “U.S. President”. It is that simple. The money honey was adamant in sending “good” prospects to failure - like John Huntsman – and in the end Mitt prevailed above and beyond even the “Dough Boy” - Herman Munster or whatever his name is. Look at the facts, if this was not a stacked deck election and the GOP remains silent this “Conspiracy”, then the GOP be that stupid! But that doesn't mean they didn't see the writing on the wall as they thought that Obama was going down for the count, is was that simple a case so made it easy for the Romney conspirators to make it happen – with Romney part of the formula to throw the election to Obama. And since then, Romney has gone underground and may speak up at a near future CPAC extravaganza, only to keep up the fake scene image, to make it look like he is still a republican when all the time this is a ways and means for the opposite side to keep tabs on the future of the GOP. Yes, the GOP has been infiltrated by a “Spy”! Yet Mitt was polished all the way to election day central, when all the time it was plan of attack that worked, as it was power and money from behind the scenes that provoked the conspirators win, even out of touch and reach to Rove, and it worked. This is how history works and keeps things interesting! Massachusetts, were it all began is still the number one contender for liberty, civil war and Independence and today the home of the biggest presidential conspiracy ever. Thanks Mitt, but please don't blow your cover!

Who Cares?

Since February 25th marks the day Congress is due back to that “House of Dishonor on the Hill”, there exists an issue of utter importance that requires this body of government's undivided attention – and it has nothing to do with the “Se-castration”. If ever you want a good way to get into that “postal” mood, just look at the 113th Congress and its “Work Schedule”. To date this year, they have worked only ONE day! OK, I stand corrected, as one can no longer easily navigate the “Congressional Calendar”, as the thieves are smart and have made it difficult for righteous citizens to track what they are up to – which appears to be nothing! See, instead of “Non-session(vacation) days”, it is now called a “State Work Period” for convenience. Isn't there a law against how Congress finds “inaction” such a viable tool? Too bad we could not pay the “B&B” on something produced and delivered, instead of this “inaction” pandemic, as today we taxpayers pay out while they gallivant around the country doing nothing except causing more pain and suffering upon Ms. Liberty. What are we really getting in return our investment of $225-Million – the estimated yearly waste to run the Congress which is having some fun running this country into the ground? “B&B”? Bitch & Bastards Club! If you have a better name for todays dysfunctional Congress, then please deliver so I can hijack it for future use. But please, NO “F” words! And since on the subject of Pain & Suffering from the “B&B”, something has come to the attention of Congress, call it the litmus test, to see if they really give a rat's ass or have indeed sold their souls to the “Lobby”. What you mean “lobotomies” are a per-requisite for Congress? When did they pass that “Private Law”? Believe it or not, Congress now has the authority to engage and pass “Private Law” and voted on in “Private Session”, stuff we will never hear about or know about, until such time it hits us right where it counts - as this type of obstructionism by secrecy can only mean something in “their” favor and not in ours, basically “freedoms” lost! I believe this behavior from the elected officials finds a hint of “Fascism”! But please Mr. Congressman, remember what Woody said: “This Machine Kills Fascists”! I guess we should all pick up a guitar. Sometimes I think Congress believes we have entered the “End Zone” and don't care, with the sentiment bring it on and when the dust of destruction clears, we can start over! Anyway and onto serious matters, a release from the New York Times listed as a possible accomplice a crime in the making still, it finds Wells Fargo, Chase, JP Morgan and Bank of America - the banks “We the People” bailed out, all in line today truly “out-of-line” and getting a kickback for allowing illegal “Pay Day Loans” to flow through their checks and balances system. This is a problem steering Congress in the face, upon those that could tomorrow at the sound of the Boehner gavel pounded to order call it quits, and enact laws that would make it a felony for the banks on the “Bailout” list to assist, to aid or abet this illegal activity that targets a segregated population. That population so segregated with respect to this crime spree enlists our men and women in uniform! We pay them “crap” for what they do for a living, so many must resort to the “Pay Day” loan sharks just to make ends meet! How can it be that Congress gives away money – our money – to private military contractors that can pay their “troops” 3-figure salaries, bonuses, an actual schedule with time off for “bad behavior” and the recipients then get an 80% income tax break? That is it in a comparison nutshell. Said again, Congress treats our troops like “crap” and turns around to pad their buddies wallets for performing the same damn job. But watch, as Congress doesn't really give a rat's ass about our troops once in boots now in prosthetics and will not budge one iota to bring this “Pay Day” loan scan to a screeching halt! Hey, if the privatized prison system has vacancies, Wall Street still harbors crooks that need a little time off in solitary confinement! Fill those beds with the real bums! And yes, if any vacancies in those cells for profit after the paddy wagon makes a clean sweep those that made the economy sick, “K Street” finds many more criminals still on the loose, ex-members of Congress that had their fingers in the crookie jar – like Tom Delay. The fact this felon finds no jail time yet was sentenced to spend time behind bars, what gives! Congress today is so totally broke, I doubt if there can come a fix. So, Congress will not act to help our troops with this scamming associated with the “Pay Day” loans and its affiliation with “Banks, Too Corrupt to Follow the Law”. And what do they care, those with a Congressional name card, as they continue to rape and get the golden goose as the troops come home to “Nothing” in return – like Congress enjoys the sentiment that the kids knew what they were getting into when they signed up so what. Yes, Nothing in return for loyal service! No jobs, and what really sucks, how come they have to fend for themselves when it comes to medical coverage? One of the reasons they must resort to “Pay Day” loans is to cover the bills, including medical costs. Look, the worst thing that can occur to a countryman in uniform's career and his future advancements in rank is for a base Commander to become involved in these Congressional approved “Debt Collection” scams. These idiots that purchase “bad debt”, they know who to call and upset, as this is just another failure of Congress. Yes, it is well documented that “debt collectors” will call a base commander, just to get a troop in trouble! Hey, if the Tax Code was civil, there would be no incentive to purchase “bad debt”. How can corporations sell the “bad debt”, write it off when at the same time it goes on forever, taking advantage of tax breaks sometimes for numerous times. The U.S. Treasury is getting robbed by this manipulation. Look, the list of how Congress has let down this country, that “book” worries NOT about any “Pages Left Intentionally Blank”. If this were not a true statement, then why is the “Wounded Worrier Project” going door to door to get some leftover loot to help our kids in need upon their return back to the states? “Where have all the soldiers gone, gone to a graveyards every one.” That “graveyard” of debt which has allowed for a whole new “scam” industry that takes advantage of Congressional “loopholes”! It is sad when the moms, dads, spouses and children have to get volunteer donations to help those that fought for this country, when called to action for a war that is today finding only a single success story – it's called “War Crimes” and Bush should be held accountable, as should the Congress be also held accountable. Anybody that voted for these “wars”, even if through misinformation, please follow that yellow brick road to the gallows! But today's Congress has learned that “Accountability” is but a suggestion. And I wonder if the Bush family wealth or the Cheney family wealth or the Baker family wealth have contributed to this 3rd party attempt to help our wounded worriers cope with life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness taken away by a war that never should have found a single U.S. troop so engaged? I see it all the time up in Fairbanks, outside the Hospital, kids with Pretorious limbs. They seem to get by, only because they can wear shorts when it is minus 50, as the new age metal limbs have no limits to feeling and failing to such “cold”. Plus being removed from the mainstream so far north, it aids in some semblance of a retreat away from the “Failed Nation”! But that doesn't tell the rest of the story! What is more devastating and gets the point across is the condition of the assault vehicles that became the death trap for so many young kids. Even though not on display but secretly held in a secure bone yard on a base outside of Fairbanks, what kind of bombs do the insurgents have at their disposal? That's it, maybe it is time to place these on display, like sometimes occurs with vehicles devastated while loosing control while under the influence. We need to place these war torn contraptions at intersections across America, to show the American public what our kids have gone through, just so Dubya could enjoy his “yellow cake”! And for those unfortunate and not arriving home in a box, a whole bunch of years realizing what it is like to be handicapped! Jobs are tough these days, even for those without such burdens. And do you really think an amputee has a chance at a high-paying job in the Prudhoe Bay oil field? Guess again, it ain't going to happen. So just get in line, and in the meantime if you need money to feed your family or for that auto with a hefty unpaid loan that gets you to the base detail on time, just step in line to get a loan that asks you to sign away a 500% interest rate agreement or else. What you mean Lizard Lips already towed the car away? Look, if we can build a moving bomb shelter for the president with armored this and armored that, can't the same technology be used to keep safe our kids when engaged in desert wars? The technology is here, but to make things safe, it means those defense contractors can't keep building the stuff that breaks. See, no matter which way one turns, fault upon Congress and its evil ways and means is....And drug runners have better security today, as the vehicles used to bring heroin and cocaine across the border, the same guy that builds the White House limousine builds the same stuff for the dope addicts. In all honesty, drug dealers have better protection when engaged in combat then do our troops. Anyway, not to get off on a tangent, but the “Pay Day” loan situation which has found John Law consequences mounting in favor those taken in by such scams, wherein at least 15 states have taken it upon their own law abiding statutes to quit this illegal scamming and caused more then one loan shark to shit his pants – No not Ted Nugent – when the law started bringing on the “heat”, what did they do? Went offshore and are now using U.S. banks to help continue on with the rape and pillaging. Another Congressional failure, with this “offshore” crap. See, when the war started, Bush didn't give a rat's ass about some young kids from the middle class, as cow fodder found more respect from the dysfunctional dysentery dynasty then did this America's pride and joy salt of the earth generation. And since Bush was bored, he decided that war would make the “mission accomplished”, that he was an evil idiot. So kids went off to war thinking this was the right thing to do, when all the time back at home families made sacrifices, not only with family affairs, but with trying to make ends meet. So at every military base that saw young kids dressed to kill and heading out to defend “something” still out to the AWOL jury to decide, “Pay Day” loan outfits started to spring up on every corner adjacent to where military men still maintained some sense of security with machine guns, our military bases. Mr. Loan Shark started a feeding frenzy franchise boom, with “Pay Day Loans” advertising an easy and fast way to get a few bucks. But these crooks – which today has its own lobby and wherein many senators have made a bundle so engaged as shareholders these conglomerates surrounding this activity – well when a troop was hard-up and needed cash, the small print was not of interest, which fooled one into huge interest payments that are truly “criminal”! And some of these sharks, well it makes Al Capone tame even when he was swinging a bat. So states started reigning in on this activity, as the interest rates were without doubt, “criminal”. Now Congress has been aware of this problem, but to date it has failed to even look into the matters that have caused more suicides upon returning troops then any other cause. Yes, it is something they are silent upon. Look, a kid comes home with two artificial legs and two artificial arms. He can't get a job, he can't stay in the military and he is facing a debt scorecard that can never ever get resolved. Sure he can get another loan at 500% interest through a well known bank working with the “off-shore” crooks, as the banks get their fee, and since this is a widespread problem, a few cents fee here and there, it adds up and has become a very profitable sideline venture for the “Big Banks”. And that kid gets roped into buying an insurance policy, followed by “debt collectors” threatening him and his family, to the brink of you know what. He thinks, one bullet can take care of it! And with an insurance policy, the “debt collector” gets his, and the banks make a killing also. What's left for the family, hardly nothing! So now that John Law has become engaged in this scam, the local “Pay Day” loan sharks can release money based on state regulated interest rates only, but they make that not easy and those in need a little boost must resort to the off-shore affiliates – wherein “Big Banks” have found another fountain of gold. Look, maybe the U.S. Congress could help out our troops so depressed with issues of debt on overload. If Congress can give themselves “zero” interest loans, why cannot the military work the same? I am sure that if secret law were enacted to help out those in need that have given time and effort to protect this nation, why keep it a secret as it is something “All Americans” would say “Yea” upon. Fact of the matter, just give them a raise! But Congress will not even touch this dilemma, as like before there exists more than enough evidnce that their “mission accomplished” has caused a total disconnect not only with the citizens, but also upon the military that is supposed to protect our liberty against foreign insurgent destruction. Dear Congress, please put on a uniform and serve your country in a capacity that counts. And when you get back, keep that uniform on as it will be a bigger battle getting on in a society that really doesn't give a rat's ass that you went to war and came back weighing less, as your limbs were blown to smithereens. Sad it is when this is the fallout! Who to blame, there isn't a lot too go around, but what is allowed to go around to its rightful owner finds only a single dereliction, a conviction to do NOTHING! Dear Congress, please recite before this day begins and you go out of your way to screw us over again and again and again, as today is a day in which we will get up and try to make a difference, but we realize that you have no intention of doing anything right for this nation:
Where have all the young men gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young men gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the young men gone?
Gone for soldiers every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Gone to graveyards every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the graveyards gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Covered with flowers every one
When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?
Thank you Pete!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Alaska Delegation Trouble?

According to reliable sources, a member of the Alaska delegation may soon be under indictment for back-door pressuring the EPA to allow SHELL to move forward with its 2012 drilling program – which culminated with environmental crimes. When it became known that contaminated engine fuel could not meet the EPA “Air Quality” permitting and such would have caused SHELL to vacate any attempts to continue its 2012 exploration program, a project that has seen a whole lot of discomfort and controversy so far, instead of not backing off and adhering to its permitting criteria, SHELL was given the “Green light” to continue on with its program. The “contaminated fuel” was costing SHELL costely delays. With so little time left before ice arriving would have made it impossible to sink holes into the Chukchi or Beaufort sea bottom, SHELL's flotilla was stuck at Dutch Harbor and was not about to go anywhere except back to home port in Seattle. There was no way the problem could have been resolved in Dutch Harbor, and with so little time left, it was a dead issue for SHELL and its 2012 wish to explore was a flop. Supposedly from anonymous sources familiar with the “contaminated fuel” investigation, the EPA was forced to give SHELL the “Green Light” to leave Dutch Harbor with a flotilla of escort vessels with fuel tanks still filled with contaminated fuel. It is reasoned that this occurred by manipulated samples, that one week earlier saw sulfur levels on “Tilt” and then additional samples on the same bulk fuels that mysteriously tested “OK”. This may be the reason that the Coast Guard has turned its finding of environmental crimes over to the U.S. Justice Department. If the EPA were not signaled out as aiding and abetting illegal practices, the CG could have involved the EPA, the agency with jurisdiction for any and all illegal activity with respect to “Air Quality” violations. But if it is known and shown through the investigation that the EPA was trying to perform its duties without interference and the latter was a force of contention by those with stroke and power that wanted this program to move forward without any further delays, it sounds reasonable that SHELL was given the “OK” through coercion by that power. And sources close to this investigation say fingers are pointing at Alaska's delegation for the pressure. If it is true that pressure came from the Alaska delegation, well known to be not a fan of the EPA, this may be and should be someone's downfall. There could come criminal activity herein this investigation, as the outcome has shown “environmental crimes” associated with the “contaminated fuel”. Maybe, just maybe it has finally caught up with our representatives. Will keep you posted if any more pertinent information is forwarded to my private e-mail with respect to this investigation.

Day of Prayer

All across America, being today Sunday and a day of worship many of us with or without Church, today we again commenced to offer prayers to the insane of mind, to those suffering with mental retardation, those confused with dementia, those feeling no humanitarian worth and contemplating suicide – little did we realize that audience needing our prayers for such irreversible medical conditions, none other then the 113th U.S. CONGRESS!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Congressional Calendar

According to the “Official” Congressional Calendar, all members of Congress are required to attend “The Totally Ignorant Transformation” seminar and workshop being held in the chambers in late February, when the sequesters return for NO further business. Damn, how much vacation time do they get? Now isn't “The Totally Ignorant Transformation” a wacko-psych-motivational attempt to help parents with kids in the “Terrible Twos”? But when we review the results that this seminar supposedly finds success with, it kind of goes handjob-with-handjob in today's dysfunctional Congress: According to the brochures handed out by aides to members of Congress:

Totally Ignorant Transformation – a session designed for getting you past the “Terrible Twos”! 
Here’s a look at some of the things You’ll learn:
  • How to Stop Arguing With Your Constituents
    This is a powerful technique because it pulls the plug on any argument you as a representative of Congress may find yourself confronted with when engaged with your constituency. You’ll be stunned at how quickly it works - even if you are filthy rich and they’re on food stamps!
  • The 10 Words to Say When They Get Mouthy
    The technique that puts the brakes on "back talk" and cursing immediately… no matter how nasty your constituents get because they lost their job or hate Mexicans.
  • How to Eliminate "Acting Out" in Public
    If you cannot conceal the fact, and act out even more when your lobby is around, this strategy is something you need to know!
  • Stopping the "Blame Game"—For GOOD
    We’ll give you a word–by–word script to use with your voters to get rid ot them and take responsibility for their own behavior and stop blaming you and others.
  • Tea-Party Consequences 101
    How to give them, which ones work and which ones don’t, including specific consequences for representatives in all parties.
  • Preventing Future Issues—Before They Even Start!
    Instead of talking back, screaming or blaming your voters for a dysfunctional Congress, you will now have a way to solve your problems that gets better results and better reactions from voters and other representatives.

"Before I met Total Ignorant Transformations, I was an angry person. I used to get out of control a lot. Almost every day after Congress went excused, my colleagues and I would go to the bar and fight and argue. There'd be verbal and physical abuse. Now, me and my friend across the isle, we're like best friends. We talk. We don't fight and argue and call each other names. There's no more physical or verbal abuse. We just get along. TIT has helped me in so many ways, my life is real strong and steady. There's no doubt, I'm on my way.” - John McCainonymous

Sarah, Oh Sarah!

Finally, the forever eluding “Philosophy of a Turd” has been published, in the limited edition titled a “Chuck”. Limited with respect to the audience taking a stand, as it is nothing spectacular. See, it appears that Sarah has a brother, in the same category as Ted “Water-Board City Apeman” Nugget-Head, or better referred to as the “Defecating Moot”, defined as one that craps in his own pants – in efforts to get a point across that he is not fit to represent America as a troop in boots. Hey, I was able to rescue myself away from the Vietnam draft because I was honest when the recruiter asked how much LSD I had consumed! Imagine, a guy that admits shitting in his own draws thinking he is fit to be in the “United States' Militia” so allowed for under the 2nd Amendment? OK, test yourself. Would you rather be in that close quarters foxhole with an out-of-the-closet gay or Ted after he shit his pants? Sidebar: Any American citizen becoming a member of the “United States' Militia” and taking up arms to protect the “Homeland” is still under the jurisdiction, command and control of the Commander-in-Chief! Namely, Barack Obama. Otherwise, it is called “Treason” and rewarded by “HANGING”. Of course Ted's passing was supposed to be an obituary by now, or incarcerated, that was his deal if Obama was resurrected – I mean re-elected. But Mr. Defecating Moot was turned away from the gallows and the prisons - for shitting in his pants! What a “cop out” this turd is! The executioner “whose face is always well hidden” said: “I ain't gonna whack the head off of a shithead wacko, it ain't in my contract to clean up after shit happens”. When the gate guards at Breitbart “We Imprison Our Face Book Followers' Mind” Penitentiary saw Ted coming to turn himself in, they downed gas masks and ran for cover. Anyway, most recently Defecating Moot#2 fired back at the “Philosophy of a Turd” posted in Field & Stream, a story that was opening old wounds and making fun of Sarah in the field, guns ablaze and playing out her fantasy. Like she was an Annie Oakley or better yet due her frightful appearance and age wrinkles from eye strains when trying to see Russia from Alaska, Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. Matter of fact, the latter paints a better picture as to what went around and down when the entire Palin clan packed up and arrived in Hollywood, and made many think of those “crawdaddy” days of old, like occurred when the original Hillbillies landed in stardom stadium. Only difference this time around, it was the “Wasillabullies” taking over the stage for fame and fortune. Now that kind of show with the new “bullies” on the block would have gained my attention like when Jed was around town, imagine Sarah at the door with a shotgun when guys and pundits came to call’n. Talk about a hit, with Mr. Drysdale the erectile dysfunctional banker, played out by John McCain – ostentatious wife ring a bell of similarity? Ms. Jane “Tipsy” Hathaway could have been played out by Alaska senator Wiesel McGuire - insane plane ring a bell? And if filmed in Alaska, think of the tax haven film credits that Governor Parnell would have signed away! But with brother Chuck taking aim at F&S, once again said, this is old news highlighted by the “hip-hip-hooray” fact that Sarah is gone from the mainstream “narcissist” stage. Imagine being “fired” by the FOX and having only the Breitbart Prison as your loudspeaker! Yet some cannot let it go and want to pour salt on that wound, by opening up every little “boo-boo”! But for those that found no interest in the original airing of the “Philosophy of the Turd”, the F&S recount of a caribou hunt that made Sarah and her hunting posse look like fools' idiots, which included the old man and the misguided “guide”, it was worth a laugh when it first appeared on the “Turd” network – a.k.a. Discovery. See, this was at one time a broadcast that had credible filming and documentaries – with meaningful content. Then along came the “Smelliest Catch” that made no sense for any worthwhile tax credit incentive wherein “very” non-professional hoodlums hooked themselves, pucked all over the galley from “eencie weencie” waves hitting the bow, fighting amongst the crew like it was common place and crew members branding themselves with “Ugliest Catch” tattoos. Best way to get a date I guess! And from the looks of things or creative photography to get the “UGLY” across, working aboard a factory trawler pays no dental coverage - as half of these guys are missing not only brains, but molars! And I am sure that most of these idiots will end up with lung cancer, as the only thing promoted from such celluloid waste besides utter nonsense was the fact that cigarette smoking made “one”, like initiated into the gang of misfits. Let me ask this about that. Is there any per-qualifications to becoming a Captain on one of those derelict rust buckets raping the high seas? In comparison, Joe Hazzlewood was a dream-machine helmsmen, even when under the influence! Look in this day and age, any show that takes aim at smoking like it is vogue, please get out of Dutch as you have no respect for cancer victims. When at the same time the “Ugliest Catch” was airing the smoking privileges of nerds - because these jobs are not real work so not covered by Alaska “Labor Laws” which protects those in the workplace - Alaska was spending $millions$ to get the point across, from the money that was taken away from “Big Tabaco” settlements through law suits, wherein it was proven without a doubt that smoking was bad for one's health. These “Reality” shows offer nothing towards the advancement of “mankind” and I watch these shows not for enjoyment, but as a ways and means to see how this state is getting ripped off. Tax haven film credits sends millions of tax dollars south with the sizable amount of shows taking advantage of Alaskans, as there exists an ulterior motive – which amounts to theft somewhere along the way and that usually involves “loot” theft, not to mention true “Identity” theft. These shows have wrecked havoc this state's once good name, and instead of focusing on its worth with its natural and unspoiled environment, these shows focus on “crap” and when it started with the unveiling of the “Deadliest Catch”, it promoted “crap” not fit even for a “Turd” brain, as it was a bunch of idiots bent on trying to show the couch potato audience that brains are not required to act stupid. This ain't work, its child's play compared to what a “real” fisherman must put up with day after day on a “real” Alaskan fishing boat. Look, most of the “Smelliest Catch” crew lives in Toronto, or some other place foreign to Alaska. And how many “Most Wanted” have been picked off from this show's airing? My dad tells me that watching that show has promoted his dementia, until I informed him that its a fake-me-out show. He stopped watching the “crap”, along with all those other Alaskan “Reality” shows and has regained his health! And then when Sarah was earmarked as John “I'm A Black Prisoner” McCain's running mate, as he thought a “babe” would bring him the fame and fortune of the White House, it backfired and the only thing that came about from that misfit union was more “Turd” TV episodes. Now I did tune into Sarah's airing of that “Reality” show called “Sarah's Russia”, and while “Chuck the Turd Royal” tries to defend this comic relief and attacking F&S with melodramatic fibs about what really went down during “The Hunt”, It proved to me the fact that Sarah let it air without first reviewing it, which goes to show that some are taken advantage of - by the boo-boo money honey! If there came not truth this broadcast, it could have been avoided. And now that the Palin estate is drying up, it means trying to get blood out of that turnip. Bottom-linee, when first aired, those with the slightest amount of intelligence realized that had Palin been elected to anything close to the presidency, she would have acted just like was witnessed during the “Hunt” - totally unprepared - and that can be a dangerous proposition in the Alaska wilds, especially for someone so ill-prepared, no matter how good the eye-sight may be! “I can see my way home, so what's the big deal?” So Chuck, please find a job, as being a moron doesn't cut it in today's world, even if you are just trying to defend the sister act, as it was an act all along! Reality is reality, and what we received from the Wasillabullies has proven its point, and if you don't know what that point is, please take time to watch the “Philosophy of a Turd”, again and again until you see what is “Real”, and when nightmares discourage a good sleep, then you have come to grips with that reality! And Ted, I am glad that you can no longer carry a firearm in Alaska! Wow, now that would be a “Reality” show worth watching, sidelined with a few cold beers. Imagine watching Ted taking a temper tantrum because he can no longer hunt or carry a firearm in Alaska or California, due his illegal hunting “habits” and getting caught – through the lens of his own “Reality” cameramen. Proof is in the pudding! Hey, only 48 more states to go, talk about genuine gun control! What's that, his music was always the sound of a “Temper Tantrum”?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Joe "Shotgun" Biden

According to Joe Biden, everyone needs a shotgun!

2nd Amendment Militia

Tea-Party followers please take note: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” And inherent in the United States Constitution is the fact not fiction that any American citizen becoming a member of the “United States' Militia” - through that “well regulated militia” clause and taking up arms to protect the “Homeland”, you are still under the jurisdiction, command and control of the Commander-in-Chief! Namely, U.S. President Barack Obama. Otherwise, it is called “Treason” and rewarded by “HANGING”. “Regulated” has dire consequences and meaning this Amendment's rights. Basically, that gun you own, that ammunition you own and hide, it can be confiscated at any time by the Commander-in-chief to support a well-regulated “Military” if you are at odds with the Chief and take sides against his power. So no matter how much you hate Obama, no matter how much you hate “Big Government”, when push comes to shove you can be either with him or against him, with government or against government, the latter “against” signified without arms to bear as your stash can be legally and will be confiscated while you await trial for “Treason”. This is allowed under the CONSTITUTION. So when you point that gun in anger, you best point it in the “Right” direction, as the Commander-in-Chief is watching and taking note!

Buried Alive

I cannot think of anything more horrifying, be that getting buried alive! No last meal, suffocation on the horizon, dark and damp close quarters and once under the influence of “dirt”, no cell phone coverage. But it appears that “Buried Alive” is exactly what may be occurring today with the GOP. Namely, Mitch “Turncoat” McConnell & Company along with the Cantorbelles, all for one and one for all going down for the count! Sibilancy goes along with suffocation when the ditch starts caving in, and that is what we heard the other day with the GOP through Marco Rubio trying to look grown up yet with strings attached – during the water bottle stumble frenzy. He is just another Bush dysentery dynasty “puppet”, this time the strings attached controlled by Jeb. See, they had four-years to get the act together, in efforts to abuse Obama to defeat. It didn’t work and what it amounted to was nothing short a plan of attack unbecoming an American and unbecoming a member of the U.S. Congress. Of course the Bush family is far from anything “American”. So when a “Town in Texas” was no longer missing an idiot and Obama was at the helm of No Respect, what transpired was abuse upon the Commander-in-Chief, abuse upon his patrons – that being the United States of America. But going into this game back in 2008 as the 1st and maybe last time this country will see a president of Afro-American descent, Obama had his work cut-out for him, then some. It was totally unfair politics played out by the GOP, not only during the 2008 presidential campaign season, but still today we see unabated prejudice as an aiding and abetting presence – with attempts to defeat through destructive uncivil ways and means! Why some of the antagonists are still free and not incarcerated for “Treason”, I still can’t understand, except dereliction by the Sergeant-of-Arms who indeed went “blackmailed into leaving his post”. How Obama endured this unusual pain and suffering from the “Rush” and was able to win a second term at the helm speaks for itself. But since Bush vacated the White House after ruining the American economy and handing Obama a failed “state” still involved in two different “wars”, with every move so far Obama has trumped the sabotage from the “Right”. It started with an economy purposely sent to the dungeon of doom – over the “Cliff” it was. Yet Obama saw too it how to keep things afloat, wherein today the economy is not “dead”, not vibrant but OK. It is a status we may as well get used to – as it is the new age trend that has a down-side equal to an up-side, so it works. Gone are the “Glory Hole” days of unabated wealth, as today we have before us a sustainable economy – almost defined as “Socialism” wherein “sharing” is a necessity. And today, we see Obama taking advantage of the situation which has set in stone the reason we will never again have a Republican president in control of the “Oval Office”. When the Bush administration's failed economy was about to make the “soup kitchen” an everyday reality once again here in America, reminiscent of the historical “Black Tuesday”, Obama realized that he must artificially inflate the economy or else take the blame for an American Armageddon. Which is where the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”, often referred to as the “stimulus” program came into being. And it was a do or die proposition, as it was failing fast and furious, along with a per-meditated shock and awe doomsday scenario becoming a reality, to a bank in every neighborhood across America from sea to shining sea. Now even though many states with a nauseating GOP mindset went concerned over this “stimulus” welfare coming from Uncle Sam, many republican governors never turned their backs to free loot! Look at Texas for instance. No matter how Perry screamed and tantrumed over the “Act”, Texas is “Queen” in the category of this “stimulus” freebie and remains the 2nd largest recipient of Federal “Stimulus“ bucks! And Alaska, over the hill when it comes to per capita welfare this “Act” provides as a gift from Obama – towards a state that has very little in common with the 44th President. See, Obama doesn't care about the panty line or party line, he cares about this nation! Talk about getting the keys to the city, how about the keys to the U.S. Treasury? That is why so many politicians are pissed at Obama, as they think he has not the right to give away “their” money. It ain't their money to begin with, it is our money, my money! Bottom-line, the Obama “Stimulus” has helped this nation survive the “Terrible Twos”, when George Bush was allowed two terms of endangerment. When history recites what the Bush Dysentery Dynasty has done for this nation, the U.S.S. George H. W. Bush super-carrier will be decommissioned and sent to the salvage yard and Dubya will never see the likes of his own “Presidential Library”. In all honesty, had the “Boomer” generation not given up on “change” when we started that pilgrimage back in the 60's, we would not be wishing Bush incarcerated for his crimes upon this nation, as he would never have gotten his foot in the door of politics. Which goes to show how power through money has affected the leadership and to “whom it may concern” becoming someone in politics. Look, it isn't possible any longer for the common working class to promote to their kids that “anybody” can become a U.S. President as the U.S. Supreme Court put an end too that – through Citizen's United and allowing unlimited campaign donations even from outsiders, from crooks, perverts and tax evading hypocrites! So maybe Obama was a godsend, to show the “white collar criminals” that it takes a “black man” to bail this nation out of its current dilemma and once upon that road to recovery and without roadblocks from GOP sabotaging, maybe we can get back what was taken away by the thieves. But said again, the “current” conditions came by way of a plan, to fail this nation as a means to fail Obama. It didn't work, yet! Now the Obama “Stimulus” program ran its course, providing government money in the form of “grants” - which means free – in efforts to maintain this “status quo” until it was time for Obama to accept the invitation to run for re-election. It was planned this way, very cool it was! Had the GOP found a competitive candidate that ran a campaign upon a mandate of “less government” and “less entitlements”, come the swearing in had the GOP won, that “status quo” would have seen the death grip take hold and those soup kitchens would have become an overnight reality – as no way in hell would Romney or the Tea-Party mentality been able to convince themselves that another “Stimulus” was required – surely the democrats would have said – No way! So what happened the other night with Obama’s 1st “State of the State” address during his 2nd term, he made it clear and convincing that a 2nd round of “stimulus” was coming to the union halls near you. Read between the lines, as the 2nd round is alive and well - once again for another 4-years. It will end in November of 2016, just when things are heating up for the next presidential race. Like already mentioned, if the GOP finds somebody to overthrow the Drats, whomever is the unlucky will base a win on less government – which is a self defeating prophecy. If the GOP wins, come the swearing in the unemployment lines will be swelling to the brink of disaster. In fact, if the GOP gets back into office, there won't be any workers available to erect that “Inauguration” stage – get the point! And here it is in a nutshell. Obama has taken the “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” approach and fought back, with a planned out attack that is superior to what was being shoved this way by the “Turncoats”. Be that the annihilation of the GOP with steadfast – the reason Mitch McConnell is so perverted, as he believes that in order to make the GOP once again powerful, it means destruction of the beast - that being Obama. Get it yet, as Obama has sent to Washington that “Trojan Horse”. Basically, the GOP is dead as is the Tea-Party going down for the count, just look at the recent polling wherein forever republicans are starting to have doubts about the GOP's survival – no matter how Karl Rove thinks differently. Talk about a coward! So today we have an economy that relies more and more on “Big Government”. And it appears that will remain the saving grace for future generations, as Obama's equation to success is simple and is working, so he can just slide by for the next few years. Once again, it will be round two of the stimulus that will save this nation today, at least for another 4-years. If another democrat lands the helmsmen position in 2016, we will see the stimulus handout repeated. And if by luck the GOP gets into office, it will be but a short lived victory unless that party follows what Obama has started, as too not follow his lead would be disastrous and without the “ACT” even the business owners will be crying for help, once the “stimulus” spigot is shutoff. It is an excellent plan of attack, cannot loose, and if repeated in the future it will bring the same success to America. It is “BIGGER GOVERNMENT” that promotes success of this nation and its economy. There exists no other solutions as even “Corporate America” relies on the “stimulus” just like any “mom & pop” business. Don't believe me, well just look at the smile upon Obama's face, as it is a face of success and triumph! And with that, he can now rub it into his fellow obstructionists. So Obama has become a comedian, enjoying the fact that he out-smarted an entire cast of idiots believing they had a better solution. Rove is furious over Obama's win. Cheney is furious over the win. George Bush doesn't know the difference, so it is hard to tell what the “puppet” thinks. The entire GOP Congress is furious, and watch out as there will come many wasted hours and dollars spent trying to ruin Obama and his plan for the future, through false testimony and impeachment hearings for every little thing possible. Look how McCain is behaving, a real sore loser as he is smart enough to realize that the GOP is doomed and he will never ever be anything else but a failed senator and realizing way too late that Sarah Palin ruined his chances at the throne! Mitch McConnell, what a joker! See, most recently and on several occasions at the “House” podium wherein this “turncoat” finds an audience still wishing the “Confederacy” was alive and well, Mitch has made fun of Obama, with words to the effect that Obama was still out campaigning. So what does Obama do, look he has a flying palace at his disposal – so he can “campaign”, just to piss McConnell off some more. In fact, when the camera zoomed in at Mitch during one of his crying sessions, you could tell he had lost his best friend and his blood pressure was on “Tilt”. So watch to see Obama take the stage as a comedian, to play more golf, just to piss off the GOP. What does he have too loose? Nothing and can only gain by watching many GOP candidates up for re-election go down for defeat. Said again, this plan placed into effect during Obama's 1st term worked well and will become the game changing plan for a good long time. In fact, it might be pretty fun the next few years as this nations 1st Afro-American Commander-in-Chief trumps every move coming from the disenchanted Congress. Another Lincoln? You betcha! Or in words of Wayne Lapierre: “The only way to stop a bad Congress without a plan is good President with a plan.” Gotcha!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Alaska - once the “Last Frontier” state - has found its fair share of reality TV melodramas over the years – from sea sick wannabe slime-liners to road rage worriers to gold-diggers bent on daily fist fighting rather then sifting for gold. And those series on the “Bush” cops in Alaska, don't you just love how it portrays the Alaskan Native population as a bunch of drunks! I am glad that the gold-digger gang was kicked out of Alaska, as every time a show aired there came evidence of environmental abuse and an observant citizen would file a complaint with the local authority. If I were one of those natives filmed walking cock-eyed through the village, I would find a good lawyer and sue the bastards out of the state – forever! Why is it that we have “oversight”, or supposed to have oversight on site, but it takes the observant “couch potato” citizenry to call the bluff? What do you mean oversight in Alaska is dead per an executive order by Governor Parnell? So kudos to the citizens who take it upon themselves to make a difference when a law has been compromised, I guess it is not wasted time after-all in front of the boob tube in that respect. Just like how Ted Nugent went caught, for wounding a black bear while on an Alaskan Safari. Yes, Ted's film crew caught him breaking the hunting rules and when it was aired, somebody called “America's Most Wanted” and Ted was arrested and when confronted shit his pants – again. Yes, Ted found a way to avoid the draft, just shit in your pants during that psychological evaluation at the recruiting post – “Reject, next”! Maybe that is how Dick Cheney found 8-deturdments during his time before the recruiters, as we all realize how well he “crapped” all over America while acting out his fantasies as president. But has the viewing pubic been taken for a ride with Alaskan based reality TV shows, including those with Sarah taking the stage? Take the filming about that road going from the Yukon River north to the “slope”. I have driven that road many times, in every season and under conditions questionable. My job on the pipeline required that drive, and if not by road when duty called, there was always a helicopter available or a well equipped snow-cat. Due inclement weather, I have camped out in concrete dungeons that hold the batteries for the Remote Gate Valves – critical devices along the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline where there exists no roads, just remnants of a once upon a time construction road, now somewhat faded away. Yet in all “reality”, it is not that bad of a road. Or was OK until the ban was lifted, one that now allows cruise ship motor coaches to make it unsafe. Just like will happen with the salmon - unsafe - now that the same industry holding hostage this state's delegation can discharge “crap” while calling on an Alaskan port. Shit Ahoy! Honestly, DON”T EAT THE SALMON! But that road north as a matter of fact not fiction, it is maintained above and beyond most “public” corridors as it is the life-line of the oil fields up in Prudhoe Bay. Hey, the workers up north are not “unionized” so cannot “strike”, but cut off the prime rib or lobster, forget about any work from that 5000 headcount! So in the 6-years I drove up and down that road, never once did I have a bad or borderline experience that would warrant defining that road as exceptable for a reality series – unless the entire filming is purposely faked along the way to make it look dangerous. In fact, except for some of the mountain passes, when it is -50 the roads have excellent traction as the cold and dryness provides exceptional gripping action - remember that area of Alaska is considered a “desert”. And I have been on “real” ice-roads, built with ice on top of ice on the Beaufort Sea during the winter and extending 12-miles out into polar bear country, wherein driving 70-mph was not a problem, once again the cold ice and dry climate acting like suction cups with the rubber treads! And talk about a mountain pass road with a dangerous disposition, just drive down Thompson Pass into Valdez during the winter after a good snow blow! So is this road from the river to Deadhorse like is so portrayed on that “Ice Road Truckers” reality series? NO, not even close. And the reason I question this one particular “reality” show, there exists many more much challenging roads in the lower-48 – defined as the extreme – wherein it is “Dangerous”. Take Donner Pass for instance. I just drove through that area ahead of an approaching storm, it was still a knuckle bitting experience. I counted at least a dozen jack-knifed semis, all equipped with chains as this area finds a type of snow that is very difficult to maneuver such a heavy payload even when prepared. And talk about a roller-coaster ride! I would like to see the “Ice Road Trucker” gang trying this one out on a bad day. On a scale of 1 to 10, the Dalton Highway under similar conditions would maybe rank a 5, giving Donner Pass a 10 in the difficulty category. So what gives, why such fanfare on mediocre dangerous roads, or hitting the fishing grounds aboard monster sized fishing boats in luxury when the little guy boats are the ones that have a tough time out at sea? Why not have a film crew on Donner Pass, or along U.S. Interstate 80 when snow and wind hits hard? Well it is the “friendliness to filming”, as Alaska allows for some generous tax haven credits to those that venture north with camera and crew. And since “Reality” shows have not famed actors but local folks, it is a cheap way to make a living. It works like this. I hire a crew to film some wannabe hunters on a caribou hunt and during Act 1 the hunters end up killing over a 100 animals, just to get it right. In the end, it costs my company $10-million to produce the documentary, as with the illegal hunting, I can promote also my “Reality” cop show and also film life in a village of inebriates - thus killing three birds with one stone. Due Alaska's tax haven for my “Floozy Films, Inc”, I get a credit of $4-million against my corporate taxable income. The only problem, I don't live in Alaska and my business is incorporated in Delaware, due no liability. That is how I get away with killing all those caribou! But I can sell the “tax credits”, to an Alaskan corporation, for pennies on the dollar. Yes, I can sell $4-million in “Corporate Tax Credits” to entities like British Petroleum, or the Koch Brothers – which already receives a $2.5-million break from the Alaska Railroad, courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers paying for a “Commuter Rail”, which is a no show just like the M.V. Susitna. And that “Tax Credit” is fully transferable to an Alaska entity that must pay corporate taxes to the State of Alaska. Think about it. You have a business in Alaska, your taxable income after depreciation and loopholes is $4-million – as you must have employed an honest and ethical accountant. So you pay “History of Porn Filmmakers” $2-million in return for $4-million in credits, which means you are off the hook for employing an honest tax accountant. Better luck next year, to that accountant now unemployed! Anyway, you get a decent break for not even knowing what end of the camera is up or down and Alaska gets screwed. Now once upon a time we thought Alaska had something worthwhile for its new “Hollywood” image, but when “Sarah and the Wasillabullies” left town, so did Alaska's true worth as the “Last Frontier”. Things are getting back to normal, as Sarah's ratings tank and the “Wasillabully” mentality retreats, but will this state ever recover to what it was before John McCain went mad? I doubt it. Look, any outfit that applies for a “film tax credit”, it should have a referee and at least some semblance of a policing policy to gage whether or not a film has merit and does not ridicule Alaska, its people, especially the Alaskan Native culture. Sure that culture struggles with addiction problems, but let's not make fun over it! And all that in-fighting, with the truckers and the gold-diggers, that ain't happening in the oil patch, but you don't see the film crews making fun of that industry do you? The earlier “reality” shows tried to portray Alaska different then what it is really all about, in efforts to find that “couch potato” non-thinking audience. I would like to see the IQ of those that waste time watching this “crap”! Now if the filming has merit, is beneficial to Alaska and doesn't make it look like we are a bunch of losers, drunks, cigarette smoking bandits raping the oceans, then maybe a film credit is OK. Today it stinks, and this state is as close a replacement for Hollywood as Sarah is as a replacement for the “Naughty Granny” - Playboy's comic relief. Look, there exists outfits from the lower-48 that buy some name-worthy outdoor clothing, spend $40,000 on a trip to Alaska, take a few shots of a babe in the attire, and get the credit! Basically, if you want to take a luxury trip north to Alaska, plan it out wherein you take some pictures of a fishing pole then sell these to an advertising agency, then you get the benefit of a freebie trip to Alaska – courtesy the celluloid tax benefits. So like everything else that started out with good intentions, it is taken advantage of and today we see not good stuff with Alaska's good name attached, but “crap” broadcasts and I am sure Ted used the tax credit, and was caught red-handed! But when a state has so much oil wealth totaling a reserve of $45-billion, this “tax credit” means peanuts in the big picture show, so what is the sentiment. Then why in hell is Alaska still the biggest welfare state of the Union? Maybe it is time we give some of that welfare back, to the U.S. Taxpayers that have been raped and pillaged by Alaska's delegation retrieving way too much loot that would have served a better purpose somewheres else - but wait there's more. See, had the goons that managed the “Reserve” here in Alaska been NOT asleep at the wheel when the market crashed, after Dick Cheney took the “Big Shit” on his way out of the “Oval Office”, this state would have a reserve well over that $45-billion, as we lost that much to the Wall Street hedge-fund thieves, so after 6-years we are back to where we started, and that my friend makes room for more abuse! See, “Hollywood” is still laughing, and the laugh is on us!