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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wow for Kerry!

John Forbes Kerry, newly nominated United States Secretary of State who during the Congressional hearings complained with a smile that he had some pretty “high” heels to fill, with reference to Hillary in this same position the last 4-years, Kerry has delivered a gift to the Syrian “Freedom Fighters”. Yes indeed, $60-million from the Heinz Ketchup and Forbes wealth – a gift from his inherited estate along with a gift from his wife's inherited estate. Kerry originates from the Forbes dynasty. His wife, from the Heinz dynasty – remember that the next time you eat a french-fry! So I am glad that Obama picked somebody with so much disposable wealth, and if we can't get our fair share of taxation from the wealthy - the 1% - then maybe by humanitarian giveaways we can recoup some of that loss. I guess Kerry wanted the United States to kick in some loot for the cause, but with growing deficits and sequestration about to kick in, there is not much to go around and what is available needs to stay put, right here in the Homeland. So thanks Mr. Secretary of Estate John Kerry, for realizing that you can't take it with you and helping out the “Freedom Fighters” in Syria. Buddy can you spare a dime rings true!

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