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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Alaska Delegation Trouble?

According to reliable sources, a member of the Alaska delegation may soon be under indictment for back-door pressuring the EPA to allow SHELL to move forward with its 2012 drilling program – which culminated with environmental crimes. When it became known that contaminated engine fuel could not meet the EPA “Air Quality” permitting and such would have caused SHELL to vacate any attempts to continue its 2012 exploration program, a project that has seen a whole lot of discomfort and controversy so far, instead of not backing off and adhering to its permitting criteria, SHELL was given the “Green light” to continue on with its program. The “contaminated fuel” was costing SHELL costely delays. With so little time left before ice arriving would have made it impossible to sink holes into the Chukchi or Beaufort sea bottom, SHELL's flotilla was stuck at Dutch Harbor and was not about to go anywhere except back to home port in Seattle. There was no way the problem could have been resolved in Dutch Harbor, and with so little time left, it was a dead issue for SHELL and its 2012 wish to explore was a flop. Supposedly from anonymous sources familiar with the “contaminated fuel” investigation, the EPA was forced to give SHELL the “Green Light” to leave Dutch Harbor with a flotilla of escort vessels with fuel tanks still filled with contaminated fuel. It is reasoned that this occurred by manipulated samples, that one week earlier saw sulfur levels on “Tilt” and then additional samples on the same bulk fuels that mysteriously tested “OK”. This may be the reason that the Coast Guard has turned its finding of environmental crimes over to the U.S. Justice Department. If the EPA were not signaled out as aiding and abetting illegal practices, the CG could have involved the EPA, the agency with jurisdiction for any and all illegal activity with respect to “Air Quality” violations. But if it is known and shown through the investigation that the EPA was trying to perform its duties without interference and the latter was a force of contention by those with stroke and power that wanted this program to move forward without any further delays, it sounds reasonable that SHELL was given the “OK” through coercion by that power. And sources close to this investigation say fingers are pointing at Alaska's delegation for the pressure. If it is true that pressure came from the Alaska delegation, well known to be not a fan of the EPA, this may be and should be someone's downfall. There could come criminal activity herein this investigation, as the outcome has shown “environmental crimes” associated with the “contaminated fuel”. Maybe, just maybe it has finally caught up with our representatives. Will keep you posted if any more pertinent information is forwarded to my private e-mail with respect to this investigation.

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