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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ted Rage For Sale
For sale to the highest bidder, this historic document signed by U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, hinting his rage like attitude toward constituents. Bids start at $1,000,000.00 and 50% of the proceeds will go to the Kenai River Restoration Program.

Until Death...

OK, so it was that last birthday before I enjoy living the 60's, so I needed some amusement. Living the 60's means turning 60 and reliving Tin Pan Alley, to realize what the folk singers were trying to tell us then that is now coming true, no amusement allowed as this is when life gets real serious. “Come senators and congressmen, please heed the call. Don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall, for he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled. There's a battle outside ragin'. It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, for the times they are a-changin'.” I don't know if I can wait another year! It may be too late. Oh well. Now I didn't shove out a bunch of loot to visit an amusement park scene for my amusement fix, not required as there is enough amusement right here in Anchorage - city of Brotherly Hate. I am serious, with the amusement possibilities and that bonafide “Hate” statement. It wasn't always a city of “Hate”, not until recently when control was taken over by the new mayor and his crony assembly made up of Tea Party idiots, sanctioned from the valley. This state is getting weird. For my amusement, I went for a walk during morning rush hour down towards the intersection of the Dimond Mall with the Old Seward Byway and the New Seward Highway. What the hell gives with the driving mentality? I believe I have it figured out why worms commit suicide. See, they give up the peace & quiet of the green-belt and end up getting freaked out by these crazy people in these crazy looking 6000 pound contraptions, so retreat but get a hernia twist trying to get back to the safety of the wilds, and then the the sun cooks them alive. The drivers around here are mad! This is no place for pedestrians, so this amusement might be a short lived Harry Carry nightmare experiment. There is no safety when hoofing it here in Anchorage! And this road rage craze continues today, even after this state was stimulated by millions from the Obama giveaway program, right here in a state that is towards the left as Ben Steven's is honest. The state didn't turn away the handout and used that money to buy these fancy digital traffic signals which included a timing signal for pedestrians, it was a waste as the “Pedestrian” alive and well provokes the “Hate” syndrome. Akin to Sarah Palin's cross-hairs upon Gabrielle Gifford, as a pedestrian I felt the same targeting effect, just trying to be a “Pedestrian” and minding my own business. Gabrielle was doing the same, minding her own when some Palin associate went crazy during a 2nd Amendment moment - what a crying shame. The fact that Palin is still free and not incarcerated away for life without parole is proof that things have changed from the good towards the bad. Wasn't it truly enough is enough when Congress outlawed ethics? Anyway, it is dangerous trying to be a pedestrian when in competition with other humans driving weapons, so it was just like an amusement ride, dodging all sorts of questionable human behavior. I must admit, there came close calls wherein I thought I was about to end up a statistic on the “Hate” scale. Now it happened three different times within the rush hour. I am crossing the street, the digital signal says I have 15-seconds till doom, all the time walking within in the cross-walk cross hairs maybe, as it is hard to decipher the demarcation from safe to “We can hit you” lanes as by this time of the year, only late August, the new road lane and cross-walk paint layered down in spring has already disappeared. Why can't we even get simple things right, like buying decent paint? Why? Because re-painting creates jobs in a state that has failed miserably at providing a sustainable jobs infrastructure. Anyway, what is it with these people trying to drive cautiously with one hand maneuvering a cell phone's microscopic key board while the other hand is molested by an obesity sandwich from a fast-food joint? Then when they finally realize they almost performed a Jack Kevorkian on a pedestrian in the right, they are alarmed and nod endlessly asking for forgiveness, that they are so sorry and want you to cross in front of them? What are they car crazed beyond rehabilitation? What the hell is in that Mac crap sandwich? When one looks at the waiting lines at the fast-food joints during rush hour, it has too be a free crap promotion. Anyway, now that Jack is gone and there has appeared an entire underground business to deliver suicide, I have come up with my own easy does it plan. Now it will require bikes, so maybe the APD can donate confiscated gang bikes to support my venture. And those wishing to end it, they can get a bike for a donation and drive around this intersection, as during rush hour their chances of survival are minimal. The donation will allow the use of a bike for a one week, Monday through Friday during the rush and if by the end of the week they are not candidates for the obituary column, then their time is not yet come too be and they should postpone the morgue appointment. And this is great, as life insurance policies could not be questioned, as driving around is still legal even though dangerous. So it is a win win situation, and maybe with the donations I could donate the loot over to the painting crew, so they could buy some decent paint. But that would take away from my business venture, and it might take away some of the umph that allows this state to remain below the national average when it comes to the ranks of the unemployed. Bottom line, this city is not designed and intended for pedestrian traffic. Not only at this intersection, but all over as we hear nightmare after nightmare. Then again, maybe it is not the drivers themselves, maybe it is an attention deficit from obesity eating while driving and of course the dreaded desire to stay in touch with reality, through the cell phone madness. And that is what it has come to be, eating disorders and 1st Amendment abuse disorders. But both are better then a 2nd Amendment disorder! Palin is still free? Talk about a “disorder”. Maybe there is an intersection with her name on it here in Anchorage, beware pedestrians! Now one more thing before signing off. Talk about an amusement ride. When stuck as a pedestrian waiting for the digital signal to allow supposedly safe passage across an intersection, the roads appear as roller coaters, wrinkled out of joint - like hit by a rolling earthquake. And they blame this on studded tires? Nonsense that excuse. It may contribute to crappy roads, but there exists a better guesstimate as to why Anchorage has such crappy roads. It is that jobs jab again. Look, Fairbanks has better roads then Anchorage, and this interior city has to deal with permafrost and frost heaving. So what gives? Just like with the cheap road lane paint, so is cheap asphalt bargained for. It is cheap, low grade and when layered down, it is so thin that the road can only last a few years, then it is the same old expensive thing all over again. It is the jobs thing again. Cheap roads like cheap paint keeps the unemployment lines manageable. And the paving company keeps changing names, as the owners become millionaires after a few contracts and sell the business and move to the Bahamas. So this city will never see decent roads, or decent road lane painting, as that would mean doing something right for a change, which is a long shot just like the Anchorage Assembly trying to outlaw “Hate” an instead we find out that “Brotherly Love” has been banned!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goo Goo

First it was the “Green Goo” that showed up on Alaska's Northern most western coastline, where the only inhabitants still rely on a subsistence like living, land and sea of the Eskimo. The “Green” monster caused concern, as it was never observed or recorded before and elders are good at passing down historical events - for over 10,000 years the word passed down through generations has been considered accurate as it is an unsurpassed and valuable piece of the survival puzzle. Word of mouth is honored, so when those in the know say it never happened, take that for granted. Now we have the attack of the “Orange Goo” causing yet another concern, once again no such record of this monster like crud ever before making a show in the lagoons of the coastal villages. This is freaky! But is the real monster responsible for unleashing this phenomena lurking below the surface of the Arctic Oceans, the Beaufort and Chukchi? Is something going haywire to cause nature to rebel and cause these goo blooms? It may not be your typical Loch Ness sort of creature, but all possibilities point to an environmental disaster unfolding that will make Love Canal tame in the list of man-made atrocities. If the “man-made” provoked anger or interest, read on. Since science is baffled at these goo-goo occurrence, I offer my take on what is causing this concern - with the goo-goo monsters. For years oil men have been poking holes in the ground up North, through thousands of feet of age-old permafrost then down through thousands of layers of Cretaceous sand-stone, stubborn shale type rock, radio-active zones, normal fault zones and everything else in between the surface and those lucrative oil reservoirs holding out on the “Black Gold”. Now in the beginning, all was good, as the reservoir pressure was high enough to allow oil to flow to the surface without any outside assistance. Like water flooding and gas injection recovery, also known in the oil business as tertiary recovery. But when an operation and infrastructure is paid for after 30-years and oil is selling at $100-dollars more a less a barrel, there comes all kinds of untested or uncontested gimmicks to squeeze the formations dry. And the state of Alaska officials go right along with it, as without oil Alaska is broke. So over the years there has come all kinds of unusual and controversial experiments in efforts to squeeze topside the last remaining drops of hydrocarbon constituents out of the stubborn formations, and once on the surface pumped to markets and made into motor gasoline in what appears to be a huge profit making scheme. Does Ponzi ring a bell? These experiments are making money and lots of it. And today we hear of the controversy surrounding what is called “frac” work, wherein this experiment utilizes toxic chemicals with crazy names and horrendous pressures to basically “prop” open the formation so oil can bleed towards the surface capture equipment. The pressures utilized to split open rock and shove in microscopic wedges thousands of feet away from human activity is mind boggling. Take this experiment as an example. A pea shooter sending out peas at the velocities used in “frac” work would deliver the dried beans at the target in the form of “Hummus”. And nowadays as soon as controversy hits the scene, it becomes creative “fib” telling for the industries involved in this atrocity. I guess “what happens down in the hole stays down in the hole”, they hope! I challenge the Haliburton King – maybe Dick Cheney – and other industry representatives to sit down in front of Congress with their new age environmental food grade “frac” fluid and drink it down, then see how they feel after consuming this so-called safe stuff - a breakfast of champions? The oil industry uses all kinds of nasty chemicals to produce blood out of a turnip. Take drilling salts. I witnessed a few bags of drilling salt ripped open on the tundra and within a few days some caribou came across it. Animals take a liking to licking salt. Now the bags warned” Not for Consumption by Animals”. But nobody cared and within a few days there came pools of blood, hemorrhaging from this salt being ingested and raising havoc the delicate stomach lining of the tundra animals. We are in so much a hurry to produce profitable results that we are not examining or playing out the “What if” scenario. Look “frac” work is not new to Alaska's north slope and we know there exists “faults” along the way wherein these top-side drilling rigs target. “Faults” mean an escape channel. So it is my scientific belief that this stuff deigned to assist “frac” work is not staying in its intended domain – down-hole! And when one considers the concoction of chemicals under pressure entering the down-hole cauldron, there comes the possibility that our experiments have gone “critical” and this stuff, the remains, it could be making its way topside through these faults - depositing the fallout into the oceans. Once free, then nature must take action, and this is what may be occurring up north with the goo-goo phenomenon. It is mind boggling what is being sent down-hole nowadays. Besides thousands of gallons of diesel and waste streams from human crap to “unknown” contaminants, oil men actually send “bugs” into the formations, bugs that eat hydrogen sulfide. And these caverns deep down that are under enormous “natural” pressures and temperatures, it is a science experiment in the making when we contribute to the “mix”. Men working topside have no idea what is going on down below, it is all a big guessing game. And herein exists the possible “goo” experiment origin, from the cauldron. There could easily be a fracture somewhere along the way in the under-ground strata that is leaking “crap” into the oceans' currents. Matter of fact, statistically speaking following “hydraulic” fracturing, there could be many release valves prepared to comfort, as one must realize that the word “hydraulic” has meaning, it means high, high, high pressures. Now these fault fractures could open and close, depending on many variables governing such releases and how we treat and test the Mother Earth's resiliency. So what we may be witnessing with these “goo-goo” occurrences is from a limited release and nature's way of combating an alien form, like a virus that requires corrective action. And since the “goo” is alive, it makes sense as that is nature's way, life for death. And maybe it is but a minuscule amount that it threatens no one, except with “frac” the in thing on the slope with the “Independents” bent on taking over, we should become very proactive this situation of concern. The scientists need to perform a DNA on this stuff and trace it back to its origin, or at least see if it is associated with what is going on through oil development. But in the event that it would show true upon my scientific belief, that the “goo” is a byproduct of nature's way of combating unknown poisonous possibilities from oceanic “fracture” releases attributed upon oil development “frac” work, the results would most likely be forfeited - as “Oil” development takes precedence over anything and everything civil here in Alaska. The health of the environment is but a stumbling block nuisance to some of the newcomers up north, those bent on annihilating the earth's down-hole peace and quiet for a few extra barrels of oil, a peace & quiet enjoyed for well over 10,000 years! And in the meantime, remember food grade quality chemicals are coming to a “frac” job near you, and that could make your water unfit for even animal consumption! With “frac” upon us, we have become the true guinea pigs and the Eskimo way of life is threatened, because “Oil” is King!

Friday, August 19, 2011

April Fool's Day

Since Congress usually works only about 31 days total from when it convenes in January up through April Fool's Day, maybe they should just stay home until the 1st of April and make this day the official “Congress In Session” date. What other day could be more appropriate? So please send the following statement to your senator and congressmen(women):

Due the fact that the record indicates that Congress only works 31-days when convened in January of each year through the month of April, this edict demands that members of Congress stay home until April 1st, also known as April Fool's Day, and this day will from now on, unless called to order earlier by the President, it shall become the official “Congress Convenes” date. The 31-days taken early in the season shall be subtracted from that 31-days taken in August, so your pay shall remain the same. Furthermore, with the current stalemate before Congress, April Fool's Day seems an appropriate starting date for Congress and will instill confidence in the American public that Congress is indeed a joke run by a bunch of fools. The truth hurts, but what is going on hurts us more. Please take this change in “Convene” dates from January 5th to April 1st into serious consideration. Thanks, respectfully submitted by an American that can't be fooled!

Raven Puke

That saying, “the early bird catches the worm” seems to have competition, as “the early Raven eats the puke”! Maybe out of desperation, but before the sun has time to dry out the hangover leftovers, Ravens seem to take a fancy sucking up semi-dry regurgitated stomach chow from a little too much shine, or maybe one too many shoots of Jack. Maybe the birds get a high from the alcohol left behind! They are smart, the Ravens. Then again maybe the Ravens are trying to show us what is about to come down the pike, with respect to what can be expected upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am talking what is coming from the Hill, nothing - except “puke”. It is nothing short a nauseating waste of time at the taxpayers' expense. Garbage in garbage out has found Wikipedia a plausible definition of Congress. Maybe leash laws would be appropriate, and for MissHell Bachmann a muzzle and please would somebody ground Palin's broom! Look, Congress has taken the entire month of August off! When this country's financials are tanking. But they don’t have to worry, as 64% of the Congressional membership qualify for the “Millionaire’s Club”. Take 432 House members, what would you guess is that memberships' net worth? How about $3-Billion. If I take the 432 members of my “unguarded neighborhood”, wherein hard working salt of the earth Americans hang out when not at work, the net worth amounts to 1/20th that of the Congressional “Treasure Chest”. And if not a “millionaire” , afterbirth creates lobbying assignments. Lobbying isn't an option anymore for senators or congressmen out to pasture, but a retirement requirement. Can you imagine an entire month off, with pay? But honestly, isn’t it time for a leash law, wherein if a senator or member of Congress steps out of bounds the leash reacts? Wherein that quick retraction mechanism takes over, so powerful that like when Fido gets yanked, they will piss in their pants. It is a sad day upon America when we see Bin Laden’s wishes coming true. That to spoil the American Dream, just attack the economic well-being. And this is exactly what is going on with Congress, a homegrown attack on our own economic well-being. They just don't care, because they have the keys to the Treasury, they get paid for doing nothing! Bottom-line, forget the leash laws and just practice the laws already on the books, called Treason. As when a Mitch McConnell can broadcast to the world that his only mission as GOP House Majority Jerk is to attack Obama from all directions so the sitting duck President doesn’t have a chance at a 2nd term, then we have hit bottom, the ship of fools has grounded. I fear for Obama's safety and the safety of this country. The base is being excited by treasonous rhetoric, and some fruit-cake will break. The bottom-line, the problem today upon this country is prejudice, alive and well. It is the only thing that has the tendency to bring government accountability to a halt, like is happening today. It is pure unadulterated prejudice, wherein racism reigns over anything positive pushing this country ahead and if it is allowed to continue unabated, it will cause this country a revolution. And it appears from all indications that showdown has started and it is steering us in the face. A race war is upon us, and we should have seen it coming. Can't buy me love? It appears money can sure buy hate! And that is what all these “PACs” are packing, pure unadulterated “HATE” and the latter is more powerful then the 2nd Amendment, just ask Hitler.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The news was traveling as fast as espresso beans on Red Bull, especially at the coffee shops, frequented by normal people still showing some semblance of Americanism - a.k.a. American liberalism. Those waiting in line for a caffeine fix were at a loss, based on a rumor floating free that Ben Stevens’ was not to be indicted, for whart-ever – a free man after all these years of mischief! That was to be expected, as the entire Federal investigation had become rather stale, mate. Look, Ben was but a worthless snot in the big picture show and Uncle Sam has bigger fish to fry, like corporations involved in “Privatization” of this nation’s military infrastructure. I’ll get to this crime in the making a little later in this broadcast. Bottom-line, Ben will always be guilty in the eyes of many intelligent Alaskans, yes guilty until proven innocent – which is a long shot. Not because he received $70,000 dollars a year from Enstar Natural Gas through SEMCO for nothing while a state senator, but because of his punk like attitude that NOBDOY CAN TOUCH ME BECAUSE Ted’s My Daddy syndrome. Look, Ben screwed up so bad that he took his own father down for the count. Now Ted had his disgusting ways and means, but when a son uses the power of his father to get ahead in life, that is the true crime. So I rest my case with the “punk”, as he had about enough credibility to….he has no credibility! In fact, Joe Hazzlewood has more credibility, as he was indicted and served time helping out his fellow men & women in need a meal, at Bean's Cafe. I use the comparison because both are boat captains. And for those out of touch reality, Ted died while playing out his fantasy as a lobbying whore for Ron Duncan. He is the guy that owns GCI and takes a whole lot of your money for Internet and phone service then contributes generously to GOP bashing of the liberal agenda. And Duncan could not have become so wealthy and powerful without Ted’s help, through changes in the FCC rules & regulations geared towards aiding and abetting the business which in turn becomes a burden to the users. Ted wasn’t big on credibility either, like father like son. Ted practiced cronyism to the nth degree plus some. And what Ted delivered to this state was high expectations with respect to government welfare – a.k.a. “pork”. But with that, came also low expectations in building a sustainable jobs infrastructure with that welfare giveaway program that made Alaska the “King” state for regurgitated taxable income. For years, Ted was a very powerful con artist that used his political influence to distribute back to his home state more Federal welfare than what was taken in. We were John McCain's envy, but he was no match in comparison to what this state's iron clad gift giving could deliver. Of course it was gift giving, as if we didn't ask for it, what else could define the loads of loot heading this way from the U.S. Treasury? Now Ted can’t take all the blame for this disenfranchising, as he had accomplices, like Don Young and Frank Murkowski, the three-stooges they were. It was a game played out with one intent, to bring home the bacon. That my friends was how the stooges purchased the voting publics' faith, through welfare. More bacon meant more jobs which equated to more re-elections. It was a very simple equation for success. They wanted it their way and had it their way. What was ironic, this state didn’t need the money as this state was for many years the nation’s largest producer of oil! We didn’t need one red cent of Uncle Sam’s money, a.k.a. GOP welfare. The other bottom-line, this state has wasted away so much wealth and has nothing to show, except panic as the money tree has dried up. What this nation should have been diligently saving - for that rainy day - it has evaporated to nothing! In Alaska, so much waste that there are believers that believe when state-hood was granted, it was a mistake. The lower 48 would like to sell Alaska, just to get back what was lost from the Treasury during the terms of waste. There’s hardly any more oil and ever since Sarah made the headlines, this state has become a punching bag of abuse. Sell it, just give it away! Besides, polar bears are dieing and Parnell has better things too do, like prayer service with Perry, that idiot from Texas. Maybe “prey” service fits the picture. Please take a look around Alaska, you’ll see the remnants of a failed bureaucracy run to the ground through corrupt cronyism. Take the rocket launching nightmare located on Kodiak Island. Sure it creates jobs, but what good is a Cape Canaveral if there are no rockets to launch? But just in case, is costs this state along with a handout from Uncle Sam well over $4-million a year, to maintain an obsolete project. So this state was very successful at creating government funded projects just for local jobs and now we must pay to keep the crap from rusting. There was never an intent to put this stuff to useful existence. It was the ultimate “Wasteful Projects for Jobs Creation” bill. The list goes on and on with the failed projects here in Alaska that were made possible by the Three-Stooges when in control, by handing over the taxpayers' hard earned loot. Now what tops the dilemma in the category of ripping off the taxpayers is the “privatization” of the military infrastructure here in Alaska. The Native Corporations are being taken advantage of, wherein their names and once good standing status are used to acquire lucrative “government” contracts. Once again, government welfare. It is the name game and in the end it is not the Native Corporations that are raking in the receipts from gold plated toilet seats, but sub-corporations run by wealthy lawyers, made wealthy through generous payments from Uncle Sam. It is the ultimate “American Greed” scamming. We the taxpayers are getting ripped off like never before. Face the facts. If a military base has to find foreign investment to survive, we have sold out our sovereignty! And this is what the legacy chapter of the history books will remember, for Ted, for Don and Frank and of course MoanaLisa Fugwug – nepotism daughter of Frank and Mrs. “Bathroom Too Small” Murkowski. The bottom-line, here it is in a nutshell. The “Privatization” of the military infrastructure is costing the taxpayers possibly up too and above 100% more then what it cost the taxpayers under Civil Service abuse! And the sad fact, Canada is buying up that infrastructure. The Fairbanks Mafia, 10 confidants who had friends in D.C., they became rich this “privatization” venture, because they blind-sided the government. I guess for them it is not “Ask what you can do for your country” but “See what you can do to screw your country”! When the 1st solicitation hit the streets for “privatization” of the Alaskan military infrastructure, the utilities that is, it was open to all willing and able American corporations. But soon, somebody with influence in D.C. insisted that the military change the bidding process in midstream to “Set-aside”, which meant only a limited amount of entities could proceed with bidding on what was too become one of the most lucrative business dealings on record between private business and Uncle Sam. The Mafia was laughing all the way to the bank, until the SBA decided it was not a “small” venture. Then the Mafia tried to sue Uncle Sam through an estoppal, denied by a prudent Administrative Law Judge. When that attempt failed, to turn around the SBA judgment, it meant bringing in the Big Guns, and who else could turn something like this around? And “Set-aside” meant it would go to a “small” business, as defined by the Small Business Administration. It meant that it would be an Alaskan Native Corporation doing the bidding. But when the SBA said that the Fairbanks Mafia venture called Doyon Utilities was not small, it threw a wrench into the Mafia's plan. Not to worry, as with friends in powerful positions, all that was required was a phone call and the bid was changed again, no longer set-aside but once again open to the public. But by this time it was too late for reputable entities with experience to provide a bid before the deadline. So it was a slam-dunk for the Mafia. When the contract was signed sealed and delivered, it made the Mafia confidants filthy rich, as they were able to convince a Canadian outfit, a loan investment outfit, to purchase their shares in the venture, for a “goodwill” amount that was way over-bounds. Not to worry once again, as the head honcho - the Godfather - he would become the head honcho of the privatization effort that would over-see $75-million in revenues per year, once again courtesy Uncle Sam's generosity. And when the buck doesn't stop here, at the head, it can be regurgitated to other entities, even foreign entities. It appears that there is in the works a lucrative payback scheme, wherein so-called inception payments made monthly by Uncle Sam are being diverted to pay for business dealings that are suspect. If one finds interest in financial statements this venture, it is easy too see that the “Administrative Costs” are out-of-bounds, when compared to other utility financial statements on record at the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. There is something seriously wrong with the “inception rate” that the Mafia sold to the Army. The government was taken for a wild ride down 2nd Avenue and it appears when it is over it will be a detour to skid-row! So the legacy of misappropriations lives on. A few in the know learned it well, from Ted and Don and Frank, and today we see the lasting effects. It continues to be a giveaway program, at the taxpayers expense. Bottom-line, the stooges made friends and relatives wealthy, and the proletariats ended up with a few good jobs. The wealth lasted, the jobs dried up. And with that, unfortunately, we are still looking for even a decent job nowadays, as the well-off play with horses and enjoy a life of luxury - if not in jail! And here it is in a nutshell to those still interested and upset about rip off artists preying on the U.S. Treasury. When the Civil Service was in control of the Ft. Wainwright power plant, in 2005 it is documented that it cost $13-million to operate and maintain the facility for that year. In 2009, the 1st year under “Privatization” by the Fairbanks Mafia, it cost the taxpayers $13-million, except in the latter case it doesn't include $10-million in coal costs, as the “Privatization” contract left that burden to guess who? The Taxpayers! Do the math, its simple! So the wretched wealth indecency continues unabated, as some have learned well how to rip off Uncle Sam. With an attitude of “NOT my country 'Tis of Thee” and once again we are branded with economic failures as the thieves run free, on our dime!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2012 Race vs. Race

I hope Rick Perry is the GOP/Tea Party's presidential candidate for the 2012 “Race vs. Race”. And I hope he names both MissHell Bachmann and Sarah “Cross-Hairs” Palin as his vice-presidential running mate(s). Why two? Because it's apparent that Perry is a “eunuch”, no balls that is, and MissHell & SarahPacking can easily pick up the slack of Perry's sack. Bottom-line, besides possibly the costliest campaign on record 2012 will record, it will be the ugliest as it is “Race against Race”, no doubt about it. And that my friends is more “Treacherous” then “Treason”! What has evolved in this country is a “political” race, based not on color, but creed and patheticism wherein “ethics & responsibility” is but a suggestion. This country has come to the cross-roads, where the wealthy class is using the weakness of others - like the Tea-Party - to further its selfish agenda, which is nothing short a segregated agenda of wealth hoarding gated community existence wherein it sends this country backwards, when slavery and segregation dictated freedom not for “All” but freedom for but a few. When representatives of this country make it clear and convincing that their only goal in life is to make sure Obama fails at a 2nd term, this is “Treason” and Mitch McConnell should be held accountable such “acts of treason” against this America. The list of misfit explosive diarrhea emanating from political orifices damaging to this country goes on and on. Yes it is free speech, but we are responsible for any adverse affects that “right” bothers another's freedom, to be left alone. No wonder “bullying” is the Public School Enemy No. 1, as it is practiced by our own Congress. And we try to incorporate politics into everyday family living, but when our youngsters see nothing but bickering and threats from those in control, what can we expect? The History books are on constant re-write, and what is going on today is a chapter that could only be titled “America's Ugliest Time”. What is going on today is far from anything American. And if the GOP can only provide the likes of the Perry's and maniacs like MissHell and Palin to lead this country to prosperity with peace, then maybe this country would be better off putting the 2012 election on hold, until such time the wackos find a new sack!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

MissHell Bachmann

I am at a loss for words:

MissHell Bachmann is a WACK-WHORE!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alaskan Quiz

Question #1: Name at least one Alaskan U.S. Senator or an Alaskan member of Congress who has not had to employ a crooked office aide, since statehood?

Question #2: Name at least one Alaskan U.S. Senator or an Alaskan member of Congress who has not had to employ a crooked office aide, since CBCI?

CBCI means “Corrupt Bastards Club Inception

The 1st one-hundred "correct" entries to this Alaskan Quiz will receive a tape recording of Don Young's famous House speech wherein he calls Nancy Pelosi a "Rabid Skunk", with skunk calling sound bites and all. Truly a collectors item!

Contest not open to Lisa Murkowski's office aide Arne Fugvog

What Global Warming?

OK, there is a whole lot of imbeciles out there that don't believe in “Global Warming” but at the same time believe Eric Cantor is NOT related to Sarah Palin, even though if one were too place a “Big Hairdo” wig on Cantor, there would be a credible resemblance – and no brains in both cases. Now if you are blind to this “Global Warming” issue and consider it a nuisance, how about something a little less offensive. What about “Global Warning”? Just recently I discovered two indicators of something terribly wrong with the way nature is behaving, like a credible warning. I let dandelions grow wild in my backyard here in Anchorage, but to my surprise this season nature appears to be on steroids in the “Lion” kingdom. Over the years I have noticed size increases in this flower, but this year saw an exponential and out of control size increase. This must be a warning. And take a look at these moose, mother and child. Now I have heard of albino moose, but green hulk like ungulates?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obama Rock Garden

So Congress spends one weekend on overtime and then takes the entire month of August off for vacation? This makes it appear that the only legitimate reason that Congress passed the Obama S&S bill was the simple fact that had it not passed, it meant staying in detention a little longer. And that may have interfered with the vacation time. And why have a million-dollar beach front second home if you can’t enjoy it? According to reliable sources, over five-fifths of present day Congressional members spend their family’s vacation time at million-dollar vacation homes. No wonder there came NO new tax hikes upon the wealthy, as they themselves seem to be the wealthy, or controlled by the “Read My Lips, NO New Taxes for the Rich”. Do you really think that John McCain would vote for more taxation on his wife’s crappy Budweiser beer estate? Look, this beer sucks in comparison to real beer. Who drinks this piss? Maybe Congress. Or for that matter John Kerry would never entertain tax increases for the rich, as his wife is the Tomato Ketchup Queen. But they would both vote in favor once loopholes were in place to protect themselves. So the rich are about to take an entire month off from work, with extraordinary benefits continued and paychecks coming and NO threats of new taxes to take the thrill away. Maybe the rich celebrate the 4th in August! Fireworks and all. I wonder if members of Congress can collect unemployment when furloughed for an entire month? I bet some try it! Anyway, I decided to take a vacation, to perform some long overdue yard work. I wanted to go green with my front yard, by setting up one of those Fang Sue rock gardens. So during the design phase while touring the yard with a few cold ones in hand – not bud – I decided to get in the running early and put up an Obama 2012 poster for my wife. INCOMING! In no time flat my yard was littered with rocks and boulders flying from every which way, and I live in a very liberal neighborhood! Thanks Obama, for the rock garden. Was it that bad, this S&S bill? S is for Scam & S is for Sham. We got screwed, those of us that work for a living and are fortunate and willing enough to go it alone, without government intervention – a.k.a. welfare, which includes economic relief for the poor and wealthy alike. Basically, middle class preferential exclusion. Congress realizes this, that the middle class can go it alone – always have, always will. That is our MO. So motor gasoline prices can soar, food prices can soar, we maintain as we are the True Americans. Take the latest just as an example of what Congress thinks of the middle class. When Congress rushed out of Dodge to beat the traffic going to the Hamptons, they forgot to pass funding for the FAA. When that funding lapsed a few days ago, it meant a lapse in a hidden away airline ticket tax, which we pay for regardless, about $15-dollars a whack at the counter. Now ticket prices didn’t follow the decrease, as airline CEOs saw it as a chance to rape us over. And here is the catch. Once Congress returns, funding will be secured for the FAA and the tax will be garnished once again but the airlines have already realized the increased profits from their shenanigans, by raising ticket prices when the tax lapsed. It boils down to double jeopardy. See how we get screwed all around. And Congress knew what was happening here, as lobbyist insisted on this outcome. It was a well planned attack upon the working class. And during the FAA lapse, hundreds of workers were furloughed due this lapse in funding, middle class workers no doubt, but they can’t run off to the Hamptons! Is there a more powerful word over being disenfranchised? Maybe Palin can coin a new one for us. Is there a Lech Walesa out there? But with this latest slug fest on the Hill, I am convinced that my vote doesn’t count. So I decided to sell it on Craig’s List. I found a whole lot of takers, but they will not pay for the S&H, shipping and handling. Selling my no longer precious vote would cost me, and my debt ceiling was reached a long time ago. I guess it is time to shelve my vote and the duty that goes along with that freedom, as Congress has placed a duty - maybe a bounty is more like it - upon that freedom. Talk about a “Bounty”, can Dog and Beth arrest the bastards, as there has to be something illegal or at least morally wrong with what is going down up on the Hill these days. It stinks, the entire setting on the Hill. So I came up with a brilliant idea. If each “True” American reserved just 25-cents each week for a self-inflicted tax to help out neighboring states in need, it could start an entire new trend in lobbying, like maybe we could take back what is ours. And we could use the money wisely, not on things like wars. See, I could set up an organization that could take in the loot and distribute it to help out where help is needed when Congress is AWOL, like occurs during this entire month of August. But the bad thing, I can’t get a non-profit approval, as when the government is involved, somewhere deep within the tax code it is not permitted. My project is a failure even before it gets off the ground because of the bureaucratic red tape, when all the time it had merit this day and age of bipartisan epilepsy. And all I wanted to do was help Uncle Sam! And herein the problem upon us exists. There is no help these days, as government is under attack, by corporate thugs, by Congressional thugs, by foreign government thugs and not to forget wealthy thugs bent on helping out by putting out their hands for more, more and more. It is war without “boots on the ground”, yet I feel the pain of those boots kicking from every direction, and this required no sign of attention for such attention.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pirate Man

I am a little confused! But first, how much did it cost the American taxpayers’ for Congressional takeout food during this weekend’s slug fest - over the “Debt Limit”? With a smile, the democrats are saying the debt ceiling struggle has now produced a compromise. At the same time, Speaker Tan-man Boehner - with a shit eating grin - he is saying it was a win for his party, including the TP. It appears that the Dem’s smile is a forced reaction to yet another failure, wherein they are truly afraid to tell the truth of the matter this exercise in futility – a.k.a. representation “For the People”. The democrats in favor this “compromise” insist it was a bipartisan win. But we realize that “bipartisan” does not work on the Hill, as there is no longer a “Team” effort fighting together for what is good for this country. What’s good for the common good is not welcome by the rich and vice versa. And the fact that the outcome of the debt ceiling debate has created yet another “bipartisan” jury, it proves that Congress is broke and what comes from the Hill is pure fluff. It boils down to this. One side fights for the liberty of the wealthy, including corporate welfare, while the other side fights for the liberty of the rest – what was once upon a time not too long ago considered the “middle class”. It doesn’t work, this bipartisan thing, like apples and oranges. So Obama was held hostage and in the end gave in with a cave in upon one all important issue, taxation upon the wealthy. No different then giving into ransom money demanded by Somalia pirates. Congress is no different than a ship full of pirates as we sail a ship of fools. But it was a gamble this fraud against American interests, as Obama and his administration - I mean his re-election administration - they realize that the Commander-In-Chief’s ways and means can spoil democracy and approach Constitutional Armageddon – but at no risk. Because at the same time they knew that when the 2012 election slug fest comes to terms, those of us that were pissed on will have no other option then to cast our votes the DNC way, toward the lesser of two evils. Look, it is boiling down to MissHell Bachmann or Sarah Palin going against Obama. So Obama could give away the farm, he could raise the proletariat income tax to cover the loss from no taxation upon the rich, he could propose and do just about anything and he will still get our votes. It has come down to a Thrash-22 mess for all of us. Not only do we need term limits upon Congress, we need an upholding of the Constitution. Even though Amendments allow an individual to seek two terms at the presidential helm, it doesn’t mean consecutive terms, as to campaign when in office is a dereliction upon duty to country, it is not the way the signatories of the Constitution declared this agreement. Term limits would solve every damn problem this country faces today, every single problem including pirateering. But when a bunch of rich misfits are afraid of working for a living, there is no possibility of term limit legislation. It means a cushion job for an entire career, which amounts to nothing except disenfranchising the taxpayers for a job of fighting across the aisle and calling a colleague a respected friend when on candid camera. And since lobbyists have every damn representative pocket hostage, there is no way term limits fits the “lobbyists’” budget – “We have them in keep them in”! Mitch McConnell and Tan-Man Boehner had this already calculated out, this realization that Obama would bend over their wishes and in the end would prove to provide nothing except another pathetic piece of criminal legislation. And they call this “crap” historical? So Mr. Obama, you won, we lost but you’ll still get my vote through desperation, if we still have a voting right! As it appears the rich are wealthy enough to buy just about everything. And those military budget cuts included in the plan? Guess what, you will have to raise taxes to keep the war machine running. Today, a large percentage of Americans find paychecks from military base infrastructure improvements. Stimulus money before “stimulus” ever happened. And since you can’t cut the war machine, we the people will be faced with tough choices. Don’t raise taxes and these base improvement programs will dry up faster than a windblown snot in Death Valley. That means unemployment in the millions on top of those already out of work. It will without a doubt of debt come down to raising our taxes so we can produce income that will be taxed again and again and again. It is that simple and called Super-Taxing. So middle class America, brace, as a tax increase is coming to your door, courtesy the House of Ill Repute! Pathetic is the voice of Congress, pathetic and tortuous is the voice from the Hill. Pathetic above all is the Silence of the Lambs!