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Saturday, December 31, 2016

That "Tyrump" Faberge Line

"There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. There's a man..." It is clear, as what we see brewing between Barack Obama and the anaerobic-phobic Donald Tyrump anger is an re-enactment of "Beach Haven" - so "there are color lines being drawn". It's an indictment the "color of a man's skin", what the 2016 election has proved we are so vulnerable upon once again. The bridge to equality has been hijacked by cowards and send in the conservative clowns with alt-right termites has commenced, but for a single exit lane is safe and operable - like the only way out. Chris "Fat-ass" Christie at it again, the bridge troll! With only 22-days left, it doesn't give enough time for escape. Barack, please issue an EO for the exterminators to get rid of the termites and kick the Donald Tyrump maggot clown posse out of "Our" town. Where in hell is the CIA? Our nation is under attack, that is what John McCain has insisted upon - and is it NOT the CIA's duty to make sure that bridge under attack is fixed - by removing the termites and arresting the trolls? If we cannot even retreat, we are "Prisoners of War". Donald Tyrump is sleeping with the enemy Vladimir Putin. I know Barack Obama will not let this nation down here in the home stretch, I can see the frustration on his face of the full court press but I feel the anticipation of a 3-pointer at the buzzer! Way to go Barack! Arrest the Tower Maggot bastard is my sentiment, and throw away the keys, but Barack must go about it with political patience - running out. "T-Time" calls the referee, as we have only Hillary & Bill to call-out for this mess. Hillary placed selfishness beyond Patriotism. I know many will disown this fact, get over it as Bernie Sanders' message was hoodwinked and now we are hoodwankered by a Donald Tyrump. The guy is an angry SOB that has only a single liking that makes him smile - groping! That is why you will not find a single mug-shot that indicates he still has facial muscle functionality that allows a smile, as "groping" in public not allowed, yet! Said again, it is "Beach Haven" all over again - as like father like son shows its ugly side-effect face. Back in the 60s, Fred Trump - Donald's daddy - drew a color line, which brought housing segregation to New York City. Yes, wherein the statue of "Liberty" called out: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.""Send me your huddle masses". Yet one block away from this grandeur signal of a "Great America", those dreams of a safe-haven were soon unreachable by many - especially if a skin color "black". And it all started at "Beach Haven" by Fred Trump. It was an event that found the "White Supremacy" backing Fred's eviction power - wherein the slogan "throw the bums out" was supported by a lynching mentality. Even though no strict rules against such preferential miss-treatment based on a person's skin tone had been adopted as "law abiding" legislation, because we as a nation still cherished "brother can you spare a dime"  and we are our brother's keeper. Let's not forget either, inherent in this nation's foundation was a clause that "We are All Created Equal" under that Constitution. Yet due to the almighty $buck$, things were starting to see a change, as it was now an era of profit margin over decency. If a black man could not pay the rent, there was somebody else that could and family's found themselves homeless overnight, the reason Donald is awake at 3am - as that was the time his dad went to work. Yes, thugs hired by the relentless, to throw moms and dads and kids into the streets overflowing with cesspool rats and the only belongings what was on their backs, as any left behind goods of worth confiscated as collateral for missing the rent - even raggedy Ann dolls taken from innocent children! This is wherein "homeless" found the seed to starvation that pursuit to happiness along with golden opportunity salvation for wealthy landlords. It was Fred Trump who can be credited with starting the ranks of the "Homeless" which today is a national disgrace. It was Woody Guthrie who coined the "Trump Tower" namesake, in his recognition of the Beach Haven era so we would not forget the atrocities born under that flagship.

(Donald with Fred at Beach Haven)
(Woody sings out about "Trump Tower"
on Old Man Trump)

As "Trump Tower" grew along with housing needs for a growing city, so did despicable segregation and condensed housing that would one day grow up to be the American "Ghetto". Pain on top of misery, it was the likes of the Fred Trumps that created the "Projects". So bad were such living conditions, to the point that over time laws were passed that side-tracked a housing developers cruelty when race was involved. And the sad fact of the matter, Fred Trump used money from Uncle Sam to build his ghetto towers, then abandoned the posture of affordable housing - based on drawing that "color line". Trump received lucrative housing construction loans from Uncle Sam then cried foul when he was caught using segregation as a means to enrich himself. Yes, by drawing that "DO NOT cross this line if Black", it meant higher rent and less hassles. So, it is clear to say that the "Trump Tower" dysentery dynasty found its beginning through a handout from Miss Liberty's generosity, then went wealthy hungry and segregation took a turn towards the worse. That Woody Guthrie folklore denouncing of Fred Trump, that is wherein the "Trump Tower" found its origination, and since the "Beach Haven" incident has maintained its status quo as an icon of segregation. So there is a connection between then and now. The "Trump Tower" is still a fortress and is a sad reminder of segregation, the intent of keeping that name and its recognition fresh in the minds of Americans, that which flies daily over the New York City skyline and a heartbeat away from Miss Liberty. "Old Man Trump" is that reminder that America's greatest solidarity icon sang out about many years ago. So what we have before US is who and what a Donald Tyrump really stands for, with the Tower standing so erect so does segregation of the colored folk lives on, through Donald's very own erection. "Making America Great Again" means resurrection of the "Beach Haven" mentality, the reason the "White Knights" are so excited. Donald is what Fred Trump left us, with all the bad habits and somehow, he was elected to be the...sorry he is NOT my president by any stretch of the TRUTH, as to forfeit away this nation's goals of "Equality for All" by the shadow cast upon decency by that "Tower" is but an atrocity all over again, but something that cannot stand the test of time. In the meantime, best freshen up on what Woody, and Dylan and Pete and Joan and the rest taught US during the 60s - about segregation as with "MAGA", it's back!

Brietbarf News Update

Attention Donald Trump Transition Staff;

The National Weather Service has predicted a nasty day forecast for January 20th, the day our "New Messiah" gets ordained. There is also a warning from the Capitol Habitat Agency that an unusual virus has infected the pigeon population and the birds are shitting everywhere. Remember to bring not only a change of underwear, but a back-up hat - just incase you get dumped on. Because of this, Donald will give only a "short" speech and it is included below for your review. Also, if you received an unsolicited grizzly invite to the National Museum of African American Culture and caught entering that establishment, even for shelter from the storm of pigeon flocks crapping without aim, you could face a fine as we do not want association with anything Michelle on this historic day. Violators may be subject to a face sitting by Chris Christie - joking Donald, what a hoot! Any comments please direct e-males to:

Dear citizens of America!
We believe in ourselves, in what we can truly transform and transform the country. We have common goals, we want our America to be free, prosperous, rich, strong, civilized country, a country that prides itself on its citizens and which is respected in the world. In recent months, both in Washington and in meetings in the American regions, I feel your understanding and your support, and very often from people, from the most simple people in the squares and streets of our cities have heard very simple, but very important word for me. I said, "We believe you, we hope you, you just do not deceive us."

I can assure you that their actions will be guided solely by the public interest. May not be able to avoid mistakes, but what I can promise and promise, is that going to work openly and honestly.

I believe their sacred duty to unite the American people, to gather citizens around clear goals and objectives, and every day and every minute to remember that we have one Motherland, one nation, we have one thing in common with you future.

I am Vladimir Putin, and I approve Donald Trump's inaugural speech.


Petition entered by S. Pam McGee;

Donald Trump House Arrest

This is a "symbolic" John Doe & Jane Doe Citizen's HOUSE ARREST - effective January 20th, 2017 through January 20th, 2021 - upon Donald John Tyrump, for continued ignorance in effect the law of this land found under the Logan Act - such violations defined as "aiding & abetting" the enemy. Donald John Tyrump is but the president-elect-reject, has not been sworn-in and his actions in support of the Russian Federation are nothing short that of a "Yurncoat", a yellow-bellied "Turncoat" sleeping with the enemy. The 65-million strong that did not cast a vote for this Tower Maggot should join in to make it known that "We the People Denied" will use the power of the 1st Amendment and "United We Stand in Solidarity" labor strikes to "Make America Our's Again"! - sponsored by the "Lousy Hat Party".

Tyrump Taxlynching

So, how come savings banks of today smell like a morgue? Are elders being held captive in the bank vaults, and dying? Maybe they are trying to last resort safeguard their net-worth away from stingy kids that have their parents committed so the raid on the henhouse can begin. I have the queasy feeling that the way many kids treat their elderly parents, wherein abuse is rampant so premature theft on the inheritance is the ultimate goal, this is how Donald Tyrump is going to treat the middle class. Yes, the henhouse will be under an Executive "Executioner's" Order unsupervised raid - statutory rape victims we will become. I am sure my net-worth will be less when his terms of endangerment ceases to exist - especially rotten to the core if he ever gets to enjoy 2-terms. Let's hope that before January 20th that Donald Tyrump is arrested for "Treason", as he continues to aid and abet the Kremlin enemy, which is a violation under the Logan Act - else we are doomed! Wake up America, as John McCain said the "Russian Federation" cyberlynching is "WAR", yet Donald Tyrump said it was a "smart move"? I ask: "What's in Your Patriotism"? And here is one for the Cray Super-Computer programming jocks that can use statistical analysis Al-Gore-ithms to evaluate an outcome before it happens for "Real". If Donald Tyrump's federal income tax payment history is under an IRS audit and on January 21st he is slapped with a fine and jail time for falsification, can he pardon himself? See, I have a feeling that his tax returns are highly suspicious, the reason he has said NYET to that $400000-yearly presidential salary, as that is the first target for a lien by the Revenue police. And that would become public information. Now IMAGINE a sitting U.S. President under such crucifying circumstances, as that would not sit too well with the American "Middle-class" taxpayers. In fact, I will go out on a limb and sacrifice my liberty if wrong the following assessment. The Tyrump most likely never paid any income tax, and used corporate loopholes rotten to the core to avoid being a "True American". Yes "True American", as I enjoy paying taxes to find before me paved roads from sea to shining sea. To see that "this land is my land, this land is your land" safe during the darkness of nightfall. That we have schools that provide a safe-haven for our children along with a shelter and some grub for those that have ended up on "Desolation Road". But when you never use the infrastructure because you can feed off of a name, with private planes and live in a "Tube"...he lives in an imaginary world, you really think he can be the President of these United States? Of course NOT, as this nation is NOT the stage of some freak-show wrestle-mania extravaganza. It is "Reality", NOT commercialized fake stuff that seems to fixate the "minority" population that somehow swindled the presidency away from the "majority" rules. And it appears that the "TRUMP TOWER" label is but a "Reality" show under the disguise of a charitable organization, which is merely the spigot for the family to enjoy a lavish and extravagant filthy-rich lifestyle - dad delivers at the expense of others! Now I have a belief that the Tax Code was designed to favor us all, from corporate to household. And yes - due the corporate structure - that favoritism is supposed to be magnified, to amplify the advantage based on how well the "tax break" returns favor for a buoyant economy. But when an individual can manipulate the "loopholes" designed for a true corporate structure and as an individual entity take advantage, this is wherein we find the true test of a "Yurncoat" - a yellow-bellied Turncoat. Remember we beat up Mitt Romney when we found out he does the same thing, and gets away with a 15% tax burden. OK, at least he contributes something. With Donald Tyrump, I would like to see if he contributes anything. From what teensy-weensy we know about his financials based on public information, it appears he has manipulated the Tax Code to eliminate any income, or income that could be considered "taxable". See, by having businesses on-the-hook that pay-up through the "Charitable Organization", that debt donation is a tax benefit for the donator. OK, "Trump Tower" sells its name, no goods, just a name and collects a fee. If that "fee" becomes a donation as a form of payment...see where we are headed with this sterilization sheltering? At the same time, the organization can be set-up as a complicated structure so that family members that are not bonafide stakeholders and merely "employees", well they can use the donated funds for just about anything - salaries, traveling, strip joints, caviar call girls, you name it. As long as it can be demonstrated that it was used for the purpose of the "Organization", it is legitimate. So if Donald Tyrump is the sole survivor, and doesn't actually collect a salary, what we have is a guy that could be on unemployment and the use of the "Tower" finds a fee that becomes a "donation" then is enjoyed by his kids - as the cost of doing business. Yes, the kids would end up paying...maybe! Donald on Unemployment? But I bet he never contributed to that system either - so can't beg for a handout. Look, the "Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation" worked the same way. It would find $billions$ in charitable-tax deductible donations from donors looking for "Tax Relief". At the same time it enjoyed a bloated executive and administrative task force that enjoyed 6-digit salaries, first class travel arrangements and when the smoke of abuse cleared the remainder was what actually went to those in need as the "organization" was so defined. So for most COs these days, only a small percentage makes it towards the cause, maybe 25% for a good year. And if Donald Tyrump runs his CO like this, hoodwinking the Treasury Department, then "We the People" have been hoodwanked. Like said before, I would gamble my liberty this is what is going on behind Tyrump Tower Door Number 666, else we would have already been put on notice what Donald has contributed to the United States' infrastructure. But the "Most Abused" tax shelter today comes by virtue of the "Charitable Organization" label, as many wealthy individuals are working the same loopholes and that word "Charitable" places a burden on the IRS. See, there are thousands of legitimate organizations that work hard to satisfy a goal, then there exists the thieves. Don't know about you, but my estimates are that I have put close to a $million$ bucks over my work career as an investment in America. And that is the key, "INVESTMENT", and when somebody feels it is better to scab away, they are not interested in investing in My Country 'Tis of Thee - so how in hell can Donald Tyrump represent the middle-class? He can't, as he really has NO interest because the return-on-investment goes against the grain of pilferage!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Vladimir Putin Response

I am Vladimir Putin, and I approve Donald Trump's Inaugural D-Day acceptance speech, as broadcast under LEAKiLEAKS ALERT on December 10, 2016.


Subject: Trumps Inauguration D-Day Speech
Dear Donald Trump Transition Staff;
Here is a 1st draft of the speech that Donald John Trump will deliver after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Any comments please direct to Kellyanne Conway at kellyanne@MAGA.vputinet.
Dear citizens, dear friends!

Today, I appeal to you, just for you, because you have entrusted me with the highest office in the country. I understand that I take on a huge responsibility, and I know the head of state has always been and will be the person who is responsible for everything that happens in the country. First, President of United States, Barack Obama, left the White House, now remember it, uttered the words that many remember. He repeated today in this hall: "Take care of US." It is in this I see the main presidential duties. The fulfillment of this will require a long time and their colleagues at work, in the service. I also expect to find in this patriotic actually help American citizens, all who cherish the destiny of our Fatherland today.

I want to thank my supporters and all those who voted for me in the election. You supported those first steps that have already been made. You may believe that together we can change our lives for the better. I am deeply grateful to you for it. But I understand that your support – this is only an advance power in general and, of course, to me, is entering today in the position of President of the country.

I appeal to those who voted for other candidates. I am convinced that you voted for our common future, for our common goal of a better life, for a strong and prosperous America. Each of us has his own experience, his views, but we have to be together, we have much to do together.

Today is really an historic day, I want this one more time to focus. In fact, for the first time in the history of our country, the history of America for the first time the supreme power in the country passed the most democratic, the most simple way, by the will of people, legally and peacefully. The change of power – always check the constitutional system, a test of its strength. Yes, we are not the first test, obviously, not the last, but it is a test, this milestone in our lives we have been worthy. We have proved that America is becoming a modern democratic state. A peaceful succession of power – an essential element of political stability, which we dreamed with you, to which aspired, which sought.

The path to a free society was not simple and easy, in our history have been tragic, and bright pages. The construction of a democratic state is far from complete, but much has already been done. We must cherish the achievements, preserve and develop democracy, to make sure that the power elected by the people working in its interests, defending American citizen everywhere in our country, and abroad, to serve the public. This is a principled, tough stance, I have defended it and intend to uphold in the future.

For the sake of today's solemn event, we are gathered here today in the Capital, in a holy place for our people. Here in the Capital – the concentration of our national memory. Here, in the walls of the Capital's centuries history was made in our country, and we have no right to be peons, not mindful of kinship. We must not forget anything, we need to know our history, know it for what it is, draw lessons from it, always remember those who created the American state, defending his dignity, made him a great, powerful, mighty state. We will keep this memory, and we keep that connection times, and all the best of our history we will give to descendants.

Dear citizens of America!

We believe in ourselves, in what we can truly transform and transform the country. We have common goals, we want our America to be free, prosperous, rich, strong, civilized country, a country that prides itself on its citizens and which is respected in the world. In recent months, both in Washington and in meetings in the American regions, I feel your understanding and your support, and very often from people, from the most simple people in the squares and streets of our cities have heard very simple, but very important word for me. I said, "We believe you, we hope you, you just do not deceive us."

I can assure you that their actions will be guided solely by the public interest. May not be able to avoid mistakes, but what I can promise and promise, is that going to work openly and honestly.

I believe their sacred duty to unite the American people, to gather citizens around clear goals and objectives, and every day and every minute to remember that we have one Motherland, one nation, we have one thing in common with you future.


Obama Won, Putin Zero

Way to go President Obama, as the little "Russian" punk rolls over like a little puppy dog...just like Donald Tyrump! Keep the heat on, as 66-million Americans have high hopes that the on-going investigation over the Punk Putin "Hacking" will find the Tyrump guilty of espionage - a.k.a. "TREASON" and on January 20th as he arrives to the podium, instead of a swearing in, it is an indictment with shackles and cuffs. Arrest the "Turncoat", you have our approval!

Wet-Dream For Sale

Wear this for Patriotism & Pride!

For sale from the "Lousy Hat Party" - all proceeds to be used towards the impeachment of Donald John Trump.

Contact: for details.

Obama Calls Tyrump's Bluff

Just In: Rex "рекс" Tillerson gives заказ из дружба "Friendship Award" back to Vladimir Putin. Way to go OBAMA, Bravo my brother some more! Donald Tyrump's immaturity is starting to show off on its face value, that his dad failed at teaching his children well. Of course Fred was successful in the teachings of "Beach Haven", that is what his kids took to the bank and banked on - prejudice and segregation makes money. But with Obama showing the world that he is a Commander-in-Chief still, well the Tyrump is now between a hard-on and a wet-dream! OK, rock and a hard-spot - whatever is politically correct. But the Tyrump maggot blew his load during his first ejaculation, when he had the opportunity to meet with Barack and follow his lead - as Obama knows what the hell he is dealing with "From Russia with Love". And like a maggot with only a slime-line history, when asked to comment on the sanctions due the Russian Federation's "Watergate Break-in" cyberwar, Donald shrugged it off as no big deal - then ran off to have a piss as his enlarged prostate was causing pain and suffering - and that usually doesn't occur with the Tyrump until the wee-wee hours of the morning. That 3am "Twitter" rage as he relieves himself - and the Secret Service detail jokes about the "Big Jerk" with the yellow matter custard hairdo and a small penis. I get Facebook updates from the John! And give me a break, as what is more important, his gold plated 9-iron golf swing or his country? See, when news hit the stands about the Obama sanctions, Donald said he would deal with it next week, as he is on vacation with some broad named Melanomia? Does anybody know the background of this opposite-sex no-show acquaintance? Is she an American? Maybe a mail order from Jeffrey Epstein's "Pervert Island", or a gift from Bill Clinton? But for those that wasted a vote for the "Tower Maggot", brace yourselves for more of the same insane dismissal and structured dismissiveness. And when he pisses off another rogue nation with nuclear capabilities and it means bombs away this way, well Donald can wait until next week. Look America, the heat is on and the Tyrump is in heat - but like a bully in the schoolyard, classmates are running for cover as they cannot stand the heat! In actuality, nobody is running as we are not afraid of cowards that smirk of anger yet have no balls. So I am glad that Barack gave US yet another last minute Christmas gift. See, first came the Israeli settlement UN censure vote - Bravo my brother! And today we have the Russian Federation sanctions - Bravo my brave man! And we still have 22-days left - Go all the way Mr. Obama, as you have the blessing of some 66-million Americans. OK, some 63-million think Vladimir Putin is more "Patriotic" then Barack. And let us hope that with the final report of the Russian "hacking" espionage due before "Doomsday" that there is evidence that Donald Tyrump and his cohorts were involved through guilty-by-association. IMAGINE, impeachment after one day in the Oval Office. IMAGINE, that like the 35-Russian diplomats that are being kicked out of America we have an additional boatload seeking asylum in Vladimir land - the entire Tyrump Tower Transition Team. Look, Kellyanne Conway looks so much more a part of the Kremlin crowd! So we are now at the "crossroads" and I must ask those Donald Tyrump fans: What’s in Your President's "Brain"? Doesn’t pay taxes, can’t even run a charitable organization – yet thinks he can solve the nation’s problems and also that of this world? Admires friends of Putin over...OK, Tillerson has reneged on that "Russian Federation Order of Friendship" decoration. The Donald Tyrump Years: Chapter 1 – How Dumb were the American "Minority" Voters. Chapter 2 - How Un-Patriotic was Donald Tyrump's Cabinet? But when you see how his cowardly transition team bends over to kiss his ass, the message they think he is a messiah finds…what the hell happened to American decency? See, this time of the year is when we share, we smile, we are a kinder nation. The world also moves along with a gentler demeanor, which encourages hope. From sea to shining sea, we are as one in the same for a time being - for the holidays. When even "From Russia with Love" finds a welcoming. Why? Because we like socialism. And even though that form of government would never be accepted by a “capitalistic society” full-time - because we are afraid of a drastic change even if a better fit - at least under a Bernie Sanders instead of a “Beach Haven” maggot some of the peaceful side effects would have found approval. And maybe for more than just a few days at the end of each year. But kiss all civility goodbye for...Opinion: Google “Erectile Dysfunction” and Alan Dershowitz highlights the search. Don’t wonder why, as every picture tells a story don’t it! Google "Erectile Dysfunctional Wimp" and Newt Gingrich highlights that search. Did you catch the Newt's  bow-down whimper the other day, when he misspoke about Donald Tyrump and the fact the Tower Maggot can't drain the swamp and only supplement the stench of the mold and mildew from the "Do Nothing" Congress. If I had to whimper down that low, I would swallow an overdose of LSD - at least go away with a Timothy Leary going away party high. I would say that even before going into the game, in preparing the dugout, that the “Turncoat” rebellion is in full swing for a reason. I am talking the Dershowitz “Erectile Dysfunction” crowd that thinks  just because they slime around with a Juris Prudence “Get Out of Jail Free”  bargain basement degree, that they can break the law of the land. It is called defacing property or molestation. Never, never has there been so much disrespect towards an out-going administration then what we have before us today. From the days of Dwight, the incoming has always shown respect for the sitting Commander-in-Chief. If happened with George Bush even, as the impeached guy Dubya was taking over for was given a chance to be honest. Question: Can Donald Tyrump smile? Is he forever un-happy? I think he lacks sex and we know he doesn't get enough sleep with those 3am "Tweets". Look, I "don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows" and I surely "don't need a psychiatrist to tell me which way the insane rolls" as Donald Tyrump is a sick individual and his transition posse of gang rape con artists are just as bad. In my book, this attack is Citizen Insane “Treason”. Donald Tyrump should have already been incarcerated for numerous violations under the Logan Act for his "interference" after he was ordained the president-elect-reject - it is still Obama's watch! I voted for Obama and want my full 1462-days of presidential representation without outside interference. And with the latest Dershowitz “hard-on” over Obama’s call on the Israeli settlement censure vote, disbarment should be his only Christmas gift. Merry Christmas you piece of crap as you are living proof that God created imbeciles. The bashing that is going on, that which was started by Donald Tyrump himself, well had this nation had balls, there would be busloads in pin-striped suits with leg shackles and in hand-cuffs heading to  "Lockdown ADX Florence" and getting ready to share a cell with Ted Kaczynski – as these “turncoats” are no different than the Unabomber. Dershowitz’s attack – after his failed attempt to write a book about erectile dysfunction, well I can see who really has the hard-on problem - the entire population that voted for the "Enemy of the People's Majority". So, with only a few weeks left...hey you don't mess with a sportsmen like Barack Obama, as he will beat you to the finish line and still have that extra breath to blow your house down!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wayback Wetback Wet Dream

CIA Report - MkUltra Update: Codename "Trump" goes back to the 1960's CIA experiments of renowned Professor of Psychiatry Henry Murray, performed in secret at the Harvard University "Annex". In a nutshell, the time when Murray was using "mind abuse" therapy and Timothy Leary was trying to tame LSD, the same experimental considerations using different tools of the trade. Another codename those controversial Murray mind games was "Lawful". His real name was Ted Kaczynski - a.k.a. the Unabomber! Many controlled experiments find an "outlier", and in Ted's case the CIA/Murray testing turned a brilliant 16-year old mathematics wizard into a bomb manufacturing plant. Please define "Dud"? Yes, I find respect over disrespect today with the CIA when push comes to shove. One would be crazed to downplay the significance even today of this agency's undercover mandate, funded by "un-vouchered" expenditures - which means nobody outside the Oval Office has any idea what it takes to keep this spy-war machine running. It is the only U.S. Government operation in existence today that has no oversight its funding - how much or wherein it is spent. Not even the Congress gets a hint of what is purchased under the disguise of a CIA covert operation. When called in front of Congress because some senator has a "woody", the CIA produces expense reports that lists booze, caviar and hookers with everything else redacted - and then pleads the 5th. End of any special hearings! Yes, the only thing to fear is fear itself - exception being the role that the CIA maintains even today. It is still in operation as a robust secretive weapon to uphold life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness for the "Homeland". That's what the agency is for and about - get over it any other conspiracy infested impressions. It is probably the only "Mobius bi-partisan" demonstration of a last resort when questionable activity surrounds what the Founding Fathers envisioned as a nation with stability of freedom - with liberty and justice for all, some day! Liberty & justice for all is the MkUltra goal today, even though that project supposedly came to a screeching halt - because of the way it was being managed. It was designed to find the true "Manchurian Candidate", to be used as a human weapon to keep this nation free and stable - protection against rogue opportunists here and abroad. Things are different today, as the last 8-years have subjected the will of the CIA to a different form of unified bonafide equality - with all walks of life thanks to Barack Obama's "I have a Dream"! So, inherent in the Declaration of Independence alongside the United States Constitution is a protection clause, at any cost. It is the Commander-in-Chief's ultimate weapon with a checks & balance - thus giving such clandestine power-of-brutality but with a caution citation. Even if a sitting president went too far out on that limb - hey freefall can hurt. And of course the CIA has weapons of mass destruction as well as microbrews for individual cruelty, chemical to biological to electronic to mind blowing at its disposal. It is basically an organization with its finger trigger on the pulse of what is happening day-in and day-out across the globe. Remember, it was the CIA that was first with boots on the ground in Vietnam - somebody gave that order! We are the world's peace-keeper - but sometimes things don't go as planned! The reason asshole regime change idiots are always under check - well one call from the Oval Office and the evidence is destroyed even before the act takes place. If Dung Hung Low was a true turd threat, done deal. And we may not always see the merits or benefits of behind the scenes involvement - and with covert secrecy, many of us will be in the grave before we really have any understanding of how, what, where, when and why! The CIA can and has a history of destroying its own evidence. But I have a feeling that a plan of action is taking hold, as a "majority" of Americans feel under attack - by a Donald Tyrump. We shall see, as time is running out - but for this clandestine operator, time is always on its side. Look, the CIA has a single agenda, protect our Constitutional sovereignty when dereliction demonstrates otherwise, even with executive members of our leadership all the way to the top. We have a "No Show Do Nothing" Congress. We have an incoming...I still have not found a definition that describes with any sense of worth what is heading our way with a Donald Tyrump presidency. Let's face it, the CIA could take me out in a heartbeat. If Donald Tyrump starts disrupting "Tranquility", which could destabilize things - action will take over then take cover. And here is why I think the CIA will deliver - sooner than later. See, we have come a long way with respect to "equality". That which in turn contributes to "Tranquility", which aligns itself with stability. When we as a nation divided starts to show a weakness that could lend itself to any destabilization - time to recalculate the buoyancy of the ballast tanks. As what we see in Donald Tyrump is inexcusable - but it was his upbringing that poses the problem today - and that is not in concert with "stability". He does not like the fact that he won the 45th position when the 44th was a "black man" - the back-of-the-line syndrome. Donald Tyrump is well known for his torturous attitude towards Barack Obama. Which is how he feels towards all "non-whites" and uses the 44th as a stepping-on  "others" stone. So how to make daddy Fred happy and once again draw that Beach Haven color line, the hallmark of the Trump Tower, destroy the Barack Obama legacy - and that began in earnest on November 9th. See, that is when Donald Tyrump realized he was possessed with "political capital" to make his daddy's dream come true in modern day times - that the back-of-the-bus is a justified place-holder for different skin color. This goes against the grain of who we are as a nation today. Yes, once it was a way of life, white on 1st, while others raced to the back of the bus - else face a fine maybe jail time. So there is no room today for Donald Tyrump's segregation interest, as if he can get his own way by destroying Barack's legacy even before any "sworn to oath", as then it will be other "minorities" so attacked with the same madness. It will destroy this nation, as we are no longer a white supremacy of Wayback Wetback Wet Dreams. Blacks have contributed greatly to what this nation stands for today, even though there is a lot more to accomplish. Same with all other nationalities different. Remember what made this nation great in the beginning. There is NO turning back or turning our backs as appears to be the latter case with many Tyrump supporters. Donald Tyrump's message of "Making America Great Again", just read between the lines, it is based on bigotry - as "Great Again" means "All White Again". And with the resurgence of the "White Knights", that which is designed for destabilization of "Brotherly Love", well this is wherein the CIA must act and will engage to disgrace the Tyrump. How it goes about that action, not my call, but the decision has been made - I can feel the momentum behind a crucifixion coming. So, don't go alarmed that if in a morning soon, like at 3am, we wake to the news that Donald Tyrump was bushwhacked. As everyday his action is nothing more than an attack on Barack Obama, for daddy's selfish sake with no gain for this nation. And if the CIA needs a handout to arrest this Tyrump madness so directed upon and against a great man, a greatest of statesmen,  a peace-keeper, I can contribute and do not need it as a charitable donation token - even if used in celebration "mission accomplished" with hookers and booze. Amen!

(Fred Trump teaches Donald about Beach Haven Segregation)

The "Trump Tower" drew the Beach Haven line of segregation once before, it won't happen again with Obama's CIA!

Donald Tyrump's Alaska Is...

Caution: May contain pits! Has this nation hit rock bottom? I can hear it all over again: "This is Joe Hazelwood of the EXXON Valdez, we are, are hard aground on Bligh Reef". So Donald Tyrump thinks that we owe him an apology, I mean “THANKS”, because the “Consumer Confidence” is at a 15-year high? Look, he is but the president-elect-reject in my book. Anybody harboring a belief that the Tyrump should get credit for this, has been lobotomized by his "I Have A Wet Dream"!  Look America, are NOT we great already as a nation under Barack Obama? Waaaell Laa De Freakin' Da is he talking about? Look America, he’s a MAGGOT, he did not get the “majority vote”! Regardless of the outcome of an outdated election scam, he is NOT the most popular kid in class, but the class clown. He thinks he is a bully, he’s a coward. When detention calls, his daddy sends an excuse with a fresh $50. OK, let’s say on January 20th at 1301-hours there is a rare virus breakout? I am sure that the Tyrump would blame Obama. And if at 1302 the stock market broke new ground, then Donald would be demanding a thanks! OK, want credit Mr. Tower, yes the “Nuclear Doomsday Clock” has been reset closer to Armageddon – that is all your doing. OK, want more credit Mr. Beach Haven, that “World Laughter Chime” is loud and clear – as the world is laughing at US, and we are providing that "best medicine" for free. Yes, it is being exported so many outsiders can benefit - maybe we need to build another wall! It appears that the faction of voters that wasted a vote on the maggot, well they are all preoccupied once again with “Big Time” wrestle-mania. I guess as long as the entire family can buy tickets to watch the “Fakest of the Fake”, they are content. When the rest of civilized America wonders what the hell went on with the election. OK, with respect to the current state of affairs I blame the Clintons. Hillary should have been way ahead of a maggot in the closing stretch, the reason she should have just taken her abusing husband and went far and away – then Bernie would be the next president-elect and by now Obama could be enjoying the fruits of his labors. Look, consumer confidence doesn’t take hold over-night, so that index along with all the other metrics about how well the economy is fearing, it is due Obama’s steadfast obligation to his sworn duty. We have a nut-case headed towards the Oval Office – a pure maggot nut-case that “Twitters” out to "Thank Donald"? Look, “Beach Haven” is about to take on an entirely different meaning, like father like son like it or leave it. If you are not “wealthy white”, move over as the Tyrump is taking over. I see frustration in Obama’s face these days, as the Tyrump has not even begun to take his Oval Office responsibilities seriously. It is sad when an incoming maggot has but a single agenda, ruin the man before you and shows how fit he is by day-after-day violations under the Logan Act - acting as a president without being sworn to the oath. See, Donald learned from daddy dearest Fred that being in the back of the line behind a "black man"...This is the "New Age WAR" upon our sovereignty, right here in the "Homeland" from sea to shining sea. "This land is your land, this land is my land", think again. Donald Tyrump has no meaningful agenda! Why so I say? Because maggots have but one desire, get across the lawn and leave a slime-line trail. That is what we are up against these days, as the Tyrump is already sliming his way to “Desolation Road”. OK, maybe that “index” for December broke the old record, because many are spending it all this Christmas, as it may be the last one enjoyed with "Peace on Earth"! Backyard bomb shelters are seeing a resurrection in sales as are white robes. There's a run on ammo, and the only reason I can think for that fixation is that Tyrump supporters are about to commit Helter Skelter Harry Carry - on themselves. And on the other side of the isle with the wealthy, well they will be getting tax breaks beyond decency, so of course their confidence level is like an erection lasting longer then 4-hours. Offshore bank accounts saw a count up of 10000, the week before Christmas? I hope that "Sharp Think Tank" of psychological profile experts, that which secretly convened a few weeks ago up in Alaska and funded by the CIA, are on target. The finding that "Reality" crap is a better medicine for comforting the "minority" masses - those that voted for the Tyrump. Yes, better than an "apple a day", better than laughter. So maybe some good will come out of a Tyrump dysentery dynasty. See, the "Tank" research has indicated the best-available-to-date indicator of the Donald Tyrump transition is the Alaska Bush Family as a comparison. And rumor leaks from the Tyrump Tower game room is the fact that during the course of plotting the "Backwoods" course for this nation, that the transitioner's face is always well hidden while watching episodes of the most bizarre "backwards" family on earth. See, the patriarch is a crook, the family acts out its fantasy like big time wrestling condensed version and it looks like incest in the woods at recess time. And this is right up Donald Tyrump's alley, as he contributes to the wrestle-mania fakism. I was alarmed when I read the CIA report and re-visited the "Bush Family" episodes that compared some of the Donald's 3am outbursts. OK, the report also suggests that the Tyrump wears his suit to bed as he is afraid of the dark. But I would be scared also waking up at 3am without street clothes and seeing the "Tales of the Crypt" laying so close. Melanomia, please stay home! This is serious  business, not trying to be funny - so like the WWW, no holes barred! The sad think, fake has its place and time for fantasy - but NOT in the Oval Office. America, wake-up! And to all the maggot supporters, remember that when push comes to shove…”this Blog Kills Fascists”.

Beach Haven ain't my home!
No, I just can't pay this rent!
My money's down the drain,
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home!
(Old Man Trump - Woody Guthrie)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trump Tower Evacuation

News Flash: The lobby of Trump Tower was evacuated late Tuesday after a suspicious package - that later was reported to contain dolls - was found in the lobby.

Supposedly the dolls were presents from Kellyanne Conway for the “Donald Tyrump Transition Team”. Dolls included voodoo look alikes of Barack & Michelle Obama, with stick pins. Also, a doll look alike of Newt Gingrich – see below.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Apology, NYET!

So Benjamin Netanyahu went perturbed over my support for Barack Obama and wants the Department of Justice to arrest me under the Logan Act, for communicating with foreign officials. See, on “This Blog Kills Fascist”, I posted my support for Barack Obama and the United States’ position with respect to contested Israeli settlements. So I guess an apology is appropriate, even though I didn’t think I was in violation of the law, as even our very own Congress violates the same and gets away with it. Hey, what’s good for the dandruff is good for the…So Dear Mr. Netanyahu, thanks for being a leader that takes pride in our American way of life. I am glad that citizens from Israel can come to my country ‘Tis of Thee and enjoy that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness the way I do. I am especially proud of Dov Katz from your homeland, here on an extended visa under your guidance. I am sure his stay here will resonate around the world that Israeli citizens want a peaceful solution to matters of concern human right wise. Sorry if my “Opinion” upset your peace and quiet over Hanukkah. If so, I apologize and stand corrected. S. Pam McGee

News Flash: Dov Katz, a 38-year-old Israeli citizen who lives in America, was charged with attempted commercial sexual abuse of a 13-year old girl, according to the Tukwila Police Department.

NYET Israel

Dear Netanyahu, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You are the “Deplorable” faction of human society that 65-million “Patriotic” Americans voted against. As an American Patriot in good standing the United States Constitution and conviction to uphold democracy, I am with my president – NOT the president-elect-reject – but on the side of Barack Obama. Yes, moral decency over moral decay, the latter to which you prescribe upon by running to Donald Tyrump for help. Barack is a man of accomplishments, a statesman that was the recipient of the Nobel Pease Prize. Sorry if you have a problem with a man’s skin color, I don’t. We used to have a very derogatory “N” word, which John Lennon attributed to “Woman” due abuse and disrespect. Your present actions against my sovereignty, calling upon Donald Tyrump because like a cry baby you cannot get your own way, well asshole you are the one deserving of that derogatory label today. Tag, you’re it! I am so glad that the United Nations is finally calling your bluff, on my nation’s lead that you are a serial mass-murderer. Said again, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You have been a thorn in my nation’s side for way too long. If I were to show up to your land unannounced, you would probably have me beheaded. And if you think Donald Tyrump will be your nation’s new messiah, think again as today in America we are on the verge of a Revolution. And when the smoke clears with a new age reasoning that “WAR is over if you want it”, your kingdom come will be doomed forever and ever Amen. In fact, you and Donald may be the recipient of the NON-Peace Award, the Hitler Hatred Prize before it is all over with. Had you found any loyalty towards my nation, you would have waited until the Donald Tyrump is sworn in, but instead you use your Sad Sack-ass segregated attitude to interfere with the way the sitting U.S. President embodies his duty, as he is still sworn to duty. The Tyrump is but the next in-line, unfortunate for peace, so please respect the way we govern in this nation. Barack Obama is still MY Commander-in-Chief. Go away and come back another day! One last thing, why have you hated Barack the last 8-years? It’s simple, you are an invader in disguise and do not give a rat’s ass about the death of innocent kids, just so you can grow your own nation without bounds. But a nation built on invading another’s “peace” will never survive. So best brace yourself for a “New America”, as we face destruction here in my “Homeland” with Donald Tyrump - and when the wind blows the cradle will rock then fall, and down will come Israel Netanyahu and all. So today, I stand in glory-be with my President, a man, a statesmen, something you and Donald Tyrump can only dream about. Like I have already yelled out, GO FUCK YOURSELF! As I am politically correct this issue as is Obama and I have no qualms using the right words against tyrants like yourself and Donald Tyrump. I am sure that behind closed doors Barack feels the same way. In fact, you have turned the entire region in conflict into a “Beach Haven”. And instead of wasting everyone’s time over the UN censure vote on your pathetic settlements, why not listen to the words of Woody Guthrie, a prophet deserving your respect - then maybe you’ll have a better understanding of the Trump family. Remember, stay close to your friends and closer to your enemies!

Wow, And So This Is Christmas!

Wow, BRAVO Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry…

So, it’s Christmas day and that one awesome ingredient for that famous holiday fruitcake? Remember, fruitcake can survive a nuclear melt-down if baked correctly with the proper ingredients. Amazing that the word “nuclear” was almost banned from modern day dialogue until the “King” of the Beach Haven Tower entered the scene. Amazing that the Tyrump team thinks the “boss” is a “New Jesus”? WTF takes on a new meaningless. Anyway, I have already impeached the Tower maggot. Have impeached the United States Congress since 2009, we as a nation stand divided and I am on the side that counts – it’s called the “solidarity” and when push comes to shove and we must embrace arms as one, we can show the “minority” who is “Boss”. If the 65-million strong “majority” were to go on a “Workers STRIKE of Solidarity”, we could bring this nation to a screeching halt economically that would send Wall Street into the sewer. We control the floodgates and overflow. What the Congress forgets to realize, we rule even if outside an election cycle. So it doesn’t matter what judicial destruction comes from the Tyrump and Paul Ryan dysentery in a few weeks, it just doesn’t matter as a Do Nothing Congress finds no credibility. OK, the credibility of Congress divided by the credibility of Donald Tyrump is a “Divide by Zero Error”. Yes, that “pop-up” warning that invades your computer screen when the Russian Federation invades your “at home” privacy. Yes, it is “We the People Denied” that maintains all the power – Congress and the Tyrump Tower maggot can only strut their power madness to a maddening crowd. Take for instance, if the courts are soon packed with bigots and attempt to suspend LGBT rights, that faction alone and its wealth could bring Wall Street to a closing doom if the Tyrump Tower starts to infringe on what has been so far accomplished in equal rights – under Barack Obama. So I am not afraid with the Tyrump maggot about to deface the Founding Fathers’ foundation, as “America is Already Great”, I don’t need no reality pervert to claim he can change my thinking as he did with his lies during the 2016 election. He won the vote of the other side, so what said again! When we have such a strong foundation already, it cannot be toppled overnight. Remember, this is America and when the “Turncoats” invade and that right to life, liberty and pursuit to happiness finds dereliction, we “Revolt” – and that is what this nation excels upon. A Revolution made us great once before, we can use that “Patriotism” to “riot” again dissatisfaction against a Tyrump. If the American worker gets fed up, we can use the power of our labors to force a surrender, the power of the purse still belongs to us. And is it not the time to give credit wherein such is due, with the outgoing team that has for the last 8-years maintained “Tranquility”? Don’t know about you Tyrump supporters, but for the last 8-years I have not been living a sheltered life afraid of my brother’s shadow. What is with this new doom and gloom the “King” is passionate about? Yes, and anybody that considers otherwise and has been living in fear, well go get blessed by this “New Jesus”. I think his baptism ritual is “spitting” and mumbling something about groping. See, the Barack Obama legacy will be one day sworn upon as how sitting presidents of these United State’s shall act! He was and still today and always will be a “Great Human Statesmen”. The most recent high-rise with respect to Barack’s legacy is the Israeli settlement quagmire and I applaud John Kerry for being part of that effort – to tell Netanyahu that “Palestinian Lives Matter”. How many children has the Israeli occupation of disputed territory sent to an early grave? Many Americans have no idea what this amounts to, but it is part of Obama’s restructuring the world based on PEACE. Even though towards the end of Obama’s term the Donald Tyrump team is doing everything in its illegal power to cause hate and discontent, trying to whittle away at freedoms sustained, I still have no fear the Beach Haven maggot’s attack can wound the 44th, or US! Look, Obama is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for a reason. Maybe with what is in store with the “King”, we need a new category, the Hitler Hate Prize - as Donald Tyrump is a bonafide candidate. So this once “turning a blind eye” support away from long-standing egregious invasions by Netanyahu that now finds the “majority” of Americans opposed, that was a Christmas present of respect for US. Thank you again Mr. Obama, for this last minute shopping gift. But the way the FOX news media is presenting this as abandonment, it is nothing like Donald Tyrump’s “Non-Profit” organization – a perverted method of executing wealth payback – and it appears the Tyrump family has no qualms with handouts. Of course, the history of Beach Haven is all about Fred Trump taking advantage of Uncle Sam and using his swindled loot to cause hate amongst people of different skin color. So I am satisfied, as the final ingredient for the fruitcake is here and what a superb recipe base, Obama’s legacy will get better as time moves on! Like good fruitcake, like good wine, and something I have enjoyed the last 8-years. Wow, what a Christmas Merry! And even though many are depressed, thinking doom is on the horizon with this new messiah born of the devil, get over it as when a legacy like Obama has set the stage for our future – well like that fruitcake we will survive any Armageddon led invasion.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

And So This Is Christmas...

'Twas the night before Doomsday, when all through the Tower
Not a migrant was smiling, only the high rolling liars;
The nooses were hung by the gallows so clear,
In hopes Beach Haven memories soon would be feared;

The workers  went hungry in their beds full of bugs,
While visions of nuclear-plumes danced in their heads;
And Miss Liberty in her chastity, and Uncle Sam in his cuffs,
Had just been sentenced to life in affordable striped stuff ,

When out on the “Twitter” there arose such a chatter,
I sprang from the gutter to see what was the matter.
Far and away in front of that 5th Avenue hell’s door,
The maggot sank kindred spirits and banned peace on earth.

The Bribe art of the beast now sworn to war
stunk of the lust whence our children became whores,
When, what to my burning eyes should appear,
But a sinister monster, and eight Gingrich red thorns,

With a very bad manner, so cloudy and sick,
I knew in a moment it must be Donald the Prick.
More horrid than ebola his coronation would come,
And he cursed, and shouted, and called us rude names;

"Now, Migrant now, Paleass!, now, Liberal and Aunt Jemima!
No, Bootlip! No Muslim! No, Camel and Chi-chi!
To the top of the tower! On the stairs of the Mar a logo!
Now go away! go away! go away all you damn peasants!"

And then came the invasion, I heard on the tweet
The pounding and pawing of liberty to defeat.
As I protected my freedom, and was turning around,
Down the chimney his posse came with a demand.

They were dressed all in gold, from  head to foot,
And frowns all tarnished like kiss his ass or else;
A bundle of  stolen loot he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a pedophile just showing his wank.

His eyes -- how they scorned! his nose how merry!
His cheeks were sick red, his nose running!
His drooling little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the hairdo of his sin was as evil as the troll;

He was chubby and plump, a sadistic old fool,
And I laughed when I saw him, he spit in my eye;
Came evil of his facelift and a fist of his hate,
Soon gave me the knowledge I had everything to loose.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And stole all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,
And gave us the finger and then picked his crusty old nose,
And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his limo, to his team of “turncoats” he gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like criminals on trial.
But I heard him explode, ere he drove out of sight,

Donald Tyrump's Yule Log!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hey Barack

Dear Barack Obama,
Honorable 44th President of the United States;

Donald J. Trump is merely the president-elect. He has no authority to interfere with this nation’s policies, not until “sworn” to oath on January 20th, 2017. If I were to openly voice some of the things he has said through “Twitter” or other means of mass communications, I would be subject to arrest under the Logan Act. I have been a supporter of your agenda for the past 3259-days, with only 28-days left, please do not renege on your own “sworn duty” and have Donald J. Trump placed under White House arrest, as he is damaging our nation and damaging your legacy. You must act on this request, and be guaranteed you will have 65-million Patriotic Americans behind you.

S. Pam McGee

To Every Season

John F. Kennedy and John W. Lennon took a bullet fatal, we as a nation joined in unison with the world to shed a tear. If the same fate ever for a Donald J. Trump through a John Wilkes Booth lone wolf, with word on the street this cowardly act an assassin, the world would be laughing at US. And so this is Christmas…

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hoodwinked by Congress

Hear me out, my prediction. Rudy Giuliani is gone! Chris Christie is gone! So the Donald Tyrump Freak Show Big Time Circus that came to town on November 8th has lost the 5-foot long pink dildo eating act and the world's fattest slob attraction. How can "the show must go on"? OK, the mega-maggot "Tyrump Tower Transition Team" posse finds an audience. But here is my prediction - Tyrump will never find the opportunity to sit in the same seat that Bill relaxed in as Monica sipped his dick! There will come evidence of behind the scenes "wrongdoing" with the Russian Federation and attacks upon Hillary orchestrated by a team effort that basically shit on the Declaration of Independence. There is a legal reason why Rudy and Christie are no longer front and center of attention in the payback line. Yes, even though this "blog that kills fascists" is NOT a Hillary fan, this nation was hijacked, hoodwinked, as something went terribly wrong with "Democracy" - and all we do is sit back and do nothing. We didn't deserve this mess. And while too busy working to "Keep America Great Already", in the end it was out of desperation that we struggled to get to the polling booth to do our duty. But in reality, we did nothing to suspend the hate and discontent upon Miss Liberty. I guess we learned the same bad habits as Congress. At last count, Donald Tyrump has violated so many Oval Office eviction notices, I have lost count. I will name but two all important reasons why back 200-years ago he would have instead faced a gallows challenge instead of a motorcade ride down Pennsylvania Avenue. Treason and Turncoat! And he has protection to continue on this abuse, yes we have been "Hoodwinked". Now I am not saying that Hillary was a better choice. But when it comes down to the toss of a coin the either evil - the lesser of two-evils is but a fascination. Swearing In? What the hell for. We know that Donald's inalienable right is "Lying". We know that another inalienable right he cherishes is sleeping with the enemy. Another qualification that would be a disqualification is bashing other religions - and not with the intent to respect a separation of church and state affair. On women, he takes his cue from Jeffrey Epstein, trample of the rights to be left alone - groping allowed. The list goes on and on like the energizer bunny. We have entered into the final days of an "America" we were once upon a time "proud". From Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan to Peter with Paul with Mary, we were warned what complacency can prove and best said, we are headed down a new road called "Desolation Road". But we are not the blame totally. Congress has lost touch with the American Spirit, wherein regardless of one's party affiliation bipartisan victories were the norm once upon a time some 40-years past due. Today it is but a slug fest designed by the lobby to push through a selfish agenda, not for the masses but for preferential treatment a minority view. Look, Congress can take away social security, take away medical coverage, as for themselves well protected - hey they can even take away your child's virginity and think nothing of it. We have been faced with a "Do Nothing Congress" for way too long - since Mitch McConnell and his Strom Thurmond KKK blood transfusion - which has today tainted all the bloodlines of sitting members. I heard my good friend Barack Obama talk of some of the challenges he has faced since taking over the Oval Office. He was very distraught when he voiced how the madness of Congress never  allowed for a vote for "WAR", so in efforts to protect our sovereignty, he must be willing to take "impeachable" actions sometimes. Because Congress is afraid, of its own shadow. The Newts, the John Boehners, the Paul Ryans even the Pelosi "Rabid Skunk" brigade - well like said before in the broadcast, all guilty of practicing "Turncoat" as a second occupation. And today many sitting members just sitting on their ass for a good pay, well very close to "Treason". How best to save this nation? We have 2-options. First and foremost, "We the People Denied" are better-strong than the "minority", that which somehow was able to push the "Turncoat" controlling headcount even greater with the 115th Congress. Our system of merits upon our inalienable right is on "TILT". So our "majority" holds the key to the future as we can unite in a "Workers of America STRIKE for Solidarity", as was very successful in Poland under Lech Walesa. It works, as when the farm to fork chain of custody is disrupted, this nation comes to a screeching halt. Secondly, tell your employer to NOT extract weekly welfare from that paycheck, and like the rich bastards that have more say today, just tell Uncle Sam you will send in the required taxable income amount when it is due - on April 15th. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we cannot be like them - as long as you pay up. This would send a very serious message to Congress, as if this nation went broke because we refused to make payments, their extravagant lifestyle could be harmed! Congress would be bending down on its knees to appease US, not them "K Street" bandits. And our last option, get rid of Congress as it has worn out its welcome. That institution was required when we had not the ways and means to communicate our desires in a timely fashion, as a united congregation of law abiding citizens. Today with modern technology that is no longer the case, it is just a dead-weight getting in the way of democracy and forward progress - and afraid to declare war so just a bunch of hypocrites. Congress today hides behind its own ineptness - and we buy it, hook to line to sinker and go about our weary ways. We have more important things to do, they don't accept weakening this nation towards destruction. And that laugh you hear, it's from the Hoodwink Halls. All we need today is a sergeant-of-arms to count our blessings, all actionable issues. We are the vote, Congress is in realty just a water-boy. And that may be the biggest problem confronting us today, afraid to move forward. Hey, IMAGINE had the Founding Fathers felt the same and never declared our "Independence"! So it is time to saddle up, else we forfeit our heritage and future along with that "Independence", as the bloodlines of indecency will continue to deliver us, well does "Deliverance" ring a bell? Dueling Banjos, the "Battle Cry" of the Turncoats!

(33 Days from Today)

The "LOUSY HAT PARTY", a new political action force 63-million strong the "majority vote", calls to action a "STRIKE for SOLIDARITY" on January 20th, 2017. This is the day Donald John Trump is sworn into the Oval Office as the 45th President-elect-reject of the United States. He is entering the office of the Commander-in-Chief with the "minority vote". The "Majority Vote" has lost traction, and we will not be heard as a voice while Trump and his cronies destroy this Republic's DEMOCRACY. He has already commenced his "Desolation Road" pilgrimage. Our only "Hope" for Miss Liberty and protection of our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is through "Solidarity". Since the middle-class salt-of the earth proletariats have control of the infrastructure by virtue of our "labors" that which keeps this nation solvent, by calling for a "Unified Workers STRIKE", our voice will be heard over that of the 115th U.S. Congress. Congress is broke, "We the People Denied" cannot rely on that body for NOTHING, but for more pain and suffering. So on January 20th, be absent from work - call in sick. It is a Friday so enjoy a 3-day weekend. Be prepared in advance, with food and other essentials. Stay at home, NO driving, NO shopping, NO fast Eddy food, NO nothing. Keep your kids home from school, teach them well what the Founding Fathers would have done. Don't pay attention to the "Inauguration", watch cartoons instead, and by Close-of-Business with $millions$ in commerce lost on Trump's 1st day in office, we will prove to the world who is the BOSS MAN! This is a Do or Die proposition!

S. Pam McGee
Founder of the "LOUSY HAT PARTY"

The naming of this organization stems from a comment made by Mitt Romney about Donald Trump winning the presidency on a "minority vote": "He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a LOUSY HAT."

Marching Hymn of the "Lousy Hat Party"
When Democracy comes marching home again,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give it a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies will no longer like the turncoats
And we'll no longer feel betrayed when Democracy comes marching home.
The old church bell will peal with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To welcome home our braveheart roar,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The village lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we'll all feel saved when Democracy comes marching home.
Get ready for the Jubilee,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give this hero three times three,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The laurel wreath is ready now
To place upon 'tis loyal brow
And we'll all unite as one when Democracy comes marching home.
Let love and friendship on that day so free,
Hurrah, hurrah!
With Patriotism on display our way,
Hurrah, hurrah!
And let each one perform some part,
To fill with joy the warrior's heart,
And we'll own that day when Donald goes marching away.

Big Talk, No Action

"And so this is Christmas and what have you done..." Donald Trump, already the worst U.S. President-elect, so maybe an indication the worst of the worst those given the opportunity to sit in the Oval Office. The reason why the Founding Fathers insisted on a "majority vote", as "Half the people can be part right all of the time, an' some of the people can be all right part of the time,  but all the people can't be all right all of the time.  I think Abraham Lincoln said that." And the 115th Congress understands this dilemma, but when that party too is guilty of Constitutional "Thugadultery" abuse, we get what we don't deserve. I am proud to be an American, only 34-days left! See, the Tyrump has attacked Obama on every front possible. But would not it have been nice, statesmen like if Donald has a solution to Aleppo, to share it? And why not work with Obama, beforehand? The "Olive Branch" was extended by the Obama administration, for the last few weeks, week-ends included, but Donald had more important things to do - sun bathing at Mara Laoe Si Momo. Imagine, maybe we could have seen a peace treaty in Aleppo, before Christmas! Look, with Donald's ties to the Kremlin, with Tillerson's ties to the Putin, with Sarah Palin able still to see "From Russia with Love", what gives in the "Brotherly Love" community? But it is why "Democracy" as we have known it for over 200-years, why our inalienable rights as we have enjoyed for over 2-centuries, my sentiment we have but a few weeks left to cherish what and who we were as a nation United, as the Tyrump is a cruel being. Sorry, tried to cover the latter with "Human", it doesn't work. Hey, look at the forever nasty smile, he makes the Scrooge look like "Honey Bear". Because with Trump, what's a few more dead babies! Remember, WAR is over if you want it - after the "tanning booth, Dom Perignon "Limited Edition" Champagne and Olestra Caspian Sea Russian caviar.

Trump's 100-Day Honeymoon:

First 10 Days - January 21st through January 30th
So I told him that he'd better shut his mouth
And do his job like a man.
And he answered "Listen, Father,
I will never kill another."

~ Wow, we made it! ~

Next 10 Days - January 31st through February 9th
He thinks he's better
than his brother that died
What the hell does he think he's doing
To his father who brought him up right?

~ Sarah Palin Resets Nuclear Clock  - Too Close for Comfort ~

Next 10 Days - February 10th through February 19th
Take your place on The Great Mandala
As it moves through your brief moment of time.
Win or lose now you must choose now
And if you lose you're only losing your life.

~ Nuclear Clock on Reset Windup ~

10 More Days? - February 20th through March 1st
Tell the jailer not to bother
With his meal of bread and water today.
He is fasting 'til the killing's over

~ Holy Shit, incoming ~

Next 10 Days - March 2nd through March 11th
It's been going on for ten thousand years
He's a martyr, he thinks he's a prophet.
But he's a coward, he's just playing a game
He can't do it, he can't change it

 March 12th through March 21st
Tell the people they are safe now
Hunger stopped him, he lies still in his cell.
Death has gagged his accusations

 March 22nd through March 31st
We are free now, we can kill now,
We can hate now, now we can end the world
We're not guilty, he was crazy
And it's been going on for ten thousand years!

We're ALL DEAD, we didn't make it even through the Mooning! 

Take your place on The Great Mandala

As it moves through your brief moment of time.
Win or lose now you must choose now
And if you lose you've only wasted your life.