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Monday, December 19, 2016

Martian Planet N'Yuk N'Yuk

"Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our program to bring you a special bulletin from the Russian Federation controlled FOX Radio News. At twenty minutes before eight, central time, Professor Indecent Exposure of the Trump Tower Observatory, reports intercepting a Martian SOS, from the planet N'Yuk N'Yuk. The radioscope indicates the message to be from марсианин-ведьма-Сука(in English means Martian-Witch-Bitch) Жанин(in English spells Judge Jeanine) and moving towards the earth with vehement atrocity. Professor Pedestal of the Pedophile Pizza Observatory confirms what is known about N'Yuk N'Yuk; "where all the men are unsound, all the women are foreskinsakenly ugly, and all the children are incest insane", and describes the SOS like a jet of explosive diarrhea shot from a secretive gun-like flatulence weapon. According to forensic Martian experts the recompiled message reads: "Dear Michelle Obama, this is hope", accompanied by a mugshot of Жанин - a first of its kind ever captured from space. We now return you to the music of Satan A'Waken, playing for you in the Melanomia Room of the Trump Tower, situated in downtown New York."

Dear Michelle Obama, this is HOPE!

(Supreme Leader
 марсианин-ведьма-Сука Жанин
 of the Martian planet
 N'Yuk N'Yuk)

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