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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hoodwinked by Congress

Hear me out, my prediction. Rudy Giuliani is gone! Chris Christie is gone! So the Donald Tyrump Freak Show Big Time Circus that came to town on November 8th has lost the 5-foot long pink dildo eating act and the world's fattest slob attraction. How can "the show must go on"? OK, the mega-maggot "Tyrump Tower Transition Team" posse finds an audience. But here is my prediction - Tyrump will never find the opportunity to sit in the same seat that Bill relaxed in as Monica sipped his dick! There will come evidence of behind the scenes "wrongdoing" with the Russian Federation and attacks upon Hillary orchestrated by a team effort that basically shit on the Declaration of Independence. There is a legal reason why Rudy and Christie are no longer front and center of attention in the payback line. Yes, even though this "blog that kills fascists" is NOT a Hillary fan, this nation was hijacked, hoodwinked, as something went terribly wrong with "Democracy" - and all we do is sit back and do nothing. We didn't deserve this mess. And while too busy working to "Keep America Great Already", in the end it was out of desperation that we struggled to get to the polling booth to do our duty. But in reality, we did nothing to suspend the hate and discontent upon Miss Liberty. I guess we learned the same bad habits as Congress. At last count, Donald Tyrump has violated so many Oval Office eviction notices, I have lost count. I will name but two all important reasons why back 200-years ago he would have instead faced a gallows challenge instead of a motorcade ride down Pennsylvania Avenue. Treason and Turncoat! And he has protection to continue on this abuse, yes we have been "Hoodwinked". Now I am not saying that Hillary was a better choice. But when it comes down to the toss of a coin the either evil - the lesser of two-evils is but a fascination. Swearing In? What the hell for. We know that Donald's inalienable right is "Lying". We know that another inalienable right he cherishes is sleeping with the enemy. Another qualification that would be a disqualification is bashing other religions - and not with the intent to respect a separation of church and state affair. On women, he takes his cue from Jeffrey Epstein, trample of the rights to be left alone - groping allowed. The list goes on and on like the energizer bunny. We have entered into the final days of an "America" we were once upon a time "proud". From Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan to Peter with Paul with Mary, we were warned what complacency can prove and best said, we are headed down a new road called "Desolation Road". But we are not the blame totally. Congress has lost touch with the American Spirit, wherein regardless of one's party affiliation bipartisan victories were the norm once upon a time some 40-years past due. Today it is but a slug fest designed by the lobby to push through a selfish agenda, not for the masses but for preferential treatment a minority view. Look, Congress can take away social security, take away medical coverage, as for themselves well protected - hey they can even take away your child's virginity and think nothing of it. We have been faced with a "Do Nothing Congress" for way too long - since Mitch McConnell and his Strom Thurmond KKK blood transfusion - which has today tainted all the bloodlines of sitting members. I heard my good friend Barack Obama talk of some of the challenges he has faced since taking over the Oval Office. He was very distraught when he voiced how the madness of Congress never  allowed for a vote for "WAR", so in efforts to protect our sovereignty, he must be willing to take "impeachable" actions sometimes. Because Congress is afraid, of its own shadow. The Newts, the John Boehners, the Paul Ryans even the Pelosi "Rabid Skunk" brigade - well like said before in the broadcast, all guilty of practicing "Turncoat" as a second occupation. And today many sitting members just sitting on their ass for a good pay, well very close to "Treason". How best to save this nation? We have 2-options. First and foremost, "We the People Denied" are better-strong than the "minority", that which somehow was able to push the "Turncoat" controlling headcount even greater with the 115th Congress. Our system of merits upon our inalienable right is on "TILT". So our "majority" holds the key to the future as we can unite in a "Workers of America STRIKE for Solidarity", as was very successful in Poland under Lech Walesa. It works, as when the farm to fork chain of custody is disrupted, this nation comes to a screeching halt. Secondly, tell your employer to NOT extract weekly welfare from that paycheck, and like the rich bastards that have more say today, just tell Uncle Sam you will send in the required taxable income amount when it is due - on April 15th. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we cannot be like them - as long as you pay up. This would send a very serious message to Congress, as if this nation went broke because we refused to make payments, their extravagant lifestyle could be harmed! Congress would be bending down on its knees to appease US, not them "K Street" bandits. And our last option, get rid of Congress as it has worn out its welcome. That institution was required when we had not the ways and means to communicate our desires in a timely fashion, as a united congregation of law abiding citizens. Today with modern technology that is no longer the case, it is just a dead-weight getting in the way of democracy and forward progress - and afraid to declare war so just a bunch of hypocrites. Congress today hides behind its own ineptness - and we buy it, hook to line to sinker and go about our weary ways. We have more important things to do, they don't accept weakening this nation towards destruction. And that laugh you hear, it's from the Hoodwink Halls. All we need today is a sergeant-of-arms to count our blessings, all actionable issues. We are the vote, Congress is in realty just a water-boy. And that may be the biggest problem confronting us today, afraid to move forward. Hey, IMAGINE had the Founding Fathers felt the same and never declared our "Independence"! So it is time to saddle up, else we forfeit our heritage and future along with that "Independence", as the bloodlines of indecency will continue to deliver us, well does "Deliverance" ring a bell? Dueling Banjos, the "Battle Cry" of the Turncoats!

(33 Days from Today)

The "LOUSY HAT PARTY", a new political action force 63-million strong the "majority vote", calls to action a "STRIKE for SOLIDARITY" on January 20th, 2017. This is the day Donald John Trump is sworn into the Oval Office as the 45th President-elect-reject of the United States. He is entering the office of the Commander-in-Chief with the "minority vote". The "Majority Vote" has lost traction, and we will not be heard as a voice while Trump and his cronies destroy this Republic's DEMOCRACY. He has already commenced his "Desolation Road" pilgrimage. Our only "Hope" for Miss Liberty and protection of our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is through "Solidarity". Since the middle-class salt-of the earth proletariats have control of the infrastructure by virtue of our "labors" that which keeps this nation solvent, by calling for a "Unified Workers STRIKE", our voice will be heard over that of the 115th U.S. Congress. Congress is broke, "We the People Denied" cannot rely on that body for NOTHING, but for more pain and suffering. So on January 20th, be absent from work - call in sick. It is a Friday so enjoy a 3-day weekend. Be prepared in advance, with food and other essentials. Stay at home, NO driving, NO shopping, NO fast Eddy food, NO nothing. Keep your kids home from school, teach them well what the Founding Fathers would have done. Don't pay attention to the "Inauguration", watch cartoons instead, and by Close-of-Business with $millions$ in commerce lost on Trump's 1st day in office, we will prove to the world who is the BOSS MAN! This is a Do or Die proposition!

S. Pam McGee
Founder of the "LOUSY HAT PARTY"

The naming of this organization stems from a comment made by Mitt Romney about Donald Trump winning the presidency on a "minority vote": "He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a LOUSY HAT."

Marching Hymn of the "Lousy Hat Party"
When Democracy comes marching home again,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give it a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies will no longer like the turncoats
And we'll no longer feel betrayed when Democracy comes marching home.
The old church bell will peal with joy
Hurrah! Hurrah!
To welcome home our braveheart roar,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The village lads and lassies say
With roses they will strew the way,
And we'll all feel saved when Democracy comes marching home.
Get ready for the Jubilee,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give this hero three times three,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The laurel wreath is ready now
To place upon 'tis loyal brow
And we'll all unite as one when Democracy comes marching home.
Let love and friendship on that day so free,
Hurrah, hurrah!
With Patriotism on display our way,
Hurrah, hurrah!
And let each one perform some part,
To fill with joy the warrior's heart,
And we'll own that day when Donald goes marching away.

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