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Monday, December 12, 2016

Fake NEWS?

What's the fussss? See, I don't understand all this chatter about the side effects of "Fake News", it worked for Trump! And Congress has been issuing fake news for the last 8-years, what gives? So instead of running to Phineas J. Whoopee and his 3DBB machine for answers, I asked Linda McMahon to respond. She is Trump's pick ready and willing to ruin the traditional role model of the SBA: "like WWE programming, it is little more than fiction and soap opera, so like Mitt on Donald, phony". But that is what the Tyrump supporters are all about, WWE mania and Apprenticitis abuse. The faker the better, the profit motto of the Tyrump Tower maggot. "Fake", if crafted correctly makes money. In a poll of 1st time voters and also Trump supporters, when asked about the 1st "Black Prisoner", they answered Barack Obama. And when asked about his presidency, 99% had no idea this nation had been under control a "Black Man" the last 8-years - they thought he was a "prisoner" because of his Muslim ties! The votes that sent the Tyrump over the edge, we need a recall based on the criteria they were framed, "forgive us we know not what we have done". But when asked about "World Wide Wrestlemania", wow "No peon left behind". Name a senator? What's that! Name a ring master coward crowd pleasing con artist...OK that's enough! And yes, many remember when Donald was part of that action, beating the piss out of Vince McMahon then scalping him! And to clear up things, that "Death Penalty" criminal that was injected with a lethal dose of "beltway swamp poison", he didn't gag for 13-minutes - that's fake news. See, he had been in solitary confinement for the last month, so didn't know that Tyrump had won the 2016 election over Hillary. So in keeping with tradition, his last wish was not the usual, to be set free or pardoned by the victim's family, but wanted to know who won the election. When the executioner told  Ronald Smith the news that Donald Trump had won as the lethal injection was mainlining, Smith broke out in 13-minutes of uncontrollable laughter. Pain and suffering, how about laughter still the best medicine! OK, how come we need to take a test to drive, when all it takes is a signature to vote?

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