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Monday, December 12, 2016

Tyrump Cease & Desist Order

Dear Kellyanne Conway;

I did not contribute over $50000 dollars to Donald John Trump's "Make American Gonorrhea Great Again" foundation, as the most recent postcard from your organization makes reference upon. My only contribution was flushing the crapper twice, as it is a long ways to Trump Tower and an uphill battle to floor 666. But someone in your organization has me mixed up with one of your imbecile stool-pigeon followers. This is the 3rd time this month "trash" has been delivered to my mailbox - from hats, to "Silver Legion" red ties, "Hillary Clinton" diapers. And what's with the KKK application? Look, send marijuana if you are trying to payback a "Rigged" election, as we all may need some medicinal "Mother's Little Helper" when your maggot boss takes over. So, if you cannot send the weed, take this as a legally binding "Cease & Desist" warning. Below, this is what showed up in my mail box, in a clear-bag so the mailman is pissed at me. He thinks I supported the Tower maggot! Is this some kind of get-even joke? We know that the Russian Federation gave you the name, rank and serial number of all registered non-republican voters. Look, just leave me the hell alone and stop using U.S. Taxpayers for free postal delivery. If I get another hat, I promise I will shit in it and hand deliver to Donald!

S. Pam McGee
Founder "Lousy Hat Party"

Donald Trump continues to "shit" in my mailbox...another "free hat"!

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