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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bribebart - Tyrump Transition

Facial Incontinence

Dear Kellyanne Conway;
I understand the Tower Maggot's inaugural committee is having a tough time finding entertainers for the Inaugural Day Ball - that which climaxes Donald Tyrumps "D-Day". I have a suggestion. I am sure that Ted Nugent would take up an offer to provide entertainment for the "By Invite Only" crowd. See, he could get up on stage in front of the Tyrump's entourage and shit in his pants, then Donald and Ted and the rest could have a good laugh on how they both avoided the Vietnam "draft". And with Ted shitting in his pants, hey that is what we are getting in a Donald Tyrump presidency. Oh, and don't forget to send Vladimir an invite, as the way he shit on America with "hackpeonage" - by Donald's invite - like peas of a pod! Yes, draining the swamp and replacing it with a cesspool.


So some punk was busted when he tried to enter the Tyrump Tower with "WEAPONS". Sirens went annoying, it's a "Lock-Down Raw". Look, Donald Tyrump is NOT afraid of knifes, as the way he will cut apart the Obama Legacy, the more knifes the better. So, NOT a threat. Handcuffs? Right up Linda McMahon's alley, so "Threat Uno-Uno, nothing to be afraid of. Firecrackers? So what as Donald is deaf! And last but not least this "WEAPONS of Mania Destruction" Threat - a water pistol. Now that is something Donald Tyrump may be afraid of, just like his own shadow - not the gun but the water as his legacy will be "water-boarding" the citizens ordinary!

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