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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

NYET Israel

Dear Netanyahu, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You are the “Deplorable” faction of human society that 65-million “Patriotic” Americans voted against. As an American Patriot in good standing the United States Constitution and conviction to uphold democracy, I am with my president – NOT the president-elect-reject – but on the side of Barack Obama. Yes, moral decency over moral decay, the latter to which you prescribe upon by running to Donald Tyrump for help. Barack is a man of accomplishments, a statesman that was the recipient of the Nobel Pease Prize. Sorry if you have a problem with a man’s skin color, I don’t. We used to have a very derogatory “N” word, which John Lennon attributed to “Woman” due abuse and disrespect. Your present actions against my sovereignty, calling upon Donald Tyrump because like a cry baby you cannot get your own way, well asshole you are the one deserving of that derogatory label today. Tag, you’re it! I am so glad that the United Nations is finally calling your bluff, on my nation’s lead that you are a serial mass-murderer. Said again, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You have been a thorn in my nation’s side for way too long. If I were to show up to your land unannounced, you would probably have me beheaded. And if you think Donald Tyrump will be your nation’s new messiah, think again as today in America we are on the verge of a Revolution. And when the smoke clears with a new age reasoning that “WAR is over if you want it”, your kingdom come will be doomed forever and ever Amen. In fact, you and Donald may be the recipient of the NON-Peace Award, the Hitler Hatred Prize before it is all over with. Had you found any loyalty towards my nation, you would have waited until the Donald Tyrump is sworn in, but instead you use your Sad Sack-ass segregated attitude to interfere with the way the sitting U.S. President embodies his duty, as he is still sworn to duty. The Tyrump is but the next in-line, unfortunate for peace, so please respect the way we govern in this nation. Barack Obama is still MY Commander-in-Chief. Go away and come back another day! One last thing, why have you hated Barack the last 8-years? It’s simple, you are an invader in disguise and do not give a rat’s ass about the death of innocent kids, just so you can grow your own nation without bounds. But a nation built on invading another’s “peace” will never survive. So best brace yourself for a “New America”, as we face destruction here in my “Homeland” with Donald Tyrump - and when the wind blows the cradle will rock then fall, and down will come Israel Netanyahu and all. So today, I stand in glory-be with my President, a man, a statesmen, something you and Donald Tyrump can only dream about. Like I have already yelled out, GO FUCK YOURSELF! As I am politically correct this issue as is Obama and I have no qualms using the right words against tyrants like yourself and Donald Tyrump. I am sure that behind closed doors Barack feels the same way. In fact, you have turned the entire region in conflict into a “Beach Haven”. And instead of wasting everyone’s time over the UN censure vote on your pathetic settlements, why not listen to the words of Woody Guthrie, a prophet deserving your respect - then maybe you’ll have a better understanding of the Trump family. Remember, stay close to your friends and closer to your enemies!

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