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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Donald Tyrump's Alaska Is...

Caution: May contain pits! Has this nation hit rock bottom? I can hear it all over again: "This is Joe Hazelwood of the EXXON Valdez, we are, are hard aground on Bligh Reef". So Donald Tyrump thinks that we owe him an apology, I mean “THANKS”, because the “Consumer Confidence” is at a 15-year high? Look, he is but the president-elect-reject in my book. Anybody harboring a belief that the Tyrump should get credit for this, has been lobotomized by his "I Have A Wet Dream"!  Look America, are NOT we great already as a nation under Barack Obama? Waaaell Laa De Freakin' Da is he talking about? Look America, he’s a MAGGOT, he did not get the “majority vote”! Regardless of the outcome of an outdated election scam, he is NOT the most popular kid in class, but the class clown. He thinks he is a bully, he’s a coward. When detention calls, his daddy sends an excuse with a fresh $50. OK, let’s say on January 20th at 1301-hours there is a rare virus breakout? I am sure that the Tyrump would blame Obama. And if at 1302 the stock market broke new ground, then Donald would be demanding a thanks! OK, want credit Mr. Tower, yes the “Nuclear Doomsday Clock” has been reset closer to Armageddon – that is all your doing. OK, want more credit Mr. Beach Haven, that “World Laughter Chime” is loud and clear – as the world is laughing at US, and we are providing that "best medicine" for free. Yes, it is being exported so many outsiders can benefit - maybe we need to build another wall! It appears that the faction of voters that wasted a vote on the maggot, well they are all preoccupied once again with “Big Time” wrestle-mania. I guess as long as the entire family can buy tickets to watch the “Fakest of the Fake”, they are content. When the rest of civilized America wonders what the hell went on with the election. OK, with respect to the current state of affairs I blame the Clintons. Hillary should have been way ahead of a maggot in the closing stretch, the reason she should have just taken her abusing husband and went far and away – then Bernie would be the next president-elect and by now Obama could be enjoying the fruits of his labors. Look, consumer confidence doesn’t take hold over-night, so that index along with all the other metrics about how well the economy is fearing, it is due Obama’s steadfast obligation to his sworn duty. We have a nut-case headed towards the Oval Office – a pure maggot nut-case that “Twitters” out to "Thank Donald"? Look, “Beach Haven” is about to take on an entirely different meaning, like father like son like it or leave it. If you are not “wealthy white”, move over as the Tyrump is taking over. I see frustration in Obama’s face these days, as the Tyrump has not even begun to take his Oval Office responsibilities seriously. It is sad when an incoming maggot has but a single agenda, ruin the man before you and shows how fit he is by day-after-day violations under the Logan Act - acting as a president without being sworn to the oath. See, Donald learned from daddy dearest Fred that being in the back of the line behind a "black man"...This is the "New Age WAR" upon our sovereignty, right here in the "Homeland" from sea to shining sea. "This land is your land, this land is my land", think again. Donald Tyrump has no meaningful agenda! Why so I say? Because maggots have but one desire, get across the lawn and leave a slime-line trail. That is what we are up against these days, as the Tyrump is already sliming his way to “Desolation Road”. OK, maybe that “index” for December broke the old record, because many are spending it all this Christmas, as it may be the last one enjoyed with "Peace on Earth"! Backyard bomb shelters are seeing a resurrection in sales as are white robes. There's a run on ammo, and the only reason I can think for that fixation is that Tyrump supporters are about to commit Helter Skelter Harry Carry - on themselves. And on the other side of the isle with the wealthy, well they will be getting tax breaks beyond decency, so of course their confidence level is like an erection lasting longer then 4-hours. Offshore bank accounts saw a count up of 10000, the week before Christmas? I hope that "Sharp Think Tank" of psychological profile experts, that which secretly convened a few weeks ago up in Alaska and funded by the CIA, are on target. The finding that "Reality" crap is a better medicine for comforting the "minority" masses - those that voted for the Tyrump. Yes, better than an "apple a day", better than laughter. So maybe some good will come out of a Tyrump dysentery dynasty. See, the "Tank" research has indicated the best-available-to-date indicator of the Donald Tyrump transition is the Alaska Bush Family as a comparison. And rumor leaks from the Tyrump Tower game room is the fact that during the course of plotting the "Backwoods" course for this nation, that the transitioner's face is always well hidden while watching episodes of the most bizarre "backwards" family on earth. See, the patriarch is a crook, the family acts out its fantasy like big time wrestling condensed version and it looks like incest in the woods at recess time. And this is right up Donald Tyrump's alley, as he contributes to the wrestle-mania fakism. I was alarmed when I read the CIA report and re-visited the "Bush Family" episodes that compared some of the Donald's 3am outbursts. OK, the report also suggests that the Tyrump wears his suit to bed as he is afraid of the dark. But I would be scared also waking up at 3am without street clothes and seeing the "Tales of the Crypt" laying so close. Melanomia, please stay home! This is serious  business, not trying to be funny - so like the WWW, no holes barred! The sad think, fake has its place and time for fantasy - but NOT in the Oval Office. America, wake-up! And to all the maggot supporters, remember that when push comes to shove…”this Blog Kills Fascists”.

Beach Haven ain't my home!
No, I just can't pay this rent!
My money's down the drain,
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home!
(Old Man Trump - Woody Guthrie)

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