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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tyrump Taxlynching

So, how come savings banks of today smell like a morgue? Are elders being held captive in the bank vaults, and dying? Maybe they are trying to last resort safeguard their net-worth away from stingy kids that have their parents committed so the raid on the henhouse can begin. I have the queasy feeling that the way many kids treat their elderly parents, wherein abuse is rampant so premature theft on the inheritance is the ultimate goal, this is how Donald Tyrump is going to treat the middle class. Yes, the henhouse will be under an Executive "Executioner's" Order unsupervised raid - statutory rape victims we will become. I am sure my net-worth will be less when his terms of endangerment ceases to exist - especially rotten to the core if he ever gets to enjoy 2-terms. Let's hope that before January 20th that Donald Tyrump is arrested for "Treason", as he continues to aid and abet the Kremlin enemy, which is a violation under the Logan Act - else we are doomed! Wake up America, as John McCain said the "Russian Federation" cyberlynching is "WAR", yet Donald Tyrump said it was a "smart move"? I ask: "What's in Your Patriotism"? And here is one for the Cray Super-Computer programming jocks that can use statistical analysis Al-Gore-ithms to evaluate an outcome before it happens for "Real". If Donald Tyrump's federal income tax payment history is under an IRS audit and on January 21st he is slapped with a fine and jail time for falsification, can he pardon himself? See, I have a feeling that his tax returns are highly suspicious, the reason he has said NYET to that $400000-yearly presidential salary, as that is the first target for a lien by the Revenue police. And that would become public information. Now IMAGINE a sitting U.S. President under such crucifying circumstances, as that would not sit too well with the American "Middle-class" taxpayers. In fact, I will go out on a limb and sacrifice my liberty if wrong the following assessment. The Tyrump most likely never paid any income tax, and used corporate loopholes rotten to the core to avoid being a "True American". Yes "True American", as I enjoy paying taxes to find before me paved roads from sea to shining sea. To see that "this land is my land, this land is your land" safe during the darkness of nightfall. That we have schools that provide a safe-haven for our children along with a shelter and some grub for those that have ended up on "Desolation Road". But when you never use the infrastructure because you can feed off of a name, with private planes and live in a "Tube"...he lives in an imaginary world, you really think he can be the President of these United States? Of course NOT, as this nation is NOT the stage of some freak-show wrestle-mania extravaganza. It is "Reality", NOT commercialized fake stuff that seems to fixate the "minority" population that somehow swindled the presidency away from the "majority" rules. And it appears that the "TRUMP TOWER" label is but a "Reality" show under the disguise of a charitable organization, which is merely the spigot for the family to enjoy a lavish and extravagant filthy-rich lifestyle - dad delivers at the expense of others! Now I have a belief that the Tax Code was designed to favor us all, from corporate to household. And yes - due the corporate structure - that favoritism is supposed to be magnified, to amplify the advantage based on how well the "tax break" returns favor for a buoyant economy. But when an individual can manipulate the "loopholes" designed for a true corporate structure and as an individual entity take advantage, this is wherein we find the true test of a "Yurncoat" - a yellow-bellied Turncoat. Remember we beat up Mitt Romney when we found out he does the same thing, and gets away with a 15% tax burden. OK, at least he contributes something. With Donald Tyrump, I would like to see if he contributes anything. From what teensy-weensy we know about his financials based on public information, it appears he has manipulated the Tax Code to eliminate any income, or income that could be considered "taxable". See, by having businesses on-the-hook that pay-up through the "Charitable Organization", that debt donation is a tax benefit for the donator. OK, "Trump Tower" sells its name, no goods, just a name and collects a fee. If that "fee" becomes a donation as a form of payment...see where we are headed with this sterilization sheltering? At the same time, the organization can be set-up as a complicated structure so that family members that are not bonafide stakeholders and merely "employees", well they can use the donated funds for just about anything - salaries, traveling, strip joints, caviar call girls, you name it. As long as it can be demonstrated that it was used for the purpose of the "Organization", it is legitimate. So if Donald Tyrump is the sole survivor, and doesn't actually collect a salary, what we have is a guy that could be on unemployment and the use of the "Tower" finds a fee that becomes a "donation" then is enjoyed by his kids - as the cost of doing business. Yes, the kids would end up paying...maybe! Donald on Unemployment? But I bet he never contributed to that system either - so can't beg for a handout. Look, the "Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation" worked the same way. It would find $billions$ in charitable-tax deductible donations from donors looking for "Tax Relief". At the same time it enjoyed a bloated executive and administrative task force that enjoyed 6-digit salaries, first class travel arrangements and when the smoke of abuse cleared the remainder was what actually went to those in need as the "organization" was so defined. So for most COs these days, only a small percentage makes it towards the cause, maybe 25% for a good year. And if Donald Tyrump runs his CO like this, hoodwinking the Treasury Department, then "We the People" have been hoodwanked. Like said before, I would gamble my liberty this is what is going on behind Tyrump Tower Door Number 666, else we would have already been put on notice what Donald has contributed to the United States' infrastructure. But the "Most Abused" tax shelter today comes by virtue of the "Charitable Organization" label, as many wealthy individuals are working the same loopholes and that word "Charitable" places a burden on the IRS. See, there are thousands of legitimate organizations that work hard to satisfy a goal, then there exists the thieves. Don't know about you, but my estimates are that I have put close to a $million$ bucks over my work career as an investment in America. And that is the key, "INVESTMENT", and when somebody feels it is better to scab away, they are not interested in investing in My Country 'Tis of Thee - so how in hell can Donald Tyrump represent the middle-class? He can't, as he really has NO interest because the return-on-investment goes against the grain of pilferage!

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