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Friday, December 16, 2016

Tyrump's - Sarah Palin Blues

So, within the 100-day presidential probationary hornymoon, Donald Tyrump will sign and seal a deal to finally open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil development. And since November 8th, after Putin and millions of Russian Federation "illegals" cast the winning vote for the Tower Maggot, Alaska's senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly has been seen having uncontrollable orgasms - like many republicans her age and sporting yellow skin color. History: ANWR was placed off limits by Jimmy Carter, when oil development in Alaska started to show signs of environmental corruption. That was how many years ago? But the restrictions on that pristine wilderness lasted through the Reagan years, the Bush and Bush again years, the Clinton years and kept off limits by Obama. Because these Oval Office statesmen realized the prize of this virgin wilderness left alone, so oil development potential on Alaska's North Slope meant  "Go West" my friends instead. Yes, for some 50-years by now that area has remained off-limits. So what if on January 20th at 1300-hours Donald lifts the restrictions? Alaska is a rough place for oil development, it takes years to build the infrastructure not already in place, due seasonal difficulties and transportation nightmares. See, the North Slope "Hall Road" was safe until Ice Road Truckers invaded. See, the North Slope "Oil Field" was safe until the "Independents" invaded. So even if Tyrump gave the green light for ANWR...hold that thought. See, ANWR - or the coastal plain known as Area 1002 wherein oil had already been detected back in the 60s - it is some 60-miles away from the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, the only existing way to get oil to a market. That fact alone adds considerably to costs associated with any interest, especially today with depressed oil prices. But wait, as EXXON has already developed a facility, just 10-miles from the 1002! In fact, Sarah can see 1002 from...See, back in the early days of oil prospecting, EXXON probed the ground around Pt. Thompson and found something. This prospect is just on the other side of the Canning River, that which establishes the western border of ANWR. No, it wasn't crude oil but an underground strata that contained "natural gasoline", or as seasoned oil men define it, retro-grade condensate. Very valuable as a commodity! Now for years, EXXON refused to develop that field, and when an oil company working Alaska's resources is permitted to explore and finds something, it is supposed to be developed within 2-years, or at least have a plan of attack before the state revenue guys for review. If not, the state can confiscate and sell that lease along with the once "secret tight hole" exploration data to the lowest bidder. EXXON did not want to develop this field but surely wasn't about to let it slide by the way-side, the value of this stuff was 4x that of the going rate of a regular barrel of crude oil - and a few years ago upwards $400 bucks equivalent. So EXXON sat on the lease, using its mighty legal advisors to stall and at the same time keep the rights of ownership. But when the Alaska oil boom's hey-day had passed - when retrieving over 2-million barrels each day was a thing of the past - the TAPS Strategic Reconfiguration became a reality, when many of the pump stations along the 800-mile pipeline were permanently mothballed - that scared the revenue guys. The good old days were now a thing of the past and every drop counted. So the state wanted EXXON to fulfill the obligation and develop this prospect to get more oil in the oil declining pipeline. Alaska relies on that pipeline and with reduced capacity it was frightening as Alaska was running out of money. So for some 25-years, it was back and forth to the court room, with the state threatening to take the rights away from EXXON. Why? Because by now Alaska had been invaded by the "Independents", that didn't give a rat's ass about the environment and were allowed very lucrative incentives from the state - something started by Sarah Palin. Yes, when at the same time no such freeloading was allowed by "Big Oil", like the EXXONs. So the state wanted to rip those leases away from EXXON and give the rights away to "podunks" from Texas that had a hard time keeping track of everything. Like losing 45000 gallons of highly contaminated glycol out at Oooguruk Island - it went overboard into Harrison's Bay of the Beaufort Sea. A few month's later seals with lesions were washing up on surrounding shores! See, EXXON may not believe in "Global Warming", but when seals are dying, it will seek and destroy what may be causing it. Wherein an "Independent" will find the problem then get a waiver, because it doesn't have the cash to do things right. I am serious, been an Alaskan oil man for many years. I worked for "Big Oil" and the "Independents". Never went fired for speaking up at "Big Oil", went on unemployment when I made waves about that overboard glycol! Why do you think "fracing" gets such a bad rap? It's the Independents, they are more in tune to doing shabby work for more profits! But EXXON held its ground at Pt. Thompson, even though some tough sanctions were advised, as that stuff still in the ground was very valuable. See, an oil company's worth is based on "proven reserves". A little Podunk from Texas could become an overnight success story by grabbing onto this field - just from the reserves aspect as it inflates the stock price. In the end, EXXON was allowed to keep the Point Thompson lease but would have to begin development - which began in earnest back in 2009 and came on-line during the 2016 presidential debates and the same time that the Russian Federation hack attacks were taking place. Now halfway between the "point" and the main Prudhoe Bay pipeline, a prospect called Badami had fizzled out, and BP had packed up and heeded the warning to "Go West". So EXXON built a pipeline from the "point" - only 10-miles away from Area 1002 - and tied it into the Badami pipeline, which is hooked into the big pipeline so oil from EXXON can get to Valdez, where the EXXON Valdez is waiting to take on a load of oil and then set its bearing south - please avoid Bligh Reef. Really, that tanker is scrap. But today, EXXON struggles to get production up to reasonable rates, as the Pt. Thompson field is not your normal everyday oil out of the ground formation. So, how convenient that in a few months EXXON may - it already owns leases in 1002! Time to in a few months time, 70000 barrels will be coming out of ANWR, courtesy of Donald Tyrump and a ways and means to get it to market, courtesy EXXON because the State of Alaska demanded it. Will it affect this wilderness refuge? Is Donald Tyrump a liar? But here is what I am getting at. EXXON is a rich company, it may not do things that meets the standards of many environmentalist, but in comparison to how the Podunks perform, EXXON is the angel - the "Independent" the devil. Many will defy and deny that comparison, as many have no idea what an "Independent" is all about - a little hint is profit only mandate! And I am sure that when Rachel Madcow gets hold of the news that EXXON is already camped out on the ANWR doorsteps, well we never get the true story anymore. Not trying to exonerate EXXON, but instead of just a snippet the story, we need more advanced notice before proceeding! Case in point: I was assigned to a project headed up by EXXON in Valdez back in the early 80s, to see how the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline's vapor recovery system was working to curtail "air pollution" that which causes "Global Warming". The end-of-the-pipeline had tank capacity to hold over 9-million barrels of oil, tanks that must "breath" in and out! That was the time many followers of environmental concern swallowed up the "GAIA Hypothesis" akin to a follower of Timothy Leary, those sucking up LSD - and "GAIA" in concert with Dr. James Lovelock's "Daisyland" theory, that the earth was self-healing, it found widespread acceptance. Everybody was a "GAIA" fan. I still believe in the Gaia and when I look around me from sea to shining sea, Miss Daisy seems to be finding her way around and things are working out. While mankind debates, nature repairs. Now when 2-million barrels a day was headed to Valdez, there's a whole lot of vapor that can escape into the atmosphere - it amounted to 10-million barrels equivalent entering the breathing air each year - wasted away. So EXXON's research proved that the existing science and its calculations were way off base, as the original criteria did not include "North Slope" oil in the model. So when this highly volatile stuff was added, the vapor loss calculations were "way" above that which was supposed to be reported. See, we can measure some things, but there comes times when empirical reasoning takes precedent, which finds room for abuse. Now when EXXON found through its own testing that what was reported was in error, even the local environmental officer that worked for the state lost focus, and did not want to accept the results. Why? Because it violated the EPA requirements for "Best Available Technology and Best Available Methods" in effect at that time - something the state bureaubrats did not want to deal with as the state is responsible and could have faced stiff fines itself. That guy that refused to accept the testing's results, he was a good friend of Charles Hamel, the guy that vehemently attacked EXXON for 20-years in Alaska - another "untold" story truth missing in action. In the end, EXXON won the debate and modifications were implemented to curtail vapor loses. The "Tiger" didn't have to behave this way, but once the cat is out of the bag, why hide it. EXXON could have just sat back and waited until the EPA found the problem, which due the bureaucracy it can delay rational oversight for years as destruction rules. OK, EXXON realized that the vapors could be harvested to generate electricity which could then be used to power the terminal. Nothing is free, not even the obligation to do things right, it all comes at a cost and herein it meant being honest to get approval to utilize the vapor lose. See, the reason that EXXON did not want to develop Pt. Thompson was the fact that the super-volatility of that retro-grade condensate would warrant that "vapor testing" all over again. So for EXXON, it was best to leave it in the ground and use the reserve estimates as a portfolio builder. For a company like EXXON, it makes money even when stuff is "stuck" in the ground. So maybe for reasons of environmental responsibility, keep it in the ground, as long as there is a replacement resource that keeps the state out of EXXON's business, and 1002 is only a stone's throw away and awaiting the Tyrump's approval. But here is wherein the scare exists. If the "Independents" have a different obligation with respect to environmental responsibility, one thing for sure is the fact that the bar will be lowered under the incoming administration. On an ending note, I know the guy that sabotaged the EXXON Valdez, he showed me the plan. He was in cahoots with Charles Hamel, the oil broker who went broke trying to compete with EXXON and then started a personal vendetta against the "Tiger", claiming that he was an "environmental gadfly" and getting the attention of Congress. I knew Mr. Hamel, and soon realized he was a fake. And he was in cahoots with state workers that were also on the vendetta bandwagon due monetary loses when teaming up with Hamel, environmental officers who thought they could get way with murder, and use the same damn Hamel excuse. When crooks take refuge under the "GAIA", we destroy it all.

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