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Friday, December 9, 2016

Pre-Inauguration Day Sale

Available now through SPM Associates, acting as an underwriter, supplemental benefit coverage under the following plan:

Donald John Trump
Liability & Negligence 
Insurance Protection

Cover to Cover Umbrella Policy
$1,000,000 1-Term Benefit

Should you and/or your family and/or loved ones suffer unusual pain & suffering under a Donald John Trump presidency, SPM offers an option. Since the courts will NOT be available without burdens to access and address for redress any form of action or inaction that which created such "Harm", as the 45th President of the United States in his position finds immunity from all prosecutorial indictments, is it time for a "peace of mind" protection? Available now for a limited time only until targeted sales volumes run out, a "Cover to Cover" Umbrella Insurance policy that will protect your interests should Donald John Trump's self-interests interfere with your well-being and cause unusual pain & suffering. Unusual pain & suffering is that so defined above and beyond what American citizens would expect during a normal tenure presidency. Things may be different and difficult under a Donald John Trump presidency. For a few pennies a day, Americans can now buy that "peace of mind" comfort. So contact your SPM representative today for details at
Examples of Coverage Potential:
Loss in investment opportunities that do not recover within a reasonable time due negligence while Donald John Trump is/was acting as president but outside the sworn-to-duty obligations. A 3am "Twitter Rage" that tanks your stock portfolio the day before you were to make a transfer could qualify under this protection. Any unrecoverable loses will be reimbursed through this policy.

Loss of existing employment or wage decreases due deals cut by the Trump administration that undermines the working conditions and associated benefits. Canceling of contracts wherein gainful employment ceases to exist, this policy will supplement income until such time unemployment benefits kick in. If it is found that this negligence enriched the Trump administration or family estate members, SMP will litigate for redress on your behalf.

Loss of life due involvement in unnecessary combat. Should a Trump rage cause involvement by troops that could have been avoided through dip[plomacy, any loss of life or limb will be compensated.

Delays due government curtailments orchestrated by the Trump administration  - like Chris Christie's BridgeGate - that does not find rational considerations that which then causes a monetary loss, may be covered.

Note: Since each potential policy holder's circumstances vary, SMP will carve out the best plan forward based on such needs.

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