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Thursday, April 18, 2013

U.S. Congress

Dear United States Congress;

I am part of the 91% faction, a humongous fraction of those Americans that believed there was ample room for some semblance of gun control following the massacre and bloodshed in this nation’s school rooms. I also support hunter’s “Rights”, and believe that the U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear and convincing on the validity of the 2nd Amendment Right – it is here to stay! But with your most recent “minority in control of the majority” rejection of what appeared to be just a minor inconvenience in the existing “Right” - with background checks - we are flabbergasted that Congress has taken “No Stand” on this volatile issue – and like already mentioned has support from the American majority, a.k.a. “We the People”. Need I say any more, as the entire news’ network is filled with the realization that has finally hit home, Congress cares not what the “People” want and need and this threatens our democracy. Your carefree existence and laissez faire attitude of “so what”, based on the fact you were elected, what a cop-out. But I must admit that there was a “positive” aspect of the Sandy Hook mass murdering and also with the Gabrielle Giffords’ ambush. Those that are now dead due wayward crazed bullets from weapons of mass destruction, from weapons that have no place in a decent society, those dead will never have to pay a “red” cent in taxation for your “Misrepresentation”, wherein “No Taxation without Representation” finds a new meaning and should headline America’s next movement. Your pathetic approach to upholding the U.S. Constitution is a case for out-of-control diarrhea and when we see the “minority” making advancements when it should be the other way around, maybe this is where the “Revolution” finds an establishment. Basically, America has “No Representation”, and why we hard working American’s still pay taxes for nothing, maybe that is what it will take to get this nation back on track. Yes, take away your funny money and then you may have to approach that “lobby buddy” for some loot, that selfish interest you gave it all away too. And then we will see what they propose in return – but look out, as they like attacking when one is not looking, it is called “back stabbing” – something your representation knows all too well, wherein Americans are the victims. So to those still shedding tears with the killings at Sandy Hook and with those of us that still find a tear to shed when other mass casualty attacks upon the “Homeland” are remembered, be comforted that with the casualty count, their presence missing out today speaks something of interest! That they will never have to contribute to a sick Congress, and that may be an instance wherein death is better than for “freedom’s sake” and today they are the “True Americans”, remembered forever buried on this nation’s soil for a cause, that there will be “No Taxation when Representation” is derelict! It is time for “True Americans” to STOP paying taxes for a Congress that is “SICK”.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UFB ~ UnFlippingBelievable

Food for thought:  So, was the UFB a subliminal message to commence another attack upon America – this time in Boston on Patriot’s Day? Didn’t we see the same kind of rhetoric – subliminal messaging  – right before the attack on Gabrielle Giffords and her friends down in Arizona, with the Sarah Palin “cross-hairs” evidence? The FBI need look no further for proof this “Termite” act of terrorism as to “whom” may have been behind more blood-shed here in the “Homeland”. With those individuals hallucinating from too much make-up and jealousy run-amuck, those that can see Russia when sitting on their “crapper” and with flushing the business just another way of shitting upon America, that is where the G-man needs to focus attention and make an arrest! The narcissist “Termite Movement” is trying to exterminate patriotism, just because they are bad losers and never learned how to hunt - with respect!

UFB ~ UnFlippingBelievable(Tread-Mark of Sarah Palin)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Alaska Wake-Up Call

Dear Alaskans;

If you believe Alaska’s biggest ship-wreck was the EXXON Valdez, think again, as the Alaska legislature has just hit “hard aground”, with the passing of the oil tax bill now on record as “Public Law”. This time around it is not crude oil haphazardly discharged, but the state’s treasury safe has been broken into and the once safe inheritance is being swindled away. I guess maybe now this is the true “Public Enemy No.1” that will reign, orchestrated by the “Enemy of the People”, Sean Parnell and the crooks down in Juneau! And remember, we impeached Sheffield for far lesser crimes!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pure Alaskan Diarrhea

All United States’ Taxpayers, please read: 

This is an update correspondence required when following state statutes, filed by Alaska’s biggest defense “Privatized” utility contractor. Sure it’s boring. But somebody must give a rat’s ass! See, the brass realized savings through “Privatization” but something went Hairy Scary wrong here in Alaska. Now this “boring” letter speaks of everything being hunky dory peachy between Doyon and Uncle Sam. It ain’t so and U.S. Taxpayers beware! There is a heated dispute between Doyon and the U.S. ARMY, and it all has to do with “Money”. When the crooks came forward and requested another $30-Million “EXTRA” each year for the next 50-years, of course Uncle Sam went on the warpath, yet here is what we hear from “Crook Central” – everything is peachy clean! Wrong, as if Doyon gets its way with this fraud, Ft. Wainwright will be up for sale and the crooks will walk away with $millions$ in U.S. Taxpayer  “loot”, it’s called “LOOTING” and going on at a United States military base right here in Alaska, in Anchorage, in Fairbanks and in Delta! This is where and when a militia should get off its ass and “Ask not” and get behind the ARMY and help “We the People” win this battle, or else, we will drown in our own diarrhea!

Today in Alaska

On the tarmac: N265K – The KOCH Brothers $multi-million$ dollar luxury jet ride to Alaska.
On the tarmac: C-GKTO -  I.M.P. “Execaire” $multi-million$ dollar luxury jet ride to Alaska.

It’s not fishing season? It’s not hunting season? No, Iditarod is finished as is the Fur Rendezvous?

So what is Parnell giving away today?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cancellation TRUTHS!

Alaska, today the “Lost Opportunity” state but still “We’re In”? Deep shit maybe! First it was the Red Flag military exercise cancellation. Now it is the Northern Edge opportunity going head first over the edge – the proverbial “fiscal cliff” taketh away. I guess this year’s chopping block scene has something to do with politics in failure mode. At least when in that mode, the taxpayers may get a break. Regardless the “why for”, it all boils down to do the “missing loot” – which finds an old definition with a new twist, political looters as “polooters”! See, we can blame Alaska’s congressional delegation for what is happening here in Alaska. If that were not the case, by this time with the bad news heading north from the Pentagon, we would have heard at least a Don Young “Wetback” joke! But nothing, not even a “peep”! No Young, No Mark Begich, No MoanaLisa MurCowpie, none as of yet taking a stand against this economic lose. They have failed us and their “silence like a cancer grows”. Look if Don finds no problem yelling out to his countrymen that Nancy Pelosi is a “rabid skunk” and no problem again spitting “wet” insults towards the First Nation, he could have surely by now said something nasty to the “Brass” in charge of the game forfeits. First and foremost, these yearly military exercises were a “god send” for many local merchants, like how Christmas time benefits merchandizing in more civilized parts of the lower-48. It is estimated that $18-Million will be missing this year with the postponement of the “War Games”. And when these things go by the wayside for any reason, we will never see a return. It is hard to get the money for these extravaganzas and even harder to get it back as some politician will find something else for that loot. So I was wrong, “We the Givers” see never a break! Guess then it will be a quiet summer in Fairbanks – except for the tourists here on a rip off of a lifetime vacation! Remember, don’t eat the salmon, now that the cruise ships can crap all over the migrating fish. And watch to see the “bankruptcy” filings and home foreclosures make for headline news now that the military is changing gears. Yes, this is a baby step of what may be in store for the military’s future presence here in the 49’er, “Going South” can be heard on the horizon! But this is in reality “payback”, because this state has elected “Idiots” to represent us, because we cannot conceive a representative body that understands that the “Corrupt Bastard” mentality gets one nowhere - not even over that bridge. Here is how the Alaska delegation has screwed this state over. I will start with the democratic side of the corruption scandal. Last year, Mark Begich went on the “warpath” with the “Brass” over the Eielson Air Force base cutbacks and used his “Little Boy Bully” attitude to hold hostage the military, by delaying the promotions upon men & women in uniform not even associated with what was happening in Alaska. And then Young and MurCowpie forced the “Brass” into a corner, with “moratoriums” that delayed the base cutbacks. Look, you don’t threaten the “Brass”! Eielson relied on the above mentioned and now cancelled “war games”, so the reading on the wall spells “Rummage Sale”!  That saw “Strike One” with the “Bullying”! Man, I am glad that I was not a kid on the neighborhood block where MoanaLisa grew up! And then when Don Young went to the aid of the Alaska Railroad – for fraudulent misrepresentation and reaping the benefits of taxpayer abuse as a “Fixed Guideway Commuter” with Regular Service – well we are starting to see something in this “payback” trend. Yes, the U.S. Taxpayers’ were getting raped by the rail boss! But Don went to the railroad’s rescue, and Alaska ended up getting $35-million bucks for nothing and the railroad boss still furloughed workers and kept his big fat salary – Strike Two! There is only so much to go around these days, so we must carefully pick our battles and not try to win the war – as the U.S. Treasury is no longer under a blitzkrieg full-blown attack by members of Congress! Thank God for that.  And with MoanaLisa, need I say anything more except we can blame her for SHELL’s never return announcement! Look, Alaska has been at the receiving end of “Government Welfare” way too long. When all the time at the same time the “welfare” check showed up this state’s natural resource “Wealth” was squandered” away by crooks, so we became addicted to the handout – courtesy our “REPRESENATION. And yes, we can blame Dead Ted, Stinky Don, Baby Begich along with “I need a bigger toilet” MurCowpie. I stand corrected, it was her mom that complained about the small crapper aboard “Air National Guard 1”, when Frank was the governor and wanted his own jet to visit the lobby. Look, give Sarah Palin a break, as she had nothing to do with what has happened to this state, except making this state the laughing stock with the greatest vision plan – must be the Matanuska carrots or Thunder….! So today and rightfully so, we are starting to see the fallout of this state’s past Congressional “appropriations generosity”, I mean over-generosity handout and it may be payback time. With over $40-billion in reserve somewhere down in Juneau, of course we may be told to go it alone and we should! Now when we see that “payback” from past representative malfeasance introducing doom & gloom here in the once “Last Frontier”, maybe this is what we need to take seriously to the voting booth next time around. Here is what we need, we need men and women with balls to call the bluff of Big Oil, Big Mining and immediately cease & desist the projects that have cost way too much and produced nothing in return – like Kodiak’s Cape “Gary Stevens” Canaveral and yes, that bridge to “Nowhere” that is being constructed today by and for the Alaska Railroad that is supposed to spend that taxpayer welfare check on a “Commuter” service but instead spends it on Don Young’s favorite “Nothing”. So it is payback, and we will pay for playing so unfairly over the last 30-years. Yes, when oil started flowing down the pipeline, we should have said NO MORE PORK! We should have voted out and away Stevens, Young and the MurCowpie mindset. And maybe we still have time to try and get it right, as there is still some oil to be had, some gold in those leftover tailings and lumps of coal left over all along the rail, after that 30-years pillaging and raping by the “Corrupt Bastard Club” lobby. But if we continue to be “blind”, we will see more of the same and with the “Golden Goose” days a thing of the past, it stinks. If we do not wean ourselves away from such pathetic representation, they will say “Trust Me” some more as they are secretly packing up, moving out to Coconut Groves for that lucrative “payback” from the lobby they supported and letting their buddies rape us for what is left, and that ain’t much to write home about! NO MORE YOUNG, NO MORE BEGICH, NO MORE MURCOWPIE, the recipe for relief and this state’s future success, or else “We’re Out”!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Is the Alaska Railroad aiding & abetting as an “Offshore” tax evading shelter for an “American” corporation heavily involved in the “Tea-Party” movement? And if true, is there a possibility that U.S. Taxpayers “Loot” is being looted away through this “suspicious” tax haven? Story to follow, so stay tuned!

Monday, April 1, 2013


For sale: 2016 Presidential Race bumper stickers, long lasting and weatherproof:


Price: $5-dollars with $2.50 going towards campaign to DE-throne the Bill & Hillary show from ever again representing this country in any capacity! OK, maybe we can spend some of the loot employing Bill to get back the “nuke” plans he gave to Iraq! Get the “MESSAGE”! IRAQ has the “bomb”, ready and willing to fire.