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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Budweiser, Congress & Turds

Wow! The price of crude oil continuous to creep upwards, erasing away the American Dream. Doesn’t FEMA provide erosion relief! How do I apply? And everything in some way or another is tied to the “black gold”, from cereal to toilet paper. And where in hell does the GOP get the idea it can blame Obama on the price increases? It's called supply and demand IDIOTS of the wrong-way party! We once believed in a nest-egg, that reality cushion was cracked worthless by the Bush dysentery dynasty and his heart of a robot sidekick. Talk about cold. Why is Dick still a free man? This guy defines a hairball! And George is having a tough time getting speaking engagements, except at 4-H gatherings over in California’s agricultural Mecca. But little kids think he's a pervert, so showings are slim. What a waste of history, with Bush, as we are still feeling the pain of his presidency – from falsehood wars to income tax harassment policies. Look, that place in Texas that was missing an idiot for so long, they’re still celebrating his homecoming. So today we “True Americans” suffer with a penny pinching economy and instead of helping out the micro-breweries, a truly essential like business that is truly the American spirit embracing the “entrepreneurship” mentality, with less money in my wallet it means resorting back to crappy tasting piss-ant bear, like Budweiser. Honestly, when young and desperate and spending Friday nights out at the graveyard under-age bar, feeding Budweiser to ants seemed to be this skunk cabbage smelling missing a brew-master waste’s only interest. Inebriated ants, what a concept. Remember, they consume 3-times their weight, just like a member of Congress, that spends 3-times as much time with “political intelligence” consultants then time spent protecting his constituency’s right to life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness! See, even though Bud was never a good thirst quencher, there came a following, a dedicated following, until we found out that John McCain’s campaign of “I am a black prisoner” was funded by DUIs. John’s wife is the Budweiser distribution queen who makes millions, so guess who wears the pants? Yes, the Clydesdale abortion in a can. In a nutshell, there comes more flavor from the suds leaching out cancer causing aluminum fragments from the cheap cans they package this stuff in then from the copper kettles meant for genuine brewing! What secret recipe, water is water! Isn’t there a law against false advertisement? OK, it’s the King of “hairball” beers – regurgitated something. And somebody must pay for those expensive sidearm commercials. The rent from attention getting humor sure isn’t helping out in the flavor category, maybe instead of the 60-second stage time fantasy the wasted money should go into the suds! Hire a brew-master instead of a PR firm! Look, it is just like Congress again, missing a leader! In fact, from now on how about a House Speaker prerequisite requirement of professional experience as a “brew-master”? When things get rough in session, bring out the kegs, get blasted, then let the fighting begin. And those commercials by GE, something about it’s the GE gas turbines that are generating the electricity that keeps the Bud cold, maybe we need a brown out! Even when cold it’s not worth the effort, to consume something just to enjoy a good piss on the side of the road. And yes, that is all we get from Congress these days, pissed on! Like an age old saying and still words of advice to Congress: “Don't piss down my back and tell me it's rain”!  Thanks Josey Wales. Wow, what a rage detour! Maybe it’s time to stop drinking. But oil will continue to creep higher and higher, as there is a safety net built into the price of gasoline. Sure enough, like the minimum wage racketeering, the CIM - a.k.a. Congress of Inept Monkeys - has determined that the price of motor gasoline, the price that will be tolerated by the American consumers before we “Strike” for conscious sake, that limit rests at a mind-boggling $5.20 per gallon. Last week, the average gasoline price was $3.51, so look to see gasoline prices escalate towards this goal at the same time crude oil begs for more worth, sometime in the near-by future – this summer. See, when “Big Oil was summoned to a Congressional hearing back some time ago, when Nancy Pelosi came to the chamber equipped with whips & chains and was about to get to the bottom of humongous refining profits, she was demoted by a more powerful and senior crook, namely Alaska’s Ted Stevens. Yes, Ted made it clear and convincing that the CEO gang from the major oil companies, like EXXON, well they wouldn’t be under oath this hearing. So for several hours, they said nothing and I am sure the only thing that was heard during this opportunity is that of pens writing “war-chest” checks while the “political intelligent” posse that sat behind this peanut gallery gang, they sat around picking their noses and blowing spit-balls at each-other – a.k.a. corporate attorneys. Yes, Congress had the opportunity to reign in the reasons behind excessive corporate profits, but instead of a Congressional hearing, it was just another time for Big Business to celebrate, as the working class lost out due to representation hijacked. Look, Ted Stevens is by far the worst member ever that swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, then reneged that promise. Frank MurKowski was the second worst ever and Don Young will end up in the top three. How come Alaska has such crooked representation that has so much influence on the rest of the Congress? Must be the “Frontier Spirit” or the fact that Don maintains an arsenal at his office and is a Big Bribe Guide for K Street fans. So watch for crude oil to climb and climb, until that “Safety Net” limit is reached, then we will see some bailouts, in the form of tax incentives. Just so “Big Oil” CEO wives can take away more and more of our hard earned loot, for breast implants and botox treatments, not for themselves, for now they think it is proper for their pet poodles, yes botox for animals is vogue. The real animals appear to be the humanoids with a little too much loot. Maybe we have an income tax equality problem here in America? Now this gasoline price ceiling is top secret, the government approved “Safety Net”, but it is what you are already paying for if you run low on gas in a national park. But Uncle Sam is doing everything it can to inseminate artificially the economy. In our national parks, you can commit a crime against the Constitution and get away with it, for a price. See, in efforts to collect much needed income to pay for John Boehner's tanning booth time, or Mitch McConnell’s private lessons on “How to Assassinate A Good President and ruin the American Dream” or Eric Cantor's baby pacifiers which are needed by the thousands this election year, Uncle Sam is collecting money by very suspicious dealings. There exists these “penny” coin reformers found throughout the homeland heartland, wherein a once good Lincoln head can be transformed into, “scat”. Yes, for 51-cents, 50 for the shipping and handling, that penny can be transformed into a thin copper disk with no apparent value but as a “turd” stamp, from a rat crap to a bat crap to snake crap. Wow, what a way to learn about Congress, through turd coinage and committing a crime upon the Constitution! Maybe each type of turd needs a name associated with it, as “Turds” mean something upon this country's representation these days. I honestly believe in teaching elephants to fly, over Washington! Today, it’s not only the natural or historical benefits that can be enjoyed in our treasured lands set-aside wherein it is now OK to carry loaded weapons, we can now buy crap, in the form of turds, and walk away feeling good that a crime has been committed, and all it cost me was a… Imagine your kids after that Griswold summer outing and returning to school, instead of baseball card trading, it can be “scat” trading time. Hey, I’ll give you two Boehner turds for a McConnell turd? Look, we have been crapped on, by big corporations, like Bud and GE and EXXON who enjoy the ramifications of a Supreme Court “opinion” bent on thinking those with a robot heart are a genuine “person”, just a load of crap coming from the highest seat of justice. But the biggest load of crap comes from the Halls of Congress, as they are the lawmakers turned lawbreakers. So as we are forced to live within the means, as we resort back to drinking Budweiser and incorporating hamburger helper for three squares along with getting thrills turning Lincoln into a “Turd”, remember this! One step forward and 5-steps back, well slavery is just around the corner. That “giant leap” for mankind has been hijacked, by “Greed”. Just look at Obama’s face when he is confronted by a crap slinging Congress, as it points to a system that has nothing to offer, but pure unadulterated “crap” legislation. In reality, that is all the rich peoples wealth is buying these days, “crap” and time. As once upon a time….

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Seal Die-Off

Finally, an expert witness journey that reveals what may be causing the bearded seals off Alaska's North Slope to die off in record numbers the Natchiq are threatened! Is it from near-shore oil development toxic waste dumping, illegally discharged into the waters of Harrison Bay? Are the regulators being held off, by a “Drill Baby Drill” mandate? This is a True Story, with some of the names changed to protect the innocent. Due out April 1st on this site. Documentary film to follow.

Watch Oooguruk Island Drill Site under attack!
Note: This "attack" that wasn't supposed to happen left its scar, an environmental nightmare. What happened to all the drilling chemicals?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hitler Highway

There appears to be a growing concern about the safety of this nation's highway system from sea to shining sea. In fact, it has become of national interest with the media moguls, especially the liberal establishment pressmen. It appears to be a one-sided argument of concern. See, guys like Rush never seem to mind the pot holes, as with so much extra spare-tire cushioning and hot-air bloating, the bumps don't bruise. Maybe one good thing said about being classified as obese. Classified, what a word. So close to Hitler's lullaby, that of being “gasified”. It's happening in a country near you. And this fear upon our black tops looking more and more like a lunar landscape and rust bucket bridges falling out of mid air - truly becoming “Bridges to Nowhere” - a country without a viable transportation corridor becomes a target of gasification. No doubt this “Highway is for gamblers” concern is surfacing again as we have upon us an election year, 2012. And said again, the “Right” is against any new spending, unless it is money for the lucrative “War Machine”. Now without a doubt, indeed this transportation system that is vital to a thriving nation and its economy, it is in a sad state of affairs. So what happened? New research reveals the sad fact of the matter that the money was appropriated for fixing the ailing highways and byways along with loot to rescue the rusting bridges, during George Bush's years of endangerment, but for some reason we the taxpayers did not get our money's worth – not even a close call. On every dollar spent from appropriations made available by this nation's largest and most costly of highway infrastructure bills of record, the Don Young sponsored 4-year TEA LU Bill HR 3, only 35 cents on every dollar actually went towards sustaining the infrastructure. So we spent over $300-Billion and only received a warranty for $87-Billion. The remaining balance was used as a lucrative profit margin scam, through borderline “legal” inflated administration fees – otherwise known as hidden bonuses. It meant money was used to make contractors rich, so we witnessed sub-standard re-surfacing attempts and re-painting jobs on bridges that lasted until there came a blow of salt like ocean air. For the workers involved in these projects and just trying to forge a decent living, it meant sub-standard work conditions along with sub-standard pay. As the CEO contractors and paving company owners ran away with the loot. See, paving companies and highway contractors are generous with donations to the political chariot race – the kind with scythes blades! There is something pathetic going on here. For a representative to get re-elected time after time, it is occurring through our dime! If I am a representative with control of the purse strings and I make an appropriations bill wherein a friend can benefit, then I know there will be payback in the form of a campaign donation, because my buddy has a whole lot of extra disposable income - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. Now wait just a minute, this may not be double dipping, but it sure stinks! But in a nutshell, this is occurring on our watch. In fact, the billions stolen away from the highway bill, it made more millionaires then what can be expected when FaceBook goes public! Why I ask, as a great nation once are we so afraid of “term limits” and getting a handle on a system that is out-of-control? It is amazing when we find simple solutions to what appears to be a problem of massive proportions. This country's problem is singular, it is called too much time at the wheel of fortune. Remember, their fortune is our misfortune. What it is all about, if not a millionaire before taking the oath to protect the Constitution, that oath is checked at the door and the criminal activity begins. Yes criminal, as an example is the fact that we hear rumors that there finally exists a bill that warms members of Congress against engaging in “Insider Trading”. But it is a bill that proves nothing of consequences because the existing “Immunity Clause” is still in effect. Members of Congress can get away with murder, if so justified in the course of their duties! Only “Treason” can find no immunity, and with the Sargent of Arms missing, there is no treason screening. So they don't want term limits for the simple fact they are not in it as an honorable undertaking, but a way to make friends on K Street so when the time is up, they have already made their own IPO wealth, or at least have paved the way for a lucrative future. Name me one member of Congress that is poor? It stinks, it has become a pathetic show of gun-intelligent imbeciles who could not make it on their own outside so contrive a good Pinocchio story and get elected under false pretenses, re-elected through the lunacy of incumbency and it never ends, all on our time and dime. Pathetic the history books will show the last four sessions of the United States Congress, maybe more, along with Don Young's highway bill, which is just one example of how we the taxpayers get screwed over with, not once, but many times around the merry-go-round. Hitler put people out of their misery, our Congress is not that evil, yet we continue to suffer, day after day after day, and those made rich through this shenanigans continue to fight down any reasonable offers from Congress for equality, with equal taxation, as like it or not, in reality they are just a “Little Hitler” in disguise! A monster our representatives has created.

SuperFool XXX

So the biggest concern from the Homeland guys upon SuperFool Sunday XXX is from pickpockets and prostitutes? Sounds like our Congress is showing up! And here is my take on the game. It isn't a game anymore, ever since they let the dog killer back on the field!

Friday, February 3, 2012

TRUMPeter Swine

From the orifice of Donald TRUMP: “Others are laughing at us”! NO, not so, as others including myself are laughing at you Mr. Trump and your pathetic political aspirations. Chapter III – The TRUMPeter Swine Return. So the bad hairdo guy from New York's ASS - Association of Skimbag Slumlords - endorses the guy that pays less tax on income then a minimum wage earning American gainfully employed. So what's with this ridiculous endorsement, as Trump is a real nobody and trying so hard to turn the entire presidential state of affairs into a reality TV show. If these idiots with nothing else to do but cause suffrage dereliction, if they would for once just look in the mirror and ask, “Am I truly an American”, then we would be without this apocalyptic bombardment of tyranny upon our well-being with respect to political ideals. It is sad when individuals have so much disposable income - due income tax cheating - that they don't have to work for a living, it causes a disconnect to becoming and maintaining the status of a “True Blue American”, as it was hard work that made us what we were once upon a time. And when an individual thinks “Hard Work” includes sending once profitable companies into bankruptcy along with the sad fact the jobs go away, far away to another country, and the payback for sending these jobs away allows raking in millions in “tax free” bonuses, this Hard Work” definition has seen its defining moment as a bowel movement and trespassed upon. Look, Mitt's kids will never have to sweat a day's work, because of loopholes in the tax codes? These are not loopholes, they are holes in the dam! Here is what I learned while attending catholic school during after-school extra-curricular activities - while sharing a bottle of communion wine with Father Lamb. If you find something out of whack, you don't take advantage of it, as it wasn't intended to be taken advantage upon! A simple sermon, a simple serum! Trump, he is on the side of the “OTHER” America, not the kind that made this country great, but was “made” available by this country's criminals during the misspelling of the latter – greed ring a bell of disgust? Sure he has money, but nothing else in return. If getting rich transforms an individual to a Trump like character, please “give me the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free” to befriend, as the meek will inherit the Kingdom. At last count Romney had at least 8 votes guaranteed. His own vote, wife and kids and add one more from Trump. Look, anybody that votes for Mitt Romney needs the head examined. Matter of fact, since Romney will garnish republican party votes because those on the right are afraid of having an able bodied colored man at the helm, if there comes enough voter disenfranchising and Romney does get the popular vote, then it is time for the electoral college to exercise the nuclear option - that of the “Faithless Electorate”. Those empowered to elect the president, they have at their disposal a very powerful tool, to make sure the popular vote candidate is “fit” to take over as Commander-in-Chief. When it appears that it is a Commander-in-Thief about to take over, the electoral body has the duty to hold back and refuse to cast a vote, and let Congress perform as outlined under Amendment 12, sending the entire election process to debate. In the mean time... Look Mitt is a desperate dustpan. It is the unending hunger, it is the maddening appetite for the most powerful position of the free-world that provokes this anger and campaign trail rage along with the desperation to cheat, to lie, to flip-flop, all told a mentality that strives at any cost and at any expense to instill false confidence to the lemming population that he can be the Commander – in this case Commander of what is still out on TILT due lack of clarity. Not charity Mitt, clarity, you can't buy it! It is an aspiration for his ego and nothing more, based on nothing, except his wealth wants to buy something that shouldn't be for sale. And take the news media, so in a hurry to be the 1st kid on the block with the depressed news. “From the Washington Post: News ALERT ~ Mitt Romney wins Florida primary” followed within seconds by, “From the Washington Post: News ALERT Correction ~ Mitt Romney buys Florida primary”. The truth hurts, but it is the truth we need front and center, and the truth is far from reality the present GOP nominees running for position of desperado. When we see a basic function of government so bent out of shape as is the Congress and political party affiliation causing a dangerous class clash separation here in America, the people must react. But during such dire times, we must rely on the checks & balances designed into the Constitution, and that is why it is so important too not demolish the “College of Electors”, as today like never before we see a reason why the “Faithless Elector” comes into play. So even though some may vote their color over their conscious, the fact that Romney is not a bonafide U.S. Taxpayer, it is grounds for impeachment even before he gets momentum behind him to make a run at the helmsman's position. Romney is a TAX CHEAT! Don't you get it? But with what is going on in the GOP presidential nominee race, it is just a reflection of how Congress is broke because the representative formula includes members of the “right”, which seems to be bothered more with image – that of criminals – then with dealing with the problems this country is facing, this dereliction diminishes our security. And when the security of our nation is compromised due the fact that the front door is wide open for abuse seekers, we find Donald, we find Mitt, we find Newt, all together not a bit of true blue Americanism exists, because these are the bastards that have devastated tranquility, and that my friend is how Freedom gets lost. And these are the individuals who never had a chance to hear Father Lamb's sermon, “If it is not yours....!”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Enstar Natural Gas

Wall Street, along with the Anchorage Daily News has announced that Enstar Natural Gas - the company that provides heating and cooking fire fuel to south-central Alaska, including the “Big Wild” Anchorage - will be sold to a Canadian energy investment firm. STOP the press! An investment venture is after one and only one thing, blood out of a turnip, especially with this interest at stake. Enstar doesn't own any gas, so makes money only by delivering that commodity to its customers. And for shareholders about to approve dishing out millions to get a piece of the Alaskan pie, more money to arouse the portfolio and payback opportunities comes about by a simple formula, cut wages, cut jobs. Like already mentioned but re-emphasized for sake of concern, Enstar owns no natural gas resources, it makes money transporting that stuff to our homes for others, like Unocal, Marathon and Conoco – the natural gas lease owners. So payback has risks involved. And to think of cutting the Enstar ditch-digging staff any further, it would be an unsafe move. With that front and center, before this sale is approved, the RCA should hire a third party accounting consultant to testify on the “true” value of the Enstar infrastructure. See, the transfer of goods - assets - it will allow the new owner to file for tariff relief. Which means we the customers will pay if they get their way! And when we see this new age rip-off that is occurring upon the customers by the utilities, wherein a utility can claim that “conservation” is effecting the bottom dollar so tariffs are allowed to see increases, it points to a warped state of affairs upon regulation. And there is a valuable history lesson already written that indicates Enstar's current position is tainted. Enstar was once owned by Seagull Oil Company, an oil exploration and development corporation that held on to the Alaskan sidekick when most of its interest was in the Gulf of Mexico, instead of Alaska. It was a $30-Million dollar a year revenue infusion for the Seagull, but due the fact that it was regulated, profit margins had to be carefully controlled. If gross profits were too high after all the plausible business deductions, it meant splurging on new trucks and shovels, as over-profits on the financial statements could mean a rebate to the customers. This is where regulation means something to the rate payers. It was a pretty tight balancing act. Seagull wasn't making a killing, just a modest profit – the way it was supposed to be played out. That was the time when all was good with the relationship between Enstar and its south-central customer base here in Alaska. When Seagull went tired this business and sold out to SEMCO energy, a utility that was under fire by the state of Michigan regulatory commission for over-charging customers and was fined so by having a 5-year moratorium on gas sale increases when at the same insane time natural gas was increasing in price without bounds, that fine had too be covered by another entity far and removed from the Michigan oversight, as the loses could not be accounted for by the Michigan customer base - so Enstar became the whipping boy. Now Enstar under Seagull Oil, it was a respectable business venture. Basically the Texas based company left Alaska alone, realized modest profits from the venture and found no problems from up north. A time when the local executive branch looked out for the customers' interest and since the work force was unionized, it was a marriage meant to be. And with that, there was never the misery that came about when SEMCO came to town. Since SEMCO took over, it has been a day to day circumcision of what was once a respectable business. First and foremost, SEMCO's management thought that this little far and removed Alaskan setting could bail out the problems they were having down in Michigan, so paid way too much for the Alaskan “limited” infrastructure. For those in the know, the Alaska entity was valued at $102-Million. SEMCO, well they paid over $320-Million, so right off the bat the Michigan based owner was treading water while the Seagull laughed all the way to the bank. When SEMCO management came to Alaska with the champagne, all aboard the “Fun Bus” and championed the fact that they wanted to grow the customer base by a third more over those mountains to the east and another third over those mountains to the west, little did they realize that “nobody lived there”! So it appeared that SEMCO had not done its homework before dishing out way too much for the Enstar business. There was no growth. So right off the bat SEMCO was loosing money. That is one of the reasons in time this misfit outfit would find merit in retaining Ben Stevens – while Ben was a sitting state senator – and paid Ben $70k a year, for something we still have not a clear and convincing idea for what in return. All I know is the fact that natural gas has increased way beyond decency, over 300% since SEMCO moved in. And take Aurora Gas - a partner in crime - as an example of how “Outsiders” have tried to move in and destroy decency. When Aurora's new natural gas pipeline was slow to find the pipe segments welded together and with January the construction season shutdown, the gas controllers at Enstar were required to “cook” the books to make it appear that this pipeline was delivering gas into the network from Aurora's Lone Creek lease. There was no gas because the pipeline was still hanging on cribbing! But Aurora had customers with contracts to contend with, big customers like the Anchorage school district, so it was gas that had to be delivered from another source at a premium, so the base rate customers - you and I - paid for this shenanigans. Yes, we paid because it was a scam. In time, the Aurora bailout would crash. That is why one day Aurora performed a “force majeure” and told all their large commercial customers to get lost – which included our schools maybe going cold! Enstar had to scramble to find replacement gas, which was once again purchased at a premium since no contracts were in force for the lost supplies and then Enstar tried to pass that increase on to the customers - you and I - but got caught. Thank the regulators for keeping an eye on Enstar's maneuvers, as they knew this business was up too no good. So over time, SEMCO ended up selling pieces of the transportation and delivery system, just to stay afloat with this over-paid venture. Instead of a 3-year payback, it was more in tune to a 10-year payback. And we the customers have suffered. It has been time along those lines, so maybe SEMCO is just breaking even and the time has come to shed this business nightmare. But all in all, we the customers have paid for stupid mistakes. That is why this current takeover should be placed on hold until such time the regulatory commission can take a good look at what is really happening and what has happened over the years. If not, it will be but more of the same, a new kid on the block, and maybe Ben is already in there pockets! Yes, Enstar did “cook” the books for Aurora, I was there, complained and was fired!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maggot Magnet

Let’s drink to the hard working people”. Double shot please…. Once upon a time, Alaska was a great place to raise a family, land a decent job without any nepotism or cronyistic strings attached and with that said and done able to enjoy being without bother, along with that drink after a hard day's work. But the invasion is in full swing, with a dysentery taking over. So lookout, as we are losing out our independence because Alaska seems to have been transformed into a maggot magnet. Debate on the issue of privacy this state of affairs, how it was in the past, today and with the way things are going, the future holds no future. Damn it, the “Right of Privacy” is a state constitutional guarantee above all other rights, no matter what the Fed.’s think otherwise. What is with so many “Outsiders” getting involved in our business? For a long time, Alaska’s population was nothing shy a genuine “salt of the earth” society. It’s a heritage for all handed down by the Native Alaskans – without any retainer. People headed North for a reason, to test their independence, enjoy that freedom. It meant hard work in a tough and rough environment, wherein politics was but a “chad” like nuisance but not so involved in the “state of affairs” that it destroyed destiny's child. That was the way it went down and around before the “Corrupt Bastards’ Club” mentality infected ethic civility. And of course Palin had a major role in this course change wherein we are walking the plank of no return! We are all guilty by association, like her or not. And yes, Maggot Magnet the “Last Frontier” has become. Now the 49er was not much of anything until the oil pipeline made its d├ębut, and during the construction era it was the “Hard Working” crafts people - the welders to the ditch diggers to the bull cooks - that made the pipe dream a reality. Remember, the “Outsiders” said it couldn't be done. Frank Moolin thought otherwise, words to the effect, “Test Us”! But once the oil started flowing and the money started rolling in, it appears that this state changed, from the “Last Frontier” to a giant magnet for maggots. For starters this state’s infatuation with maggots, Mark Hamilton finds listed above all the “Maggot of the Week”. He feels it is OK to call an honorable judge a comic, with respect to the court's opinion on oil property tax evaluation. Now “sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”, but his outrageous name calling is overboard and goes to show that he along with a cast of Bill Sheffield wannabes have no freak’n idea what the oil business is all about. Look, for years Hamilton drove the Anchorage campus U into the ground. Sure there are brand new facilities, but the school of higher education still does not produce higher educated individuals. If that were not true, then why does “Big Oil” have to draft caliper workers from “Outside”? Sure goes to show you cannot judge a book by its cover story, the Hamilton U. It looks good from the outside, it sounds good, but the production line is broke. What Hamilton wasted money upon is no different than the Alaska Railroad abortion depot out at Ted’s spaceship, named in honor of “Maggot of the Year”, Bill Sheffield. And Hamilton is not the only maggot, as it appears the entire legislature finds itself in the same vote when it comes to this Alaskan style maggot infestation. It appears that the maggots are lining up in Juneau to spread snake oil slime so they can line their pockets, with hypothetical “research grants”. With free money courtesy the state of Alaska. Look, with oil at an all time high, the crooks are heading North in droves, disguised as “professionals” with only one agenda, take the money and run. The stories being told in front of the legislative branch are preposterous fibs, yet there appears to be this representative mentality that believes in these fish story lullabies. There was that idiot from the Great Bear, that proposed drilling 100 wells a year on the “Slope”! And the listening audience, well they said why not 200 wells? See, no wonder when it comes to oil taxation those in the know are AWOL, and that allows the legislatures to make policy changes, Bill Allen style. Now the latest craze being applauded upon comes front and center from some guy strutting another pipe dream, is it called Super-Critical Water Extraction and Refining, or SCWER. Maybe SCREWED is a better description, as this is another nightmare way to get money, produce nothing and get in trouble with “Intellectual Property” litigation. This process is patented, to a foreign country! And it won't work on the “Slope”, as it is an energy intensive process along with “where's the water”? I guess with the economy limping along in the lower-48, we should expect crooks showing up at the front door down in Juneau, as the state treasury is just across the street. They show up telling fibs hoping to get a check, which can be quickly cashed before it is discovered that it was just another railroad robbery. Remember, before it was determined to be ethnic stereotyping, the Anchorage Police task force would wait out at Ted's Spaceship – a.k.a. Steven's International House of Cocaine deliveries – and if a known gang-banger showed up, they were given a one-way ticket back to L.A. It worked, so maybe we need to start something like this all over again, not for gang-bangers, but guys arriving dressed in snake oil suits headed to Juneau when the senate is in session. Look, “Big Oil” sets the stage for the present state of affairs with the North Slope oil economics. And if this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or “Giant Enema” or whatever it's called to bombard the underground formations with high pressure water annihilation, if this process that can supposedly turn peanut butter into oil cannot get interest from “Outsiders”, then that rejection means something – its a warning! Look, all the money this state takes in should be guarded by a bank that scrutinizes every lent cent. Imagine if a senator - both state and those of Congress - had to fill out a loan application every time he or she or it wanted re-election bait! If it is too good to be true..... And like mentioned beforehand, things have changed for the worse this “Last Frontier”. Palin disturbed the hornet’s nest, since then it has been war, one the state cannot win, especially when it comes to “Big Oil”. They own this state, at least so for the last 30-years. And they have control, over oil economics. See, several years ago the conglomerate embarked on a project called the “Strategic Reconfiguration” program, designed to enhance the oil business in Alaska for the next 30-years. It basically targeted a lower throughput, a figure “Big Oil” was comfortable with wherein it was envisioned as a “pure-profit” endeavor. Wells paid for, gathering stations paid for, pipeline paid for, so all it cost at this throughput was due to labor costs. Look, the TAPS could be running at its capacity, which means about $15-Million extra each day to the state at present day oil prices. But “Big Oil” doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about how this state fairs with respect to its economic well-being. It's a business, just ask Mitt. And “Big Oil” knows already how to take that “peanut butter” out of the ground economically, for far less then this peanut butter SCRWEWD scam. And Yarbro - the guy trying to sell this idea to the check writers down in Juneau - the yahoo wants to build a 5-barrel per day test facility, with money from our treasury? Give me a freaken break. So Juneau has become a must stopover for the snake oil salesmen, the mighty maggot magnet stopover, as the audience in session still believes in those bridges to nowhere. Hey, has anybody seen the M.V. Susitna? If found please apprehend, but the pirates in charge should be considered politically dangerous. But please, find this AWOL amorphous assault vessel, as Harold Heinze, the “Ring Leader Maggot” award winer, he has found a need for Don Young's pirate's ship - helping build their ultimate bridge to nowhere, a land bridge from Prudhoe Bay to Norway. What polar bears? If Alaska continues to entertain the snake oil preachers, then we will lose more money on “impossibilities” then what was lost upon the sacred and reserved Constitutional Budget Reserve when the market sank. Instead of a big hunk of cash future generations can enjoy, it is nickel & dime time and when it is all totaled up, we will see billions lost for wet dreams. And that list of “maggots”, it is pretty long winded. And remember, don't maggots breed flies! That buzzing sound, it annoys me! SWAT!