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Thursday, July 26, 2012


(Sung in tune to Roger Miller’s DANG ME)

Well here I sit top of the class gettin' wealthy,
Ain't nothin' but a king would live like this.
Out all day and runnin' wild buyouts,

then sittin' home with a room full of gold.
Bain me, Dang me, they oughta make a bribe to tame me,
Just like me to be tax free, Rush would you weep for me?

Just sittin' 'round thinkin' with the rest of the 1%,
six buyouts sought and I stole five.
I sent the money offshore,

made fourteen jobs and  paid them twenty seven cents.
Bain me, Dang me, they oughta make a bribe to tame me,
Just like me to be tax free, Rush would you weep for me?

Roses 're red and violets 're purple,
moneys sweet and so is outsourcing.
Well I'm a latter day’r with too many sons,

My pappy drank Pepto-bismol and I'm a son that has no fun.
Bain me, Dang me, they oughta make a bribe to tame me,
Just like me to be tax free, Rush would you weep for me?

Bain me, Dang me, they oughta make a bribe to tame me,
Just like me to be tax free, Rush would you weep for me?

Alaska Jerkonomics

Simon says! The other morning on NPR, some wacko named Simon was on the interview bandwagon, a corporate Public Relations “retard” that must have woken up to a bad hair day. I guess freaked out when the mirror shattered. Look, I usually refrain from using that “r” word, but in this case it is justified, as to attack Obama at least a dozen times in a 1-minute interview, there must be something wrong with this dude. What you mean she’s a woman? Couldn’t tell from the interview, maybe it was from the background noise or pollution out at Joe’s mine. I get tired of hearing these idiots blame everything on Obama. I bet this girl, or whatever it is, would blame that monthly “only women bleed” period on Barack, that’s how bad it is getting. It’s raining, blame Obama. Stock market blues, blame Obama. Neighbor’s dog shit in your yard, blame Obama. High gas prices, blame Obama. That town in Texas still  missing an idiot, blame Obama! Anyway, the attacks came about with respect to the Fed.’s Office of Surface Mining requiring Usibelli to apply for a “permit” to develop the Wishbone mine – another controversial development project. See, Palin left this state a legacy, called Parnell, wherein the entire “regulatory” infrastructure designed to protect what Alaska once was proud upon, well today in the aftermath “regulations” have been busted, so the state doesn’t require a permit - even to pollute. Yes, state regulators are asleep at the wheel, as to perform to protect the environment over the business prospect means one thing, a furlough – a.k.a. “pink slip”. Don’t believe me, look what occurred out at Pioneer’s Oooguruk Island, as the “regulators” were AWOL. What do you think is killing off the seal population – what about thousands of gallons of contaminated glycol thrown overboard? The dereliction list is running out of room. Is Sean Parnell a vampire? Honestly, I heard some little kids asking this question. So when the state violates it’s “statehood” and goes derelict in protecting this land, I’m OK with Uncle Sam stepping in. Here is my take on Joe’s empire. We see very little with respect to income from that “black lung” resource. And here is the sad fact of the matter. Joe has a “gold mine” in his backyard. A majority of the coal from Joe’s mine today is destined for in state use, to fuel the heating plants around the interior, at military installations. When most coal contracts secured by the Defense Logistics Agency for military use has seen on average a 5% decrease in “Delivered Costs”, along with 5-year fixed contracts saving the U.S. Taxpayers $Millions$, well stingy Joe, he realizes the virtue of “NO Competition” and screws the hell out of the Taxpayers. Last go around, Joe swindled a contract that realized increases upwards 14%, for deliveries, Joe in cahoots with the Alaska Railroad. And today, it appears that new contracts between Joe and Uncle Sam will see outlandish one-sided dealings, due the lame excuse of unpredictable fuel transport costs, making the government negotiators totally frustrated their efforts to “fair deals”.  This is highway robbery. Taking advantage of Uncle Sam, it will backfire. Now some may blame this on Obama. Just like Simon found so convenient the moment to attack Obama from sea to shining sea. But here is what is happening in Alaska today. It is the cost of energy that sets the stage for the horrid realization called “BRAC” – Base Re-alignment and Closure. When this military commission looks at consolidating, this rip-off will have a devastating effect on whether or not the bases in Alaska’s interior stay warm. That is why Eielson’s flight line “will” move to Elmendorf. Greed will be this state’s death blow upon the military infrastructure, which supplies how many jobs? So maybe this is payback, the “G” man getting even, making sure Alaska plays by the rules. Now talk about rules of engagement, how in hell can the Koreans purchase Joe’s coal at a discount, cheaper then what the military enjoys? There is definitely something wrong this picture. So Simon, go back to bed, roll over and wake up on the other side, maybe then will you see the true picture. And please, STOP blaming your miserable outlook on Obama!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Insane Bain

Does it strike you with a sense of skepticism that “Skadden”, one of the largest “Leveraged Buyout” law firms in existence today and for eons a democratic party “only” clearing house for political support donations, isn't it odd that this entity has deviated from its historical track record and allowed $thousands$ in political donations to a single republican, namely Mitt Romney? Along with $thousands$ in campaign bucks to Barack? Now what is going down between both “Me President” camps, it is not by any stretch of the imagination chump change, but money enough to tip the election scale. What side are the “Skadden's” on? Both, is the answer and for reasons secretive. But the connection is becoming clear, that Romney may be a closet democrat. Actually, this “offshore man” doesn't really have a party affiliation or party line dedication, just wants “to be on the side that's winning”. His “GOP” inklings are just a front, this is made clear and convincing his affiliation with “Skadden” and the “Bain” beginnings. Unfortunately, his ties with “Skadden” through “Bain” have gone under the radar. And not only is “Skadden” a high profile “LBO” law firm, it also prides itself in “offshore taxation” consultations. And yes, “Bain” through “Skadden” supported John Kerry's presidential campaign against George Bush back in 2004, at a time when Mitt Romney was the “General Partner”. Look, not a single penny goes unaccounted for this type of venture, especially on the “donation” front. Mitt as GP is the signatory of all expenditures, or through a confidant, endorses any political giveaways, including “political donations”. Fact of the matter, Mitt must have been in support of Kerry back in 2004. And even though Mitt tries to convince that he has no longer any ties to Bain, the affiliation doesn't go away, as there is too much loot involved and the contracts are very specific, breaking ties is not allowed. It's like this, once “made” in the Mafia, only death destroys that link! Mitt Romney and “Skadden” through Bain held a very convoluted and complex arrangement, that is still in existence today, way “offshore”. In ending, the political contributions by “Skadden” today to Mitt's camp, it is payback because of the relationship, alive and well!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pass the Bottle!

Wow, is this still America - what in hell happened to the dream? Merle Haggard may have sung aloud “the bottle let me down”, but who the hell let Merle down? I was driving along the Merle Haggard Highway, down by Route 66, in pursuit Willie & Family's bus. Just follow the weed smoke, but with all the other aggravating smoke from wildfires sea to shinning sea, it is hard to decipher the good over the bad. OK, so I went to listen to a legend still pimping those steel strings, at age 79. But what a hassle I had getting there. No I don't need a wheel chair, stupid agent at the ticket counter! And when I arrived at the hotel next to the amphitheater, guess what, they gave me the “Handicapped” room, right by the damn elevator. Just because I was excited and told some that I was going to a “Old Willie” concert. The aging population is getting harassed for things we once did by second nature and still do well today. Wow, look at the line at the latrine! No wonder Willie smokes weed on the road, these highways are so disgusting, one needs a lift. Wow, Willie at 79! OK, when the “Red Headed Stranger” came center stage, it was a little out of tune. Not Nelson, that “old guitar”, as Neal once sang about, “It's been up and down the country roads. It's brought a tear and a smile. It's seen its share of dreams and hopes. And never went out of style. The more I play it, the better it sounds. It cries when I leave it alone.” But back to Merle, the damn highways across America are an atrosious mess. Instead of those bright orange road work signs indicating “Road Construction Next 12-Miles”, the signs of today now show like this, “Road Construction Next 12-Hours”! That is of course true only if a state was lucky enough to have used some of ObamaCares' bucks – from the almost dead American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – to fix the roads and bridges, instead of wasting taxpayers' loot on more education. Look, just look at Alaska to see how education bucks have failed. Alaska received over $140-Million from Barack, for what? I guess to pay for a golden parachute retirement package for union buster Carol Comatose. Maybe if teachers received a decent pay, then the “No Child to Turn Out Like George Bush” would not be on the fast-track towards failure. Will it ever work, if we continue to invest education bucks in the infrastructure instead of those dedicated to teaching? When we have a society that relies on the teaching staff to feed, clothe and bath our children, it is just like the present conditions of the highways – total dereliction. Talk about dead-beat parents, how about a dead-beat DOT? Books are outdated, with the Internet. If the school administration catered to the students over the publishing lobby, the savings in wasted book binding and paper alone could pay for a 20% reduction in class size, across the board. Or maybe to hire “Nannies”, to feed and clothe the kids. But, it is like anything else these days, lobby is a hobby to crookedness. And yes, education has failed miserably in Alaska, as when a poll was conducted asking 5th grade students in the Anchorage School District to identify the “Bush Rat”, 99% thought it was a rodent that hung out at the Best Buy. The “recovery” is a an especially scary word this ObamaCares act, akin to the repo-man! I guess the roads could be repossessed, but who in hell's gate would want such dilapidated crap? And now one comes across these signs, like “Destructive Road Ahead”, like maybe an IED has been tested. The roads in Afghanistan and Iraq are receiving more American bucks and attention these days than is our very own critical infrastructure. Besides being littered with litter, and every bridge acting as shelter for the homeless with kids, the blown-out tire shrapnel appears as a gross reminder of just how bad the economy has tanked since George Bush caved into a tax bonus for his wealthy friends. Anyway, a toast or hit to Willie, still a “Highway Man”. To bad the 112th Congress wasn't as energetic as Willie, then maybe we would have a land to be proud of, an inheritance we could pass along without a debt grip. Imagine, kids still unborn this soil owe money to the rich class, those that continue to use our highways and byways yet stand their ground that they owe no “back” taxes! Someone has too pay up. Talk about slavery and slave labor in modern times, our “Homeland” is under siege by the mighty rich wanting the proletariats to perform for pennies. Remember, nothing ain't worth nothing if its free in tax heaven! Anyway, there exists still a whole lot more “Old Rockers” then “Old Fockers”! And for the rich, pay up or get out, pack your bags and follow your loot and enjoy the company, of more of the same crooks!

Into the Future



Your Vote Counts

Boehner Orgasm or Congressional constipation?

Precious Metals

Wow, the price of bronze is tanking! Something must have occurred over the weekend to crash the stock. Glad I sold off my precious metal “bronze” stocks, after receiving some insider trading information a few days ago - that bronze would be getting hit pretty hard. I have a contact that works in Congress, so they know what is coming down and have immunity from prosecution with respect to “insider” violations. See, the bronze market has been glutted with recycled bronze, ever since Penn State authorities started melting away a legend. Take that back, Paterno started his own fire storm, and retreat isn't an option. Hot down there Joe? Why would JoePa be so idiotic and selfish, to not come forward and turn in on-the-loose Sanduskey, turn the pervert over to the authorities? Well, for one thing - good “Hail Mary” jock or not - it shows a very insecure and non-caring individual, especially for an icon. Sad, that when men in such positions feel that they must bend over to the buck. It had to do with “image”, and imagine had Joe been honest with society! Now I don't care about the $60-million fine imposed by the NCAA upon the Nittany Lions, as that money will come from “hidden” tuition increases, so it is not a deterrent. And the fact that Penn State is banned from any “bowl” time for several years, maybe it has some merit instead as “toilet bowl time”. But it is sanctions against the players, those that most likely had not any control over Sanduskey's fascination with little kids. Can you imagine a young quarterback trying to tell Joe what to do? Talk about sideline opportunities, just like Joe did with the victims, sidelined justice by turning a blind eye. Now what is indeed a fine, finding the definition of a deterrent, it is the fact that Penn must forfeit all game “wins” from 1998 through 2011. This basically places Joe at the bottom of the barrel, the “Most Loosing” coach of our times. Wow, from the top to the bottom, because of greed. In this case, crime doesn't pay! Bottom-line, with such fines and the fact that Joe's statues and statesmen like status are coming down, Penn State is toast, now and forever. I guess if this nation needs a test site for a nuclear bomb, latitude 40-32'24”N and longitude 078-24'31” will do fine, as it will be no great loss. Maybe napalm will suffice! Joe left a scorched earth for many, so an eye-for-an-eye, well why not. And I understand that reputable firms have told their recruiters to shy away from hiring anybody that has a Penn State sheepskin, bad portfolio publicity! See, the alma mater grey matter is insisting that Penn is innocent and that Joe is still a hero? Look, the campus security had to equip itself with tear gas and riot gear because people were so upset, when the jackhammers started tearing down Joe's wall this past weekend! Instead of a college campus, it looked like more coverage of Aurora, Colorado! Sorry Penn graduates, as you should have learned that one bad apple still spoils... If you didn't, demand your money back!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mitt & Kerry Connection

“Extra, Extra, read and complain all about it”. OK, so Senator John McCain knows what Mitt Romney’s tax returns look like, as when John was contemplating the “Bain Man” as a VP tag team contender back in 2008, handing over the “returns” became a requirement. See it had nothing to do with nothing, except wealthy wives like to spy on each other. Mitt’s wife is rich, so is John’s “Budweiser Babe”. Supposedly Mitt turned over several years of books to the McCain camp back then, as each one of this rich man’s returns is about 200-pages long. That is the best way to fool the IRS, as with limited auditors, only so much time is allocated to catch crooks. As the saying goes in the legal arena, “the litigator with the most paper work wins”. When it was all said and done and Mitt was done with by the “Lame Man McCain for President” campaign, Mitt went into hiding, still the “General Partner” for Bain Capital. “Bain”, which is becoming a household curse word, this conglomerate is a complicated transaction and even though Mitt will tell you lies that ties had been cut, involvement in Bain is like “being made” in the Mafia, there is no retreat. In fact, just last month the State of Massachusetts revoked Bain’s license, for failing to deliver “annual reports” since 2005! Anyway, why in hell did McCain pick Sarah Palin over Mitt? She ain’t no babe but a twit! The comparison, it doesn’t make any sense. Here we find a successful business man, a religious man and more losing out to a bimbo that has magnified vision – she can see Russia from Wasilla! So what gives? Well if John saw something in the Mitt estate that was a threat to national security, like “off-shore” tax havens that were illegal and promulgating robbery upon the U.S. Treasury, then as a U.S. Senator he has a “sworn” obligation to turn the crook into the IRS agents. That never happened, so there exists the possibility that Mitt’s returns are not questionable. Maybe not ethical, maybe borderline dismal with respect to “I’m an American”, wherein maybe Mitt gave more to the LDS church then what was turned over to Uncle Sam for taxable income. Maybe, maybe and more maybe, but there has to be something of interest in those returns that turned McCain against Romney – as a running mate. So what could it be that continues to offer up the “zero” transparency and stubbornness? Well here it is in a nutshell, a “ship” sinker! Mitt and Bain were still in good company during the 2004 presidential race, with Bush as an incumbent and John Kerry making a run at the helm. It was the usual, a nasty campaign, especially when the “Swift-boat” episode surfaced. Now Kerry is also wealthy, like Mitt, as John is married to the “Heinz” ketchup lady. And doesn’t it strike as an odd note that Mitt would mention Mrs. Heinz, just the other day while out trying to defend his own wealth hoarding? Something about John Kerry’s wife didn’t have to produce her returns? This was a cheap shot, but Mitt had reason to use it during a campaign stump, as it is bothering him. The brain chemistry is working, as Mitt stumbled across the Kerry thing not by mistake, but something is bugging him. See, Mitt supported Kerry in 2004! And there is evidence that Mitt and his affiliation with Bain, it was a major contributor to John Kerry. So test the ice, if this is indeed true that Mitt - the now GOP contender - if he contributed loot to support Kerry’s run against Bush, the repercussions could be and would be devastating. But this is it, supported by evidence. To re-iterate, Mitt Romney was a contributor to John Kerry’s attempt to unseat George Bush! This is what is in hiding Romney’s tax returns, through Bain’s “Skadden” affiliation. This fact in itself, it would have more of a destructive element of surprise then any known facts about Mitt’s tax shelters, as the latter whether wrong or right, it is something that can be accepted by the “Right”. But what cannot and wouldn’t be tolerated by the “Limbaugh Right”, is the fact that their GOP hopeful is a traitor! Rush, rush in like a fool, go get him on this one!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skadden Skelton Closet

Skadden Skelton Closet
There has come more than enough news, more than enough junk yard dog attacks, more than enough of everything except the “truth” with respect to Mitt Romney’s BAIN affair affiliation. Missing in action is a bonafide “truth in cheating” statement. Basically, what did Mitt get from Bain in return for his involvement as a “General Partner”. Already confused? It is a very technical “mission”, to dissect what it is all about, the controversial “way offshore” dealings, yet the incision so close to such delicate functions is paramount in efforts to pass the muster, to “Aye or Nye” Mitt as a viable and qualified candidate for the U.S. Presidency. It is all about character, which allows wealth as a secondary benefactor. They’re rich, and like most things of past once good now come to pass, even politics has been “businessized”. Look, if this not be true, then Penn State would still be a proud Alma Marta! But the media has once again jumped conclusions and with that, missing the “big picture” with respect to Mitt’s dealings with Bain. And when it appears that the defense has purposely “pulled the wool”, or at least used this age old remedy of “confusion says” rules the road, to block any attempt to provide a reasonable explanation upon something of interest, well the “Red Flag” means time to bring in the big guns. BAIN, it is becoming a household word. “Bain me, bain me, they oughta make a bribe to tame me, sell me to the highest buyer, woman won’t you sleep for free…mitt, mitt, mitt, bababit ba bain”. For one thing, with this Romney Bain issue, it is a “cat out of the bag” predicament and when it is all said and done, we will at least be able to thank Mitt for providing us with an understanding upon this preferential “For the Wealthy” only, stingy stealth like tradition, just how the “Leveraged Buyout” underworld works. And it is definitely an “Underworld” undertaking. When we see the opening scene of “The Godfather”, it is focused on the “Black Hand” extortion by Don Fanucci, demanding “protection money” and a young Don Corleone finding interest an opportunity. With “Fast & Furious” forward, when Michael Corleone fled to Italy in hiding, well I do believe it was this same like scene that found Mitt Romney as an LDS missionary in France during Vietnam deferment “Trois”, he was becoming a “visionary”, just how to take advantage the system to win over the coveted “el-captian” Don Perignon role, a champagne and caviar type guy. Please, “no” hamburger helper. Now putting this all in a perspective, Don Fanucci was a role model to Al Capone, with extortion practiced as a lucrative and somewhat carefree money making proposition. Well the untold story, the entire Bain “mission” finds success through “extortion”. Thus Mitt is an extortionist bent on becoming a president. It would be the ultimate prize for the “underground”, success at last, success at last. See, back in the early 80’s, a man named Joe Flom saw the same opportunity enjoyed by Fanucci and Capone. Not in “black handing” neighborhood butcher shops or corner brothels, he saw opportunities the same in “big business”, the onset of what is called today “LBO”, or “Leveraged Buy Outs”. If the same kind of fear could be used to scare the business climate that was prospering towards a new-tech hi-tech revival revolution, then maybe there is “money” to be made hand-over-foot thought Joe. It worked, and by the mid 80’s, Joe was taking in $50k per mom & pop business, as a retainer for protection, against any attempts to have a business owner have to put up with an unfriendly takeover. Joe was getting rich, in 84 alone bringing in over 200 business owners on his “protection” scam. And what was interesting, it was the fact that they were afraid of Joe’s own proven LBO tactics that insisted on this type of insurance. Think about how many jobs were lost when a business had to fork out $50k? It was becoming an “either with me or against me” front from its inception. Basically, if you had a business, it meant pay Joe or live with the threat of a hostile takeover – orchestrated by Joe. It was providing the ultimate Catch-22. And it was all legitimate! See, if retained, then Joe had to play it safe. If no retainer, the sky was the limit. Well that “extortion” money needed protection from taxation, and along comes Mitt. Now Romney must have seen Joe’s dream with “bottle” glasses - magnified. OK Mitt, time to play. So if a business had protection, from a retainer to Joe’s law firm, all that was required was “litigation” and Joe’s henchmen would go into action. Now when is enough money enough? When an individual has enough such that services rendered gets compensation not by the greenback, because of “taxation”, but through other transactions like “stock”, that is where this country finds an exodus.  So Joe would litigate, and win, but would now have the business by the balls as payment would come in the form of “ownership”. So there would exist the possibility of a takeover. Hostile? I guess not. But definitely tainted business practices, through “insider” like derelictions. And Mitt became a seasoned player in this “cat and mouse” game. What has gone on here, it is no different then when Fanucci bullied the neighborhood, no different then when Capone bullied a city, the only difference, instead of Corelone’s affiliation with the Catholic church, we have the Latter Day Saints on Mitt’s side. So what is with the “Scadden” in the title this writing? Well Skadden to be more precise, it accounts for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. One of the most powerful and politically motivated law firms this century. Please Mr. Earl Yaffa, what the hell is “Project Capital 84”? I realize that as “Limited Partner” in the Willard M. Romney Bain Capital Partners, you contributed $4-million in 1984. A bunch of money value back then, maybe “seed” money, for Mitt? That was from “securities” of Sanborn Associates, Presidential Airlines Corporation, the United States Commercial Mortgage Finance Corporation, Key Holding Corporation, Medivision Inc., and the Eye Cooperative. And why is it the following part of the Romney & Bain pact: “No dealings with Morgan Stanley”? Still haven’t figured that one out. OK, what does it all mean in a nutshell? This partners’ equity – gains from winning litigation – there was a need to hide this money away. Mitt Romney’s actual wealth is very questionable, the reason he refuses to hand over tax returns. It is estimated that he has over $100-Million in gold bouillon, not by paper facts, but actually in possession that amount of “gold”. But it is not Mitt’s wealth entirely, the same reason Mitt has been scolded upon the size of his IRA. Mitt is a conglomerate! Mitt is a front-runner, for the entire wealth hoarders of the “Bain” partnership. He is the kingpin in charge of making sure the money and dividends are safe, with complicated distractions to make sure Uncle Sam sees only a pittance confiscated through taxation. That is where Mitt shines, manipulating the “Partnerships” loot for safekeeping. Mitt’s tax accountability, at an estimated 13.8%, that is for the entire venture, which has about 20 “equal” partners. Look, do the math, Mitt could not have made it so wealthy in such a short period of time. Sure he is rich, but it is the other’s wealth that acts as a “black hand” role and lends a role to further “extortion”! Basically speaking, when Congress started thinking about ways to protect “US” in the “market” through investing, when opportunities were beginning to be enjoyed by the working ranks, through investing for retirement, it was then that such an interest for “rules & regulations” started to scare the “big players” – like the “Bains”. Not to worry, as what evolved is way, way bigger then just some “offshore” tax sheltering. What has evolved with the “Bains”, it is a stock market onto its own, incorporating unbelievable wealth, and a ways and means to pay little or no taxation. The carryover is what the Stock Exchange deals with, the reason it is alive, but limping on empty. Case in point as a “wind sock” indicator that you don’t need a weathermen to tell which way the “stink” goes, take the California retirement fund. With over $240-Billion in equity, this fund requires at least a 7% annual return, to stay afloat. It averages a “negative” 7%, as the market cannot get up on step, it is stalled equity. At the same time, the “Bains” are awash in “equity” returns. And there is really no difference, except…This is what’s all about, manipulation, they use our money to gamble. With a win, they take most of it. On a loss, they are safe. You want Mitt’s tax returns, good luck. And even so, even if manipulated to look legitimate, with so much at stake, don’t hold your breath that the IRS will catch up to such thievery, as money has a ways and means of sinking good intentions and sinking ships. The bottom-line, it is a scam that safeguards wealth, safeguards against “taxation” and used to control and manipulate, because we are beginning to find out just how far wealth and power has taken this nation, and it stinks. And Mitt doesn’t seem to care as he only understands a single lifestyle, and we ain’t included!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bain Capital Revocation!

It appears that the Massachusetts' Secretary of Commonwealth(SOC) has filed a “Involuntary Revocation” for Bain Capital, Inc & Bain Capital Investors VI, both under W. M. Romney, effective 6/18/2012. This usually occurs when misleading information has been filed by a business entity!

Next Year, Shame Time!

I should have placed a wager on this, that Alaska's “Senate Working Group” may come up with a solution to high energy costs that can be implemented “next legislative session”. Wow, we have heard this same false hope promise for the last 30-years – always at the end of the session! Summer's here, time to hide! It's like an important issue, but not to the conglomerate of oil companies that have their hands in the Alaskan cookie jar. And we all know that the politicians hang around for “crumbs”. Hey, enough scraps adds up to a re-election “War Chest”. Alaskan style politics works like this. Somehow, like through cheating or having a daddy with contacts and big bucks, one gets elected to office. Soon after getting sworn in, follow the “yellow-belly brick road”, to the cookie jar! Did you ever hear Miss Lizard McWired talk about doing something for the common man, besides the dismantling of the separation between church and state? That's another subject, with Lesil, so emphasis today is on the horrendous cost of energy here in the 49er. Too bad we don't have oil. We do? But “We're In” has nothing any longer to do with “Statehood”, but a whole different reading, wherein “We're In” means Alaskan legislators in bed with “Big Oil” bosom buddies. And even so, the sad fact of the matter that this state has a “black gold” depository, by the time the entire convoluted resource's taxation gets into 4th gear, we get a pitiful amount of compensation to what is rightfully ours to begin with. Get a grip “Citizen Cane & Jane”, as it has been that way since the mid 70's when the 1st bucket of oil headed south, and I don't see it ever changing, as this state blew its chance to be in charge of its own destiny, something we will never again find such opportunity upon. The dereliction upon establishing and maintaining a vibrant society with a sustainable jobs infrastructure not relying on Ted Stevens' “pork” came about by the Bill Sheffields' and Ben Stevens', catering not to their fellow man, but bending over to allow lobbyist to pad their personal wealth. What's in your wallet? The Alaska state senate has always been 1st for “Big Oil”. So simply placed, this “Working Group” works for who? But to placate the growing concerns with the citizens because the price of gas has increased because the “profit margins” by the retailers is on a exponential nightmare frolic, accomplishing a 25% increase per year over the last 4-years, sure, just hold some public meetings - bring donuts and everything will be fine. Even day old “fat-pills” will suffice, as “you can fool most of the people most of the time”. And here is where you throw the citizens to the wolves or under that out-of-control Alaska Railroad locomotive: "The difference is stark and it has been fairly sustained, the Alaska refiners wouldn't explain why that was happening.” It is estimated that “Big Oil” has raked in over $1200-Billion in “North Slope” operating revenues when the state has seen only a small fraction that amount, somewhere in the neighborhood of $170-Billion. OK, they see trillions, we see billions, it still doesn't account for what is rightfully ours! So now the “leadership” is asking the public for help, as they have failed miserably at finding out anything near the definition of “constructive” as to why energy costs so much in a state that is no longer 1st, but 3rd in the running with respect to “crude oil” production. Yes, even when Numero Uno, it didn't help at the gas pump. Oil makes gasoline, and heating fuel, it is that simple. We have oil, still lots of it. So what's the problem? We have refineries running on empty with plenty of spare capacity, yet we pay how much for a gallon of petro? What the hell does the “public” know about the malfeasance practiced by “Big Oil”? Look, the “legislative” body here in Alaska has been since statehood opposed to working for the “People”. They remain as a “smiling” presence come re-election time, but for the rest of the time just a “shell” for Alaskan sized profiters. When crude oil was hovering around $8 a barrel in the late 90's, things looked pretty dismal in the “patch”. Not to worry, as the entire infrastructure from the “gathering stations” to the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, well that asset was free and clear by then. And even though not publicly acknowledged, back then it was costing close to $3 to bring a barrel topside and send it down the “pipeline”, lifting costs less then what “Big Oil” was realizing in places like Saudi Arabia! Do the math, even when the price of crude sent drilling rigs into mothball status up in Prudhoe, “Big Oil” in Alaska was still raking in a hefty profit, unlike what was realized in other producing states or from other regions around the globe. And at that time with a $5 profit per barrel, with 2-million barrels or so that was making its way south, do the math! It is a moot point now with oil at how much? Do this math and it will quickly indicate how incompetent this state's legislative body remains – what appears to be by now a time tested trademark of failure! It is simple math, no guess work involved. Yet they use this magic wand to fool us, to complicate the issue, and thus we forget about it and go on our very ways, half broke. And after 30-years, some still hold out, thinking something constructive can be done upon this robbery. Listen up, “It ain't going to happen”! Hey, only if a rebate were possible from years of price fixing abuse would this malfeasance find closure with the consumers! We have been robbed of our own goods and the mouthpiece of the crooks' are asking us for help? I don't get it. This state, in its pathetic “royalty & production” taxation, we have been screwed over like an apple on a coring machine. Like Congressmen John Dingell once said, during the “Committee on Insular Affairs - Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Covert Operations” holding a Congressional hearing for the Wacken-Hut “spying” operation targeting anybody that held a negative belief upon the greedy “oil man” here in Alaska, Dingell made it clear and convincing that “Alyeska was the cashest of cows.” Even with Congressional hearings, for spying, “Big Oil” continued to get its own way, which has a drastic effect on what we pay out for a commodity that starts off in “our” oil fields. The citizens own the resources, yes we do, yet we only receive a pittance in “royalty, like 12%. Do the math again! And even if a “snitch” came forward to help the “Senate Working Group”, any crucial evidence would go on deaf ears. See, the legislation passed over the years by those in power for those with power, it has placed a damper on “worker” protection – to utilize the so-called “Open Door” policy. Remember, there is a back door that walks the “plank” - happy trails! Do you really think if a worker of the Koch brothers dynasty in North Pole has confiscated information – like Emails on actual refining costs – that would point a “price rigging” investigation in the right direction, do you think it is safe for him or her to bring that information to the “Authorities”? NO, as the “Whistle-Blower” protection acts have been gutted, thanks to Don Young. Not only that, this stuff is banned from a court of law! And most of the “Authority” here in the state, like the ADEC, DNR and RCA, well Governor Palin made sure that such entities changed moods and modes of operation, those state paid workers – either with her and her business partners of out of a job. And look, Young doesn't give a rat's ass how hard it is for a military family here in Alaska to make ends meet. The reason he shows up at the AER hanger in Fairbanks, on a private jet, just to go play golf. I hope the next plane he enjoys a free-for-all ride on has an FAA tracking “N” of “CON AIR”. And Ted was no different, just ask his room-mate Rubini. When “AMERICA” had the opportunity of a lifetime, to grill the “Top Executives” of “Big Oil” about escalating gas pump prices, there existed the possibility that this hearing before Congress would finally shed some valuable light on a so far hidden agenda. All was going fine until such time the “Ring Leader” squashed an attempt to have the hearing proceed “under oath”. That “Ring Dinger of a Leader” you ask that screwed it up for “All America”, it was none other then Ted, and after that the “Big Oil” executives laughed their way through the hearings under the 5th. And once precedence is set.....what it means is the fact that we will never see that opportunity so easy again! Let me make it easy and painless! There is no solution, as when we let the bastards get away with it for 30-years, then the courts will never find reason to ban pricing abuses, like we have let it slide, so it will continue to slide. No matter what the “legislators” comes up with, most likely it will end up in the courts – that is par for the course. “Big Oil” doesn't have a limited budget for legal fights, the state does. One of the main reasons the state has lost $billions$ in filings before the FERC courts, with litigation against the pipeline owners. In the last 30-years, with thousands of cases before the FERC federal courts, the state has prevailed twice? We have not a fighting chance here, so we loose, pay the opposing party's legal fees, and in the end we pay even more. I have followed this dilemma since the beginning, it gets uglier and uglier while “Big Oil” and the “Refiners” get richer and we citizens get poorer. Not to mention those legislators in bed get re-elected. And like mentioned early on, we see legislators come and go, speak up a good pow-wow, but produce nothing. Why? Well the way I see it, most of them come to the realization that “Big Oil” is here to stay. It has been 35-long years of oil, and we have as many years of natural gas, once something breaks open. And after retirement from the state, what better “golden parachute” then to land a job as a lobbyist, in support of you know who! And here is another thing. “We the People” let is slide because we make the mistake thinking those down in Juneau care. Time without interference buys acceptance, that is the law. Nobody is getting harmed, because we continue to throw good hard earned money away, just to get back and forth from work. Acceptance is the other 1/10 of the law. So here we go again, as senators heading up the “day old” donut brigade include Joe Thomas, Bill Wielechowski and Lyman Hoffman. What do you mean it already took place? I missed the free donuts? Well according to sources, “ “Many Alaskans feel gouged at the pump and are asking for relief,” Wielechowski said. “The purpose of this hearing is to look for concrete ways we can lower costs and decrease the burden on Alaskans. There is no silver bullet and these hearings will bring to light some of the steps that we can take today to lower the cost of energy until a gasline and Susitna can bring long term solutions to our community.” Gasline? It is just another ”Big Pipe Dream”. If a gasline was a reality, if we had a representative body that cared about us and the real problem, then pipe would already be in the ground. But wait, there's more! “In April, the Senate Finance Committee approved Senator Wielechowski’s request for $150,000 to hire an expert to figure out ways to reduce fuel costs for Alaskans.” We have wasted “$millions” on consultants, with the same results, increased gasoline prices at the pump. Hiring a consultant or filing a complaint with the AG, it doesn't even phase the bastards. But all and all, I am sorry I missed the town hall meeting, as day old donuts from a state senator is better then nothing! And this time next year, it will be more of the same shame.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peas of a POD!

Ruining of AMERICA!
Cell Mates in HELL

Presidential MotorCade

Mitt Romney picks presidential motorcade:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Conniption Fit

Wow, talk about a bunch of hoodlums that never learned about respect, the 112th Congress I am talking about. Remember, “We learned it all in kindergarten”. And I don't care about Barack Obama's birth right certificate “authenticity” and “Trump the Turnip's” decertification attempts – as there are more pressing issues that need addressing. What I would really like to see from each and every member of Congress - House and Senate members included - to make available their “K” grade report cards, that diploma from Miss Fisher! To see how they made the grade with the important things, like sharing, fair play, NO biting or hitting or pulling ponytails, the consequences of stealing from others and last but not least, “Flushing”! Do we actually pay these guys and gals, with generous salaries along with ludicrous health care benefits, to act as if “Decency in Office” was stolen by the troll under the bridge. Just this morning, John “The Tan Man” Boehner had a conniption fit, when he found out that the Supreme Court ruled in Obama's favor with the “Affordable Health Care Act”, that it was Constitutional to impose a “Tanning Booth Tax”. This was hidden away in “fine print”! Sure this was payback from the “Left” upon the “Right”, but wow, what behavior unbecoming even a maggot. Note: The sound bite this outburst was banned due its horrible content and X-rated like side effects, like from an ignoramus having an organism. 

PNAC - The Greening

Since William Kristol's PNAC – Project for a New American Century – has gone into hiding, and the ring leader's web-site of destruction is dull and now dead as a “K Street” opportunity door-knob, I guess it is OK to use the “PNAC” label for my own personal gains and goals. So today, I declare the “PNAC” reincarnation, alive and well, finally as a bonafide American Institution. See, it failed under Kristol because it never reached the status of a bonafide American “mission”, as it was a secret GOP agenda of destruction. So this time around it has meaning, as the “Project for the New American Combat”. Unlike Kristol's failed PNAC, this reincarnation is a “mission” with meaning, with a different kind of “combat” for our troops. Hey, the Bush Doctrine wars are coming to an end, so we must find new territory to conquer. As I drove across America this summer so far heated, wherein it appears to be a scorched earth affair from sea to shinning sea, it came to me that we have at our disposal the greatest of inventions - the greatest weapon “Mother of invention” and benefit to mankind ever. Sorry Miss Pelosi, it is not BOTOX. It fits right in right up there with “Beer”! It is called “Irrigation”. Now I don't know what culture invented this panacea, seems just a natural thing. And today, credit where it is due doesn't matter as much as what we should be doing with this miraculous ways and means to “Green” America. Look, the other “Green” movement has ceased to exist, so like the PNAC of old, we have to intervene with invention, with what has been time tested to take us as a nation into the “New Millennium” - it is called “Farming”. Wow, what a comeback, must have something to do with “Helter-Skelter” health issues and the organic movement. I finally found out what a “real” peach tasted like, from an organic farm. What the hell have they been feeding us all these decades – compressed colored cardboard? When I was a kid and school principle Irene, Sister of No-Mercy, would have the students take that yearly IQ placement test, the one wherein if “stupid” prevailed one's career defaulted to that of a “Farmer”, well that pissed my parents off to no end. Why were they paying huge sums of money so I could grow-up to grow corn? I always made the grade as a ”Farmer”. Test Pilot, forget about it, and the other nuns are still laughing at that desire! Yet “Farming” today, it fits the “Golden Globe Greening Award” opportunity. When I looked across America at the scorched earth surroundings, this idea came front and center for attention. It was rather odd when a road meandered through barren like lands, wherein on the “right” side would show a “no growth” policy like a “dead zone”, no trespass allowed, yet on the “left” side of life, well life flourished with you name it! Living life, green trees, green bushes, birds galore, bugs, worms, like a completely different universe, just across the street from apocalypse central in comparison. All from the fact that a piece of desert like deserted earth had been un-mummified, through a little hospitality by the application of a simple solution – called water! Yes, the miracle of two simple elements - hydrogen & oxygen - united in a 2 to 1 ratio and allowing for that thread of life's existence. And that my fellow American is wherein this nation can shine, with a new age movement to supply jobs and economic growth, along with a ways and means to penance our wicked ways and means around the globe. Yes, George Bush left us in dire straits, not only in the category of economic doom, but “His” wars were so ugly that we have been stained, we have blood on our hands - for what? There is hope. We live and thrive in the bread basket of the world. We have the knowhow, though science of adaptability, to grow things beyond bounds. We owe it to the world, beginning now to combat “hunger”. Sure this is a well known fact, that hunger exists and many a rock star has made it a goal to summon this atrocity to center stage, as a means to eradicate. But even with the power of the Mic, rock'n roll “Farm Aid” concerts, it still remains a gargantuan menace. But the eradication of hunger offers a whole lot more meaning today – it is called an economy stalled! We need a way out of the mess, caused by a “War Lord” mentality wherein the economy thrived through the “killing fields” while defense contractors made “zillions” and became very proficient at understanding the “Tax Code” loopholes, called “offshore”. In today's global trek, when we see that “war” is outdated, we need something else in the miracle category – it is in farming for the world we find a fix upon our pathetic economy. It is the only option, as if we try to maintain momentum with the “good'ol boy” approach, with the outdated military machine option, we will continue to crash our economy. It is that simple, “WAR” is a thing of the past. So being the “Brave-Hearts” we are, we must find something wherein we can strut the power, and what better option then to gain camaraderie with a mandate to feed those that are hungry? Think of the jobs it would create, the sustainable jobs infrastructure, to make “this land is my land this land is your land” the “cornucopia” of the world. It would mean upgrading the present road system in dereliction, fixing up the rail system in dereliction, modernizing the harbors in dereliction and not to mention the infrastructure required to “irrigate” this dream. It would take massive amounts of water, but that in itself also rallies the American knowhow 2nd to none, as we need to design and build “desalination” plants up and down the coasts, along with interstate water lines, to deliver this precious and re-newable commodity where it can be utilized for the “good”, as “goodwill”. Sure it takes energy to perform such monumental undertakings, but we are and will always be an energy institute, wherein everything revolves around “energy”. We are not about to give up our cars and trucks, we are not ready to abandon our highways and byways and our flyways, all energy intensive infrastructure. But if this country were to change its so far evil ways, means and so far destructive destination, wherein our leadership thinks it is proper to shove “Capitalism” down every throat including the unwilling, we will loose out. Take Russia for example, they saw that “War” was getting it nowhere, so they captured an interest in “global” energy. It worked, they have advanced away from a “war lord” mentality and their future looks bright. Look, WAR is an outdated realization that provides nothing, except a whole lot of un-neccessary bloodshed. Now “War” may have been something of necessity, like when Hitler went berserk, but things have changed, it's called evolution as modern man realizes that the “killing fields” are unfriendly. Hey, with “my belly full but me hungry” still heard aloud today, even here in the Homeland, we have before us the greatest opportunity and the weapon of solution, it's called “food”. No other nation can provide such a cornucopia of nourishment. This is our nation's calling, and we must act now, with a Farm Community agenda. Imagine, all the masses eating well, being full when at the end of the day they can fall asleep, enjoying a smile of relief, that the next day will also find a promise of fulfillment – no strings attached. This is the greatest necessity of invention! And this is what we could do with our troops, instead of carrying weapons, carrying baskets of bread! Not on a mission of destruction, but a mission with meaning. It would be “mission accomplished” on steroids. The troops did their job, now coming home to a dilapidated economy. We owe it to their dedicated “service” to provide jobs, not in the “killing fields”, but this time around duty in the “Fields of Plenty”. But maybe we have a GOP that believes that you cannot feed the masses, as when hunger is no longer an issue, that could bring those once under control through famine, bring them into power. Blasphemy it is, that we have leaders that feel it is necessary to allow hunger to exist. Look, if it were not true, it would have been eradicated already! So as the leadership looks for ways as a means to promote an economy with a future, the solution is looking us right in the face! An opportunity of a lifetime for a lifetime, along with “Proud to be an American”, a nation that cared about others. Call it “Brotherly Love”, it is! And we could earn and own that reputation, only if... we didn't mind sharing, and that is too close to comfort “socialism”. So, it is a sin that we as a nation would rather forgo the “Brotherly Love” concept when involvement means that “S” word. Why is it, that so many Americans are afraid of “socialism”, something they don't understand? Look, every-time we see a natural disaster, what is it that gets us through? It is people giving things up to help others, it is “socialism” that gets us through. It happened following 911. We shared the grief, we shared the pain, we shared the agony, and we shared the rebuilding efforts. I realize it is hard to comprehend, that it is socialism that is acting as a “gel” during tough times, get over it. Bottom-line, when individuals want to perform, for “Brotherly Love”, it is socialism that defines that relationship. And to defend against the merits of “socialism”, it is but a cheap thrills Rush Limbaugh disengagement upon decency. Now it isn't the type of “socialism” as it is so well defined by the “Beck on Palin” fantasy, with the threat and thread of “Communism” infiltrating reasonable thinking. What I am talking about is simple, lets share our wealth from the “farmlands” with others. We get the jobs, they get the benefit. It can be paid for through the , and I would pay more taxes with such an endeavor. This kind of undertaking is inherent our heritage, we as Americans would share not only during tough times, but as the right thing to do. Difficulties from the “Right” interferes, yet we can see co clearly that it is something that is wanning, but it is still with us. Socialism through “farming”, lets try it out, and if it doesn't work, then we can ban its existence forevermore. So why is a Raven like a writing desk? Both are forevermore! So will hunger be, if we turn away an opportunity when we have the solution, have the power, but what may be missing in action is born again and again through a sinful recommendation, that called “Greed”. And that's what gets in the way, time and time again! The seeds are calling, for all good men to come to their senses and come to the aid of their countrymen, shovels and rakes in hand, the PNAC Greening of America. Now this is indeed a “New American Century” dream: “Food at last, food at last”!

Conscientious Objectors

OK, so I wind forward the political time clock, ahead in time to the evening of the 2012 election, November 6th, and it's 800pm Anchorage Daylight Time. With the polls closing, it appears the “AYES” are going in Barack Obama's favorite, the NAYES to his opponent. Such an outcome is indeed a reality, that Alaskans will vote back in the incumbent. And why so, that which would turn around a long standing tradition? Red to Blue, like Alaska was at one time in its political career following “We're In”, with statehood - before political corruption intervened. Just this past weekend the infamous “Koch” brothers held a fund raiser for Mitt, at a cost of $75000 per couple and plan to spend $400-million of their own money to defeat Obama. And it was at this same gathering that privileged and preferential treatment invitees voiced concern that they are “VIP and the common working man doesn't understand how the system works”. Maybe the latter sentiment is so true to some extent, that we don't understand as to what is really going on, especially behind closed doors with our representation in tow the heavy hand of the “Lobby Man”. So tell us, what kind of champagne and caviar does one get for $75k? And I am sure for anybody that can afford this kind of luxury, it is money spent from out of an offshore tax shelter, as they all play the same game this circle of friends. If it is not Obama that garnishes the 49er vote, to win the 3 electoral votes, then we Alaskans have been blinded by the might of the Right. The “Koch” brothers have a lot to do with what is happening here in Alaska, with loss upon what was supposed to be sustainable jobs. Positions being cut today by the “brothers” have not seen a downturn for well over 30-years! And it is not “outsourcing” that is at play here in the interior, nor is it a fallout of a weakened economy, as so far Alaska has found some semblance of immunity the “crash”. So what gives? The “brothers” own the Flint Hill's refinery, in North Pole, some 12-miles east of Fairbanks. With this area bracing for possible military cuts, the fact the “Koch” brothers are playing with fire, by firing workers, we need to send a vote that sends a message. As of this writing, “Koch” is furloughing 30-workers, some already having their security clearances pulled, which means no paycheck this week, or the next, as the jobs market is not so healthy this far north. And these are jobs that have seen “gainfully employed” security for eons! Now ever since a refinery was established in North Pole, this industry has enjoyed record profits. The refinery operating under ownership of MAPCO and then Williams, it saw gargantuan profits, the “poster child” asset it was for these reputable business entities. So why so poor a performer for the “Koch” guys? The layoffs have nothing to do with a downturn in the refinery business. The “Koch” owned refinery still maintains long term contracts to supply jet fuel to the military. It sends low-sulfur diesel by the thousands of gallons north, to Prudhoe Bay where it is used as “freeze protection” in the oil fields, during exploratory drilling work. So the reason that 2 of the 3 refining units have been shutdown at the “Koch” Flint Hill's site, thus the reduction in force, it has nothing to do with refining obligations, as the amount of finished product required to be delivered by contract has not changed. The delivery trucks come and go as always, day in and day out. There has been no lapse in activity with the commodity, refined products being sold to consumers. The difference though, the train cars are not coming in empty, filling up and delivering fuel to Anchorage, a ritual that for years saw upwards of a hundred cars per day sent south, with jet fuel to serve the air freight “hub”. Today we see just the opposite, empty cars heading south, with full car deliveries at the loading racks over on H&H drive? Puzzled, you shouldn't be, as this is the “Koch” dysentery dynasty at its best. Because like has occurred while sending “Made in America” jobs overseas, Mitt's triumph and the main reason these freak brothers are in tune to a Romney presidency, it means no accountability to the American infrastructure, of helping Americans staying employed. It is all for wealth, or nothing at all. See, the “Koch” brothers have figured out that it is cheaper to buy refined products from outside, like the Asian rim markets and make a whole lot of extra loot to fuel their shenanigans, the ultimate disenfranchising of the America spirit. It is that simple, out of greed and a grave mistake. The local market demands remain the same, which means the same amount of refined products are required, to meet demands. So by securing long term contracts from outside entities, to secure delivery accommodations for this malfeasance through the state run Alaska railroad with tax incentives courtesy of Alaska Congressmen Don Young, to hell with the American jobs market, as decreased jobs means that they get what they want and not what they deserve – which equates to more money to paint a negative picture of what Obama stands up for. It is not Obama that is strangling the jobs creation statistics, it is guys like the “Koch” Brothers. In fact, it was much colder in the interior last winter, returning back to temperatures more in the norm – cold! That trend is supposed to continue, which means even more refined products required, just import some less expensive “crap” from a nation that treats its workers with exposure! This is the fallout of outsourcing. It worked as a crusade against jobs, now it is being tested as a means to strangle not only workers rights, but used as a ways and means to continue the effort to crash the American spirit, that we as a nation care about our fellow men. In fact, when Williams was a vibrant and well respected corporation about this town, but went under due the hi-tech bubble bust, the management was thinking ahead of the curve when it bought into the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline-System, as a ways and means to deliver cheaper crude oil to the refinery when it went shipped down the pipeline from up north. It worked, to reduce the cost of getting the “black gold” to the refinery gate. When “Koch” took over the Williams' assets in bankruptcy court proceedings, bottom basement pricing, it maintained that 3% ownership of the pipeline - as like before, a way to provide cheaper transport costs which in turn would provide cheaper refined products costs. But now, with “IN-sourcing”, why keep the asset? So “Koch” is selling out, like it will never be used again with imports maintaining an unhealthy jobs market, yet the “Koch” brothers will continue to make a killing, with the military, with the electric power generators, an all around windfall profit scam at the expense of American workers. And with most of the refining capacity “shut-in” due to “IN-sourcing”, the ramifications of jobs “lost” becomes multiplied, with a hit upon the contractor sector that performed maintenance “turnarounds”. It is estimated that “Koch's” malfeasance will ruin the local economy some more, in the area of $6-million each year following this decision. That is a whole lot of lost loot for a place like North Pole! So Alaskans must remain vigilant to what is really going on here in this state, to vote against this tyranny, this distrust that “Corporate America” has been polluted with conscientious objectors, those from the board rooms that believe outsiders equipped with preferential treatment can do it better – NOT. Which means our jobs go threatened. KOCH and ROMNEY are one in the same “blood”. Look, if “Koch” can get away with this malfeasance in Alaska, it can get away with it in other places, it could be the start of a “new age” trend wherein refineries from the mountain states to the prairie states start handing out pink slips! Look, it's all about money. They don't give a rat's ass about “your” employment situation! If the “Koch” brothers' dynasty can spend $400-million in efforts to furnish the Supreme Court with evidential feedback to Citizens United, surely that loot could have gone toward wages, to employ the “best of the best”. Americans I am talking about. These bastards that shed jobs in efforts to support a political agenda, they are not true grit and genuine Americans. They want totalitarian control, through slave like conditions and continued control in a Mitt Romney “Puppet Circus”. Obama is a free-thinker, and that hurts the GOP. If we don't get on board to what is really going down, then we will continue to walk the plank. If Alaskans vote their party affiliation over their conscious, then we object NOT to the workings of a dysfunctional dynasty that is in it for one reason only, all for themselves. Wherein VIP treatment will be reserved for the few that can manage to pay their way, and the rest of us will maintain by enjoying “Hamburger Helper”. Wow, imagine if we all stood together, by taking the snake's strangulating wealth by the neck and crusade, perform a Joan of Arc, wherein we could be heard singing the victory theme song: “VIP, RIP”!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tax Break Cowards!

“We the People”, no matter what party affiliation, have not the chance at seeing the Congress act towards the “good”, “For the People” with “goodwill” intentions. The power of the “People” has been reduced to Play-Doh. It smells good, it feels good, but is basically worthless. The 99% “Club” is paying out way too much in dues, for much less in return then what should be expected – from the Constitutional mandate. When at the same time the rest of the membership, those that sport the “VIP” label along with private country club access, wherein discrimination is a privilege, those enjoying this preferential treatment are getting by with empty handed handouts when it comes to paying a fair share of what it takes to keep things in order. This all by order the 1% faction. How can only 1% of the voice have 99% of the Congress at their beckon call? Mark Twain was right, that when “not making laws in Washington the senate should be doing time”. Over the years, due our inability to fight what has gone down, the disconnect between the “Real People” and “Fake People”, it has become bothersome, that our representation would fall for such a stance. When “fake” makes more sense their relationship to represent, “mission control, we have a problem”. What happened to the “representation” clause in the Constitution, wherein “No taxation without Representation” was paramount, as an inherent right? What about “No taxation for inept and incompetent representation”? Can we legally stop paying taxes for miss-representation? In realty, yes. But when we see how the “Tax code” has been manipulated by Congressional dereliction, how the “ethics code” has been manipulated by the same, how the ”immunity clause” has been manipulated by yet the same bunch of misfits, we have allowed this “Band of Bastards” to pass legislation that lets them get away with murder, get away with borderline “Treason”, and gives us no recourse except “rebellion”. How sad, how we have been “shat” upon by the very body that is supposed to protect our liberties, at any expense. Ted Nugent was wrong, to voice his opinion that maybe this nation called United States would have been better off under the “Confederacy”. Better yet, maybe we would have been better off under the “Bloke” regime, as brawling would still be a viable option when we have before us a body of idiots hiding under the auspices of the Red, White and Blue “We Care, Trust Us” umbrella and in favor of supporting a “minority” opinion, a government “By the Minority, For the Minority”, wherein the rest of us not part the segregated and gated community party - the 1% faction - the rest of us continue to tread water. But it is the “Tax Break Cowards”, like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor that continue a “Treason” like affair with the lobby. You can't have it both ways, as the “lobby” continues to use the Bush doctrine exciter, “Either with us or against us”, and we know what side the cowards are on. Until such time we see no more this cowardly suppression upon our liberties, it is just more of the same, or for lack a better argument, they act against us like “Turds on the Run”!
“Diamond rings, vaseline,
You give me disease.
Tie your hands,
Tie your feet,
Throw you to the sharks...”

Thanks Mick!

Piece of the Pie

Wow, this is unbelievable! Congress is thinking seriously the possibility of a bonus, like in a rebate program for Americans that have paid their fair share of taxes. Sorry Mitt! And even though this “bonus” possibility so far secretive is now a “cat out of the bag”, due my contacts at Don Young's Headwaters, I have been provided some specific information with regards to this “Treasury Pie”. A picture is worth....take a good long look, hold your nose!

The Congressional Pie that keeps on giving, stinking!

My Griswold Vacation

I decided to take a different kind of “family” vacation this year, as everything seems to be booked up already at the “traps”! And what is so odd, there appears to be not as much available “outdoors” as there used too be! Did the sly FOX steal the wilderness? So instead of the National Parks, why not deviate the routine summer vacation and instead opt to visit the “Vacation Homes” of the 1%. This is no joke and it appears that what has gone down and out-of-control, most likely started with the George Bush “Puppet President” dysentery dynasty, there is something gone Willie Wonker wrong with the “Income Tax Code” as it applies to a fair & equitable system. As to have this “extra” in your wallet to squander away the beach-fronts, lakes and rivers - for personal benefit and enjoyment - it just doesn't sit too well with this American. Look, we all work our ass off, that is the American spirit. It doesn't matter if you bus tables, or clean up after those that cannot for themselves - not talking about the wealthy - we are all in this together, or at least I thought so. Now if this “all together now” is out on “Tilt”, then we need to get it back in sync, or else! Maybe I learned it all so differently, that America was supposed to be the nation of “Brotherly Love”, where equality was paramount above all a healthy and free-spirited nation. Where the “equality” concept, whether with respect to relationships or equity in wealth, it was something embraced by all as the “only” way to go. But what has been cast down upon the “cast” system, it is an atrocity. “My belly full but me hungry” is beginning to find meaning outside its intended audience of affliction. When I was growing up, a child in the middle class with a dad like most dads that was once a military man, we had not the disposable income to have a hideaway vacation nest. That in itself was a rarity my neck of the woods. We lived a rather comfortable lifestyle, not a whole lot of “extras”, but “Hamburger Helper” helped as did the fried veal loaf sandwiches. That stuff with eyeballs - not to forget the “SPAM”. And it seemed to be a payday to payday survival routine, but that was par for the course and it was no different for the masses of these New England city dwellers from Maine to Connecticut. Where the “Hamptons” still remained but a wasteland! I was no different “wealth to poor wise” with the other kids throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. We were not really “poor”, so that is why the “wealth wise” is significant. It was a borderline proposition, wealth over down right “poor”. Sure, those few and far beyond with “extra wealth” - what a filthy word in “wealth” - well they could afford an extra plot a land down by a lake along with a rustic cabin - but it still meant an outhouse. See, there was a disparity, but it was a manageable disposition. It wasn't by any stretch of the imagination a “class war”. They had extra, but within reason what my folks' income amounted to. It provided a realization that “hey, I can get there” sentiment. So every 3rd year, my father and mother would have saved enough through the use of “hand me downs” to get a “rental” cabin for a week or so – that was the American Dream. Look, my 1st bike was a ”girls” bike, so I had to fabricate a “ball busting bar” to go across the frame, as to venture out onto “Clarner Street” with the likes of an opposite sex bike, well it would have meant at least a few fist fights along the way. There were things wherein you didn't cross the line, this was one of those things. So, when times were good and it meant getting away to the lake when city temperatures hovered in the 90s with the humidity the same, it meant something – that Griswold Family Vacation American Dream! When a family could pack up the station wagon and head out of town, for that long drive up to New Hampshire – to Lake Winnipesaukee. We were lucky to make it to the lake without the car over-heating or breaking down. To be honest, I hated leaving the inner city summers! I mean we had our forts down at the Red Devil bridge, our Lucky Strike and Marlboro stashes and Claudette was at that age where she played with our imagination! But nowadays, what the hell has happened? Were we asleep at the wheel? Like mentioned before, most of the “Super-8” hotels at the popular tourist attractions went booked up so early this election year, like the pressure was on. In fact, one must start way in advance even to “reserve” a camp spot at most of the Nationals. But here it is in a nutshell. We are under attack by “Wealth”! “We” herein defined as the proletariat class of hard working salt of the earth bread-winning Americans. To re-iterate, “Under Attack by Wealth”! Now, to put this “Attack” into perspective. Mitt Romney and family enjoy a $10-Million dollar “retreat” on Lake Winnipesaukee, in New Hampshire. The same place that entertained the “proletariat” class once upon a time. That's a 1 with how many “zeros”, for a vacation cabin with how many bathrooms? And I use Mitt as an example of a cowardly class that has taken the opportunity to screw us all. Mitt is a bonafide member of the 1% elitist, those that see it proper to scam away as much of their income as possible, tax sheltering at its finest. Then when they find a whole lot of extra that went under the IRS radar, it is used to squander away what was ours to begin with, a ways and means to disenfranchise America - from sea to shinning sea. And I would bet that Mitt has not only a summer retreat, but most likely a winter retreat, that costs the same – millions! That is how this “wealth club” exists. And these “mansions”, yes that is what they own, are far from anything defined as a rustic cabin, but mansions. They have “our” wealth at their disposal due unchallenged tax cheating! Not because of how brilliant they are with the skills of an entrepreneur, but “tax cheats”, this is it simply placed were it hurts. Same with those that rake it in on Wall Street, it is somebody else's money! We have been screwed over once again. Our 401K plans remain worthless, our retirements are under attack, yet we stand not our ground on these issues of importance, like we have become impotent. Look, Mitt and the others, they use our highways to get to their luxury retreats, they use the infrastructure, yet don't pay their fair share – it is so un-American! It places a burden on the system wherein we must foot the bill for over-use, basically paying their way, in the end we find less and less in that “wallet”, which diminishes our pursuit to happiness. Look at another example of wealth run amuck. Ken Lay, the ENRON master, he claimed to have at least 10-different vacation homes, from money stolen away from others. Look, we live in a system of monetary merit that has a threshold, there is a definite amount to go around. But when one looks at the wealth hoarding, it is astounding. And this is pretty new, the squandering away the “outdoors” from Martha's Vineyard to sea to shinning sea. We find and see a rather disgusting trend, wherein the wealth confiscated points to a total dereliction in duty our representative body. The “rich” are not paying anywhere near their fair share, no matter what Grover tells you. And there is such an easy solution, it is called a sales tax. We cannot trust the leadership to find the “equality” clause in the Constitution, as it has been banned due to lack of enthusiasm. Bush looked after his friends and cohorts in “crookedness” through initiation of an “un-Fair Tax Policy”, his legacy, and it has cost us all. It was highway robbery, action unbecoming a U.S. President and an act of pilferage upon a once good system. Not perfect, but since the Bush years of endangerment, the imperfections have been ordained, with immunity. And he is still a free man? Look, I don't care that George & Dick could be and should be tried for violating the “War Crimes” Act, but what they did to America is by far an evil atrocity upon “Liberty” that “Tilts” the scale of reasonableness, as to fend for a few of their buddies where it hurt the “true” American spirit, this is “Treason”! Yet the ugly trend continues as we have before us “Bush Dysentery Dynasty” hypocrisy wannabes in the present Congress, with the John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Society. And if it is allowed to continue on, we will suffer even more above and beyond the consequences already – also called “cruel and unusual” treatment. And that has laws banning such aggressive behaviors. Greed is taking its toll, on the food supply, on the water supply, on the supply of “goodwill” towards each-other, we are becoming separated as a nation and what we stand for is on hold! Solution? How about we start this week off remembering what John F. Kennedy was inaugurated upon, what this nation was re-baptized and born again upon:
And so let us start anew. My fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country."
And Dear Mr. Mitt, that means paying a fair share! If you don't get this fundamental concept, then you are not deserving being called an “American”.

Con Artist State

It appears the Con Artist State – a.k.a. Alaska – is alive and well still with CONvicts. This state changed its motto from the “Last Frontier” to that of the “Corrupt Bastards' Club” when all of a sudden it was not the beauty of the outdoor wilderness that defined the 49er's interest to the rest of the world, but Sarah Palin like “crap” fantasies taking over decency. The “Sarah” era was the icing on the cake, doomsday for Alaska. And yes, con artists! As all those “Reality TV” shows, it is all about “Cons”. And even though the Alaska political scene was run amuck with criminal activity, which amounted to some time behind bars for some “little fishes” akin to what the wealthy pay in taxes, we found the outcome was fine tuned to the sentiment that in Alaska, “crime pays”. It paid handsomely then, and continues to pay off for those still finding immunity behind any semblance of ethical behavior. According to Alaska's late U.S. Senator Theodore Fulton “The Hulk” Stevens, once upon a time the Senate Pro Temper and very powerful, “we might have to pay a fine and spend a little time in jail.” when he went caught as a member of the “Club”. Even though Ted tried to convince Bill Allen, his accomplice, "They're not going to shoot us. It's not Iraq”, they received what they deserved. With all that in mind, don't forget that we are also to blame as accomplices to what went wrong and continues to go wrong in a “once” great state. Ted's dead, we killed him! And it appears that there never came a purge upon the Alaskan style political corruption, that it continues to invite crookedness. Just like Mexico, we keep reinstating the bastards of corruption, through re-election, time after time after...because in most cases, we are addicted to their ways and means of “Trust Us”, “pork” it is called. Look, it has become a pathetic citizenry in Alaska, blame it on the fact that Alaska has enjoyed the label as the kingpin “Welfare State”. Even with Obama's stimulus money, loot that Governor Parnell continues to receive under the table and dish out, Alaska is the No.1 contender when it comes to $dollars$ per household, topping the scale at $3500 per person. Utah, which received about the same amount of stimulus, well it sees about $750 per head. Texas, which received $17-Billion and the 2nd biggest recipient of “Recovery” money, it comes down to about $700 per head. But back to the con connection to corruption here in Alaska. How many innocent bears have been killed just this year with the poor excuse of protecting one's “life and property”? What a cop out. Hey, I came face to face with a browny, so close that I could see dental work was not an issue, and that beady eyed glare when so close to..... I survived without a scratch, thus a memorable affair, by playing it out without a weapon - through woodsmen like maneuvers, and I am a city slicker! OK, 35-years a resident, from Fairbanks to Valdez to Anchorage. So I am qualified to score and grade what is occurring today in this state. The increased “dead bear is the only good bear” count is based on the fact that these wannabe “Alaskans” want their 10-minutes claim to fame in front of a camera of “discovery”. What's with these woodsmen that dream and act out mountain men fantasies, for that cameraman? What's that “buzz”, its a damn chainsaw! And down-loading photos of moose from unmanned “bait” cameras! I bet our tax dollars are paying for some of this “crap”. Calling themselves “Mountain Men”, it is a crying out loud shame. Deadliest Catch? Take the camera crew out on a real fishing trawler, not a factory ship. But outsiders filming this seaside “crap” probably cannot take the action – puke! And that “Ice Road Trucker” crap, with all those outsiders like “Pork Chop”, hey time was good in Alaska when it required residency, an Alaskan drivers license to go “North” beyond the security post on the Yukon River, when those that braved the Dalton were real Alaskan men and women. I drove that road many a times, even when it was “Closed”, not by choice but as a condition of continued employment to work along the “pipeline”, when critical remote gate valves were stubborn to work to protect the environment. I had to jump from whirling helicopters, climb a communications tower 180-feet high during a pitch-black winter's day when the wind-chill scale went pegged out – at negative 90! Not to mention walking across the tundra with “zillions” of blow flies in pursuit because there was no safe landing for the recovery chopper – actually it was a “stranding” attempt by Alyeska to get rid of “vocal union supporters”, so Queer Eyed Joe dropped me off for supposedly a no-return trip - he was just carrying out orders! I could go on, but what does it all mean? OK. How about the time when the state DOT had a hard time keeping this critical oil field link open, so the guys in the orange jump suits without the proper equipment would sit around drinking coffee and wait. Yes wait for Alyeska to mobilize its heavy construction equipment, to fix the road! Now though, that “highway is for gamblers”! It sucks. Remember the good old bumper sticker of pipeline construction days, “Happiness is a Texan leaving with an Okie under each arm”. Hey, pardon my “profiling”, Okies are excellent craftsmen, but either come here to stay or go away! Texans, what can I say – nothing good. There is an invasion going on here in Alaska, so I am glad to have raised a family when fishing was still good, and Alaska had “individualism” character, was missing political corruption and Sarah Palin was a nobody – she still is in my book. And those gold miming thugs, same sentiment, a bunch of con artists that perform nothing of value accept show that the Department of Natural Resources is asleep at the wheel of fortune, as talk about committing environmental atrocities, right on TV! The evidence to prosecute these idiots is steering us point-blank in the face, in fact this “crap” being filmed in Alaska is allowing tax credits to be sold, so Alaskan corporations can get by for pennies on the dollar! So the content is meaningless. It could be a George Colin silent, and still make for a tax haven. This new age “discovery” has no reason to provide a meaningful relationship, between Alaskans and Alaska, as it is like selling bridges to “Nowhere”, or ferries that never show up – a.k.a. M.V. Susitna. Look, I am offering a reward, for the whereabouts of this long overdue marine vessel that was supposed to be already ferrying passengers between Pt. MacKenzie and the Cost Overrun Port of Bill Sheffield. Just more of the same “coning”. So I guess it is a state of affairs that just keeps on giving, this “Con” stuff. Case in point is the sabotage upon the traffic signs around Anchorage and the idiots in some “official” capacity of authority saying it was sabotage. Look, you may act stupid in efforts at trying to fool the people, but just be honest with the people, this is just more of the same Sarah Palin fallout. These signs cannot be broken into that easily. Even if left unattended, the crooks trying to deface “Obama” would have to know the program code and most likely the password for entry. This was a premeditated and preplanned attack against the Obama administration, most likely thought up at the “Defend Ted” rally held at the Ryan Air hanger a few months ago. And how ironic, as the “defacing” went into effect just about the time Obama was handed a victory by the high Court! Look, we cannot trust the GOP for anything, except destruction! I place Ted in the same category as Joe Paterno. Not because of Joe's record as a football coach, but for not going on record to find Sanduskey a pervert. Look, Ted most likely knew what was going on with Bill Allen, his “little girl” affairs. Yet, nothing was done to stop Bill's perversion on our “daughters”. Yes, the crooks got what they deserved, including a “legacy” of corruption. Do you really think Ted will ever be cleared of wrongdoing? Maybe in Alaska, as like already mentioned, something has changed. Back to the traffic jams, as the defacing of the traffic signs caused for motorists to have to think for a change. Funny yet suspicious, that this traffic signal sabotage was successful, wherein several large and can't miss text like neon signs went altered, with one calling out for “Obama's Impeachment”. “Honk for Boobs” was another. Of course that could have been one for the GOP, ha ha... See, I told you so, that it was the idiots aligned with Ted's shortcomings behind this display of a “cowardly lion” agenda. It is a Ted Nugent mentality. I am glad this asshole has been banned from Alaska. Look, to all Ted's “Defense” friends, you are the ones guilty for his indictment and early death. Instead of letting things go, the Ron Duncans' continued to use Ted as a whore, after years of abuse, all for lobbying issues. Ted was indeed a “back pocket” politician. He died not happy, but angry because so many had taken advantage of his “goodwill”. He personally called me to discuss his take on “pork” abuse, and it was about the only time I found something in common his political beliefs. Yes, he was aware of the “abuse” by Alaskans and at the same time didn't believe Nancy Pelosi was a “rapid skunk”. See, Congressmen Don Young was trying to trap the speaker, so he could mount her! And Ted didn't believe anybody would be successful at measuring the penis size of a male Muskox, wherein money through “pork” was supposed to accommodate this “science”, but when nobody in their right mind could be found to attempt such a crazed idea, the money was used to build a comfortable hunting lodge! Abuse it was. And the fact that this sign sabotage occurred when Mayor Dan “Bigot” Sullivan was AWOL, it is suspicious some more on the conspiracy front. Imagine, taking the oath while vacationing in Hawaii. I stand corrected, he is always on vacation, even when here in Alaska, in Anchorage, the rape capital of the North. Lets see, we have head-on collisions on the highway south because even after years and years of handouts from Ted, the road system still sucks. Why? Most of the money earmarked was pocketed by unscrupulous road contractors that contributed to Ted and Don's re-election “war-chests” - what goes around comes around. We have a rapist on the loose using a bike and trying to impersonate Bill Allen, dead bears, dead zoo bears, rotten weather in Anchorage, the fishing sucks, the halibut meat is mushy, damn - same disgusting news as last year at this time, and the same as the year before that. OK, I stand corrected again, Dan Sullivan keeps busy making sure that the “Equality” ordinance never sees a chance of passage. Mind you, a ”City of Brotherly Love”? Maybe Sullivan is scared for his life, as Anchorage has become also the BB gun capital, so maybe Sullivan went scared and went on the lam. And talk about the “Con” men alive and well, as it appears that Kodiak Island has become a safe haven for Al Capone and company. I will make a bet. I am ready to gamble away some loot. I will bet any qualified Alaskan my PDF check against their welfare check, that there will never be a launch of a rocket from the island, with this new crazed idea of the Athena, with Lockheed. Let's face the facts, that project has been a failure since inception – just another failure on the list of “things that didn't work” in Alaska. Every “Alaskan Corporation”, set-up in efforts to secretly steal money away from the residents, all have more failures then successes. The only thing that doesn't appear to find credibility under the failed “definition” is the salaries paid out from the Constitutional Budget Reserve for the CEOs of these “Corrupt Corporations”, that is basically a shell to hide away malfeasance upon the people. The fact that this state held at one time the biggest producing oil fields but at the same time we continued to be the biggest “welfare” recipients through representative “porkaholic” thievery, it paints a sad reminder of how we as citizens get blinded by the might from the Right. And it will get worse, so best find that rainy day fund! What do you mean it was spent? Look the Koch Brother's refinery in Fairbanks just furloughed 30-workers as two of the three gasoline making facilities have been mothballed. And to make matters worse off as too what may be on the horizon, lurking on the horizon that is, Koch is selling its interest in the TAPS, a meager 3 percent, but that will cost us more in the long run. Every other refinery that set up shop in North Pole has made money, and lots of it. It has nothing to do with the price of crude oil. See, every last penny in production costs are passed on to the consumers, and it allows for at least a decent payback - that profit margin. So what are the Koch brothers up too? They can't hide the fact that they are able to buy refined products from foreign countries, ship it to Alaska, place it on the rail, and still get it to Fairbanks cheaper? At least a boat nobody wants can hide its bow. Anyway, in ending, Alaska has a great history, except it went sour when the CBC came into being. Ted allowed it to get out of control and we have today a bed-wetting nightmare to contend with – called failure at developing a sustainable jobs infrastructure. We could have and should have gone it on our own, but we blew the chance of a lifetime, as corrupt politicians made it fail. Because we thought that is what the local leadership wanted, and in the end, we cheated Ted out of his enjoyment upon life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness. We “killed” Ted. Killed his political aspirations because we became so damn greedy. Then when it was said and done, that corruption indictment, death was a short-time coming. Killed in one of Duncan's planes! What a pity. And now those responsible want blood out of a turnip, they want what? Look, the Justice Department did what was right for America! The time had come to turn things around that could have blown. Look there are things about Ted that are better left “hidden” away, yes “skeletons in the closet”. Some things that went on with the “buddy” system that would be disastrous to this nation should it ever come front and center, stuff orchestrated by and through Bill Allen's VECO connection – like the IRS and VECIO bookshelf. What tax problem? So, Alaska will never be the same. Times have changed, not for the better, but towards the “much worse” with respect to what it was and could have remained had we been policing such evil ways and means fostered through a dysfunctional political regime. One can't expect it to ever be the same, so I am glad that I saw and enjoyed that opportunity when Alaska held a “spirit” new! When corruption was corraled, allowed to exist in a few whore houses and some gambling joints down on Anchorage's seedy side, or in downtown Fairbanks on “2” Street. When it was safe to walk the bike paths in and around these towns. When we had responsible leadership, in state and city officials, that could be trusted. When religion was but a silent undertaking, not like it is today with Jerry Prevo trying to do something evil, his attacks upon the LGBT. I still have a hard time understanding why he finds such a following, but like already mentioned and maybe warn out this writing, Alaska has “CHANGED”! It ain't for God! So, good riddings Alaska, once enjoying the “Last Frontier” status, where men and women were down to earth and proud with qualifications to be heard as true “Frontiersmen and Frontierswomen. Where all the men and women were strong and all good looking, and all the children above average and not afraid to say “No” to corruption!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nugent Concert - Alaska

 Fans await concert start(Soltice 2012)!
 Nugent himself.
 Band taking break.
 Half-time intermission activities.
Crowd wanting more!