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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alaskan Road Design Award

In the category of the “worst” road design, the “New” Elmore takes the cake, this year and most likely for then next hundred years. Realityreal©. Now I thought that the cheapest paint purchased by the state procurement bureaucrats was the road line paint. When applied, it lasts a few weeks then the roads turn into free-for-all Parnelli Jones’ like road rage traps. I guess I went wrong with the cheapskate paint, as somebody has found an even cheaper quality paint. In fact this stuff has no quality at all. Along the “New” Elmore, there is this art like stuff, and after one winter the steel frames and panels are returning to the natural state, rust! And what is with that Fen Shu lighting? Somebody said it was supposed to act as a “calm” control, so drivers would slow down. What a freak show. That road is dangerous! There aren’t any posted speed signs along the way, but there are “Wild Life Viewing” signs! Sure, come watch as moose get caught in the fenced in trap and compete against drivers out of control. And those moose gates, well somebody forgot to grease the squeaky wheel, and once a moose finds out how to get away to freedom, the gate doesn’t close and provides a death trap entry for the young moose. Likewise with the art deco crap, rust has invaded the springs, “spring” back. And even before the asphalt along the bike paths has been allowed to cure, the construction crews are out in full force to dig up the manholes, so the covers can be lowered a few inches. It is part of this state’s “Wimp Reform” movement. See, the road manhole covers caused a workmen’s compensation law suit a few years ago, when some idiot worker said that the ice build up coming in contact with the snow removal blade caused him to get back problems. It went to court and guess what, all the protrusions were required to be lowered. So I guess the guy that plows the sidewalks has complained, so what gives? This road was a poor design, as it is already a classic bottleneck. And the peace and tranquility of the subdivisions along this “crap” designed road has been disrupted, as one cannot safely get out into the oncoming traffic. See, without coordinated traffic lights leading into and out of the “new” Elmore, there is no coordination. I take that back. I did get too enjoy a coordinated wiz bang frolic along Northern Lights from Lake Otis to Minnesota, once. And I have lived here for 20-years. So I wonder if 1 in 20 is coordinated or pure luck. The traffic patterns are ridiculously lousy here in Anchorage. And the roads are falling apart like there is no tomorrow. That may be a realityreal© with respect to traffic, as the price of gasoline is going crazy. I bet the Treasury is fuming. See, had they realized that this nation could get by with gasoline at 3 bucks a gallon, it would have been taxed to the hilt. The government would have all kinds of surplus money coming in and out to fund new highways down in Coconut Grove, for Youngstown. Maybe with all that money coming in it could have meant more rebates to stimulate the economy. And it would have not allowed the oil companies to rape us so much. But we blew the opportunity. Hey, gas in Canada has been this high for a long time, from motor fuel taxation. But look at the roads! In fact the Alcan is in better shape then the “New” Elmore, and that road has been in service for a long, long time. Why is it we are trying to re-invent the wheel. I travel a lot. It is not like this anywhere else. You can’t blame this crap on the weather. You can’t blame it of economics, as we are an oil rich state. So what can you blame it on? Accountability! See, if we were to do things right the first go around, it may mean loss of jobs. It is a sad state of affairs when roads in Morocco are in better shape then those found here in Anchorage. But like mentioned beforehand, it all boils down to “accountability”. We are for the most part afraid that if something is done right the first time, it may mean re-work is too far down the road to keep us gainfully employed year after year, wherein are only responsibility is to keep the pork chugging monster alive. It is a fake infrastructure we have created here in the 49er. We can’t even keep a dairy running! It is a no brainer. Had this state created an import tax on things like milk, a dairy would still be employing many workers. Maybe Point McKenzie would be alive and well with farmers. And had we placed an export tax on crude oil, this state would have major refineries, all making and keeping sustainable jobs. See, instead of sending crude oil to market, it would have meant refined products. Why didn’t we do it right? Because we weren’t allowed too. As a self-sustaining infrastructure would have meant independence, and that is not what representation was about. So we suffer, especially now, as there may be no turning back. This state will remain a welfare state. And with Mrs. Vogue Mature accepting the TransCanada gas line proposal, we are setting this state up once again for failure. It is time to impose an export tax on the natural gas. That will make sure it stays in state or is taxed if it goes south in its natural state. A high enough tax will force the gas to be refined here. Two ways that can be accomplished. First, the natural gas can be converted to “White Crude”, a process already proved acceptable by the “Big Oil”. It is a German process discovered during WWII, wherein natural gas is converted to a liquid and remains a liquid at atmospheric conditions. And LNG, well that would also pass the muster, wherein it is also considered a refined product and gets away without the export taxation burden. Either way, it causes an infrastructure to be built, which creates jobs that will last for at least another 30-years. If this state can get 30-years out of the oil rush, most likely the same with the natural gas rush. Therefore I am starting a petition to impose an “export” tax on all of our natural resources. All “new” found oil will be subject to this tax, so it will mean in-state refining. All natural gas and coal, the same. Coal can be converted to gas. Hey, an “export” tax would take this state from a third world welfare state to an independent state with good jobs for the duration, wherein Ted and Don and MoanLisa can continue on with things like the Coconut Grove gig, as we won’t need their generosity any longer in a game of fool’s gold gone haywire. And maybe, with that in mind, along with good sustainable jobs, the roads will be built right the first time as better jobs will await our kids, from farms to refineries. The way it should have been done the first go around, done right without that “Corrupt Bastard” mentality infiltrating righteousness and ethics. It is realityreal© not to late. Now is the time to re-act! Sign the petition to impose an “export” tax on our natural resources and you’ll see Alaska once again become a great state instead of a state handicapped by corruption and welfare will become a thing of the 49er’s dreaded past.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Great Day

Wow, what a day here in Anchorage! The Arctic Blast has been keeping a stranglehold on springtime, but finally the bubble went busted. So everybody seems to be in better spirits. Honestly, I didn’t get accosted when trying to cross Tudor on a bike, by irate drivers. Good thing the DMV doesn’t use that little sign that reads, “Yield To Pedestrians In Crosswalk” as the vision test qualifier, by God the streets would be vacant of licensed drivers! And today the weather was such that it allowed the thermometer to reach 60 degrees? Wow. Mark Twain would have been proud as young kids braved the now unfrozen ponds and free-flowing streams around town, to play out Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn fantasies. I even saw a few adults enjoying some rafting about Goose Lake, on a floating platform that had escaped its anchor over the winter. And birds and waterfowl were everywhere. An eagle soared above in the blue of space, testifying that this magnificent bird owns the ether. Plovers, along with many other shorebirds stopping in Anchorage for a migratory break, raced along the shorelines. Cranes and geese showed off in the skies, arriving back once again to this place we call home. Robins sang out mating tunes and swallows frolicked about, the rays of the long awaited sun highlighting this birds fanciful reflective like wings - a discotheque display. I found myself humming “Homeward Bound”. Over at the Goose, grills gave off that pleasant odor of blacked hot dogs while an old beat up Rambler’s radio blasted out a great Sly Stone summertime tune, “Hot fun in the Summertime, Oh yeh”. People wore smiles here, there and everywhere. Hey, a Kool-aid stand! Harleys roared by as did motor homes and vehicles pulling fishing boats. This is what Alaska is all about. We wade through the winter season putting up with cabin fever, maybe getting in a little skiing and lots of beer drinking, but it is the springtime that enlightens us to get the smiles out of hibernation. And you could tell that people were upbeat, as we had made it through yet another winter. People were smiling so much it appeared as if laughter was at height. Talk about a laugh. Did you get a glimpse of that show on the Discovery Channel, called “Alaskan Experience”? It is what makes Alaska look like a fool hardy place of danger. I guess this is one of the newest reality shows to hit the crap networks. It is about a bunch of non-Alaskans who think they have the guts to stick it out in the wilderness. It is pathetic and the only thing it can do is place laughter upon this great place of ours. Idiotic it is. Sorry, I went off subject. Again, it was a great day here in Anchorage. Until, until, those Wild Man trucks started deploying all those orange signs that indicates traffic patterns are about to get confusing if not impossible to find your way out of a subdivision. Realityreal©, I was stuck in my own subdivision! Around and around I went, getting dizzy. It was good for a buzz if nothing else. So I returned home and grabbed the bike. See, this way I could sneak through the road detour police. Does it really take a week just to paint lines on the road? Oh, this is a DOT funded project so it means no accountability with time or “your” money! Anyway, soon I was away from the maddening crowd of commuters bent on once again loosing the battle to road construction delays. Ah such a beautiful day it was. Until the weather started changing. Really, the winds started picking up when I was down towards downtown. It was the accompanying noise that warned my senses that this was not a “Chinook” but more likely a man-made invasion of the weather. It meant training exercise time for the Raptors! Talk about Raptors, along the new “Elmore” there exists these signs about wildlife viewing, those brown binocular signs you usually see along the Turnagain. But where the hell is this wildlife in the “Big Wild Life”? I know I am not supposed to use the “Big Wild” without permission, but I also like to practice my 1st Amendment Rights. Anyway, I saw a few tourists down along the new “Elmore”. It is easy to tell tourists, as they are not used to the weather, so must dress as if it is January. I am glad they come prepared, as to buy crap clothing from the Saturday market just makes a bunch of lawyers rich and supports child slave labor in China. What ever happened to that polar bear and made in Alaska? Extinct? Maybe that is the reason for the endangered species thing on the “white” bear. Anyway, the tourists had this fancy camera equipment set-up because it sounded like “Raptors” on the loose. They must have been birders. It was the hats that gave it away. So they were hanging out to get a glimpse of what was making all the racket. I hated to tell them that it was that squawking mechanical bird that Chugach Electric has stationed at the electric substation! To keep “real” birds away from the high-voltage stuff. Poor tourists, waiting for nothing. Anyway, the real Raptors were going out in full force over at Elmendorf Air Force Base. It was ruining the so far enjoyable day. Really, the sounds from the thrusters and accompanying air force was enough to commence vibrating the air around me. It was causing unpleasant wind like patterns. The geese on the Park strip went scared and headed south? Little kids started crying, as if their first experience with Armageddon. And tourists on 4th Avenue went confused when buildings started shaking, earthquake! Do you realize that for one solo dog-fight training mission it takes the equivalent of what a well paid oil worker pays in yearly income tax, just for fuel. Hey, oil reached $134.00 a barrel the same day oil executives were investigated “under oath” up on the Hill. Anyway, the military birds should be grounded, as to fight a war with high oil prices is not worth it in my book. Waste like this is strangling the economy. Look, I can get by on $10.00 a day for food. That amounts to about 300 dollars a month for a family of 2 adults, wine and beer included. But then there is the house payment that surpasses the food bill by at least another thousand dollars, just so I can have a shelter to enjoy my 300 dollars of food. And then there are the heating and electric bills, which is also surpassing the food bill, just so I can have warmth to enjoy that 300 dollars of food. There is something wrong when so much of our disposable income is used for shelter, cell-phones, cable TV and other electronic crap. We need to get back to the basics, like good roads and I would love to see a moratorium on road construction, say every other year we ban it, except for minor repairs. Think about it, no orange signs, no delays, roads no longer littered with asphalt crap thrown all over the place with no concerns that this stuff contains oily residue and when loose can make it into the rivers, lakes and streams. There will come a day when kids are not allowed to venture out into the local waters, due road construction pollution. Sorry Mark. Anyway, the Raptors have taken off, good tidings for the time being. And the fake winds have died down, so people are once again enjoying themselves instead of running for cover. Hey, I was down at Resolution Park just in time to watch the empty coal cars of the Alaska Railroad come to life, as it is a seasonal thing. See, this railroad can’t make ends meet, so it continues to be subsidized by Uncle Pork. So that is why this time of year you will see the daily procession of empty coal cars running between Anchorage and Seward, just to log time to get Uncle Sam to cut a check. And today there were other empty cars included in this 83-car train ride. Sure enough, “Alaska Agriculture – Serving Alaska and the World”. Now the paint was pretty worm, or it may have been the first pass at a new coat of paint. See, if old it was probably a remnant of the Delta Barley project bust-boom project. That’s correct, bust before boom. See, that was a failed project to begin with. But we went ahead and spent a bunch of money anyway, to provide an infrastructure to support the barley when no barley would ever grow in amounts strong enough to support an industry. We get on to these agricultural project kicks about every ten years. So that train car may have been in efforts for the newest bust-boom project – blueberries! That project died a long time ago, but the boom continues somewhat, from pork to support some fly by night operation that wants to sell Alaskan berries for medicinal purposes. Anyway, we did enjoy a few good days, until the MOSQUIOTOES found out that there was something to look forward too. See, it has been proven that high blood pressure gives off a signal that the “squiots” can pick up. And with the Wild Man going wild with road construction, the blood pressure is arising. Just look at the bottle-neck that the “new” Elmore has started. Realityreal©, the one lane leading onto the Elmore from Tudor gets backed up for miles, thus cutting down Tudor to one lane. Do people get paid for designing crap like this? Hey, bike riding has one advantage, one gets to see all the fun things to laugh about. And what’s realityreal© great, it is close to Memorial Day weekend, when this city gets real enjoyable as the road crews get furloughed and I can get a real buzz on beer instead of a dizzy spell buzz when trying to find the way out of my subdivision. Alaska, we’re there, sometimes!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

More Crap!

Man, I think I discovered what a hernia is all about? All I did was go out on the lawn to retrieve the Sunday edition of the Anchorage Daily Stool. See, the paper delivery guy was scared off this morning, by a bird seed eating bear, so the delivery was a little off target. Now this paper weighs a whole bunch. At first I thought it was wet, and the moisture added to the paper’s weight. This paper sucks, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the added weight came from that water wicking action. But it is just the normal Sunday crap. Now being the righteous citizen I am – defined by how pissed off Ted Steven’s gets when he receives my e-mails – I decided that this hernia producing newspaper needed an investigation. So it weighed in at approximately 2-pounds. And here is where it gets scientific. 2-ounces of stuff in print went to the local news. 1-ounce went to the national news. 1-ounce for the comic relief. 6-ounces to miscellaneous stuff, like sports and classified. And a whopping 1-pound for advertisement “bull” crap. Do I pay for this waste? And 1-ounce goes to some sidebar magazine about Senator Jim Webb, called “What it means to be a leader”. Just take a loaded firearm into the Senate! So this paper is indeed “crap”. It was basically 3-ounces worth of news. No wonder the newspaper establishments are going down under faster then Bill Clinton’s pages that wore those blue dress uniforms. Oh, that was old news, sorry! Anyway, so where did all the crappy roads come from? Hold that thought. Where did all the crappy drivers come from? Hold that thought with the previous thought already on hold. Where did the crappy weather come from? The roads here in Anchorage are so bad that the safety Czar should shut them all down. Think of how much money would be saved, from not using gasoline. Think of how this could offset the greenhouse effect. And maybe we could all loose some weight by walking to work. And with all that, maybe there would be enough worthwhile news to publish a decent paper! And how come we still can’t seem to buy road paint that lasts? I travel around, to places with climates far worse off then what is found here in the “Corrupt Bastard” state. And the highway men there don’t seem to have a problem buying paint that doesn’t wash away with the first snowstorm. In fact, the bike paths in and around Anchorage have better asphalt then do the main roads. So there must be something behind doing it wrong all the time. It is called job creation. What if this state built roads that lasted. It can be done. Money can cause research. Research can find solutions. Take for example the Nesbitt Court House. This was for many years a vacant lot right down town in Anchorage, a lot with a view. In fact it was a family picnic place. It was land considered dangerous, as it was in the “RED” zone and would never muster a building permit from the earthquake police. But need not worry. There was once a state governor that believed in research. He liked money also. So scientists from Stanford designed a “floating” foundation. Yes indeed, so with the research out of the way, the governor signed a declaration to build a new court house. First the once crappy land had to be purchased. But since it now had a future, with an expensive one-of-a-kind foundation, the land was re-evaluated from waste to royalty! Guess who owned the land? The foundation cost more then the building. Anyway, roads could be designed to last at least one Alaskan type season. But when things are done right the first time, it decimates the job market. And since this state has failed at building an infrastructure that actually caters to the employment ranks wherein our sons and daughters want to stay here because there is a future, it means more of the same. Like repainting the roads year after year. Like using crappy asphalt that falls apart soon after it cures and porous enough to thread the life of tire treads. My brand new studded tires have lost enough rubber over this last winter that it amounts to 20-thousand miles driven. Of course this was due the fact that my main transport path takes me down the “new” Elmore extension. What a piece of crap job that highway project is. Don’t we have inspectors out there? Maybe more like imposters. Same with the road-building contractors. And the way these fly-by-night contractors let loose gravel all around town during the summer “make-your-life-miserable” construction season, no wonder so many Subaru’s have broken windshields. Why is it that Subaru’s seem to be the targets? Maybe it has something to do with all those Don Young’s an “Idiot” bumper stickers. And get this, no longer is a new windshield a freebie, as the insurance companies decided the gravel was a liability, so if a rock comes flying your way, get the license plate number of that gravel truck out of control. If it occurs on a muni-road, call Mark and maybe you can blame the broken glass on the mayor being derelict in his duties to hire respectable contractors that give a damn and get him to pay for it. As far as the weather, no wonder very few bikers were seen out and about on Friday, “Ride your bike to work” day. It was cold out. As I departed the lower hillside, an excruciating pain like wind came off of the mountains, and since snow still hangs out at the higher elevations, it was indeed an uncomfortable wind chill. Then when I hit the lowlands, there was but a short reprieve, as the winds off of the inlet now made it more of the same, nasty. It was not fun at all! And it is almost June? And one has to be on constant lookout when riding a bike or for that matter trying to cross an intersection here in Anchorage. Drivers and bikers don’t get along! Anyway, the crap continues. We put up with it. Maybe someday this state will have something to be proud of, instead of a headline that talks about killing 124 wolves by an aerial invasion! I don’t get it. The wolves were Tommy-gunned down to save the moose and caribou population. That is how it played out in the print. But the wolves were killed so there would be more moose and caribou for the hunters. So we allow the killing of the wild things just so we can do the same. This was the headline on Monday in the morning Stool. Again, 1-ounce of news, but no advertisements. Remember, this paper sold by weight, not by interesting content. But just like the crappy roads and a crappy paper, it is all but a sign of this state’s failed infrastructure we find incarcerating upon our future. It will never go away, not as long as the priorities are sold by profit and not by righteousness. Hey, there are ads embedded in the Stool. A full pager - about some fandangle air purifier! OK, I am reminiscing again, just like with the Hickup court house follies. At one time the Anchorage air quality Czar broadcast not only the daily air quality, but the constituent content. It was at one time dried dog crap that made up the majority of airborne pollutants. But the constituents are not broken down anymore. I would say that one would find that “asphaltene” is now one of the major contributors to unhealthy air, from the crappy roads breaking apart. Now dried dog crap is one thing, as it is still natural. But this carcinogenic from asphalt breaking down? Maybe there is something in the air we breath that is causing us to think not straight. So maybe this air purifier ad that contains more words on one entire page then the entire paper itself, maybe it is justified as a health thing. What’s this? According to the ad, this device produces extra oxygen? Wait a damn minute. If it is a filter that sucks in air and cleans the air of MoanaLisa Murkowski’s constituents – mites and bed bugs – then where does this extra oxygen come from? Hey, crap in crap out. It must be false advertisement. And I called Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee - scientist extraordinaire - on this extra oxygen thing machine, he is still laughing. In the mean time, the assault goes on. I am talking the assault on ethics, as we still seem to be embracing the “Corrupt Bastard” mentality. But like anything else in the world of legaleze, we let it go on so that means we don’t seem to be bothered by it, so much for any punitive rescue. It will mean more of the same crap, again and again and again.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

What WAR?

Is Uncle Sam still in a jam, “way down yonder in” Iraqinam? Realityreal©, it is getting more and more difficult to determine if the surge protector has had any effect on George Bush’s “missing mission accomplishments”. Has George made any “positive” contributions to the human endeavor upon this earth? I heard someone say there has been an increase in Mad magazine subscriptions. Now for a long while following our invasion upon another country way far away, the news’ broadcasts made time out for moments of silence, for our fallen soldiers. Young kids dedicated to a cause we are still trying to define. So I can tell you this with all that, we have become a despicable nation of fools, especially here in Alaska. We have lost touch with realityreal© and the “Big Bully” attitude seems to finally be sinking our nation’s once good standing and is threatening our economy. Look at the price of bread? And a rice shortage in Bethel? Here is my take. George Bush should remain in office until he fixes the economy, ends the war and has a bout with Dick Cheney on WWW followed by a mud-wrestling bout with Laura and Mrs. Dick, but that would indeed ruin the sport – the latter. Lets get into some specifics of despicable! The other day I came across a traffic jam here in Anchorage - the rape capital of the Americas - wherein people were fighting for a parking spot. At first I thought it was a giant garage sale. But it was Sunday morning parking rage for the Alaska Airmen’s Association annual Trade Show & Conference. Now let us face the facts. There came some fancy cars and trucks lined up to take in the festivities. And let us face the facts again, owning a plane is for the wealthy. Doctors, lawyers and crooks. So, wealth had amassed this day to enjoy the show. Now flying is important to Alaska, so not everyone here this day would fall into the class that believes John Lennon was full of crap when he sang, “Imagine, no possession”. Bottom line, a plane is but a fancy toy if it is used for enjoyment over necessity. Anyway, what blew my mind away was the fact that on display at the air show was a C-130 Galaxy transport from Elmendorf Air Force Base. That cost the taxpayers a whole bunch of money somewhere along the way. But the sad fact of the matter is this. We have soldiers stuck over in Iraq that can’t get home, because the contract airline that was supposed to be fit to provide transportation went belly up. It stranded our soldiers and most likely stranded those now assigned to that flag draped wooden box “home”, until they get home and have a decent burial ceremony. And here is what really irks my chain. Other Air Force bases in Maine have been scrambling to do as much as they can to provide transport for the stranded, with Galaxy type aircraft, designed to perform just about any task necessary to support our troops. So why the hell this bird was not being used to ferry soldiers or those “Be the first one on the block to have your kid come home in a box” – thank you Country Joe – well somebody in the military has his head in the wrong orifice. The base commander who saw a need to have a Galaxy on display at the trade show when at the same time young kids aren’t getting home to see their new born never seen before with the possibility they may never get home with the backlog of troops already delayed, it is a mortal sin. So why does it happen? Somebody had to call someone in efforts to get this monstrosity free from service and allowed to go on display instead of gainfully working. And it cost time and money to fly this bird from the base to the Ted Stevens International Airport. Now Ted rings a bell! Hey, when somebody needs something, just call Ted. And what I noticed when trying to get around the slowpoke traffic, it seemed as if every damn car and truck had an “Elect Ted” bumper sticker. Just goes to show that our priorities are just that, our own. Bottom line, this C-130 transport should have been gainfully working where it was needed. It should have been ferrying soldiers back and forth to that war we have forgotten about. I wanted to write Ted and ask him to reprimand the base commander, or at least remind the base-man that there is a war going on wherein our soldiers are stranded, but Ted doesn’t think straight these days and believes that if you are not with him then you are not a taxpayer and therefore you deserve no representation. I would rather have no representation then corrupt representation! Think about it. The “Hulk” - I mean “Runt” - was instrumental in getting this no-bid government contract crap shoved down the taxpayers’ throats. Sure it benefited the native corporations here in Alaska big show time. But now we read wherein one of those “no-bid” lucrative military scams has allowed offshore drilling, in efforts to down-hole away corporate taxes. Yes indeed, another fleecing of America by anti-Americans. Look, anybody who takes time to dream up scams like this is not an American. Anyway, this contract is filling the offshore havens with un-taxable loot. It was taxpayers’ money to begin with and now it goes away to tax freedom heaven. So it is more of the same corrupt mentality. What happened to America? When people in corporations continue to use scam like tactics to steal away our economy, what is left except a revolution? The money needs to be taxed again and set free. In fact, the hell with taxation as it only creates more George McCain “killing field” invasions, just set the money free into the economy. It is money saved away for reasons none other then tax shelters as many think they can take it with them when they go! Hey, the Creator can’t be bought. Anyway, it was also interesting to see Jake the Fake get out of the rat race. Just goes to show what goes on behind closed doors wherein ethics is just a suggestion is sinking this ship of all around fools. In fact, ethics is a lost cause. Maybe that is what John should have sung about, “Imagine, no ethics”. That is what it has come too. In fact, turning back may be an impossibility. The entire corrupt union of representatives should be thrown out, maybe in those tax haven holes they create for their friends through legislation. It is not legislation, it is thievery with a pen! Did you hear that one about TED? Not Stevens, but the “Terrorist Escape Device”. Following the 911 attack, secret tunnels were dug underneath Washington. From lessons learned from Boston’s “Big Dig”. These tunnels are designed to take the president’s men, House and Senate members to a safe off-shore location where they will board a super-submarine. It was tested with a simulator! And when all aboard the model simulator – wherein the passengers thought it was the real Armageddon – these assholes divided up the Treasury loot as the simulator was running the worst case scenario show, wherein it was total destruction of America. But when the model allowed the sub to surface, it was found out that it was just a test wherein Americans watched as “their” loot was divided up, so the submarine had to dive quick, as people were ready to perform an Armageddon upon this misfit group of crooks who think they are representatives of the people but are just representatives of evil. I guess the sub is still floating around somewhere and because of its cast of misfits has been denied political asylum everywhere but the moon. So the programmers of the simulator code are trying to figure out something. Anyway, sounds like a realityreal© in the making. In the meantime, the war goes on and maybe John Grunt can one day see his kid and wife. And maybe that crying dad and mom can one day see what they feared most, the “box”. But not this time for the “Grunt”, as his delay means first another tour of duty somewhere out of sight and out of mind. So go ahead, re-elect Ted and Don and MoanaLisa, if you are a fan of Uncle Armageddon. Hey, did you see that comic of Don in the buff? The coconut balls were a laugh. But what the hell happened to his manhood? ED? Maybe a realityreal© “missing in action”!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lucy In the Sky

Indications abound that my generation has come of age, again. This time around though it is that age wherein life begins to find many posturing for penance as we head the warning, thy pearly gates await us. What haven’t I done that needs to be done! What I am talking about is the passing on part of our journey, to Heaven. I found myself focusing in on an interesting painting the other day, while in Boston. It read, “Success is a journey, not a destination”. Is not Heaven our final destination, after success, measured by many different methods and opinions? And at another gallery across from Boston University, I witnessed a bunch of young college kids, studying art. What was interesting was the show on display, that of naked “mature” women. I mean those in study were watching grandma! I got off on it. Nothing like a mature woman. It was enjoyable being amongst such a young crowd of enthusiast, as Boston continues to be the educational hub of the world. Colleges spring up everywhere, and numerous “wire-me” caf├ęs’ follow. So there exist plenty of places to hang out, to watch and more so, just observe. That is where this coming of age thing comes into play. I just happened to eavesdrop on a group of youngsters, enlightened that our sons and daughters were in tune to some important aspects of current history with a past. It is too bad that the Iraq war has fizzled out in the popularity contest. Hey Americans, it is still going on and getting deadlier and deadlier. But this group of students was discussing something of genuine value in my book, the passing on of a gentleman named Albert Hofmann – age 102. Who, you may ask? Well little known to many this man was a scientist that is bothered with the discovery of LSD. Bothered is a decent explanation, as his intent was to deliver something of medicinal worth. But LSD became a vise enjoyed by my generation, to cope with this nation’s deceiving and corrupt representation that had infiltrated Washington and bent on destroying the Constitution – our freedoms at last going south. Just like is going on now, but in a dimension never before imaginable. We the People are getting screwed. In my book, George Bush should be denied retirement after he quits the oval office and made to visit the family of those 4000 that have been killed in war. Then he should be required to visit those 15000 wounded vets. Then how about some community service for the thousands his efforts displaced, because he wanted something to be proud about - his democracy upon the un-willing. After all that George, then the “mission is accomplished”. Bottom line, he is an idiot and his memoirs will be nothing but, “These pages un-intentionally left blank”. And Laura, please go live with the Queen of England. Your behavior as a 1st lady is despicable. Your sanitized disposition is the devil in disguise. I honestly think that the White House should be torched after the Bush’s leave. And yes Americans, the war is continuing to kill young kids at alarming rates. These kids should be over here in college instead of engaged in a nightmare. And I would bet that if Madman McCain gets to that oval office, our military machine will be back in Vietnam - to destroy all evidence that he wasn’t tortured but provided preferential treatment. Anyway, LSD had its downfall, as like other things it was abused and caused fatalities. But I don’t think it ever reached 4000 victims? So maybe that is what this country needs, a hallucinogenic awakening. And like marijuana, the drug’s subliminal effect made us aware of our environment and most importantly, it may have been successful in stopping that other idiotic war. We used the drugs to show off our independence, to protest, to exercise our rights, which was in defiance of this country’s corrupt leadership mission. Maybe our only way out with the current Cheneyism is to start a revolution of peace not war. I mention Cheney because this Dick Head is by far overboard this “worlds” worst enemy. How he continues to lie his way through life is indication that most Americans have not the time or energy to focus in on our commitments, to uphold this country’s Constitution. Everyday, that decree of freedom is spat upon, by Dick and George. And they continue to do it with a smile, or smirk. They are evil villains. Maybe it is time to re-institute the draft of LSD and marijuana, to re-start that Timothy Leary counterculture of “Live Free or Die”. Lets face the facts. War is no longer an option, unless it is needed here upon my homeland to take back what we have lost. More importantly, this earth has come to the global crossroads, wherein we need to destroy the military machine and start to focus our attention on destiny that doesn’t include a mentality of “build to destroy”, so think our “Masters of War”. Global respect is what is needed. Power brokerage is broke and a thing of the retched past. So maybe the passing on of Mr. Hofmann has meaning, a re-awakening call to independence, to counter the enemy of the people, to revolt and make it known to the crooks that we did it before and we can do it again with a little help from a friend.

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