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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alaska Joins Bonus & Bailout Frenzy

I don’t get it! Yes I do, almost fooled myself. Seems that economic "bailout" in the form of bonuses for the wealthy is catching on, by the wealthy and for the wealthy that is. Sorry, but nobody is worth my salary x100 in the form of a bonus. Bottom line, just another way to screw the already screwed-with American proletariat race, the common everyday working class heroes. If AIG can take "my" money and give it away as a bonus to the scoundrels who didn’t know what in hell they were doing in the first place and drove a company almost to extinction, a bonus is deserving? This bonus giveaway frenzy to the incompetent is beginning to bug me, especially when it is my money being thrown away. If Congress allows this to happen then all hope is lost, that our representation has sold out and this country will forever be the laughing stock of the rich getting richer. We give them more, they will continue to take more. See, Congress doesn’t give a rat’s ass that most Americans are no longer achieving that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that we strive for each and everyday. Congress makes an income that allows that goal to be met without a lot of sweat equity, so why should they give a crap upon the fact that with bailout and bonus free-for-alls, it is basically money garnished from my paycheck that feeds this frenzy. So if there is all this extra money floating around the Treasury - for bonuses - we as taxpayers have been over-charged. They know it, but the catch is this. They owe us interest! But for Congressmen and Congresswomen, their only interest in the economic dilemma was in giving themselves a pay raise and bailing out a lost cause to make themselves look good come re-election time so they could keep their high paid jobless position. A whole lot of bailout money will end up as campaign donations come re-election time. Bet me! The worst thing that ever happened to this country was the failure to demand "term" limits. It is pathetic with respect to what goes on up at the Hill. This country’s representation is so far removed from everyday reality, maybe a meltdown is what is truly needed, wherein the "people" take back what is ours to begin with - this "Country ‘Tis of Thee". Why the lights are still on for Congress is mind-boggling and a malfeasance due our own inaction. And answer me this. If a company is so big and so powerful that if it is going bankrupt and Uncle Sam must show as the bail bondsmen, doesn’t this point to a classic case of "anti-trust"? It seems that Washington has turned a blind eye to everything accept continued corruption. That is why Alaska is so popular following the presidential election. It isn’t only the Sarah Palin family personality, but this is the "Corrupt Bastard Club" state, so others want the same know-how, as "corruptness" seems to pay handsomely these days. That is why the rich are using it, either with us or against us should be the Congressional motto. Thievery upon the U.S. Treasury follows a monkey-see, monkey-do mentality. Corruption appears as the shield against any and all ethical reckoning. Corruption allows immunity, against righteousness. Bottom-line, AIG made it too fame and fortune by practicing "anti-trust" and it went so big and greedy because competition and regulation were missing that when the bubble finally came up to bursting pressure, it called for a buyout like bailout. A word of warning to newly elected U.S. Senator Begich(Alaska): If you don’t do something about this frenzy you will not get re-elected. A word to missing-in-action U.S. Senator select through father & daughter nepotism scam MoanaLisa Murkowski(Alaska): You won’t get voted back in. A word to Congressmen Don Young(Alaska): How come the Te-Lue bill had a fishing pole tax included as a last minute addition? Anyway, that is what the AIG bailout accomplished, a buyout and a selling of America. And the way that AIG distributed the leftovers, to buddy companies already bailed out by the U.S. taxpayers, we have been screwed over so far that it is nauseating me. Puke in a bag and send it to Congress for crying out loud. Anyway, as majority holder of worthless fodder, now Uncle Sam is caught in a catch-22, as AIG still operates under an illegal "anti-trust" umbrella. See, it would have been better off to let this giant sink, then responsible entities could have picked up the pieces and competition would once again be alive and well. It seems that those in the supposedly know-how have flunked basics, of how to pee in a toilet and not get your hands wet. And had this government saw to it non-involvement and just let Humpty-Dumpy fall, it wouldn’t have cost me a dime. And instead of sitting here writing and complaining about the Treasury being robbed, I could be writing to my "missing-in-action" representation and demanding a rebate. The American taxpayers have been over-taxed now for 57-years. But we have the same damn ridiculousness happening right back home here in Alaska. Incompetence, neglect and greed in politicians is a trademark of an Alaskan representative. Anyway, this home grown "bonus" crap that is coming out of Juneau is evidence that there is something in the air that is making clear thinking a problem, maybe a medical issue. Maybe too much dried up dog crap in the air, as some politician wants to give medical doctors’ a bonus, if they take on Medicare patients! What a scam! Bottom-line, it should be a pre-requisite to getting and maintaining a medical license here in this state, that one must not refuse a medical patient referral for an elderly American. Too hell with a bonus program! See, the D.C. giveaway disease is contagious! It must be from that "stimulus". In a nutshell, this state should maintain a list of those wanting or needing Medicare attention, and one call is all it takes, to a list of doctors licensed to practice in the state. A doctor can only refuse if there is clear and convincing evidence that the doctor cannot without compromise to other patients and caseload take on an elderly American, even if that individual needing attention fought in WWII. The catch? Three strikes and your out! Believe me, the threat of pulling one’s license is a rest assured guarantee that this preferential treatment to not take on welfare patients and veterans would come to a screeching halt. It goes to show that the entire medical infrastructure is worse off then the highway system. There has never been a problem finding contractors willing to pave the way. And along with a $6,000-dollar a year bonus, how about an additional $35,000-dollars a year as an incentive, so an Alaskan doctor can pay for his education? What kind of bend over mentality is this politician practicing? I always learned that nothing was free! So what gives? Maybe its rabies! As clear-headed thinking seems to be also compromised! I guess the idiots down Juneau way have nothing better to do then find more un-ethical ways to waste money. We have stimulus money coming our way so there is no need to tap into the Constitutional Budget Reserve. All projects that were on hold due to sinking oil prices have been resurrected, stimulus my ass! Hey, the "Bridge to Nowhere" has been discovered, just go down to Westchester Lagoon and look at that ridiculous viewing platform that looks like "crap". And it doesn’t go anywhere accept nowhere. Did this really cost millions? Anyway, it is the greed of the medical establishment that has made Medicare very problematic for "our" elderly. It is "greed" that has made the entire health care industry so pro-money first as patients come second, wherein it has left a bunch of "Patients left behind". Just look at how Bill Frist is now embracing a government medical "bailout"! Why? Well for those that don’t remember, when acting Speaker of the House, he fashioned legislation that helped out the medical establish - as his family is or was once the biggest private owner of health care organizationalized medical care. Since then, it is harder to get these bastard companies to even pay for a Band-Aid. So that is why I am overly concerned that "My" government bailed out an insurance provider, as it isn’t over with yet. That is why people - not Americans - are taking the money and running, just like Congress taking a pay raise and running away from everything. Anyway, Frist has now an interest in a government sponsored medical program, as he will most likely gain billions, knowing that like any other welfare program this country gets involved in becomes a pot of gold for the crooks, time and time again, over and over again. And there is a non-money solution. I am serious, we just need to get healthier! If the younger population stopped drinking soda pop, health would return and there would be plenty of doctors to tend to the elderly. Don’t need any bonuses, don’t need no incentives, just the simple fact of people taking ownership for their own health. So why doesn’t a politician try to make getting healthier an issue? It is like term limits, healthier living habits doesn’t excite the lobbyists so it can mean come donation time, no bonus! And here is another take on something of interest. Was the economic scare a hoax? I am not into conspiracy theories or UFO fanaticism, but it seems that the economy tanked way to quick when one considers that such is a global infrastructure nowadays. So, was it all a hoax that got out of control, just for the election? And if indeed it was a hoax, is that why some big corporations went for a bailout, thus bonuses, as we were all faked out. Hey, if times were tough in January, then why did Congress vote themselves a healthy pay raise when the un-employment ranks were growing by leaps and bounds and most American workers realized the fact that they were lucky to still have a job, never mind a pay raise! So there remain some things that are just not right with this economic scenario. When one looks at the size of the market and all the necessary elements, the cogs of progress don’t allow for a quick and major failure, it is a collapse by one cog at a time, so something just isn’t right. So if the grand wizards are now sighing a sigh of relief, that the economy is on the way back, it had to be a planned attack upon the U.S. Treasury! How else could conspirators take back what the democrats won? Now Bin Laden made mention once upon a time that the real way to trip up America is to ruin the economy. Seems some of our own with power and might have taken that advice and trying it out. But like everything thing else, it is all done for greed, with the real repercussions a thing of the past as the sentiment rings out that we must move on. "Trust Us" they preach. We can no longer trust that kind of mental mentality. It retards the will of the Constitution, when righteousness is a lost cause. It is not the true American way. We are lost, as a country, as a nation. Bottom-line, I can’t believe that by giving the rich a bunch of money will suffice to end the inequities upon my country. It is sad, if this is indeed the case, it is. No "True" American needs millions of dollars. There should be a limit, after that, tax the hell out of a rich man’s income so it can be put aside for bailouts and bonuses, then I wouldn’t have a problem with this giveaway frenzy. And remember this. Congress sets the minimum wage, which is supposedly all we need to reach that life, liberty and pursuit of something goal. When at the same time they cannot abide by such a pittance, with a salary that is x15 that amount, with incentive like raises that come to them even without asking or performing. What a luxury. Maybe that is why they feel it necessary to give "our" money away to crooks. And when they mess up, they play the blame game. They get off the hook, we "True" Americans suffer. We "True" Americans pay the price as they play. It is all just a big game of cops and robbers except herein all the cops are taking it from behind. So sad, that we have before us a Congress and an administration that is elected by the people and are sworn to provide an agenda "by the people and for the people" but pursue for their own personal greed an agenda "by the few for the few for themselves". Blasphemy? Treason? Both seem to fit! The real problem, who does "True" America run too for help? The trillion-dollar bailout bonus question of the day. Sad it is, as some equations have no solutions. But rest assured, I am not responsible for giving it all away. I am guilty for letting it go on and on and on, to that I am derelict upon my Constitutional responsibility as are millions of other proletariats. How much is in your bonus? In ending, it goes to show that we continue to have a monkey-see, monkey-do approach towards problems. With the bailout and bonuses, it would have been better off to take the "in-action" route with respect to Congress trying to become Mr. & Mrs. Business owner. It didn’t work, as there came no follow-up or accountability. It was basically just another "mission accomplished" before the day was done. This is nothing new to Washington, what is troubling is the fact that we now see states taking advantage of this bailout, especially here in Alaska. Alaska is a prime example of business failings wherein we do not learn from our mistakes. We have more failed infrastructure projects that never had any intent to be successful, as success may mean no future work. The same reason this state cannot build a highway that lasts at least a few years. Why not? Success puts people out of business. And that is what is behind this new era of bailouts. I am sick and tired of the Congress coming up with reasons to why AIG may get away with grand theft upon the U.S. Treasury! The Congress still has no game plan. And the bipartisan bickering is pathetic. Both sides should be together on this dilemma, this AIG bonus crap. Hey Congress, there is a thing called a "badge", maybe that is what this country needs, a "Badge of Courage", wherein we are not afraid to take the law of the land seriously. If in the end, if Congress cannot get "our" money back - a giveaway that made at least 73 AIG workers instant millionaires - then they need to pack their bags and bags of loot and move to Iraq, or Texas, one in the same, just ask George! Mission accomplished? What a joke. What a joke is the 111th Congress. But what fools are we for letting them ruin this once great contry, as a bankrupt country is worthless, especially to our children!

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Iditarod Update

Due to the death rate of sled dogs reaching three in this year’s race to Nome, race officials have stopped the race, as a precautionary measure. The "Time-Out" will last approximately 24-hours, giving officials and veterinarians enough time to determine why the casualty rate is so high.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Quitting Time

I was at one time an advocate and fan of the "Last Great Race". Matter of fact, when stationed in Valdez, I trained and raised 5-dogs that liked to pull, so I purchased a sled and on my time off went gallivanting about the hillside of Robe Lake. Now these were pet dogs, the ones that liked to enjoy the comfort of a living room after a long run. But over the years, I have maintained increasingly alarming reservations about this race - the Iditarod. It seems to have become just a big competition wherein the dogs’ health and welfare is compromised, thus as such has become not so important over the purse-pursued priority. Just this year, we see pictures of battered faces of the mushers, broken sleds and broken dreams. The trail is rough, so how is such conditions fairing for the dogs themselves? I am not out there, but in this day and age there comes before us enough information through technology that it allows pieces of the puzzle to paint a picture of what is indeed happening on the trail. It seems with all the face bashing from wayward branches and internal injuries due other obstacles that it was intended as a boxing venue instead of a dog race. But the way Dee-Dee was swinging at her dogs the other day, when they were misbehaving, it makes one wonder what happens when man and beast gets together on the trail and away from the comforts of home, civilization that is - no shower, no hot meals, and a lot of work to care for a bunch of tired and hungry dogs by a hungry and tired musher. It must be pure misery. Didn’t Brooks catch heat for hitting his dogs in front of a bunch of kindergarteners? I believe he was disqualified! Really, this was a pathetic showing to see a masher take swings at a dog, even if contact was minor, it just doesn’t fit well with the overall good faith relationship. And remember, people are watching! Dogs remember quite well when bashed. And wasn’t Jeff King found guilty for moose poaching? Whatever happened to the fair chase doctrine? Anyway it makes me upset. It goes too show that we continue to treat our pets as second rate and believe that if we live on the brink of civilization that the "laws are for the others" to contend with. Hey, would you slap your kids? You may want too, but that can land you in hot water nowadays. And how many dogs are missing? One dead, and another on the lam is the current predicament. Now this musher that was stuck in waste deep snow then set free by other "Good Samaritan" mushers, well she decided to free a few of her dogs that had been tangled during the stuck sled incident, what is she crazy? Why the hell she thought it was OK to let a lead dog wonder free in the gorge, it is mind-boggling. A dog’s adrenalin must be peaked, so to allow one the sense freedom, it means only one thing, a hightail away from this maddening scene. And we never hear as too why a dog dies along the trail. It is like during a plane crash. The black box is recovered but it is months before the authorities tell us the true story of what happened, so many let go the interest. Same thing here, as when the results finally make a show, nobody will remember - merely another dead Iditarod dog. Is there a tally as too how many dogs have died over the years during this well advertised race? Matter of fact, with the beginning of each race, in honor of Balto and the others, each race should begin with a memorial service ceremony for the fallen dogs - just like for the fallen troops on Memorial Day. Anyway, maybe it is time to formulate different strategies for the race, like a different qualifier to determine the winner. Maybe the dogs can have some sort of psychoanalysis evaluation performed after the race - like a lie-detector type analysis. And those that have been treated with kindness, that is how the purse could be divided. Just think how far this would go in efforts to extend and promote non-cruelty to animals. So with only a week down the trail I am throwing in the towel and will forfeit any further interest in this race. It seems that we hear more of the same bad news with respect to the "Last Great Race". Hopefully next year it will be different - with different rules and regulations that make it not a race in time but a race in sake of the dogs’ well-being. Of course that may not sit too well with the sponsors. For now though, time to say goodbye as I just can’t stand seeing a bunch of tired and hungry dogs make their way into another check-point. And they keep telling us that the dogs love it. I just wish the canines could talk, to tell us what they really think of such conditions, bordering on the insane. All for money!

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Americans in Contact(Sarah)PAC

Does anybody out ther in the blogisphere have a contact phone number for "Americans In Contact PAC"? I keep getting harassing phone calls and want to belch back at them. If you do have such a number, please publish it here on Alaska Blog so we can all play an eye-for-an-eye tooth-for-a-tooth game of revenge. E-mails accepted at Get this number to me and I will publish it!

Dear Sarah!

To: Honorable Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska
Subject: Constitutional Right to Privacy Violations

I continue to receive annoying phone contacts from an organization called "Americans in Contact PAC". This occurs every-night when I am trying to watch the local news in efforts to get an update on the Iditarod. Last night, I was finally able to get to the phone in time and was asked a bunch of foolish questions, political in nature, by a robot. My sentiment, "the executioner’s face is always well hidden". Anyway, this outfit was just trying to get me to donate money, confusing though as too what this money was intended for, so I do believe it is yet another Ponzi scam. And when I did receive a return phone contact, too make it clear and convincing that these unsolicited communications were too stop, I was made aware that the AICPAC along with ccAdvertising were running this scam by using information made available through the "voter registration" data banks. Now as governor, you are aware that this state - Alaska - has a Constitution that declares upon its citizens a Right to Privacy. Be it that a state’s "voter registration" data does make available the name, rank and serial number of its voters, it does not grant the data collectors and sharers of such information the "right" to violate the issues of privacy, by making "unsolicited" phone contact. The only way this "Right to Privacy" is not violated is if a citizen makes contact with an organization soliciting such communications, voluntarily, thus automatically waiving that right, this be accomplished on a preferential basis. With that in mind, I am asking that you, as governor, make it clear to outside action organizations and committees that try to utilize the "voter registration" data banks or share such information, that this can be considered a breach of this state’s Constitutional declaration and such a violation is against the laws of this state. That is your duty, so I hope to have a piece of mind soon. If you cannot accomplish this task because of your busty schedule, then maybe Meg can get on her broom, and like the Wicked Witch of the West - Wizard of Oz - fly over AICPAC’s location way back in Virginia and scare the Dickens out of these telemarketing freaks who say they can find no other work then to harass Americans in their homes. Either way, it will provide Alaskans what is ours to begin with, our right to be left alone in the privacy of our homes not yet in foreclosure. I am enclosing a copy of the Cease & Desist Notification that was sent to AICPAC in my efforts to protect this state’s Constitution and its citizens’ rights. Your help is requested in this troubling matter.

Cease & Desist Notification
With this E-mail, your organization shall cease & desist from contacting any Alaskan residents wherein contact information was gathered through "Voter Registration" data banks.. This "public" information in efforts to randomly contact bonafide citizens of Alaska for anything and everything is a violation under the Declaration of Rights, guaranteed before the Alaska Constitution. According to Article 1 - Declaration of Rights, Section 22. Right of Privacy: "The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed." Therefore you shall refrain from contacting any and all Alaskans through use of this data or through any means unless interested parties - Alaskan citizens - contact your organization directly in efforts to allow and accept participation in your mission and or survey. Any further attempts to contact Alaskans will result in a violation of constitutional law, be considered a breach of privacy and you may be subpoenaed in the Alaska Courts of Law to answer to why these practices of malfeasance continued when warned to cease & desist, from violating an individual’s right to privacy. Even though voter registration is indeed "public" information, it still does not allow a violation of an individual’s rights to such. This notification serves as your organizations last clear chance correspondence to cease & desist from such practices, following complaints from Alaskan residents, who value their right to privacy.

Respectfully Submitted;
S. Pam Magee/MaGoo Associates

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Many Trillion?

I do believe the U.S. Treasury folks have lost count of how much U.S. Taxpayers’ money has been stolen away, in just the last few months. But maybe they were instructed to loose count, as the thieves behind this prank crime of all times probably utilized that bully-boy attitude - we know where you live! Stolen away money paints a truer picture of the crime scene, even if financed under the disguise of BARF or a Recovery "Something" Act. Both are nothing short an act of treason, this bailout giveaway program. Why so? Because when the representatives behind this thievery are now starting to talk and demand "transparency", the only thing transparent is a glimpse into their lack of credibility. What is with this aftermath demand? Give me a break. Do you really think that anybody who has squandered away some of that loot is about to come clean? This is good old American greed at work. Remember that show, called "Is Your 4th Grader Smarter then Sarah Palin?" or something to that effect. Well how about a new show, called "Are You as Stupid as Your Congressmen" or how about this, "Are You Lame Enough to Steal from Your Brother?" And was this treason like giveaway bailout performed without transparency so there would never be any accountability in concert with yet another attempt by Congress to screw the taxpayers? Sorry, Mr. Hill, we are not that stupid. You and the entire body of Congress are stupid, insane and sick to believe that we Americans are like yourselves, stupid. And with the banks that hosted a bailout extravaganza, well they all signed on the dotted line, under the clause where it stipulates a non-binding contract. I will tell you what seems to fall under the non-binding category, the oath these idiots swear upon for the office then soon after throw any semblance of ethics overboard. To ask for "transparency" after the fact is like the "Bridges to Nowhere" that made Alaska famous not too long ago. Yes indeed, just build a bridge even if there exists no infrastructure to hook up roads in efforts to utilize the bridge, as that is a problem to contend with after the bridge is erected and painted and the contractor retires for life because he is rich. Here we go again, the U.S. Congress must think the American voters are stupid, with this transparency bull-crap. Fact of the matter is this, if the money isn’t accountable, then we need the "Untouchables" to pull a Capone on crookedness. In fact, maybe what we need is Capone, with his bat to knock some sense into the idiots that throw away my hard earned money then ask for accountability. Money given away with not one iota of a thread attached with respect to where or how that money is to benefit me, the shareholder, now holding a bunch of debt and zero value assets! Yes indeed, the U.S. Congress went to a fire sale and purchased hot air! It is beyond highway robbery. Matter of fact, this country would be on better footing financially if the Mafia were running things. As corruption with that entity is a bonafide right. Can we use the RICO statutes to go after members of Congress that voted for this crap? It may not be "Racketeering" but it sure sounds like it fits under the category of "Corrupt Organizations". If not, then we Americans have not rules and regulation tough enough upon those we elect to uphold our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I just received a green card from the property tax assessor. I owe! Not unusual, but the return address for payment is in China. Is this outsourcing? Or has this entire mess allowed another foreign country to buy my future? Who am I indebt too, a communist regime? And get this. There is talk of yet another bailout, something called "Son of BARF", or words to that effect. Why? Because it seems that those in Congress flunked out on basic math aptitude. Sure enough, according to Mr. Hill, we don’t get a bang for our buck. With $2.3-trillion already stolen away, we only see $800-billion in transparency. It is a Return-on-Investment that is pathetic to say the least. So instead of the "Act" creating 3-million jobs, it means about 1-million, because of burecratic insanism creep. It makes one want to "BARF"! What ever happened to America? What ever happened to brotherly love? That is the sad fact of the matter when historians paint the present state of affairs with what happened in the 30s and other depression like eras. But is was brotherly love that made the difference back then. Do you really think that when the times get tougher that those with offshore loot will bring it back home to help you get a bowl of soup? I really doubt it. In fact they will probably use that money to post guards at their "guarded" community neighborhoods. Instead of "Brother can you spare a dime", it will be more like "Brother can you spare a bullet". It goes to show that bipartisan that was allowed to brew out of control during the Clinton and Bush & Bush years of no accountability has taken this country on a roller coaster ride to disaster. We have had not even close a statesmen like president of statute for a long, long time. Will Obama prove to be different then the rest, time will tell. In the meantime how about this for transparency. Rushpublicans - Rush’s neo-followers that believe UFOs visit the earth so aliens can gather intelligence from conservative thinkers instead of liberals. Republicans - those that believe in a Republic first under a Democracy. Democrats - those that believe in Democracy first upon a Republic and then there comes the Carvillecrats, those that kiss anything that looks like a Clinton, even if it an ass. And independents, hey we would have control of our money! In fact, we would use stimulus money to invite aliens to take the neo-scats with them. And we would erect a Clinton ass-kissing monument, hanging out over the Grand Canyon, bon voyage!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kelly's Heroes

I was glad to see that Fairbanks’ Rushpublican Senator Mike Kelly is in favor of drafting a bill that allows for Federally restricted firearms to be built in Alaska. Why? For several reasons of impotence. First and foremost it may create jobs. Second, with a downturn in the global economy and freight loading and unloading down 50% at the Ted Stevens’ "Pork Breath" International Airport, it means the availability of specialized equipment to foster a re-birth of specialized weaponry, the kind allowed under Kelly’s beak. Note: A bill becomes a beak when it creeps beyond its original goal, like adding earmarks. And last but not least, with North Korea having now the ability to lob a missile from there to here - Alaska Standard Time - we need the capability to lob something back. A payload of dog crap would suffice. I heard somebody say a payload of Juneau politicians would be a better choice. Sorry, as the majority has taken off to D.C., for some energy conference, so you can’t count on fodder being available and hot air just doesn’t have the punch. I see they are really in favor of energy conservation! Remember, its Spring Break! Now sure we have the secret star wars initiative stuff that is positioned in expensive underground concrete silos around Alaska’s backcountry, but not so secret about this project is the fact it don’t work. The silos leak water. In fact, the silos go flooded and the water short-circuits the launch and guidance systems. But regardless of this deterrent’s dim record of availability or success lacking, it is used as a fake-out smokescreen, to intimidate space invaders. So we can afford us some protection on the cheap, by using technology now owned by the U.S. for occupying Iraq. I am sure there exists some "stimulus" money for my project. Hey, if the Alaska Railroad - hasn’t shown a profit in 50-years - can get some of this free-for-all money, there has got to be some loot for other freeloaders? So my project goes like this and in harmony with Kelly’s bill as introduced during his meeting with the "2nd Amendment Task Force". My project calls for the re-creation of Saddam Hussein’s "Big Gun" or was it "Super Gun" and was cast in the disguise as the "Babylon Project". For those that don’t remember what started to make Hussein famous and in the crosshairs of debate, it wasn’t the gassing of humans, but it was his dream of the "Big Gun". It used non-specialized components in effort to construct these immobile like 120-ft long guidance tubes, as nobody would sell this crackpot even a pea-shooter never mind a BB gun. So he improvised and started buying equipment designed and destined for a refinery project under the "Babylon". Just plain old pieces of pipe! See, he had oil and he had money. With that, the buying of heavy duty precisely machined pipe components was allowed even under international embargoes. In fact, many of the high-pressure fittings that made it over to Iraq when Hussein was still breathing came from the United States! The pipe would be bolted together and in the end would be born this "Big Gun". It could be used to lob almost anything toward Iran, even gas filled projectiles. And that makes my project even more worthwhile, as a few gas bombs lobbed over the tundra from my "Babylon" could devastate the entire wolf population. Especially now that "gassing" is allowed in the 49er by authority of the Alaska Board of Hitlerism! So with a refinery in North Pole that is under-producing - with that the high price of motor fuel - we have before us an opportunity to use some of the un-used crap that is just going to rust away. See, the only reason that refinery remains in existence is because the railroad gives it a break for transporting jet fuel to Anchorage. Here it is in a nutshell. The railroad gives the refinery a break. With that, the refiner sees a return-on-investment higher then reality, which in turn sets the stage for high motor gasoline pricing. That is why the Attorney General could find no reason for the high price at the pumps. There is nothing illegal going on, as it is all a matter of prudent business practices. But it is the Alaska Railroad’s interference that is getting in the way of fair pricing. Somebody has to pay! Now this state would have been better off by spending money investing in the Fairbanks airport infrastructure instead of what has occurred over the years in Anchorage. In the interior, there was already a rail spur line from the refinery to the airport proper and there have been private businesses looking at building a pipeline to supply the airport’s needs. It is a business and it would have been a whole lot cheaper transporting jet fuel from the source to Fairbanks instead of the added cost to get it all the way to Anchorage. So the entire cargo infrastructure should be moved, to Fairbanks. I am tired of those jets flying overhead my Anchorage home. And it is scaring the Dickens out of the bears. I am really tired of looking at Ted’s pirate ship. Really, that international airport terminal is bizarre looking, like a pirate ship. I guess it fits Ted’s legacy! So I am all in favor of building "Babylon" right here in Alaska. To show the rest of the nation where we stand on gun control. And since the "2nd Amendment Task Force" urges gun owners to openly display their weapons, this "Big Gun" display could become a tourist attraction. And with a downturn in the economy, wrench gangs are ready and willing to go to work. This is a "wrench ready" project that carries with it a sense of heroics. Hey, we haven’t got back diddly squat from Bush’s invasion upon Iraq, at least my project makes an attempt to recoup some of the losses, except the loss of human life!

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Hitlerism Alive & Well in ALaska

Gassing of wolf pups? Tree mounted paw snares for bears? Black bear hanging? Increased vigilante like killings from helicopters? Sounds like the Alaska Board of Game should be renamed, like the Alaska Board of Hitlerism! It is time for a resident boycott. E-mail everybody you know outside and tell them not to visit this state until righteousness is established, wherein cruelty to wild animals is outlawed!

Alaskan Bumper Sticker

Palin/Octuplet Mom ~ The Ultimate 2012 Ticket!

(As seen on a State licensed SUV driving through Wasillabilly)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Economic Hoax Fix

Until recently, Alaska had weathered the effects of a brutal economic storm upon the rest of the nation. The ranks of the unemployed remained a seasonal reality until outsiders with mobility and no jobs and shelters in foreclosure started moving north to the "Welfare" state - this has begun to "change" things in that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness category. That is what many people voted for, "change"! See, even with a downturn in investment returns, Alaskans will receive that yearly "welfare" dividend. So it invites outsiders on the verge of economic collapse. And with word of a natural gas pipeline project close to reality, well it is just like the early 70’s all over again here in the 49er. It may mean work. It may mean maybe a paycheck once again. It may mean maybe a start over for some. Just the fact that people will start this way in droves for a "pipeliner’s" paycheck will be enough to get this project off the drawing board and pipe headed into the ditches, just to ease the rising unemployment of newcomers. That was indeed a "stimulus" for the oil pipeline back in the beginning. "Change" it is! But this "change" is about to wreck havoc on a somewhat unaffected state of affairs. Now it is FedEx that is responding to a weakened economy, with transfers and layoffs. That was followed one day after Conoco went public with a restructuring plan that was just another sad chapter for its Alaskan workforce It is indeed a sad day when with the price of oil hovering around $45-dollars a barrel, it is failing the economy. And why with all this government intervention stimulus giveaways does the economy continue to tank? Well here it is in a nutshell. It all boils down to the price of energy. We live within an economy that takes energy to produce the wheat we eat. It takes energy to seed, cultivate, harvest, transport, transform and transport again that wheat. It takes energy to transport shoppers to the market, to buy that same wheat as cereal or bread - the basics. It takes energy to cook the wheat. It amounts to an all around energy infrastructure of energy here, energy there, energy is everywhere. Bottom line, it is the price of energy that continues to make the lower 48 unemployment lines look like a Katrina food bailout gone messed up. Now when the price of oil was happy at about $20-dollars a barrel for a long, long time, everybody was happy except the rich. The vision of $40-dollar barrel oil made the board room goons drool, as a double increase would mean fattening of thy bonus and make the shareholders happy at everybody else’s expense. But back then, the gurus of economics pointed out that if oil ever went over the $45 mark, it would mean an end to "Capitalism" as we know it today, I mean yesterday. They were right! So it was prudent and essential that the price of oil stayed low, regardless of the profit margins of greed that made the shareholders hold the CEOs accountable for "more, more, more" by trying to manipulate the commodities by allowing less oil on the market. Everything the oil barons tried in efforts to increase the price of oil failed, except one. And this is where the only thing to blame for an insane economy is the lam attitudes of the regulators. This is where and when the regulators were purchased by the rich. It happened here in Alaska and provides a true to life litmus test of what can happen when people that are elected to a board don’t give a rat’s ass about their neighbors and care only about the fattening of their own personal wealth. Either that or they are downright stupid! This country is in dire straits due to a failed Congress that has allowed the energy henchmen to get control of the regulators and thus take control of "MY" welfare. See, at one time, there was something that kept a "checks and balance" on keeping oil from going through the roof. It was called regulation. For over a hundred years, natural gas pricing was that "checks and balance" thing that kept the economy on track. Take it your way, as you can use natural gas or crude oil derivatives to run your business, or heat your house, or cook that wheat. See, natural gas was the ultimate referee in the energy business. That is why it uses the "natural" label. It is like this. I can take a Coleman stove way up north to the gas fields of Alaska and in no time flat have clean burning heat for boiling water - as natural gas is ready to go without any coaxing or manipulation. And it is clean without additives. There exist not to many hidden costs associated with preparing this natural product for use, just get it too my kitchen. So it is not as popular as "crude oil", the latter seeing many loopholes along the way from a raw commodity to a refined product. Crude oil has a 70% markup along the way from wellhead to the gasoline station. It is a very lucrative commodity, because of the hidden loopholes that allows price manipulation. But with natural gas? Like already mentioned, it is ready to go right out of the well. So on a BTU basis, it was the ultimate "checks and balance" with respect to energy. And with half the nation relying on natural gas to boil water to cook the wheat, it allowed for a very realistic control. It basically kept the price of energy in "check". See, if crude oil and its derivatives went overboard in pricing, there would come a trend to use less of it and more of the gas. Checks and balances my friends! Supply and demand worked well, and the equation rest assured that only about 10% of a workers income would be swept away to keep a family comfortable and allow for a warm meal. But that didn’t sit well with the asshole rich. This naturally controlling variable didn’t allow them to control us. So along the way, the Monopoly game rules went changed. No longer is natural gas available to trump greed, as the rules were changed. Thank Congress for allowing this to happen. Thank Congress for letting this economy go sour. Thank Coingress for giving themselves a raise in pay as most of us see our wages decreased, just to keep a job. See, the lobbyist of the rich were successful in deregulating natural gas and getting it tied to "crude oil" pricing. Since then, the economy has gone downtown. As we speak, if you could punch a hole in your backyard and produce "natural gas", its value would have nothing to do with "gas" but leveraged upon the price of oil. This erased the "checks and balance" that Americans had relied upon for affordable energy since day one. We were screwed. But there is a way out of this mess, and it is very simple. The bottom line, if any entity should be "governmentutionalized", it should be the energy sector. Messing around with the banks is dangerous business, as it clobbers the entire human race. But the energy companies should be taken over by the Fed.’s, a "force majeure" eminent domain move to cash in on a highway robbery scheme that is crippling this nation. If the price of energy went controlled "by the people and for the people", we could see a drastic decrease in the profitability being sucked away from the economy. In fact, let natural gas be once again the referee like it was for so, so long and you will see an economy headed in the right direction. Lower energy for all will mean extra income to be spent on other things, like affordable housing. Hey, I just looked at a house and the monthly energy bills are more then the mortgage! Sidebar on what caused the price of natural gas to be derailed as a checks and balancer. Back some years ago, we had the bastards by the balls, as Congress held congressional hearings with subpoenas to show up or else upon the CEOs of big oil, because of escalating gasoline prices. But when the bosses appeared, they were not allowed to testify "under oath" thanks to Senator Ted "Bacon Breath" Stevens - as he was the energy committee chairperson based out of seniority. So the bosses said nothing, as they were given the preferential 5th degree treatment by the person that was supposed to protect America’s interest. That is why I am glad Ted was gunned down and is spending all of his corrupt money defending himself. He earned what was coming too him, by giving in too big interests over the will of the people. Treason? Real close in my book. So we had our chance to hold accountable "Big Oil" but let it slide. And when you see what is happening today with the economy, it could be proven that it is energy price gouging that is preparing to make America a slum. When we have people like Stevens, wielding power and paving the way for brokerage dealings "by the few and for the few", this is no doubt a ways and means of disenfranchising the "PEOPLE", it is part of the reason America is doomed now as an economic giant. Taking back the energy sector and lowering the cost to do business and heat our homes is the way to go. It is a quick and overnight solution. If I woke up tomorrow morning and realized that it cost me just 10-cents to boil coffee water instead of 50-cents, I would be a happy camper, as the cost of energy affects everybody and everything. And to make matters worse off, just look at what it is costing to fuel the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, from increases in jet fuel pricing since the "mission accomplished" began? We have noosed ourselves when we elect representation that once in office abandons the "good" ship for a "pirate" ship with fools at the helm. And it is happening right now here in Alaska. Our new Senator elect Begich cannot give a straight away answer to some simple questions. Like how come he acknowledged that if elected he would not seek an increase in pay? And 2nd, how come this state has to take in Federal help with strings attached when we have a healthy Constitutional Budget Reserve, reserved to help this state through tough times? So this "Change" thing seems to be just a suggestion or maybe a real delusion. Until true "change" comes to fruition, this ship with fools at the helm will continue to plot a course of destruction that will make the EXXON Valdez wreck look like a bathtub episode in recklessness, like a little kid peeing in the pool! Bob Dylan once sang, "Heard ten thousand whisperin’ and nobody listenin’, Heard one person starve, I heard many people laughin..And it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall". Well over the past 100-days of the Obama "Change" I have heard 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen say that billions in bailout money has been misappropriated - or in peon language, stolen. My sentiment is this. They know exactly where the money is. If they don’t know then they are all derelict in their duties to uphold this country’s Constitution and take the crooks to task! Not one, not one representative has acknowledging that they are trying to get the taxpayers’ "misappropriated" hard earned money back to the rightful owners. This is theft and the only reason nothing is being done is the sad fact that as with de-regulation, they all benefit from it. There is no other reason to this sinking economy then the fact that Congress has failed miserably. It started with the Clinton era and now we see the effects of such bipartisan bickering to the sickening point. Maybe a 3rd party is needed, to police the malfeasance like approach this representative body called Congress tends to on a daily basis. So like this bailout is theft upon the U.S. Treasury, theft upon our heritage, theft upon good, theft upon what the red, white and blue stands for, so was the deregulation of natural gas a theft upon the people - to that we now all pay for it dearly as they play stupid games and think they are statesmen! And Congress gives themselves a raise? Mark Twain was right. When a senator is not serving the country, they should all be serving time! Sad, when the entire cast of representatives is nothing but a turnout turncoat affair, at our expense. Maybe Rush was right, it is time for a revolution, as when we are let down by those who are sworn to uphold our rights and turn their heads while they laugh and spit at us, we are already doomed and may as well welcome in socialism, as that is what is evolving before us this day. Anyway, I now spend over 40% of my hard earned income for the energy price increases due to deregulation, just over the past 2-years. More then a mortgage, more then taxation. A crying shame it is. America! Once the land of the free and home of the brave. Now though, land of the pirates and home of the lam, especially if we let them get away with it. The time is right to revolt against a government that means well on paper - the Constitution - but is hijacked by insensitive bastards that dwell not in liberty for all, but liberty for a few, including themselves. These bastards would sell their children if the price were right, as the selling of America is just that, with the next generation being scrutinized as collateral for this bailout. Our children will become the slaves of the Chinese government. Foreign governments will own us and with ownership comes control! Are we stupid? And this representative body has not solutions, just more delusion! In ending, I watched a show the other night, called "LOST". During the time-outs, the commercials were nothing but advertisements about ED - Erectile Dysfunction. And it warned against taking this drug in efforts to cure the dysfunction, something to due with a side effect of hearing lose and loss of eyesight. "Lost", ED along with these side effects sounds just like Congress. But in this case not just a fantasy but reality at our expense! Save America, by taking back what is ours. We can do our own representation and don’t need delegates. Modern times allow me to see and hear what is going on in D.C., as I have not ED. I should be able to cast a vote on every bill, every move, with a direct link to the President. Congress, your time has come as your pirate ship has come across the tides of rebellion, and it is hoped that the incoming waves of freedom take you out for the good, for the good of America at last! Congress, once this country’s Trojan horse, but now just an America’s bred disease "by the rich and for the rich"! BASTARDS….

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EXXON Crap Classic

Egad! Can you imagine coming all the way north during the Iditarod just to gork Sarah Palin? Really, an innocent bystander was interviewed on 4th Avenue during the opening ceremony and made mention that she came up here to catch a glimpse of Palin, going on to entertain ridiculousness with the fact that Sarah was needed to save the world, or words to that effect. Things have indeed "changed"! At one time not too long back in time the Anchorage police had a secret plainclothes squad that hung out at the airports and turned away unwanted no-gooders - gang members, drug dealers, child molesters and lobbyists. Yes indeed, it meant a one way return ticket away from here, until the cops were told too stop this premeditated justice as it was considered ethic stereotyping. Maybe with some of the "stimulus" money we can have a rebirth of this "turn the bad guys away" as it seems the Palin follies have incited an insane following. This is Alaska the "Last Frontier" and not Palin worshipville! Please Palin fanatics go away, go back to your own political cesspool. Anyway, what is with this state anyway? One could not distance away from the EXXON publicity during the Iditarod. But let us put this in perspective, as this giant oil conglomerate handed over $1.2-million to support the greatest dog crap race on earth. And didn’t the Dodge outfit and Cabela’s drop the moose slaying King? What gives? Oh I forgot, as this is the "Corrupt Bastards Club" state so anything and everything we do must be borderline criminal behavior or it doesn’t sell time on Greta’s Fantasy show. OK, so we have a thousand miles of trails from here to Nome. And with over a thousand dogs on the trails over the next few weeks, that means a whole lot of dog crap along the way. According to Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee and his 3DBB, by the end of the EXXON Crap Classic - a.k.a. Iditaturd - it will mean over 28,000 pounds of crap left behind to dry up and become airborne, along with some 3,000 pounds of human feces. Remember this summertime tourists, take a good whiff. Crap happens, as there ain’t no crap-houses along the way. And there ain’t many pull-offs, so where else does one take a dump. Hey, it all looks the same along the trail, so just have a crapout! Dogs and ushers alike. Instead of the Great Alaskan Shootout, the Great Alaskan Crapout. I feel sorry for the runner-up rookies. Instead of the "Red Lantern" award, maybe a new pair of boots would be a worthwhile prize. Can you imagine carrying along everybody else’s crap? I guess if you can’t see the trail when the Chinook blows, just let your keen sense of smell take you in the right direction. Now I realize that the trail grooming committee members have complained about the abnormal growth along the trail, well what do you expect, as this race fertilizes the path to glory. Anyway, I am glad to have watched the events from the comfort of my living room, with the TV sound off. As there were weirdoes running around downtown Anchorage. Sarah freaks. And did you get a load of MoanaLisa Murkowski in her native attire? That has too be a sacrilege, as she is so far removed from the starving people of Emmonak that she thinks famine is only happening in 3rd world nations. And Sarah, yes Emmonak is part of Alaska. You can’t see it from your bedroom, but the kids are going hungry! Ironic, that some villagers were going hungry until the news finally allowed for an opportunistic photo-shoot, as that is when Sarah and MoanaLisa delivered the goods and went involved. And a feast over famine was relied upon through outsiders, some religious organization from another country came to the rescue, when all the time this state’s bureaucrats had available a Constitutional Budget Reserve of 6-billion dollars to be used for emergencies. And we have the National Guard available for this kind of rescue mission. I guess starving natives is of low priority to the politicians, I mean "Corrupt Bastards". Ironic that a corporation can spend millions on advertisements when people are starving to death, in a place close in proximity to where this same race crapping extravaganza takes place. Maybe the race officials should have put out a challenge to the ushers, bring food to Emmonak! Just like the original serum race. The hell with Nome! But this is a competition. So we have EXXON celebrating sponsorship of the Last Great Race, just 17 days shy of the 20th anniversary of the 2nd greatest disaster of all time to hit Alaska! Yes 2nd, as when people come out of the woodwork to come all this way to support a Sarah Palin future, there is a disaster brewing. The 2nd disaster is the EXXON Valdez wreck for those that may have forgotten. So EXXON is paying out for the "good guy" grade. Maybe with some of that "stimulus" money we can take time or make time to educate the politically uneducated so come the next election we have voting based on reality instead of popularity. When the popular vote is amassed from the latter, we are a doomed democracy. Anyway, talk about a trail of crap. Hey, that’s catchy. Instead of Trap-line Chatter, how about Crap-line Chatter? Anyway again, it was good to see the dogs finally get freedom at last. As most of the time sled dogs lead a life of not so freedom. Dog pens are small, usually providing the dogs freedom to roam in a circular path about 5’ in diameter. I have witnessed dogs go crazy in a roundabout fashion, just like drivers in Anchorage trying to maneuver a DOT Round-about! That is why these dogs in vain like to run so much, as when confined in questionable sized shelters - akin to being in a prison’s solitary confinement - the trail provides hope at last as they run away from reality. These so-called athletes are not pet dogs, but dogs of competition. At one time this race was just a Woodstock like affair, a fun race where the purse was there but order of the race itself was fun over money. It was like a jamboree of ushers bent on the lush instead of the rush. It’s amazing how greed sets priorities crooked, just like politicians. It was outside interference that changed the Last Great Race, as it is big money and that does not fair well with the canine population taken advantage of to win in efforts for the ushers competing what could mean a year’s salary for some - for a few days out on the trail. It is hard work, no doubt. It is complicated work, but erase any notion that these dogs are Fiddo like. These are working dogs. They make money for the owners, just like Vic. And I have always wondered, what happens to all those dogs once the limbs get worn out and arthritis sets in? Sled dogs have a very limited career. Maybe the race officials should look at a seniors’ race? But preferential thinning of the pack is called culling, and it is just murder in disguise. I believe there is a book about this, called "Murder on the Iditarod", or something like that. It’s the subliminal message that’s of importance. Culling, put that in your Sarah Pac and smoke it! Culling, seems a cunning way of disguising the real truth of what goes on behind closed doors. Must have originated by politicians. Anyway, I just stepped in dog crap. Yes indeed, after the Sarah fans left town for Wasillabilly, it was safe to venture back downtown. But there is crap all over the place. And too bad this race wasn’t detoured, for Emmonak. The Last Great Race was an original race to save lives, and it could have meant a real life enactment, for our native brethren - in need of a little hospitality. But we are so afraid to "change" horses in midstream as that might mean political doom for those that have the stroke to "change" things. Soon it will be fresh air again here in Anchorage as the Last Great Race has left town, for Wasillabilly, don’t come back now ya hear, Palin fans".

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Keeping Score #3

To date, scorecard #3 of the 111th Congress verses American Workers:

Days average American Workers have worked: 51
Days the 111th Congress has worked: 40

American Workers’ average pay for this period: $8,976.00
Congressional pay for same period: $34,400.00

Congress leads by 4 to 1 margin in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! On your buck! Are they worth it?

EXXON Iditarod

Heartfelt Apology
So cometh the 20th anniversary of the EXXON Valdez wreck. And Joe Hazelwood admits remorse in a "heartfelt apology" but at the same time suggests he was wrongly blamed and is quoted, "The true story is out there for anybody who wants to look at the facts…" So we have before us another book titled "Spill" that doesn’t really allow that "story is out there" in efforts to put at rest what really happened on March 24th, 1989 in Prince William’s Sound - a moonlit night with calmest of seas. But there exists that "true story" and for those of you that are truly interested in the reason behind the wreck, go to and navigate to "Alaskan Novels" and under the title "From the Fifth Floor" read and understand what and who was really behind the grounding of the EXXON Valdez. Joe Hazelwood was just the convenient scapegoat!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Heartfelt Apology

So cometh the 20th anniversary of the EXXON Valdez wreck. And Joe Hazelwood admits remorse in a "heartfelt apology" but at the same time suggests he was wrongly blamed and is quoted, "The true story is out there for anybody who wants to look at the facts…" So we have before us another book titled "Spill" that doesn’t really allow that "story is out there" in efforts to put at rest what really happened on March 24th, 1989 in Prince William’s Sound - a moonlit night with calmest of seas. But there exists that "true story" and for those of you that are truly interested in the reason behind the wreck, go to and navigate to "Alaskan Novels" and under the title "From the Fifth Floor" read and understand what and who was really behind the grounding of the EXXON Valdez. Joe Hazelwood was just the convenient scapegoat!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Did you catch Monica Muxo and Bull O’Reilly having sux on TV? At sux-cessful climax, Bull was yelling "Witch" and Miss Muxo was screaming out what sounded like "Bitch". And that FUX regular Bimbo Blond Ann "Heiress of Crap" said she could never have sux with a liberal, for the reason that they all drive "electric" cars. I bet the only thing "electric" in her bag of tricks is a personalized suxdo. Really, when she is on a rant - which appears to be her full time aspiration in life - something has to be stuck in an orifice and plugging up reality, as crap speak keeps coming from her oral orifice. That’s what happens when the relief valve is hijacked with a foreign object. And Bull, you will get older some day soon. In fact, I just shoved your mug-shot into this morphing program and turned your clock ahead, egad! Looks like you would fit right in with the cast of "Tales from the Crypt". And when I tried to place Muxo’s mug into the same program, it kept locking up the program, some error referred too as the "blue screen of death"! And Ann’s? Fux, it turned out to resemble a raptor like dinosaur! Where did all those teeth come from? Is this evolution at work? But there is some resemblance. It is despicable that two adults with an audience engage in age bashing. Do us all a favor. Bull and Muxo and Ann, please move to Irag or refrain from this kind of crap until behind closed doors, where you can have sux your way. Why the Bull show continues on is for one and only one reason, the lemming population is alive and well and makes money for Mursux. If you don’t watch FUX for entertainment, then next time you are in need of a laugh, tune in. Now I am not trying to offer the FUX free publicity in efforts to steer reasonable people Mursux’s way - but laughter is the best medicine. And this laughter can be found any time of the day. Now during the early mornings, some of the crap stuff is supplemented with info commercials, the ones that indicate Medicare rip-off doctors are alive and well. Or crap about "Reverse" mortgages, a rip off for our senior citizens. Why does the FUX pick on our seniors? Did Mursux fight in WWII? Anyway, this all started when Bull called a respective D.C. news correspondent up in age a "Witch", or words to that effect. Now Miss Muxo - who claims she has a PHD that represents not a respectable sheepskin but a used Tampax mentality - well she appeared on Bull’s "Bigot" show and told the FUX followers that Bull was "too nice" to refer to the news’ lady as a "witch". Come on people, when is enough enough. Mursux, do America a favor and go to Irag with these other three stooges. Now at one time I did respect Bull, when he called for an all out boycott against the oil cartel and wanted Americans to not buy motor gasoline for one weekend during summer. Not one person besides myself joined in that effort. Why? It goes to show that Bull’s and FUX followers are a bunch of cowards. In fact, this Shux Insanity show is a real gem! The stupidity and intelligence loss must be a Mursux prerequisite. Insanity is proof that a male can be on the "rag". But don’t get pulled into the subliminal message of the FUX. Bottom line, Bull O’Reilly, Shux Insanity, Miss Muxo and the "Heiress of Crap", all are a bunch of balless complainers. In fact, Insanity reminds me of the kind of kid fairy you didn’t mind the bully beating up. In fact, FUX should be careful, as Insanity looks like he is ready to have an attack. Wouldn’t FUX be liable? I guess not, as the FUX seems not to take responsibility for anything except being the network of imbeciles. It is pathetic that the FUX has such a following. Now, as a litmus test, this is what the FUX means to some true Americans. I work on a drilling rig way up north in Alaska. We cannot stand Sarah Palin. We vote her in as we vote in a republican time after time for one and only one reason, they now how to rip off the U.S. Treasury. Alaska relies on "pork", as this state never went past the diaper stage - due to a republican mindset. But when the FUX network has satellite coverage problems way up here on the frozen ice, nobody gives a crap anymore, as this network has run out its welcome and past followers are sick and tired of the "Bull-crap". And with Ann running around like a raptor with her head cut off yelling out something to the effect of "Yuppie Scum House Skippers", I think the vibrator needs an oil change. Insanity, look out for the "Bully". And Bill, please have more sux. Ever think about maybe trying out a new career, as a sux’n puck star? So from the WEBdefiner it goes like this. BOZO: Shux Insanity. Imbecile: Bull O’Reilly. BIMBO: All the other FUX correspondents that have dyed their hair blond so they can be like Ann. The FUX entertainment network is by far the most detrimental broadcast to liberty when this country is going through dire straits. Instead of a message of "brother can you spare a dime" it is more like a "Mojo Workout" mentality. "Mojo workout, fux your brother. Mojo workout fux your mother". That’s it in a nutshell. The Mojo Workout network. One other thing. Hey, FUX, since you guys seem affiliated with Rux in Limbo, why does he always have a turd hanging out of his oral diarrhea orifice?

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Heartfelt Apology

So cometh the 20th anniversary of the EXXON Valdez wreck. And Joe Hazelwood admits remorse in a "heartfelt apology" but at the same time suggests he was wrongly blamed and is quoted, "The true story is out there for anybody who wants to look at the facts…" So we have before us anther book titled "Spill" that doesn’t really allow that "story is out there" in efforts to put at rest what really happened on March 24th, 1989 in Prince William’s Sound - a moonlit night with calmest of seas. But there exists that "true story" and for those of you that are truly interested in the reason behind the wreck, go to and navigate to "Alaskan Novels" and under the title "From the Fifth Floor" read and understand what and who was really behind the grounding of the EXXON Valdez. Joe Hazelwood was just the convenient scapegoat!