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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Witch in HEAT!

Wow, it is only the second day of spring and it appears this may be one bastard of a “Hot Summer”! The Witch is in “HEAT” already. See, on the weekends the major political party news' channels resort to a subliminal IQ test for its lemming audience – basically gearing up for the 2016 “Helter Skelter” race. Look, when a Ted Cruz can entertain...forget it! Now with MSNBC, it is all “crap” about “Lock-up” and wait there's more, something called “Extended Stay”. It is camera hour after camera hour of the prison state of affairs, which we know is an utter failure, just like Congress. Honestly, when Obama gave his prized speech in Selma a few weeks back, instead of broadcasting intelligent content, well it was more gang land rape crimes! The world could be at WAR and the only thing from this broadcast, well punks getting 3-squares a day on our dime. So to watch such “failure”, well it takes an IQ missing. Which means the watchtower poll finds the Ratchet MadCow following, well low enough self-esteem to believe Bill Clinton...this creep wants to be 1st LADY? I often wonder what happens to the MSNBC gang during the weekend, like the news all of a sudden ceases to exist. Their doing time for lies, so it is live broadcasts! It is sad when a news broadcast relies on “erections lasting longer then 4-hours” and “pay day” loans sharks - what business thinks it's OK to pay for advertisement to air-wave shows of murder and rape? It is like giving the criminals that stage when, what about the victims? These shows glorify the felons! It is a “Reality” channel in disguise of disgusting news. But when the ratings are crashing, look just get rid of “dead weight” - like Liberty Bell Mathews and that Canadian, Ed! Sorry, as still not to the “Witch in HEAT”. Now on the Murdouchebag FOX network, the IQ test comes in the form of the “Witch in HEAT”. I am talking some bimbo named Judge Jeannie Pirroanha. Yes, “Witch in HEAT” as she goes ballistic on everything and anything Obama and was even to the point of blaming Obama for Chris Kyle going back into hibernation. See, it used to be Punxsutawney Phil, the “ground-hog” – but in Texas they re-named the “hog” in honor of Kyle! Pirroanha even slammed Obama for a nose bogger that blew out of her nose, when she was so upset over Obama using Air Force 1, her head was about to explode and stuff started blowing out of every orifice. You can see that by the “Pirroanhanoia” facial expressions, “I shat my pants”! Now I don't watch this “crap”, but keep in touch as I believe it paints a very good picture of this nation's Intelligence Quotient – which today finds a “Divide by Zero” error! See, we have this couch potato fascination over “Reality” shows, like all the fake shows about Alaska. I live in Alaska, have been there for almost 40-years and know what an “ice road” is NOT! To waste time watching this “fake”, have we become that addicted to wasting away? Life is precious, get off that fat ass! It would be better off health wise to get drunk and pass out. But here it is. The “Liberal LEFT” is guided to MSNBC, so no matter what is front and center attention, it finds a fan following. Same with the FOX, just tune in and with very little initiation of the brain waves...well both broadcasts should be banned for lack of decent content. Really, when a show content slips below the IQ level of an ignoramus' anus, then the FCC should send out a “WARNING”, this content not suited even for “Mature Audiences”. Just turn the damn “Boob Tube” off and enjoy a Sunday outside. But now the same damn crap is available 24/7 on that cell phone that is growing leaps and bounds to a point of...just how big do I need - it's a “phone”! I'm designing a cell phone in a baseball bat, carrying it around for protection – against the Pirroanhas! But, with this technology, I don't need the TV news as I can “surf” and find the extreme to the extreme, and “Reality”, just look right in front of your path! Anyway, “Witch in HEAT” went off the deep end the other day, Obama bashing. I won't go into any detail, but if a picture is worth a thousand words...
Oh, my love(Barack), my darling(Barack)
I've hungered, hungered
For your touch

And dear judge, of course Obama is NOT on your side, as that would mean “TREASON”!

What if?

Wow, wow, wow. What if? Wow, this is bad, but maybe good news for this nation's sake. OK, John Boehner may have known about Israel spying on the Obama administration. I mean this gives “Treason” an entirely different outlook. And what I mean by that “outlook”, the fact that Boehner may be looking out that cell room porthole for a very long time. Now many of us that follow the “Do Nothing for America” Congress, something was suspicious all along the watchtower way with the way that Boehner and Netanyahu relationship was devoted to sabotaging the Obama nuclear proliferation talks with Iran. Then came the letter from the 37 “Turncoats”, which contained information that pissed John Kerry off, like something had been “leaked”? When that letter - unsolicited by Obama - was sent by 37 “Turncoat” senators to the Iranian “War Lords”, it confused the negotiations because up to that point in time the “negotiations” were “Top Secret”, supposedly! So, the confusion existed upon the fact that the Obama administration voiced concerns that the McCain-McConnell letter was premature based on the fact no one outside the intended audience was privy to those secret talks. Even Congress was not part of the Iran dealings so far, at least that body was not supposed to be interfering with such negotiations – as that is Obama's responsibility. So, maybe spying? I am sure that right off the bat, the consideration of a “breach” in security was front and center of attention – yes spying! Now we know why, as Israel has been spying on those negotiations and that spying...well it may re-write the history books, a United States Congress caught spying on the Commander-in-Chief. What it means? Well Utah just re-instated the death penalty via “Firing Squad”. This is serious, as it goes to show how a derelict Congress that sets its sights on a single agenda, that to destroy Obama's “mission”, gets out of whack. When Congress finds support for the “Chief” just a suggestion, other nations see that as a weakness and infiltrate. Now of course all nations spy on each-other, else Mad magazine would be out of print! But when a nation's spy network is used for political gain and our “Congress” takes some of the credit - due such spying – that is “aiding & abetting”! When a “Congress” is so dumb-fit that it takes sides with another nation over this nation's best interests, “Mission Control” we have a problem. The reason a “majority” of House and Senate members should be immediately arrested by the Sergeant-at-Arms, for being derelict upon the conviction to the evasion clause. “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.” And if Israel did indeed cooperate with the Congress and that spying led to that offensive letter, should it weaken the so far progress made by Obama then we should halt all military aid to Israel. In all honesty, I am sick and tired of watching $billions$ of U.S. Taxpayers' loot sent Netanyahu's way, so he can continue to eradicate the next generation of non-jews. Let them fend for themselves and figure out a solution – we are humans, we kill then we shake hands! And when we find a Congress that thinks it is alright to sabotage the Commander-in-Chief - due nothing else but pure prejudice -, well it's a “Treason” and the “Turncoats” deserve an “Extended Stay”. Look, as I have said many times beforehand this got out of hand, don't mess with the “Best” - as Obama knows his way around the “Constitution”! IMAGINE, a United States Congress, spying on the President?
 "I'm Sorry..."

"For shitting on America!"

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hillary Forgery

NO, she won't run for the U.S. President, as “SHE” is not QUALIFIED – based on the wording in the original U.S. Constitution and in effect today! "He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years...Before He enter on the Execution of His Office, He shall take the following Oath or Affirmation." HE, he, he! So, Turd Cruz has a better chance at that Oval Office then, well any “She” and well known Constitutional lawyers are already getting ready to take the “HE vs. SHE” clause to the U.S. Supreme Court, for clarification in efforts to, well keep it a “Man's” world! In all honesty, if Hillary was indeed “Qualified” to run and did pull off a win, it would indicate that a “majority” of voters give not a rat's ass about “Transparency”. And that my friend is a dreaded disease allowing the “Constitution” to whither away, and even though “We the People” think we have a “Foundation” of freedom guaranteed – look what we learned in “A Few Good Men”, like “You can't handle the Truth”! The best thing that could happen to this nation is a vote for a “Commander-in-Chief” with “Net-Neutrality, like when Lech Walesa found the “vote” of Poland's working class undivided by political alignment, for a very simple and thought provoking realization: “broken agreements, contracts, guarantees…The world cannot just leave it like this. If something like this happens, only force is left. How can we win, if (he) is boxing, and we are playing chess?” Yes, today it is what defines this nation, as the working class continues to play, well not even chess but more in tune to Russian Roulette and the Scott Walkers – and we thought Dubya was a puppet of the evil – well are playing hardball and providing the ammo for our fascination at pulling the trigger! In efforts to take back our responsibility, as “AMERICANS”, we must act in unison like Poland's working class and come together now – else we fail, and conquer by dividing shows its ugly face. The 2016 election will be the tide of change or the tyrant of change. “This land is your land, this land is my land”, not just the rich to steal away as an inheritance, it belongs too all of us and we can take it back through “Solidarity”! Why in hell do we succumb to the “WAR MACHINE” mentality, when it is just a ways and means to to make riches for those already swimming with wealth? To hell with “WAR”, let's set our sights on, well to “Go where no man has gone before” - not space but taking care of this nation's infrastructure! OK, space is a vast opportunity, but when we spend so much on the “WAR MACINE”, it derelicts our conviction to be “explorers”. Look, take every damn penny forfeited by the working class through taxation and use it to modernize man and get us out of this despicable Neanderthal “killing” religion that seems to have consumed way too many once righteous citizens – why have we become addicted to this fascination to “kill” our brothers and sisters? If our founding fathers were here today and we were all subjected to a “Citizens Lie-Detector Test”, the results would be overwhelming in the “Failed” category! We are not, because we have lost control, we are not performing like our founding fathers had envisioned. But we see a trickle of hope that we can get back on track that vision. As a Constitutional scholar above all, Obama has tried, has succeeded and we need that next move as a continuation of getting this nation back on that track full speed ahead, for the masses - for our children's sake - instead of a select few and far between. Why in hell are most Americans intimidated by the wealthy? If we vote in a Clinton or a Bush and any of the “Feigned Fringe”, we will find that 1-step forward 3-back a reality. So far, from what I have seen those undertaking a run at the Oval Office, it is religious zealots and those that are true to heart “Controlunists”! OUR time has come, “Love it or Leave it” be your sentiment about Obama, but bottom-line he is a Chief that speaks the proletariats' language, and his dream is “OUR” dream. Those in denial of this “Dream” have been blinded by the light that emanates from the wealthy and powerful, that...well you are being used and abused! And we have a man before us that can take that Obama one-step and make it a ball room extravaganza. Bernie Sanders is his name, with a single agenda. That single agenda is exactly what Obama has focused upon, what is best for this nation's working class above all, and Bernie can carry that torch forward. Look, “You can't handle the truth” due we lost our will, we lost our “American Spirit” when hijacked by the Bush-Clinton-Bush dysentery dynasty. Since Bush senior, look how much money has been spent in the Middle East theater? And we still have nothing to show for such efforts except an infrastructure here in the “Homeland” that is evaporating into thin air due lack of interest? And the wealthy that manage this “WAR MACHINE” mentality, well they are racking in $billions$, so have no intention of turning it off. Look, any other outcome - well like mentioned beforehand - campaign money seems to abort any decency in “Our” government and we continue to put aside “OUR AMERICAN RESPONSIBILITY” for a fascination of, well denial. Why in hell do we accept the KOCH suckers' agenda forced our way? Look, when wealth forces...exactly what Lech fort so hard to “kill”. It is time “We the People” put the political party line aside, and elect an individual that can carry on the tradition - as Obama is doing without Congressional support, with his hands tied and way too many miss guided “Patriots” offering “Jim Crow” advice. So, Bernie is our savior to take over the Obama torch. Here it is in a nutshell. Too many despise Obama because he is a “Black Man”, so no matter what he does in efforts to make sure wealth does not trample the working class, he has a disadvantage due “prejudices”. So, as the ultimate “Litmus Test”, elect Bernie to carry on the Obama tradition, and then maybe we can look back one day and say, wow, now “I can handle the truth”!

Color of the Lord

 Unto THEE

Everybody knows the secret,
Everybody knows the score.
I have finally found a way to live
In the color of the Lord.
(Eric Clapton)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spoiled BRATS

Alaska Stuff: Honestly, with the economic show-down here in the 49er with tumbling dice oil prices, it appears the best advice from the “Spoiled BRATS”, is spend more! OK, maybe place insane blame on the air quality, as up in Fairbanks things seem to be out of “udder” control. Keep milking! But ever since the air started to cause breathing problems and reasonableness dereliction, well it keeps going downhill! It all started not so long ago when the Fairbanks mayor received a library book fine – some measly $37 bucks for a long overdue book. According to sources, “Stupidity for Dummies 101”. And instead of just paying up, he decided it was his privileged “perk” as mayor to fight the damn thing. Yes, and to date it has cost the “property owing tax payers” in access of $7000. Which means a Return-On-Investment of “Negative 18919”, a Guinness World Record! Look no righteous minded competent individual would stoop this low, unless something was causing mid-air-crisis dementia – got to be the air! That wasted loot could have purchased some blankets for the homeless, instead of letting them die frozen stiff! But Congressmen Don Young has found a solution for the “Homeless”. See, in Alaska we have tried to eradicate the wolf population through “pup” asleep in the den poisoning to “Sons of Guns” perverted aerial assaults. Yet the “Big Bad” moose eaters keep coming back for more. So, relocate the wolves to Fairbanks, to dine on the down and out! According to the Big Bad Bastard - the KKK subsidiary in kind not kind to the homeless or wetbacks - “I’d like to introduce wolves in your district...then you wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.” But wait there's more “Spoiled BRAT” stupidity in the “Golden Heart”! When one observes the proceedings filed before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska from those so affected by poor air quality – and judgment – found today in and around Fairbanks, maybe the governor should declare a heath risk emergency – hey maybe we can then swindle some more “Hurricane” relief loot from Uncle Sam! Look, the RCA is a very formidable “oversight” agency, and maintains the peace & quiet between high paid utility CEOs and the consumers, the rate payers that get ripped off constantly by the rats. What little you know about how the “coop” cooperates only to chastise the “consumer”. And the RCA tries its best to be unlike the rest, but that takes dedication and money. Have any idea how much those lawyers working for the numerous Alaskan “utilities” are making, as “regulatory oversight” has become a pot-of-gold! So in efforts to “Stand OUR Ground” against excessive library fines, the RCA charges each utility under its jurisdiction a “FEE”, based on many different obstacles. If an electric utility, that entity pays a “Regulatory Cost Charge” based on generated power – and that adds a few cents to your bill. For a water-waster, how much crap it consumes defines that charge – which again adds a few cents to your bill. Telephone, an oversight charge based on “traffic”, so that the RCA has money to work with as most of the complications that come before the “Commission” are legal in nature - so this agency has many private attorneys and expert witnesses on retainer. The consumers are “Double-Dipped”, as we pay on both ends of the “spectrum”. Look, if honesty were to prevail at the “Top”, there would be no need for the “oversight” and all the lawyers on both sides of the isle could be demoted – which means that “Utility” bill would be about 1/5th less! OK, for those in Fairbanks, a cost savings of about $2000 – which means that “Twitter” would be “FREE”! Look, the lawyers have found yet another “Hen-house” to raid – the “Consumer”! So the RCA must be prepared and that costs a boatload, as too not have such, well the consumers would bleed to death and “blood out of a turnip” would prevail. COOP? “For the People”, what a joke! So the yearly calculation for that “Cost Charge” is based on previous years litigation, the time required to adjudicate consumer justice and any short-falls. Now the shortfalls are spread across the board, and in the end we find a very thoughtful process wherein everybody does benefit. Except, when “Bullies” or a perceived “Bully” enters the picture. So, in come the “Spoiled BRATS” to spoil what was for awhile a very good piece of government at work that “worked”! Praytell we can't have that, so let's sabotage! And the worst offender is the Fairbanks North Star Borough and the Interior Gas Utility Racket – basically one in the same cast of idiots, including the free-wheeling book fine mayor. These entities – which are controlled by long time Fairbankians that have succumbed to irrational thinking because of too much inhalation and annihilation by PM20, together constantly bombarding the RCA with “frivolous” complaints not even fit for used toilet paper! See, the “Borough of BRATS” doesn't pay a damn penny for such RCA oversight, as the “Borough” is not a regulated utility and the gas outfit doesn't make any money because its “Truck'n Dream” was hijacked by common sense! No gas sold, no charge by the RCA! But the “BRATS” have nothing better to do then cause misery upon a “regulatory” body that has more important things to do! So “ALL Alaskans” pay for this “Spoiled BRAT” shenanigans, in our electric bills, in our sewer bills, in our damn “Twitter” bills, even if you live way far and away from the 7th most polluted city in the nation! So one would think that some respect, some decency would prevail, especially when times are about to get tough in the “Lost Frontier”, instead of this continuous madness. So we waste like there is no tomorrow, and that has become a reality – the “No Tomorrow” future! Alaska is pretty much “Broke”, and worse off then Detroit. Why? The oil is almost gone and the gas is going nowhere and we have failed miserably at creating a sustainable jobs infrastructure! But not to worry, as “doom & gloom” is no longer an incumbents worst nightmare. So, let's raid the “Reserve”, instead of practicing fiscal responsibility. Look, Bill Walker can't do it all. Start with the coops, why in hell are the CEOs bringing home so much “bacon”? Like said before, they have a meaningless job because the lawyers are in control – this figure head does nothing but sign away the “coops” wealth. And the RCA should start rejecting “frivolous” complaints, especially by the “Borough BRATS”, or else charge the citizens of Fairbanks for the time “wasted”! If we started to look closer at what we are spending in respect to what we get in return, maybe we could find a way out of this “economic” mess. But NO, as the poor air quality is mixing up clear thinking. Yes, Juneau is about to perform an act of defiance that would make the Bush Rat very upset – it is going to start raiding the “Sacred Green-House”. Yes, money “Reserved”, well the “Spoiled BRATS” from Fairbanks are in control down there in Juneau, and want to keep spending like there is no tomorrow. See, that PFD “welfare” needs to be ended, and we should start to bite the bullet, and realize if we start a sales tax now, it won't hurt as bad if there is a “No Action” plan - except robbing that piggy bank. See, it makes a politician very un-popular to, well do what is sensible, and that means cutting costs and at the same time look at reasonable ways and means to shore up the infrastructure for creating jobs that do not require a “handout”. Like charging “Miners” what we are rightfully owed. Right now, the “Mining Tax” should be the same as the oil royalty tax. Instead of a pathetic 7%, raise it up to 16.5%. And take away the damn “Royalty Relief”, that is allowed for the “Independent” oil producers. In fact, cut the overall “Royalty Rate, for all miming, timber and anything deemed a resource to 10%. That would allow increases in the TAPS that may be enough to offset the deficit the state is facing today. But any legislation that could stall an economic recession, it should have been planned a long time ago. But that “Reserve” has always been the politicians “Emergency Plan”! Look, we have been lucky for nearly 40-years - with no sales tax and a yearly welfare check. So, isn't it time that maybe we give a little back? Yes, the solution is easy! Now I give credit to Dermatitis Cole of the Snooze-Miner, for trying to history lesson what went wrong with Alaska – nobody's listening! It is very simple, and it was due to “high on the hog” living. Let's face the facts. When 2-million barrels of oil was heading down that 8th wonder pipeline, it meant the state was garnishing...well to place it in perspective, when oil was $100, it meant the same income when the production had dropped off by 75%! And Juneau didn't see a problem with their spending habits? Anyway, what I am getting at is this. There is plenty of wasteful spending still today, a penny here and a penny there, it all adds up when it is accountable. But, there has to be something wrong with those living in Fairbanks, from that air pollution. See, the “High Paid” University of Alaska president is now complaining about a medical condition that is “head-hurting”, as he made a comment that the university needs money to build a new power plant because the plant built 50-years ago is “Failing”? Look, a stones throw away are “military” power plants built in the 50s, which means many years older then Gamble's problem, still generating steam for heat and electricity for lights? OK, power plants don't “FAIL”! If a plant sustains a “Catastrophic Failure”, it's due other problems – like piss-poor management! Just another “frivolous” attempt to keep spending money – as many are starting to eye that “Reserve” as the legislature seems interested in it also. In ending, there is something in the air getting in the way of a “vision forward” and those down in Juneau that have learned this game of deception from the Fairbanks lawmaking lawbreakers, what do you think the Bush Rat would do? Pay his overdue book fine without a challenge!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

License To KILL

When John Boehner invited Benjamin Netanyahu over to the United States so the Israeli prima-donna minister could use “OUR” podium to campaign for his home country re-election, there would come retaliation! This is “We the People's” House, not to be used as the pulpit of political corruption for other nations. As an “un-invited” diplomat, it was an action unbecoming a Congressional “House Speaker” that violated White House “protocol” and found protest by the Obama administration along with many Americans that understood the future ramifications. Well now Congress got what it deserves, as this may have allowed Netanyahu to break his silence once and for all, as following that speech and gaining support in the polls, Netanyahu then played the “Turncoat” trump card on the Palestinian “Peace Accord” that was making progress for a “Two-State” compromise. What does that mean? That the children on both sides could have played outside at recess without fear of “Incoming”! Yes, Boehner's House now has “blood on the tracks” of decency! It appears that Netanyahu is acting just like Boehner's House, wherein the practice of a “Turncoat” is becoming pretty routine, “Divided We Fall”. In fact, it appears that the Congress is showing its true “Turncoat” color, and trying to trump Obama's diplomatic decision making process. Yes, the “White House” is under attack by our very own “solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States." So, to those great American salt-of-the-earth proletariats here in United States that are out working for a living and watching as some of that income garnished by Congress is then regurgitated as $Billions$ in Israeli “Military” support, here's your “Good Morning” of more to come from Netanyahu from “Our” blood money, as Benjamin is a Palestinian child molester!

Where will the children play?
~ OUR "Blood Money" at work ~

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lunatics Escape?

Appears Hillary's e-mail scolding has forced once again the release of her “goons” that are usually kept in physiological solitary confinement at the NIH – due an experiment gone bad! And when this occurs, it means Clinton is desperate....But FOX was quick to send out its human experiment gone bad lunatics, in pursuit!
 Clinton's Goon
 Murdouchebag Goon#1
Murdouchebag Goon#2

Hillary's "Horror" Movie?