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Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump's Sun Block?

"The median income for a household in the city was $20,740, and the median income for a family was $27,109. Males had a median income of $20,245 versus $15,391 for females. The per capita income for the city was $13,114. About 21.5% of families and 28.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 42.4% of those under age 18 and 18.1% of those age 65 or over."

The above sound familiar? It's a snap-shot of the economic well-being of rural America, sea to shining sea. Amazing, as the 1% club grows and "trust fund" babies never get their hands dirty making America strong, "We the People's" nation ripe with a population famished. Yes, and this population the origin whence came the mentality that voted in the ZDonald Tyrump, because many thought that Obama spent too much time playing golf? All things considered, soon to be a thing of the past with cuts to the Big Bird channel and Medicaid in the cross-hairs of a Congress that "Doesn't Give A Rat's Ass" about anything "Constitutional", what else is in store for the "ruralites"? Not so fast the gloom and doom of legislation to come that could make Trump supporters start rallying around Simple Simon things like - "He's a liar" and demanding "Castration"!  If this "Awful Office" guy without a clue...well he could be in the same category as feral hogs with respect to likability in the "outback". But that income statement above with the mind-boggling side effects, it is from Haskell Texas, so bears some significance to the "Tower Maggot's" energy policy or the effect it could have if things go unchecked. See, Haskell is the birth place and home of Rick Perry, seated as the 45th's Secretary of Energy and wherein feral hogs find night-vision a big bother. Yes, with the Tillerson "Hard Aground" mentality the Texas posse has invaded the White House alongside the Session Confederates. Wild west and slavery, what a menu! See, the Confederates will use the slaves to kill off the rustlers, then it will be USKKK and feral hogs will get their way. Sad, when all we heard from the famed Texas "Loud Horns" the past 8-years under Obama was "Succeeding from the UNION" as the Jade Helm experiment was encroaching and the "Loonie Star" state went into a "conspiracy" feeding frenzy. Look, Ted Cruz is a Box-store church slug like maggot of slime, most likely the fallout from being raped when a youngster by some religious clergy freak trusted by...sorry for going off course like the EXXON Valdez, back to energy and poverty - peas in a pod! Now the ex-Texas governor follows in that "Energy Boss" position in the footsteps of Steven Chu, PHD in Theoretical Physics and recipient of the Nobel Prize and then after Ernest Moniz, also a PHD in Physics and recipient of the Honoris Causa award. Perry, BS in Animal Science - a Veterinarian now in charge of gas hydrate research? I guess we can put a bunch of Fidos on treadmills and harness "electricity", and of course the "slaves" can clean up the feces! Now during the Obama terms of endearment, when the "Energy" policy was under Chu and Moniz, this nation realized great advancements in the energy jungle, especially in the "Renewables" sector - careful, cannot say that word out loud these days. But maybe "Renewables" still has a chance of a future under ZDonald Tyrump. Just outside of Haskell, a solar site generates enough power to electrify 65000 homes and today Texas is ahead of California in the arena of "renewable" power generation. Under Obama, new installations using solar have introduced over 42000000000-watts of "free energy" for the next 30-years and with current trends, that will "Triple" in the next 5-years. There came a lull in activity right after the election, but things are gearing up again and NOT a single iota about cutting the "Tax Credit Initiative" that sponsors this interest in clean energy. Why? Because the energy companies that are taking advantage of "tax write-downs" are "Conservative" minded both politically and economic wise. Honestly, maybe ZDonald doesn't know about this 30% tax initiative, either that he is taking advantage of it - illegally! Imagine being the IRS auditor reviewing the "Tower Maggot's" dysentery dynasty tax returns? If laughter is the best medicine...Look, if he was aware of this Obama age "Energyaid", just like the Medicaid it would be subject to annihilation. But I do believe that the silence is golden, as this venture is making money and lots of it for somebody. Now what it means for rural areas like Haskell, "jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs". And in effort for the profiteers to enjoy Dom Perignon and the spouses to bath in Istinka Rump Eau De Parfum Pepe Le Pew, the infrastructure must be in place and that is wherein the good old American worker know how comes into play. So for well over 2-years just yesterday, Haskell has witnessed job opportunities that benefited Perry's birthplace and present hometown and after the construction crews left and the solar PV site went generating tied to the "grid", about a dozen full time jobs for the next 30-years - good paying jobs at that. For a small town like Haskell, that means 1% of the population will be gainfully employed for life well above the puberty line! During construction, for 2-years plus the solar work offset the "poverty"! And being close to the "grid" that which supplies air conditioning power to Ft. Worth, with the right investment incentives this area will grow in the solar. See, Haskell now has "qualified" solar construction workers. With the 5-year forecast, for the next 10-years Haskell could have a majority of its population living above the poverty level due more solar wage earning opportunities, off of Medicaid and learning a trade that could be used elsewhere. And with the permanent jobs that follow this energy source, Haskell should be this nation's "show & tell", and with Perry at the helm as the "Energy Boss", hey it is the litmus test. So this is something that Rick Perry should be preaching, as it helps his kind big time. And with displaced oil field workers now migrating to solar, to bring in qualified electricians and mechanics, maybe the tides have turned. But since the "Tower Maggot's" campaign trail "doom & gloom" is starting to become reality, the 58-handicap golfer doesn't like anything that cherishes an  "Uncle Sam Handout". So even though ZDonald wants to cut Meals-on-Wheels, which my WWII Veteran father relies upon when he is bedridden and cannot get to the market, well the "ITC" welfare has not even been mentioned as a do-away-with option under ZDonald's "Desolation Row" economic stimulus plan forward, as that would be a Jade Helm conspiracy and if a town like Haskell gets dumped into the cesspool, instead of a homecoming for Rick the gallows might come out for a dusting off. Two factions you don't mess with in Texas, the ruralites and the oil field workers, now both smiling at the sunrise, as it means work and the reason we have heard Boo diddly squatosis about cutting this solar incentive benefit that helps out the peon class - as in reality it is very generous to the wealthy class. They invest, we work, they party! Construction Jobs = 2.5-years start-to-finish. Investment Income = 30-years payback-play-time. What's in your "Trust Fund Baby" wallet? Yes, the rich are getting filthy rich on the U.S. Taxpayer's dime and time, who cares they can't take it with them so fabricate "Trusts" that allows for a home-grown kid to not ever get thy hands dirty - this nation is doomed and in time the meek shall inherit the Constitution once again, and that is when "America Great Again" has meaning. Today, MAGA is just "Fake" snooze, but maybe, just maybe this solar momentum will be out of reach from the groping claws of the "Tower Maggot" but like with the feral hogs...just in: Rex Tillerson in China to watch as the last remaining Beijing "Coal Powered" power plant is shutdown for good, to welcome in a new era of "Clean Breathing". There is HOPE, in solar, let's HOPE!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snoop Loops

Thank you Snoop, for ZDonald Tyrump's "50 Days in the Oval Office":

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Martial Law - TRUMP Style

It is amazing, that the newly filed "fine-tuned" lawsuits challenging Trump's second try at a "Travel Ban" seem to have a sense of urgency against, well Fascism! Steve "Pus Face" Bannon is a genuine "FASCIST" and sits at the right hand of the "Tower Maggot" and like a slime disease, the "pus" is spreading. The only reason lying is front and center the White House agenda, well Fascism is defined as fooling through deception. It's over with, the Oval Office will never again be the same, ZDonald Tyrump has ruined it for US and future generations. It even recovered after the Bill Clinton ejaculations, but it is totally different today, as with Bill it was just an office sexcapades with a girl named Monica. Fascism has different attributes, it is faceless. See, the wording included in these "Travel Ban" challenges before the Federal circuit court goes like this: "sovereignty against illegal actions of President Donald J. Trump", which is unprecedented. NOT the legal challenges, but to include such language that targets the "sovereignty" of any State of the Union based on "illegal actions" of a sitting U.S. President. That in itself points to the deficiency, the "Illegitimacy" of this Bozo Putin Puppet now occupying the Oval Office. We are on dangerous footing with DEMOCRACY when court hearings must now take into consideration the "mental state" of the president.  And I would hope that with the ZDonald Tyrump, whose "mental mind-set" is without a doubt under the Henry Murray psychiatric psycho wand of appeal, that the "insane" ward at North Brother Island will soon have another Typhoid Mary celebrity - the ZDonald! What I mean by that, soon this nation will be in celebration and rejoicing in the streets, with our very own "IMPEACHMENT" news like with the ouster of Park Geun-hye. We should look at the South Korean citizens with praise, that through "protests" the political corruption surrounding that nation's "illegitimate" president meant a dumping. Look, with a name like TRUMP our only option is to DUMP. And this coup came from protests, this ouster of a "Conservative" and according to reliable sources not afraid to tell the truth now that South Korea's working class will get back "inalienable liberties" that "Park was judged and executed by the people and not by political force or opposition." And we have a Congress that is at fault and should face the same consequences - a Kangaroo Court of Impeachment - based on the fact that the ZDonald Tyrump has lasted 50-days without a detention hearing - due his infringement as such ways and means are causing great harm. And when he accused Obama of a felony, that is an action against the 45th's sworn oath and he should have been...we should have been already in celebration the same kind of ouster here as we see today in South Korea. But NOT so fast, as this is NOT South Korea and with our democracy under attack - do we still have what it takes to take it all back?  The longer we wait, the tougher as the Tower Maggot is planning his escape by circumventing with injustice upon our Constitutional rights. Mind-boggling this sentiment of a "Deep Dark State", or is it? It all depends what side you stake your future, as there is enough "DEEP Throat" to go around. It's the Mobius Strip, we are all on the same page just 360 degrees out-of-phase - "Divided We Fall"! We used to be Americans, even with divided opinions, as we had a Congress that worked "bipartisan" to get things accomplished for "All the People". It is Congress that has sowed the seed for the "Division" that has taken this nation down a street called "Desolation Row". The Tyrump with Bannon with Putin posse realized an opportunity with a weak Congress, and today we have Apocalypse on the menu. But something is brewing that will be used to castrate any take-back attempts, either by Congress when it finally wakes and realizes it has no power or when we finally see eye to eye with protests from the Right & Left and realize we do have a common goal - and then commence an attack on the Fascist's government controlled by Vladimir Putin and now "blackmailing" the Tower Maggot. We are at WAR with the Russian Federation, a "new age" conflict that will have dire consequences upon our liberties if we DO NOT ACT NOW! But the Bannon takeover understands its vulnerability so is brewing up "CHAOS", for a reason. See, one would think that keeping arms safe from outlaws a pre-requisite behind the protection and security of the 2nd Amendment Right. As guns go loose, that irresponsibility could infringe on such rights due carelessness and promote rules and regulations that may forfeit away some of the right promulgated upon a "Well Regulated Militia". So what gives with all the firearm lootings the past 50-days? Like since the January "Inauguration" it has become a free-for-all theft opportunity. Yes, gun thefts in the thousands are making the headline news. But there has been a very suspicious pattern behind this gun theft, massive amounts being stolen away, since ZDonald Tyrump moved into the "White House". This is not an anomaly, as it is pre-meditated way to gain control through the "Chaos Theory". Guns are cheap, a hunk of steel machined into a weapon, so this giveaway is a planned approach to take away our rights. See, after the protests that followed the "Inauguration" that tallied a following much greater than the "Tower Maggot's" fan-base, the Fascist's government is fabricating a means to declare "Martial Law". By letting guns loose, there will be provoked a "Great American Shootout", and then ZDonald has the opportunity to declare "Martial Law", starting with the inner cities and soon we will be under control - it will start off small then consume more and more of the right to assemble. We are heading towards a grudge match, like an American version of the Tiananmen Square revolt, which ended up a massacre. And guess who gets to command that "Well Regulated Militia"? With guns and looters out-of-control from sea to shining sea, the right to assemble and protest will soon be taken away. And when we disobey, there will come bloodshed, and that will fear US into oblivion. Once we lose that power and obligation to take over a government abusive upon our Constitutional rights, we are then Steve Bannon slaves. It is time for a coup d'├ętat against the ZDonald Tyrump dysentery dynasty. All AMERICANS, even those that voted against Hillary, we are under attack. It may not have been ZDonald Tyrump's intent, but when a guy like Bannon sleeps with the enemy - wherein Vladimir Putin has the goods on the Tower Maggot, we are missing a Commander-in-Chief and down the drain goes Democracy. And that is scary, as it is ZDonald Tyrump's "illegal activity" against our individual indivisible "sovereignty" that is so threatening. As every day goes by, we are getting closer to an oligarchy that will have the power to - well that Tiananmen Square Massacre is starting to ring that Liberty bell with beware! Henry Murray? The guy that gave us Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber and we would be in much better shape if the Harvard grad mathematician were in that Oval Office and the "Tower Maggot" was incarcerated - let's hope that will happen SOON by his own admission! 

Friday, March 10, 2017


I just watched a clip of life inside the White House. It appears all the servants are "Black"?  Carry-over from Barack, or is this the "True" ZDonald Tyrump, as we know what daddy Fred taught his Donald - it's a "Beach Haven" world.

Old Man Trump
(Words by Woody Guthrie)

I suppose that Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hate
He stirred up in that bloodpot of human hearts
When he drawed that color line
Here at his Beach Haven family project

Beach Haven ain't my home!
No, I just can't pay this rent!
My money's down the drain,
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower
Where no black folks come to roam,
No, no, Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain't my home!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

IRS Workers of America

Hear Ye, Hear Ye - The United States of America is under ATTACK and in need of a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN that works for the Internal Revenue Service, and there may be a reward! This may be that chance to become an American "HERO".

REWARDING DISOBEDIENCE: "On July 21, 2016 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the creation of a $250,000 cash prize award for disobedience. This idea came after a realization that there’s a widespread frustration from people trying to figure out how can we effectively harness responsible, ethical disobedience aimed at challenging our norms, rules, or laws to benefit society. And so we begin the process of searching for the first MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award recipient. The award will go to a person or group engaged in what we believe is extraordinary disobedience for the benefit of society. Specifically, we’d like to call out action that seeks to change society in positive ways and is consistent with a set of key principles. These principles include non-violence, creativity, courage, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. We’re seeking both expected and unexpected nominees. This could include–but isn’t limited to–those engaged in scientific research, civil rights, freedom of speech, human rights, and the freedom to innovate."

MIT will be accepting nominations from March 7 through May 1, and will announce the recipient live, at the Media Lab’s third annual summer event on Friday, July 21, 2017. 

"You don't change the world by doing what you're told" according to Joi Ito, the director of MIT's Media Lab. The eligibility requirements are simple: "The recipient must have taken a personal risk in order to affect positive change for greater society."

So, today I reach out looking for that PATRIOTIC AMERICAN to provide US with a copy of Donald John Trump's Federal Tax Returns. Because of possible "Impeachable" business ties with the Russian Federation only that which a Tax Return could demonstrate, either that there is nothing to hide, it is paramount that "WE the PEOPLE" have an understanding any business affiliations. Since Donald John Trump refuses to voluntarily provide such documents, it can only be due suspicious activity - a.k.a. "Sleeping with the Enemy". This is a "Badge of Courage" request. By providing such documents, you will be nominated for this reward and if by choice, with anonymous protection. Your identity will be cloaked in secrecy and never revealed should that be preferred. So, here is your opportunity to do "Thou" duty and also take home a handsome reward. Until April 15th, I will accept any and all documents that demonstrate such "Civil Disobedience" that which provides proof of Donald John Trump's Federal Tax Returns and once confirmed by experts, your name will be Nominated as a recipient of the MIT "REWARDING DISOBEDIENCE" honors.

In ending, remember the PATRIOTIC words of John F. Kennedy; "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." 

All confidential correspondences to 

Sponsored by "The Lousy Hat Party". 
The naming of this organization stems from a comment made by Mitt Romney about Donald Trump winning the presidency on a "minority vote": "He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a LOUSY HAT."

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Strike for Solidarity

Lech Walesa ring a bell? It should, as today "We the People Majority" introduced the greatest political tool at our disposal, to take back the Fascist controlled Oval Office. It was the "Day Without A Women" protest. I am sure labor activist Lech was proud of such efforts, as the same worked for his people back in 1980 when the Gdansk Shipyard saw similar work stoppages. So popular was this movement of the proletariat working class heroes, that Lech who was just an electrician by trade would in 1990 become the leader of Poland. Talk about draining the swamp - the workers did it! A "Strike in Solidarity" has sweeping ramifications - more powerful then "thy" vote and an escape option when the "vote" is dismantled by an oligarchy take-over or an inept Congress. Now at the same time "Real American Woman" joined hands in this "Day" today, waaaaell laa de freakin' da well groomed Melanomia Trump along with Istinka Rump wined and dined a group of women that must enjoy the "groper", while at the White House in honor of "International Women's Day". Yes Oval Office news but with a FAKE ideology identity, as "Real" women against ZDonald Tyrump boycotted his "woman abusive" agenda and carried out a "Work Strike" in Solidarity. Remember, John Lennon wrote us a song about abuse against our women, "Woman is the nigger of the something about it." So with this "Strike", it proves when push comes to shove we still have a "weapon of huddled masses for destruction". Today we witnessed that "might" as schools closed to accommodate teachers absent from their in-class duties, at the same time "Real" guys that believed in this cause honored the "Strike" by doing double-duty shifts and carrying the load to keep the business trains running on schedule. Sidebar: Look, my daughter is not getting a permission slip to visit the White House when a pervert is around with so much power, especially that immunity clause! He can "grope" and get a free pass and he is a friend of Epstein! But the "Strike" was a test, as it had economic repercussions sea to shining sea, as those that supported this movement didn't show up for work and also refused to buy things not out of necessity. And here is what it did to the economy, this small "Strike". Just looking at what effect it had on the Dow Jones, if you are a millionaire brace your wallet as due this consumer boycotting, you lost $95000 bucks - due this 8-hour protest. And to place it in a greater perspective, let's look at how this "boycott" affected a member of the Trump team. Rex Tillerson, well today in just a single day's "Strike" without the guys jumping in and only a very small percentage of "Real Women" joining the Solidarity rank and file, the ex-EXXON CEO and now Secretary of State lost $17-million! All total in the ZDonald John Tyrump "Executive Privilege" camp, a loss approaching $460-MILLION - in a single day of protest! Now by tomorrow's closing bell, more than likely the gains will erase today's loses, but if "We the People Majority" mobilized for the long haul such a "Strike in Solidarity", the repercussions would be a hijack of the wealth. Get the point, what a Weapon of Monetary Destruction we have against the wealthy! Gives that WMD new meaning, thanks Dubya. And if we were forced to endure a lengthy "Strike", do you really think the wealthy would know what to do to fix a cesspool on overflow? Of course not, but it is filling up and panic will soon be their MO!

Sony Boy Spy

"Sony, one so true..." Wow, is our CIA so, so smart! See, WikiLeaks is trying to castrate the CIA, by a dump of what appears to be highly classified "eavesdropping" techniques. Did you forget, as Julian Assange is today working as a "stool pigeon" for US - a deal that was brokered in the last days of the Obama "Terms of Encouragement". Today we are on the ZDonald Tyrump's "Terms of Endangerment" stage - Scary Movie Next! But when push comes to shove, the CIA acts as a bipartisan entity that can declare "WAR" on anybody, including the "Illegitimate" president. And all this scary-crap about our privacy in jeopardy due this "Dossier" showing the CIA's tools of the trade for spying on anybody and everybody? Well the Supreme Court as opined that the U.S. Constitution has No wording that guarantees a "Right to Privacy". It is an inherent "Right", but NO GUARANTEE. So say as you please who really gives a shat what they hear! "Can you hear me now? You can't stand the TRUTH!" And of course the crash-course "Dead-End Street" joyride that ZDonald Tyrump has taken US down is being corrected by the "Deep State". Get over it, it's happening as we breath - as when we have a Congress that is also "Illegitimate" because it refuses to "Impeach" ZDonald Tyrump due his incompetence and we have a Vice Pence also derelict in his duty to protect America's interest by not proposing a mutiny on the Tyrump - then last resort is "Casper the Ghost". The "CHAOS" day-in and day-out, it's part of the plan, get over it as ZDonald Tyrump is history! The CIA plan cannot be an overnight success, as it would be to awkward. But I just breezed through the WikiLeaks' document dump, it is old and outdated "garbage" designed to "Thrill" the seekers. Remember the Sony "hack" in 2014, wherein a secret virus infected the entire network, turned on desktop microphones and recorded all kinds of office filth fun? Well that was with espionage "cloak & dagger" viruses that are today eons old with respect to "bit" sourcing technologies. That code hacked by crazed destructionists was designed by our very own Geeks. But we keep moving forward with better stuff so don't really care if the old stuff gets loose! We know the old stuff has a tendency of getting in the wrong hands, so we remain prepared. See, this type of espionage started way back in 2010 when a concerted effort found a need to invade the computer of a state sponsored terrorist regime - when the age of Internet espionage really found the starting line. I worked for Siemens at the time, and that entity worked in concert with the CIA and NSA to develop a virus that could attack the nuclear facilities in Iraq. Since the centrifuge facilities used to enrich mine run uranium to weapons grade utilized a Siemens' control system, the spies needed help from Siemens at breaking into the code. The "bug" was  so stealth-like that is was very hard to find and or duplicate as it was embedded on a computer's memory in pieces, like a jig-saw puzzle. So if a piece went found by others under attack, there came a self-destruct code. But that was 6-years ago and what we have today at our eavesdropping disposal is, well you don't want to know and NO WikiLeaks doesn't know either. So this dump was for a reason, as anybody that tries to use it, our spies have a means to track your dirty deeds and track you down - it is a bait and hook strategy. Just like in what we know about what our military has to work with, what is held secret is at a minimum 10x better. And all this "crap" about ZDonald Tyrump blaming Obama for "tapping" his phones? Tapping is outdated, just too messy and not very secure and it leaves behind a fingerprint. And with drone technology we have little "Disposable" bugs that can fly around, get into the White House, get into the "Trump Tower" and listen in and tape it all. So the WikiLeaks release of this stuff, part of the CIA's plan to set the stage for the continued "Deep State" coup d'├ętat against ZDonald John Tyrump. And his staff realizes that if they don't turn against the "Tyrant", then best watch their backs as when the CIA has to initiate this type of bailout to secure our long standing Democracy under attack, there is NO safe haven for the "Turncoats". And here is another thing to consider. Every-time I visited a client's site and had to use a local PC to perform control work, when I saw "Kaspersky" pop up, enough said...Spy verses Spy!

(Steve Bannon in Oval Office)