Saturday, October 25, 2014

Manson Debut

Wow, Charles Manson has relocated to the “Edge of Alaska”, over in the McCarthy area - after being paroled from Corcoran Federal Prison for “Good Housekeeping”. According to locals, Charlie has secured a job as the “Gate Keeper” at the “Community Well” and rumor has it that Mr. Helter Skelter has retained a “contract” with a “Tourist Stay-Away Destination” film crew and will be debuted for yet another UN-realistic “Reality” show, this time around with film clips of the insane about to go over the edge! This place seems weird! And a fight is already brewing, as another guy is claiming he pissed on Charlie, thinking Manson was a black bear! Episode premier to be called, “Minus 60 Degrees of Helter Skelter.” Stay tuned.....

Picture of Charles Manson at his McCarthy Homestead

October 25, 2020

October 25, 2020: Looking back, could have the “EBOLA” outbreak death rate which climaxed in the spring of 2015 been avoided here in the United States? The casualty rate reached 6833 before the spread of the disease was arrested, through a strict quarantine those presumed responsible for the outbreak's spreading – restrictions still in force today, some 5-years after. And there was indeed a “lesson learned”, that should demonstrate future security afforded the health of the American people, and never again allow what did occur a future possibility occurrence. According to recent reports made available by the experts conducting legal research for the successor of the now defunct CDC, the answer is yes, the outbreak and subsequent deaths were totally avoidable. So what happened? In a nutshell this report reveals how many of those deaths could have and should have been avoided - had there been stricter control over the “drugs” thought to be beneficial to prevent an outbreak. It appears the culprit may have been “panic” when rumors started flowing about “Ebola”, that “not if” but “when” scenario, as too when this dreaded disease would hit us here on American soil. Up until October of 2014, the government had performed an excellent job at keeping the virus at bay, even while it caused devastation in parts of Africa. But when “panic” hit, some 535 doses of a new “Ebola” drug went “missing”. Actually, that “drug” was distributed to the “Attending Physician of the United States Congress” as part of the government's emergency preparedness criteria. Yes a plan of attack wherein members of Congress started to enjoy preferential treatment to “drugs” designed as a “precautionary cure” when the threats of “biological warfare” started to find its way into the mail system – like with letters tainted with “Anthrax”. So the intent back then was in efforts to provide the “Congress” with enough coverage, just in-case there came an all out uncontrollable attack – as terrorist groups were employing “mad” scientist to find a ways and means to cause harm – on American soil. One consideration by the “Madmen” was to purposely infect those so-willing to die for the “religious” cause. Yes, find a guinea pig, shoot them up with a fabricated disease then buy a one-way ticket to America. But we had the knowhow, and tried to stay abreast of the concerns over “biological” crap hitting the “Homeland” and spent $millions$ devising solutions, but on a limited basis as there was only so much to go around – so “Congress” was considered the guinea pig, as if there came an “outbreak” that went out of control, somebody had to maintain the peace and quiet – maybe through “Martial Law” if so required. So even though some of the “drugs” that the “Attending Physician” maintained control over were never fully tested, some looked promising and the stock-pile so designed as that last clear chance late scenario do or die! But that plan backfired and today we pay the price, as do those 6833 victims, their families and loved ones. Sad, 1214 were newborns! With “Ebola”, the promising “drug” that was handed out to “Congress” was very difficult to manufacture, with a rejection rate in the order of 9 out of 10. And this “drug” that showed promise required laborious efforts by lab workers, not to mention dangerous to handle during the processing phase. And with such a bastardly rejection rate, it was also a very costly “drug” to produce, estimated at a cost of $125k per dose. So when the scare of “Ebola” was no longer a “when”, and the alarming and exponential rate of infections due unforeseen exposure in the final weeks of October started scaring the citizens, it urged members of Congress into the “panic” mode, even though they went on national TV and said not to worry. I was one that didn't worry, as everybody in the know was saying the risk was very minimal – as the only known way the disease could be transmitted was through bodily fluid contact – at least that is what they thought. So I went about my business watching the Giants win the World Series! And according to this “confidential” report by the experts, the experimental “drug” started to disappear, from the “Attending Physician's” office even when “Congress” was on a “sine die adjournment” - basically away from the office. So it is believed that members of “Congress” panicked and a “Congressional aide” was commanded to break into the office, possibly with the help of the Sergeant-At-Arms, and get hold of the drug stash and then send it out to those members that thought it necessary – and in some instances it included dosages for family members also. What the report does tells us, several dozen doses sent to Texas, many to Kentucky – nauseating as the distribution was that to mostly “Red State” political clouters! Maybe just a coincidence, but then again we may never know. So it was indeed a panic situation and what was once under control, was now out-of-control, and not only the threat of “EBOLA”. What was not known at the time was the fact that the “drug” was still in the experimental phase, due the high rejection rate but had shown interesting possibilities but was too be used as a last ditch effort. But when the “Ebola” hit NYC, some members of Congress thought it necessary to protect America, by taking the “drug” in efforts to be prepared – basically a lame excuse. And little known at the time was the fact that the “drug” had a design flaw, as it held a hidden secret, a ways and means to adopt a medicinal cure for the benefactor of the drug, but at the same time learning to reject the “Ebola” virus instead of killing it – and rejection meant ejection through any passage way possible, nose to mouth, ears, eyes and even through skin contact and perspiration was also knwon as a mechanism of “flight”! In the morph, it never actually “killed” the virus, just ejected it as the virus continued to multiply, causing the infected victim to become a massive generator of the virus. See, the “Ebola” virus multiplies at an unbelievable rate, so this new drug was supposed to conquer by dividing, but the only way for it to be successful was to eject it away from the victim. So, yes it worked to some extent, but at the same time millions of spores were allowed to enter the environment and under certain conditions the virus would live on, for days until it attached itself to another living being - basically the “drug” helped the original victim but at the same time put thousands at risk, as the “Ebola” virus was on the loose! No longer was it a disease allowed only through fluid contact, as the rejection & ejection evolution caused the disease to be very efficient, rather then annihilation. So those that were furnished the “drug” were free of the disease, but now also generators of the “Ebola” that in the end would kill many. And once this was recognized by the authorities and “Martial Law” was in effect, those that had taken the “drug” were basically arrested and incarcerated, and those that survived are still in quarantine today, as science has not found out a way to reverse things – so as long as those that are still alive and did take the expirimental drug, they cannot be allowed in public. It is estimated that over 250-members of Congress and close family members decided it was OK, to take the experimental drug without permission of the “Attending Physician”. And those that did, today remain under “House Arrest” in a very secure location and habitat at the NIH – in a high security prison like building that was at one time reserved for “Ebola” patients. Yes, this was a “Lessons Learned” scenario, that had it not been for greed, maybe those innocent 6833 victims would still be alive to tell about it! And some members that were involved in this scandal, when arrested tried to use the “Congressional Immunity”, to get set free and didn't seem to give a rat's ass about the health and welfare of the general public. This is what happens when “We the People” allow a Congress to get completely out-of-control, preferential treatment that takes us all down. The report upon this matter has some very interesting pictures, the “Arrests”!

Sad News

Wow, so now we may have an understanding as too why Congressmen Don Young is in such a bad mood and thinking and talking suicide. His pet skunk “Obama” past away, but is now part of Don's game room...the memory lives on! 
 Don's pet Obama, stalking the “Halls of Congress”

Friday, October 24, 2014

Suicide Fireworks

Damn Internet browser, can't seem to capture the “packets” and assemble the news' headlines with any sense of intelligence, just a Helter Skelter advertisement! Appears just like a Don Young political endorsement rant, requesting PacRAT money! Now a “Warning”, something about if difficulties encountered try a “Hard Reset”, sounds like something for the 113th Congress. Oh, “Hard Recess” it was meant to be. Here goes, still nothing, just like Congress. How come everything negative these days relates some how or another to our beloved “Congress”? Anyway, “Hard Luck” as my Internet browsing is still not in sync with reality, as half the screen now consists of ads and instead of waiting 3-seconds for the phony crap to end, it is now 10-seconds wherein “MY” computer is hijacked. Look, my computer has a mind of its own, so I'm ready to commit it to an insane asylum for psychiatric evaluation! There is a computer rehab asylum at: 2314 Rayburn Office Building, Washington D.C., 20515. But results are not guaranteedd and you may never see the “puter” again, as strange things and strange noises have been heard from this location – some say akin to a “Rabid Skunk” being attacked by “Oscar Oosik”. Is that a horror movie? Wow, miracles never cease to happen, as my hi-tech gizmo is starting to behave, in efforts to deliver the news still somewhat fresh, but slow enough that it will be old news before....See it's Friday, and since it is payday many think it means time to screw-off, so the “net” has been bombarded with traffic, thus the “packet” disconnect. When “High Speed” meant 1-gigalaugh, 75% of that bandwidth was used for “porno”. Today, with 100-gigalaughs, it is still 75% for bathroom peeing babes? Anyway, that's how the “net” works, through “packets” sent in many different directions then recombined to make sense – but sometimes it gets confused and things in the mirror appear closer then they really are – see what I mean about confused. Just like all those “Political” ads, they are broadcast without “white lies” but for some reason when it hits your screen, it's all lies. Honestly, just call up Don Young and ask him, he will deny everything you say, even if it is right there on your screen! Here is some proof as too how the intended data gets corrupted from delivery point to receiving end, when I did a “google” for “Don Young suicide watch”, a hot topic today in Alaska: “Murkowski asks Young to commit suicide”? Wait, late packets are arriving...“Murkowski asks Young to apologize then commit suicide”, see how things can get misconstrued.....more updates from the “Packetman”....“Young tells Murkowski to commit genocide.”....”Murkowski says Young is genocide.” And these two guys are teammates! But due “packet” mis-transformations, what are we really getting? Just more endorsement from the fringe, as that must be the clearing house for “Packetman”. Now didn't MoanaLisa MurCowpie just endorse Young? Oh, was it renounce Young – maybe like in Satan and all his pimps? Poor Donny, finally his retchard ways and means may be catching up, and friends once are starting to turn, run and hide. And his congressional colleagues have “repuked” him, or whatever it is called, but not good so Don is no longer in the “largesse” society. Damn, all the elements of wanting to commit suicide! Maybe Don should be on “Watch”, but then again, maybe he is too busy watching “Bull Sex”. Wow, maybe that is what happened to all the “Bandwidth”, as when a beat up member of Congress, what else is there to prove?

Alaska This Week

Week of October 19th, 2014. Alaska led the nation in “Car-Jackings” and “Child Porn” arrests along with belligerent diarrhea of the mouth from a U.S. Congressmen. Forgot, also arrests for high school coach sex abuse and nannies choking babies. Wow, how proud we are! Warning to tourists, stay home.....

Don Young

Sounds like Don's apology about suicide points to the fact that Ted may have caused his own plane crash, to commit..... just what in hell was he hiding, maybe Don knows!

Chastise THY Vote

So with incumbent and wannabe politicians, both on the local and Congressional level trying to level the playing field, it appears “Lying & Cheating” has become the preferred method to pull the wool over the voters – like a blind faith trust. So what, what's new! I am beginning to believe that those with political aspirations have an evolutionary flaw, corruption in the blood. But here is a little tidbit every Alaskan vote should take into account, before hitting the annihilate lever. Especially now with everyone interested in an “Office” using “Alaska's Natural Gas” as a pawn broker – sounds good just like a “Payday Loan”! Look here is what the “Public Law” says about that and what the politicians refuse to discuss in earnest or with any sense of honesty:


Sec. 719j. Export limitations - Any exports of Alaska natural gas shall be subject to the requirements of the Natural Gas Act [15 U.S.C. 717 et seq.] and section 103 of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act [42 U.S.C. 6212], except that in addition to the requirements of such Acts, before any Alaska natural gas in excess of 1,000 Mcf per day may be exported to any nation other than Canada or Mexico, the President must make and publish an express finding that such exports will not diminish the total quantity or quality nor increase the total price of energy available to the United States.

Alaska's natural gas from the “North Slope” ain't going nowhere, there's a law that says so. Even Ronald Reagan - when occupying the Oval Office - insisted that “exports” of Alaska's North Slope natural gas would never happen. Reagan laughed when asked if he would lift the ban! Obama has signaled that he is not interested either, as it takes the sitting “President” to change the law that “Limits” exports, unless to Canada or Mexico. See, the caveat is the will not diminish the total quantity or quality nor increase the total price of energy available to the United States” clause, as this is an unpredictable element with unpredictable consequences as “exports” cost more to the receiving end abroad – so it has an economic effect on the consumers here in America. Exports hurt the “Reserve”, so it ain't ever going to be allowed. It follows the “Supply & Demand” theory, it still works. This is one of those things the politicians are afraid to tell us, especially after spending close to a $billion$ on a pipe-dream. Yes, friends with people in high places are getting rich keeping the “Dream” alive! And here is another reason as to why Alaskans will never see a gas pipeline for exporting, another thing that remains silent with the politicians and they don't want the cat out of the bag – as it is too embarrassing to come front and center and say, “Gee whiz, we didn't know that, so what with the money wasted”. Get the “whizzed” on point, there exists a law in effect that disallows exporting “our” gas! And in the silent treatment arena that other reason that is suspect emphasizing there is no intent to ever realize anything beyond a “Dream”, well the Alaska Railroad – a state corporation – it has legislative approval to sell $18-Billion in “Bonds”, to help pave the way for a “Natural Gas Pipeline”. It's nothing new, been on the books for many years as we were supposed to have a natural gas pipeline built within 5-years of oil in – that was 30-years ago. Bonds sell like “hotcakes”, as a preferred and almost guaranteed investment. If the state was realistic in building a gas pipeline, it would have a buyer for these bonds already lined out – and we citizens have not heard a single peep on this? But why build a natural gas pipeline, if nobody shows up except the “Dreamweavers” and the scammers? So, if your candidate of choice has talked about “Alaska Natural Gas Exporting”, it's a little white lie - but one hell of an expensive fib that seems to have found the possibility that perpectual “money” motion does exist, as long as we keep throwing coins into the slot machine! The odds.....