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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Poor, Poor Me, Paganites. Aah

Now that Stephen Hawking has declared “God is Dead”, it is time to unveil the “Truth”, that the biggest hoax and the longest lasting hoax is the paganites retreat and hiding behind an unrealistic myth defining “Creation”? First and foremost, the “Big Bang Black Hole” theory was flawed since its incipient cavitation inception. OK, back a hundred years ago we did not have the mathematical computation speeds that could have warned us upon this “hoax”, as the slide-rule was a magnificent achievement but had its limitations with Cosmic Ray's math. Remember when we “men & women of science” walked around with this concealed weapon, hanging from our belts? Don’t mess with me or I will Pi you in the face! For real, I never felt alone or afraid walking the Boston Back Bay’s back alley streets half-drunk with a marijuana high decay setting in, heading back from Bukowski’s “Dead Author’s Bar” when Mr. Slide Rule was by my side. But modern-day high-speed computer number crunching has found respect, as so so soon with the newest Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh! What? He just published his first High Court “opine” and it satisfies the long awaited sentencing that “beer cannot be taxed”, way to go kudos from the “Boston Beer Party”. But now that bastard child Stephen Hawking has declared that “There is no God”, maybe this is something that should be handed to the Supreme Court for a jurisprudence review. But the theory of Hawking and other non-believers, it did not work from the get go as to have a lump of coal that contained all of matter - there was no dimension in the beginning and X times Y times Z was a divide by zero error! For that matter all this matter, there was no light, nor time as is comprehended by modern civilization, and no dimension. Now even though there existed no super computers when some priest woke up with a cheap communion wine hangover and had this headache that was the result of a “Big Bang” when he was caught looking through a “Black Hole” into Sister Irene’s habit changing room, well praytell all things considered can be solved by Newton’s “zero root” equation - so there is no excuse this “hoax” that we have been challenged to believe by people we are supposed to trust. Don’t believe me that we have been “hoaxed”! Take the time to go outside tonight if clear and dark, look up at the nighttime sky and pause for a moment of silence that “flat earth” cell phone can wait! Do you see “Chaos” or “Tranquility”. If the “Big Bang” did indeed invade “Tranquility”, we would still see the results, in chaos swarming through the heaven. But it is tranquil, which means forget the “Big Bang” and forget the “Black Hole” extravaganza. OK, I recall that comment about a “bastard child” with Hawking, but he used that handicap as an advantage to prepare us to accept something not even he could prove in his segregated lifetime. Just the other day a guy that was a survivor of cancer, wherein radiation treatments melted away his nose in disgust, he was kicked out of a “box store” because being close to Halloween kids in tow their moms shopping for candy went horrified. Now if that were Stephen Hawking, do you really think the store management would have thrown this Nobel scientist out the door? But the “Black Hole” & “Big Gang Bang” theory of Creation needs a lobotomy, a Melania Trump makeover. And I stand corrected, Hawking never won the coveted Nobel prize for physics or any other studies and today blames God. Why no bragging rights? The “Big Gang Bang Rape” theory could not and would not ever be proved to the satisfaction of the Nobel steering committee! I never believed it as acceptable science, as it was tested numerous times at Bukowski’s - on bar stools spinning out of control. See, in the beginning there existed no light, no civilized time and no dimension. And “Infinity” was a concept, like God. Concept? Remember John Lennon. Now there is a new kid in town “Theory of Creation” that should be gaining notoriety and acceptance away from the maddening crowd share of scientist that are afraid to admit defeat and have swindled a career of nonsense like a Stormy porn star, with their Hard-on Super Collider ejaculations, it should be renounced like Satan at baptism. The fact that some scientists believe the lump of coal theory can demonstrate a single point beginning, well an infinitesimal point doesn’t exist - it will finally vaporize to nothing with each integration - modern computers teach us that fact of the matter a lump of coal. I keep using that “lump of coal”, like that gift that keeps on giving which should be by now retired and the same with this theory from those that are supposed to understand why I-beams bend! Interesting, that the guy that designed the World Trade Center Towers performed calculations of what to expect if a plane flew into the structure - it wouldn’t collapse. But that was when the biggest plane on the production line was a 727. Hey Saudi Arabia, just buy a 737 bomb! But the “Theory of Creation” by Amlev Yelknid is easy to understand and will soon be the center of attention and attraction. Take a piece of printer paper and cut a strip an inch in width and form it into a ring. That ring in its infinitesimal state contained all of energy, so pure of form. With a Simple Simon 180-degree phase transition due an act of contrition, that ring is then transformed into a Mobius surface - wherein light, time and dimension were born and with that the need for “infinity” as the light was on a journey. The latter beacon street beat respected by time and dimension, an important element for propagation of new matter. The transformation between this pure energy being downgraded with a dimension allowed for the creation of planets, in a subtle “bang” that induced continuance of “Tranquility”. See, “Tranquility” is important for stability. Now when the energy is totally consumed - and we don’t know yet if that has come of age - the Mobius will undergo another Simple Simon 180-phase transition, and that is “infinity”. Closed loop solution, and “here we go loopty loo, here we go loopty…this theory don’t lie! Remember, “We learned it all in kindergarten” and graduated to bar stools!

Total Disruption the Only Solution!

The way Donald Jong Trump continues to “disrupt” the tranquility of Democracy, is it a “Good Thing”? Time will tell, but for sure the political quagmire will never be the same as it is on “chaos” overload. And the “Perils of Pauline” this political rebellion, possibly due the “divide” between the left vs. the right? Remember what the Founding Fathers warned: “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall”. And it is Congress to blame for the shortcomings against “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” and Democracy. Now many will say not far enough my discretionary dissertation to point a middle finger at the United States Congress, that with the trickle down “We the People” voters are to blame because it is our desire who gets to shat on that oath of office.  “I, Alfred E. Neuman, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me Stephen Hawking.”  OK, the ending used to call on “so help me God” and was cherished since 1862, until Hawking proved that God was killed in the “Big Bang”. But for 200 years plus a few days, we had always placed our mainsail thrust in a bipartisan relationship with that Constitutional body called Congress - a.k.a. TRUST! But when we let down our Constitutional guard and let a Confederate sneak in and wreck-havoc on Miss Liberty, well Mitch McConnell would have been hanged if it were 1865! “Oh move over Rover and let Jimi take over” you know what I’m talking about as it is louder today then Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner” encore at Woodstock. Look, Max Yasgur’s Farm became an historic “disrupter” that proved its worth in the “Good Thing” category. It changed the landscape, both socially and politically and gave us a better nation in sovereignty. So, maybe this nation was due for another off-course correction course revival. Shake it up good, wait for the pieces to say hey and see what is left - what is the fallout? Holy shit, the EXXON Valdez just hit “Bligh Reef” head on full speed ahead! Let’s hope never a repeat. And let’s hope this is not what is happening to Democracy under a liar’s fool. “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”!  America is very resilient, and for the most part if this Trump Tower Dysentery Green Stool Dynasty change proves to be NOT a “Good Thing”, then “give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” as we can change things that disgrace Democracy. If ever incarcerated against change, we have entered the no return FOXcopulation Syncopia Complex no-spin zone that is the tunnel of love for Fascism. IMAGINE if Fuhrer Melania demanded loyalty, and “give me liberty or give me death” was transposed as “Fascism Only” or that death wish comes true. And wait there is more, for real Congress wants to bring back “Debtor’s Prison”? We are inferior, mistakes are made throughout life and our survival mechanism kicks in to fix things. For some, that instinct is very inferior and relies on telling lies. See, it is easy to tell lies and we learned it all in kindergarten that lying is not socially acceptable. And for the most part, we leave “lying” behind at graduation. But not so for a faction that relies on lies to gain an advantage in life, as if lies work then keep up the good work. And it is not only in politics wherein we find this “inferiority” complex that finds a need for a shakeup - in the science of things. But The inferior complexity of humans finds its most demanding error in the treatise thesis that supports the “Big Bang” & “Black Hole” theory. That still unproven unsubstantiated “FAKE” reasoning has worn out its welcome. Almost a hundred years gone bye, $billions$ of dollars spent on Hard-on Super Colliders - that prove nothing except man is inferior. But many have made it a lifetime career chasing this notion that “all that matters” was contained in a very dense booger under heat and then somebody picked the nose - it is the ultimate in that “nothing burger” category. At least with Donald Jong Trump, he does not hesitate to lie upon a lie. He doesn’t hide the fact that this liar’s fool has made it through life with the same Motif Operandi, that a lie pays off! So this theory that there was nothing then something, it does not compute. When I look up at the morning or nighttime sky, there is no indication nor fragments of the imagination that there was at one time chaos from that booger exploding. If that be the case, then the “chaos” that has arrived in the beltway, that chaos that now claims squatters rights in the White House with an “April Fools” welcome sign, well if this kind of “chaos” leads to patience with Fascism, we are having the wool pulled and lies will become the normalcy until Democracy is raped then what? We have a choice, a lump of coal or…that lump - nose booger - has been fantasizing our desires to understand for 13.8-million years how Donald Jong Trump got to where he is today. And the New York times said God was dead and the war began…OK, the bastard child claimed that “God was Dead”. But the “Big Bang Black Hole” theory does not work, as a lump of coal containing all of matter defies the triple-point of water and to accept this inferior theory relies on the fact that there was always a “dimension”, so “Creation” cannot exist like some scientists have fooled us to believe. And God is not dead, as is not the Creator just a concept by which we measure our pain…

Defintion of FOXcopulation Syncopia Complex:
Chuckie: Why didn't you give me none of that nasty little hoochie-woochie you usually throw at me?
Cathy: Oh, fuck you and your Irish curse, Chuckie. Like I'd waste my energy spreading my legs for that Tootsie Roll dick? So go home and give it a tug yourself.
Morgan: Tootsie Roll! Toot, toots!
Chuckie: She's missing a tooth, Will. She's got skin problems. Plus, it's like five to two Morgan ends up marryin' her, you know what I mean? There's only so many times you can bang your friend's future wife.

Monday, October 15, 2018


I am a Bernie Sanders fan, but his ideology of governance upon humanity is based on “Socialism” and America is scared of that opportunity, as we get confused upon what that form of government is all about. We are talking about a form of government never tested sea to shining sea, as the defining moment for any form of government is acceptance. Since we have not yet tested a Bernie Sanders form of socialism here in the Union, we really don’t know what it means. Sure it could work, wonders. For basics, it would level the playing field between the rich and middle-class, is not that enough? But I don’t hold my breath that Bernie would ever get enough votes to take back the White House. Bernie is a “Revolutionist” and “We the People” have not yet come to the cross-roads of such as a guiding light going forward, as we are afraid of our shadows when it comes to “True Patriotism”. We brag about unyielding support for the 2nd Amendment Right, yet are so afraid to mobilize as a “Well Regulated Militia”. We don’t even practice that call to duty, so it is all a big smokescreen. I know so many gun carrying aficionados this Founding Fathers’ right, yet these Rambo wannabee make-believes would run for cover the first call to organize under such a “Militia” - like with “Chicken Little Ja’Red Hen”, who will help me defend the Union…not I, not I, not I! But the other wannabe presidential candidates in the running so far for 2020 on the democratic side, very boring and may as well chalk up another 4-years for the F’n Moron Idiot. It is more of the same poor showing as we saw in 2016, the Hillary syndrome. Amazing, Trump’s only qualification is the fact he can throw out paper towel rolls when people are hurting from a disaster. OK, he is very good at hiding from the Taxman and seems to legitimize rape and murder - this is the Motif Operandi that won the Trump Tower Dysentery Green Stool Dynasty the “Throne”, and he has made it a family affair. And for sure, deep down inside the “True Conservative Republican” movement, it must despise his ways and means - but if it gets that faction’s agenda set in stone, like with the Supreme Court…hold that thought. We are a divided nation, and our Founding Fathers warned out loud the dire consequences should that separation continue without arrest. We have always succeeded as a bi-partisan community, wherein a dedicated U.S. Congress regardless of what party found power with a majority, that body saw too it compassion on both sides of the aisle. And that enforced acceptance of the Commander-in-Chief, yes support from the citizens because what was going on in Congress benefitted “We the People ALL”. It is Congress that yields the gavel of power, and when so lop-sided the Jack Marler concept of “No Taxation without Representation” rings out loud and should be practiced in unison. That is not the case today with the U.S. Congress, it is on “Tilt” with respect to a bipartisan mandate. So is Democracy doomed? Maybe, else we get a tag-team running for the 2020 election that can once again bring back a bipartisan relationship. With a president candidate that demonstrates an affection for Democracy and running mate that is enough conservative to shed away votes from the incumbent. Believe me, take away the conservative vote from Donald Jong Trump and his dream of another 4-years is done with and then he can start his time in solitary. With that, I propose the team of *Eric Swalwell and Nicolle Wallace* as the candidates that can take back control of the White House and also throw a noose around the AWOL U.S. Congress. So today the “Lousy Hat Solidarity Party” endorses the Swalwell/Wallace ticket for 2020 - we must recruit, we must draft, we must invigorate this ticket to step forward and make Democracy well again. It will take a combined party team to break away from a stagnation that is eroding away at the foundation of the U.S. Constitution. Eric & Nicolle, they can do it!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Lump of Coal

A lump of coal, not a very encouraging gift! But it is the gift that keeps on giving. For way too many years in a row, the scientific community has wasted $zillions$ on “Bridge to Nowhere” imposter nonsense science with respect to the “Big Bang” theory. Take this resume as found on Mr. Wikipedia:

“The earliest phases of the Big Bang are subject to much speculation. In the most common models the universe was filled homogeneously and isotropically with a very high energy density and huge temperatures and pressures and was very rapidly expanding and cooling. Approximately 10−37 seconds into the expansion, a phase transition caused a cosmic inflation, during which the universe grew exponentially during which time density fluctuations that occurred because of the uncertainty principle were amplified into the seeds that would later form the large-scale structure of the universe. After inflation stopped, reheating occurred until the universe obtained the temperatures required for the production of a quark–gluon plasma as well as all other elementary particles. Temperatures were so high that the random motions of particles were at relativistic speeds, and particle–antiparticle pairs of all kinds were being continuously created and destroyed in collisions. At some point, an unknown reaction called baryogenesis violated the conservation of baryon number, leading to a very small excess of quarks and leptons over antiquarks and antileptons—of the order of one part in 30 million. This resulted in the predominance of matter over antimatter in the present universe.”

I am not a pagan to science, but also not a peon. And this is “FAKE” science at its “Be Best” and “I Don’t Care Do U” moment. We waste money building these large-particle super-collider like contraptions, that which takes years in construction and then in the final report of the test-of-a-lifetime for droves of scientists that pick their noses better then reasoning, same old installment plan “crap”: “Consequently, the state of the universe in the earliest instants of the Big Bang expansion is still poorly understood and an area of open investigation and speculation.” A “Quark” scientist’s famous last words, “SPECULATION”. So back to the drawing board. For real, it takes upwards 5-years to build these underground race tracks with fancy names and when the “Start Your Engine” flag is lifted, we get whiplashed with a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 second race? Talk about a fart in the breeze! Based on a ROI, it sucks the wind out of Sarah Palin yelping about how she can see Russia from her bedroom “crapper”. Here is what I am eluding upon. Take the money wasted on something that will never be proved so what if it is what does it do for humanity, use this loot to feed the “homeless”, shelter the poor, as what in hell is more important? Not I am not saying give up the pursuit to understand “Speculation”, just don’t waste my hard-earned taxable income for the betterment of nonsense. For those scientists that want to be a hero like Isaac Newton and become a fixture on Killian’s Court “Attics of the Pavilions”, prove your theory by math - as numbers can do it all. It is how Mr. Newton proved all kinds of things, without experiment. We should not be wasting time and effort on something that provides nothing, because it proves nothing. And better yet, when in Rome do as the Romans, embrace a simpler “singularity” hypothesis of how the Universe began. The theory proposed by Amlev Yelknid, a 13-year old immigrant from Russia that now studies in Alaska, her “speculation” is gaining popularity as it is easily understood by layman, but the “Big Bang Black Hole” royalty are shunning her discovery. Why? Because it makes sense and with that we don’t have to waste money and create jobs for life that will produce another speculative “Sorry” again, and again and again some more. I hope that someday we see Yelknid’s name in that “Court”, and she deserves that Nobel! See the connection to Velma’s theory of the Universe these writings this site:

Let There Be Light(October 12)
In My Life(September 24)

Friday, October 12, 2018

Let There Be Light!

Amlev Yelknid’s “Creation of the Universe” revisited: In the beginning a G[o]odØEnergy ring existed in the NetherÛscape-void, with “Ø” finding an existence placating an “always was and always will be” fascination - the lemniscate identifier . The [o] herein is used as a multi-denominational treatise, promoting God belief for a religious following or without for the Good only the atheist faction of civilization. This “Ø” was of “infinitesimal” thickness and dimensionless piecewise, due the “Û” inside as well as outside the common denominator in “Void”. It was the purest form of “energy”, and thus contained all elementary “energy” components in that realm’s entirety, it was the ultimate source. When the call came to be, with “Let there be light” - either by design or through an act of contrition - pure energy light was emitted from the inner as well as outer surfaces of the ring(Ø), at G[o]odØSpeed and faster then the speed-of-light as we know it today due the latter finding an inferiority complex. For the outgoing “Pure” energy light, there existed NO restrictions as it was an open domain. Different set of circumstances with the inner ring’s output, as with the tick-tock engaged there would be a time-domain reflectometry restriction orchestrating a retrograde collision and this would suffer the sacrilege that all infinities are not created equal - an impossibility! To avoid this head-on collision, the “ring’s” internal once “dimensionless” diameter found significance with reason for change, in efforts to allow this “energy right” to travel unhinged. For that support, the ring started to increase in diameter, faster then this G[o]odØSpeed in efforts to allow the laws of physics to behave without compromise. This inner and outer coordination stipulated in actuality 2-separate infinities were at play this event. And the increasing diameter’s speed of response caused the “Ø” to morph into a “Mobius” strip. This 1st order transformation no longer allowed for an infinitesimal width, as the pattern of the Mobius demands a finite “width” and thus relative time started with this “Creation”. It is a good point to pause and emphasize that a 2nd order transformation imposes “infinity” on the ring. From a simple ring, a transformation yields a Mobius surface and another equal transformation takes it to infinity, the 3-states of ringdom. But for now and then “Creation” was satisfied at the 1st order. With the Mobius now controlling destiny’s child with respect to “Creation”, this G[o]odØEnergy light form was emitted from the surface, with both “infinities” targeted for this release - it did not matter as the surface dynamics allowed for these two “infinities” to co-exist. All was happy, not so! The exception was the inner transformation zone of the “Mobius” surface between the 2-infinities, as herein there was competition at a peculiar point in space. The uniqueness associated with the overall transformation pleases the energy elements birth to flight though random distribution and there exists a dedicated signature for each element that competes for space, as time now held meaning. From the “Mobius” surface, an unlimited spectrum of signatory energy elements exited into space, and like the “Charge of the Light Brigade” the NetherÛscape was transformed into the (n)EtherÜscape, unabated except for that peculiar point in free-space wherein there existed competition by 2-separate infinities. This competition results in the individual energy elements trying to occupy the same point, such co-existence is another impossibility as it violates the laws of nature as infinity is supposed to be exactly that - infinity. But when dealing with 2-separate infinities, such co-existence cannot unless the signatures are exactly the same. So as the 2-infinities deploy energy elements that compete for the same point in space, to alleviate the tension “mass” is created and is allowed to explore the (n)EtherÜscape. Which through this on-going phenomenon, the “Universe” comes to be, so populated by this generated mass with a juxtaposition following the laws of action-reaction at a distance physics, and thus expands. The uniqueness of the 2-separate infinities in collusion causes things to be created, everything and anything. The earth a prime example, and most likely one-of-a-kind as the possibility of an energy element from infinity(∞İ)and another energy element from infinity(∞Ï) being identical as that which created this earth happening again, it cannot happen. Now even though the energy element signature is random and “near miss chance” theory is far-fetched, if this random generation of energy elements from 2-separate infinities ever found the opportunity to be identical, then both elements could legally occupy the same point in space and there would be no further argument and “Creation” would rest its case - finished!

NoteBook: Amlev Yelknid was 9-years old when her family migrated from Russia to Alaska. At 13-years of age, she proposed this theory.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

From Russia with....

In 1927, Fred Christ Trump was arrested for participating in a “mob” disturbance at a Memorial Day Parade in the Bronx. The patriarch of the Trump Tower Dysentery Green Stool Dynasty had ganged up with KKK and Fascists sympathizers then started harassing the American soldiers in formation to celebrate the day that is dedicated to remembering the troops. So this “mob” mentality was an insult of defecation on the men and women soldiers in service fighting for freedom’s sake.  And how would that wannabee “mob” mentality go over today? Maybe it is due, a re-enactment of that May day some 90-years gone bye, as today’s military might has been infiltrated by “Traitors”. OK, it is not a systemic problem, but like anything else if over time things are not “fixed” then local management looses control and it can become destructive. A weak link can topple a bridge, ask London! Here is what I am trying to get “point-blank” across. A Russian couple that didn’t see eye-to-eye with Vladismear Vladimirobitch Putin finds a ways and means to get a working visa in “This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York Island”. It was easy as American pie for this couple, as both were highly educated in physics, both husband and wife boasting a PHD degree. So “Welcome Aboard from Abroad” and the green card carpet awaited their arrival, in tow the Russian brat kids. Nothing wrong with this picture, yet that is. Hey, this is the American Dream come true. Now it takes time once here to gain that citizenship. One must mind thy “p’s & q’s” and prove that they can give up their “Homeland” of origin to gain favor under Miss Liberty’s umbrella coverage. So far all is going well, and sonny boy Russian brat becomes of age, and realizes that he can join the USMC and then have a gun. He can then get free education and when honorably discharged, apply for citizenship with ease through George W. Bush’s “Accelerated Path to Citizenship” - it shaves off 5-years the normal process. And why not carry along mom and dad for the ride, that “chain migration” carrot top - what a joke! Said again, there is nothing wrong with this picture…yes there is beyond the joker wild stage. Why a United States Congress allowed this nation’s sovereignty to be raided by non-citizens is beyond Constitutional. If the troop count went low-balled following the Vietnam War into the Iraq standoff, start up the damn “draft” as that is Constitutional. But to allow non-citizens to join the ranks of the military as a ways and means to get rich quick…I became the victim of this abuse - and in my book one bad apple spoils it all. I am glad that Barack Obama put a STOP to this MAVNI foreigner recruitment program madness, the “Military Accessions Vital to National Interest” as somebody high up in the executive branch of government saw a problem! This program allowed upwards 8000 foreigners to enlist and guaranteed an accelerated citizenship along with a family “chain migration” affair, there is a multiplier with this scenario. Now I am going out on the limb, as I have lost all respect for the troops of today. Either we are not background checking these kids or we have made it too damn easy becoming an American by virtue of military service dedication. In my situation, it follows that “one bad apple” we learned it all in kindergarten - a rotten apple spoils the wine! Anyway, a Russian punk kid that came over to the states through Ellis Island as mommy & daddy’s little boy went through boot camp and became a citizen and then he became my boss. See, a fringe benefit the fact the Northern-California company I worked for honored ex-Russians turned American. I have been an American citizen for 64-years, this punk and his entire “Americanized” family cannot beat that rap, even with time-in-country combined. I have said the “Pledge of Allegiance”…they will never catch up! And Uncle Sam paid for this wannabee Marine’s “Master’s Degree” in “American Hoodwanking”. And right off the bat as my first-line supervisor this Russian kid - that didn’t have a clue what solar energy was all about in Northern California - I could sense distrust. This kid was named Pavel Vladimirobitch Molotov, it stunk of Putin Russian puss puke. I was older and been there done that and there was something in my American roots that found suspicion with this Russian punk. When he asked me to take down my desk top American flag on Russian Day in June, I knew something was up with this punk’s dedication to “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, and when he laughed at Woody Guthrie? Soon, he had somehow convinced the company owners to “fire me”, and in California the “At Will” doctrine sucks. What really happened is the fact that this “Treasonous Turncoat” allowed another employee to throw an electrical switch that almost killed another worker - and when I went vocal about it, attacking this kid totally unaware what in hell he was doing, I lost the battle. This Putin puppet Pavel Vladimirobitch won out. I am an American, and even though not in uniform, the American Red, White & Blue is that forever “uniform” and fits me well - so I declared WAR! This was my very own WAR against the Russians! Soon, this Russian piece of Putin “scat” that hides behind the badge of the USMC had written nasty letters about me, that he felt I was a threat and the company was able to get a restraining order against me - which will ruin my work career forever. And this scary-cat has the audacity to say he was a Marine? What in hell is Colonel Jessep and his "Code Red" brigade generating out of Camp Legeune? Sure in hell don’t seem to be the worrier kind. So, for NO reason whatsoever except being a “True American”, I lost my job and lost my 2nd Amendment Right as a side effect of the court order - to a punk Russian named Pavel - a piss-ant that will milk the military awards system forever. And with that honor in reality a “dishonor”, well his parents will see a better American future then this natural born citizen. If this is “Democracy”…it isn’t as our nation is under attack - the hen house has been robbed, the gatekeeper raped and I smell the filth of a Russian. But I will continue to honor my WWII dad and the kids now grown that tested the trenches in Vietnam, but after that “Fuck your Semper Fidelis” Memorial Day because “You Can’t Stand the Truth” that there is NO honor, there is NO courage and what remains this "Always Faithful" motto is a commitment to attack an American citizen, that in my Constitution is "Treason"! Maybe it is time to bring back the gallows, as being "faithful" to Putin...did not I already mention Treason as the reason!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fred’s Dream Fred’s Way

Back in the 50s, the Central Intelligence Agency sponsored a human guinea-pig contest under the code name MKultra, a controversial “mind over what matters” experiment that was supposed to test to the limits of near self-destruction then pick-over the leftovers, that Manchurian candidate. It was based on a “needs” assessment, just how far would an individual go to satisfy this pre-medicated internal “need” with a Mr. Hyde inside that Dr. Jekyll costume. At Harvard yard’s “Annex”, a well renowned psychiatrist dabbled in this pageantry, through deployment of mind torture upon “unwilling” special students, those considered in that minority “genius” species and attending this prodigious university of higher education at 15-years of age - still kids so still vulnerable! His name was Professor Henry Murray, and this recipient of the Phineas J. Whoopee 3DBB award gave us Ted Kaczynski, as a result of the insults. Ted the “Unabomber” went by the CIA code identifier of “lawful”, the kid that was honest and liked crunching numbers and wouldn’t hurt a flea, until… There was also another individual by the name of “Trump” - the rest is history. There may not be a connection relationship with the name game who is too blame, but the results of this torture experiment may have found the testing getting out-of-control. The CIA dismantled the challenge to find Mr. Almighty when the game started producing the likes of Charles Manson - so there are hundreds of experimental humans walking around out there in a purple haze. On to another subject. Now Fred Trump senior, the patriarch of the Trump Tower Royalty Tribe, he would be very proud of his 2nd son Donald after rejecting his older brother Fred, not the fact only that the younger and brighter sibling is the 45th President of the United States, but for selfish reasons. Get over it, as even though the guilty by association “Moron” has failed as a bonafide member in good standing the Forbes 400 list of wealthy self-made billionaires, he has another form a wealth that is priceless. This guy that works wonders in this “we all Tweet in a Twitter submarine” has daddy Fred smiling even when 6-feet under his “Beach Haven” blanket of choking sand. New York City mobsters were known to bury their victims alive in beach sand! But this Donald John Trump “Modus Operandi” attack, it is like out of a Vince McMahon play-book, as today the American political scene rests its case on the World Wide Entertainment stage and we are all addicted as believers and non-believers. When we have such an even “Divide”, well did not the Founding Fathers warn us of such treacherous trespassing and no-turning back as the turncoat may become stylish? First and foremost, the American “Democratic” system is DOR, or “Dead on Revival” as the Clinton dysentery dynasty placed that institution on the roads-to-ruin. Yes indeed, a death blow upon the party that promoted Democracy, doomed into a disappearing act just like Bill’s cum stains on the Oval Office wall. Get over that too, it happened! Secondly, so did the Grand Old Party of grand wizardry find its funeral procession with “dead flowers”, as republicans saw the same demonization as did the other side of the aisle. The cross-roads had found the US political system in a quagmire that was then circumcised through a head on collision, the “bi” went missing the partisanship that had for years made our indifferences work to Democracy’s advantage “for all”. Miss Liberty thus thrived. But what was left after the left light went out and the right light went out on a curve in the road that James Dean couldn’t even negotiate when sober at critical mass speeds, well it allowed the opportunity for followings like FASCISM to thrive, as our Founding Fathers merits went vulnerable to abuse. On the other side of the bridge, Bernie Sanders’s socialism - we are afraid of being equal and sharing a candy bar 50/50! So, much like a man without a country, we came to be divided as a man without a party, as a woman without a party - and the saying “he got the white house and all we got was a lousy hat” is amended to include a roll of toilet paper as a bonus thrown our way. As far as I have witnessed, the middle-class salt-of-the-earth proletariats didn’t receive much in Trump’s tax returns, and since TP is up 50% with the China trade-wars, the free roll helps! But with groceries on the rise because farmers are boycotting something that appears to be nothing, it means less consumption with less “crapping”, so this roll should last. Sad thing, Trump handed out single-ply! But it is the reason Donald finds success today, as he is brilliant on the Vince McMahon stage of “FAKE”, and due that manipulation is today the sitting U.S. President. It was NOT the Russians who helped Trump clinch the pennant, but followers of the “Kiss My Ass Club”, another Fabulous Moolah movement! This crowd, this family affair that frequents the “Fake”, they were familiar with “Trump Meets the Boogyman” and understood what a Rikishi “Stinkface” was all about - as this was Donald’s stage, this was Donald’s domain! And when it came time to vote, it was Donald Trump over anyone else and enough votes from this faction to “Tilt” Hillary out of her life-long ambition dream. Get over it some more in store “stay tuned”, and brace yourself for 4-more years if the trend of “victory” ass lap licking continues for the F’n Moron Idiot. And Trump is pushing the system to the limits, like with “free speech”, in efforts to get control. “Free Speech” today is under the watchful eyes & ears of the Supreme Court, wherein such “speech” is allowed to the anger point, after that the Court Jesters could offer an opine - well that is how Fascism evolves. And that is how Big Time Wrestling works. Pushing things to the limit. Now Donald John Trump is like a Eunuch-in-Chief in disguise, he is harmless with respect to causing WAR, but we can associate him with having others do the dirty work. There is always someone within reach to blame. This is the evolution of Fascism on steroids. See, it is a well-known fact that Fred Trump was a Fascists sympathizer, for the reason only that such control provided more wealth as it honored “segregation” and that is what it is all about. Fred realized he could rent to “whites” for more loot then what the “blacks” could afford because back then there came a wage disparity that was based on race. It was not housing discrimination based on the color of a man’s skin, but “what’s in your wallet”. This is Donald Trump, as his upbringing fostered the same mentality. And Donald was raised as a Fascists, like father like son and today sonny is trying to deliver. See, Fascism allowed for this segregation, which the slum lords honored - it is all about $money$. That is how a guy like Donald Trump shows respect, what daddy wanted! So sonny boy Donald will tip the see-saw, to the hilt until “Tilt” wherein such time the fallout demonstrates a controlling mechanism, and that is wherein his existing Supreme Court could find in his favor. Trump will make sure that he gets control of “Free Speech” and at the same time control of the 2nd Amendment Right to rear-up in “Arms” will favor his base. In Simple Simonism, these two Constitutional guarantees are all that counts, as our privilege in understanding government lacks anything past 2 issues - why complicate things, as there is a Wrestlemania slug-fest with the “Rock” getting his face blessed by another guys ass cheeks. Look, I cannot go to a movie starring the “Rock”, as it smells like shit! So the 2nd is here to stay, Trump is already in control of NO gun control, and soon we may see the High Court jesters transmitting an “opine” on what is defined as “Free Speech”. You hear Trump already praising “Free Speech” limitations, when “mob” protests disrupt tranquility. Little by little, there is an effort with so-far success to anger the citizens, in hopes that “We the People” will revolt with more then word-of-mouth actions, then we will see “control”. Crowd control is already in effect at the U.S. Capitol in greater demand then for any past administration. Donald Jong Trump will find success in planting the seed of Fascism, and without another party that can “Trump” such efforts, we will fall victim to Fred Trump’s Dream. In a nutshell, the election of Trump has set this nation back to 1927, to that bastard day in May on a Memorial Day being celebrated in the Bronx, when the KKK and the Fascists disrupted a march in honor of the American men & women that fought to tame the rise of the Communism from abroad, and Fred Trump was there in all his colors - and it wasn’t for the Red, or the White nor the Blue. Fred was one of thum Fascists! But rest assured, daddy is very proud of what sonny boy has gotten away with against “Democracy”. The solution? It won’t be through the looking glass of the democrats, it won’t be through the looking glass of the republicans wherein the changing tide will find the United States citizens questioning this nation’s sovereignty, wherein that finds but for Fascism or Socialism as a remedy.  We need some semblance of something to govern our behaviors - so choose your weapon! One kills through hate, the other feeds through love! Get over it, American Democracy is being re-purposed, and stand your ground for “Democracy” may soon be an exercise in futility. And Trump understands what a silencer is all about, as when “Free Speech” comes under attack, Fascism wins! I don’t need a gun, as that means living in fear. I do need to speak, as to be violated this freedom - give me a sand burial and in my last breath of life, you will hear me say Fuck You Fascist Fred!