Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spoiled Rotten

 I am Spoiled ROTTEN! Has nothing to do with wealth, herein it is the fact I hate salmon! WHAT? Blasphemy I hear my neighbors yell out, as being from Alaska and to harbor this fetish, WT-Sarah Palin-F? It's to bad that Sarah is no longer the Alaskan “Idiot Idol”. Anyway, after so many years in Alaska, I can say that I no longer like salmon! I can't stand the sight of it, can't stomach the smell of it. Why? I started off as most Alaskans do when still a Cheechako. Which means braving the dangerous roads heading south with bumper-to-bumper 80 mph traffic, just to find elbow-to-elbow fish fanatics crazed on getting their limit! Yes, “Combat” fishing it was. I always pondered, that with so many rivers and millions of miles of riverbank, how come the fishing grounds are always crowded? Where in hell's high-water did all these people come from? So after a long day fighting other Alaskans over “Hey, that's my spot”, it meant a long drive back with bumper-to-bumper 90 mph drivers dozing off, and that's when the work began. How many fish? See, once home, it meant gutting then cleaning then wrapping that fish, to fill the freezer. And if you thought shucking oysters was difficult on the fingers, try filleting 40-salmon! And I also braved the Copper River dip netting phenomena, wherein you must cross Native lands, so beware as there are some Athabaskans out there that are still on the warpath. And I have been in Valdez when the pinks, well they stink up the place. Even the Brown bears won't touch a pink. And if you try freezing that pink rotting flesh, come winter and in the mood for salmon, you will then realize why the bears turn their noses to this stuff– it sucks, like eating a wet Twinkie with rotten fish flavoring! So over the years, my fine friend had sterilized my ambitions to be like all the rest and taught me the “True” Alaskan salmon experience. WOW! So it takes drift boat, wherein you cast off early in the morning while the dew is still making things magical, floating down a river with a peace and quiet that finds words hard to describe. No motorized boats, just a lazy “Mark Twain” type of adventure. Yes, when you can hear a spruce twig vibrate the water. So calm, so enchanting, it means a mesmerizing experience. The time of day when fishing is not a priority, just living to enjoy the moment of the movement is all that counts. On the upper Kenai River, this is where one finds Alaska in its “Golden Opportunity” for a “Fish On” experience. It means snow-capped mountains galore, with eagles still grouchy from the night before, so close encounters are a picture taking bonanza and then the silence is broken, and out from the dense brush, yes a Browny – just 20-feet away but it looks at you without caution – realizing we are just a passing memory, no harm intended. And this goes on forever it seems, putting the fishing fantacy fanaticism on hold, until we reach one of the “holes”, like Big Eddy. Soon, we are engaged in trying to outwit a giant member of the Salmonidae family, a.k.a. as the Alaska King Salmon. Then as daybreak finds reason to get out of its hangover mode and finds a mood becoming a wilderness river alive, it is “Fish On”. And after several hours of back and forth and this and that, a giant fish is landed. And when a fish like that is taken, it means nothing other then a quick retreat to the shore-line and into a hot frying pan, after that, there is no substitute. No seasoning allowed, as it is cooked to its own rare perfection in its own Omega-3 oils, it does indeed melt in your mouth with a sensational flavor, that has not been duplicated yet by mankind in the food factory lab – as success is just a dream. So, there are many ways to cook salmon, but only one way too truly enjoy it the way it was meant to be, and that my friend may be a thing of the past. So my prejudice for salmon, only because I was “Spoiled ROTTEN” on the only way that counts, with memories evermore for a fish expereince “Nervermore”!

Muir Diary

John's thoughts for today....

Can You Hear Me Now?

The price of crude oil is today close to $100 a barrel, which when manipulated through the commodity supply chain and regurgitated as motor fuel, $4 a gallon is what we Americans are paying at the pump in efforts to drive to the beach to cool off. What global warming trend? Back in the last century, the price of oil was tame in comparison, sometimes sinking to $10. But even so, “Big Oil” made a handsome profit margin. Then all of a sudden a creep show started sending oil prices through the roof. The economists blamed it on the escalation of war and conflicts around the globe. Did you ever hear of the Hsub effect? Yes indeed, it is designed into this nation's economy equation that if a “Republican” is taking over the White House, it means an automatic increase in oil prices – because it is a hedge bet that a war will be started and that threatens the “supply”! Anyway, so was global warming a blame factor for oil price increases, by the same idiots that think the “warming warning” is a hoax. So there came many finger pointing opportunities as to what was a plausible target, the blame game found a scapegoat. But even today that “scapegoat” remains but a mystery. Regardless, it found rage as gasoline prices were also on the move, and where it would end and how it would effect “my” economy was heard from sea to shining sea. But when the smoke cleared, even with the rapid increase in the raw material that is used to make that stuff to run our vehicles and heat many homes, the end result was not as bad as some had predicted. Why not? Oil jumped, but had been the experience of the past, gasoline prices did not stay in tune to that jump and remained somewhat acceptable. Well the escalating price of oil had nothing to do with “supply & demand”, as that theory we learn about in Kindergarten is no longer part of the “Truth in Learning” statement. Instead, it was based on what is called “Bratism”, a discipline in “how far can we screw the American paycheck”. Yes, Wall Street pays handsomely those that find just how far the “supply” can be manipulated to satisfy the “demand” and at the same time avoid a back-fire – so that is where we find the “Brat” element and it is a discipline studied by many sons and daughters of the wealthy – as in order to be considered for this line of American Greed, a “Trust Fund” is a prerequisite. See, if “Trust Fund” babes had to work for a living, they would then realize what it takes and how it feels to be a “True American”. I feel sorry for many rich kids, that they will never be able to experience that first hand salt-of-the-earth freedom. Yes “Proud to be an American Hero” freedom, the kind money cannot buy! IMAGINE, going through life without an understanding of what it takes to be a “True Grit American”! And this “Bratism” practice borders on “Anti-Trust” violations, laws that used to have “guts & glory” but any “crime or penalty” associated with “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” went AWOL by...need I identify the criminals? Bratism is a talent taught at leading higher-learning schools of disintegration - like Harvard & Yale - and engaged in predicting just how far Americans can be pushed before boycotting. See, everybody is in competition for your hard working loot. Basically, how much can we “TAX” that American paycheck? But not only for “taxes”, but for greed. Look, I get something in return for “taxation”, I get only grief in return for this idiot faction bent on a lazy lifestyle at thinking up ways to pilage my hard earned loot. “Extra” disposable income is but a dream for most – as it is paycheck to paycheck to payoff what it takes to serenade even a modest lifestyle. Hand out there, hand out there some more, nothing left-over in the end. Sure I am fortunate to have a job that offers “Over-Time”, but it ain't worth it to be gone away from the family way too much. And back when Carter was in charge, he proposed a bill that would “Un-TAX” over-time, realizing that when we are required to spend more time at work then at play, why in hell should we be made to pay for it – as it was a penalty especially if it sent an individual into a higher tax bracket! That bill failed, due the Hsub! We have become guinea pigs to this ”Bratism” faction. See, when gasoline prices started interfering with decency, even Bill O'Rilley couldn't get his followers to face the music, as he called for a boycott during the 4th of July. Nobody came, for once nobody listened to the bad breath of Rush! But in the end, we let them have their cake and eat it too, we suffer, they smile over Don Perignon and caviar – that we paid for! Why are we so weak when it comes to protecting our hard earned income? Oil companies have been in the business a long time, but what was too become a sweeping blow to “Earl” came about from the “Brats” taking over the greatest personal income threatening lobby today, that being the “Telecommunication” industry. That which provides a service that interferes with privacy, interferes with decency and interferes with my peace and quiet – at bus and train depots, soon on planes and just about everywhere one tries to find some semblance of solitude. Look, I don't want to hear about your problems, or your prejudices or your...please just shut up for once! I was in the mountains the other day, instead of minding their business and enjoying the legends of John Muir, it was just a rude blitzkrieg of cell phone maddness – I for one am not addicted to a silicon chip! And talk about solitude lost, what is with that guy selling cell phones that one can take to the grave, with a battery that lasts forever, so spouses can “chat” with the deceased? “Hi Al, how are the worms”? See, when cell phones started becoming a common nuisance, many of us saw an opportunity to regain respect, by trying to limit the nuisance – either through restricted zones or by incorporating technologies used extensively in Israel – where cell phone blocking technology makes assholes addicted to the wireless voice “chip” behave. But the “TC” lobby went crying to the Congress, as any interference with “service” even for a flippant micro-second meant a loss in revenue. So it became a “crime” to utilize any sort of blocking technology – wherein the “TC” brats convinced those in Congress with a blank check. Look the reason we see traffic accidents happening at increasing rates comes about from assholes addicted to the “chip” not paying attention, and everybody's rates are escalating, it is due that addiction with “Twitter” and instead of fixing the problem we see another ways and means for competition taking away more of that paycheck – “Tax'm” to the poor house”. Yes again, the “Brats” at work. So with Congress in its back pocket, way down deeper then any other lobby and a realization that this industry had succeeded in addicting an entire nation on “Cell Phones”, it saw an opportunity to reign “Almighty” by unadulterated price increases, basically the “Brats” had figured out just how far the addicts would reach into their savings to placate “Can You Hear Me Now” and that was about to interfere with “Big Oil's” interest, as it was cited that people would boycott and stay at home and pacify that “communication” addiction and not waste gas. So it was an old technology verses a new technology, both fighting for every penny it could scrounge upon, as a penny spent is a penny earned. Bottom-line, when we see how much influence a “lobby” has upon Congress, that evaluates the “evil” villain factor behind such obstructionism. What's good for the lobby is not essentially good for the economy – that means US! So the oil men saw what was coming down the pike by the “Telecommunication” giants trying to rape us from the front and behind at the same time, so intervened, by framing an interest and excuse that oil production was at a plateau and would soon start a steady decline. And over-night, the price of oil that had been sitting in the $30 range jumped, it spiked, then settled down at $100 and has been pretty much stable in that arena for a long time. How & Why? Because when it is all said and done, the oil investors are now getting their fair share of our wealth, yes the “Brats” saw another opportunity to strangle the oil industry, which means we take it in the.....again. Take the essentials, food, shelter, fuel and unfortunately the “cell”. Hey, doesn't the word “cell” have a different meaning? Yes, we are all in prison with this device now our vise. On the average, we Americans are paying about the same for those services. But oil men are smarter then the phone jockeys and “Brats”, as they also realized that they have a stake in the entire economy, not just a side-show. So even though the balance is in effect, in retrospect “Big Oil” wins out again, as they have the entire supply chain now catering to its demands. Why do you think a majority of oil companies and local “COOP” utilities have by now engaged in “Telecommunications”? Because of the lucrative loop holes, the encouraging loop holes that allows for unabated wealth, tax shelters with tax benefits alone that make the oil man's “shelters” timid. They just didn't see it coming with the “TC” so were slow in getting on board. Honestly, we always hear about attacks on “Big Oil” CEOs and humongous corporate profits! Want scary news, compare that to what is happening in the “TC”, as that is where most of the 1% are hiding out. And when one considers the infrastructure to get oil from a well to a refinery to a pump, in comparison for radio-waves to get from here to there, the “TC” industry is by far the “evilest”, and yes we are addicted to it - far more addicted to the “cell” then we are to oil. We drive nowadays for necessity, with respect to a “cell”, only a 911 call is of necessity. Most “providers”, which boils down to political clout have Congress at bay. Matter of fact, some leading economists blame the “TC” for the economic wows this nation is still facing today – following the “IT” bubble bursting as it doesn't provide anything towards a solid foundation that encourages an economic wellness – basically toys will be toys. And Alaska is to thank for this preferential treatment that the “TC” now enjoys at the consumers expense - as when Ted Stevens was still in control of Washington, he saw too it that many of the existing “TC” regulatory rules that worked to the consumers advantage were so conveniently gutted, ruined for favoritism. I don't need to go into details, but Ted was killed being a whore for the “TC” lobby. So when I hear people continue to bash “Big Oil”, hey “Can You Hear Me Now? But we should be on guard with this “Bratism”, as this new age rich kid game is infiltrating all sectors of the economy – it is just a game to those that never have to worry about working for a living - being gainfully employed that is - and when they find out how lucrative it is to start wars...then the “Bush” doctrine has won and failed this nation, like it was intended to do so - it just takes time!

Monday, July 21, 2014

And NO Religion Too

What pisses me off, is the pulpit raided by politicians trying to use that attraction as a ways and means to discuss “Immigration”. And that pulpit speech always starts off on message, but is soon to veer off course so it can include one's religious beliefs. It doesn't matter if it's a democrat for immigration or a republican against immigration, or both in between debating whether or not helping out others in distress is politically correct, as there is always the bible speak entering to reinforce one's belief, as if “The Word” blesses one's political beliefs. What ever happened to “Separation”? So here is my religious take on immigration, according to scriptures:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

In ending, IMAGINE, NO Religion Too!

Bush Rat

Alaska's Greatest HERO – Jay Hammond

the “Alaska Bush Rat”!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

PicDic101-5204 Margaret Thatcher Wannabe

Picture Dictionary - Margaret Thatcher Wannabe

Margaret Thatcher gave orders to shoot black boys on mopeds, then she was shocked by deaths. Kerry says it is the Israeli Navy's right to shell beach where Palestinian children play, not shocked by deaths of children playing beach soccer. “This could happen on the Vineyard where I wind surf, get over it!” John Kerry, going down as the worst Secretary of State ever for the United States and this appointment will be Obama's downfall!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get Over It

From the FOX to MSNBC, from the “LEFT” to the “RIGHT”, it has been a non-stop finger pointing waste of coverage, as usual. Modern day journalism can find an infinite amount of baseless excuses to extend the life of a “fart”. So just get over it! It was not premeditated. It was not planned. It was an unfortunate military ACCIDENT, the reason a plane with over 250 innocent civilians was blasted out of the sky by a hell-fire missile! It happened before, it will happen again unless we as a civilization declare a “WAR” on “WAR”. And that time has come, as this cowardly act of arming this and that to the hilt, it today displays a dereliction of brotherly love and thus denies advancement of civilization. It is time wherein the United Nations is allowed to be the “police” of all nations finding conflicts – with its own coalition of troops and the will to act against any insurgency that springs up based on a no-holds-barred release of arms from “WAR” machine countries, including the United States. Exporting of weapons from any nation should be banned, and to allow such trade, it basically places every participating nation as an accomplice and guilty of “WAR” crime acts. We don't need a jury to find guilt with crimes against humanity today, from the “WAR” machine alive and well, the evidence is overwhelming. Sure we are all guilty, as the excuse that there exists “Two” sides to every story so both sides must be armed “equally” just doesn't cut it any more, and Arlington Cemetery is getting filled - so we must STOP. Can you imagine if back in Custer's day arms were so readily available to advance those efforts to massacre the “cannibals” or “animals” - whatever that respect we showed back then to our Native American brothers and sisters. Or if Geronimo had the purchase of unlimited arms at his disposal? When supposedly advanced nations enroll and invest in the deadly “WAR” machine, what in hell are we really advancing – accept the fact we haven't got over the “Wild West” fantasies. MODERN MAN, say it again, MODERN MAN, it ain't so if we continue to design weapons of mass destruction and those fashionable in wealth finds it fascinating that they can make a whole lot of loot catering to the “Killing Fields”. IMAGINE, as is so alive still today John Lennon's dream, “IMAGINE” if we replaced that waste of talent and resources that aids and abets the “WAR” machine and focused the same effort toward non-WAR technologies, to find things beneficial to mankind - not destructive. Sure many argue that the “technologies” that benefit mankind come from military preparedness, so are we a civilization that wants to be heard of around the universe as shoot first then ask? What a poor excuse it is, to say my “cell phone” or HDTV came from the military technology R&D - blood on the tracks, blood on my hands? “WAR” may have found a necessity once-upon-a-time, even though I am not convinced that was ever an “only” option, and only became popular because when the first troop was killed, we didn't know better or looked to the future to see how this “First Shot” would reverberate around the globe and cause – like I said already, cemeteries dedicated to our kids in boots are filling up, for nothing gained and a whole lot lost! What good, what worth is it to kill another human being over a simple argument? IMAGINE again, if we used the ten-second rule before we pulled the trigger? Look at what we have created to kill the masses – from chemicals to nuclear and who knows what else is lurking in the “Elephant Cage” - a secret place on many U.S. military bases that contain hi-tech secretive weapons of mass destruction based on the newest of “technologies” not yet published or understood by the human race – but just wait, as someday whatever that “monster” was meant to be or do and it becomes outdated, it will be introduced to the “civilian” ranks to increase the “Twitter” madness. If we all took the stand to boycott technologies with origins from the “WAR” machine, we would still be using POT – Plain Old Telephones. It still gets the message across! Yes, we can turn back the tides of destruction – we need to rid our mindset the fact that “WAR” can perform “peace”, it doesn't and is just a premeditated excuse by many that enjoy getting “rich” at the expense of the horrors of “WAR” cast down upon the innocent and having enough loot to pay off the government so their kids will never understand the true horrors of limbs blown off, eyes burnt out and souls lost. Those that promote destruction, are just in it for the buck. Now that is the attitude that should be the focus to wean us away from our destructive ways and means – boycott the SOB. But that is wherein we fail, as “IMAGINE” fails those efforts, as to have peace, it means sharing – and that is something that still baffles the human intelligence. “What you mean we need to share the earth's resources?” And for some reason, once again wherein the human intellect fails, insisting that “sharing” is some how associated with “Socialism”. What in hell is wrong with sharing? Even if it takes on the label of “Socialism”, who gives a rat's ass if for once, for a single day come nightfall every living being on this earth has a full belly and a place to have a quite night's sleep without fear? We continue to be a sick society, as there are thousands that wake up in fear with “My belly full but we hungry”. Someday, we will get over that hurdle that scares us away from peace, wherein we will see that working together in “peace” for the good of mankind, there comes no bounds to what we will discover to make our lives respectable – unimaginable awards await us, when we finally get on the right track. If we had taken all that money spent on destruction and placed a bet on mankind's wellbeing, like to cure cancer, that wretched disease would be a thing of the past. We have the technology to feed a hundred earths - yet people go hungry. We have the technology to build houses out of tress and dung, yet people are without shelter. Why is “peace” and “equality” so damn repressive a subject? Maybe it is something in our DNA, maybe one-day the tides will turn when that bastard child in that DNA chain has had its fill, of destruction not the answer. But I believe the culprit is not inherent in the DNA, but there is a virus, a disease that infects, it is called “GREED”. Destroy that, then it will be happy day, and we can sing in praise what Woody sang: This land is your land, this land is my land....”