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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hetchetu aloh!

Great Spirit, Great Spirit, my Grandfather, all over the earth the faces of living things are all alike. With tenderness have these come up out of the ground. 
Look upon these faces of children without number and with children in their arms, that they may face the winds and walk the good road to the day of quiet. 

 This is my prayer, hear me!”
~ Black Elk

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earth Day Blues

Wow, wow, and wow again! New research is throwing a wrench into the “Greenhouse Gas” theory that was front and center of attention the other day, in celebration of “Earth Day”. Maybe this new research will allow some semblance of acceptance upon something out of the ordinary, a better understanding of what effects mankind's ways & means out of necessity may be having on the environment. The “puking” theory, wherein human pigs gobble up hydrocarbon to fuel that joy riding to satisfy that Big Mac addiction then “waste not want” is regurgitated in the form of out-gassing - the puking - it was complicated because the ends didn't justify the means. If you want John Doe and Jane Zoe to find acceptance, please keep it at Sesame Street level complicated! But the existing “Greenhouse Gas on Steroids” equation found confusion with respect to inputs and outputs, with garbage in garbage out in effect – because we still use the “slug” as our non-metric standard of reasoning which confuses by fostering slow thinking. Look, candidly speaking, the numbers don't work so that made many skeptical about what was really causing the oceans to expand and Congress to...well that massive pool cover, any increase can have devastating effects on “Land Ahoy”. I mean do you really believe that Hawaii will soon be just a private golf course with a single care-taker named Barack? That's what some of the critics are predicting as the ocean swells and land is swallowed up! So we may finally have a new-age theory to contend with, wherein lay persons can finally grasp an understanding of what it all means and for Kermit's sake, find being green going easy. And once we abandon the “Gore is a Bore Hypothesis”, it starts the debate clock all over again! Anyway, this new research was performed on a U.S. Taxpayers' gift, a “XK6m Cray Supercomputer” located way up north in Alaska. This beast of no-burden can manipulate things close to the speed of Congressional fibbing, the reason its main use today is to predict the “Ice-Out” time for the Nenana River - so the university can sell that information to bookies. I guess that was the reason for delays in getting this new theory front and center, as it was “Ice Classic” time in Alaska and that found a priority over Earth Day news! How fast you ask is this XK6m? It means searching for “porn” at 11-Billion times faster then “Home Porning”. Why mention “porn”? Because 57% of Internet traffic is “porn” related! But here is what the new passing gas theory understands and it basically rekindles the time forgotten fact that the GAIA Hypothesis is working – thanks Doctor James Lovelock. Since Neanderthal man started using crude oil - from surface seepages and intrigued by fire ice - through todays Narcissistderthal woman taking over, some 1-TRILLION barrels of oil have been robbed away from the Mother Earth's cradle. In comparison that monstrous thirst, it means 30000000000000-Belichicks – or properly inflated NFL footballs. OK, that would mean the capability of filling every NFL stadium for 112000 irregular seasons! But this new “Greenhorn Gas” theory relies on the fact that when we start stealing stuff without permission, payback can find us in trouble. See, this oil we extract is held in little nook & cranny tights for a reason – as it acts as a “dampener” for stabilzing the erath's trajectory – its orbit. So by extracting so much oil over time, we are causing a tendency for a shift, like a “buoyancy” correction as the universe is like a giant ocean! So in efforts to keep the earth on track, things need to heat up – as without such a correction course the earth would start a descent towards the sun, and basically that means burnout time for earthlings. Thus praytell, the increases in climate temperatures that causes debate today and has divided this nation between the believers and dare not newts, such increases are inherently designed in efforts to increase the sub-surface release of hydrocarbons in efforts to re-steady the earth's trajectory, before any out-of-control over-the-edge effect sends us down that no return dead-end street. The reason so much oil is being discovered these days – not due technological break-throughs by Dick Cheney, Mother Nature is at work! Look, 15-years ago it was doom & gloom, as many experts yelled out that we had plateaued out and oil would be “Gone” by 2025. Today, we are awash in hydrocarbons and finding more and more each day! So the earth is producing oil to re-fill what has been extracted, in efforts to correct away from a crash course, re-supplying the “Buoyancy Pockets”. And that takes “heat”, that which must infiltrate the earth's surface and that can only be accomplished by increases in temperature within the atmosphere and oceans! And the reason that the GAIA Hypothesis is working, as demonstrated by “Daisy” in unison with the atmosphere to regulate the subsurface temperatures, all in efforts to promote organic reactions to produce more hydrocarbons! We use “oil” for char-broiling Big Macs, the earth needs it for “Buoyancy Stabilization” - yes such a simple theory! How long can the earth continue to produce as we continue to extract? That is what needs to be researched, as it could be forever or there could exist limitations. Once that limitation is reached, it could mean devastation in efforts to correct things. So maybe Mother Earth is providing a “WARNING”, that we must work away from a “hydrocarbon” based Big Mac attack society. Anyway, as we “Stand Our Ground” to debate the merits or discredits of a “Gore Global Warming” acceptance, wherein even a compromise is but a far and away suggestion, Mother Earth is defending its “GROUND”!

 Dr. James Lovelock

 Daisy World”, its working!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Queen for the Day

More Alaskan Stuff: Something Uncle Sam does well, “Stand Thy Ground”! And herein is a storyline that enforces taking sides a belief, that when push comes to shove – be careful those battle lines being drawn against Miss Liberty! That time of year again, when the state university system wastes more money – sad especially when workers are being furloughed up on the hill. Must be something in the air there in Fairbanks, and wait there's more - as if the air quality is making men & women prefer poor judgment, wait a few days when the American Lung Association lists Fairbanks & North Pole as the evil empire with respect to “Bad Air”. But the Golden Heart “Queen for the Day” profession lives on, and this year's recipient was a long-time breathier of “Bad Air” named Andy Warwick. Yup, last Friday the “Queen for a Day” followers attended a $100 sell-out dinner, a warm and cozy affair that had candle light! Ironic, as just the day before at Ft. Wainwright – a “mission critical” military establishment – the base went without power and heat for almost an entire day! Good thing it was in the 50s, as this is “unusual pain and suffering” for our troops and families that had to endure such an inconvenience, without candle light. Even the commissary was closed due “No Power”. A snow day for the kids, even without snow! A traffic jam due messed up traffic signals, and families told to “conserve” flushing the toilets – as without power the integrated utility system fails to function – no heat, no water, no lights, no cooking, no nothing...This is a modern day “military base”, what gives? Good thing the military hospital had its own “backup” power, especially when beds are filled with returning Iraq vets that couldn't evacuate to warmer shelters! See, a few years ago there was a similar “post outage”, and then Dan Gavora was awarded the “Queen for the Day”. So, there must be a causal connection, as Dan and Andy are both board members of Doyon Utilities – the entity that operates and maintains the Ft. Wainwright power and sewer plant. So lights out, award time it appears. What I am getting at is this. There is no excuse for a handsomely appropriated utility like Doyon to ever allow a “mission critical” military base to go cold and dark. When a power plant that provides heat through steam shuts down, it takes days to get that heat flowing again and stabilized. So as Andy was receiving his “Queen for a Day” credentials, troops and families on base were just starting to feel the “heat”! Congratulations Mr. Warwick, job well done. Look, yes blame for such dereliction a conviction finds targeting the utility executives for incompetency. Now Doyon Utilities maintains the “Privatization Contract” between the U.S. ARMY and has upgraded the Ft. Wainwright facility, in efforts to make sure base-wide “outages” CANNOT occur. Imagine if this kind of power outage occurred when it was minus 50? In fact, the money spent by the U.S. Taxpayers to make sure this base is secure from outages, well it could only occur if a sabotage or terrorist attack was planned and found success. As a matter of another fact not fiction, even if the base power plant were to have a problem, a tie-line with Golden Valley exists to provide at least traffic lights, part of a $70-million upgrade – but that didn't even work! Why, because GVEA didn't have enough “extra” power and when it finally brokered some extra light bulb watts from down south, the entire inter-tie grid crashed - and not only was Ft. Wainwright without power, so was half of Fairbanks and customers all along the rail-belt! And the spokesperson said the cause was a lightning strike? OK, this was not a sabotage or terrorist attack, said again blame it on “Management Incompetency”. Go ahead, as it won't hurt Gavora's salary as the CEO for Doyon! Notice: Doyon Utilities can only share half the blame to the “Doyon” label, as the Native owned “Limited” associated with Gavora only owns 50% of the utility – the other half owned by foreigners! See, we cannot tell the truth, we cannot stand the truth, as the “Brass” are taking note of how Alaska fits into the changes coming for the Pacific Command as the theater of WAR changes hands. Things like “power outages” and failed back-up systems, well this will decrease that level of security and trust taken into account for the future of a military presence – and Alaska is on thin ice with the “Brass”! So a power outage hurts. Hey Andy, enjoy the dessert and Gavora blowing smoke! Anyhow, for those of you most not in the know because a smiling face has a second nature, Gavora and crew are really under the microscope with respect to “Trust” when it comes to dealing with Uncle Sam. See, that $Billion$ dollar 50-year “Privatization Contract” awarded Doyon and the foreigners has been caught in a legal dispute for the past several years, wherein Gavora and the “BOD” - which includes a decision making Warwick - well Doyon was trying to rape the U.S. Taxpayers over the coals – rape in “heat” it's called! The brass have taken notice of this, and we may see Wainwright's “mission criticalpriority erased, as you don't piss off the men and women armed to defend this nation – which includes the U.S. Taxpayers being defended against Doyon style “pillage and rape”. Imagine if Wainwright started loosing its “mission”, it would be a devastating blow to Fairbanks. The “Contract Dispute” between Uncle Sam and Gavora and crew has cost $millions$ alone in settlement litigation costs – an unnecessary evil villain waste against the U.S. Taxpayers. And it is all based on “Greed”, with the thinking that Uncle Sam will cave in. I don't know how these crooks can consider themselves “Patriotic” to the “American Spirit”? More in tune to “Patriotic” to “What's in your wallet”! So, is Gavora and Warwick fit for the Golden Heart “Queen for a Day”? Yes, but not at all fit to be enjoying the “Businessman of the Year Award”, unless being crooked is a prerequisite. But very few understand what is going on in this dispute, so I am glad that Uncle Sam has sent in the defenders – a cast of confident government attorneys – to make sure this castration of our taxation by Gavora and company is stopped. See, the “Queens” have already enjoyed becoming $millionaires$ with this “Privatization” fiasco, maybe that is also part of the equation that warrants the “Queen for a Day” congratulations? Attitude I am talking about – we already made our loot, so what about cold troops! See, when “Privatization” became a reality here in Alaska, Doyon Utilities was born. A venture owned by Doyon Limited and, drum roll please, Fairbanks Sewer & Water – Gavora and Warwick's business. Now when the “Privatization Contract” was still fresh with ink and officially signed akin to taking an “oath” ofI, John Doe & Jane Doe of American Citizenry do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.“, well Gavora and the BOD decided it was time to sell out, so made a lucrative deal with Inland Pacific Resources Corporation through Corix – for the pee-neptual purchase of FS&W's share of the $Billion$ dollar bountyPrivatization” contract, which included Ft. Wainwright, Ft. Greely and Ft. Richardson. So what, many would do the same if made an offer you couldn't refuse. But that is wherein the problem seemed to find the “Greed” factor, as Uncle Sam was in a vulnerable position. And that sell-out included some very good “Goodwill” for the owners of the “Sewer”, in the tune of $50-million in sell-out options, including “preferred stock”. Basically speaking, the “Sewer” was over-inflated for a reason - like crap was now as good as “gold” - in efforts to make a killing and then use Uncle Sam to cover the loses. So “Corix” was willing to shell out for the Gavora & Warwick sell-out, because Gavora was the CEO of Doyon Utilities and maybe that over inflated price tag could be recouped through, well raping over the U.S. Taxpayers. Of course that was the plan, and it almost worked. When Gavora and the BOD - which includes Warwick - tried to increase the operating and maintenance costs Doyon Utilities charged Uncle Sam, in the tune of 100% increases over the “contract” language, it started a WAR! Doyon had reneged on the contract and was in violation of, well it was attempted rape! This is what the Directorate of the “Contract” defending Uncle Sam has said about Doyon:As you are aware the Army approached the RCA and jointly petitioned for RCA regulation of our Utilities Privatization Contract we established with Doyon Utilities, LLC (DU). This unusual combination of having a Federal Government contract with the State regulating has been interesting for us as we attempt to get DU to perform to the contract requirements. We are currently involved in several significant contract dispute issues, with more on the horizon; all of our jobs will become much more challenging by adding in the RCA through the 13 different rate cases DU intends to file in 2012. Given the above as a background, my requests for information are; The Army asked to be regulated. If we now want to ask that the RCA not regulate our Fort Wainwright contract with DU, what level of authority from the Army would you need?” By pushing the “Regulated” requirements early on, Doyon thought that would provide a hurdle so it could overthrow Uncle Sam in its favor for any and all increases. It was a well hatched out plan – inflate the fair-market value of the “Sewer” through outrageous “Goodwill” and favorable “stock options” because of a guaranteed $Billion$ dollar contract with a 50-year duration then recoup the inflation by raping the U.S. Taxpayers! But it backfired on Gavora, and now it is starting to hurt! GO ARMY! To date, well the ARMY lawyers have confiscated back close to $26-Million for the U.S. Taxpayers, which means this – Gavora and Warwick were caught red-handed trying to rape the U.S. Taxpayers. And with the ARMY legal intervention, it will set precedencee over the entire contract life and Doyon's foreigners will never recoup their loses – ha, ha! And it was not hard to see what was going on behind the scenes with Doyon Utilities' “Queens”. When Gavora's henchmen thought oversight was a good thing due interference, the ARMY called the bluff – and with Doyon it was but a “bluff charge”, that didn't amount to anything harmful when the ARMY sent in its experts to defend Miss Liberty. Ask yourself this. Who are the real “Home Grown” terrorists? So it appears that the Canadian outfit that thought it could pull a fast one, even with “Turncoat” Americans at the helm and all out efforts to recover what it paid out for the over-inflated “Sewer”, well think twice Mr. Maple Leaf, as we won this round! So as the troops and families huddled in their base housing trying to stay warm as heat was finally being restored at Wainwright, Warwick was enjoying a candle light dinner, with his cohorts: “Every ship needs a captain with a firm hand on the tiller,” wrote Wilken, a local business owner and former legislator, in his nomination form. “Over the last three decades, I have had the distinct pleasure of sailing with Mr. Andy Warwick.” Tiller”? Maybe “till” is a better description. Said again, GO ARMY, defeat the bastards trying to sail away with our loot! Here it is in a nutshell. If an individual is a well respected man about town, but uses that to dishonor Miss Liberty, is it but a crook in camouflage? And when Canadians come north to rape, steal and pillage, maybe that border fence is of interest, not down south, but between US and THEM. One more tidbit. Had Doyon upheld its commitment to Uncle Sam to use “Local” banking institutes for the “Privatization” follies, it would have meant American banks taking in to date $17-Million in interest alone! When a local bank has that kind of loot, it works for the local economy, to help other businesses survive and prosper. With the sick price of oil, had Doyon done what it was supposed to do and not renege on the “contract”, maybe that loot could have been utilized for – how about getting by with a little help from a friend, for a natural gas pipeline! So, “Queen for the Day”? Good camouflage....So when you see Dan or any of the Gavora cohorts, ask them how it feels to be, well a “Traitor” to the “American Spirit”. In ending, Gavora has not stopped the looting. When Doyon Utilities came to be, Gavora was raking in about $207k – a respectable salary for a utility CEO. Today, well his 2014 salary was close to $384k – almost doubled in 4-years time! Seems by this time next year he will top Newton's outrageous GVEA yearly take-home for nothing salary! It never ends....So, when we see the University of Fairbanks “School of Business Management” awarding such...well what in hell are we teaching out futures?

Monday, April 20, 2015

La De Freak'n Doo Da

Alaska Stuff: So, it appears that U.S. Congressional Castrator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly and Congressional Curator Congressman Don Young still have some “Lost Frontier” pizzazz! As the F-16s are here too stay for awhile longer up at Eielson Air Force Base located in the interior and in close proximity to the 7th most polluted place on earth. How many “AIR Quality ALERTS” this year already for North Pole? Sorry pilot moms – just keep your kids indoors! This news was NOT by any stretch of one's imagination a victory for the brass balls, as that base has outlived its military “mission” necessity and the lights are still on due a single perverted reason. It's called Congressional interference the “buck starts here”. Perverted? “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” - an Abraham Lincoln quote. Keeping Eielson open is indeed “Perverted”, which means besides other ridiculous perversionisms keeping a bunch of “Do Nothing” jobs afloat for the locals that are Under the Influence of the “Toilet-Paper Party”. By all indications, this “victory” against the U.S. Taxpayers' “best interest and findings” may have been a plan of attack hatched out by Curator Young and Schaeffer Cox – in support of Young's super-PAC, a.k.a. “Alaska Peacemakers Militia 2nd Amendment Task Force Sovereign Citizens Movement”, a.k.a. “Hungry Alaskan wolves can cure the homeless population”. OK, is Don also coaching Senator Bob Menendez? Look, the N.J. pervert was caught red-handed and indicted on political corruption charges and has already found support to fund a “Legal Defense Team” in the tune of $1.5-million and growing as fast as Grover Norquist finds a growing concern that he entertained the Muslin Brotherhood while a board member of the NRA and Hillary Clinton wants what? What in hell is happening – politics is perverted! OK, “North to Alaska”! Now with Eielson AFB, I am sure the “Military Brass” were held hostage once again in efforts to challenge taking away our “Big Government” helping handout – something we learned works so well when excommunicated-Senator Mark Begich defended keeping that dilapidated base away from a wrecking ball. See, when Eielson was targeted as a base no longer of necessity or benefit for the Pacific Command and was on the demolition detail, Begich went into a conniption fit and withheld the advancements of many military troops in boots, just so he could throw his Congressional weight around until the “brass” gave in – yes withholding the promotions of the men and women in uniform that take up the cause to defend this nation – their careers hijacked for perverted stupidity by a member of Congress. See, Congress writes the checks, so has an advantage to bankrupt any part of government by using the hostage taking allowance. To re-iterate - “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” Thank you Abe, again! But the announcement that these “WAR” birds will stay a while longer makes the “Box Store” owners in Fairbanks very happy, along with the respiratory doctors. More pilots means more families means more kids means more respiratory aliments due the “poor” air quality. And many “civilians” that live in and around the interior rely on Uncle Sam for a livelihood even though they practice and preach dissent against anything “government”. Yes, “Big Government” is bad except for Handcocking that paycheck for 45% of the interior's economic stimulus. OK, not fair, as even those under the influence need a paycheck – so they can support Don Young's affiliation with Schaeffer Cox. Anyway, it will be nice to see the “War Birds” on display, not in the air but stranded on the runway! See, there ain't no jet fuel being processed any longer in North Pole, as the KOCH refinery has been moth-balled. That refinery supplied Eielson with a large percentage of the flight-line “readiness” fuel requirements, when Eielson was a base of necessity! So where in hell does the “lift” gasoline come from to support the “military mission” at Eielson? Well it is now imported into the Bill Sheffield “Port of Anchorage”, trained north on Bill Sheffield's tracks and...this imported “Made NOT in America” may be fuel originating from an ISIS refinery or other 3rd world “Zero Human Rights” facility on the cheap. Yes, jet fuel purchased from the enemy to fight the enemy! Serious, it takes a whole lot of fuel to run those birds MarkX, so there is a whole lot more behind this “Eielson Revival” then keeping a few jobs – as there is “beacoup” money to be made which fuels the “War Chests” of those with the clout! It starts with the KOCH dynasty that realized more profits by shutting down that refinery and importing jet fuel – and how many North Pole workers were furloughed? Based on the fact that Uncle Sam pays whatever it takes for fuel, just look at the profit trail and we see how many are benefiting from this “perverted” maneuver of keeping a dilapidated military base as a place of employment. It has nothing to do anymore with the “military mission”, as if that be the case Eielson would be but a history book lesson. And, Eielson needs new steam boilers for heat and electricity! Yes, the EPA has insisted on the change out of the equipment that is today in a state of dire disrepair – which means another burden on the U.S. Taxpayers. Look, when the “brass” makes a decision to shut-down a base, there is a whole lot that goes into the equation. Then the political perversion, well it perverts the process. Even though Alaska's military bases rank high in the “Training Capabilities” due a whole lot of training grounds, in the “Cost to Operate” category, it ranks at the bottom. But with Eielson, which should have already been razed and re-seeded back to a natural state, Congressional interference at its best it is...OK, the delegation is only doing its job, as what is best for Alaska may not be in the best interest for the U.S. Taxpayers. Now many years ago, money was available to make such changes at the Eielson AFB power plant that is approaching 50-years plus – probably close to $500-million required – in efforts to continue to burn Joe Uselessbelli's crappy air polluting coal that comes “All Aboard” Sheffield's follies. See what I am getting at, the cast of characters that are making fine wine out of a dilapidated mess. So keeping this base alive, sure it keeps a few paychecks, but the big picture show is in the “profits” made by a few. Yes, in Alaska there is a 1% faction bent on taking it with them! Like the Alaska Railroad, the KOCH Brothers and others that import jet fuel when a pipeline is right here with state backed incentives. It is a waste of our hard earned income, and does nothing to promote a defensive position with respect to our modern military. So, a few jobs and more pollution. And of course MoanaLisa and Don don't have to worry about breathing in that polluted air, save it for the pilots and families. When one looks at the evaluation criteria used by the “Brass”, Eielson fails the test of time, time and time again as the F-16s and the F-35s should be stationed closer to a fuel supply, like at JBER. What happens if Bill's railroad breaks down, then what? No jet fuel and no coal! Too bad we didn't look ahead and get that natural gas this way through a pipeline from up north. It would have been nice to present something “positive” to the brass making the decisions on this state's military future, like affordable and cleaner burning fuels. We have nothing to offer, but more of the same perverted failures. Here is what I am getting at. Even though it appears that our Congressional delegation used their behind the scenes “clout” to make it appear they care for us, this is all for the profits of keeping the “War Machine” on steroids. When the “Machine” is well fed, when the wheels are greased, so are the chances of re-election increased. Had we found a natural gas pipeline winding its way south for all that “stranded gas” up north, it would have been a tool at our disposal that showed we cared about a future military existence. Yet with this “perverted news” all we get from this stubbornness is more air pollution and more burden on out taxable income. It costs us more, we all suffer being so unprepared. Said again, we have nothing to offer so our delegation must resort to “punishment” tactics. Else they fail and we may remember that at the voting booth. And what in hell would Don do if he lost his “Curator” position? OK, he can continue to train wolves to eradicate the “homeless”. MoanaLisa, she can go back to land swindling. And one thing I am glad upon is the fact that the Air Force has seen the writing on the wall with infrastructure “Privatization” here in Alaska. When the ARMY was forced to “Privatize” its base infrastructure – like the power plants and water systems at Wainwright, Greely and JBER – well that recategorized “private property” purchased from Uncle Sam has been collateralized for debt, to the Canadians! Yes indeed, facilities required to maintain a military base here in Alaska are now owned by “Outsiders”. And yes, we loose there also, as the money the U.S. Taxpayers hand-over to Doyon Utilities is used as interest payments, to the Canadian banks! So, no jet fuel made in close proximity to the bases, no indication we will ever see a natural gas pipeline or cleaner air this America? It depends “What's in Your Wallet”! PS: Even Ted Stevens thought that Eielson had outlived its usefulness, but the way Don has thrown Ted under the bus since Ted is not here to defend himself, it gives Congressional “perversion” new life!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April, then...

"Comes the Creator's life"
"Finds the Creator's love!"

Should we not behave the same?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hillary 2016 TEAM!

Meet the "Hillary for 2016" Team!

Hillary with Bill, Chelsea, Scooby(the reason Hillary parks in the "Reserved for Handicapped") and long time pervert Jeffrey Epstein

Abe & Bernie

 We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
Many people have the mistaken impression that Congress regulates Wall Street. In truth that's not the case. The real truth is that Wall Street regulates the Congress.”