Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When Tomorrow Comes

There will come a “Tomorrow” wherein a righteous generation will infiltrate politics, here and abroad. And when serving under oath, will be not obligated through outside influence to steer leadership towards dead end streets wherein hatred is of fashion, but instead take mankind in a direction that shines upon “Brotherly Love” as a commitment. In time, with this “Tomorrow” established, the present darkness of hatred condoned in part through wealth, this neck hanging albatross will be abolished forevermore - not through force but reasoned through example this leadership finding a responsibility beyond greed. Upon the dawn of this “Tomorrow”, the true importance of mankind's future will be revealed. And by the setting sun, to renounce the “Satan of Hatred” finding man's only baptismal vow - be it the only oath of importance, wherein the destroyer of “Hate” is found in the water of this ceremony, that which flows from the Creator's “Goodwill” in a form so pure, that of “Love”. And when One Love displaces all Hate, so will WAR and its affiliation with torture also be abolished, as we will then realize that WAR was the albatross holding onto HATE and thank our “Tomorrow” generation for banning it some more, to that dead end street once favored by political corruption and a WAR machine mentality. And by darkness of night when tranquility finds rest upon our no longer wearily souls, we shall realize that “Thou Shall Not Kill” had meaning, and the only thing worth killing is “Hatred”.


Baby Step #1

The Constitution of the State of Alaska
~ Article 1 - Declaration of Rights ~
§ 22. Right of Privacy - The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed.

Alaska is very fortunate that when the Constitutional Convention convened in 1955 to carve out a “State Constitution” there came the inclusion of a “Right of Privacy”. Even though the U.S. Supreme Court has challenged any such right under the “U.S. Constitution”, the states of the “Union” can under the 10th Amendment preserve and reserve state powers not delegated under the “U.S. Constitution”, like occurs with control over “quarantine” - a very hot topic these days with the Ebola scare. So the states still hold the power trump card in many instances, in Alaska we see that “preservation & reservationwith the “Right of Privacy”. That is your right! But most recently Alaskans went angry at a PacMAN threat that if you didn't get out and cast another vote for Don Young, you would be held responsible for Obamola. Here is the deal. If you believe your “Right to Privacy” has been violated, find a lawyer and sue the bastards, it is that simple as the “Constitution” here in Alaska is on your side. We can only fight the bastards by law suits, finding dedicated lawyers that will fight for the righteous cause over the felonious clause. And the lame excuse that came from the director of the Alaska Division of Erections when complaints started bogging down the answering machine as too why “Voter” information was delivered to an outside rich bastard, it goes to show we have very little respect for the “Alaska State Constitution” and what it actually stands for. Quoting Gail Fumunderhide that the “Voter-Shaming” didn't appear to be in violation of the law and that it would require a “legislative change” to stop the voter list from loosing “Privacy”...wait just a minute, as a “violation” is in the eyes of the beholder. So yes, this is a violation of the law, as the “State Constitution” trumps anything in between. If you believe your right has been violated, let a jury decide, not some whoopee cushion! If once upon a time the legislators allowed for the “Voter” history to be sold, stolen, bartered away, it is a violation. Leave it too the representative body to “Violate” the “State Constitution”. Look, Parnell has spent $millions$ on the same-sex marriage fight, saying it is his duty as governor to uphold the “Constitution”, so where in hell is he on this issue of “Privacy” violated? MIA, as this shaming is from is own PAC support and he is benefiting from the sham! You call this leadership, preferential I guess. So we need to vote Parnell back into office, then start the proceedings of “Impeachment” as that should be his only going away present.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Turning Tide

It appears the tides of Cook Inlet are reversing, which may show-up as an economic advantage for many Alaskans. See, for years, those of us who have lived in south-central Alaska and rely on electricity from CEA, we have been subsidizing the high cost of electricity for those that live in Fairbanks and off-the-grid in between. Since Cook Inlet – until recently when outsiders invaded tranquility – had provided affordable natural gas, it was used to generate electricity on the cheap and sent north, at a discount. But when natural gas prices started to indicate that the supply and demand theory still works - by outsiders from Michigan strangling the supply economics - the contracts in effect for cheap electricity sent north remained in full force under authority of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, so coop members of CEA paid the difference. See, CEA was not allowed to charge a rate that even covered the cost of fuel to turn the turbines that then created the power. CEA was stuck on outdated contracts, but the reasoning behind the regulators boycotting a realistic fuel cost was based on the “solution to pollution is dilution” principle, basically the many CEA customers that saw a higher wage could and should absorb some of the higher energy costs found in the interior, to help out our neighbor. But it didn't work so well, as the CEO of Golden Valley Electric Association in Fairbanks, the utility that purchased our cheap electricity then sold it back at a profit, he took advantage of this freebie and became a self-made $millionaire$, until he was fired. Anyway, the subsidized value is explained in that complicated electrical bill, but don't try to discipher it out, as it will blow your mind away, the intent with the confusion. Anyway, we may be able to re-coop some of that subsidized electricity, as there may come a time soon wherein it is the other way around, and Fairbanks residents foot the bill to subsidize our energy needs. Now this was not intended or designed as a get even plan, just the way the snow melts. See, the state is spending $millions$ in efforts to build a world-class LNG plant that will utilize “North Slope” natural gas that is considered “stranded”. So another “Alaska State Corporation” was started to deal another blow. Todays' Alaskan “I Can See Russia” Quiz: What is the benefit of a “state run corporation”? Nothing except transparency missing-in-action which allows very lucrative CEO salaries along with SOA retirement benefits – and they don't have to tell us how much they make. The entire cast of “State Corporations” have not a whole lot to be proud upon in the success category, but we must remember, just because a few crooks went to the slammer, it doesn't mean the culture of corruption was arrested. In fact matter of fact, maybe in the 49er crime does indeed pay off your kid's college loans....Wow, the attorneys for the botched Port of Anchorage project want to depose Bill Sheffield, who supposedly used the “GOD” label of association when in charge of the port's cost overruns – no it can't be in the $billions$? How many worker deaths? How about dispose, as didn't we try to get rid of Bill once upon a time before by “Impeachment”? Anyway, Sheffield's expensive attorneys – paid for by the Anchorage Municipality, which means our rates for everything will increase – they say Bill is too old to testify. Is this like taking the AARP 5th? Bill is 86, Don Young is 81, so why do we give Don such a bad time, as we still have another 5-years before he catches up to Bill, in the category of forgetting things of impotence. But the payback I am talking about comes by virtue of Uncle Sam looking after the good of our nation. See, there exists an “Export Limitation” ban on any and all natural gas that is pumped from the “North Slope” - exception being deliveries to Canada or Mexico. But the existing LNG project calls for an all out export, to whomever wants to pay “Cadillac” coverage, for a long term supply as the “Slope” finds a humongous supply of gas stranded away in safe-keeping. But with the “Export Limitation” in effect, even with a ridiculous price tag $65-billion pipeline built south from “Prudhoe Bay” to tidewater, that gas ain't going aboard a ship, as there is no passport allowing it to get away. See, Uncle Sam wanted that “stranded gas” as a future reserve. So in efforts to find a way around the “Public Law, gas will be exchanged, as Cook Inlet gas has not the same restrictions and already enjoys an “Export License”. So we build that pipeline – which would have cost 1/10th had we built it when we were supposed too, within 5-years of oil in – and the gas travels 800 miles into the Cook Inlet “Gas Gathering System” to be used to heat our homes and light our LEDs, and then the surplus Cook Inlet gas is liquefied and sent aboard the U.S.S. Joe Hazelwood for delivery to North Korea - everybody is happy. But, even though Fairbanks is some 400-miles closer to the “stranded gas” reserve which should account for cheaper energy costs then what would be found further away in Anchorage, the interior must subsidize the higher costs of getting it to Cook Inlet – which means it is payback time. See, in Alaska we have what is called a “pricing parity”, as without it the residents would be disenfranchised as the rightful benefactors of the value of the developed resources – wherein equal benefit is paramount. This “Pricing Parity” has been in effect for a long time, and the reason when “Crude Oil” prices dive and the lower-48 sees gasoline discounts in the “buck” range, we see frozen displays, with no decreases allowed. It's complicated, for a reason. Anyway, with that in mind I am all for that $65-Billion price tag for that LNG project, and when Bill Sheffield is deposed and the legislature is once again afraid to harm Bill, he will then be given the “GOD” position over the LNG project, and cost overruns will ruin any chance of ever seeing a payback, as we will be subsidizing another abortion for a long, long time. Abortions? Let's start with the Alaska Railroad, the Kodiak Launch Facility, AIDEA, the Healy Clean Coal Plant all the way to blueberry farms that never produced a berry. And every damn “Alaska Corporation” is manned by an individual on the payback schedule, high salaries and nothing to prove except if you want to be rich in Alaska, sign up for the “Corrupt Bastard Club”. In the meantime, don't hold your breath that we will ever see a natural gas pipeline, as that has been the intent for 30-years by now – just a great political bottomless $$$ pit represented by a “No-Action” committee of, Bill Sheffield wannabes – a.k.a. GOD!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bull Sex

Congressmen Don Young gets MoanaLisa MurCowpie endorsement!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Manson Debut

Wow, Charles Manson has relocated to the “Edge of Alaska”, over in the McCarthy area - after being paroled from Corcoran Federal Prison for “Good Housekeeping”. According to locals, Charlie has secured a job as the “Gate Keeper” at the “Community Well” and rumor has it that Mr. Helter Skelter has retained a “contract” with a “Tourist Stay-Away Destination” film crew and will be debuted for yet another UN-realistic “Reality” show, this time around with film clips of the insane about to go over the edge! This place seems weird! And a fight is already brewing, as another guy is claiming he pissed on Charlie, thinking Manson was a black bear! Episode premier to be called, “Minus 60 Degrees of Helter Skelter.” Stay tuned.....

Picture of Charles Manson at his McCarthy Homestead

October 25, 2020

October 25, 2020: Looking back, could have the “EBOLA” outbreak death rate which climaxed in the spring of 2015 been avoided here in the United States? The casualty rate reached 6833 before the spread of the disease was arrested, through a strict quarantine those presumed responsible for the outbreak's spreading – restrictions still in force today, some 5-years after. And there was indeed a “lesson learned”, that should demonstrate future security afforded the health of the American people, and never again allow what did occur a future possibility occurrence. According to recent reports made available by the experts conducting legal research for the successor of the now defunct CDC, the answer is yes, the outbreak and subsequent deaths were totally avoidable. So what happened? In a nutshell this report reveals how many of those deaths could have and should have been avoided - had there been stricter control over the “drugs” thought to be beneficial to prevent an outbreak. It appears the culprit may have been “panic” when rumors started flowing about “Ebola”, that “not if” but “when” scenario, as too when this dreaded disease would hit us here on American soil. Up until October of 2014, the government had performed an excellent job at keeping the virus at bay, even while it caused devastation in parts of Africa. But when “panic” hit, some 535 doses of a new “Ebola” drug went “missing”. Actually, that “drug” was distributed to the “Attending Physician of the United States Congress” as part of the government's emergency preparedness criteria. Yes a plan of attack wherein members of Congress started to enjoy preferential treatment to “drugs” designed as a “precautionary cure” when the threats of “biological warfare” started to find its way into the mail system – like with letters tainted with “Anthrax”. So the intent back then was in efforts to provide the “Congress” with enough coverage, just in-case there came an all out uncontrollable attack – as terrorist groups were employing “mad” scientist to find a ways and means to cause harm – on American soil. One consideration by the “Madmen” was to purposely infect those so-willing to die for the “religious” cause. Yes, find a guinea pig, shoot them up with a fabricated disease then buy a one-way ticket to America. But we had the knowhow, and tried to stay abreast of the concerns over “biological” crap hitting the “Homeland” and spent $millions$ devising solutions, but on a limited basis as there was only so much to go around – so “Congress” was considered the guinea pig, as if there came an “outbreak” that went out of control, somebody had to maintain the peace and quiet – maybe through “Martial Law” if so required. So even though some of the “drugs” that the “Attending Physician” maintained control over were never fully tested, some looked promising and the stock-pile so designed as that last clear chance late scenario do or die! But that plan backfired and today we pay the price, as do those 6833 victims, their families and loved ones. Sad, 1214 were newborns! With “Ebola”, the promising “drug” that was handed out to “Congress” was very difficult to manufacture, with a rejection rate in the order of 9 out of 10. And this “drug” that showed promise required laborious efforts by lab workers, not to mention dangerous to handle during the processing phase. And with such a bastardly rejection rate, it was also a very costly “drug” to produce, estimated at a cost of $125k per dose. So when the scare of “Ebola” was no longer a “when”, and the alarming and exponential rate of infections due unforeseen exposure in the final weeks of October started scaring the citizens, it urged members of Congress into the “panic” mode, even though they went on national TV and said not to worry. I was one that didn't worry, as everybody in the know was saying the risk was very minimal – as the only known way the disease could be transmitted was through bodily fluid contact – at least that is what they thought. So I went about my business watching the Giants win the World Series! And according to this “confidential” report by the experts, the experimental “drug” started to disappear, from the “Attending Physician's” office even when “Congress” was on a “sine die adjournment” - basically away from the office. So it is believed that members of “Congress” panicked and a “Congressional aide” was commanded to break into the office, possibly with the help of the Sergeant-At-Arms, and get hold of the drug stash and then send it out to those members that thought it necessary – and in some instances it included dosages for family members also. What the report does tells us, several dozen doses sent to Texas, many to Kentucky – nauseating as the distribution was that to mostly “Red State” political clouters! Maybe just a coincidence, but then again we may never know. So it was indeed a panic situation and what was once under control, was now out-of-control, and not only the threat of “EBOLA”. What was not known at the time was the fact that the “drug” was still in the experimental phase, due the high rejection rate but had shown interesting possibilities but was too be used as a last ditch effort. But when the “Ebola” hit NYC, some members of Congress thought it necessary to protect America, by taking the “drug” in efforts to be prepared – basically a lame excuse. And little known at the time was the fact that the “drug” had a design flaw, as it held a hidden secret, a ways and means to adopt a medicinal cure for the benefactor of the drug, but at the same time learning to reject the “Ebola” virus instead of killing it – and rejection meant ejection through any passage way possible, nose to mouth, ears, eyes and even through skin contact and perspiration was also knwon as a mechanism of “flight”! In the morph, it never actually “killed” the virus, just ejected it as the virus continued to multiply, causing the infected victim to become a massive generator of the virus. See, the “Ebola” virus multiplies at an unbelievable rate, so this new drug was supposed to conquer by dividing, but the only way for it to be successful was to eject it away from the victim. So, yes it worked to some extent, but at the same time millions of spores were allowed to enter the environment and under certain conditions the virus would live on, for days until it attached itself to another living being - basically the “drug” helped the original victim but at the same time put thousands at risk, as the “Ebola” virus was on the loose! No longer was it a disease allowed only through fluid contact, as the rejection & ejection evolution caused the disease to be very efficient, rather then annihilation. So those that were furnished the “drug” were free of the disease, but now also generators of the “Ebola” that in the end would kill many. And once this was recognized by the authorities and “Martial Law” was in effect, those that had taken the “drug” were basically arrested and incarcerated, and those that survived are still in quarantine today, as science has not found out a way to reverse things – so as long as those that are still alive and did take the expirimental drug, they cannot be allowed in public. It is estimated that over 250-members of Congress and close family members decided it was OK, to take the experimental drug without permission of the “Attending Physician”. And those that did, today remain under “House Arrest” in a very secure location and habitat at the NIH – in a high security prison like building that was at one time reserved for “Ebola” patients. Yes, this was a “Lessons Learned” scenario, that had it not been for greed, maybe those innocent 6833 victims would still be alive to tell about it! And some members that were involved in this scandal, when arrested tried to use the “Congressional Immunity”, to get set free and didn't seem to give a rat's ass about the health and welfare of the general public. This is what happens when “We the People” allow a Congress to get completely out-of-control, preferential treatment that takes us all down. The report upon this matter has some very interesting pictures, the “Arrests”!

Sad News

Wow, so now we may have an understanding as too why Congressmen Don Young is in such a bad mood and thinking and talking suicide. His pet skunk “Obama” past away, but is now part of Don's game room...the memory lives on! 
 Don's pet Obama, stalking the “Halls of Congress”