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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paul Krugman Apology

One thing that is needed before January 20th, is an apology to Barack Obama from Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, or else the selection committee should request Paul return the "medal". But Paul's a fan of  Hillary the 8th - Bill has been caught that many times with Monica mistresses - so I won't hold my breath an apology wherein an apology is due. Krugman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2008. Barack won it for "PEACE" in 2010, something many forget about the 44th Commander-in-Chief as many can't stand peace and still call themselves "American". But why an apology from one Nobelman to another? When Barack Obama instigated and signed into effect the "American Recovery Act", just 6-days into taking over the Oval Office trashed by Bush, many in the so-called Think Tank Know" said it was a ridiculous move and would throw this nation's financial status into limbo. Krugman was one of the ridiculers and the Clinton camp was still upset, so the goons were already on the attack. The "Recovery Act" invested in the neighborhood of $850-billion here in the "Homeland", instead of using it abroad for war-torn nothings. The infusion of loot for the "American Middle Class" bailout has found success beyond all odds and continues today. How so, because it was directed not only at the salt-of-the-earth working class proletariats - True Americans - but demonstrated that when it comes to making America strong, everybody chips in for a piece of the pie. I remember how Rick Perry - then governor of Texas  - responded to the "Recovery Act". See Texas received the second largest withdrawal from the U.S. Treasury, so Perry - a bonifide Obama hater - had a few things to say about what it meant for Texans; Dear President Barack Obama, I don't agree with the "Act" but will take the money. Same sentiment every damn republican governor from sea-to-shining-sea! It was then a do or die situation, as Bush had left this nation a ransacked economy due his "War Lord" mentality. So, across the nation almost immediately "infrastructure" projects were on the drawing boards. I could go into detail, but as a result we have good highways, good bridges and look around, as our highways are busy with truck traffic. Which means a vibrant economy and when driving along Route 66, there are many "Help Wanted" signs! And the price of oil...need I say more. Regardless of numbers that these so-called economic experts can throw out like Hillary throwing out Bill's infidelity excuses but continues to "Stand by her man", those that gave Obama a bad time about the "Stimulus" should have the balls to come forward and say: Mr. President, we were wrong. Krugman should take the lead on this apology. But the lousy economy is being used as a 2016 campaign grip, when it is a lie. And, well we know how politicians can use lies. See, according to Krugman “Mrs. Clinton isn’t just the most knowledgeable, well-informed candidate in this election, she’s arguably the best-prepared candidate on matters economic ever to run for president.” Need I say more, as when ethics is down in the dumps, so is our economy. And what is this never ending fantasy with Hillary, are many that naive? But I have no qualms thanking what the 44th did for US. "Dear Mr. Barack Obama, thanks, thanks, thanks so much for that "American Recovery Act", as I still believe in giving credit where credit is due." And of course, one would never expect a sincere apology from a "Distinguished Professor" from New York City and also a columnist with the New York Times, as that goes against the amber waves of grain!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hillary's VP

Wow, just in: Hillary picks Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson – a.k.a. Tipper Gore – as the DNC front-runner's VP! Cheating men, look out...

Monday, June 20, 2016

GAIA Working

Since inception of the "Gore Global Warming Warning" initiative, which was caused in part by Al having way too many mistresses, the heat was on the VP to invent the internet, so what is really behind the controversy maybe fantasy we are destroying the environment? I guess the "in heat" is a trait learned from Bill, can't beat them Clintons join them sense of opportunity. Supposedly "Ball Brothers" Bill and “grind control to major Al” have co-authored a memoir called "The Women We Keep - Hidden Away", due out when Hillary retreats and becomes a bonafide candidate for conjugal visitation rights. But the debate on mans' role in global warming was and has and continues to be but for a see-saw moment, back and forth and in between as the earth heats up - well it appears today that nature has performed its own correction course of course. See, a few years ago I started reading up about a not-to-famous yet scientist that became disgruntled when James Lovelock flew-the-coop about his award winning thesis on "GAIA". Which insisted that mankind was no match for the power of "Nature" and even though our ways & means can be environmentally destructive, it was trivial with respect to the big picture show. Lovelock was quoted back in 2014 that “we should give up on saving the planet”! God forsaken, what the hell was Lovelock smoking, ozoni-juana? GAIA had become a movement, embraced by hippies and the environmentally conscious society after a Keith Richards transfusion. It didn't make sense, this abandonment upon a theory that the Mother earth could fend for itself, the proof rested in Lovelock's “Daisy-land” experiment. Accordingly, when the earth heats up beyond recommended dosages it has a built in mechanism that allows white daisies to take over, which in turn will cool things off by reflecting heat back into space, which is a giant “sink”. When too damn cold, the black daisies take a turn at the balancing act to suck it back in – it works in theory. Like ocean waves that cleanse the shore-line every turn of the tide, there exists space waves performing the same, but on a greater time constraint scale. So a Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee started researching the GAIA hypothesis on his own dime, with the help of Cray "Super-Duper" computer, the gift of gab from Uncle Sam. Yes, the most powerful "chip" ahoy is located in Fairbanks, Alaska and can perform 2-gazillion flip=flops per second. OK, it approaches the speed-of-light and is almost as fast as Bill Clinton, when coming up with excuses "I did not have sex with that druid", or whatever was on the "I can tell Hillary a lie" horizon that day. Anyway, Whoopee started experimenting with the color spectrum, like we see exiting a prism when subject to white light. After turning out an algorithm that is in excess 1-million mathematical terms, Whoopee discovered that the “Daisy-land” theory was valid, except the earth never gets to the extremes wherein it is either a black daisy in control or the white behaving like Bill – “nights in white satin”...OK, enough Bill poking. But Whoopee found through experiment that when in control, the earth will produce a yellow variety of daisies, or flowers of that spectrum that will maintain the correct temperature for the earth to survive, and we fall into the same “survival” control zone. Now what was hallucinating about Whoopee's theory, that the color of a bird's feathers is a measure of the health of the earth. When times are tough and nature is under stress, the bird population produces moderate colors and populations fall off – acting as a barometer in flight that something ain't right. When the earth is on a trend to correct, a bird's wing colors are high-lighted and the population increases, as the feather color signals things are safe. It's the way birds advertize! Better colors, better mating, more children. And this is exactly what is happening today! Which means GAIA is working, as we debate the merits of “Global Warming”, things are happening to transform the earth in the way it handles our intrusion. So even though with Lovelock it may have been a miss-judgment, what he meant by “giving up” may have been the fact that mankind is no match for nature – in what we do and how we respond to things we have done, by debates and no traction with action. So, when driving down the highways and byways, look about and you will see a prolific growth of “Yellow” flowers, in accordance with what Whoopee found through experiment and when taking some time out to enjoy nature, the birds are back and the colors they sport a warning, that we are but intruding puppets the power of the GAIA!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fore What?

Fore score? Fore play? Fore skin? Wow, so Barack Obama cancelled his Sunday golf game, due the horrific massacre down in Orlando, by some irate religious wacko another Zimmerman on the loose caboose. What is with security guys? As the usually quiet weekend Oval Office came alive, Barack gave a very somber speech upon the misery those that become victims through little pricks with assault rifles. I am  a 2nd  Amendment believer, yet I also hold these truths to be self evident that such weapons of mass destruction should be banned and does not affect my unalienable rights. I am sure with this massacre the worst in this nation's history since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, an Executive Order will be forthcoming from the 44th before leaving office, some semblance of a ban. Now during the White House open house briefing, Barack met with FBI director James Comey, the same guy that has not been scared by intimidation tactic attacks that have come from the loudmouth of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even though Comey was called to attention due the Orlando lone-wolf terrorist like attack at the "Pulse", was something else discussed behind closed doors? Soon after that meeting between the FBI head honcho and the Commander-in-Chief, Hillary cancelled her engagement speech with Obama scheduled for this coming Wednesday in Green Bay? Now, one would think that during times like this wherein our nation is under attack, unity speaks for itself even if a political event brings "So Happy Together" times of solidarity. And Clinton's camp said it was Hillary that cancelled the event, wherein Obama was to sell support for Hillary as the 2016 DNC nominee - as just last week he endorsed her challenging a yet to be named GOP henchman. So, is something rotten coming down the pike? The only way this would occur is the fact that Comey gave Obama the bad news - INDICTMENT time for Hillary. See, if that be not the case, Barack had nothing to lose in light of all things considered. But if so bad news is brewing against Hillary, it could affect Obama's approval rating if he was caught out in public with a crook. OK, Obama cancelled out because he is heading to Yosemite and found out there is a golf course way up in the mountains, and putting around is better than putting up with wannabes like the Clintons. Way to GO Obama, to hell with Clinton. And maybe after a few rounds of golf in the midst of the Sequoias and listening to the winds whispering inspirations from great men of the past like John Muir, yes an order to stop the advancement of retards allowed to purchase such weapons is front and center your attention, and Hillary can fein for herself. Causal connection, contributory negligence? Yes, she is a fein as what if the 120 FBI agents working the Hillary Rodham Clinton "Private Parts Server" case were, well assigned to watch lunatics on the loose, maybe this nation would not be in mourning once again! So yes, she is partially to blame... 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Clinton 2016 Team - VP?

96 Tears

You're gonna cry, 96 tears. OK, 96 pages of Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2nd edition printing of Hardon Choices, "Intentionally Left Blank"...She is changing her mind on things of public interest just to get that vote, just like "The Donald"! I guess a blank white page is, well a "White Lie"!

You're gonna cry, cry, cry, cry now
96 tears
Cry, cry, cry now
96 tears
Cry, cry, cry now
96 tears

Song/Lyrics by STRANGLERS

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cause for Celebration?

Sad, so sad, that on June 7th this 2016 history in the making was defaced beyond recognition with Hillary Rodham Clinton taking the center stage along with Bill, while becoming this nations 1st “Woman” to be nominated as a democratic candidate for U.S. President. It was like a re-make of a "Spousal Abuse" documentary, Bill with his trade-mark smile with Hillary by his side, giving "stand by your man" new meaning. About the only saving grace if Hillary were to win the position of the 45th Commander-in-Chief is the fact no matter what she tried to do while in office, it will make Obama's legacy “golden” and skyrocket his afterburner approval rating. The only reason Obama is in support of  Hillary, and smiling all the way to his presidential library putting green. Obama wins, either with a Trump or Clinton win. Yet I doubt either will make it through the rigormortis process and actually find their names on the ballot, unless TP is the substitute for an official electoral. Look, the GOP has upwards 50 Congressional complaints asking for impeachment hearings upon Madam Clinton, ready to deliver subpoenas at 1:00pm on January 20th, should Hillary get sworn into the Oval Office. The Supreme Court Justice has already indicated a sick-out for that day, so good luck any swearing in ritual if Bill & Hillary show up for more attention. And Trump will be banned from America. With either at the helm, it will be a presidency that has NO traction and then this nation gets  not only a “Do Nothing Congress”, but an executive branch AWOL also. At least with a DNC - Do Nothing Congress – Obama performed his duties flawlessly while facing so many challenges and man-made obstacles – a.k.a. Boehners! Mark my word, in short notice Obama will go down as this nation's “best”. Defacing? Had not Gabrielle Gifford found herself under attack by Sarah Palin, Gifford would be in the limelight today, not Clinton! Yes, Gabrielle was supposed to be, well making history different that what has now overshadowed her aspirations. Look, yes it is an honor this 1st time "SHE" claim to fame, but when this takes place which it has now start your engines, we must remember what John Lennon taught us so well, that “Woman is the NIGGER of the world”. Maybe Hillary has the muster to withstand the storm of abuse that is about to come from, Trump and Company. It will be ugly, it will be nothing short a slug-fest, may the best ??? win! But I do believe the Rachel Madcows that have hovered around Clinton because they want to be part of that history in the making - did you see the Madcow and  Nicotine Wallace slug-fest, they must hate each other - kind of like the, forget it! Yet, Bernie Sanders is smart, his silence is golden and with a statutory plan of attack, and as too why he has maintained  support for himself and not jumped ship – as it ain't over yet with Hillary, she is under FBI investigation! One cannot downplay the significance of what is going on behind the scenes and even though supposedly a law-enforcement proceeding, it is political and will be ugly when Humpty Dumpty falls. What don't her supporters understand? So Bernie, even though he made mention during the 1st debate with the Madam that he “was tired of the server”, that doesn't mean that since that day he like many of us wait in limbo what it means for Clinton – as the shoe will drop, just what weight will it carry to cause a problem remains to be seen as a dead-weight at the bow is a navigational hazard, isn't it? See, many Sander's supporters may not pay attention to details the “Server”, but when the verdict is sealed, it has a two-edge sword effectiveness. If found NOT guilty, it has the same ramifications as a guilty verdict to the voters that want in office someone they can respect by vise-versa respect. Yes, the e-mail server is why Bernie is holding out. Before the July convention, we may see recommendations from the FBI – not something that calls for jail time, but from rumors surrounding the investigation that Hillary broke the law under 18USC 2071. What you don't hear from the press”ure” is this, that the Justice Department has been asked to look into a violation under the before mentioned “Code”. Guilty and already admitted so, for not surrendering government documents upon her departure from the State Department. Yes a guilty verdict on its face, but even if a convicted felon, she can still run for office as the U.S. Constitution is vague to criminal activity and “Presidential Qualifications”? OK, 18USC 2071 is a simple law, has nothing to do with “espionage”, just a simple rule that can chastise government officials if documents are mutilated, concealed or removed. Sure if convicted on a violation it can bring jail time and a monetary fine, but in this case Clinton's actions or inactions do not rise to the level of such sentencing – it was a “mistake”. The caveat, this law is the only law of record that finds  another ramification, one that finds not a criminal element nor a civil disobedience element, but a 3rd element that states the following:  “Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, (1) shall be fined under this title or (2) imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and (3) shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.” Which means it doesn't require the government police or government lawyers to render such a verdict, as is required by criminal sentencing. No judge required as it is an automatic sentence and doesn't take an authority whatsoever, as it is a self-governing decree – Hillary admitted it was a mistake to not surrender the documents, was a government employee covered under these rules so must face the consequences. Since Hillary has admitted it was a “mistake” and the fact there is more than enough evidence that documents may have been “removed or concealed”, the authority and jurisdiction are the words and wisdom behind this law, yes self incriminating it is - a powerful wording to say the least and “Disqualifies” Clinton from the U.S. Presidency. So, Clinton vs. the U.S. Government – “STAYED” and she is disqualified!  This is what will come down, not jail time, no fine, just a slap on the hands the extended wording from this law. It is the only law of record that has this 3rd element of, surprise...surprise...surprise! So count Hillary out, and I am sure that in the next few weeks, Donald Trump will hairy-racy himself  to another “Reality” due boardroom boredom as he is already showing such signs, of merely a waste of his time and fortune. He may even pick a VP then bail-out. So Bernie is holding out for a reason, so am I, that Hillary and Trump in the running is but a re-make of Gertrude & Hecliff – yes pure comedy, he who laughs last will feel the BERN!