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Monday, August 6, 2018

Song to Heather - Reposted(8/19/2017)

Song to Heather
(In Harmony with Dylan’s Song to Woody)

Hey, hey Heather Heyer, I wrote you a song
‘Bout a wicked ol’ march that’s a storming my town
We’re seeing their world of hatred and scorn
Your courage be bold, our flag is still there.

Out there with thousands brave, sea to shining sea
Walkin' a rough road our Patriots have so worn
I'm seein' that world clearer, Hitler’s last stand
Such hatred these deadbeats the clue of that clan.

Hey, hey Woody Guthrie, Dylan wrote you a song
'Bout a Beach Haven world that's a fueling their storm
Seems sick and it's angry, it's tired and it's torn
It looks like it's a-dyin' and soon a so long.

Hey, hey Mother Bro, you’re part of this rhythm
‘Bout a brave young woman facing the challenger alone
With our young and our old magnifying a daughter’s frontline
To tear it all down one statue at a time.

Hey, Woody Guthrie, but I know that you know
All the things that I'm a-sayin' and a-many times more
I'm a-singin' you the song, but I can't sing enough
'Cause there's not many men that done the things that you've done.

So done by Heather with Bro and our Patriots true
To all the good people that protested with you
Here's to the hearts and the hands of those so brave
‘Cause today there’s many doing what Woody portrayed.

Hitler’s last breath, Old Man Trump’s reach in vain
With sonny boy racist, his cesspool of swine
The very last thing that I'd want Donald to do
Is to show some respect for the Heather’s Red, White & Blue.

So to Banner, Miller and Gorka’s SOB revenge
You are loosing your fight, every day into night
Portnoy’s complaint is your only recourse
As Heather’s steadfast has trumped the Tower’s demand!

And to Woody and Heather and the rest of history’s best
We honor your souls and fear not this test
True statues so proud with a Patriotic stature
Fearing nothing, as history will repeat itself good for your kind.

Hey, hey Heather Heyer, I wrote you this song.
No need to rest in peace now, as your legacy has been born
As their doctrine of hatred beckons the flight our fight
Your courage so bold, our flag still shines today with more might.

Copyright MSK & (Words in Italic by Bob Dylan • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Last Great President

There is monument head-space at Mt. Rushmore for another statesmen, so let’s start blasting to carve out the likes the beneficiary that highest of U.S. Presidential honors. Barack Hussein Obama was the “Last Great President” of the 13-Original Colonies, and one day the history books will lend credence to that clearwater revival honor. I emphasize the “13” for a reason against “Treason” as when those states stood together, “We Won”. The “colonies” made America great against “Treason” and that “we won” with due respect to the Civil War’s outcome against “high crimes” by the “Turncoat” rebellion! And the pathetic Confederacy then sentenced to bath itself in the cesspool stench of its bigotry upon enslaving another human with color of skin different. That is it, within itself why Obama is the “Greatest”, as forevermore his race won the race war after a long battle. We could have hung the “bigotry” nation from the south after it was all said and done with back in 1865, but the “bigots in uniform” were allowed a chance to right the wrong - called Freedom. It seems the tides may be a turning toward a revival once again as it appears that “bigotry” did not learn from its mistakes, which means we may someday soon see another revolution - this time around when the smoke clears away, the gallows will stand proud with the “Turncoats” arrested and silenced, rest in peace! We “Patriots” that fought the Confederacy have learned from our mistakes trying to be “nice”! OK, we are modern-man and do not resort to hanging the guilty, yet “waterboarding” will suffice. Get over it, as there will never be the opportunity for another “Great” like Barack Obama as our nation has evolved past the need for a Commander-in-Chief with the 45th cheating his way into the White House. It never should have happened, but it did and now we must fix it from ever happening again, else the inheritance we leave for our kids will be compromised. So, leave it to Congress, but not just yet as we have a whole lot of work to do before jumping off into a new age of leadership based on citizen elected representation sea to shining sea. OK, it isn’t really a novel or new idea, as it is Congress that controls destiny, or should - but due reckless road rage for way too many years this body has driven US into the ground. That Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness is being slowly entombed then placed in a reserve like a preferential “Trust Fund”, for the wealthy only and the “Turncoat” congress is helping that movement along its path with a mission to destroy the Founding Fathers’ Democracy. Today’s majority Congress is but a slave to the wealthy! And for now, Donald Trump the imposter president will be allowed to do his damage to help us re-align efforts upon whom we should trust - said again, gone forever are the days we could count on a single individual to keep us safe. “We the People” have not a President! Donald Jong Trump is the ultimate “Man without a Country”. It’s OK we have not a commander-in-chief, as it is the U.S. Constitution that counts, nothing else matters our sovereignty and it is the role of Congress to keep that Great Emancipator safe. After the Bush Doctrine went south because it was too much for that administration to fix what was left dripping from the Bill Clinton “Awful Office” walls and Barack arrived in town to recover what was left this republican driven ransack, after 8-years we exited with a recovery and doing fairly well as a nation so “Divided” - when Barack and Michelle enforced who we are as a nation strong even with the growing divide. Now that divide started in a somewhat silent fashion when Obama was “sworn to duty”, based on “bigotry”. It is this divide earmarked by a brat Congress that is cause for concern. As citizens, we can “opine” our desires every which way and loose, Congress is supposed to remain neutral and dictate what is good for the nation as a whole. But even with the 115th Congress, there exists a divide within the GOP majority party like we see with the Freedom Caucus. If the latter is NOT a “Turncoat” is without a doubt. Never before has a “bipartisan” relationship been so deeply missing-in-action. Today, it is a one-way street, a detour dead-end and let’s not forget what a “Divide” really means, “We Fail, We Fall”. Across the aisle still exists, but watch out for that trap-door wherein any tangible governance is raped on arrival unless it is tainted with Confederate like Fascism. The new-age GOP is what Fred Christ Trump dreamt about!  And for the most part it is the lingering side effect the fact many citizens could not stand the fact that a “black man” sat in the White House, and did one hell of a job considering all the hatred from the right-wingnut faction of the born-again Confederacy movement. Want a modern-day Webster’s for the “Right”, look no further than a “Confederacy”. And remember, we already fought a WAR over that faction’s inability to treat all humans with respect. Is this what we want all over again? If so, the Confederates should beware with whom they are dealing with, and a re-revolution will be ugly! From the gatherings at a Trump Tower rally, man the hatred is criminal but not just a skin color madness, but beyond borders political. We are tearing Miss Liberty to shreds, and the Russians seem to like helping US out with that destructive endeavor. So, we must give this “black” guy a whole lot of credit for what was accomplished, and at my age, the best 8-years of living the American Dream - as I felt safe and secure! I am living proof it worked for “all” as that is the kind of man Barack Obama was with his pledge of allegiance, this “statesmen” of our times. Sad, as the saying “all good things come to an end” still holds water. You want people to salute this nation standing with hand on heart, just bring Obama on stage! My President sang “Amazing Grace”, wow! And Happy Birthday Mr. Obama, this is your day! See, it is not the White House that accepts the blame for what is going down this disconnect between the people, it is Congress that is at full-throttle fault. Finger pointing needs to stop, as the culprit sticks out like a soar Trump tweet. That entity made up by the likes of the immature House members and the supposedly more mature Senate, this body no longer fulfills its duty proposed by the Founding Fathers some 200-plus years gone bye. We almost found a cure for the fromunder crotch-rot that sets in after way too many years as an elected official, it was called “Term limits”. Of course, all that starts off well doesn’t end well all the time, as when those that were pushing forward limits against the seat warmers, pushing forward as this is what the constituency was demanding from sea to shining sea - well we almost made it. But when those scoundrels responsible for this “Do Nothing” Congress 40-years in the making, when it was realized that to pass legislation that would limit how long a person could campaign, they went scared and squashed all reasonable legislation that would have placed some limits on just how long a single individual can hold hostage the U.S. Constitution as a Representative! We have NO REPRESENTATION today, when the likes of the GOP Freedom Caucus is totally out-of-control and using their Congressional seat power to practice “Treason”. There is a political disconnect, it is totally UN-Constitutional and if this were to have happened when the Founding Fathers were still active, there would have already been a coup d’etat and the “Turncoats” jailed. Look, this political storm was coming, Barack kept it all together the reason he is the “Last Great Statesmen President”. Has there ever been another time in American history wherein it is so easy to use that once “hush” of a word, as everybody is using the word “Treason” both sides of the aisle for the “Turncoats”. And when we find the REPRESNTATION not performing, the Sad Sack excuse we get as feedback is the lame excuse we must wait and vote them out, what an unpatriotic stance upon our liberty. If you refuse to be “sworn to duty” get out of the way. It is like watching someone commit a heinous crime on another human before our very own eyes and ears but cannot get over the fence to stop it. “We the People” have forgotten just how powerful we are as “INDIVIDUALS” when push comes to shove! Back in 1956 a guy named Jack Marler set precedence just how powerful each and every individual is as an American citizen. Jack was an IRS agent working in Alaska, before the 49er became a state but was actually controlled like a state yet maintained “Territorial” status. With that status, taxes were collected on individuals of the “Territory”. And Jack, being a Patriotic American and an agent of the U.S. Treasury, he understood his business. So he stopped paying taxes, based on the fact that Alaska had no delegation in Congress to support the needs and wishes of the Alaskan population. He was arrested by the G-Men and brought to trial. Low and behold, he was found NOT GUILTY based on “NO TAXATION without REPRESENTATION” and since this was under the auspices of the United States vs. Jack Marler, his victory set precedence in the Federal Court’s jurisdiction - which is all this land is my land this land is your land, live free or die love it or leave it. Precedence set is a mind-boggling tool. As the courts are afraid to tamper with this “precedence” in proceedings, and it usually takes the Supreme Court to render unfit a decision from the lower courts. And since the Marler verdict has not been challenged by well over 62-years wherein the SCOTUS held sessions to deliver an “opine” upon important things, the Marler case rests its case in stone - we have this tool at our disposal. Yes, we have the right to “Bankrupt” the U.S. Treasury as individuals and if we stand together, we control the purse strings and can control the out-of-control freight-train. And it is time we start demonstrating who is the boss, as we have such a divided Congress wherein anyone that thinks there is REPRESENTION has successfully fulfilled the lobotomy clause of the amended Constitution, or Constipation. So, I will hand over some of my hard-earned income as “Taxation”, when Barack Hussein Obama is “represented” at Mt. Rushmore as the “Last of the Great United States Presidents” and when the ribbon cutting takes place we can all sing Amazing Grace, from sea to shining sea and that will mean Democracy has been restored with dignity, until then I will keep my money in my own safe-keeping as I am tired of the wealthy getting a free-ride and buying the politicians in Congress who have no idea what it really means to be “sworn to duty” in efforts to uphold “My Country ‘Tis of Thee’s” Constitution. Once again, Happy Birthday Braveheart Barack Hussein Obama, my friend, our friend and a genuine “American Patriotic Hero Statesmen”.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Probably the saddest day in the American history books, that which focused on the political scene of a crime, occurred when long time Senator from Alaska Theodore Fulton Stevens lost his beltway seat - because he was under indictment. Sad, especially when you see other senators like Bob Menendez going through similar pain and suffering of an indictment with more persuasive “guilty” evidence finding no repercussions. A double standard exists, as some believe they can live comfortably above the law. But with Ted, who was a decorated WWII fighter pilot and the poster statement of a “Statesmen”, there was a reason a smear campaign during Ted’s “innocent until proven guilty” allowed for a democratic adversary to orchestrate a win over the political sleetmute of Alaska. This was Alaska the “Last Frontier”, oil boom country, bear bounty country voting in a Democrat - it was unprecedented. And Mark Begich lasted but a simple term, when Ted had been at it successfully for some 40-years. OK, I am all for “Term Limits” but when incompetency reaches home and controls one’s future…But the smear campaign against incumbent Senator Stevens worked, as it was orchestrated by his “once” close friends - which meant plenty of money meat to feed the hungry wolves. People close to Mr. Stevens, or the namesake of the “Hulk” so befitting due his power before the U.S. Senate as the Senate Pro Tempore 3rd in-line to take over as Commander-in-Chief, his comrades were scared that the pressure on Ted through trumped-up indictment charges - for receiving a gift of a table lamp - it would unhinge the senator and there were ghosts hidden in that closet that had to be kept sound asleep. Alaska is a very, very rich state and one that could do without any appropriations from Uncle Sam to survive, except for “Military Expenditures”. When Ted was in control of the purse strings, for every dollar that was taken away by Uncle Sam on the hard-earned income of Alaskans, low and behold the state received back 3-times that amount and that story was the number one bone of contention that Senator John McCain held on too when in republican competition with the “Hulk”, as that Alaskan grisly “greed” stole away resources from other less fortunate states of the Union. McCain was also very powerful, and fought for a dollar per dollar refund, which is how the appropriations should work to be equitable for all Americans. A state should get back only what the citizens put in, as no other way is equitable - as then it reeks in misappropriation reeks in misrepresentation. And Alaska did not need all this loot in the $millions$ courtesy of Uncle Sam’s perverted piggy-bank being robbed! OK, the reason we get Don Young Bridges to Nowheresville! Yes Alaska “strikes it rich” as last look advertised about $100-billion in reserves. Alaska’s state portfolio of income property finds holdings all over the world and 85% of the state’s over-inflated operating budget comes from oil revenues with enough left over that the citizens enjoy a yearly “bonus” - a free welfare check. But when Ted was forced to resign his beltway passion, those behind the sabotage of this war hero also had plans to silence Mr. Stevens - and in time Ted would be assassinated. The plane wreck that took his life - well gag-me-with-a-spoon in this day and age of FAA air disaster forensics, to find a report that says “inconclusive”, that is just an out for not telling the truth of the matter. The plane carrying Mr. Stevens was sent on a mission of doom and the end result was what some of his friends were looking for - as the silent treatment. I know, as I had words with Ted, that sounded in suspicion something ugly was to one day go down. See, a rewind of the history books tells the story of why Ted was targeted. Back in 1956, Ted Stevens was a young Federal prosecutor defending the United States government over a tax evasion case - United States vs. Jack Marler. It should have been an easy street case to try to trial, as there was up until this time “zero tolerance” for cheating on one’s income taxation. Now Mr. Marler was an agent of the Internal Revenue Service while assigned to the Alaskan branch and understood the ramification of his action or inaction to not file his own 1040s, and the outcome was the precipice of what would transpire someday and invite an assassination attempt upon Ted Stevens, that which was successful. Ironic it was, that the same agency that Ted litigated for would turn against him in the end. Look, even though there were other passengers on Ted’s doomed flight, innocent victims, the wealthy give not a rat’s ass as long as they can hide the truth of a crime. If killing others hides the truth so they can hold strong their wealth, you are just fodder to their “Daddy War Bucks” mentality. Yes, people will cheat you out of life to hold on to their fortunes. And remember what Dylan taught us: “The executioner’s face is always well hidden”. Now I will get to the Marler aspect very shortly as to why it played into the assassination of this war hero senator. When Ted Stevens found himself in the cross-hairs of the FBI and IRS over some gifts from a friend that went un-reported, Ted was about to start a campaign that insisted on the merits of the “Marler” case, as Congress had reached a dilemma and there was no longer any bipartisanship and a divide existed against the U.S. Constitution - which means “We the People” were divided and Ted saw that as “We Fail” and “We Fall”. And the only way to get back some semblance of bipartisan control was to throw Congress’ meat and potatoes to the real hungry wolves - the American middle class working heroes, through a coup d’etat against REPRESENTATION. It appeared that with “funny money” from the wealthy and Russia entering the arena, the “People” were outnumbered as special interest had taken over. Ted was to start a campaign that boasted the merits of “Precedence Set” in the Jack Marler case. See, what Ted would learn is that many of his friends in wealth were not paying taxes on time when receiving $millions$ in income. Yes, they would purposely delay filing their taxes and receive all kinds of “hate” mail from the IRS and when push came to shove they would plead a leniency deal by calling on “Jack Marler” and end up paying pennies on the dollar what they really owed from earnings. It was widespread income corruption with frustration and the IRS office in Alaska was being used as a convenient clearing house for this tax scam. So Ted was about to come clean with that fact-of-the-matter, which was about to cause an…revolution. Hold that thought, as he was silenced and case closed. Some believe that Donald John Trump used this “Jack Marler” formula to evade paying taxes. And since it is “Precedence Set”, it is a legal argument that can withstand the rigors of the toughest IRS “Tax Cheat” rulings. But why ruin a good thing? Why allow the common folk to enjoy the same, because it was reserved for the wealthy! And if it were to become a mainstream habit - the government could go broke or temporarily cease to operate. Now had it become a tool all of US could use, that we can boycott paying any taxes if we are not pleased with the “representation”, that would have caused a fire storm and then the United States Supreme Court would be faced with rendering an “opine”. Yes, with an appeal over a “precedence set” verdict when Jack Marler faced Ted Stevens - the courts do not like to deal with as “Precedence Set”, it is how our justice system works and once you start messing with it such can culminate towards a disaster for justice. Once a “precedence set” case is overturned, all previous cases litigated on that premise are also overturned - yes it invites a nightmare. Now I have an opinion about this “precedence set”, it is an easy street for lawyers and judges. No thinking involved, just slam down the damn gavel on people’s liberty! OK, this setting is a double-edged sword, as precedence set can be a good thing as once a case is tried, we hope the outcome is justified and carry on the same verdict next time around. And with respect to the “Marler” verdict, why in hell would the SCOTUS want to ruin a good thing for the wealthy? True story. Ted tried to bring “Marler” back to life for the good of the citizens, and his only true failure in life ended when that plane was sabotaged to crash where evidence was scarce. At least it was in Alaska, the place he loved, the place he defended even though Jack Marler held the “Ace”! Note: When Jack Marler was tried for Federal crimes back in 1956, his only defense was “No Taxation without Representation”, and that won his freedom and set precedence that if “We the People” have NO REPRESENTTION, then we have a weapon at our disposal to remedy what belongs to us with representation else keep what belongs to us, our hard-earned income. The government cannot function without “Taxation” in the same we cannot function without “Representation”, that which is supposed to protect the U.S. Constitution. We owe it to ourselves to behave in that same manner, as we have NO Representation when a GOP Freedom caucus uses taxpayer money to commit “Treason”, and the list of derelictions goes way beyond any sense of Representation. It is time now for the JACK MARLER REVOLUTION. Starting August 9th, the 8th anniversary when Ted Stevens was targeted by his friends to be forever silenced. This is our greatest treasure, the power to drought the U.S. Treasury, until such time our voice is heard and decency returns to those that are supposed to represent the best interest of “All the People” instead of selfish interests that are trying to re-tame the U.S. Constitution, as the Founding Fathers succeeded in that a long, long time ago even before Ted battled it out with Jack. The sure sign that “We the People” suffer from NO REPRESENTATION is the partisan divide in Congress, it accomplishes nothing. With “True Representation” we would enjoy a bipartisan revival, no matter which party is the majority. That is the only way our democracy can function for the good of “All the People”. In ending, even though Ted lost one of his first trials when trying to prosecute Jack Marler for tax evasion, he admits it was one of his best cases, as it spoke for itself and that verdict speaks loudly today. This is the “power of the People”. The “Lousy Hat Solidarity Party” endorses the “Jack Marler Revolution” for the good of American democracy, with liberty and justice for “ALL”.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hadron Super-Collider Hoax

I had the opportunity to sit down once again with Amlev Yelknid, a brilliant 12-year old self-taught scientific genius that is causing an uproar in the scientific community. It is not a coincidence that she boasts a fond affection and conscious affiliation with Srinivasa Ramanujan. So comes my personal acknowledgment this gift another Isaac Newton amongst us, and with due respect upon her new-age theory that which proposes an entirely new and refreshing set-of-rules on the beginning chapter origin of the “Universe”. And it is so awe inspiring, amidst a postulation a majority of non-scientist folk can grasp to how it all began without a Steven Hawking presence. Thank you Amlev! And when not tinkering with the complexities of the “Universe” while living a subsistence lifestyle, Amlev drives a sled-dog team along the Yukon River, from her adopted Athabaskan village of Ood-Yboocs - translated in English as “Talking Dog”. OK, Amlev will readily divulge her theory on the “Universe” but will politely keep secret her smoked salmon recipe! No wonder the Native Alaskan Indians around here call it “Squaw candy”.  So here we go, hold on to that hat as it is going to be a lightning fast ride! Light produces photons, and there is but for a single domain in the space-time continuum wherein photon collisions are remarkable and such crashes occurring as we speak, in the greatest “Super Collider” ever designed not by man! See, ever since Albert Einstein made it to that Nu-Joisey neighborhood pub missing a shoe, nations have huddled together and spent $billions$ on FAKE science experiments trying to find that missing link, I mean shoe. OK, when we have such a bad homeless problem, we should be doing everything possible to at least feed and shelter our down and out brothers and sisters and if anything left over, then fund FAKE science. That proverbial saying “I have a bridge to nowhere I want to sell”, same sentiment “I have a Hardon Super Collider I want to enlighten your erection”, both deliver in reality NOTHING but promises. OK, the Hadron super-collider did find that $13-billion dollar Nothing Burger - no bun, no lettuce, no cheese “where’s the beef” and merely a slather like skid-mark of ketchup! The funny thing, the research says this burger is 100-million years old - but it smells like a fromunder “Big Mac”! Back to the basics. According to Yelknid’s theory, the “Godenergy” belt is wherein it all started, or if Not of religion replace with the “Goodenergy” all it takes is another “o”. See how simple this bipartisan theory is already and still only in the beginning! That “belt” on “creation’s” watch transformed from a pure-energy infinitesimal “Ring” to a “Mobius Surface” and allowed photon collisions to occur with a constant vigilance, even today on our watch. Sidebar: What happens to FAKE science or FAKE news on a “Mobius Go ‘Round”? Now the results of two photons trying to occupy the same point in this time-continuum space and originating from two different “infinities”, such climaxes behave in a manner as to balance the (N)ETHER. Yes, the ETHER continues to expand by this collision course, as the photons that are trying to “collude” cannot so it results in a premeditated collision, due the fact the photons originated at two distinct “infinities” that were created but for a moment when the “Godenergy Ring” announced “let there be light”. In efforts to preserve some semblance of order in the “Creation” of the Universe, two separate infinites could not exist, so a merger took place wherein the “Godenergy Ring” transformed into that of a “Mobius Surface” and there exists an infinite converging of photons that originate from these different infinities, yet targeting the same point in the space-time continuum, which cannot occur so the “collision” produces all kinds of characteristic futuristic things - like big things like planets to small things like an atom even smaller that electron please take a bow! This collision produces whatever is required at the time to balance the “Universal Force” that exists in the ETHER so far and growing leaps and without bounds. Since photons exhibit an existence as a wave, it means a link like tether to the “Godenergy”, so in collusion this collision just about anything can become “real”, small to big, mass to no mass as well as energy we cannot even detect and forces we have yet to define. This collision will go on, well until the next transformation of the “Godenergy Ring” from the Mobius Surface which would testify the end of the “Big Bang” with the enlightenment of the “Infinity Surface”, which will take forever so don’t hold your breath but one can IMAGINE towards that end. Get over it, there was NO such thing as a “Big Bang” and a “Black Hole” confuses the issue. And how it was explained to me by Amlev, just watch a sun-rise to get the point across, it was not is not a chaotic like episode with dire strait consequences. So yes, this interaction of photon collisions is causing the Universe to expand as we speak. All in efforts to balance the “Universal” forces of the (N)ETHER and the main reason we see “stability” with our sun and earth relationship, as the longer our domain moves within the expansion of the “Total Universe”, the less effect the origin - that “Mobius Surface” - has with respect the cause and effect slide-rule. What it means? We may destroy this earth through wars, but we cannot even dent the (N)ETHER! We can only harm ourselves. This theory of Yelknid makes pure common sense. But way too many scientists spend a lifetime trying to play GOD, as a majority believe not in a supernatural being but think they can outsmart the genius of a fly. Now this 12-year old that immigrated from Russia to Alaska and early on in life adopted by an Athabaskan family, she spends her time managing that sled dog team and subsistence food gathering. But she told me that ever since she proposed the “Universe Theory”, she has been hounded by ICE agents who are trying to paint the picture that she came to the United States illegally? She fears deportation, but you don’t mess with the Athabaskan clans, as up and down the Yukon these village people stick together like a “Militia”. And I asked Amlev as to why the United States government would want to deport someone that has figured it out and offering up something we can all understand? She thinks that too much time and money and careers have been wasted and the only result the “Nothing Burger” - she didn’t use that word but it is what stuck - this “nothing” with the “Black Hole Big Bang” extravaganza that which never occurred according to Yelknid’s theory. And that is sad, that prominent PHD holders would resort to ruining another’s wellbeing just to save face that they have squandered away an existence with….it gives FAKE a reality check. But thank you Amlev Yelknid, for this promising theory that explains how we got here! The fun thing, with 3-strips of paper and some tape, I can entertain my 3-year old niece and teach her the Yelknid “Theory of the Universe” - with the simplicity of a “ring”, that ring with a coplanar twist of 180-degrees to yield the “Mobius Surface” and another strip with a 360-dgree twist, it yields the “Infinity Surface” - and kids love it! Now what is also interesting, another theory proposed by some associates of Amlev from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks is that “Universal Forces” that support the existing (N)ETHER, at least from the standpoint from wherein EARTH finds its planetary vision, using algorithms propositioned by Ramanujan on “continuous fraction” indicates that the earth in its design is a rarity. That is Not hard to comprehend when we look out towards open space at other rotating obstacles in our galaxy that which resembles for the most part “dead planets”. At least it appears so from this observer. But far from “dead”, as the rest of the surrounding planets may exist as an inside out replica of the “Mother Earth”, yes “Mother” - here we go ‘round the Mobius once again. Amlev and her associates believe that many planets have internal livable domains, and ready to be occupied by humans. Yes, internal worlds with all the necessities of life, water to sources of energy to sources of light for agriculture and that one day we will find a way to exploit those domains, find new and exciting minerals and fascinating unknown energy sources. And Amlev’s vision sees into the future, that one day will come a generation that will look out towards space and see this “Earth”, now a sacred place an unoccupied by humans due the fact it is where civilization found a start, found war then found peace and in collusion the latter found a way to move on, in space as the final frontier that has no “finale”! Yes, when we start concentrating on a better society wherein WAR is cast aside, our efforts then will uncover things that will appear magical, like time-space travel without strapping ourselves to a fire-cracker wherein we become senile seniors before we get anywhere. One day…

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Where Do the Children Play

Here it is, the 4th of July, the day “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” celebrates an “Independence” a government of our own accord. United we stand - corrected! Things have changed, almost for the worse “where do the children play”, but we never give up hope as we shall overcome - together again like this nation has always respected, when push comes to shove. To start off, I am not a Donald Jong Trump supporter, never will be and if you ever have the opportunity to force that upon me, then I would prefer the gallows. YES, hear me out loud and clear, “Give me Liberty or give me death”. There is NO liberty in wealth segregation, the Trump Tower Dysentery Dynasty bargain basement desertion. I find it appropriate to change his “John” to “Jong” as in North Korea’s Kim Jong dUNg, as he is a monster within a monster. And to finish this “start off”, I am not a supporter of the Clinton faction, as that husband & wife team ruined the Democratic Party. We knew going into the 2016 election that both the Republican and Democratic rivalry was DOA. But with a “Do Nothing Congress”, what do you expect accept a “Silence of the Lambs” as the Democrats thought for sure that Hillary would beat Trump without a doubt. Yes indeed, they were already counting the winnings before the final chapter. See, we became comfortable with 8-years of Buch then 8-years of Obama wherein a “Congress” was but a waste of “Taxpayers” wealth, so it meant our Oval Office statesmen had to single handedly take control of destiny. If this nation went smart, we would all become followers of Jack Marler, and respect what is meant by “No Taxation without Representation”. So what am I getting at besides it is time for all able-bodied countrymen to indeed say NO to the U.S. Treasury? Remember, “We the People” have the power of the purse, and precedence was set with the Marler case, in Alaska in 1956. But when the Grand Old Party is dead and the Democratic Party is dead, we have but two choices, as these parties are never coming back with the strength and stamina that history has shown us over time. All good things come to an end, get over it and concentrate on where we go from here - so we have a place “Where Do the Children Play” that is under the auspices of Miss Liberty. Donald Jong Trump has a very simplistic but effective view of power, such rests its case on segregation as a means to segregate wealth. It begins with segregation in housing, something the young Trump learned from his father, Fred Christ Trump during the Beach Haven housing segregation days back in the 50s in NYC. And at that time, Fred Christ Trump was known to be a KKK and Fascist sympathizer - even went arrested at a rally that turned ugly against our WWII veterans during a parade - the reason Donald loves parades! Today Donald Jong Trump practices what he learned from his upbringing, segregate everything if it makes a profit then segregate it again for more profit based on the premise you can continue to cut things in half as long as the dissection finds the outcome benefitting that wallet. Since his inauguration, we have seen “Segregation” as his branding iron - from taxation benefitting the wealthy to separating families, someone is getting richer every move he makes. The way the Stock Market has reacted the past 6-months is a tribute to how segregation can benefit a few. His motif operandi is based on the fact this is the way America is supposed to act, that everybody has the same opportunities and challenges in getting ahead even if it means no more “Brotherly Love” and “Buddy can you spare a dime” today a worn-out street corner craving. So when Trump became the front runner ahead of a wide-ranging better-fit-for-duty cast that embraced the agenda of the Republican party, well that parties followers had but a single choice, vote for Fascism. It did not matter, as anything was better than the thought of another Clinton taking over. No way for Hillary, as there would have been GOP riots in the streets had she become the first woman U.S. President with a husband named Bill! On the other side of the aisle, many were so to disgusted in another Clinton the front-runner for the Democratic Party, well the end results speaks for itself. There was a “divide” in this nation that was made noticeable at the voting booths. Those on the democratic side voted their conscious, even if it meant a vote cast against the Clinton dynasty. Even Mitt Romney voted his conscious, writing in his wife and pet dog. But many got taken by the 2-headed dragon, and the republicans won it for Trump, because they care only about a single agenda - divided we fail and divided we fall. There was no Russian collusion to the point it changed the election outcome. America was sick and tired, NOT of Obama, but we went tired based on what we had as a choice to ruin this nation. In the end, it was give and take the lessor of two evils take your pick the definition of this “evil”. But rest assured, today both the republican and democratic agenda is gone forever. Fascism won out, as the republicans maintained their party affiliation only to be blind-sided by what Donald Jong Trump really stood his ground upon. For many of us that realized the cross-roads of Democracy was a reality, that the democratic party was doomed, it was encouraging to see a party on the move that embraced “Socialism”. The Founding Fathers realized that one day “Democracy” would find challenges, we are at that point in history. But the Fathers had not a solution, as it will be the outcome of a “Revolution” that finds a new form of government whence the “smoke” clears away. And the time is ripe for this “Revolution” as this nation is equally divided. And this conversation about a “Constitutional Crisis”, it is a fear of Congress for taking this nation to the brink of  a “Democracy” extinction. Now calm down, this is not the “Blood & Guts” type of Revolution that should scare US into a survival mode, we are still brothers and sisters with a common goal, but that goal may be very lean no matter what the outcome of this “WAR” that is being fort right here at home. If Fascism wins out, it will be but a slow defying decay as segregation of the wealth continues to erode away at our right to “Life, Liberty and that once guaranteed pursuit to Happiness”. It will not be a Heil Hitler takeover, just each and everyday you will have less and less and that is in itself how we will be controlled. We will be left with the basic ingredients, shelter and food, nothing else. On the other side, we could embrace “Socialism” and we see a new invigorating movement in that direction. First and foremost, Bernie Sanders is still a voice and some long standing democratic seats of Congress are forfeiting to a younger generation that embraces Bernie’s vision. Socialism, same damn thing as we will be guaranteed success with shelter and food, what else is needed? Well in Fascism the ownership of everything is by a few, as a means of control. In Socialism, we share everything, as a means of control. And which one do you think will survive by embracing the American Spirit? Happy 4th of July, and YES, our children will have a place to play and pray, but the wealthy are never satisfied on how much they own! They have a sickness and would smile as they take away that freedom! Fascism or Socialism, pack your bags now as this is wherein “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” is heading, yes down the same damn path without resistance for now! And the best thing that the Clinton Democratic Party can do, get out of our way. It is over with as is the Grand Old Party done with, but it does not mean an end to Miss Liberty, just a preference if Miss Liberty lives free or in confinement with a chastity belt! And the best thing that should happen, think tanks of young thinkers should be embracing this moment, to deny the GOP and Democratic namesake on any future voting booths. It is today Fascism verses Socialism, get over it but first and foremost we need a definition and mission statement of what each controlling mechanism stands for, one has wealth control the other has people control, it is that simple.

Monday, July 2, 2018

State of the Union Eunuch

Before Donald Jong “DO Uche” Trump used the proverbial “ten-pounds of shat in a one-pound bag” to covet his base and then shoveled some more “shat” on “shat” and somehow fondled his way into the Access Hollywood White House, “We the People” had “Red Herring” flags, warning signs like a shot across-the-bow as a gauge that which spelled out the “State of the Union”. As a “Patriotic American”, for some 65-years from the likes of Ike to Kennedy to Johnson to Carter to Reagan to Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama, I always enjoyed the “State of the Union” addresses by the sitting U.S. President all sides of the aisle. Even though such “Statements” came with a “shallow” political divide, there was always some semblance of a bipartisanship relation that gave me confidence upon a checks-and-balance between the Congress and Commander-in-Chief and vice versa - for “ALL America” is “What are we fighting for”! OK, there is a void during the Nixon & Ford years and I am sure that if today that “State of the Union” voice demonstrated “Patriotism” over “Treason” I would be a staunch listener. There is no such thing “shallow” today and more of a “shadow”, what assurances forward looking as a “State of the Union” with a check & balance, as the U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that the “Union” is dead! And the divide between US and THEM is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned, else they would have promulgated laws to insist that even with a political divide, leave well enough alone leave that divide at the door upon entry to the House and Senate chambers - no political loitering allowed. And Bob Dylan was right, they “blackmailed the Sergeant-of-Arms into leaving his post”, else the jail in the basement of the Congress would be on overflow with “Turncoats”. And I am talking both republican and democratic “Turdcoats”. What we learned in kindergarten, “Divided We Fall”, and it seems everyone in a political shelter has forgotten about “United We Stand”. This “Gohmert Pile of Shat Freedom Fendom Caucus” with the likes of Jim Jordon and Mark Gaetz, it is so, so dangerous to our “Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness”. And what happened to “Term Limits”, when we were so close to having a Congress realize that a job for life is a dangerous proposition to the wellbeing of “Democracy”? They reneged on US when all of a sudden they realized to push forward such an agenda meant they would be unemployed and may have to find honest work for a living wage! But I stopped finding entertainment, stopped finding pride in the president addressing the American Citizens back in 2009, when Confederate Representative of South Carolina Joe Wilson “aborted” the dignity and integrity of the U.S. Constitution and shouted out that Barack Obama was a liar. “The President sang Amazing Grace”, and was branded a “Liar”? What should have happened right then and there even for a civil society is a hanging, yes-siree-bubba the gallows should have been resurrected for Mr. Wilson’s reward for, well this was “Treason” of the highest bar. Remember, when the WAR was over and the “Turncoat Confederates” cried for freedom, our Founding Fathers had the power to hang, but gave the confederates leniency - but the law to hang against “Treason” remains intact today. OK, we are different today so maybe just some Velma Dinkley “Waterboarding” would suffice for Mr. “You Lie”. Damn, off on that crash course again but an easy correction to get back on track. Now one gauge that was always of interest an overall bench-mark the “State of the Union” was the price of oil, as everything is tied to oil, every damn thing. From farm to market, it takes gasoline for transporting illegal immigrants to pick the produce and watermelons, this “motor-petro” comes from oil. So that bag of lettuce, it has a few pennies added here a few peenies added there to satisfy your craving for eating healthy and getting this stuff to the table before rigor mortis sets in. Get this, hamburger box stores have teamed up with drug companies to figure out how they can addict us to bad diets of “fromunder” beef and when that stuff devastates our immune system we must have drugs!  My WWII dad is living proof this nothing burger on a bun stunned his immune system and by now an aftermath addiction, as he has a daily pill for every letter of the alphabet. See, the doctor tells him that reciting the A through Z is good for the memory. OK, Donald Jong Trump used the campaign slogan the “dog ate my homework” and received 60-million votes for being honest. The problem his truth-in-lending statement, he didn’t have a dog talk about collusion! But when Trump moved into the White House like the Beverly Hillbillies moving into Hollywood, we are governed today by a whole new set of rules, including the “gauge” for the State of the Union. OK again, it is today better off stated as the “State of the Eunuch” and it is not the price of oil that is the tell-a-tale our credibility as a freedom loving “Union”, it is the price of drum roll please…Toilet Paper! The gauge usually has a “volatility” statement, and due the fact our nation became self-sufficient self-reliant and didn’t need King Sodomy of Arabia’s oil because we fracked the hell out the earth under the Great Lakes, well oil was replaced by what it takes to clean up after doing the daily business. And it is a “Be Best” Melania bowel movement moment, as we are getting “shat” upon daily by…yes I changed the “John” in Donald XXX Trump to “Jong”, as it appears he is a monster within a monster and that DO U? It means DOUche, for the bags under his eyes as he is constipated, his entire family is constipated, his entire administration is constipated and soon the Supreme Court will be constipated. And one day when this constipation is Dulcolax free, we are in deep doo-doo! Soon, single ply will be in vogue due the price of the Ritz Cracker stuff only the wealthy can afford, “My County ‘Tis of Thee, sweet land of 2-ply liberty” a thing of the past because the wealthy honestly believe their “shat” does not stink! Donald Jong Trump, 530 destructive days in office on this 4th of July and it equates to the same amount of days that U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has been in a sound sleep! Has anybody seen or heard from Rex Tillerson? Maybe he is still having an EXXON Valdez laughing fit over his dealings with an F’n Moron Idiot and when we hear of leaches and mites invading the shore-line beaches of Florida, the birthplace from whence this Helter-Skelter holocaust comes from is well known and the spokesperson for this bite itching filth is your very own…cannot, will not on this 4th of July pay any respect and call that “Moron” only what he deserves - and it ain’t “The President sang Amazing Grace”!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Godenergy or Goodenergy

Wow, this theory of Amlev Yelkind’s, that which focuses on the “Origin of the Universe” is gaining popularity leaps and bounds - even amongst staunch supporters that have forever supported the age-old “Big Bang” nothing-burger theory. And it is good news that the old guard is awakening to a revival of sorts, tuning in and turning on to the younger generation’s thinking patterns. Especialy for some of these PHD carte blanche card carriers, after waiting in line for years for that Hardon “Super-Collider” to be built to test case their Steven Hawking “Big Bang Black Hole” theories. What a “Hoax” that turned out to be, as soon after “Opening Day” and $13-billion in the “hole” the “Tube’s” super-magnetic tunnel blew-up like a 4th of July firecracker - and the Higgs Bosom Buddy went perverted and a no show, it disappeared forevermore! With that let down, many scientists started to realize that they will be grave-side before their time to smash together beer bottles at super-sonic collider speeds, so are resorting to find an equitable and respectable way out of a mess. Through mathematical reasoning Ted Kaczynski please take a bowel movement, I mean bow! Only kidding. Yet we needed a “keep it simple Simon stupid” renaissance romance upon “How the Universe Died for Dummies 101”, here it is. According to Yelknid, it all starts with a “Godenergy Ring” that existed alongside an inner nothing and an outer nothing and “always was” so it was on God’s time. Now if you require a separation of “Church and State” this easy to understand reasoning of when and how it all began, just replace the “God” with “Good” - so it is a multi-denominational non-denominational theory treatise and works for everyone. Amazing what an “o” can do, said again “simple”! Back to the migration, this “Godenergy Ring” was of “pure energy” and infinitesimal due its unadulterated pureness containing all possible energy, it needs no demonstrable “dimension”. When the call of “let there be light” was announced, that emancipation source was emitted by the “Godenergy Ring” with orders to emanate towards “infinity”, in both the inner and outer domain. And this nothing but this “Ring” also consumed jurisdiction upon the NETHER. That call for a “beacon of light” created this “infinity” as a destination, as there was now a place to go where no light has gone before! But this resurrection of “light” with the “Lord of the Ring”, it indicated that two distinct “infinities” evolved with this “charge of the light brigade”. And in efforts for the inner ring to not be in violation of the laws of “infinity” now that “light” was on the loose, the “Godenergy Ring” expanded at a speed greater than the well-known speed of light - aka “Godspeed”. Now the expansion at this “Godspeed”, it caused the “Godenergy Ring” to transform into a “Mobius Surface”, so now there is a separation of “Church from State”, which allowed for the merging of the two distinct “infinities”. The “Mobius Surface” is magical in this respect, it does not segregate! And due the fact not friction that the “Mobius Surface” finds an irregularity, it is the “wrinkle on the map” that science has been searching for ever since Isaac Newton went on that apple-bob expedition. Now this “irregularity”, this allowed an outlet of interest - a link, such that the interaction of the merging of infinities could instigate the Ether, which before this “Mobius Surface” reality was but for the NETHER - empty! In consideration the fact that there was “light” unleashed by the “Godenergy Ring”, wherein the former has an inherent velocity as well a magic “photon” mass without mass, well it weathers the storm through the generation of “MASS”, which promotes the “Universe”. Now with “infinity” involved, this F(Force)/A(Acceleration) = M(Mass) is a continuous fraction function and as we speak the “Universe” continues to grow, with the merging of the “infinites” causing a continuous balancing act the result of the merging of a force and accompanying acceleration. Yes, mass is created in this merger which then propagates and populates the (N)ETHER, as without mass being created the merging of two infinites would have to allow for more then a single “infinity” which is not possible in the space-time continuum. In efforts to relax the taxation of the mergers, mass is “Created” and the balance of the Universe remains ever so in sync-check. And this mass, it can be but for the smallest know mass of a particle, or F1/Acceleration(constant), the first known force at the first known time of interaction when the “Mobius Surface” was created from the “Godenergy Ring” and stamp of approval on “infinity”, to facilitate the birth of the “Universe”. This is when “Universal Time” started the Tic-Tock-Toe! And since every “trial and tribulation” with this “Mobius Surface” merging together the once “inner and outer infinities” being so unique, this merging “creates” nothing over again. That’s why every planet is different, a different merger between the “infinities” never to be duplicated, it results in variety, it results in diversification. And since “infinity” has no bounds, this merging will also continue forever, and because “Mass” is a basic concept the result of simple Newtonian physics, everything possible gets “Created” in time! The planet earth lives on, due being in the right place at the right time the merger of the two definitive infinities affiliated with the “Godenergy Ring” wherein the results yielded what it is today, what we are today. In ending this dissertation for “Dummies”, it means there exists no bounds to space, no bounds to the size of the “Universe”, and the only misrepresentation of this process is through shrapnel from broken beer bottles colliding in some think tank on the brink of Helter-Skelter because someone finally let the cat-out-of-the-bag of “Universe Reality”. Thank you Amlev Yelknid for making it so easy to understand how it all came to be.

Sidebar Chat - I had the opportunity of a lifetime to sit down and chat with super-star self-taught 12-year old Amlev Yelknid. This brilliant scholar of Russian descent resides in the Athabaskan village of Ood-Yboocs(“Talking Dog” translation) in Alaska. To get the point across how simple her “Theory of the Universe”, she cut 3-strips of paper as follows: One strip was formed into a simple ring, the “Godenergy or Goodenergy Ring”. Another strip started off like the previous ring, but then Amlev threw me for a loop with a “coplanar” twist of 180-degrees and then closed the loop, it demonstrated the “Mobius Surface” and is very unique in its relationship to the “inner and outer domains”, the two separate “infinities”. And the remaining strip started out the same but then found a coplanar twist of 360-degrees and to my astonishment, it was the ring of infinity in the closing statement! So in the beginning it was the “Godenergy Ring” which created a light-show as it possessed all known energy. Then the “Lord of the Rings” transposed itself to a “Mobius Surface” wherein the “infinities” did not take too kindly a “Travel Ban” this beacon of light so merged and populated the (N)ETHER with the results of the Force to Acceleration to Mass prescription of relief. And when it is all said and done if “infinity” ever finds an end, it is the ring of “infinity” transformation. Now this is a theory we can teach our kindergarteners along with a quick quit deed that we no longer must spend beaucoup bucks trying to make love to a muon boson, that is always a “stood-up” even on the first date!