Monday, September 22, 2014

Reset Windup

In process control theory, there is a phenomenon called “Reset Windup”. Basically, in a process like making apple sauce should something go haywire, it can get out of control with “sauce” blowing everywhere. Most “processed foods” - anything that is found at the grocery store in a box or bag – today are made by hi-technology robotic production lines, so fall under the auspices of “process control theory”. Basically, under “Geek Control”! It is a sophisticated science of sensors and gadgets all designed to work in unison in efforts to speed up the process for maximum yield. And even if a modern day production line is equipped with a sophisticated computer trying to control things and outwit humans that used to perform the same tasks at minimum wage, there comes a point in time of diminishing returns wherein even the best logic faults and can never regain stability – throw it all away and start over – after “Humans” clean up the mess! Remember, computers are programmed by humans, so have the same limitations, except a computer makes mistakes faster. See, humans could “strike” for unfairness when asked to work faster, nowadays.....And when this out-of-control phenomenon that is governed by high-level mathematical algorithms begins to show signs of mischief, when this happens the uProcessor based devices – like apple smashing gadgets and conveyor belts – it just doesn't stop things in its tracks, but tries towards “infinity” to regain consciousness and correct things. So it's a crap shoot, sometimes it works, sometimes it is nothing short and exercise in futility and a worthless attempt to try and save the quota for the day. If it fails, the brain of the beast ends up tightened up forever like a spring of a clock, and can never again unwind. Remember the old wind-up wrist watches? Wind a little too much and, yes “Reset Wind-up” takes over and the ticking goes silent. What was once a fine and precise metalist's work of art, well it then looks like a junkyard! With this “Reset Wind-up”, it's a mathematical phenomenon that remains today a mystery, so has not been resolved. Sounds just like the U.S. Congress, like being constipated. That's wherein the term “Reset Wind-up” originates, as time was not on the beast's side with an attempt to reach “infinity”, or was it? Question. Why in hell are there Viagra commercials broadcast with the cast of the International Space Station way out in space or for that matter the smiling crew of some commercial fishing boat way out in the middle of nowhere? Anyway, Bernie Sanders has called for a “Political Revolution” and is now testing and teasing the waters for a possible run at the White House in 2016. Just recently at the Iowa political pow-wow, Bernie was the talk of the town – way ahead of Hillary and Hey Joe! In fact, I heard Bill was run out of town as in Iowa there is the 3-second rule – if an adult male eye-gropes an underage girl for more, “You're Out”! Anyhow, if I could vote today, I would cast that vote upon this “Political Revolution”, as we need something to get this out-of-control ship back on the right course. As like mentioned above, this nation is on a high alert of “REST WIND-UP”, yes constipation on “Overload”. Now we often times equate a “Revolution” to turmoil, unrest and other things nasty a coup d'etat, but we must resign that notion to a more friendly version of what would be behind a Bernie “Political Revolution”. First and foremost, Bernie does not really represent the majority of the “People”, nor does his political ideals represent that even of the “Minority”, as being a Democratic Socialist - the Independent label he is so proud of - that in itself finds total disrespect here in the Homeland. Anything affiliated with “Socialism” is a no-no. But look at what this single individual has done single handily for this nation, as he is about the only U.S. Senator that has not taken the bait and dismissed responsibilities as a member of the 113th Congress, like upholding the U.S. Constitution for what it's worth – still something I suppose? He has not a political interest in himself, or entertaining re-election out of selfishness, because his only mandate is that of “Nation First”! He's a “Peace-nik”, and Casey Jones of the “Peace Train”. Look, we just need a time-out away from WAR and hate, get us back on track to reassess what we are all about, as this “AMERICA”! We must give this “Peace” a chance. And look, Bernie has no intention of bringing “Socialism” to a voting booth near your disenfranchised precinct. So I am all for giving “Bernie against the Beast” an opportunity to unwind the wound-up spring of constipation we live with today through the “Do Nothing Congress” as we are going nowhere with this “Do Nothing” attitude! Today, our representative body is wound up tight, by the “Lobby” and like an out-of-control process, the point of diminishing return promotes a valid reason as to why we must all put aside our indifferences in government accountability and vote for Bernie's Revolution, as it is “Our Revolution”. We just need a leader that is not afraid to initiate a change and is not interested in an “ego boy satisfaction”. It can either backfire, or get this nation back on track – we have nothing to loose giving it a GO! One thing for sure, if Bernie does get to take over the “Oval Office”, rest assured the “Lobby” will be forever banned from the “beltway” and “K” Street will become a “Green Belt” and if for this single reason only, we must break tradition and vote for Bernie, no matter what his party represents! Democratic Socialist: “extending principles of democracy in the economy.” What in hell is wrong with that from an American worker's standpoint? In ending, the “Only thing we have to fear is the wealth funded fear of the 1% Beast”! Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie against the Beast, Beast! As with Bernie's dream of a “Political Revolution” becoming a realty as it should, we will once again prevail against that "Beast of Burden”!

Divide by “ZORRO”

Wow, I just received a medical bill and for the time being, dizzy with disdain and completely disillusioned as to my future health, I mean leftover future wealth after the payoff! OK, so one too many beers, I'm in heat! Now I am not in the ObamaCare bracket racket, way too old. But not yet of legal age to rip-off Uncle Sam with “Medicaca”. “Ca” meaning “Care and Caid”, the modern day “Can and Able” to assist you in loosing your estate! OK, so I meant “Cain and Abel”, no different as one is trying to destroy the other, only thing different today is the fact an infant sister has entered the scene, with ObamaCare – still a virgin Mary! And I am healthy so may never get the chance to take more than my fair share, as that seems to be the American way today, the hell with just one's share of things - best take it all before someone else pilferages the “Homeland's” hen-house. Hold on, the phones ringing. “Dear patient, you don't need a fake knee but you deserve a fake knee, and it's almost free – but wait there's more. Act today and receive two fake knees for the price of one, just pay....”! Actually, I would consider some botox treatments for my groin as “frumunda” is taking over, but that started when I visited Don Young in D.C. His office was a mildew mess cluttered with big game hunt relics, each dangling a “game” tag that thanked the “Lobby” that paid for the trip! Yes, he has a wall mount of Nancy Pelosi called the “Rabid Skunk” and it does smell of urine, his office – like a homeless shelter. And after leaving his office, when the TSA did the “swab” for powder, I was arrested! When interrogated, as soon as the police realized I was visiting from Alaska and was in Don's office, they let me go. Supposedly Don spends time reloading for Schaeffer Cox instead of representing, so his office is a powder keg. But low and behold, someone else is taking advantage of my fair share of medical bill fraud! Have you received your “IOU” statement from Uncle Sam, on how much you owe? Hurry up, change your mail box delivery address! But yes, the medical insurance industry is taking advantage of good intent – by taking advantage of ObamaCare. And the trickle down theory never fails, as increases in medical costs so everyone can have affordable lobotomies, it is now costing me twice as much as before – so I didn't gain a damn thing. I wasn't supposed to gain anything from Obama's plan of attack against the 1% faction, as with 35-years as a working class hero for a company that did supply family medical benefits, it is estimated that benefit alone sucked away over $200k in what could have been part of my wage, had there been a government “We Care ObamaCare” sponsorship. I only used a fraction of that coverage, and somebody gained from my wage garnishment. Boy, did we get screwed! Think if that “lost loot” was actually part of a wage and spent on the economy instead of going to some wealthy “Bitch” with an offshore account. Did you hear the latest, that many American Investors have invested in ISIS – that is why that insurgency is believed to have in excess of $2-billion in asset wealth. So “We the Taxpayers” must foot the bill to fight the investors' investment – screwed again is getting old! But somehow with the medical “deductible” crap donut hole not yet in effect, I am out money that could have been used to buy “beer”! This pisses me off. How in hell can costs for the same damn procedure increase by a factor of 2x in just under a year? And even though Mr. MD Botox can charge more, the deductible remains the same – who votes on this crap? Is this Wall Streets biggest “Investor Gain” accomplishment upon an opportunity, again? And this medical procedure, I didn't even get to talk to a real MD, just a guy with a broom who was answering questions for everyone, as we were tricked into thinking this place employs a real live MD! Just a figment of the imagination, just like in thinking we have representation. Honestly, the guy at the “House” with the broom works for a living, unlike those he picks up for. So why is it that we have a mentality today that over-shadows righteousness beyond decency – stealing I am talking about. How much money does a doctor's wife need, for showing off? Look, the money is going somewhere, and not in “My Wallet” and with increased costs and a stagnant deductible, I was screwed again! Sometimes I just don't get it. Actually, getting it is no longer the problem as we all get it, as we are in the bent over position from birth! Blame all of this county's wows on a “Do Nothing Congress” that should have already found the medical insurance executives in Congressional Court, and already placed a bounty based on “Contempt”. But when our representative body gets away with “Nothing”, do we really stand a chance? Mark Twain was so right on, something about when a “Senator is not serving time should be doing time”, damn why have we not learned from our mistakes? OK, here it is. I really hate Saran wrap, as it looks so neat and tidy when still on the roller. But as soon as you start to take it out of its cage, it misbehaves, just like Congress. Yes, sticking to things foreign, just like “Congress” sticking to the “Lobby” instead of the intended subject. Yes again, so neat - yet so unorganized once it is called to action and in the end we get “No Action” as it becomes a massive confused assembly, and as time goes on less and less affiliation with “coverage” and in this case “Medical” coverage. Now, isn't there an old “common law” that says, “No Taxation without Representation”? It may be time to exercise that option, as their must be a judge out there waiting and willing to become famous, by telling “Congress” to shut up. Anyway, I try to track my medical stuff coverage and when I tried to use an on-line “Benefits” calculator from the insurance outfit hired by my carrier, I get that “Divide by Zorro” error, and what the hell does that mean? ZORRO: Masked outlaw who defends the people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains. Wow, maybe it is trying to tell us something, about “Congress” and about the “Lobby”! Just in, “Chuck Norris: Top 10 reasons why you should pick your nose”.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spuce it Up!

Wow, an Alaskan business has become the recipient of the coveted Francaise “Pomme De Terre” award, for the best of the year's innovation for spice and seasonings. This award goes to Alaska Pure Sea Salt company from down in Sitka, Alaska - for its “Sea Salt with Spruce Tips” sensation. I tried some, it is unbelievable and takes away the boringness of regular salt from the sea with a hint of “spruce”, talk about an earthly and invigorating essence. Try some as it is indeed a winner and will make your food, well “spruce it up a notch”!

Another Sarah Wannabe:

According to the “National Institute of Health & Welfare”, due to the noise blast that follows a bullet discharged from a rifle, pregnant women should avoid shooting weapons that are more powerful than a .22 caliber rifle or pistol. Your weapon of choice, the 270 used to kill that moose, it emits 10x-plus the decibel level - a.k.a. “loud noise” - that of a 22, which means your baby will never hear a thing you say once delivered. What are you crazy? I forgot, we all want to be like “Mama Brawl Moose”. Just another reason Alaska is becoming the “Lost Frontier”, pregnant backwoods lunatics on the loose for moose! “Got to fill the freezer, got to fill the freezer, got to get my PDF welfare check....” What in hell happened to this state? In fact, ask an Alaskan Native woman that is pregnant what they think of your deliberate act of “baby” abuse, you would be banned from the clan. And don't you have “Internet” access, so you can check this kind of stuff out beforehand? Pathetic to say the least.

Black & Blue

Wow, what a week for those that are supporters of “Domestic Violence”. I bet Bill Clinton is....May this be the turning point, to see this sacrilege against another human being held hostage by a dominating partner for experimental body and mind control finally made more then a “nothing crime”. I vote for “guilty” punishable by Deliverance! Yes, from pro-sportsters to village police officers way up here in Alaska indicted for “Shut Up Bitch” violence finding the fist as a weapon of choice – and we thought ISIS was proving itself a brutal troublemaker! Do you have any idea what the penance for “Domestic Violence” is under the Qur'an? Even though “women” are considered of lower value then “Hush Puppies” in many Islamic nations, you get caught beating your spouse and that spouse finds what being a widow is all about – and the dog gets the estate! As an intelligent society short on intellectual perseverance, we are well aware this “domestic violence battle” goes on day in day out, even in our gated neighborhoods as today it is not only a low-income crime - yet complacency allows it to continue on, unabated. But what really bothers me is Mind Altering Domestic Violence or “MAD-V”, wherein the violence is not bodily harm directed at the victim hostage, but mental abuse. In fact, the latter is probably more detrimental, as the body can heal itself from concussion like punching-bag blows - a.k.a. Body Altering Domestic Violence, “BAD-V” - whereas the mind may not find room for corrective action and the victim falls deeper and deeper into the denial stage. Yes, the “fake” smile gets bigger as does the pain and suffering. For instance, this “MAD-V” may exist as spousal abuse condoned by the victim, for a husband on the cheat, addicted to pornography, or alcohol and Sister Morphine abuse that reflects upon loved ones through mind over matter! Yes “condoned” as the victim knows it is going on, yet is afraid to speak up – no different then abuse that finds the victims waking up with black & blue sexual assault marks – for resisting! When you hear many victims coming forward today as to why they thought it necessary to stay in such relationships, it is in effect an affect on a once healthy mind wherein the reasoning process gets annihilated. The fake smile is just a stool-pigeon for reality behind the scenes! So it is my reasoning that “Domestic Violence” is a dual proposition attack, physical abuse along with mental abuse. Now there is always the mental abuse element present when a victim is under attack, but the mental element can work alone as a lingering side effect, without the physical abuse. Threats are just as bad as a beating as is denial, wherein acceptance of the spouse's abnormal behavior trumps any corrective action. Now perpetrators of the physical abuse element have no control except loosing control, wherein push comes to shove away decency and human respect and victims are punished physically. The evidence is very ugly, black eyes, broken jaws, chilling restraining marks left on a body, just a few to name but a few from this “BAD-V”. Then we have the Doctor Jekyll & Mr. Hyde abusers that realize bodily harm will just get you in trouble and cuffed, as rough housing finds overwhelming evidence of guilt should there come that breaking point with a victim and a 911, a call for help is a justified phone call. So those that realize the shortcomings of the physical abuse element resort to the mental intimidation – the “Mind Altering Domestic Violence” abuser. No signs of foul play, but wherein the “victims” are still brainwashed into NOT seeking help – to get out of the hell-fire relationship. Said again, usually intimidation through threats of livelihood, social embarrassment or future insecurity. And some employers will “can” a worker's ass if convicted of a felony. Especially if convicted of “Domestic Violence”. So the livelihood threat is for real and is used by the abusers against the victims – till death do us part? This nation and its citizenry as a whole have been way too silent way too long this sickness, we must act now to stem this abuse. That is why this nation cannot and should not entertain Hillary Clinton as a candidate for the U.S. Presidency, not today or ever in the future. Bill Clinton, when he was sitting in the “Oval Office”, he cheated on Hillary – and it wasn't the first time. And because he lied about this affair, he lied to Hillary as a continuation of that mental abuse. Did she just blow off all of Bill's extramarital affairs as nothing serious? Of course not, she must harbor mental anguish or else she is in total denial or still has not come to terms that she has been abused! She shows no anger, because this is how that MAD-V element entrenches itself away from normalcy. It was OK yesterday, and tomorrow will get better? Keep dreaming as once an abuser finds out how it works, there is a reason to keep the practice going. We are “Control” freaks, so it doesn't end until one escapes the grip of torture and takes “Control” away from the abusers! With the Clintons - finding the worst U.S. President this nation has ever put up with because of the Monica Lewinsky Cuban Cigar Crisis - Bill knows it and still controls it. Remember when the Clinton's dog was killed, when Hillary was on the road, rumor has it Bill was busy in the house – doing what? Read what the neighbors have said was going on! Had Hillary divorced his ass when Bill embarrassed this nation, then maybe by now the realization that time has healed and she may be of interest to lead this nation. But she did nothing, just stayed in the same damn situation and today she wants sympathy at the polls? Forget it, as someday that mind will explode and we will end up with another Helter Skelter situation. Hillary Clinton has been in a “Mind Altering Domestic Violence” situation for way too long, wherein I doubt she could ever find a healing term. And it just wasn't with Monica wherein Hillary was subject to “mental abuse”, as we must also remember Jennifer – these are the victims that came forward. Yes, there is also the possibility that other “victims” never spoke out, as they were probably spanked upfront and continue to suffer the consequences – of mind control manipulation! Threatened into secrecy as “Bill” is the all powerful. It makes me nauseated everytime I hear that Hillary is entertaining seeking a shot at the U.S. Presidency and shows up with the abuser, smiling and trying to look cool, with sunglasses – must be for concealment of the roving eye who is my next victim? So Hillary has been in a “Mind Altering Domestic Violence” situation for many, many years and still has not found the courage to get out of it. That is the main reason she is not fit to be in any position even close to the White House. So anybody entertaining backing Hillary, retreat back and reflect upon what we are seeing today, on the subject of “Domestic Violence”. Be it a mind game or a punching bag type of abuse, and realize that the victims may still smile and say everything is OK with the proverbial “I forgave him” - yet even that finds more of the same in the denial category and that is a continuation of the “Mind Altering Domestic Violence”, quid pro quo!

 Face of MAD-V, "Mind Altering Domestic Violence" ?

Friday, September 19, 2014


Did you hear the mess-up from the White House podium:
 “We are at War with ISSA”!
ISSA Response: “Off with da head”

What Crime!

So the Denali Park rangers are about to arrest some hunters for shooting a moose in the Denali National Park Preserve, just wasting their time and U.S. Taxpayers' loot. See, a guy shot a moose at the visitor center, a few years ago - no crime. And there has been “Legal Precedent Set” here in Alaska that will set these idiots free. Yes, just find the lawyer that saved the “Runt” from going to jail for the same “crime” and then enter a “Grounds for Request” until you get the same judge. I'm talking Jeff King, as he was caught red-handed killing a moose in the same damn area then dragging it out of the park, and was basically acquitted. Why? Juries can be hyped by the romance of things, like dog mushing, culling and free-loading Senators. See, “Precedent Set” sucks, and is a ways and means to, well “cull” corrective action when a crime has been committed and the perpetrators afraid to live up to expectations as trustworthy citizens. When did "I'm Guilty"....Here is the take as this will be an interesting story to follow, as to its outcome!

FAIRBANKS -- Two Alaska hunters reportedly shot and killed a moose nearly a mile inside the boundaries of Denali National Park and Preserve, according to a news release from the park. Park rangers were notified on Sept. 14 by a hunter in the Stampede Trail corridor that two men on an off-road vehicle had crossed the boundary into the park, and had shot a moose. - ADN

Iditarod champion musher Jeff King was ordered to pay a $4,000 fine and another $750 in restitution to the National Park Service on Friday for illegally killing a moose just inside Denali National Park and Preserve more than a year ago. King, 52, was found guilty of shooting a bull moose 600 feet inside the park boundary by a federal magistrate on Oct. 24 following a two-day trial. He faced a maximum of six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. With tears running down his face as he addressed Federal Magistrate Judge John D. Roberts near the end of the 4 1/2-hour sentencing hearing at the federal courthouse in Fairbanks, King described himself as humbled and emotionally spent. "I'm ready for it to be over, this has turned my life upside down and has caused me countless nights of sleepless worry. I am deeply embarrassed by it all.” Defense attorney Myron Angstman called Cooper's recommendation for jail time preposterous. "This is a petty misdemeanor and should be treated as such," said Angstman, who asked that King be allowed to serve community service in lieu of a fine. "The only way you go to jail if you shoot a moose in Alaska is if you waste a substantial part of it or you are somehow commercially involved in profiting from that moose." In the end, Roberts sided with the defense. He said there was not sufficient evidence that King lied under oath and that shooting the moose inside the park boundary was a case of poor judgment, not blatant disregard. "This is not a case of failing to notch a harvest ticket or taking more than one moose in a season," Roberts said. "Basically, it's about taking a moose in a national park."
King said; “The support of my character came from Sen. Lisa Murkowski...”

So, to those hunters now under arrest for the same crime. Hire the same damn lawyer, learn how to cry, have King be your expert witness and send MoanaLisa MurCowpie a donation....Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!