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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Work in Progress Movies - ERP

The following “Work in Progress” documentaries and other works are under contract for production and promotion by Eagle Rock Press:

The Sabotage of the EXXON Valdez 
~ A Documentary ~

Release scheduled for spring of 2019 to mark the 30-year anniversary of the grounding of the super-tanker EXXON Valdez on “Bligh Reef” in Prince William’s Sound. The crash scene was a well-known navigational hazard that even a drunk captain could steer clear without much effort. According to a reliable source, Captain Joe Hazelwood was not inebriated, no matter what the authorities fascinate us with as an excuse the probable cause of this environmental nightmare - wherein stubborn oil still lingers about today the once pristine shorelines of this Alaskan scenic archipelago. This documentary sheds light on the “untold” evidence that this “wreck” may have been a sacrificial sabotage attempt, orchestrated by an individual that had become an environmentalist gadfly as a front, as a cover only, in efforts to retaliate against EXXON because of a failed business venture as an independent oil broker trying to carve a niche out of the lucrative Alaskan oil scene. EXXON called his bluff, and on March 24th in 1989 the wreck of the EXXON Valdez became a reality nightmare. Only a planned sabotage could bring such a retaliatory success.

Behind the Assassination 
Theodore Fulton Stevens
~ A Documentary ~ 

Release scheduled for winter of 2018. Theodore “Ted” Fulton Stevens, a.k.a. the “Alaskan Hulk”, finds today a “missing” legend that should have been cast in concrete with respect to 45-years as an honorable American statesmen - from war time service as a pilot in the ARMY Air Force during WWII,  as a U.S. Territorial Attorney followed by some 40-years as a very powerful United States Senator. For many years, 3rd in line under the U.S. Constitution as the “Presidential Successor”. But his legacy rests in that of a trumped-up criminal indictment, that which was eventually dismissed based on “Extraordinary evidence of government corruption” within the FBI and IRS. One morning, while Ted was in the U.S. Capitol defending “liberty”, his residence in Alaska was raided by agents of the FBI and IRS, for unknown reasons when evidence warned such harassment was not warranted. It was a set-up. Upon acquittal based on this “government corruption”, Ted was killed in an aircraft accident that to this day finds NO probable cause - as it may have been a successful assassination. Early on in his career as a legal scholar, while acting in the capacity as a U.S. Attorney for the Alaska Territory he prosecuted a Jack Marler, an ex-IRS agent who used his position and preferential clearance to obfuscate the records of the IRS. Ted lost this battle defending the U.S. government based on a legal opposition of “No taxation without representation”, only to find himself caught in a similar web later in life. The very institution he defended was to become his enemy. Was the IRS office in Anchorage, located in Bill Allen’s VECO high-rise used as a clearing house for individuals of power with tax problems? Did Ted become aware of this and about to castrate his friends as a defender against such criminal activity - to do what was right? There is evidence that for a fee those with tax problems could get relief, from outside the government domain, through access to the IRS records system. Yes, problem cases could be closed, without any trace wherein the fix came about. The FBI and IRS took down Ted at a critical juncture his political career and he lost everything - it was time to seek relief by taking down the institution that he had fought so long to protect. This was something his once friends could not allow especially if collusion became apparent - it is time to set the record straight why the death of Theodore Fulton Stevens may have been orchestrated as a ways and means to cover-up the truth of what may have gone on behind the scenes as a tax relief shelter for the wealthy and politically powerful.

 Leisure Town Will 
~ A Follower to Good Will Hunting ~

Promotional date, fall of 2019. This is another “Good Will Hunting” adventure, the follower of the 1997 release. Where is Will today, some 20-years older? The last time we saw Will Hunting it was driving along the Massachusetts Turnpike, with a “Go West” young man attitude, in pursuit of Skylar. Fast forward as Skylar and Will live in California wherein Will is a stay at home “dad” raising two young girls and Skylar a well renowned research scientist for the University of California Davis branch at the Wolfskill Ranch. From I-80 head north along Leisure Town Road to the Punta Creek valley, a small farm spread with olive and fruit trees, Will’s hobby now in growing tomatoes as a contestant at the Winter’s county fair. It is tranquil living at its best. Will receives a visit from aging Sean Maguire, following the death of Professor Gerald Lambeau. Sean had received an ending letter from his colleague, with 3-winning lottery tickets still unclaimed - with words to the effect; “Sean, you were right”! Happy go lucky but somewhat suspicious about the tickets which were indeed winners, Sean realizes that Lambeau - as a mathematical genius - may have broken the code to predict the next winning ticket based on statistics of number theory, and maybe as an ultimate challenge to Will to what it all meant. Sean engages Will to find a work-around, as the lottery is a simple pleasure for millions of Americans, a cheap-thrills dream and if there came a means to circumvent this desire, it could be a psychological blow to dreamers - that 1$ a week retreat. Along with the fact that proceeds go towards the good of mankind with things like funding school meals, without could also be devastating if gameplayers lost interest. After gaining access to Lambeau’s work, Will finds a solution and heads back east to MIT to deliver a speech on Lambeau’s work, wherein he gets to once again tangle with Clark over the merits of Lambeau’s work. Will wins out. This promotion utilizes “morphing” technology to demonstrate rendered digital imaging and voice makeover of Robin Williams so his memory this follower as part of the cast remains - in memory of one of his greatest of films.

All inquiries of interest or investment opportunities available the above production to promotional interests, please contact S. Pam McGee at for specifics.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nothing Burger Zuckerberg

Recap of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the 115th United States Congress on Facebook's data breach:

SCALIA: There is no right to privacy. No generalized right to privacy.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Unfold the Untold Story

April Fool’s Day, come and gone already. How soon we forget, as with the passing of another March 24th and with reinforcements of “Good Friday” heard knocking, in 1989 the EXXON Valdez wreck was center stage of attention - worldwide notoriety. Other wrecks squander our attention these days, so why care about old news? It takes time for the “Truth” to settle down and sink in, with today’s off course and inevitable wrecks time will tell in-between the two sides to every story. With the EXXON Valdez wreck, that was 29-years ago and there is still the “Untold” story. Likewise, I try to get the point across in my book titled “From the Fifth Floor”, wherein the executive offices of the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company are located - up “North to Alaska”. My employer for many years, the company that operates the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline and found some middle-finger pointing its way due a poor “clean-up” response following that “wreck” of the century. Company personnel were threatened, as were family members and many dedicated workers accosted by angry citizens while standing in line at McDonalds just trying to order a damn American burger and Happy Meal for the kid! Alyeska was merely an agent for the most powerful oil companies under the Red, White and Blue - acting like a tax shelter, in this case a liability shelter. Point blank, this historical Bligh Reef wreck was not an accident with blame conveniently tagged to a sober then drunk captain - that Joe Hazelwood. Yes, sober at time of impact - part of this “Untold” story. It was sabotage, a planned “full steam ahead” wreck in efforts to retaliate against “Big Oil” that which basically owned the “Last Frontier”. I was there and can with pleasure point anyone to the evidence that supports this theory. But it is a story hard to swallow, hard to fathom but true that a fringed element would resort to such mean-spirited and destructive retaliation, hold that precious thought as it is all about the $money$. The Alaskan “Black Gold” was a $30-Billion dollar a year extravaganza and what was supposed to be but for a measly 10-year $9-billion gamble, well today pushing 40 and growing strong. As a member of Congress in good standing once quoted without exaggeration, “the cashist of cash cows”. Also finding notoriety this “wreck” was a well know “Whistle-blower” named Charles Hamel, an individual that had “beltway” politicians by the coat-tails - namely California’s George Miller and Michigan’s John Dingell. It was unwanted outside interference, with Congressional clout and Alaska should have been allowed to handle its own affairs without this fanfare. But even Alaska’s Congressmen Don Young couldn’t stop the oversight carnage as the “Whistle-blower” label along with the “Environmentalist” decree held preferential treatment, it was the best of both worlds as an attention deficit remedy. Erin Brockovich ring a bell? How about Jack Godell in China Syndrome? In a sworn deposition before the United States Congress in November of 1991, Mr. Hamel named an Alyeska worker as a credible witness in what was the precipice for a legal pursuit against the oil companies, that which owned Alaska and maintained control of Alaska’s politicians. This witness was known to big-letter chalkboard the word “NIGGER” in the control room of the Vapor Recovery system at the “Valdez Marine Terminal”, which was the terminus of the “Trans-Alaska-Pipeline”. Hamel also listed other pipeline workers as credible witnesses, but for the most part those listed held questionable employment histories - thus the Hamel motive was suspicious as it appeared he was grabbing from the bottom of the barrel. It seemed to align itself as a selfish like vendetta, and wasting precious time before the U.S. Congress. Bottom-line, anybody that worked for the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company soon realized that Mr. Hamel was just a trouble-maker and was not the “Environmental Gadfly” many on the outside had portrayed him to be. Mr. Hamel was an “Oil Broker”, matter of fact a disgruntled “Oil Broker” with a personal vendetta to get even on a failed plan he thought would make him rich - when in reality it was making this wannabe broker “broke”. One man with limited resources competing against the biggest oil companies in the world, forget it! Especially in Alaska as this oil scene was owned by the “Seven Other Sisters”. Hamel has since passed-away and never did get his day in court, except the court of public outcry over this environmental disaster - like he was taking credit for “I told you so”! May he rest in peace, but the “Truth” first as then this “True Story” can also rest with peace, take it for what it’s worth. Also of interest during this testimony before Congress, it was made clear and convincing that the owners of the Alaska pipeline were purposely shipping copious amounts of water mixed with the oil - true statement and no-one familiar with how this beast manifested itself was trying to hide that fact. Like already mentioned, Hamel was wasting time before Congress and infringing on our time, with the workers on the pipeline. But his complaint, it wasn’t about “foreign” water that was in addition to the crude oil extracted water from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Water is a natural by-product of crude oil extraction, along with natural gas. As “water-flooding” is incorporated to lift the oil so it can be more easily extracted, the water content naturally increases - just how it works down below ground “zero”. Now oil reservoir formation maintenance can reduce the amount of water that is subject to commingling with the oil, but very costly on a per capita producing well basis. And from the “Bean Counters” perspective, oil from Alaska’s North Slope had to be maintained and defined as “un-marketable” until it finished that 5-day 800-mile journey south to Valdez. Which meant leaving it alone when it came “top-side”, so very little infrastructure was available in Prudhoe Bay to condition the oil with water with natural gas mixture. Basically, leave well enough alone - all for the $money$. In the “Deep Water Horizon” there is a catchy scene before the rig blow-out, wherein some rough-necks chant, “Money…money money money…money” - what it is all about. So “Big Oil” found a novel solution in Alaska, pump as much oil with as much water as possible and don’t worry about it for now…which maintained its “un-marketable characteristic”. It was not a problem, as it was their oil, their pipeline and the additional water hurt no-one. It is like this for a comparison. Your vehicle owner’s manual stipulates the use hi-octane gas, but due costs you buy the cheap stuff - what harm is there as it still works? Now, once the oil and water mixture reached Valdez after an 800-mile journey, the “stuff” was stuffed into humongous storage tanks with a capacity of 550000-barrels and the “water” was allowed to settle out, another natural phenomenon due the density of oil “lighter” then that of water, by almost a factor of one-half - it floats freely above the water surface. Therefore, it was a very efficient process, the separation of oil and water without any added costs except “time”. And in Valdez at the end of the pipeline, one finds what is called the “Ballast Water Facility(BWT)”, which was designed to stabilize and clean miniscule crude oil constituents from “ballast hold” water and when within acceptable limits, this water was discharged into the ice-free Valdez bay which would find ocean currents that would sail it out to the Pacific Ocean. I guess in line with the “solution to pollution is dilution”. Now since many of the tankers that sailed into the Sound were designed with “segregated ballast tanks”, that water could be freely discharged before docking and cut down considerably the crude oil loading “Turnaround” time from 24-hours to 12-hours. Which meant more oil could be transported quicker and allowed the pipeline to ramp up to over 2-million barrels each day, sent to markets. By the early-80s, everything was working on over-time, with North Slope wells pushing out as much oil and water as possible and the pipeline was soon to be running at its maximum capacity and Alaskan residents benefitting by enjoying a $2000 yearly oil bonus, per family member! So there came all kinds of innovative ways to produce and transport this oil and instead of the “BWT” placed in a “standby” mode due “segregated ballast tankers”, it was utilized to condition the pipeline oil of its water, upwards 120000 barrels each day. Which meant that same amount of water comingled with the oil could be extracted yet count as…I will get to that, but it is all about the $money$. And that figure of how much water could be efficiently cleaned of any oil residue carryover before discharge, it was 3x that due the characteristics of North Slope crude oil. Because it was all about the $money$, that water was worth its weight in “Black Gold”, gaining the profiteers additional $Billions$ in revenue. It was a very foolproof system, as was the entire design of the TAPS. An engineering marvel that had stamp-of-approval after stamp-of-approval after…Now what became of interest all this water, infinite wisdom said let the flow-meters measure it as “crude oil”? Rotating turbine meters would never know the difference, as the motive force from the fluid flow is all it takes and as the wheel goes around and around, it represents a volume. Such meters cannot differentiate between water and oil. OK, Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee will assist in a tutorial of how to get blood out of a turnip seed. The so-called “TAPS Custody Transfer” point for oil receipts - the proverbial cash register -  was at the first pump station on this pipeline - up in Deadhorse, Alaska. This is wherein oil was tendered with very accurate measurement for the customer - like SOHIO, EXXON, ARCO, Amerada Hess, Unocal, Conoco - and the commodity owners would get a receipt for “their” oil that was transported from the Prudhoe Bay field for its journey south to Valdez, where an ice-free port would accommodate that oil going to markets on the West Coast of the U.S. For simplicity sake I have 1-barrel of “water-free” oil tendered and 5-days later when it gets to Valdez, it is allowed to take a nap in one of those humongous storage tanks, just incase some water lingered about. Now my EXXON Valdez can then take on board that 1-barrel and all is happy and when I arrive at the West Coast because I passed out and sailed clear of Bligh Reef without a fender-bender, I sell that 1-barrel and thus have revenue of record based on the going rate of West Texas Intermediate. OK, I pocket the value of a single barrel of oil and thus must report that as income for reasons of corporate tax returns. For goodness sake, 35% of that barrel belongs to Uncle Sam - the cost of doing business in America. So, if the measurement computers wherein this “stuff” is measured can be fooled to say whatever comes through the spigot is oil, is there an advantage to this? Said again, it was the “Big Oil’s” business so who really cared what they did, as long as in the end all was kosher-dosher and the State of Alaska received its fair share of the pie with a 12% revenue stakeout.  Now then, in the second example by Mr. Whoopee for simplicity sake once again, say we take 1-barrel of oil and 1-barrel of water and comingle this stuff and when it reaches the “Custody Transfer” delivery point, I get a legal receipt for 2-barrels and wait to see what happens in 5-days when it reaches Valdez. Wow, after settling down in that big tank, I still only recovered a single barrel of oil to load on my tanker as the settled water was separated from the bounty and discharged, so what was gained? It could be considered an energy sacrifice, as the “pumpability” characteristics could eat away at profits - it costs energy to run the pumps so why waste precious fuel for nothing gained? It’s an oil pipeline, why pump water? Wow, I can also claim a loss of a barrel because my cash register receipt claims I started off with 2-barrels, so I get to claim a 1-brarrel lose. Brilliant, as 1-barrel sold and reported as revenue reduced to no revenue with that 1-barrel lose. That was the theory behind the massive amounts of water in the crude oil OK, it made $money$ because of the “Revenue Lose Adjustment Factor”. The latter was an adjustment that was not of record and scribbled on a note and used to re-adjust the measurement computers. Water didn’t cost the oil boss a penny, in fact this “free-for-all let the sacrificial water flow” saved “Big Oil” bigtime because it meant less formation maintenance expenditures. While we are on this subject matter, wells that would have been shut-in in the late 70’s because of that water-to-oil ratio factor above good oil field practices, these wells remained in service - as water was making handsome $money$. And we performed all kinds of “water spiking” tests, wherein a known volume of water was purposely added to the crude to see if sophisticated analyzers and very expensive laboratory equipment could catch the water. It could not - but said again it was “Big Oil’s” business to do as it so pleased and that water made $money$. Now Mr. Hamel was on to this and wanted so bad a piece of the pie, this action. Somebody in the Alyeska organization was feeding out information that didn’t tell the truth, the whole truth so help me…This “water revenue stream” was like the icing on the gold carrot cake. And it was all based on the “lose factor” as a “Tax Shelter”. I talked with Mr. Hamel on several occasions and realized this early on, that in no way shape or form was he an environmentalist, but I was! I lived in Alaska and was raising a family - it was not oil first environment next in line after kin. Matter of fact, nearly all of my oil field buddies felt the same sentiment, why live here to wreck it? We did not come here to ruin it, neither did the EXXONs as that is just too costly these days! Another matter of fact, that Hamel witness that was too damn busy writing out loud disparaging remarks about co-worker blacks instead of doing his job, he would intentionally adjust the vapor recovery system to belch out acrid black smoke from unburned hydrocarbons, as an attention getter. In my book, a Class A troublemaker that should have been terminated for his prejudices against humans and the same upon his disrespect for the job, on how the equipment was to be operated in efforts to protect the environment - he was finally let go! He was also a trouble-maker and when that system wasn’t adjusted correctly, it allowed free-wheeling benzene to escape into the atmosphere. When the crude oil was allowed to settle in the tanks down Valdez for that water separation ritual, light hydrocarbons would off-gas, so that stuff was sucked from the tanks and annihilated in specially designed Zink furnaces - it is called “Thermal Oxidation”. And Valdez residents from across the bay would see these “smoke signals” when the system was out-of-whack and report it to the local environmental sheriff, who didn’t care! We tried to engage his service to get rid of the polluter, he did nothing with words to the effect it was out of his jurisdiction. Sad, when the snow-capped mountains had to contend with black billowing smoke - once pure blue sky in the background now hazed with cancer causing crap! This system worked as designed, when assholes left well enough alone. This was intentional abuse by a disgruntled old fart. We finally were able to take control away from him, with equipment modifications and set-up a sting wherein we recorded the pollution levels when he was on watch - he basically shit in his own wishing well as that evidence was used for his termination. But that did not stop Hamel from using this misfit as a witness his own mission. Hamel was trying to get me to act as a witness also, but I would have nothing to do with an individual that thinks a credible witness is one that discriminates against men of different color. And to re-iterate, Hamel was a wannabe “environmentalist” and castrated that label as a get even motive. The important factor herein, Mr. Hamel was not a shipper with respect to how oil was owned when in that pipeline, so any brokering he accomplished through a contract was with oil already stabilized, considered “Marketable” with a “zero” lose factor. And any oil lease ownership or partnership, in that case it was by virtue of a sideliner - as Big Oil tendered the goods on their own accord as the majority stockholder. Basically speaking, Hamel was busted with his first shipment of oil which was NOT based on that lucrative value added product - H2O. There was no way this venture could compete with “Big Oil”, it was their domain best just stay away. But Hamel went to court, trying to convince a jury that there was too much water in the oil - totally an untrue statement, as it wasn’t “too much”. Matter of fact, before approaching the court of public opinion to tarnish the Alaskan oil scene not yet tarnished by the Exxon Valdez wreck, when he complained to the pipeline boss the option of “tight-lining” his brokered oil was available as a remedy - that if he wasn’t getting what he thought was legally his by contract, we can fix it. By “tight-lining”, the oil coming down the pipeline would be sent directly to his tanker, without any nap “settling time” in the settling tanks so water and oil was his to contend with. Then he could transfer that oil mixture to a facility that maintained storage tanks, separate the water and evaluate the “lose factor”. But this was cost prohibited for a Podunk broker. Else, his only option was to accept “marketable oil”, wherein the water had settled out and no longer part of that pursuit of happiness a lucrative “tax shelter” for any investment and investors. And if he used “tight-lining” to fill his tankers and tried to sell that commodity right out, of course the buyers would complain about too much water! He was out of his league this venture, way off course like the EXXON Valdez. I believe through a confidante, Hamel wanted me to sink cash into his venture early on early 80s, the reason the communications and somebody in his chain knew I understood what was going on behind the scenes because of my knowledge base and close affiliation to the out-of-the-ordinary involvement with the “water”. He did not have full coverage what was going on behind that scene and outside the regulators realm, as there was nothing wrong going on, which means his venture was “domain” doomed. I reiterate the fact his witness base was not knowledgeable to the “Truth in the Matter” what was really going on. I worked at the Valdez facility and was also the “Custody Transfer Lead” wherein all the ownership of oil was recorded and manipulated to disguise water from oil. Basically speaking, Mr. Hamel was one big pain in the ass as he had no idea what or who he was dealing with. In ending, his romance to take on “Big Oil” demonstrated a willingness to skirt the truth, as his witness base and his following, well somewhat “deplorable”! It was one big freaken headache for those that knew better. Now come about the spring of 1985, the fishermen that made a living harvesting the bounty from Prince William’s Sound, there came “chatter” that the herring returns seemed depressed and distressed. Something of concern that started to show up during the mid-80s and seemed to be getting worse. By now, the pipeline had been in operation for about 8-years, so was there something suspicious about our activities that contributed to this decline? It wasn’t at the critical stage, just something to be concerned about. At the same time, workers at the Valdez Marine Terminal were beginning to find some grotesque like growths on sea creatures that were making a home by the “Ballast Water” outflow basin. It didn’t appear to be from “residue” oil activity, as the water discharged at this point in the process was “safe”. At the same time, several incidents in Prudhoe Bay sounded an alarm of concern. Was there a common cause? And then came an “overnight” about face, as that concern rested its case in the fact that the water that was comingled with oil had a higher than normal “NORM” component, for “Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials”. This isn’t supposed to scare oil men, as it is common in the industry and the reason up in Prudhoe Bay one finds a “bone yard”, wherein today off limits as it contains used drilling pipe that must rest until it is neutralized. The “decay” timeout “half-life” cycle well known to radioactive isotope contamination. The steel pipe gets bombarded with nuclear fallout when the oil and water mixture utilizes that pipe as a conduit to reach top-side. Said again, this “NORM” is common in the industry, and for the most part out-of-sight out-of-mind meaningless as a hazard. Time for Phineas and another tutorial. In Alaska, sea-water is used for tertiary recovery wherein tens-of-thousands of barrels of such are sucked from the Arctic Ocean’s Beaufort Sea each day and sent down-hole to lift the oil - wherein that “commingling” phenomenon takes place. Oil and water do indeed mix, as the physics and chemistry thousands of feet below the surface of the earth “behaves” differently. If you are interested, challenge yourself to an understanding of what “Retro-grade Condensation” is all about - it’s happening in Alaska today and an entire subject unto its own and makes Stephen Hawking’s PVT physics obsolete. Now due the fact this sea-water finds an affinity to “down-hole radionuclides”, it packs these constituents away and then is eventually carried topside with the oil component and shipped down the pipeline and then when the settled water is conveniently discharged into the Valdez bay, so are the “NORM” wastes. If drilling-pipe can become infected by direct contact with a commingled oil and water mixture which means indirect contact with “Thorium”, it doesn’t take much to elevate this “NORM” - but the intensity culprit is the “water” side of the equation. Yes, oil men deal with stuff contaminated with radiation. It is one of those things that is “un-regulated”, so wasn’t required to be measured or monitored. This pipeline sees the regulators on a regular basis, upwards twenty-two Federal and State oversight commissions with police authority - yet not a single agency has jurisdiction with respect to “NORM”, it is all on a volunteer basis. But by 1987, this was now 10-years into “Big Oils” Alaska venture, and formations were entering the maturity stage. Which meant historical records were being broken for “Production along with Pipeline Throughput”. The oil companies went seriously proactive on this “NORM” concern when it was discovered. And the discovery originated in Prudhoe Bay when some exploratory devices used to monitor down-hole nuclear sources started acting weird. Hand held Giger counters were going into alarm, when in close proximity to a process that contained water laced with “NORM” - it was the water in the oil that was the culprit, tainted with “NORM”. Said again, the levels were over-excited due the copious amounts of water that were being extracted that was cause for concern. Take a well that is within the “NORM” limits, now multiply that times over 1000-wells - it means a whole lot! Now the levels were still not any where close to deadly for humans, regardless the push was on to limit the amount of water in the crude, due this “NORM activity. In late 1988, it was rumored that “Big Oil” was going to bring this to the attention of the State of Alaska Environmental Conservation officers. But the state oversight agent in Valdez, he seemed to have a too close for comfort an association with Mr. Hamel and some thought he was also involved in the Hamel venture to broker oil. Now there was still only speculation that this “NORM” was causing the depressed herring stock returns, which is the bottom of the food chain and any problem with that species could warn of more serious problem to come and would encompass all parties if it warranted a legal or criminal battle, which now included Mr. Hamel. OK, there would be NO criminal fallout with any “NORM” falling out, it wasn’t regulated! It appeared that Hamel was merely interested in that “lose factor” in his brokerage portfolio, which meant he may have been guilty from a contract perspective. Basically speaking, any legal fallout from this would be based on contributory negligence. So there came speculation in the Alaska oil scene that Mr. Hamel could have been facing some serious legal challenges, as he could not now turn around and say he didn’t want what he was promised. What he was fighting for, it was now opening up a can of worms. If Hamel did win a legal battle against EXXON for something he wanted but didn’t get, any legal battle by the fishermen could hit Hamel’s wallet. “Big Oil” decided to wait until the herring returns of 1989 to access the “NORM” predicament, but by this time had plans in the works to decrease considerably the amount of water commingled with the crude oil. Then on March 24th, it all changed. All good intent to tell the truth…well there was no way the health of the “Sound” could be…the true wreck was with this “NORM” now being just a juxtaposition reality, as the “Sound” was dying due the presence of oil and that contamination would have dire consequences many more times disruptive then any radionuclide fallout. And could have this wreck of a lifetime been a premeditated and conscious decision to get even, with respect to retaliation? OK, I tried to tell my side of the story with the regulators and was sued by an environmental organization that had come across some of my stolen testimony, after being subpoenaed to tell what I knew about the water spiked crude oil. Take that back, state regulators breached my confidentiality and free-loaded my sworn testimony because they wanted to go after the biggest fish, and that wasn’t some Podunk oil broker, but the EXXON giant. They allowed the environmental officer from Valdez to knowingly steal away my confidential information and confidentiality - which caused me a whole lot of pain and suffering. Why so the state regulators acting just like a disgruntled oil broker? Like stated already, “NORM” was not regulated and the State of Alaska was remiss in its duty to protect the environment, protect the fisheries - it failed so needed a scapegoat because of lame oversight in Valdez. Had the local authorities not been in bed with crookedness, maybe the entire incident avoided. This was a cover-up, through sabotage - to reiterate, it is all about the $money$. There existed information floating around town that individuals, some with checkered employment issues with the oil companies in Alaska and some with bad investment miss-guidance, may have banned together and engaged the assistance of an individual that could assist in damaging one of the “Big Oil” players. In the end it was EXXON as the target. Hamel was in litigation with this oil giant, wherein his allegations were eventually dismissed by the court for no merit. As the finale, in the mid-80s I had been called to a private home in Valdez wherein I was shown firsthand how an individual with remote access could navigate a tanker’s navigational systems - today it is called “hacking”! I was witness to this behavior, but never thought it would be used in such a manner to cause one of the worst environmental disasters of our time. From a home in Robe River outside of the city proper of Valdez, I watched as an individual who had been terminated from Alyeska and lost all security privileges be allowed employment with an outfit that serviced shipboard radar equipment. Now finding unlimited access to the main guidance components aboard modern day super-tankers, and if need be “adjust” the Alaskan tanker fleet’s onboard navigational system’s electronic compass points - from the comfort of a basement while surrounded with radio and radar like gizmos and drinking a beer! A simple radio-shot all that was required and unabated access to perform…well I guess “skew” what hazards a drunken captain would see in the Sound. The EXXON Valdez was on “auto-pilot” the night of the wreck - a system that requires careful coordination and if somebody intentionally compromised that system, without warning a well-known navigational hazard can knock at that front door. The shipping channels in and out of the Valdez Bay are somewhat “narrow”, and a few clicks off kilter during a nighttime voyage, it was soon a nightmare. The EXXON Valdez was completely “off course”? And it was not through human error. With the “NORM”, a disgruntled oil broker bent on retaliation against EXXON along with disgruntled workers and an environmental oversight agency asleep at the wheel - March 24th found a reckoning in the history books. And I had an acquaintance that lived in Perkins Cove just south of the city, a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city of 2500 residents. One morning, back in the spring of 1988, we were alarmed by what sounded like heavy equipment straining with anger against the incoming tide. Sure enough, stuck in the shoreline “eco-protective” flats was some asshole that was wrecking-havoc to the marine eco-system - upon approach with our anger we were treated to a shotgun aimed our direction, it was an environmental officer that worked for the state - the same guy that manned the 24-hour complaint line and the same guy I had become accustomed with and a care-not attitude when dealing with air quality concerns - that vapor recovery system being purposely adjusted out-of-control by a disgruntled bigot. Honestly, here was an officer of the law that thought he had the privilege to wreak the shoreline, because he was the guy that would receive any complaints? It is all connected, what went on in 1989 that allowed a fully laden tanker to crash “full steam ahead” into the well-known navigational hazard named after Captain Bligh. Something we teach our 3rd graders about in classrooms in Valdez, before the wreck that is. It was not an accident, it was sabotage. Call it a conspiracy, but evidence should silence the lambs. EXXON was the target of this sabotage, and my opinion with evidence points the finger to the possibility it was so planned by some disgruntled individual heeding the Mayday call of a faction that was also disgruntled. But it backfired…well maybe it didn’t backfire on EXXON! Look, EXXON made a very good profit in 1989 following a “Wreck” of undeniable environmental consequences and of economic devastation proportion like never before unleashed upon a pristine ecosystem. Yes, this giant corporation benefitted more in that particular year than in the past, so there was no need to look into the possibility of a “sabotage” - as it is all about the $money$, all that counts. See, Lloyd’s of London was the insurer, and was not privy to the evidence of what really went on. Case in point: The first blood-alcohol test performed on Captain Joe was a negative, I know the officer that said so because he was one of the first officers on the deck of the stinking sinking ship that was spewing thousands of barrels of toxicity in an area that was once a treasure chest of bird and sea life. And a test performed hours after, well maybe Captain Joe was toasting the end of his career. Then again, maybe somebody spiked the test. The bottom-line, things just didn’t add up to what we were told and what really went on. Here is my take. Once and oil broker, always an oil broker $money$ first, environment…it is a rat’s race. Better yet, how about a Ponzi scam? It comes in different flavors. EXXON and Charles Hamel, as the “NORM” tainted water made lots of extra $loot$ for the oil tycoons and with the EXXON Valdez “wreck” a blame game changer, well somebody saw to it that an EXXON tanker from a company that was on Hamel’s hit list would find a disaster - and this plan worked! True story.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Petrified Penis

The best take away so far with this “PORN vs. the Little White Lie House” is the fact not fiction that attorneys representing the “skin” against the “foreskin” are calling themselves “THUGS” - about time we had that admitted to us from the bench! “Some will rob you with a six gun, and some with a fountain pen.” OK, to put the entire “State Of the Eunuch, S.O.Raunch, S.O.Escaparade” your pick into perspective, it is Woody Guthrie vs. Beach Haven all over again. The words of “The Great Mandala”, wow, so fitting for this day and age - similarities galore not to bore if the Mobius Strip is in effect! Fucking Moron this is scary creepy crawler critter scat! In another 2-weeks time, shy a day or so, John Bolton - we are doomed! There is a reason the Fucking Moron “Still” - after Rex resigned the shoe still fits so wear it even if heel spurs - he cannot find decent lawyers to get him out of a mess I guess, they are out spending their loot because they now they cannot take it with them - repeat after me, we are doomed. I just watched a “FAKE NEWS” special about the military being prepared for a nuclear war, how the “Nuclear Football” plays out to accommodate the big bang theory. How come the Fucking Moron still finds assholes in uniform at his disposal that would launch a pre-empted strike if he had a bad hole day? No not a Stormy hole, in golf. WE ARE DOOMED! Why has not there taken place in honor of our “Founding Fathers” and in patriotic honor our “Constitution” a mutiny? See, all this fascination that we live by an eye-for-an-eye “shiner” tooth-for-a-tooth “decay” chain-annihilation first strike-strike back, what if one of those “Nuclear Suitcase” things that went missing during the “Cold War” and still unaccounted for goes off in NYC? There is no incoming missile signature to trace back this Armageddon to its rightful owner - so when the city becomes a charred cesspool in a matter of seconds, who in hell do we attack to get even? OK, just lob a few nukes at North Korea! “We are free now, we can kill now, we can hate now, now we can end the world. We’re not guilty, he was crazy…” Colonel Walter Kurtz ring a bell? No NOT with Kim Bong-bug, the Fucking Moron I am talking about. Take Apocalypse Now along with Portnoy’s Complaint along with Clockwork Orange - the 45th’s Oval Office. And with Mike Pence, reminds me of “Hannibal Lecter”! Yes a psycho Commander-in-Chief like in Kurtz, as this is the mold that the Fucking Moron’s military mentality was hatched from. Too bad Fred Christ Trump couldn’t afford condoms back some 70-years ago! I just watched Anthony Scaramoochi, once upon a time the White House “Director of Castration” lasting an award-winning career winning 10-days on the job and was “FIRED” by the Rex Tillerson’s Fucking Moron, so he has credibility. Being “Fired” by a Moron is becoming a pre-requisite for that “Petrified Penis” envy award. The Moron posse has that and that only going for it, the definition of “petrified”. And I hope Bolton finds a means to break that “You’re Fired” cesspool speed record, by 10-days please don’t let this Apocalypse Now Moron anywhere close to the “football”. NO John, it is Not a toy! As a “reality show” show-boater this “Scatamocchi” confidante of the “Trump Tower” lasted, yes 10 whole days on the Oval Office “payroll” and New York High Rise “unemployment” must pay swell. Get a job with the Moron, get fired then “mooch” your way around town - gainful employment, who me? I wonder what kind of severance packages are being handed out with the 45% turnover that has become the only thing in the Moron’s presidency that is predictable - maybe not affordable! We need to borrow $300-billion by today and since we pissed off Xi, Treasury bonds are sinking. OK, the Fucking Moron’s approval rating is at an unprecedented 420-day all-time high, some 42% and that is only possible by double-dipping those that have been awarded a vote along with a back-up vote - Republican and Independent - just ask Vladimir Portnoy Putin how it works. So the margin of error is on the negative side…drum roll bum role please and more like a 21% NOT FAKE approval rating. Now if we take away the “Black Man” discrimination when Obama was our “Commander-in-Chief”, the 44th’s approval rating was 58% by regression calculations, after the same amount of time in office. The Moron’s approval rating in comparison to a “Great Leader”…we are doomed! A town in Alaska that finds a majority of Russian descendants, in a recent poll Vladimir had a higher approval rating than the Fucking Moron wherein these Americanized citizens - like Africanized bees - still called out Portnoy Putin as their leader. It was due to confusion, as they thought they understood the U.S. Constitution. Amazing that the longest yard to date goes to Kellyanne Conway and she still insists that her boss is a liar and wants to see his tax returns. She must have something in her purse. But what is in it for these short-timers? See, usually such going away gifts are subject of an NDA - just like with Stormy’s hard working hands job as Mistress Spanker. I am still nauseated over the 60-minutes broadcast, as Putin knows what to get the Moron for Christmas, a paddle with his own mugshot. That fact be known today that the Fucking Moron likes to be spanked with his own mugshot, is that not like face-sitting? Better yet, the Rikishi Stinkface and maybe our only hope is to turn the White House into a WWE “Circus” as it is already a bonafide “Cousin Eddie Freak Show” extravaganza. But here is my newest take on why the Fucking Moron refuses to release his tax returns. He is pulling an Elizabeth Warren, with the “Pocahontas Hanta” virus. See, Chief DT Stormybow is probably claiming “Native American” heritage with privileges for the Trump Tower dysentery dynasty, so Istinka Rump Casino royalties are tax free. Ever wonder why the traffic coordination lights at casinos favor those going in with loot and those going out broke over the citizens main traffic patterns? WE ARE FUCKED! The sad thing, by a FUCKING MORON! Defined aa a “Stupid Person”, so what does that make the rest of US that just sits around letting the stupidity sink in, soon it will sink US. Wow, did Kim Bong-bug just pull a fast one, by that olive branch express to Xi Jinpingpong. See, history tells us that when North Korea and China are buddies, it is all for one and one for all China will protect North Korea from any military hostilities - so the Fucking Moron Bolton “Hail Mary” is finished. And that is great, as Bolton hasn’t even packed his bags for that trip to the Oval Office and his first day on the job is…SOORY POSITION CANCELLED. And maybe we can be free now, from the thought of a first-strike against North Korea that would kill millions and be the precipice of WWIII. In fact, we may as well pack our bags away from a military presence in that region, as even South Korea’s Moon said if elected he would neutralize the U.S. maintained THAAD missile system. Wow, is this the Fucking Moron’s plan? See, if we are not needed in the China Sea, then we can furlough a bunch of military stuff, staff and troops which could amount to a $40-Billion savings - which is the same amount needed for his pat rock, that “WALL”…

If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. 
Who will help me plant it?
Not I, said the cow.
Not I, said the duck.
Not I, said the pig.
Not I, said the goose.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Henry Made Me Do It

I was beginning to get used to 1-ply TP, ever since I went on rations when the DOW started that back-tracking journey back in January. Just on Thursday, it lost all its oomph, so I have divested. And today like yesterday and more than likely assured the same posturing for Monday’s opening, its been freaked out and my wallet is on a “Bedroom sex with Melania” diet. In the past, thank God for off-beat days of the weekend as it gave us patience to weather the storm of Daniels, but the back-door men are at it again when the doors of the bank are locked. The “Futures” are being placed on life-support, artificially on “boost” patrol. I can’t trade on weekends, and with Netanyahu Neutrality, I must now stand in the bath-room line for a trade. The market is no longer for “All the People”. So, I have payola in hand. NO, I am not hoarding my cash in my backyard underground bunker, as that sanctuary was abandoned 40-years ago and is today a cesspool. For real, back in the 50’s we invested in these “dugouts” that were designed to protect our families in the event of a nuclear Hitchcock hiccup mess-up. But then when things cooled off due “World Leaders” coming to grips melting people in massive hysteria was shameful, some “Honey Bucket” conglomerates found those bunkers made from corrugated pipe could be used as a secondary containment for “cesspool” wastes. It was when the word “repurposing” came to light. IMAGINE, a bomb shelter now a latrine, American ingenuity and that happens when we “Give Peace a Chance” at succeeding! Too bad though, as many would like these shelters ready and willing, as the bombs away could commence any day now, any day now, bombs shall be released! But yesterday I was invited to the White House for the “Annual Liars Proud Anonymous” gathering and found that the crappers still have luxurious-signature line 2-ply - I don’t miss it. Yes TP autographed by Istinka Rump! OK, I miss having a White House instead of a “Little White Lie House”. But it is today past the “little” stage, more in the “Biggins” category so I should have invested my wealth in “lies” instead of “Made in China” junk. I think Congress is out-of-line - what else is new - by giving this young kid Zuckerberg a bad time. He should take the Moron’s liar’s lair invite, and plead the 5th just like all the rest of the clowns that have come to realize a Congress under Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan acts like a XXX skin flic - don’t ever argue the size of your penis in the “Marilyn House Chambers” as evidence, especially if Joe diGenoa Salami is around. Sure looks like Ron Jeremy - lawyer, porn man all con men! You know what, let the Moron play as much golf as he wants! To sum it all up, at GPS 388-degrees N and 145-degrees W, is a wealth waiting to be tapped into and wherein I find my new investment opportunity - in junk bonding. This IPO made its debut at the closing bell on Friday. See, for some reason specialized ocean currents are causing the biggest congregation of over-board junk ever. With this IPO offering up-for-grabs a value of $125-Million along with a guaranteed 16% annual return-on-investment, and this is truly an offshore tax haven, this is how my “Tax Reform” will take hold. It is called the “Great Pacific Basin Garbage Patch” and made up of “recycled plastic”, this reef acts as a magnet for plastic that can be captured and sold. And it “bonds” together as a massive clump due the chemistry of the ocean, so yes indeed it fits the definition of “junk bonds”. Now these corralling currents are said to originate from under Japan, like there is a nuclear meltdown “China Syndrome” in effect and this mass of junk may soon become a part of Alaska as Sarah Palin is still on the lookout for a Russian invasion. So, if interested in “off-shoring” your loot, join the “Great White Little White Liars Club”, just ask Fucking Moron for directions. Now that I have finally found financial independence, where are we at, in the “Big Picture Show” with Hannity humanity? We are being tortured, as if all included in a “Henry Murray” experiment. We see it from the Fucking Moron down. I stand corrected Mr. President, as with Rex bailing out we can no longer use that “Fucking Moron”, as we know how Mr. President gets excited over theft upon intellectual property - just ask Xi Jinpingpong. Yes, “we all tweet in a Twitter submarine” as that social media platform along with “Facialbook”, it provides the stage for such an experiment. Henry who? Murray, the world-renowned psychiatrist that was a professor at “Harvard” and used the “Annex” for a mini-experiment in line with CIA “mind altering” techniques through psycho like “Hannibal Lecter” deep probing at the same time Murray’s roommate was testing in kind with LSD - Timothy Leary.  Murray was in charge of an experiment that took place back in the 60s and the outcome was Theodore Kaczynski. It is based on a “needs” criteria, like “I need to respond” and this social media disgrace of today allows us to satisfy that desire. It is so easy, and we come equipped with all the tools of this trade, as we sleep with that cell-phone that is 24/7 linked to this experiment. It is a “Catch22”, as this social media allows us to vent frustrations, at the same time it reinforces those frustrations and follows the Mobius Strip mentality. So it is satisfying upon our “Human” need machine, just like that old test, “I bet you can’t eat one”. What does it mean? Ted’s dissertation from that “Cabin University”…we will continue to destroy each-other. Like with vices of addiction, we need to limit the amount of time we waste on this social media craze, like we limit screen time with our kids - it ain’t healthy! And the only way that can be achieved, we must enact laws that limit how much a corporation can deduct for running adds on such platforms. And maybe it is time we ante up and pay our own way this fascination to “Hate” our neighbors from the comfort of our “jails” as this social media is indeed placing us behind “Henry Murray” bars. Maybe time to legalize LSD!

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Sunday good evening, and the entire nation is settling in for showtime - engaged in popping corn, opening pop, beer and wine and getting ready - to listen to a PORN Star? What happened to the days we sat around as a family and watched Walt Disney, Lassie and Bonanza - the good old days but now its Stormy PORN. By the weary way, the Fucking Moron decided to NOT VETO threat the “Omnibus Spending Bill” from Congress, because it does contain funding for his pet rock “WALL”. The defensemen asked for $686.1-Billion, Congress handed over $700-Billion of our hard-earned taxable income for the Military Machine - which means 64% of the “WALL” funding is included in this budget and the border states will pick up the rest offset by “infrastructure” funding! “But the banks are made of marble…with a guard at every door.”

Hardlining or Draft Dodging?

Rush Limbaugh on the Rex Tillerson’s Fucking Moron. “Donald Trump’s presidency is meaningless.” Wonder why some of US claimed precedence that sentiment about 426-days gone bye by now…read on. My dad, who fought in WWII then the Korean War, gave me permission to be pessimistic with prejudice this awakening. NO “Vietnam War Experience”, seems to fit as the qualifier for the Fucking Moron’s team of asinine associates. In fact, maybe in the fine print of the Oval Office application reviewed by Kellyanne Conway it states that “Only Draft Dodgers Need Apply” and we know “Not Fit for Duty” is also a pre-requisite for consideration. Else, we would have already seen the results of a coup d’├ętat against the Treasonous Turncoat rebellion that has hijacked our Democracy. And this is sad, as we fought hard for the “War Powers Resolution” following that “rice paddy” debacle wherein 582200 kids came home without a future forward, for their war-time dedication. OK, “Vietnam Era Draft Dodgers” came in 2-varieties, honorable and dishonorable, I will get to the qualifying rounds in short order! The fall of Saigon began to take shape on this day some 43-years gone bye-bye by the Viet Cong finding more dedicated kids signing up for “their rat-hole war”. We were outnumbered in those “rice paddies”! Why so? Because as many braved for “This Country ‘Tis of Thee” because somebody thought this war was of necessity, others stayed home in comfort while others braved the streets in protest, over our zealous vain efforts to tell another culture how to live. Protests came with clashes, Kent State ring a bell? In the “honorary” category, there came the “conscientious objectors” that yelled out “Hell No We Won’t Go” and were chased away to Canada and are enjoying “amnesty today” because they made their point fashionable. It fell under the auspices of the 1st Amendment Right. Then along comes the “dis-honorary” category which is the saddest fact of this 60’s to 70’s conflict, rich kids that had daddy big-bucks find some way to get their frightened kids enrolled in educational institutions of higher learning that found a disparity in “You Been Deferred” - sidekick donations helped. Blacks with educational interests were denied deferments at a rate of 4 to 1. In one instance, a kid named Rex from Texas received a high school band scholarship towards college and able to skirt the draft! High schools from white neighborhoods with better standings and affiliated with prominent universities meant a chain-castration ritual to send a message of preferential treatment. Uncle Sam needed troops, the degrees needed loot. There came all kinds of cheating your way out of this unpopular conflict that was seeing thousands of young kids mutilated by the Viet Cong’s booby traps. So “Honor and Country” was being redefined. Then we turn to the deplorable and despicable passion to dishonor this country, through military men in uniform that found a sinister like ways and means to avoid the “Draft” and thus avoid the Vietnam theater. Yes sinister, while walking around neat kept commissaries here in the states as their brothers fended for their lives abroad. Yes, guys that should have been “court martialed”. Pissed that I am taking shots wherein shots should be denied, I am only trying to show that just because an individual becomes a “troop in boots” that these “boots made for fighting” don’t necessarily send the message a combat mission, a.k.a. shoe shine boys. And I only take issue as the present White House is surrounding itself with “FAKE” soldiers and from the rhetoric and that insane massive “Military Machine War Budget” recently approved, it appears more war on the horizon. When shall we learn from our mistakes? It appears that Cadet Bone Spurs is surrounding himself with “Hardon Hardliners” that never saw the horror of WAR with the Vietnam conflict. I am talking direct engagement in that theater, not the delivery boy that stayed state-side to accept a “kid coming home in that ugly flag-draped box” while in between in-coming eating a ham sandwich while watching Hogan’s Heroes instead of Calley’s My Lai Heroes. This is NOT to take away bestowed honor those that served “honorably” in the military, but we must remember that “intent” is part of that “Badge of Coverage”. The latest craze in the “Little White Lie House” is John Bolton. Born in 1948 and when of age included in the 1st Military Draft of 1969, receiving a draft score of 195 to 185. It means he was “Drafted”, time to pack your bags! Nonsense on that shit, let’s join the “Reserves” and have a parade, as this branch of the “military” was exempt from deployment to the rice paddy theater and as Bolton - the Fucking Moron Pussy’s new SOS - colorfully acknowledges; "I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost." Then why not protest it, instead of playing hooky away from protecting the merits of the “Constitution” - it announces that dereliction of duty. Yes indeed, chastity-belt off first on your own ass and freedom “Fuck Uncle Sam” and country maybe second, choose to enlist in this “reserve” during the “Nam Alarm” because that branch was exempt from deployment to the “Killing Fields”. So, Bolton found himself a uniform, but those spit-shined boots never saw the blood of a brother or the dust of a battle field! And now he sits at the right hand of the Fool-Fool Fuhrer when he knows not what WAR is all about! No matter how much reading fills his brain waves, it’s “FAKE” if used to start a war! Been there done that fails his mission. And then we move on to Mr. Jim Mattis, a scorecard that achieved 195 to 184 during the same indoctrination lottery party, better then Bolton’s lightning bolt now what? Well, just join the “Reserves” as that was a ticket to signal a “fuck that” attitude and dismiss the call “come on all you big strong men Uncle Sam needs your help again…”  And then comes John Kelly. Now he went a step further after getting a 195 to 37, which meant he didn’t even have time to pack his bags or briefs as “Uncle Sam Needs You” was knocking at his door. So, join the marines and insist on the 2nd Marine Unit at Camp Lejeune. Wow, a bunk and 3-squares a day. And no booby traps! See, chose to enlist in the 2nd Marine Unit was the joke at the recruitment offices during the “Nam Alarm” because that “Unit” was exempt from deployment to the theater. So, the “Few Good Men” surrounding this Cadet, they are dishonorable. I reiterate, intent is instrumental in evaluating the “Badge of Courage”. Now maybe after-the-fact in other theaters Mattis & Kelly demonstrated true honor to country instead of Constitutional adultery, but the wars of today are NOT in our best interest. They are NOT wars as is so defined by our Founding Fathers and found within the U.S. Constitution’s framwork and are but for an excuse for the WAR MACHINE and the defense contractors as a vibrant “WALL STREET” investment opportunity. Sending kids to war today, to conflicts without an end-in-sight is but for the “$buckaroo$. The Vietnam War was a reminder, and if some cowards opted to stay stateside while others braved for this nation, I guess is why we find ourselves in diarrhea straits with the Fucking Moron as a Commander-in-Theater. Look, if you are going to put on that uniform, you cannot be afraid. By taking refuge away from the blood & guts, it scares me that these men would have no qualms starting another conflict. And here is the sad thing. Only Congress can call for action of WAR, the president is merely the Commander-in-Chief who dictates how that WAR is to be won. Our engagements today do not have Congressional approval. So men and women in uniform, please follow the Constitution and when that Fucking Moron tells you to shove off and engage in battle, tell him “After You Sir”! And when the Moron and the rest of his cast of misfits are sen running for cover, then we know whose ass to cover - our own! So, to reiterate for prosperities sake. Donald John Trump had a 195 to 356 scorecard, which meant he did not need a “Hail Mary” bone-spur excuse but went above and beyond to say “Hell No Never” to Uncle Sam and didn’t bother with any interest to serve this nation. John Bolton, “drafted” but no flight time for fight time in Vietnam. Jim Mattis, drafted but no flight time for fight time in Vietnam. John Kelly…this is getting to damn routine. This WAR sucks, and it is happening right here in the “Homeland” as “We the People” are under attack, just ask the Limbuger as something stinks!

Let Me Die in My Footsteps
I will not go down under the ground
"Cause somebody tells me that death's comin' 'round
An' I will not carry myself down to die
When I go to my grave my head will be high,
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.
There's been rumors of war and wars that have been
The meaning of the life has been lost in the wind
And some people thinkin' that the end is close by
"Stead of learnin' to live they are learning to die.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.
I don't know if I'm smart but I think I can see
When someone is pullin' the wool over me
And if this war comes and death's all around
Let me die on this land 'fore I die underground.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.
There's always been people that have to cause fear
They've been talking of the war now for many long years
I have read all their statements and I've not said a word
But now Lawd God, let my poor voice be heard.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.
If I had rubies and riches and crowns
I'd buy the whole world and change things around
I'd throw all the guns and the tanks in the sea
For they are mistakes of a past history.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.
Let me drink from the waters where the mountain streams flood
Let me smell of wildflowers flow free through my blood
Let me sleep in your meadows with the green grassy leaves
Let me walk down the highway with my brother in peace.
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down under the ground.
Go out in your country where the land meets the sun
See the craters and the canyons where the waterfalls run
Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho
Let every state in this union seep in your souls.
And you'll die in your footsteps
Before you go down under the ground.
(Songwriters: Bob Dylan)