Monday, December 22, 2014

Responsibility Clause

1st Amendment to the United States Constitution: Congress shall make no law prohibiting or abridging the freedom of speech”

Freedom of Speech(States' Right): “Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.”
Very challenging, as today we may be involved in a situation wherein the United States government has covertly exercised “States' Right” for us? The SONY “cyber-attack” is at the center-of-attention with the Left vs. Right, with the end result the delayed release of a controversial movie called the “Interview”, wherein a satire tries to make an “Assassination” against North Korea's Hung Dung Fruitcake an acceptable reality. “Free Speech” or not? The U.S. Constitution finds not a “Responsibility Clause” for this “Freedom of Speech” right, wherein many states do indeed include such a “Precautionary Clause” in its own “Constitution” which due the 10th can trump any action or inaction by Uncle Sam. And I believe this “Abuse” clause finds merit, especially in society today as the “Internet” has allowed for an entirely new ways and means to communicate and exercise this “Right” to be heard, but not seen - which finds consequences. Case in point the litmus test: So if Sarah Palin publishes a “targeting map” on her SarahPAC support web-site, wherein those targeted find themselves in the “cross-hairs” of a deadly assault rifle along with captions of “It's time to take a STAND”...OK, so what as we all have come to realize that Mama Caboose loves to flirt with danger. Now what if a wacko fringe interprets this “map” and takes action, like in the case of Gabrielle Giffords? That's where the “abuse” clause comes into effect and is a component of contributory negligence – so why are we so afraid to incarcerate those that violate the “Freedom” with the intent of causing harm? Yes, had this attack taken place in Alaska and that was my beloved daughter now somewhat crippled for life, Sarah Palin may have faced jail time due that state's constitutionality, it is that simple and we must start contemplating the seriousness of the “abuse” clause. It was inserted for a reason. It is not designed to limit “Free Speech”, but as a measure to make sure what we say does not inflict harm, or pain and suffering against an innocent citizen, as that in itself is very “UN-Constitutional”! We must start today to be not afraid of the 1st Amendment, and it appears both sides of the isle are so afraid of the 2nd Amendment – we should be not afraid of either one – as if we found respect upon the 1st and 2nd, wow, maybe we could get on with our lives with some decency as both amendments shout out loud, but lets be heard with some respect instead of disrespect! So did Uncle Sam see a potential of harm, due the exercise of “Free Speech” with the release of this movie? And what else could it do if that be the case, except use everything in its power to abide by the “abuse” of responsibility and take responsibility to protect our interests – that my friend is a dynamic Commander-in-Chief as when we fail to act, someone else does!
 U.S. Representative Giffords before “Cross-Hairs” Attack
 The SarahPAC Attack Aftermath
Gabrielle, 5-years in recovery!

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Wow, so MSNBC and FOX have started a “cyber-war” between themselves. The “Left” lunatic fringe verses the “Right” lunatic fringe. No bipartisan love lost here, just like Congress. In fact, I would say that the intellectual quotient level of the audience for FOX and MSNBC is about equal in comparison, except in the FOX case it is the “Right” side of the brain that finds superiority and vice versa with the MSNBC audience. And according to Newton's “zero root” equation with so much weight on the “Right” and so much weight on the “Left”, by the end of work week there is “zero” brain credibility remaining, so MSNBC turns to “Lock-Down” and FOX turns to “Red Eye” - which is a disease like “Pink Eye” on steroids. Conservativitis as it is commonly called, an allergic reaction to way too much liberalism. And here is what I don't understand. The news doesn't just end because it is the weekend. Yes Congress can take the weekend off, but without news coverage, how in hell do I know what cafe and theaters to stay away from? Hope the news hounds don't learn bad habits, IMAGINE if we had only 17-days of news – the amount of days the 113th Congress showed up for work this year. But enough on Congress. Look, today's prison system and life of a prisoner is something we should refrain away from broadcasting over the airwaves, as that gives the criminals attention and with a system with so many innocent bystanders incarcerated because we now realize that prosecutors have low self-esteem along with low-intelligence along with low-credibility so must resort to even lessor those categories as can be found in a “Grand Wizard Jury” to figure out the “Law”, what's the point? Give all of them - prosectors to prisoners and while you are at it Congress - a damn shovel and rake, as the highways have become litter bins for fast food addicts – as all they care about is shoving another “Big Mac” down their oversize gullets while they eat us out of house and home. Honestly, when are we going to get smart and propose an “Obesity TAX”? Imagine how much extra loot it would bring in, could even pay for the prisons and also keep the “Weigh Scale” people busy. “Obesity Police”, a brand new discipline! But the “cyber-bullying” that is supposedly going on between the FOX and the Femhouse, wow, it is getting “critical”. So the FOX started messing with the Ed SHOW, by secretly injecting more then enough “Erectile Dysfunction” commercials – when instead of commercials there was supposed to be ED once again advertising that he has no idea what a “pipeline” is all about and called in the wrong “experts” for advice. Hey Ed, when you flush where in hell do you think it disappears too? And then MSNBC retaliated because of an erection lasting longer then 4-hours, by face morphing Ann Colter through digital technology transparent to the viewer along with North Korea's Hung Dung Phooey's facial expressions and an Ann Poltergeist evolved and re-broadcast as the master-baader of some show called “Justice with Jugs Jeanine”. Yes, another FOX bimbo with a weird stare and talking like under the influence of water-boarding. Anyway, after the SONY “cyber-attack”, we have entered an entire different theater of “WAR”. And who is too blame? Hey that's the name of the most recent “info-gathering” bug that was supposedly compiled back in 1995 and initiated with “If You Start Me Up”. Wow, imagine if every damn computer since 95 has a “back-door”? Anyway, the history of the “BLAME” is fascinating. Yes, the “Stuxnet” malware/virus designed by U.S. counter-intelligence has morphed into a “Tool” that was supposedly used by someone claiming to be George Bush aboard the  USS Guantanamo, with “Mission Accomplished”. But the rogue virus that is causing SONY “Start Me Up” headaches for a movie that was suppsoed to show on Christmas day, it was designed by “US” and them over in Israel and tested against the Iranians. So successful was that infiltration, well what was an “attack” only virus was morphed into an “information” gathering virus and so named the “FLAME” - supposedly in tribute to Valarie Plame – a covert CIA counter-intelligence spy that was working the Iranian “Nuclear” showdown, until her cover was breached by Dick Cheney. So she was hot, so came the “FLAME”. And now after better then 7-years in the refinement stage, the “FLAME” has been turned into the “BLAME” game. Yes, that little piece of hidden “code” that can be used to gather all kinds of intelligence and loose on the network – just “If You Start Me Up I'll Never Stop”. Wow, the Rolling Stones were onto something with this song. Hey, could Keith Richards be a special “Brittish Intelligence” agent? Anyway, the Stuxnet turned FLAME turned BLAME, it can even turn on a computer's microphone and record office conversations. It can record “screen-shots” at 15-second intervals as well as record user and administrative passwords. And it can elf-destruct itself when discovered, exactly what happened in the SONY “cyber-espionage” caper. Basically, it is the 3-in-1 oil, good for everything then some. And it is so secretive and transparent underground where it lives, well it is probably recording every move you make on that computer or smart-alec phone – unless you are watching FOX and trying to calm the children after they became frightened when they saw “Judge Jugs Jeanine” or watching MSNBC and trying to explain to the kids what “Erectile Dysfunction” is all about. What ever happened to good old fashion cereal commercials? The “WAR” on “cyber-security” will be such that we will never get a handle on it completely. And yes, I believe that every damn computer built with an IBM BIOS has been “coded” for U.S. intelligence infiltrating. Start Me Up?

If you start me up
If you start me up I'll never stop
If you start me up
And start me up I'll never stop
I've been runnin' hot
You got me tickin' gonna blow my top
If you start me up
I'll never stop

You make a grown man cry
You make a grown man cry
You make a grown man cry

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ALASKA ~ State of State: So how much has the State of Alaska under Governor Bill Walker already lost due low oil prices? He has been in office shy a month, but so far for the Month of December the revenue loss equates to $35,500,000.00 based on expectations! If the “Zeros” made you faint, that's $35-Million. Or, for sake of argument, if this trend continues it means your PFD would be $496 less if today was the summit for the meeting of the financial minds that decide how much that welfare check will bring home. If out-of-control spending continues here in the 49er, with “Mega-Projects” without a purpose along with waste upon frivolous law-suits demanded by Jerry Pervert and Associates, you'll be getting a rain check instead! Possibly an IOU, wherein you may owe. What in hell did Walker inherit besides a sinking ship commanded by a reckless legislature - Pirates ring a bell? It is time to “TAX” the “CHURCH”...or at least have the religious zealots pay for the state lawsuits targeting gay marriage and litigation that will be initiated by Walker in efforts at delaying the sale of Marijuana. Today, with crashing oil prices and crashing oil production, every penny saved counts. And when you hear “chatter” about raiding the “Reserve”, best start assembling at the neighborhood pubs - as that means our inheritance is under siege!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Independents' Day

I just purchased a “clone” copy of the “Hydraulic Man Model” under the 3Di licensing. This is the software that has been used to “model” the currents in and out of San Fransisco Bay on the night that Clint Eastwood tried to row away from Alcatraz. According to the “Legend of Mick Dodge”, Clint survived and is enjoying life at 88. So the “Model” was used to test the “legend” and there is a good possibility that Clint is still alive and impersonating an aged “Josey Wales”. So I found another subject of interest wherein this “Hydraulic Man Model” could be utilized, in efforts to find out for sure whether or not maybe “Global Warming” was causing any adverse effects to Alaska, especially up north. Since we are so divided on this issue, any evidence contrary to popular demand and belief either way is a warranted expedition. Now we all know that due delays in ice formation it is cause for concern and in effect changing the polar bear behavior along with coastal erosion uncovering ancient graves of the Eskimos – what else may the “Gore Effect” be promoting? Big deal a few dead bears and some corpses floating around, it's a “Big Ocean”, is that in itself enough for a meltdown? So my target of study was the unsturdy Oooguruk Island, a man-made island used for oil development and located in the Colville River Delta. This river's estuary flows into the mighty Beaufort Sea and is one of Alaska's best kept secrets, so pristine and somewhat inaccessible, a bird migration haven! Now this area is under tight observations and scrutiny because of oil development opportunities – just kidding unless a company falls under the umbrella of “Big Oil”, else don't worry about anything! And best mind your P's & Q's, as a SHELL drilling contractor was just fined some $12-Million and plead guilty to several felonies, for trying to explore! Now once past the exploration phase and onto the development stage, that is wherein you find a greater risk, the potential for environmental destruction should something go wrong. Now the “Oooguruk Island” was designed to weather the worst of storms and predictions from other “Models” back in early 2000 when it was sanctioned for design and approved by the State of Alaska. Well taken into consideration was the “100-year Flood” scenario - which is just a convenient term for any and all “Mega-Storms” that could occur, over a time span comparable. Basically, when all hell breaks loose! Now on a late afternoon in June 2009, after only 1-year into the operation phase wherein oil was being sucked out of the ground at the same time other wells were being drilled, a “rogue” ice sheet estimated to be 6-miles by 3-miles and traveling at 20-miles an hour, it hit the island without warning and almost toppled the drilling rig, which was actively engaged in drilling. Workers were seen running for their lives, but where in hell to run for cover as there was no high ground and this “wave” of ice chunks bigger then Sarahzilla's narcissist ego was inundating this little chunk of foreign land in a hurry. Basically, it allowed no time for an orderly evacuation. Now after the ice beast retreated, it was determined that the only thing that saved the island from total destruction, which may have caused an environmental disaster which could have surpassed the grounding of the EXXON Valdez, the saving grace fact that due a recent trenching of another pipeline just north of the island, well that activity may have been what saved the island from total destruction. It is very shallow in this delta, from 6 to 15 feet, so a sea-floor trench with new overburden, it may have acted as a “break”, to slow down the momentum behind this ice-sheet that had gained strength from an easterly blow that had persisted non-stop for at least 3-weeks. Yes, due recent construction activities the past winter, it may have been what allowed for this to find an arrest upon such a serious situation. But that overburden has most likely been displaced by now, from the spring run-off, so it provides no such protection should another “rogue” ice sheet make its way that same way and targets the island – as too this date nothing has been done to facilitate as a precaution. See, some believe that since it already happened, that it won't happen again – that's a Texas mindset mind you! So the owners of this “Lease” and island, an Independent oil company from Texas, well it was very lucky as this type of storm was not really in the forecast, as the chances of such a storm – as defined as the 100-year monster – it has very high odds of actually occurring. Yes, somebody goofed up! Now of concern was the location of the 100-man camp, was it too close to the island shoreline to protect the workers? Yes it was but No it wasn't, as that would have been a very costly mistake in the original design, it was, so the architectural engineer re-worked his calculations and low and behold – not a problem! See, the state Fire Chief was ready to shut down the operation, then disappeared! I am sure there was a handsome ransom somewhere along the line of accountability and responsibility – in the recalculations! And when all the commotion to evacuate the island when under siege, well when things calmed down it was the site of an environmental nightmare – but since it was so close to shore, the Federal police had no say in the matter no matter what. And the state didn't even send an agent out to assess the damage. WHY? Don't ask stupid questions! So, no fines, no concerns, just keep on drilling. In ending, this is a clear-cut case of “Global Warming”, it is happening as we speak. And instead of admitting so, we would rather take a chance then doing what we should in efforts to find protection against the threat of ice being re-directed because of well, something in the air! Look, it's simple, fix the problem or pack up and go home! Now had this been a “Big Oil” company, this island would not have been designed as a skimpy to-tight-for-comfort fit, based on a shallow budget – as it boils down to money over worker protection. Just look at how North Star and other near-shore facilities have been designed, to protect against the same damn dilemma – that 100-year monster. See, “Independents” are given a “Green Light” based on irresponsible designs, flaws, illegal injections of hazardous wastes instead of disposing of human crap according to law, you name it. And of course they want the state to give them a break, in taxes above and beyond what is offered the “Oil Companies” that perform according to the “Book”! And when we see it happening right in front of, guess what? Nothing said, nothing accomplished except let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. In the meantime fine the hell out of “Big Oil” as they should know better, and so should the State of Alaska oversight. Bottom-line, this island should have been shored up against invasion of “rogue” ice sheets. It happened already, withing 2-years the 100-year monster hit prediction, we were so lucky. So after collecting massive amounts of wind current and water current data from the Cray Super-Jock computer located at the University of Fairbanks, the “Hydraulic Man Model” did indeed produce a result that warns, something is wrong! Yes, the warming trend is cause for concern, especially for inferior type infrastructure wherein the potential for disaster should be of concern – it ain't as we would rather let the “Independents” cheat their way to success, when they really haven't showed us they can even achieve that, with cheating allowed. And yes, it matters if we are killing off the wildlife, if our native culture finds that the sacred resting grounds are being disturbed. And we should be doing everything possible ourselves to at least limit destruction. If you believe “Global Warming” is weakening our ability to explore for resources in critical areas affected by climate change, then please send an e-mail correspondence to the “State of Alaska” oversight authorities at “”. But don't expect a response as this “Independent” crap is a can of worms just waiting to be opened and nobody has the guts to deliver the “Bad News”, except maybe a rogue iceberg – remember the Titanic!
 Oooguruk on a “Calm Day”

 Oooguruk on a “Bad Day”
 Shot of 6-mile x 3-mile “Rogue” Ice Sheet
The Aftermath – an “Environmental Nightmare”

 Dear Independents, please LEAVE!

MSNBC Cyber-attack

Just in: MSNBC is under a massive “cyber-attack”! According to reliable counter-espionage sources, the MSNBC broadcast network has been compromised by a new family of “cyber-viruses” that are neither destructive or designed to collect sensitive data – like employee salaries or sensitive medical data. What has so far been reported finds intrigue in espionage, that these new-age viruses can precisely linkup random advertising commercials into the news' segment assignments! Yes, by manipulating what was supposed to be broadcast, and the broadcaster and viewers are unaware of what is going on as the hijacking of “bandwidth” is carefully aligned to piggy-back “rogue” commercials alongside what was supposed to be aired in the first place! So instead of maybe 2-commercials during the news' timeout/blackout “time for a pee” and used to pay for the broadcasts, you may see 3 to 4 commercials instead. Basically, it allows for “free commercialization”, and it is so stealth like, hey it really goes under the radar – it is the reason you see so many “Erectile Dysfunction” commercials. And because every damn “TV” today finds a definite digital signature with respect to locality, these commercials can be catered for the audience as subjects of interest to the viewer – depending on where you live and time of day. Yes, for the last 5-months it seems, from the Ed Show to The Rachel Maddow hour - lasting in reality about 32-minutes - several key segments that were supposed to be broadcast news were intercepted and instead “rogue commercials” were inserted. Now I had noticed this and was beginning to turn back to FOX, thought maybe MSNBC was having financial difficulties and had to send out more advertisements instead of coverage of what was going on in this world - as I had noticed what appeared to be more then enough “erections lasting longer then 4-hours” warning messages, instead of news, especially during the Ed Show. But we have entered into an entire different “cyber-theater” now that everything is digital. And I am amazed at all the “Digital Experts”, because...hey tell me what your age is in digital format, then maybe we have something in common to talk about. In the meantime, NO I don't need Viagra and NO I don't need Cialis and I sure don't need a damn - and why in hell is Hannity still stuck on Juror #40. Damn, maybe the FOX network has been also compromised, as this could start one hell of a “cyber-WAR”, network against network!

Friday, December 19, 2014

SONY Attack

Here is the deal, love it or leave it! Sometimes we must yield to accept without question what our government is telling us or acting out on our behalf, especially with respect to how it responds to terrorist like activity being planned to harm us. We still fear for our lives and one of the things we allow is some semblance of trust, upon those whose duty it is to watch over things on the horizon, to make sure we remain safe. Uncle Sam has done a hell of a job since 911, but the cowards are out there and just give them some breathing room and they will attempt to stop us from breathing. Sure they want to “Water-Board” us to death, as some lunatics believe in that eye-for-an-eye revenge! But it is a tough decision making situation for the security detail agencies, an even tougher decision for the White House, as when does a government known concern force an action that may trample our rights, our freedoms? Wherein any inaction could prove to be a missing opportunity and then what? I would say that time has come, wherein for the good of that “Freedom” the government may have taken drastic measures in efforts to protect us from a possible and more then credible foreseeable attack. IMAGINE had December 25th found bloodshed, pain and suffering this iconic day of peace, how would we have reacted? It would have basically shattered John Lennon's dream, mine also. How would we then respond finding out in the aftermath that there existed threats, yet our government refrained away from its duty due more concerned over a popularity contest? Can you IMAGINE again the devastation years to come if we are ever attacked on Christmas day? Talk about nightmares for our kids! So if there exists even the faintest of concern the possibility we may find threats a reality on special days, hey I am willing to shed some of my freedoms, in efforts for the government to take action. Again, not allowing any “Martial Law” type takeover, just giving Uncle Sam a little wiggle room to do what it feels necessary to defend our sovereignty. Now what purposed this concern about a possible attack on Christmas day was the scheduled release of the “Interview”, a very controversial film that jokingly plans an “Assassination” of North Korea's Kim Fungi Phooey Poontang. Pathetic, a movie release about an “Assassination” on one of the busiest movie going days of the year, a family day in which the profits can take a theater safely into the next year – it was a terrible choice for the “Big Screen” no matter how you define “Free Speech”, even if just a parody drama. It stunk, and everybody that thought of entertaining themselves with that satire should be ashamed – we must refrain away from crap that threatens our peace and sanctity. What good is it? Want some laughs, just pay attention to your Congress! Look, it should have never been filmed for the general public, maybe for “Fraternity” release only – and this sentiment for a good enough reasoning. What good is it? I have already sold my $1.5-Million in SONY stock, instead have purchased EXXON stock, as I would rather place my trust in an oil company then an outfit that sees fit to broadcast stuff that may harm us – as revenge seeking is a rotten thing and this movie held a single intent, arouse the guy without an asshole who is known to seek revenge! So, the subject of “Assassination” finds no room in modern day society, for real or for a joke – it just doesn't find acceptance in a race climbing towards superiority, unless we have taken a turn for the worse, a rat's race I'm talking about. And our government is required to uphold bylaws that are continuously updated, and one in particular is backed by “Presidential Executive Orders” that specifically challenges any dereliction from the following “Public Law”: No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination. Joke or not, and each and every one of us passes the muster of “acting on behalf” as one's citizenship promotes that fact and that may indict us all as a nation under an accomplice to such. What I am getting at, if this movie provoked such an “Assassination” by the lunatic fringe, then we are at fault with the “abuse” element of that “Free Speech” right. But it was scheduled for its ”Opening” ceremony, on Christmas Day, wherein we could watch a bunch of stooges mark a stooge – Kim Dung, whatever the “turd's” name is. So, Uncle Sam may have seen or heard a little too much “chatter” for comfort. And with that has the duty to step up and step in, and in this sensitive case by a “Hail Mary” play that made it look like North Korea was behind the SONY “cyber-attack” that invaded the film maker's network. It was a do or they may die proposition, so do what was necessary to avoid the concequesnes and it appears as though the plan has worked, for now. Yes, the “Interview” has been canceled and my sentiment good riddance. But the entire baloney following is up in arms, that SONY has caved in to a terrorist's demands and many thinking it was a violation of “Free Speech”. Look, yes we enjoy the right to “Free Speech”, but to re-iterate read your damn constitution, as it specifically states something of interest maybe you are still not aware of: Freedom of Speech ~ Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right. Get it yet, “Responsible for the abuse of that right”, does that tell you something, maybe not something found under the U.S. Constitution's demands, but a state's right be not forgotten. Yes, it trumps many things! And many states have such a “law” in effect. So, the fact that the airing of this film may have violated the “abuse” clause, the U.S. government was forced to take action – at the same time it did not want to arouse a citizens' distrust based on a “Right” being trampled upon. Now the fact that the FBI has confirmed that the “cyber-attack” on SONY was by North Korea, it is not true by any stretch of the “cyber” imagination. First and foremost, even the “cyber-viruses” designed 10-years ago had “code” that would eliminate all traces or finger-printing, by using the “bread crumb” theory. Yes, just throw crumbs down along the path, here and there and everywhere in between so you can find your way home. We all know how that story ended, with a S.O.S. distress call – we're lost! So even though the forensic evidence can lead an investigator back to Latitude~40N & Longitude~127E, it doesn't prove any guilt – as this finger-printing “sway” has become an all important facet of the “Cyber WAR MACHINE”, by purposely faking out the actual origin of the "attack". If our FBI has traced it back to North Korea, well whomever was behind it to begin with, they were good and North Korea is light-years behind the United States and Israel in the technologies that supports this modern day warfare of choice. So whomever was behind it planned for it to be generated out of a North Korea based server – or the “cyber” Command & Control post of choice – then “kill” the finger-prints beyond that, end of trail. Look, it can be accomplished from a living room – yes espionage dad causing harm across the globe as the family watches “Sound of Music”. The theater for this WAR, well it even includes outer space wherein satellites roam and cross the night time sky looking so peaceful – think again, it's a WAR MACHINE asset. Look, I can utilize a server in North Korea just by directing my data via some addressing, with a place holder then from that location cause havoc on my neighbor's computer. Then when it is traced backwards, low and behold the forensic brings it back to, well North Korea then from their it becomes a “Cold-Case”. Here's another thing to consider. If North Korea was behind it and some techie goofed and left something behind that allowed a tracing, I am sure that by now his head has been chopped away and is sitting on Kung Phooey's head dress! So we may never know where this attack upon SONY actually originated – yet the sophistication speaks onto itself, as it was a virus that originated from Operation Olympic Games. And even though the FBI has been able to assess that the SONY attack has been going on for 3-weeks, hey once a virus is embedded, it can start-me-up on many different trigger points – and the way these viruses work, it is transparent to the network and not even identifiable by the brightest IT specialists that SONY may have employed. It was most likely an “information gathering” virus designed by American ingenuity, and finds the definition of “Stealth”! And for another reason that should find your attention, you don't lob that kind of missile from your own back-yard, the reason today “Cyber War” can be broadcast from just about anywhere, including space. Elevated chatter from the underground is what caused Uncle Sam to come up with a game changing plan for Christmas day, and by “GUARD” it appears to have worked, by making SONY retreat. Had it not been scheduled for release at Christmas, as an attack on Obama's watch would have been his downfall – it would not have become such a big deal – but that was a crazed attempt in efforts for SONY to take advantage of movie goers in the “mood” - for an assassination comedy on Christmas day? Look, one individual I want nothing to do with on a day of peace is Cow Dung Chop Suey – whatever his name is I don't want to remember! And what went on behind the scenes by our security detail, it may be something out-of-sight and out-of-mind even with the president - and that seemed to be the case of what really went on when Obama gave a speech today, basically throwing it back in SONY's face, in efforts to thwart off any suspicions. According to reliable sources, the “cyber-attack” most likely took place from an unintended vehicle parked within close proximity to SONY studios, and it didn't have to be a manned station, just equipped with a cheap $200 dollar laptop with e-wire capabilities and downloaded with a copy of the “FLAME” virus developed by U.S. espionage contractors and named after Valarie Plame, the covert CIA agent working on the Iran nuclear bomb making ordeal. This was where we first tested the virus that would open up today's “cyber-espionage” capabilities, back then it was called “Stuxnet”, and worked rather well to dismantle Iran's nuclear bomb making dreams. Once the “Flame” was allowed access to the SONY network, by a simple task like an office worker plugging a “smart phone” into a desk top office computer for say, a battery refresher or picture downloads from the “Christmas“ party - hey, the “FLAME” was ignited and through “cross pollination” it was able to start collecting data and infecting other subordinate networks, didn't matter what kind of data, but anything that happened across the network through any of the many computers that had been “cross pollinated”. It is that simple. Now “FLAME” was developed as part of the U.S. government's “Operation Olympic Games”, as already mentioned a somewhat still secretive clandestine operation started by George W. Bush and continues to exist today under Obama. These “cyber-attack” viruses are unbelievable to what harm can be accomplished, either for destructive reasons or for espionage data collecting and equipped with an unbreakable “code” that makes tracking the origin – well it can't be traced. Now the “FLAME” was discovered back in 2010, but it is equipped with a “Kill” code, so if it is detected it goes into hibernation – basically “kills” itself and removes all traceability. It is that smart, even if you have it trapped – it finds “Freedom” and hasn't been seen on the “cyber-scene” since that time – when the “Kill” command was sent in efforts to hide its identity. So it appears it has surfaced again, maybe being used only when out of dire necessity – like in this case to attack SONY for gross misconduct and negligence which held the possibility of placing America in harms way – just for a cruddy movie! So maybe we should all just sit back, take a breather and realize why in hell would you waste money on any film that talks about a fruitcake – as we should just ignore him as he lives for the attention. So what that SONY is out estimates in the $100-million range, as IMAGINE what the price tag would have been had somebody infiltrated this nation on Christmas day, at a movie theater! So, thanks Obama, for doing what was necessary to protect the “Homeland”, and Merry Christmas to you and that lovely family. Go have fun in Hawaii, with the realization that we are safe, due your efforts even if it means taking drastic measures to protect us. Here's another thing to take into serious consideration the facts of this matter. If Fung Dung DooDoo was responsible for this attack, it would have only been possible and been successful with the “code” developed during the Operation "Oly”, it is that simple. North Korea doesn't have it, as if it did we would know about it and already commenced to cause havoc on that nation's existence. Even if North Korea had something close, say a rogue clone attempt to simulate the “FLAME”, it would not have been possible to launch an attack like this, not here in America – no matter what the experts are saying about SONY's computer network vulnerability. Not only have we devised “stealth” attack tools that can be used in the “Cyber Gulag”, we also have developed very good counter-measures, so this attack didn't come from a Dung Ho government and has another nation's handwriting of approval – in this case maybe for a very valid reason! Merry Christmas, what a relief....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rotten Peaches

From the crypt of Theodolite Stevens: OK, this is something that the voters of Alaska should find of interest – especially those individuals that cast a vote to castrate Mark Begich, including MoanaLisa MurCowpie's refusal to wipe her ass after shitting on Begich, and endorsing a pervert instead. For sure Mr. & Mrs. Alaskan that was your reasoning, just get rid of the “Bastard” – as it was nothing short a short-circuiting campaign based on party affiliation and a dream of “We're RED” – you hate liberals, come on now be not afraid and just let it out! In fact, if it pleases your passion, use the “N” word – “MARK NEGICH was a liberal bastard and I'm an Alaskan”! Look, you would have voted for Billy Brown to take over that senate seat, anything to end the liberalism! In fact, if Bill Sheffield was the in the running, you would have probably picked Casey Jones over the incumbent. And the golden rule went broken, shame on us, as incumbents have always reigned in Alaska's political “skeleton closet”, the reason we have a Madman Necrophiliac filling the other senate seat – sorry I meant Madame Nepotism, damn spell checker. And why do you think Don Young always gets another try at it, in the House? OK, not fair as Don does penetrate us with laughter, which s still the best medicine and still free under ObamaCare. It's funny when you “Google” MoanaLisa MurCowpie, or for that matter any member of the MurCowpie family! I just came across the time Moana's mom complained about the toilet seat in Governor Frank's “Private State Jet” that was too small and uncomfortable for her big ass and therefore we need to give Frank a break, as this jet was not all that great especially when trying to “crap” during takeoffs and landings! And after that correspondence to the media, when Frank's jet was used for its secondary mission - for prisoners going outside - well one big ass prisoner found the same problem, so shit on the seat instead! Sorry, but have we not put up with enough “dirty politics” here in the 49er? So “sidebar” don't you just love how your computer, your cell-phone, your smart phone have been taken over! Who designs this takeover? Look, to think your vote to ban Negich from Ted's Senate office was instead for Dan Sullivan to take up residency in that same office because you were not pleased with Negich's “Democracy” – it appears you don't keep track of who is doing good for Alaska regardless of party affiliation as it should not matter – with respect to Congressional decency – in which Negich did perform rather well. And with Sullivan stealing your voting right, it wasn't due his credibility or knowledge of how the “Beltway” encourages pillaging - the secret to how it works is not given away so freely. It must be earned! Something MoanaLisa MurCowpie still fails at today after way too many terms of endangerment but something Negich was quick to win. So, now that Negich is gone from the scene of the crime, his last vote kind of tells us there may have been a chip on his shoulder due the cold shoulder from the voter turnout results. Here are the numbers coming out of the “Budget” pie, indicating that MoanaLisa has no power or determination except continue to cheat her way through retirement. Really, the U.S. Taxpayers will pay for Michelle Blackman and MoanaLisa's retirement? That is sick, my hard earned money should not be wasted on such incompetency or pursuit of wickedness! Anyway, “5 PERCENT” is what we can thank MoanaLisa for, which means a strategically placed fart could have gotten more. Yes, Alaska will receive a measly $50-Million for the Fort Greely “Missie Defense Shield”, which amounts to peanut shell fragments in comparison to what Mr. Negich could have received – had he been re-elected. I guess castration is a two-way street. Of course in the last round of disgraceful applause he gave not a rat's ass about Alaska, and I cannot blame him as he was in actuality just another Ted Stevens, gaining popularity and power in such a short time, above and beyond what MoanaLisa has achieved - yet the voters thought differently and that enforces that age old saying, that the “Koch Brothers can fool most of the Alaskans when funny money runs wild”. Yes, Mr. Negich was close to finishing up a deal for, drum roll please, $1-Billion! Now with the smoke cleared away, we see how we were screwed over. And this is just the tip of the ice-berg! You thought Joe's ship “Hard Aground” was damaging, just wait to see how the military brass starts laughing at Alaska's aging military infrastructure – especially now that Negich is no longer a threat. It means “wrecking ball” time, at least the demolition workers will benefit! So here is how the secret of the “Beltway” really works when our delegation is asleep at the wheel house - Don Young's favorite napping place when not hunting for “Rabid Skunks - that means the project is DOA, for increasing the number of interceptor rockets stationed at the Delta Junction, all aboard? Now that $50-Million, due the existing contract language, that will be earmarked for Alaska yet will be consumed somewhere else outside – by the “Defense Contractor”, for campaign contributions to other senators that are looking after, you know what! Look, “Defense Contractors” try to operate in every state, to get a piece of the pie and when a Senator delivers, so does the campaign “War Chest” find new life. That's how it works. So, we actually receive “ZERO” with the “Budget” bill signed by Obama, with Ft. Greely. Now MoanaLisa MurCowpie is trying to talk it up as a big thing, when in reality, she failed – but what else is new! See, Begich was the “pusher-man” for “Military” spending in Alaska. Yes, even though I am against the “WAR MACHINE” wasting money when “Bridges to Somewhere” in the lower-48 are dissolving to rust, I see this as a win for the pacifists. In fact, Alaska may be the 1st state that finds no U.S. military presense in the future. Now that we see “Hazardous Air Quality” alerts day-in-day-out in Fairbanks and North Pole, damn Santa is coughing and so are the brass, time to shutdown Eielson again! Which is OK, as I would rather see an increase in the “Coast Guard” up north in Alaska and along the Bering Strait, especially with all the ice fading away. But with Mr. Negich gone bye-bye, so may be the push for more “Coasty” bucks, another thing the ousted senator was working so vigilantly on – said again on his own accord with no party lines attached, as MurCowpie and Young don't know how to play “Bipartisanship”. In all honesty, Mark Begich was a true blue Alaskan, who cared about his state and has the proof that shows what he stood for, stuff that was sheltered during the campaign, as it was dirty politics that allowed Sullivan to win a seat deserving of Begich again. Alaska will suffer “badly” his defeat! So Alaska could find it is not really a “Red State” but maybe as a “Pink State” wherein “Pacifism” trumps any intention for “Liberalism”. So if I were Mark, I'd be singing “Rotten Peaches”, as that may be all that is left for Alaska in Uncle Sam's Cornucopia!

And my home is ten thousand, ten thousand miles away
And I guess I won't see it no more
You'll pick rotten peaches for the rest of your life ~
Elton John