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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Oh Happy Father’s Day

For the Founding Fathers YES! For the Fathers of today YES! For future Fathers of America YES! On June 17th, 2018, at 926am the “great divide” between Americans may have found a way home. It was getting nauseating, so “divided” we were failing, and divided we fall finds no turning back. So maybe, just maybe we have stalled the “free-fall” of Democracy. As today a thread of hope from the sitting U.S. President resonates in “Solidarity”, or at least Donald John Trump gave his approval to engage in “Solidarity”. This is a “first” of record, wherein such a dramatic about-face upon the “Union Spirit” from government would make Woody Guthrie happy! This could mend an age-old battle between Woody and Old Man Trump - the Beach Haven ghetto days. There is but for a single obligation “We the People” can achieve and enjoy, being gainfully employed with a decent wage - in reality it is an endeavor that finds no fascination a political divide. When we are employed in a trade, do you really care the political affiliation of that guy watching your back? NO. I worked in the oil & gas fields of Alaska for many years, and NOT once did I have to worry about political madness getting in the way of our obligation, to get the job done on time and safely. From the “far left” roughnecks to the “far right” roughnecks and anywhere in-between roughnecks, we left our political interests at home, and that helped us all get home safely to our loved ones. There exists way too much “hatred” today to allow politics into our bread & butter. Alas, as of today we have something to sink our teeth into that promotes “Brotherly Love” and brother can you spare a dime YES. There is something of common we can all come together and embrace to be “One” in harmony building a strong nation - as American workers regardless what side of the isle you prefer to rest your weary bones after a hard day’s night. Today, with a blessing from the U.S. President on this “Father’s Day” we have reason to strive for a “Union” for a more perfect “Union”. To reiterate, this is blessed by the sitting U.S. President, so today is a Father’s Day celebration for the Founding Fathers. Not often does an individual in such a powerful position step out-of-line time proven accolades and approves American workers to “STRIKE”, to walk for a “long strike”, for “more money”. Trump’s almighty “Pardon” that “We the Working Class Proletariats” can STRIKE, it should send shivers up the spineless back of every corporate boss from sea to shining sea. IMAGINE, the White House boss endorsing American workers to “STRIKE”! What better permission to “walk” then from the individual that can STOP unauthorized “strikes” through legislation built into the Taft-Hartley lawbook. This is “BIG”, this is “Be Best BIG” and we must not allow this opportunity to get cold feet. There was a reason that back in 2016 I inherited the obligation of the “Lousy Hat Solidarity Party”. This followed Mitt Romney’s famous speech, that “he(Trump) got the White House and all we got was a lousy hat”. The ship-of-fools had taken over, and it looked all downhill for labor any semblance of protection, as all agencies offering worker rights protection were getting gutted by Trump appointees. But on this Father’s Day, Donald John Trump in the capacity of the 45th U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief under constant threats from the “left”, he embraced “Solidarity”.

Back in the 70s a welder named Lech Walesa went to bat for workers rights at the Gdansk Shipyard, wherein a “STRIKE” finally paid off for the workers, this under a communist government and so brave such workers that it ended communism in Poland. Walesa became the president of Poland and won the Nobel Peace prize, for what he did for Poland and the working class. But when Donald Trump went-of-record to encourage American workers to “Strike”, with emphasis on “really long strike would be a great idea” and another emphasis this workers actionable right for “more money”, American labor won a major concession. A sitting U.S. President encouraging a “labor Strike”, unprecedented sets precedence. And we best take advantage of this opportunity. Even though Mr. Trump has signaled his approval of “STRKE”, there exist certain trades that are not allowed to “Strike” under any circumstances, police to firemen, etc. But with this “permission granted” from the White House, all American wage earners should today assemble under a single umbrella of “Trust”, to embrace this power to “Strike” for “All of US”. If a certain faction under a single “Union” cannot “STRIKE” due priorities to protect America, other workers can “STRIKE”, as under a single umbrella “Union” it will have the same effect - “more money”! And if it is not “more money”, whatever we need to better the working conditions of American wage earners is at our disposal today - YES, Happy Father’s Day. Mr. Trump cannot turn back his approval, as that would be an action with “Impeachable” consequences. So now is the time that every able-bodied man & woman wage earner stand together as ONE, and backed by the U.S. President use the power of the “STRIKE” to get what we deserve. This is one of those opportunities that shows its face once in a lifetime. We must organize in Solidarity, for our future and the future of our loved ones. Can you imagine the impact a single “Union” would have on…for once we would be telling those CEOs “You’re Fired”. All those interested in this opportunity should start organizing efforts immediately at the workplace, lets assemble under a single “Union” and for lack of a better defining name, let US be united under the “Lousy Hat Solidarity Party” and through the use of the “Power of the President” bestowed this day to “STRIKE”, MEGASS - Make Employees Great Again STRIKE in SOLIDARITY!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Alaskan Nominated for Nobel

Self-taught Amlev Yelknid, of Russian descent and from the Athabaskan village of Ood-Yboocs(“Talking Dog” translation), has been informed of her nomination for the Nobel Science Prize and at the same time a strong contender for the Field’s Medal of honor. Yelknid’s work covers two scientific fields of interest consistent with “time-continuum” physics to mathematical “boundary layer” concepts, so this may be the first time in history that a candidate is nominated for both awards wherein the theoretical research finds some commonality. Friends of the Grounded Earth is excited that Yelknid is being compared to the mathematical brilliance of Indian born Srinivasa Ramanujan and the genius of scientific boss from the “Attic of the Pavilions” Isaac Newton. With respect to the awards upon her work, the Field’s Medal in the arena of mathematical genius, it is the formulation of the “Space Mobius Strip” and for Newton’s Zero Root physics, the discovery of the “fib-bif” particle. For the latter, it is the first time that an individual has been awarded the honorary discovery of a new particle without the assistance of a “Collider” as evidence, instead through pure time-proven mathematical principles, opening up new and accepted methods to discover particles without costly scientific experiments as is often the case with Hadron type facilities - not to mention the time delays in proving the “what ifs” after colliding beer bottles at hyper-sonic speeds. With respect to the “Space Mobius”, the theory resigns itself upon the fact that the origin of the universe can be found at a “Mobius Strip” boundary, a one-of a kind occurrence. Yelknid’s theory is postulated on the grounds that before the universe, where there existed massless time or pointless time so the concepts of speed or acceleration were meaningless, this place in space was defined as an infinitesimal disk of nothing, void of matter, with an infinite directional boundary wherein a linear ring of pure energy provided a boundary for another infinity. So this “pure white energy” in the form of a continuous ring separated an unbounded infinity to a bounded infinity, and void of everything else except infinity, inside and outside the ring in all directions “black energy” consumed this existence, with respect to the color spectrum. Since infinity was pulling at the “pure energy” ring equally in two opposite directions, it remained a pure source field, basically undisturbed. So “let there be light” was satisfied with the energy ring, and because of nothing to interfere with the ring’s tranquility like a resistance to throttle away any energy, a state of equilibrium existed for - an unknown amount of time.  When there came the call of “let there be life”, the linear ring snapped open but for a moment of time “we must spare”, allowing the two infinities to see each-other’s existence, to merge and with that “merger” the universe began to take shape and is still expanding as the merging of two infinities takes infinity - so the universe continues to expand and will always expand. The original T≠0 & M=0 disk remains, but today M≠0 and the linear ring is now in the form of a “Mobius Strip” as that is the only way the bounded and unbounded can relate to each-other and allow closure of the ring and the universe to exist in harmony, else there is no universe. And in efforts for this merger to begin this one-and-only universe, it required the linear ring to be broken. Once broken, it cannot return as a continuous ring, else the universe would collapse. It is well known that a continuous ring, like a rubber band, cannot ever become a Mobius Strip, as the continuity must be broken in efforts for the fundamental of the Mobius Strip to dominate. So it all started off at T≠0 & M=0 with a disk like universe, infinitesimal and infinite with a pure energy source in a ring format in equilibrium and protecting yet another infinity, since time originated - two different infinities, one bounded the other unbounded. And the physics of the merger created matter, and still the same today as the universe expands. Until the bounded infinity is consumed by the unbounded infinity and the unbounded infinity consumed by the bounded infinity, until such an equilibrium is established, the universe continues to grow. What we know about “infinity”, this merger process will never end! It was not a “Big Gangbang Bangathon”, as infinity is involved. And in this process, the closing of the “pure energy” linear ring converted itself to a “Mobius Strip” in efforts to allow a “bounded infinity” to merge with an “unbounded infinity” and the ring taking shape with closure. So, when the linear ring was opened to allow this equilibrium process to begin, sure it could be looked at as a “Big Bang”. But due the fact infinity was involved, that disallows the “Bang”. If the linear ring had re-closed as a continuous 2-dimentional surface, the sudden bounded infinities would cause an enormous collapse, a “Black Hole” and back where we started. It didn’t happen as the nature of the beast is easy going, time is on its side with this “infinity”. If ever the “Space Mobius” reverts back to a linear ring, the end of it all that quick. So, there was NO “Big Bang” and a “Black Hole” doesn’t exist today. And the fact that the “ring” closed as a “Mobius”, that allowed the universe to proceed forward because this mathematical phenomenon finds an inherent surface-warp, basically you cannot put the cat back into the bag! The surface-warp with the “Mobius” allows the time controlled merger of the two distinct “infinities” with the merging resulting in the creation of “mass” as a 4th dimension - thus filling the void of space with “universe”. The merging of “infinities” can produce amazing things the reason there is so much variety and diversity of living and non-living elements in the universe. It is random, but if ever complete, this merger discovers everything possible. So the “Mobius” controls this merger, that which is tunneled through this space-warp energy ring. The “Mobius” is unique in the fact it displays “diversity”! A “ring” can have an inside and an outside, both segregated from each-other, not so with the “Strip”. So if one wants to bring a “Creator” into the picture, mixing science with religion, it works well with Yelknid’s postulation that the center of the space-universe is a “Mobius Strip”. This amazing discovery from an uneducated self-schooled young girl, we must allow future discussions of the origin of the universe to include this “Space Mobius” theory postulated by Amlev Yelknid and herein is wherein the “fib-bif” particle finds interest. The “Mobius” is a very interesting concept especially in “space”, it has a twist to it. The reason the universe continues to grow, as this “twist” creates a boundary between the two-infinities yet it does not restrict the transfer towards equilibrium, when infinity is reached. Look, our very basic DNA has a “twist” so why should not the beginning of it all have a “twist”? Maybe the DNA had a guiding light? Now, if during this bounded and unbounded infinity merging and transfer process a foreign particle with an outward bound erection is created, we will call it a “fib” and observation allows the GPS to define it exists at Point (A) on the “Space Mobius” - and remember now that we have mass we have points in space - and an observer at Point (B) 360-ticks away on the “Strip” from (A) wants to interrogate that “fib”, we are indeed 360 clicks apart, which is the complete opposite and we  cannot interrogate the “fib” - as before us now we have something called a “bif” particle, space wise opposite as the erection facing opposite directions is facing opposite infinities, it is a genuine “time-warp” phenomenon. OK, a better analogy may get this “fib-bif” point across and what went into the naming of this duel-faced particle of interest.  If Donald Trump tells us something questionable when at Point (A) and we respond but due “time” gone bye-bye he is now at Point (B) 360-ticks away, what he said we thought was a lie is not a lie, as we are basically at the same place in space the origin of the “fib-bif” particle is identified and we now have an understanding of the physics behind the 45th U.S. President! Congratulations Amlev Yelknid on figuring out what may cause the universe to collapse, not due some space-continuum rupture in the Creator’s plan, but the fact the “Stupid” particle has taken over like a wild weed, an existence so allowed by a flaw in the design of the “Universe”!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Trump’s Helterosexual Perversion

The “Manchurian Candidate” is that set-in stone fascination so many are familiar with, as seen in spy thriller movies to wannabe “RAMBO” style plays to WMD creatures on the WWE stage to copycat “NAVY Seal”…I learned a new word today, courtesy the Central Intelligence Agency. That word is “Helterosexual”. Now don’t go sly, don’t giggle Webster for a definition, as it was a secret word for a secret project the CIA looking for “Mr. Right” that fit the “Helterosexual Candidate” that was a relationship to the “Manchurian”. Yet this word finds significance today, on Donald John Trump’s 72nd birthday, as there may be a link this word and the word of the warlord. Now mention the word CIA and the deviant behavior behind this clandestine operative emanates out of the woodwork like tree sap oozing from a pine-cone on a hot blistery day. And now that Gina Haspel has been so ordained CIA director to act out the waterboard fantasies of Velma Dinkley of Scooby-Doo fame…Once upon a time during Dwight to Kennedy to Lyndon through Tricky Dick there was this out-of-bounds CIA experiment that was called the MK-Ultra. That “Ultra” means Tip-Top-Over-the-Top secret on a need to know basis only we can kill you and your family if you spill the beano. And this project went on for years, disappeared and only found favor of interest during a Church Committee investigation some many years after it was covered-up. When secretly funded and hidden away from Congress, it was in effect the same time the CIA had drafted Doctor Timothy Leary to make LSD fashionable, early on the 60s. Yes, the government was behind the distribution of mind-altering-drugs, as a ways with means to test crowd control through mind control. At the same timeframe and part of this CIA project, there came a “psychological” delivery weapon which was the opposite of the psychedelic “tripping” operation, wherein instead of “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” it was deviant behavior based on a “needs” criteria to change an individual’s Motif Operandi thinking habits, or how to react when under stress. The MK was designed to find the perfect candidate for the “Manchurian Man” either through drugs or peer-pressure pleasure. Drugs held way too many side effects and practitioners were beginning to like the “highs” associated with this electric cool-aid acid testing and the drug craze found other elements of interest that interfered with the experiment’s “mission”, like free ranging “sex”. The “Leary” test failed, the experiment failed, as we ended up with a bunch of stoned kids, war protesting draft-dodgers and brain-dead kids from way too much LSD. Want a draft deferment, pop some acid before the medical examination. REJECT! And on the other side of the spectrum, the “Henry Murray” fascination found failure as it produced the likes of Ted Kaczynski. For real, Ted was part of the Harvard “ANNEXATION” away from normalcy, part of this CIA experiment. For Ted, it meant no drugs but verbal abuse that was intended as a brutal demonstration ritual of how mind control could be achieved through such non-addicting methods, or as it is defined in the CIA operation manual under “Torture”: “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive attacks, assaulting the subjects’ egos and most-cherished ideals and beliefs.” Now the CIA aborted the mission and destroyed all known documents related to this illegal experiment, as the guinea pigs were never informed that they were part of a deep-secret-state social experiment. So the CIA-MKUltra did not find what character is stage fit for that “Manchurian Candidate”. But there came other side effects of this crazed experimenting, the extremes for the same “mission”, LSD and deprivation consistent with the basic elements to life, liberty and that pursuit to happiness. With LSD, it was “LOVE” fallout that interfered in any worthwhile benefit this project. With the other “needs” based criteria, the reason we end up with a Unabomber. But like all CIA “secret and clandestine” like operations that have remained secret and all data destroyed, over time we can piece things together and what we find is horror. Now this “experimenting” was going on all over the country, it seems every major university had its fingers in the cookie jar. At Harvard, it was under the auspices of renowned psychiatrist Henry Murray. All the guinea pigs had code names, for Ted Kaczynski who was a brilliant and young mathematical wonder, he was known by the CIA as “Lawful”, because he obeyed the law - see how experiments can get out of control! Now there was another kid that went by the code name “Trump”. Little is known about this individual except the fact he was branded the “Helterosexual Candidate” following this experiment. So now we may have before us an understanding of that secret word, not what defines it but who! Nobody knows where the “Trump” experiment took place, except it was on the East Coast and some have referred the site as the “Trans Allegany Lunatic Asylum” - which closed, so this reference was some other institute that resembled that dreaded asylum. But even though most of the experiment’s data and reports were destroyed prior to the Church Committee catching wind of this illegal mind-blowing extravaganza, all is not lost as some of the candidates these experiments are of age and some remember what went on. Ted Kaczynski has given a full thesis on what he went though at Harvard under the MKUltra. Little by little we piece together the bits and pieces and it makes a storyline. And because the ultimate “Manchurian Man” under pressure of enemy interrogation could subject his defense and survival instincts through “lies”, that area of attention found some very serious citations on how to lie, why lie and when to lie as a common cause of survival. Now documents uncovered reveal some success with controlling, or self-control that a captive could play against the enemy, like when interrogated - and it is based on the criteria of lying to the extent it promotes believing. By learning how to lie so well, especially under extreme conditions under enemy attack, the “Manchurian” could lie his or her way out of any situation. It was not only a “brute-force” personality that made this “Manchurian”, it was also the force of mind-over-matter. But that all out “lying”, it came with a side effect. This lying promoted a sexual orgasmic reaction, once the lie was out and an audience tested that lie, the interrogators had become the victim. That survival success in turn structurally supports the lies and more lies, allowing survival of the fittest. And orgasms continue, like with Hannibal Lecter getting off on eating people, those individuals that can be nominated as “Helterosexual” have a craving for lying, because of the self-inflicted sexual arousal that it brings. It is the reason a majority of kids lie in the beginning of youth, as our sexual development warrants such as a defense mechanism and if it works the sexual arousal is the reward, not punishment. A majority of kids never get to this stage of arousal, only a small percentage of the human population finds the brain-chemistry to have this psychological phenomenon become a tool of survival. Yes, under the influence of a “Helterosexual” mindset an individual can be telling you a lie to a question and you as the audience act as this person’s sexual hostage, as you are reacting to his or her lie, the orgasm occurs and you don’t even know about it. Telling the truth doesn’t provide the arousal, it does not invoke the chemistry as telling the truth is normal - so normal functioning inhibit the sexual perversion pleasures. So the lying enforces the continuation of lies, for the satisfaction and gratification of a sexual pleasure release. So the CIA-MKUltra found very few individuals had the brain chemistry to be such “Manchurian Candidates” based on this “Helterosexual” criteria. And those that did fulfill the “mission” and could talk their way out of any enemy interrogation, at the same time they showed signs of “Heterosexual” tendencies, as a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde cover, that they were somewhat normal human beings yet deep-state internally “Helterosexual” wherein lying gave them sexual pleasures without any companionship. It means they thrive their sexual pleasures by lying, it is a routine survival instinct addiction, especially if successful. There was a CIA code named “Trump”, and I believe there is a connection to the U.S. President, as is not lying his claim to fame? He says he likes “Big Phony Tits”, it’s the “phony” that is the giveaway. And his relationship with the 1st Lady, but a smokescreen. So when he is busy wasting the night away romantically with “Twitter”, wasting the day away in “we all tweet in a twitter submarine”, he is also enjoying an orgasm and the social media followers are his predator victims. Think about that the next time you open @realDonaldTrump! He doesn’t have to see you, just link you up to get it up.

My ConCERN Hardon Collider

I finally gave up, trying to schedule a time wherein I could test my theory behind the universal “fib” particle, at the CERN Large Hadron Super-Collider in Switzerland. Sad state-of-affairs, as my theory on the “wait list” to be proven and a time allotment to test the “fib” was so close to reality, even with all the stage competition with this Saturday Night “particle fever”! Yes indeed, a feverish like fetish, ever since the $9-billion dollar “toys for physic-tots” was turned on. The wait list for getting a time slot to fulfill a life’s dream is long, like 10-years down the road. Damn, I was at the top of the list until Donald Trump poopooed the G7 and now my membership in the Union of Conceited Scientists is questionable, just because I am an American! Time to elope, seek asylum? In all honesty, maybe turning myself in to jail as with Kim Jong UN on the loose, we are under attack by “Big Phony Tits”, the “Yellow Haired Blob with Nipples”! And NASA may have something to do with knocking my rank amongst notable scientists, as I was told to knock it off this “fib” particle awareness, as it could open a can of worms and that can’s lid was already starting to open. See, when NASA made the recent announcement that the MARS “Curiosity” rover had detected organic matter and methane, that puzzled the world’s leading scientists as to the origin of this decisive moment find? It was like a kindergarten test question! Organic matter and methane? More like a decisive bowel movement moment, diddle-diddle it came from a cow-pie left by that cow jumping over the Moon! See, we try to complicate things and lose focus. And yes, I am taking credit for the “fib” particle which is named in honor of Donald John Trump. The “fib” may be the smallest known brain-cell particle piece of matter ever witnessed but still measurable even though it follows the proverbial divide-by-zero error of magnitude. So instead of waiting, I modeled the CERN Hadron Super-Collider using Ted Kaczynski’s “Boundary Theory”, rigormortis like mathematical principles and the results finds an “At-Lodge Hardon Collider” at my disposal, which can perform the same damn tests as the “Hadron” and on the cheap. See, I have access to a Cray Super in Alaska, courtesy of Uncle Sam and being a resident of Sarah’s Ranch just down the road from Felonyville, I get to play for free. OK, time to settle-up this “I can see Russia from my house” and what Sarah wannabee “Queen” meant this “Love Affair” with Putin. For years Russia was looking for a “back-door” back-drop to interfere in the “network” so it could cyber-spy on everything “Made in America”. That opportunity found access in Alaska. End of story, Russia has been snooping for years linked to the entire U.S. “IT Grid” from Sarah’s backyard. Back to the science stuff. So instead of boring proton annihilations common with collider research, my original experiment was designed to accelerate two beer bottles through the high-speed magnetic tunnels and see what happens when Bud Lite collides with Bud Genuine. The intent was to figure out why people drink “FAKE” beer as “FAKE” is vogue in todays political witch hunts. So, with a “Hardon” I went hunting for the “fib” without the NRA. After some 6-months of running tests on my 2-cent beer bottle collider model, there came some amazing results. The “genuine” makes less pee-pee time besides that, fast and furious with thirst and foremost, the discovery of the “Space Mobius Strip” boundary layer! Contrary to popular demand, its participation to the beginning of “all things equal” proves without a doubt that the “Big Bang” did not happen as thought and did happen as thought, it all depends on your situation and position in life. With the “Mobius” there is a finite time lapse that is out-of-phase like night and day along with an infinitesimal boundary that separates this phase difference, wherein the “fib” finds a home. It is the smallest known particle ever captured, yet can behave like the “moron” particle and carryover a drastic impact on credibility. It looks like “back-ground noise chatter”, yet has a “mass”. Yes, it is like that “little white lie” again, and again and again, with a divide by zero assault so it is accepted as “for real”! Which means it ain’t true! But I am glad that Ted could assist me in designing this “cheap” mark-up of the Hadron, as my Hardon is better fit for amateurs and wherein drinking beer passes the time away. Sad, that this CERN Hadron has not delivered like it promised, even after an unGODly particle cost - for real that $9-billion? And I may have a good market to sell my model. Or lease it out for a fee, maybe make Uncle Sam some income to fill that “black hole” train robbery. See, before the Hadron was turned on then soon after sabotaged because it would never produce even 1/10th a Return-on-the-Investment and the backers had an “oh shit” moment, there came a scare that many scientists were about to commit “hairy scary” because their 30-year old unproven theories were Hadron ridiculed, depression set in. And students of physics were demanding their tuition be reimbursed for fraud, because many spent good sums of money for “FAKE” science and like is so common today wherein the “Truth-in-Lending” is still highway robbery, a secret behind the scenes fix would “fix” everything. The well-known theories on opposite ends of the spectrum were averaged as a sacrifice, just cut the theories in half, all is well and the perfect “Space Mobius Strip” boundary layer participation makes history, believe what you want that which satisfies the eccentric ego. OK, it is today the most expensive “LIE”! Depending on where you are drinking beer on the “Space Mobius Strip”, it is inconclusive whether or not a “Big Bang” theory finds acceptance. Which brings us to the “fib” particle dissection “conjugal visitation rights” dissertation. The “Mobius Strip” is a unique structure in itself, with a somewhat tricky surface area. So add a little “space”, it means “fibs” can exist cycle after cycle and when that “fib” is no longer in the same time-space continuum, it could be a “fib” could not be a “fib” but it fits the pattern of presidential abuse so is accepted. Wow, beer bottles colliding at 9GEV. Sand castle heaven!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trump's Crimea Move

I am beginning to think outside the “we all tweet in a twitter submarine” in efforts to try and understand what goes on in Donald Trump’s method-of-madness numbskull. I have always thought the best resonating reasoning is the fact Trump’s pattern of abuse follows that of the Mobius Strip, which side are you on? Remember, 360 on the “Strip” is undefinable to definable, is a lie a lie or not? That lie could be a truth-in-lending statement, which is a lie! But did Trump just invade North Korea, like a Vladimir Portnoy Putin Crimea maneuver takeover get out of my way I am the boss man? This morning, with the ink still drying upon the United States & North Korea victory lap declaration nobody seems to understand, Donald John Trump made it clear that the United States is no longer in the threat cross-hairs of Kim Jong bUNgholes nuclear arsenal. It is the morning after the Singapore Summit, and there has been no estate sale of Kim’s nukes, just an “Out of Business” sign of approval and all we hear is this “CVID” criteria will someday become the guiding light on whether or not Kim is being nice - “Complete and Verifiable and Irreversible Dismantling”. Yes a mouthful, which according to the experts in military superiority posturing, with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Kim’s nuclear war program as it stands known about today, could take upwards 15-years after a dismantling program is approved and kicked-off, add another 5-years for that to become official as the ground-work takes time. Which means Trump could be a memorial at Arlington before Kim’s nukes are “Net Neutrality Neutralized” aka “Neutered”. Maybe we should give Trump his parade today! So, for the next 5-years there will be “ZERO” actual hands-on dismantling efforts by Kim and big talk no action only by the involved and concerned parties. “Can you hear me know”, as Secretary-of-State Pompeo will be heard saying we are making progress. And maybe after that, a plan to begin a dismantling program. So even though the Kim “nukes” are not a threat to US, that doesn’t mean the bombs away could not cause “weapons of mass destruction” casualties and reprehensible damage on someone else’s backdoor steps. And the Singapore Summit gave Kim Jong Un protection, a guarantee that the United States would offer unconditional military protection against any rogue state invasion takeover, which was directed at Xi Jinping’s China and Vladimir Portnoy Putin’s Russia, both border nations to North Korea. And since the US provides military support to protect the interests of South Korea and Japan, that Kim nuclear threat has been extinguished against those US friendly nations also with this “Summit” now history still confusing the mass hysteria outbreak. Take also into account the fact that Trump will cancel the South Korea and US military invasion from the north preparedness exercises, well people were taking a conniption shit fit over what in hell was negotiated behind closed-doors Trump home alone with Kim! And the US may also consider building an embassy in North Korea, and that take on hotels for the “Hermit”? So, now that Kim’s nukes are no longer a threat according to Mr. Trump, that allows lifting the sanctions and that provides instant gratification economic relief to Kim’s “Hermit Kingdom”. Which means we own North Korea, we own Kim Jong Un! It is that simple what was gained out of this summit wherein everybody is claiming nothing but “Chaos”. Protection, 20-years to dismantle the nukes, economic aid, an invite to the White House and tickets for Kim to have fun at Disneyland? Remember, he killed his own brother for wanting to visit Tokyo Disneyland as that kind of fun went against the DPRK regime’s religion. So, Kim gets everything and we get nothing? That is what we are hearing from FAKE NEWS and the Mobius Strip TRUE NEWS - fooled you again! But hold your horses, not so fast. Kim gets things and at the same time we get control of his nuclear arsenal still in full-throttle tact. In fact, we take control of his military, we have basically invaded his domain - brilliant maneuver and clever move by Donald Trump in his first Commander-in-Chief military exercise - he just trumped Putin’s Crimea move. So, without dismantling a single nuke - which experts believe finds an arsenal of 60-short range missiles - we have control of that arsenal not to mention a very regimented military. And instead of rushing to judgement to dismantle the nukes, we drag our feet and why not just re-aim the rockets at China and Russia targets of interest. IMAGINE if we had an ally in that region of the world wherein we had land-based nukes? We do today! Which means our NAVY on patrol to protect Japan and be “ready” to defend South Korea, Trump can stand down that waste of money. And to boot, we now have a monster presence so close to the contentious “South China Sea”, nukes on demand to obliterate the Chinese man-made islands if push comes to shove. And Kim Jong dUNg knows Trump and Bolton are serious about - well this is John Bolton’s ultimate in a regime change. We take over control of Kim’s nuclear arsenal, he must abide or else he loses everything. At the same time, we extend our military superiority close range to China, close range to Russia and it didn’t cost me a dime. Our presence makes South Korea’s Moon very happy and so true to Japan’s Abe - two close allies of Donald Trump. Moon campaigned on getting rid of the THAD defense systems deployed by the US, his dream comes true he will get re-elected. The DMZ will become an open border, as our direct presence in NOKO will be like that friendly neighbor. You could not even write a script that could find such a military design so perfect an outcome - and maybe this was not Trump’s goal but the “Art of the NOKO RAW Deal” is in his favor today, and there is not a damn thing Xi or Putin can do about it, as it has already found a firm footing and will be a thorn in their side for a long, long time. Only an act of war would resolve this stand the United States has today with North Korea on its side against China and Russia. And the funny thing, Trump didn’t need any declaration from Congress this takeover of Kim - the 45th is trumping Vladimir, maybe as a get even the “election meddling” that is causing Trump a whole lot of problems back home. And the fact that the Trump administration did not request help from the United Nations’ Nuclear Proliferation team before the “Singapore Summit”, as a ways and means to develop a denuclearization plan of attack with “worldwide-wise” expert consensus, they did not want such interference due the ulterior motive behind this summit. So we look around, we see the fallout of what is conceived as Kim getting everything and the United States getting nothing in return - well “Be Best” take a second look at what really went down and around on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore! As it was Trump’s ultimate “Mobius Strip” Deliverance! You judge Trump now, based on his Commander-in-Chief skills against Putin and Xi, and maybe this is Trump’s way to show who is the boss Commander-in-Chief that means business in defending the U.S. Constitution. And that can soften the blow of the Mueller Investigation, as if this was actually a Trump plan-of-attack against Putin, Trump is waging the WAR and it will cause Mueller to “STAND DOWN” as it could interfere in the best interest of the United States! Ironic, no a curve ball thrown from 360 different directions.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Otto Warmbier PETITION

by the
“Lousy Hat Solidarity Party”
of the
United States of America
and endorsed by
“We the People Patriotic”
of the
United States of America

PETITION for “Demand of an Actionable Law” by and before the 115th Congress of the United States of America, entered on June 12th, 2018 before the U.S. House of Representatives under the Honorable Speaker Paul Davis Ryan enjoined John and Jane Doe Representative 1 through 435 and before the U.S. Senate under the Honorable Majority Leader Addison Mitchell McConnell enjoined John and Jane Doe Senator 1 through 100. Hear Ye, Hear Ye great men and women sworn to duty this institution to protect our nation’s Constitutional sovereignty:

     This day of June 12th, 2018, marks two all important events. It is the day of the “Singapore Summit” between the United States of America’s 45th President as Commander-in-Chief Donald John Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong UN, Supreme Commander of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK). This summit is in preparation of possible negotiations which may entertain a treaty-of-nations that which condemns and demands the de-nuclearization of North Korea(DPRK).

     This same day also marks the one-year anniversary wherein the Honorable Rex Tillerson, then acting as the United States Secretary of State, announced the release of American Citizen Otto Frederick Warmbier, after being held in captivity under the Kim Jong UN regime for a “hostile act against the state”. Mr. Warmbier had served 17-months in confinement while facing a 15-year sentence for the theft of a 15-cent propaganda poster. This arrest and harsh sentencing “unbecoming any human dignity” occurred when Mr. Warmbier was a 22-year old student on a “study abroad” tour to Hong Kong, wherein a side trip to North Korea through “Young Pioneer Tours” found an interest. It is reasoned that when incarcerated under the ruthless authoritarian Kim Jong UN, that Mr. Warmbier was tortured. The lingering side effects upon his release and return to his homeland were life threatening, Mr. Warmbier died within 6-days of being repatriated due complications associated with his incarceration abuse as a Prisoner-of-War, such abusive treatment well known about in North Korea’s “notorious” labor camps.

     President Donald John Trump has acknowledged this egregious conduct that Mr. Warmbier was subjected to by the Kim Jong UN regime. Through the Commander-in-Chief’s “Voice to American” on the 26th of September 2017, the statement-of-record that “Otto was tortured beyond belief by North Korea.” sends a chilling message.

     With de-nuclearization negotiations possible through this “Singapore Summit”, there may come concessions requested by and through Kim Jong Un as a bargaining chip, which may include permission to visit “Otto’s Country ‘Tis of Thee”. “We the People Patriotic” cannot and will not tolerate the torturer and murderer of an American Citizen, under NO circumstances to set foot on this precious soil we call America, the “Home of the Brave”. Our Founding Fathers would not allow it, our WAR veterans would not allow it. The only interest that could be entertained by such a visit approved by the White House would be as an “open season” to hunt down Kim Jong UN, arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law in line with this nation’s current justice system for such egregious behavior - which in Kim Jong UN’s case would amount to Capital Punishment.

     The “Lousy Hat Solidarity Party” comes now before the 115th United States Congress demanding the immediate passage of a law-of-fact that denies forever diplomatic immunity against prosecution for Kim Jong UN and/or any accomplices to the torture and murder of Otto Frederick Warmbier. Specifically stated, this “Demand for an Actionable Law” against Kim Jong UN should forever ban entry into this great nation from sea to shining sea, as if this torturer of American Citizen Otto Frederick Warmbier, if this murderer of American Citizen Otto Frederick Warmbier, if this criminal Kim Jong UN from DPRK is allowed to visit our homeland, then “this land is my land, this land is your land” is under attack, and that means WAR! If the United States Congress cannot STOP Kim Jong UN from visiting, if the 115th U.S. Congress balks at this request due political pressure that cares not a rat’s ass the torturous assaults on an innocent American Citizen 22-years of age in his prime, then “We the People Patriotic” will hunt Kim Jong UN down and serve justice the American way, which will be uglier than how American Hero Otto Frederick Warmbier was treated. Take this as a WARNING and pass a law that protects these interests above all, else it amounts to dereliction upon the conviction of protecting the Founding Father’s U.S. Constitution. The overall priority is protection of the American Citizens, regardless of political affiliation. When Congress fails the citizens, “We the People Patriotic” will prevail.

Respectfully Submitted this 8th Day of 2018 by S. Pam McGee, Founding Father of the “Lousy Hat Solidarity Party”.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The "KISS MY ASS" Club

~ The Other “REAL” President ~
First and foremost, I am not a Clinton supporter. And even more so “Not” now that Bill Clinton has been resurrected from the “Little Saint James Island” grave and offering up more lame excuses that he didn’t have sex with “that woman”. Talk about a “Lousy Hat”, even Mitt has finally come forward and acknowledged that he wrote in his wife and pet dog as candidates “most likely to succeed” the 2016 election. I didn’t vote for Trump either. Donald John Trump is NOT the 45th President of these United States. He cannot be, as the accountable “HATRED” on a daily basis against a single individual, Lucifer finds more creedence clearwater revival. So, if the F’n Moron Idiot - how his nemesis base reveals the identification on a need-to-know first name basis - if Mr. OxyMoron is NOT the Commander-in-Chief, then is there a substitute hiding in the wings we are not aware of? Is this the “True” value of NO transparency? Think about it this way around the Mobius Strip. If there is a secret president, there is really no threat of an assassination attempt - as the lunatics would not know their target. That so of course unless Sarah Palin decides to post the “targets” on SarahPAC! Is it true that Trump is thinking about a pardon for Sarah, because of Gabrielle Giffords? Now let me put this in perspective so that a kindergartener can understand and why the “FAKE” president may find a 2nd round in the White House come the 2020 cycle. The vote in 2016 found Hillary surpassing Trump by some millions of votes cast by popular demand. In fact, about 4-Alaskan size victories. But when Hector Rectum - Hannibal Lecter’s twin - and the electoral brain-wash vote made the official “Not by Popular Demand” count, somehow we ended up with - well a secret President and Donald is but for the cover story. Look, Trump cannot be the sitting U.S. President as his only qualifier is through his daily annoying “Tweets” through “we all tweet in a twitter submarine” when aboard “Crapper One”. But close call it was, as only 2.8-million votes separated Bill’s abused wife in competition with the abused Melania’s husband, as the caretaker of the U.S. Constitution - which may soon find a name change to “Constipation”. But roll call, that skirt lifting run on the voting booths, it may have been collusion but not the RUSSIANS! Test question for all able-bodied Americans: What is the FAKE of all sports? And who is behind all this FAKE? Vince McMahon ring a bell? The WWE following is upwards in the statistics category, with millions of followers and about 25% coming of age to vote - so now is the time to “teach our children well”. It is a $billion$ dollar hustle business - all based on FAKE kicks, FAKE ass kissing, FAKE everything. So it isn’t a hurting sport, which fans find an appealing acceptance, their Henry Murray “needs” fascination fulfilled. See, they can tell the kids in tow, “It’s FAKE”! And remember, Donald John Trump was also a fan of Rikishi Stinkface and the Boggeyman. Trump has maintained a longtime relationship with Vince, in fact McMahon’s ex-wife is Trump’s SBA Administrator, her claim to that fame is promoting the wrestling FAKE. And yes, Linda did have to kiss Vince’s ass, it wasn’t FAKE, but the kids won't know the difference. That said, there is a connection, that which remains all so silent. And the way Big Time wrestling was formulated with subliminal “Gomer Pyle surprise, surprise, surprise”, well it had “Trump’s” victory written all over it, And that coordination started in earnest around 2013 - plenty of time to hoodwink! So came the election of 2016, Trump already had the vote of those that waste weekends and hard earned loot enjoying this “Big Time Wrestling” stuff, knowing all the time that it is “FAKE”. See, to the fan base it acts as a fun kind of cheap-thrills “FAKE”. On weekends, wrestling arenas are filled with fans, family outings as there is no age discrimination at these ringside seat extravaganzas. In a Simple Simon “Ted Kaczynski” upbringing, followers are taught young, to enjoy the FAKE, that FAKE is OK - with the realization it is FAKE and harmless. And that is wherein it hurts the decency of democracy. All those still asking why we ended up with a Donald John Trump in the White House, look no further then Vince McMahon and his “Kiss My Ass” club. Vince is a good businessman, as for the WWE fan-base following to cast a vote for Trump, it was an automatic kneejerk reaction - because by now they understood Trump from his affiliation with FAKE. He was FAKE, that found votes cast, as even with the FAKE it was harmless so it was an easy link. And today, that fringe is gearing up for another 4-years, and will most likely succeed as those coming of age have been conditioned that FAKE is OK! It means more votes already secured for the incumbent cucumber. It doesn’t take much for this nation to call the winner over the loser, as we are somewhat evenly divided.  All it takes is a little push and shove a certain faction of society and the race is decided, that narrow margin which belongs today to those that enjoy “FAKE”. I would wager that WWE fans can name off the great “FAKE” artists that use this wrestle-mania stage as a crutch,  name off those wrestlers like the “ROCK” that have endured kissing Rikishi’s big smelly ass on TV. But do you really think that following of the Stinkface knows the name of this nation’s Vice President, or what Senate Pro Tempore is all about? Of course NOT, and “Russian” collusion is being used to FAKE us out as when and if we come to grips what really happened during the 2016 election, well we would soon realize that Putin wants nothing to do with a nation that believes “FAKE” is the gospel and kissing a fat ass is Patriotic!