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Sunday, January 31, 2016

ARMY Under Attack In Alaska

T.W. Patch – Regulatory Commission of Alaska/Chair Commission
Stephen McAlpine, Robert M. Pickett, Norman Rokeberg, Janis W. Wilson – Commission

Subject Matter: Doyon Utilities – Request for Non-involvement by RCA

Dear Members of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska;

With all due respect, I request this correspondence forwarded to the sitting members of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska be accepted and considered as a “General Correspondence Complaint & Public Comment” and not confined under any “Confidentiality” but made available on the RCA site along with all other matters of “Public Interest”, as it is a matter with purpose through such interest.

I have followed closely the proceedings before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, with respect to such important matters between the United States of America – d.b.a. U.S. ARMY/Defense Logistics Agency - and Doyon Utilities, a joint venture owned in equal shares by Inland Pacific Resources, a Canadian corporation and Doyon Limited Corporation, an Alaskan Native corporation. With respect these matters before the “Commission”, the affiliation between the parties under “Utility Privatization” is through “Contract”, one that finds RCA oversight fulfilling a haphazard role. The fact that the RCA finds oversight with some control upon the contract specifics, at least that seems to be the trend forward the “Commission's” involvement, it appears to be delaying a once-and-for-all “settlement” upon a long winded battle that is going into the 4th year. In consideration Doyon's most recent filings, which occurred soon after the RCA approved settlements between the parties which seemed to show some semblance of “closure” affording arbitration before RCA involvement was necessary, Doyon was quick to renege on the approved language, as has been the case since the difficulties between the parties manifested itself. It appears DU cares not about the RCA's involvement such settlements, unless it benefits DU in capturing more money away from the U.S. Taxpayers. The U.S. ARMY may be the “Sole Customer” this contract dispute, yet it is the U.S. Taxpayers that ultimately are burdened with the costs of resolving differences. That is who is being “harmed” this continued abuse upon the system of merits promulgated through “Regulation”. It is a contract, let it behave as such without interference. Due my experience with DU, I find in favor the U.S. ARMY's commitment, that we would be better off if the RCA recuse itself from any further interest in the on-going proceedings in hopes the parties find negotiation skills consistent with contract disputes, away from heavy handed “Regulation”. When Doyon Utilities entertained the “Privatization Contract” back in 2008 and as stated by DU's executive management: “Regulation by RCA - The regulated approach provides the greatest certainty and therefore lowest risk for both the Army and Doyon Utilities. The expectations of each party are clear and mechanism for rate setting is transparent.”, that was a valuable selling point yet that seems to be no longer the case, as it appears to be more of the same with DU and the current attacks on the “contract” are due that entities self-propagated failures. As was pointed out early on by our brave soldiers in uniform that act as legal advisors to protect this nation, it appears this continued abuse upon the “Contract” is based on DU's unqualified management with expectations of deliverables by this 50-year multi-billion dollar contract award. Case in point, the “DOD has consistently received misleading and erroneous information, along with numerous unfounded allegations by Doyon Utilities, LLC” and such sworn “informational” statements by Doyon without merit are in essence an attack on our nation's sovereignty. And as quoted back in 2011 by a government official involved in the disputes: “This unusual combination of having a Federal Government contract with the State regulating has been interesting for us as we attempt to get DU to perform to the contract requirements. We are currently involved in several significant contract dispute issues, with more on the horizon. All of our jobs will become much more challenging by adding in the RCA. If we now want to ask that the RCA not regulate our Fort Wainwright contract with DU, what level of authority from the Army would be needed?”  Why the RCA did not recuse itself back then is an indication of a weakness within the Regulatory Commission itself. So enough is enough, especially in consideration that “Settlement” criteria approved by the RCA with respect to due diligence, DU seems to forget what it has negotiated and since the power of the RCA also finds oversight “Exemptions” when such is in the “Public Interest”, it is time the RCA comes to grips that its role as a referee has timed out and will cause reprehensible harm should it continue to act as DU's instrument of abuse. The RCA is being used today by Doyon not as a ways and means for equitable regulatory oversight, but as a tool of destruction upon a “contract” that found no major faults. No doubt the role of the RCA has come to that end and the RCA should exercise that option so allowed under AS 42.05.711. Exemptions. (d) The commission may exempt a utility, a class of utilities, or a utility service from all or a portion of this chapter if the commission finds that the exemption is in the public interest. What is going on today is no longer in that “best interest” arena and the dispute should be left alone and if the parties to the dispute cannot find closure without RCA intervention, well that is what State and Federal court jurisdiction is all about. The bottom line, this is OUR government fighting what was a signed, sealed and delivered “Contract”. The “Contract” was clear and concise, with every i-dotted and t-crossed and to watch and read what DU management contends is a fault of government and extorting through its expert witness program, used to serenade DU's failures, it is like a child trying to defend why that homework was incomplete, like that entity did not know what it was getting into – blame it on the dog! There were several other entities that bid on this “Privatization Contract” but lost out due the fact Doyon may have faked out the competition, and said again my association shows indications that the upper management engaged in this “Privatization” process but for a single reason, to abuse what was behind the mandate to allow private sector to engage in military operations upon the installations' utility infrastructure – and in efforts to save money it is now just the opposite case! So the time has come for this “Exemption”, as the use of the RCA is causing harm, to the U.S. Taxpayers as DU is using the RCA as a front, not the intent of “Regulation”. Through a FOIA request, the costs – additional exaggerated costs – that have been tallied up by the DLA and other legal entities so engaged in this battle, it takes away valuable resources from other issues that need attention to protect our men & women in uniform that are defending this nation, as there is only so much to go around. The team of dedicated military personnel that is exhausting valuable resources on these “matters” should be and could be working on more important issues of national security, not trying to defend itself against DU's inability to understand the “Contract” as was approved by many. With protracted litigation that finds no end due the RCA interference, the RCA should take this into consideration, as in the end we all pay for this ridiculousness. As it stands, Inland Pacific is enjoying a healthy profit from this contract and such profits are more than likely being re-invested in another country, not in America. When one digs deeper into the negotiations that warranted Doyon gaining traction on the contract award, with respect to banking and local investment opportunities, it has also reneged on that aspect, so American's are loosing footing in what was supposed to be a good thing with “Privatization”. Don't see a Toronto Dominion bank yet in Fairbanks? Yes, a bank of Canada is funding DU's stake in this “privatization” venture, when in the beginning DU said it would use Wells Fargo, a local. Even though this has nothing to do with the current “contract dispute”, it shows a deeper sentiment of abandonment what “privatization” was supposed to promote, for America. Like already mentioned, I have worked at several DU sites, and the waste is mind-boggling, from mismanagement and pathetic reasoning that DU didn't know what it was getting into because “they were only allowed a drive-by” some of the facilities along with what appears a lackadaisical attitude from the executive branch, so it got what it deserved. This in not what the American Taxpayers bargained for, corporate pirating at the expense of the U.S. Taxpayers. If the parties cannot forever find closure this dispute and it ends up in the courts, best for all would be the law finding a dereliction upon the “contract deliverables” and then maybe we could re-coup our looses. And it appears even though DU insists that the oversight is but for a single “customer”, it appears we are starting to realize that DU wants “precedence set” for its defense, and that can only affect all of us “rate-payers” in the end. What Doyon uses today before the RCA will be used by others in the future. Yes, today the RCA is on a slippery slope  such interest in this matter. In ending, I believe it is the duty of the RCA to reassess its worth in this contract dispute and forever recuse itself away from any further involvement. We owe that to the military, we owe that to ourselves as this continued abuse by DU management upon a negotiated contract is but, well no different then real “war”. This is NOT about Alaska, it is about OUR military and this interference by the RCA, it was pre-meditated by the original DU executive management as a ways and means for interference, Think about it, who in their right mind would beg for “Regulation”? The RCA intervention has only been for interference, and as a result we find protracted litigation, as for the bottom-line DU's owners are just trying to get “blood out of that turnip”, thinking the U.S. government will finally throw in the towel as resources do become limited over time. So it is “We the People” that must stand up and be heard this ridiculousness still before the RCA as a never-ending battle. And it must also be a drain on state resources, with respect to the filings by DU before the “Commission”. It is time for the RCA to step away from this dispute and the Alaska Statutes provide for such release and relief, and the “Commission” owes that to this nation, that when push comes to shove we stand for principals not upon dereliction our convictions. If the RCA were to recuse itself, the matter would be resolved post haste, either a solution or an abandonment of the contract by Doyon, then maybe a reputable entity could take charge as “Privatization” is working in other states were there is no “Regulatory Commission” interference. Was the RCA wrong to accept Doyon's request for “Regulation”, of course as the intent was for other reasons we see playing out today, and it starts with $$$$$$.  I am asking the RCA “Commission” to seriously consider and move on rescuing itself away from any further oversight between DU and the U.S. Government, based on an AS 42.05.711. Exemption, else continued cooperation  leaves me no other alternative then to seek relief elsewhere - as a jury of peers would come away with the same reasoning, let the military handle its own problems as it is good at fighting for our benefit, even if not in the trenches abroad but in the corporate boardroom right here at home. Thanks for the time.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gotta Serve Somebody

OK, so even though Bernie made it clear and convincing that “we are tired of your DAMN server”, did that officially release Hillary Rodham Clinton from, well accountability? Not in my book, as it boils down to what Dylan preached about in “Gotta Serve Somebody”. The bottom line, we are tired of hearing about total mismanagement of “Classified” documents when Hillary was Secretary of State. The blatant “Russian Roulette” approach by Hillary and her staff this mismanagement, well of course this nation has been harmed. Look, this nation relies on the U.S. Taxpayers handing over $10-billion each year so the “Information Security Oversight Office” can maintain a vigil on government transparency. Look again, as believe it or not Barack Obama signed into effect an Executive Order of brilliance that controlled the release of documents - not the hoarding of such as a ways and means to strike a balance with “Transparency”. So in 2009, E.O. 13526 became law. That was about a year into Hillary's tenure as SOS. So she was to abide by the new law as she was sworn to the oath of allegiance, and was made aware of the sanctions if violations were complained about. But in that “Order”, which was a revised carry-over of the previous administrations, going all the way back to Ike, we find language that allows a past “President” to be involved! See, the wording allows an “Original Classification Authority” to grant such the privilege to “spy”, granted to former Executive Branch members, like Bill. So, by sidetracking the security of when an individual in authority can disseminate document “free-loading, that which was outlined in the “Order” wherein violators could face jail time for dereliction, through Hillary's effort to NOT classifying anything it allowed Bill access to what would have been construed as “Classified”. Yes, free-loading documents from “Top Secret” through “Confidential” assignments. As SOS, Hillary found unabated clearance all the way too the top. So, with a convenient e-mail server set-up, it allowed Bill access to what was going on in the Obama administration, what was going on world-wide and within our military operations. Everything that was transported across Hillary's e-mail domain was, well subject to espionage as it was not by any stretch of the imagination “Secure”, a violation of the “Order” and such a lackadaisical approach would mean jail time for staffers. During Hillary's tenure, the amount of documents under authority of the State Department deemed “Classified” decreased by 2/3rds! Frightening? Depends on who benefited from such miss-classification. OK, Hillary was Bill's “Server” still. It was a sidetracking of the merits behind government concealment. Treason? Well if you take a snap-shot of Hillary and Bill and paste it alongside Ethel & Julius Rosenberg, you get the message.

Famous 1950 Spy Couple - Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

 Bill & Hillary - Famous Spy Couple?

"Gotta Serve Somebody"
You may be an ambassador to England or France
You may like to gamble, you might like to dance
You may be the heavyweight champion of the world
You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls.

But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You're gonna have to serve somebody,
It may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ground Control...

FAA Regional Airspace Command: "Ground control to major Tom, please repeat SOS"...static..."smoke pouring out of a boxcar door". See, I am flying over the ocean, no emergency landing strips close by and the cabin, well the smoke is causing the "comfort" turkey to run crazed up and down the isle-way...and shitting all over the place, feathers flying on-high like in a Sarah Palin reality stalking - that beheading ritual once seen on TV live . Hey, its 2016 and high gear for the race, and I miss not seeing Palin in the limelight! Anyway, now that many new airplanes come equipped with 120VAC outlets at every seat because we are a "wired" society - maybe weirded - it was just a matter of time before something went up in smoke. Look, kids like pushing things into outlets, and with very little other entertainment when in mom's lap, a two-year old is no lap-dog! OK, all is calm now as it wasn't the outlet, even though there was a melt-down at 21B, and the XBOX charger is now a wad of prehistoric Ted Crud! Dust to dust, plastic to plastic...See we were just informed that the smoke is coming from down below, from the cargo hold, one of those e-butts was left on auto-pilot and when above 10000-feet and all was cool with electronic devices, time for a hit. See, the guys upfront have a downstairs hatch, so pilots can take a quick exit piss and with all that luggage, great place to take a nap. Bravo, as the brave-heart second-seater downed a self-contained-breathing-apparatus and saved the day, the smoldering butt is now out...been a long time since I had a nicotine high and the first "free-thing" from an airline in a long time! "Comfort Animals", interesting concept man's best of friends and indicates how evolution is not fair to humans. And it was the "comfort" animals that acted as the fire-alarm when this smoke erupted, the animals that were aboard but down south as airlines only allow a ratio of 4 "man to beast" topside due non-payers - and now the animals in the cellar are all dead due to asphyxiation. No crime though, as the high seas are in international waters and "dog" is still considered a delicacy! But we see and hear more and more about so-called "Comfort Animals" that are allowed aboard a plane, no questions asked due the fact if an airline refuses to allow such accommodations, it is an automatic $150000 fine and the reason we not only see dogs entering the race, but turkeys to turtles. I'm looking for an elephant on a leash to accompanying me...Now that would be a good job for Hillary, on a leash, just the way Bill has controlled her destiny for so many years as in this nation "under politics" some find life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness so abused.  Hillary Clinton is NOT a free "WOMAN" and reinforces what John Lennon preached so well those listening: "Woman is the nigger of the world". So maybe when the FBI indicts Mrs. Madman because I believe the entire e-mail misclassified documents fiasco was a directive from Bill, then we can as a nation comes to grips that it was that power brokering and continued "Do as I say" coercion and condescending attitude along with that power control wheeling and dealing by the predominant aggressor, hey the "beat goes on" - which indicates without a doubt Bill does indeed need help. So,  Hillary can become his bonafide court appointed "Comfort Animal". I am serious, as she is already on Bill's leash, and sent to the dog-house when Bill's pimps show up. Good DOG, stay, be quiet. And think of how much this would save the American "Taxpayers", as when always together only a single Secret Service detail required and then Hillary would always have, well a leash on Bill! Freudian slap? Secret Service, sounds like Bill's favorite pastime...OK, don't pick on Hillary. But when so many despise what Bill did while in the Oval Office, we see the fallout it has upon others and this family affair, well it handicaps a nation and we are all abused and the reason we cannot tolerate any more Hillary nonsense, as the culprit this "aggression" is still smiling and telling us the same damn lie, "I did not have...", like "Trust Me" and this is wherein Hillary should have said "Get F$%&%^ Bill" and had she had the guts, then "Old Glory" would have been her destiny as the next Commander-in-Chief. I will never, never ever cast a vote for Hillary, because of Bill's presence still, AMEN!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Who is the MAN?

Who is the "MAN" Bernie Sanders?

When a picture is worth a thousand words...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nunc Pro Tunc

Nunc Pro Tunc - TED Watch

Wow, the reason Ted Cruz was not in attendance Obama's last “State of the Union” was the fact he was under “Nunc Pro Tunc House Arrest”. Yes, Ted made threats against Mr. Obama a few days ago, right after Barack signed an “Executive Order” banning the ignorance of wheeling and dealing gun sales and Ted was not happy with this legislation – as his followers are “ignorant” and this law would have castrated his aspirations to be the 1st Canadian to become a U.S. President. Look, he's a Canadian, NOT an American in my book, no matter what some Constitutional scholars that read between the lines think. So when Ted yelled out the threats right after Barack “pen” signed the order with words to the effect, “he who lives by the pen dies by the pen and my pen has an eraser”, which demonstrated the “Father of Ignorance”, that mindset didn't sit too well with the secret agent man and Ted was confined “Now for Then” - placed in irons as a precaution. Wow, America, love it or leave it – but not to the Canadians...
Ted Cruz in irons after "House Arrest"

Sidebar: For those that think Cruz is a “True Blood American”, then why in hell did he just renounce his “Canadian” citizenship? As a “Canadian”, he could get away with such threats, different set of rules had he been an American – as a true American stands by the “MAN” Barack Obama Commander-in-Chief! See, intent is 9/10ths the law when it comes to this type of “Rhetoric”. If Ted was truly an American and the intent was too always remain a patron saint of Old Glory, then denouncing affiliation with “Oh Canada” would have been a pre-requisite to his obligation as an American. Ted is 45-years old, and to maintain dual-citizenship for so many years, that is cause for concern as to what side he wants to be affiliated with – U.S. or Them? And why my sentiment his respect to Canada over the United States, this nation is under attack by “Canada”, and if a “Wall” needs to be built then look no further “south”. Our military infrastructure in Alaska, under attack by Canadian owned banks, yes indeed and it amounts to pillaging at its worst – which means the U.S. Taxpayers are under attack. And when the Canadian “citizens” through Trans-Canada filed a $15-billion law suit against the “citizens” of the Red, White and Blue – this is “WAR”! So I am glad that we have a lawman that sees it fit, behind the scenes policing, that confines such threats of ignorance. Wow, maybe it is time to deport Ted, send him back to the Queen. And I would like to meet that “lawman” that arrested this disgrace, and ask him if Hillary is next? Yes, Nunc Pro Tunc, it is never too late to arrest those that live above the law of the land...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Addiction or Abduction?

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have already secured the vote of 35% of the registered voters positioned to elect the 45th Commander-in-Chief. These are solid foundation "votes" both sides of the isle and the chances of change, like the odds of winning that Powerball. Which means the election  may be a close call again, reminiscent of 2000 Gore verses Bush. This faction of Americans already committed know what they want come the election. They don't need persuasion by phonies, like how the many undeserving candidates get the voters smoozed-over by the likes of Debbie "Was-An-Ass" Does PAC, money spent to suggest that "Truth" is but a suggestion. Money won't buy this election, lies will not either as to confiscate that percentage of the votes this early, it indicates that "We the People" are sick and tired of "Honey Money" Monopoly. Take also into consideration, Trump is using his own loot while Bernie is getting by through honest "For the People, By the People" fund raising. Missing so far, Wall Street influence for the front runners, Bernie and Trump. This is the true state of affairs the 2016 Presidential race-out, maybe more in tune a wipeout for those that have waited a lifetime to swindle away "Freedom" and have an interest only for the fame game - a.k.a. all the other imposters in the race. So, it is a neck-to-neck race with the Donald and the Bernie, by virtue the "Foundation Votes". This is something all inexperienced voters should take into consideration, as it speaks for itself. But the race is by far normal, as it is more the likes of the tortoise and the hare, especially with all the other wannabes thinking they have the blood & guts for the "Old Glory", to carry on the Obama legacy. Look, look around you to what that legacy means. A vibrant economy and a nation safe? What more do we need as with both attributes fostered forward by the 44th in command, there is nothing to fear. And Trump knows it so, as does Bernie, so don't think there will come major changes in these areas if either is committed. But it is sad when we see those that think they can, using the doom & gloom scenario to cause hate and discontent just for a fanfare vote. Ben Carson already proved that he holds similar qualities as did Bill Clinton, "Liar, liar pants on fire", so his aspirations are longer than a long shot - the Pinocchio "Red Nose" syndrome. Ted Cruz, he's a felon and is not eligible to become a U.S. President and should be no longer considered a member of Congress. Felon, by virtue his most recent threats against Obama. And the fact that he was abandoned at birth by his real mom - a Canadian - and an American lady trying to get back home adopted Rafael as an "ACE" card, he's not an American and we need a DNA! Hey, if John McCain and Nancy Pelosi can challenge his "natural born" status, then "Mission Control" we have a problem with Mr. Scud Crud! Look, we hear lots of chatter by Cruz about building a wall down south, what we really need is a "WALL" along the U.S. and Canadian borders, especially between the Yukon and Alaska. Canadians are wrecking havoc in Alaska and with a recent law suit against the U.S. Taxpayers, claiming harm in the tune of $15-Billion, we need not look just overseas to see who the real terrorists are - our Canadian neighbors are just as bad, well worse since they are so close! In Alaska, the military infrastructure through "Privatization" is now owned by Toronto Dominion. Yes, the military infrastructure, auctioned off to foreigners by American "Greedsters". Now going down the list of GOP imposters, we next find JEB Bush. Look, he's not a member of the Skull & Bones, so finds no support from his own family's wealth and political discord. The rest of those on the Bozo bus, not worth mentioning. So no wonder 35% of the conservative votes have already concluded that Trump is the only person that is telling it like it is - Congress is in ruins and some want to make the "N" word part of the national anthem. Sad, when we find no respect for this Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama. In time, he will be acknowledged as the "Best" this nation has ever had to serve that "Oval Office". And why Hillary is still smiling is cause for concern, because in my book which follows the "official rule book", she is disqualified from holding any office under the United States - due she violated the "Document Misuse Policy" and admitted to such! She indicted herself, laughing like she was above the law! And why so many liberals are still kissing the Clinton's ass, it boggles my mind. Just the other day, some ass kisser announced that the "True Explainer in Chief" was out on the Hillary for 2016 trail. Should be a trial instead. Yes, Bill is now entering the race, for his wife. Look, Hillary was awarded the "Spousal Abuse Award" back when Bill was a bedfellow with Monica. So there are many reasons she is not fit for any position of power. So my conclusion rests like this. The liberals have been brain-washed, and this fanatic fascination over the Clintons has become an addiction derelicting decency and very hard to cure. Sure, if Hillary does stick it out and God forbid ended up in the Oval Office, well this nation is doomed based on the fact the abduction continues, a fix that causes a "high" and when the smoke of victory ceases to exist, then maybe those so addicted will begin to realize it is time for help. So, to those "True Grit Americans" that have found a leader in either Trump or Sanders, this is what America needs. It is time to cast away those that are in it only for the "Glory", or dishonor as when criminals are allowed to sneak into office, then we have become a nation of fools. So let's hope the trend continues, with the losers heading home. Carson, gone! Rubio, gone! Bush, gone! And with Hillary, please FBI finish your business and get that arrest warrant, signed, sealed and delivered and then the "Real Race" begins, and may the "Best Man" win!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ted Cruz Threatens Obama

FBI Agent-in-Charge to Protect U.S. President Barack Obama;

I have reason to believe that U.S. Senator Rafael Edward Cruz(Texas) is inciting “Hate Speech” that is designed and then delivered to the listening public for no other purpose then to seek and inflict harm upon Barack Obama, Honorable 44th President of the United States. Facts: This am, 1/5/2016, Barack Obama signed into effect through an “Executive Order” some semblance of gun sales control. Following that historic speech, and days leading up as it was expected that such would be an action made law by Mr. Obama, Rafael Edward Cruz - in Iowa - was recorded voicing on several occasions that “if one lives by the pen, one dies by the pen and I have an easer at the end of my pen”. Executive Orders come by virtue the President's signature, the “Pen” and to hear Mr. Cruz mouth off the phrase “one dies by the pen” and adding insult to this threat the “eraser” clause, this can only be construed as a bonafide “Threat”, not a campaign speech, but a ways and means to incite “hate” to the effect it could cause harm. I am requesting that the FBI analyze these recordings available world-wide across the Internet and discovering that such speech is not campaign rhetoric but designed to “harm” Barack Obama and possibly his family, to retain in custody Rafael Edward Cruz until such time it is deemed he meant no harm, through interrogation and if need be more thorough psychological analysis. As  a U.S. Taxpayer, and since Mr. Cruz is gallivanting around the country courtesy the Taxpayers, I feel this request to investigate Mr. Cruz is not frivolous and is justified. This type of behavior can only make it more difficult to protect Mr. Obama, which justifies reasoning without doubt that Mr. Cruz should be investigated. It is NOT free speech if it was designed to “Harm”, and the FBI would be derelict its responsibilities to not take Mr. Cruz's threats seriously. Please “PROTECT” Mr. Obama and his family against such tensions, by arresting this type of crime and action before it is too late.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Prudhoe Bay Mortality

Prudhoe Bay Mortality

Wow, so Alaska made the “Big Time” just before the fire-crack hoes saluted in the New Year, as the “State of the DEPRESSED State” was a headliner for the FOX. Yessiree Dub, on prime time tonight even without a Sarah serenade. See, according to local legends of Legionnaires disease, Alaska is broke! So after some 40-years without a sales tax or state income tax, due oil sinking to $37 bucks a barrel, the sky is falling and the governor thinks it is time to rape the citizens – Ok maybe rob is a better fit. Now waste just a minute, as somebody has the facts misaligned! Back in the early 80s, oil sank to $8 dollars on the barrel head, yet there came no doom and gloom. Same kind of crash in 1998. But it wasn't a big deal, as “lifting” costs allowed Alaska to reap higher profits per barrel then that which could be demonstrated in Saudi Arabia. What that means is we did it better then the Prince, due the fact we don't treat our oil field workers like cesspool slaves! Invest in good salt-of-the-earth labor, treat them with dignity and it pays off! Indeed, when crude was selling on the “black gold market” at that $8 dollar spot price, beneficiaries of that commodity sent down the Trans-Alaska-Pieline realized about $5 bucks in the wallet, after adjustments for everything and anything. The State by virtue its eminent domain sovereignty territorial status, well the 49er is a beneficiary of the resource. So even when the Texans and Okies were clamming up due depressed economies, low and behold Alaska survived. To date, some 17-billion barrels of crude has been extracted from Prud”hoe” Bay, and the state has enjoyed ownership and selling rights to a pretty good percentage of that oil, as oil wealth which accounts for 85% of the state's fiscal budget habit. To date, in excess of $65-billion taken in to fill the coffers, wherein $22-billion was set aside as an investment not to be ransacked by the Juneau mobsters - due threats by the Bush Rat that if the legislators didn't mind the P's & Q's and deviated away from fiscal responsibility then it would mean reneging and we would loose statehood and become once again a territory. So today that investing has paid off, as the Alaska Permanent Dividend has a “Reserve” of $52-Billion, and when one takes hold of all the pots-of-gold here to there and everywhere in between reality, including that Bill Sheffield safe at the end of the Don Young “Bridge to Nowhere”, the State of Alaska has a “War Chest” of at least $100-Billion - saved away for a rainy day. That supply can fuel the state for that many years, 100-years at current gift giving rates, if by chance oil disappeared tomorrow - like if bankruptcy hit some of the small producers. That is why Texas sent Billy Brown this way, to see if some of that loot could be stolen away and it appears Rick Perry's plan is working! And some of that “Rainy Day” loot Alaska has placed aside comes from real estate investments, like ownership of high-rise luxury condominiums and 5th Avenue office space, casinos and movie theaters! Yes the State owns real estate from California to Spain, Portugal to Hawaii, worth  $6-Billion. So take into consideration state government uses about $1-Billion each year, a.k.a. handouts for re-election votes by the Juneau brats. With prices at $37 and a break-even at $32, we have still room to maneuver and talk of a tax is foolish. Too bad the Bush Rat isn't with us still, as there would be a take-over just like how the “Militia” is taking over BLM rights. So if Bill Walker does indeed try to slap the citizens' wrist with fines – taxes – then it is time to try him like we tried Bill Sheffield, for indecent exploitation and that warrants no objection an impeachment trial. If Walker cannot take control of the Juneau mobsters and reign in on outlandish spending habits wherein fiscal responsibility is merely a suggestion like an Anchorage traffic signal, then the state is doomed and all will suffer the consequence, except the likes of the Billy Brown family as selling felonious seems to be where all our money is going towards, outsiders. An yes, Trans-Canada robbed this state blind, as did the KOCH brothers and all those “Independent” oil companies that were given an unreasonable “expatriate corporate tax break”, at the citizens expense and something we can thank Sarah for! If we just tried for once to orchestrate fiscal responsibility, low and behold all would be calm on the horizon instead of this doom & gloom - but it doesn't work as there are careers that have been postulated on this spend mentality, and after 40-years the habit is hard to break. What's ironic, Walker's math for a smaller well-fare check and sales tax and other mechanisms to rob the citizens allows for, well more spending? It is just not some fiscal gap approach as spending more is what warrants favoritism an incumbent. Just in on FOX: Alaska gives asylum to Tonya Couch, as a new reality series called “Bush Affluenza” is coming to an Alaskan porta party near you – Reality Cesspool, still making money and maybe instead of “Tax Film” credits for this TV trash, maybe we should cash in on indecent exposure!
The “PINE”, in San Fransisco's “Affluent District”, 100% owned by Alaskans

Reality Doom & Gloom

The “FIX, just need to include Canadians!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

In Memory 2015 – Alaska

Charles Hamel – April 9th
 The “MAN” behind the EXXON Valdez shipwreck!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

State of the Slate

State of the Slate

That time of year again, out with the old in with the new. Wow, and did Hillary Clinton unseat Bill, for the most unethical person of 2015? See, Bill has maintained that honorary award for many years by now and even George and the Dick head couldn't come close to trumping the Monica Harmonica – blow-hard! And the way Bill and Thrillary are teaming up, this time next year will come the announcement of a “partnership” that award – the “Most Unethical Couple”. May as well include Chelsea, and market the “Most Unethical Family”! And why in hell are people throwing away hard earned income to help Hillary get ahead of Bernie Sanders? Look, the majority will never vote for Trump, unless Hillary is prediction for 2016, “UGLY” as it is an erection year. Dear Thrillary, how do you spell “Confidential”? “Well, how about C*O*N*C*E*D*E*D.”  Dear Hillary, how do you spell “RELIEF”? Well, I just L*I*E”. Dear Donald, how do yo spell anything? “$$$$$$$$$”! Anyway, way up in Alaska there exists a "Cray Super Computer" that is used for Northern Light research and because this $million$ dollar super cruncher is U.S. government property, equal opportunity knocks. As a bonafide “Taxpayer”, I have access to the guts & glory of super-computing “Al Gore Rhythms” and can run studies about just about anything worthwhile or not. “Al Gore Rhythm”? Just ask Ted Kaczynski, as his thesis on “Boundary properties of Continuous Fractions” quantifies that Al invented apple PI. Now besides checking in on the “Northern Lights” or monitoring the worst of the worst air polluted cities - a.k.a. Santa Clause Village in North Pole, Alaska - continued studies by “Mr. Cray” find involvement with things like the pennis size of the male Woolly Mammoth midget Musk Ox! Yes someone is still trying to collect such data and the funding is in the Highway Appropriations bill that is guaranteed by Congress, year after year through eternity and hidden away under “pennis enlargement” legislation, by a guy named Weiner. Yes, Congress has a problem! Now this “Musk Ox” pennis study was a project started a long time ago, by another guy named “TED” and also funded by the U.S. Taxpayers - only problem the research hasn't found anybody crazy enough to actually attempt to measure the beast's beast. Hey, anybody know where Monica is? Does she need a hand job? Wow, would Sarah be interested? Life after politics, pennis patrol! OK, how about some seriousness. Now I have been using the “Crazed Computer” at the University of Alaska to study things and utilize Zuckerbergism as a mechanism to provide thoughtful reasoning upon problem plaguing society today. See, my modeling uses as many input variables as does “Facebook” have cranky road-raged members, the more the merrier and the results find degrees-of-freedom unsurpassed by any professor of mathematics still trying to fascinate students by using a chalk board while Good Will Hunting. Wow, what an act, the best of Robin Williams! But it takes a big endian number cruncher to perform such Zuckerbergcodian tasks, which as already mentioned I have at my disposal. So a recent mathematical study assigned to the subject of political melodrama used millions of variables and required 7-months to compile, just to run the calculations! It tried to differentiate and thus draw a conclusion upon the present political climate based on air-time adds that supports the major news worthy “sometimes” organizations - based on the proof is in the hasty pudding. Hey, it's an election erection year, beware of what and how the news' subliminal offerings will attempt to influence the outcome. And the results of my research also gave an answer many Alaskans have been wondering about, to help out in determining the total combined IQ of Billy Brown and his Alaskan Bush Family of felons, but the results found “Divide by Zero” errors. Basically speaking, the family IQ was an indeterminate and even  the Huma-bomber's fragile math theories failed to find an answer. Now the results of the political fallout and how that business is manipulated by its sponsors, it proved a hierarchy of control out-of-control. It boiled down to the FOX for the NeoRedNose-conservatives and MSNBC for the liberated “Blue” hound ass sniffers – those finding sympathy for the Devil, a.k.a. Thrillary. See, all the other news outfits seemed to be just outliers, not targeting a preferential following, so were directed to the trash bin. Hey, this “CRAY” has not only a desktop trash can, but an entire  municipal landfill to hide crap. To make it clear, this research was based solely on the commercials that fund the air-time, sales through such based on the Zuckerberg following - as good marketing practices makes sure the adds sell and mesmerizes the audience into “must buy”. So it is fundamentally sound to equate the air-time commercials to the clientèle and in the end the data was whittled down to 4-degrees of freedom – what Hillary allows Bill and means freedom to wife-cheat most of the week while on the road again campaigning. Look, Bill is out on the trail for Hillary butt-for a single reason – it's called the Monica syndrome. Anyway, drum roll please the results from “Mr Cray”: Most of the commercials that produce the liberal following are consumed by Erectile Dysfunction drugstore cowboys, along with PILL-ferage for snoring problems, anti-farting medicine and uncontrolled episodes of ED - Explosive Diarrhea. With the other side of the isle, Erectile Dysfunction in the same class as the liberals - which proves Americans have something in common besides guns and roses. And snoring while farting was also a common denominator so the erections and loud mouths and out-gassing, well welcome to American politics. Then we get into the differences that can differentiate a liberal against a conservative. For the “Blue”, it means ED. For the RED, constipation. That is all that separates this nation in our political philosophy. But ED as compared to constipation, at the extreme ends. And until we get both under control, we as a nation stand divided. So taking the commonalities into consideration, people focused on political dreaming are trying to get an erection lasting longer then 4-hours, are not getting enough sleep because thy bed-fellow is snoring while farting and just when...Look MSNBC along with FOX, no different and just a bunch of hot-air hypocrites finding air-time, a.k.a. farting out loud and the followers, well consumers! And please Emeril Lagasser, stop trying to sell smellivision! Now when mathematics can whittle away what is behind a phenomenon, we begin to realize what the cause and effect has on the future. So maybe the end results this study, that we are either consumed with explosive diarrhea or constipated, it must be addressed. Hey, it's not what we breath, but what we eat as Fairbanks is testament that one can inhale “UNHEALTHY” air and still find a voting booth with a Porta-Party. One last thing, the computations by Mr. Cray also found an answer as to why Hillary takes so much time during the Debbie Was-an-Ass presidential debate time-outs, to reappear. She wears diapers...pit stops take time, it comes with age! “Dear Madame president, Putin bombs are heading this way...I have to change my diaper!”